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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 26, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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underway. >> i want to see a bill with heart. >> president trump is promising some last minute changes to get the gop healthcare bill passed. >> the empire state building lit up in rainbow colors. in honor of pride month. parades held around the month to celebrate gay pride weekend. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and that was new edition performing at the bet awards last night. >> the group received a lifetime achievement award. we'll have more highlight from the awards show coming up a little later on in our broadcast, good show, good weather out there today. >> double dose. >> hey, matt? >> good morning, guys, wonderful wet they are morning, out here, in center city and across the entire delaware vale. fantastic day all the way through the afternoon, low humidity, always fun to talk about. and temperatures that are going to be more than comfortable as well.
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storm scan3, this morning, there is not even a cloud on it. it is a very quiet, very clear, and very calm start to our monday. it is really pretty much an ideal way to start out the work week, we could maybe see few showers if we get toward our tuesday, overall again looks like today will be fantastic. outside right now, again, 67 degrees here in center city philly. head back down toward the shore points, atlantic city this morning, in the lower 60s, some of the spots in south jersey back down toward wildwood, sea isle, maybe even little bit warmer up into the mid 60s, to start the day out. temperatures nice, and the dew point, any time we can see them in the 40's, low 50's, like this, the humidity is just dry, bone dry level, will continue to be that way, all the way throughout the afternoon. if you are checking out your regional forecast here, we get to 81 move through the afternoon hours, in fill. we will see some sunshine for us, maybe few high clouds, but overall just fantastic way again to start out our work week, shore points, get out on the beach if you k take the sunscreen with you, we'll see
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plenty of sunshine, about 80 degrees, and still looking at temperatures in the water anyway that are right around maybe 60 to 65. so that water still little chilly down at the shore, and then move to the poconos, headed up little further north out of the city usually little cooler, exactly what we will be going with there today. again still plenty of sunshine for us, maybe little bit of cloud cover. again, mixing in, but 73 degrees for our high in the poconos. really looks like it is just going to be a fantastic day, whether you're here, down at the beach or up in the mountains, guys, going to be fantastic monday. >> matt i tried to jump in the ocean saturday. bone cold. coy not do it. >> it was freezing cold. we still got ways to go, probably wait until august to jump fully in. good morning, everyone, a look at the boulevard at the schuylkill expressway, no delays very early on this morning, 5:32, as we know around 6:00 a.m., when things start to ramp up in this area. but so far, so good, boulevard at the schuylkill. also, 476 at baltimore pike, no delays right here either.
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so this is good news on early start to your morning if you are getting out, there the weather obviously, beautiful. so that will keep it on the roadways as you know. ninety-five, this not so good. northbound and southbound, we've got construction, and that's between broad street and enterprize avenue. one lane will be closed between nine a.m. and 3:00 p.m. so if you are headed out later on today, in this area, just make note of it. it will cause some definite slow downs. and in the city of philadelphia, as we head toward center city, some slow downs here as well, jfk boulevard going westbound, between 20th street and schuylkill avenue. that will start at 9:00 a.m. as well, will go 9:00 a.m. through 3:00 p.m. through thursday. it is closing 21st, 22nd, and 23rd street headed over jfk boulevard, eastbound, as you know, still closed that's been closed for month, as they continue to do some construction in that area. but through thursday again jfk boulevard westbound, on 20th, through schuylkill avenue, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, close in the that area, also girard avenue,
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between broad and 15th street, that will be closed through july 16th, because of some track repairs. jan, jim, back to you. >> all right, pat, thank you. president trump remains optimistic, the newly revealed senate healthcare plan will pass. >> at least five republican senators have publicly come out against part of the bill in it current form. and that number could soon grow. set levin with the latest from washington. >> angry protesters demonstrate the outside senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's office after revealed details to repeal and replace obamacare, 142 page bill would rollback obamacare expansion every medicaid. >> republicans will kick millions off their medicaid coverage. >> legislation also eliminate obamacare's insurance mandate and it taxes but retains good portion of obamacare tax credit to help lower income americans by health insurance. >> when legislation does come to the floor it, will present senate democrats with another opportunity to do what's right for the american people. >> we would love to have
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ceremony and light this on fire. >> but furious democrats just saw the bill for the first time thursday. >> speed and secrecy have been the watch words and they're a toxic recipe. >> what could be wrong in letting the health committee take a look at the healthcare bill. >> while republicans don't need democrats to pass the bill, senate leadership has some arm witting ahead, at least four of the senate 52 republicans are opposed, as two vote short of passing. >> you have to get the 50 votes. and if you have only got 48, i think that means you're going to need to negotiate. >> this current draft doesn't get the job. >> the white house is so far take answer hand off approach. but the president tweeted thursday evening, i'm very supportive of the senate healthcare bill. look forward to making it really special. remember, obamacare is dead. senate leaders want a floor vote on the bill before the fourth of july. set lemon, cbs news, capitol hill. >> the time now 5:35. in business news this morning, which stocks jumped when the
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gop healthcare bill was announced. >> and what do millennials spend their money on? money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, jim and jan. futures right now pointing to bit of higher open on friday the dow dropped two-point, nasdaq gained 28. investors will continue to analyze the senate proposed held care bill intends today replace obama car. last week health insurers and pharmaceuticals traded higher after republicans released that plan. japanese airbag plan takata has filed for bankruptcy protection as it deals with massive lawsuits and recalls over faulty airbag inflaters. links to at least 16 deaths, takata says that filing for bankruptcy is the only way it can keep on supplying replacement insulators. more than a dozen automakers. >> millennials have big financial bite and it involves food and drinks. new study from bank rate. com found the average millennial dines at restaurant
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or buys food, and buy coffee at least three times a week. i buy coffee about three times a day. >> right? >> i think avenue problem. >> so do i. >> i think eating out, very big into experiences, they don't need tangible things, but at least what the studies that i've looked at. >> what millennials tell you? >> and alcohol is part of the experience. >> thank you, jill. >> thanks. >> the philadelphia man who was sucker punched by swarm of juveniles at germantown bus stop is being honored by his bravery. video of the assault on mark smith posted on social media. viewed more than a million times. smith, intellectually disable cents has not spoken about the incident, but the delaware county organization called teach anti-bullying awarded smith with a medal and signed photo of basketball star self can you. >> i's true hero. we wanted to do it in front of the rocky statue and the philadelphia art museum steps, symbolizes what the city is
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all about, that's to create great champions like mark. >> mark also celebrated his 40th birthday this past weekend. >> happy belated birthday. huge brawl errupted inside california mall forcing the upscale shopping sent near temporary lockdown. >> craziness here. this is the chaotic scene inside the westfield mall in san francisco last night. cell phone video shows dozens of police officers struggling to break up multiple fights. authorities say some officers were assaulted. several people were detained in connection to that brawl. but so far no official arrests have been made. >> clean up crews continue to work after disastrous floods hit michigan. tainted flood waters and damaged homes now being assessed. the flood hit the central part of the state friday morning. officials say so far they've assessed tens of millions of dollars worth of damage. the water has receded by county officials say the river that flooded is still unsafe. >> we almost had a fatality on
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the river because two young adults decided to go kayak i. we could not have people on the river. it is not the time to rec re ate on the river at this point. >> boy, state police are urging residents with wells to get their well water cleaned and tested before drinking at least 100 miles of roads have also been compromised by water damage. >> police in illinois have arrest add man they say smashed more than dozen cars, using an axe. officers outside of chicago got several calls on saturday. for a man with a mercedes suv who was taking an axe to several windshields. the man later led officer on a car chase hitting another car in the process. police have not identified him yet. one neighbor did get photo of him holding the axe. >> the neighbor across the street actually told the gentleman to stop. and the gentleman just, you know, cussed at him, moved on. >> now, police say the man smashed 15 cars, at least one of those cars was said to be a total lost. no word yet on motive, or the
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charges the suspect is facing. >> colombian officials say six people are dead and another 31 are missing after a tourist boat capsizes, authority say the boat sang yesterday with about 160 people on board. many were rescued or found their way to the shore. at this time it is unclear what caused that boat to sing, but some survivors say it appeared to be overloaded, and they also say that nobody on board was wearing a life vest. >> well, britain's principal harry opens up about the time he considers giving up his title. in a interview with the mail, the prince yesterday said he admitted once wanting out, wanting out of the royal family. he referred to his time in the army as quote the best escape i've ever had. the prince said he decided to stay and work out a role for himself. prince harry is fifth in line to the thrown. >> always looks rosey until you're part that far party. >> interesting. >> cool piece of history. >> the original map of disneyland is sold and breaks a record in the process.
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disney fans crowded an art gallery near la yesterday. there were more than 900 disney items available. the map sold forget this $708,000 making it the most expensive map of the park ever sold, secured initial funding for the park back in 1953, created by walt disney himself. >> piece of history. >> pretty neat. up here next on cbs-3, the highlight from last night's bet awards, in got to tell you. >> plus i'll have a report on what you should know about keeping your bust sick nel good shape as more people spinning their wheels this summer. >> we'll tell but a service help give free cars to single parents. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back, i have to tell you it was a memorable night at the bet awards in l.a. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> bruno mars did not disappoint, he never does. stars given err jet i can performance, took home best r&b pop male artist. joined some of music's biggest names it the microsoft theater last night. chance the wrapper, humanitarian award for his hometown of chicago. >> my god doesn't make mistakes. (applause). >> and i like to think that he's putting this enormous pressure on me to see how i
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react. and i had plans originally to try and tell the word and everybody watching how to make it a better place ... >> one every his biggest fans, former first lady michelle owe bamm, a delivered a taped message for the rapper. she called chance quota outstanding role model. artist dj brought his junk son on take with his last night at the bet's. he stole the show while his dad perform his hit song, i'm the one. sang alongside fellow musicians, chance the rapper, lil wayne, and cue of owe. >> june is aids education monthment and chop is teaming one some local organizations, to reach out to the young people, through music. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> dozens enjoyed some of phillie's most popular rappers at the annual hip hop for philly concert last night.
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l big event was completely free for young people ages 13 to 24, who received free hiv test at any participating agenciment the concert is now in it fifth year. and, got to tell you, stop what you're doing, take a look at this, jim sure had a fun weekends. check him out getting big smooch than none other than paul abdul. was hanging back stage with paula at the wells fargo center. >> she is the cutest thing. she's tiny. >> she looks tiny. >> tiny. so one my friends traveling with her for three weeks on her tour as her assistant. so she back stage in the dressing area and stuff. so they invited knee attend and i actually brought paula her starbucks on saturday morning. >> what did she get. >> she has like a dirty hey latte. >> what's that? >> i don't know. >> paula dab dull special. >> she was just thrilled, because she realized i was the person who brought her the starbucks that morning. >> and dish on her, how is she? >> very nice, first of all she is tyne, tiny, tiny, but she
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is older than i am, i think she is like 53, 54, she is amazing, i mean, she has her dance moves down, and boyz ii men, the concert. >> the show? >> yes, new kids on the block, the headliners, really good show. >> nice wet they are weekends for sunday, and right into the work week. >> absolutely. it will be great day today. wonderful way to start out work week, who doesn't like to wake to up a scene like this? down at the shore. just wonderful, wonderful start to the day. down in ocean sit, and it is going to remain that way throughout the afternoon hours. it will be a wonderful beach day. if you're headed down to the beach, maybe you got little vacation time, or you just want to maybe skip out of work little bit early today, not going to be bad. our eyewitness weather watch ers are up early this morning, and they're talking to us about what is going on in their backyard. which, right now, temperatures that are in the 50's, and 60s, out there, it is just a great comfortable start to the day. it is 53 degrees, at eileen's house, up in gilbertsville this morning. she is saying it is a nice
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cool start to the work week. but we have to enjoy it while it lasts, does get little bit on the hot and humid side little bit later on in the week. now i want to zoom n we got couple folks in cherry hill. wanted to go to one of them in particular. jenny of course, she is saying it is 59, and sunny, but i wanted to show our comment from our other cherry hill weather watcher this morning, lynn is saying it is sin, 62, but it is raining men on cbs-3 this morning. so little bit, little bit of loft they are morning. so no rain out there. but there is a lot of guys on the show on this monday morning. starting your week off right. future weather, lots of sunshine as we said today, not looking for anything other than that, specially, through the first about half to even maybe little bit more than that through the afternoon hours. but as we get little later on, see here, 8:00, 9:00 toward the overnight hours, couple of spotty showers do pop up. maybe isolated rumble every thunder but overall a very dry
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day, dry night. move into tuesday, shower, maybe few pop up thunderstorms for us through the afternoon. great day for the beach, 08 degrees, but little cool to get in the water. six a for that water temperature. here is your seven day forecast, 81 this afternoon, going up to 79, then on tuesday, and then as we get later on in the week, that's when that heat and humidity comes back, pat. so maybe folks are getting out early this morning, maybe driving down the shore already. that would be a good thing. >> yes, and if you can't get out this morning, try get out for outdoor lunch looks like perfect day for. that will perfect morning look at the ben franklin bridge, headed toward philadelphia, no traffic, and it is a beautiful look at the city on a warm morning. also, the sunglasses, need to be worn right here. this is 202 at chesterbrook boulevard. no delays in this area as we speak. ten of 6:00 in the morning, normally when it starts to builds in these areas, but so far so good. the schuylkill eastbound, the same holds true, right near
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the blue route. >> this will be a problem area later. it is not right now. but there will be construction westbound from the blue route, 202, it start 10:00 a.m. goes through 2:00 p.m. and the same will be the case for tomorrow as well. there is an accident up in norristown. lafayette street at hampton street. we have overturned car, a car actually hit some park carson that road, so, there will be a slow go, that is small street, also right here, 202, dekalb pike, a car, disable one, off to the side, jim, back to you. >> thank you, pat. are you one of the people who like to ride your bike in the warmer weather well biking is a great way to get around the city and get a work out at the same time, in this week's angie list report, report on thing you should know about keeping your wheels in good shape. >> whether you use it to make your way to work, or enjoying a leisurely ride, your bike needs regular maintenance to keep it on the road. >> if you invest in a nice bike, you want to also maintain t you should think about it like your car. you do regular oil changes,
5:51 am
rotate the tires on your car, think about the same kind of process for your bike, so ready to roll whenever you are. >> before each ride, do a quick check of your bike's key components. >> check your air pressure, check your brakes, and check your chain, to make sure it is on, you know, to make sure everything is functional, and proper working order. >> even when everything checks out, anything can happen on the road. so be prepared, especially, for the inevitable flat tire. >> highly recommend caring what we call, what we call essentials kit, seat bags, got tire lever in it, it has patch kit in it, you can either carry frame pump on your bike or some co2 cartrings, for air pressure, then the appropriate. >> just like car needs oil change, your bike chain needs regular lubrication. generally, every couple every hundred miles, do some lubrication on each link. >> before you apply new lube, it is always best if you can degrees the chain little bit or wipe it down, to clean it off it doesn't do you a lot of
5:52 am
good to lubricate a dirty chain. >> my bike does get enough use. well, you should probably get a new chain every 2,000 miles, experts also recommends giving your bike annual tuneup specially going unused for several month at a time. >> this is pretty cool now. non-profit in texas is helping busy single parent four wheels at a time. organization base in the san santonio called driving single parents, inning. gives cars to single parent in needs for free. found is her domestic violence survivor and former single parent. she says her mission is all about empowering parents and their children to succeed. >> so feels so good to help somebody who you know want to help themselves and just needs a small leg up. not a hands out. just a leg up. >> having a vehicle has really been a medical life saving necessity. >> yes, that woman is a single mother, who has two children with special needs. find out more about the organization at driving single parent.
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com. >> well, hitting the slopes in the summer. >> yes, still ahead we'll show you where skiers are enjoying the snow here in the state. we'll be right back.
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>> a weekend into the upper and not a lot of snow around here. >> not around here, but one of the most popular ski slopes in the country is as busy as ever. officials at squawl valley in california report they had to move some snow around, but they say, most of the snow has lasted in the right spots and skiers are enjoying an extended season. >> had 728 inches of cumulative snowfall, and it has been true, still skiing, and it is june 25th, and we've got tons of snow left. we will be going for another week or two for sure. >> yes, they love it. tourism officials in the area say if skiing is not for you, women, lake tahoe just short distance away, and already looks like it is summer there, and people are enjoying it. >> got great hyatt at lake tahoe. they make amazing stuffed mushroom thing at their restaurant, very good. >> i'm hungry. >> thinking about it right now. >> well, speaking of summer weather, you might have a camping or hiking trip
5:57 am
planned. >> but it is easy for the trip to the great outdoors to turn into a trip to the doctors office. oh, my. family physician doctor rob danoff is here to answer the big questions to stay safe and healthy. >> and hackers target the website of ohio governor john kasich. we'll tell you the message they had for president trump. we'll be right back.
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>> more on breaking news, car slams into a police car and bike ago vest ers have a carjacking and now the search is on for that driver. >> the u.s. supreme court may announce the decision on president trump's travel ban today. we will tell you the reason why that decision may not be the biggest news to come out of the high court. >> and university of delaware professor is learning her fate, that's after she went on a facebook and said otto warmbier got what he deserves in north korea we'll tell you what schooled administrators are doing about it. >> today is monday june 26, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo, pat got never for meisha and jim is playing the role of jim this morning, good morning. >> who is on first, what's on second, i don't know what's on thirds. >> so far so good, traffic wise. it look like the weather is holding up as women. got to love it. >> good morning, guys. you need the sunglasses. that's the biggest thing if


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