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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 26, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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weekend in the park behind dobbins high school in north philadelphia is identified today as three three-year old deborah gulliver. >> she was with friend about an hour beforehand in the area of kensington and somerset. she took the bows that location. she got off the bus and on her way home. >> reporter: police say gulliver took a short cut through park behind dobbins high school when she was attacked and killed. her body was found around 3:00 e able to locate surveillance video that shows gulliver entering the parka loan just 30 minutes before. >> in one following her, whoever did this we believe was already, in the park. >> reporter: authorities say that the attacker bludgeoned gulliver in the face pulled her pants to her angles and stabbed her repeatedly from the thigh to her chest, until the blade of the knife broke off inside of her. they still cannot say if there was a sexual assault and have no description of the suspect. >> we're asking for public's help if anyone has any information about this brutal murder, to contact our unit. >> reporter: authorities are also warning people around
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here to be vigilant, at this time they say they do not know if this was random or if gulliver was targeted. >> be very careful, if you can , walk in pairs don't walk through dark areas, and we will do our very best to get this individual, or individual , responsible for this off the streets. >> reporter: police have interviewed a friend with gulliver on the bus before her body was found and before she walked in that park. they interviewed passerby who found gulliver's body. now they are looking to talk to two people who called 911 with you left the park when police arrived. there is $20,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest in this brutal homicide reporting live outside police headquarters in philadelphia, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you for that live report. police hope surveillance video will help lead them to the hit and run driver who plowed into an active crime scene overnight and kept on going. this one happened around 2:30 this morning as police investigated a carjacking near
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i street and erie avenue in the cities hard owe gate neighborhood. no officers were hurt by this, speeding black nissan, one office der break his hand while trying to arrest a suspect in the carjacking. investigators continue to search for cause of the massive fire that engulfed two homes in wildwood crest, new jersey. fire fighters say this fire on the 7100 block of park boulevard may have started yesterday afternoon, and than with an air conditioning unit between two homes. fire marshals say they do not believe that the fire is suspicious, two hems will likely be knocked down and rebuilt, other homes nearby were also damaged, the occupants did make it out in time and officials say nobody was hurt. in north wildwood police released this photo hoping to identify a body of the man who washed up on a beach. that body was found between 24th and 25th avenues last night around 9:00 p.m. and we're told body was wearing these shorts. the man was described as 5- foot six to 5-foot eight in is early 20's with the dark
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complex, black hair and 1 inch scar on his left shoulder. if you have any information, you are asked to call the police. cash, trips, car, federal prosecutors are laying out evidence that they say shows philadelphia district attorney seth williams was on the take, in exchange for favors, and official action. week two in the trial began with the friend of williams on the stand as well as a philadelphia police official. seth williams was busy rubbing elbows and smoking cigars with the convicted felon almost from day one on the job according to testimony monday in in his federal corruption trial. michael weiss a bar owner who pleaded guilty in 2010 to federal tax fraud charges says williams wrote letters to law enforcement agencies and even made him a special advisor to the d.a.'s office. he told the court he had paid for airfare for williams and his family for trips to vegas, florida and california, and in addition to giving him cash. prosecutors are attempting to outline elements of the two
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dozen indictment that alleged the top prosecutor engaged in bribery, extortion and fraud. also on the stand commissioner joe is you will sullivan who said williams approached him and complained that muhammad ali was being subject to increased security measures which traveling through philadelphia international airport. sullivan says williams believed ali was being racially targeted. police official told jurors after checking with counterparts in the fbi, agents warned that sullivan to stay away from the issue. sullivan testified, quoting, very definitively i told him to stay away from mr. ali and that was coming from the fbi. >> if you could change anything about the course of action here, would you? >> again, going back which i have done many times, you know over what happened, considering how it unfolded the information i received and who i received it from, i certainly, i certainly realized that i moved forward in good faith. >> deputy commissioner sullivan conclude that had police quickly pulled back
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from looking further inner to seth williams concerns that muhammad ali was being racially profiled, testimony continues, in the morning. and adjunct professor at university of delaware will not becoming back to teach at the school due to posts she made on social media. "eyewitness news" report are anita oh is live with what the teacher wrote on facebook and why the university is not asking her back, anita. >> reporter: there is a lot of controversy over this adjunct professor who is making national headlines after the comments that she made on her personal facebook page last week. now the university of delaware has cut ties saying it will not be asking kathy detwiler back in the future. now this all started with post s that detwiler made about otto warmbier a university of virginia student imprisoned for 17 months in north korea for reportedly trying to steel a propaganda poster there he was recently returned home in a coma and died shortly thereafter due to a severe brain injury frown known causes. detwiler who taught anthropology wrote on line am
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i only one who thinks otto warmbier got exactly what he deserved. she blamed his parents for raising him to think he could quote getaway with whatever he wanted. backlash in response was harsh , and swift. but university of delaware senior kevin tyranny says he is disappointed that the controversy is over shadowing warmbier's death. >> at the end of the day there is a kid who passed away and that is more important then anything else. >> reporter: this morning detwiler told me she and her family receiving death threats and as a result declined to make a statement. coming up at 6:00 a former student described his experience in detwiler's anthropology class and what he says may surprise you. for new live from the sat center i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we will see you at 6:00. u.s. supreme court hand president trump a legal victory on his travel ban overturning lower court order that has blocked it. high court now is letting a limited version have the ban go forward which effects traveling from six mostly muslim countries. as we gentleman jiang tells us
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the justices will hear full arguments on the ban in october. >> reporter: president trump is celebrating the supreme court's decision to review his travel ban this fall. and to allow most of the executive order to take effect in the meantime. the white house issued a statement calling the decision a clear victory for our national security. the 90 day ban would apply to most citizens from iran, lynn, yeah somalia, sudan, syria and yemen, countries that trump administration calls terror prone. >> unless you have some sort of contacts with the united states, relative, business relationship certain other things that qualify for that you are if you are from one of these six countries you will be stopped from entering the country. >> reporter: justices are allowing a 120 day ban on refugees to go into effect on a limited basis. three of the court's conservative justices justice clarence thomas, justin samuel alito and new justice neil gorsuch said they would have permitted the entire ban to
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take effect, without exceptions. the travel ban sparked massive protests and lawsuits but the supreme court says that the lower court that is blocked the travel policy went too far in limiting the president's authority. the justices are expected to hear full arguments in october weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president trump is criticizing president obama for not acting sooner when he learned vladamire putin ordered hack tours medicine will in the 2016 election. report says cia first told president obama about the hacking in august, and president trump says meddling should not have gone unanswered. >> question is if he had information why didn't he do something bit. he should have done something bit. >> former obama administration officials reportedly said they failed to act sooner because they did not want to be seen as interfering in the elections, on behalf of hillary clinton. >> today is practically a perfect, summer day but it will start heating backup again real soon, meteorologist
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chelsea ingram live from the cbs-3 sky deck so chelsea, when is heat coming back. >> i bet you are jealous of me right now because it feels fantastic outside and it has been a gorgeous start to the week but heat and humidity will be on the rise, later on and we will talk about that. lets go live to storm scan three where things are, very quiet, across the delaware valley. we have to hold for a stray shower later this evening and tonight, but overall, most areas are going to end up staying just completely dry. temperatures certainly a reflection on of how fantastic it is out here, 80 degrees in philadelphia, we are in the 70 's from points to our north and dew points making it feel comfortable, we have dew point s in the 40's, that is such a nice treat especially for this time of the year. as we head in the remainder of the evening we will see increase in included cover later tonight we will fall back to 68, by midnight we will watch for that chance for stray shower but overall things will be fairly quiet, for the next several days, spotty shower on tuesday, and then heat and humidity
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returning, i'll let you know exactly when coming up in a bit. back to you. >> chelsea, thank you. philadelphia's marking 67th anniversary of the korean war honoring american and korean veterans as well as fallen soldiers. >> ♪ taps >> councilman david oh and several korean american associations held ceremony this morning at at the korean war memorial in penns landing. it honored historicale korean importance of the war and 5 million soldiers and civilians kill in the conflict coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a frightening flight, a loud ban g and constant shaking rattling more than nerves on the plane but pilot asked passengers to do that may have made the situation even more scare. a wall and pool authorities say it happened and plus eyewitness described this aftermath, leslie. what happens when you mix football and fashion when we can ask eagles safety mal conn
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jenkins. >> i will dress you up. >> we will go to break a live look at church from our camera in bethlehem, pennsylvania, more news and chelsea's seven day forecast coming up
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well, jury selection begins in the new york in the securities fraud trial of the martin shkreli. prosecutors say he cheated investigators out of more than 11 million-dollar in the ponzi scheme, if quick the 34 year-old could spend up to 20 years in prison. jillly made headlines in 2015 after drawing out range for jacking up price of the life saving drug, from $13 to $750. mother of the philando castille reached three million-dollar settlement with the city that employed the police officer who shot her son. that settlement comes less than two weeks after officer yanes was acquitted of manslaughter charges in her son's death.
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castille was shot by yanes last july, second after he told officer he was carrying a gun during a traffic stop. castille did have a permit, for the gun. severe turbulence rattles more than nerves on an air asia flight from australia passengers reported hearing a loud bang as plane headed to malaysia's capitol city. moments later plane began to shake violently. so pilot decided to head back to australia, he asked everyone on board to say a prayer. >> he made it probably maintain a bit more calm and let passengers know that this is fine, something that they are trained for. >> lots of crying, lots of people pulling out their life jackets, and, pretty much preparing, we thought there was a good chance we were going to go down. >> i am still a little bit scared but if you have to go, you have to go. >> passengers and crew endured the shaking for almost two hours until the plane landed safely back in australia, airline officials blamed an
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undisclosed technical issue in the engine for the problem. eight people are recovering after a driver slams through a wall, and then crashes into a motel swimming pool in california. >> this happened just before 7:30 last night, seven people including children were hurt and treated for minor injuries eyewitness described what the scene looked like right after that crash. >> it was heart breaking like i heard and when i came and saw the car, i felt, you know, getting treated for injuries and it is just terrible, yeah. >> driver is suspect of driving under the influence and now hospitalized in critical condition. investigators say crash remains under investigation. meteorologist chelsea in gram joining us now and we can say there is no problem with just hitting pause on this day. >> yes, right. it does look like we have more refreshing weather that will be heading our way, as we move into the next several days but heat and humidity will be on the rise very soon and we will talk all about that, nice beach day, take a look in
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rehoboth, lots of people still out there on the beach even at this hour, plenty of people on the boardwalk too. things are really feeling good out there, humidity is in check, just feels fantastic. take a live look at storm scan three things quiet across the delaware valley. we have had a couple cumulus cloud popping up this afternoon but overall wow what a fantastic day outside. just stunning. temperatures are a reflection of. that we are in the 70's north of town. seventy-seven in allentown. seventy-seven reading. seventy-eight in lancaster. eighty in philadelphia. that is below average this time of the year. average high is 85. look at these dew points this is such a nice treat especially for this time of the year to have dew points in the 40's during the month of june. forty-six in philadelphia. that is making it feel awesome but we will be creeping backup in the steamy maybe oppressive category as we head in the even of the week and weekend. tomorrow another very cool day , for this time of the year and for june standard on tap. look for highs across the
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delaware valley in the 70's. seventy-eight in philadelphia. seventy-seven in millville. seventy-seven in wilmington. seventy-six in reading. seventy-five tomorrow afternoon in lancaster. we have three days of rather cool temperatures, really next two and then by thursday we will see heat creeping backup in the mid 80's. that is seasonal for this time of the year. we are in the 90's by no time as we head in the end of the week and weekend. ninety-one on saturday. we will bump up heat and humidity. disturbance rolls through heading in to tuesday bringing us a chance for shower or thunderstorm but what we will focus on is this area of high pressure that buildness by middle of the week providing us with sunshine as we head into your wednesday, eventually moving off cher late wednesday into thursday, and that means we will get that return flow, once again out of the south and southwest , and that is what will be pulling in both the heat and humidity for us here once again. so overall, we can have a stray shower around tonight, otherwise we're mainly dry.
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see those showers popping up for areas north and west of town, and then as we head into tomorrow dry start but we will run risk for couple showers, thunderstorm as we head in the afternoon and evening so keeping a close eye on that and dry out nicely into wednesday but tons of sunshine and high pressure in control, things will be feeling great. now down the shore we are looking good with temperatures in the 70's over the next three days. 78 degrees on tuesday, chance for a shower, otherwise plenty of sunshine. here's your forecast for tonight 64 degrees, partly cloudy, dry with a low temperature of 64. as we head into tomorrow look for a high of 78 degrees, partly cloudy and cool with the stray shower possible especially during the afternoon and evening. here's you're witness weather seven day forecast things heating backup, 90 degrees on friday and not only are we in the 90's as we go in the weekend we will have risk for showers, thunderstorms keeping a close eye on that but enjoy next couple of days, yes. >> that is great.
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>> wonderful. >> what is better on a hot day then ice cream from cucumber dill to everything bagel? >> um-hmm. >> tori will take us to a fun ice cream shop in our area. >> high fashion money clip or paper clip, you decide, we will tell but this new item up for sale in today's hot minute >> don. >> taylor made for wentz how one of the eagles best have a game plan for well dressed man , that is coming up next in
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a health scare for one of our own. simple pain turns into a more serious problem for our kate bilo, coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 symptoms that sent her to the emergency room and message that she hopes will save lives, be sure to tune in at 6:00 we want to let you know she's okay but you certainly want to see this story coming up at 6:00. >> don bell here. >> we're talking about fashion here. mens fashion. >> yes. >> do you dress yourself, jim. >> of course. >> nice. >> was that the nice answer.
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>> no, it is good. >> yes. a fashion viewpoint there. >> yes. >> very sharp. >> exactly. >> skinny tie or bow tie? played or stripes? he goes with both. so many decision toss make when it comes to the fashion game but eagles safety malcolm jenkins is right man to call the play. leslie van arsdal has more. >> running with the football it is jenkins and jenkins scores. >> reporter: eagles safety malcolm jenkins football and fashion go hand and hand. >> i like to play with the linings of the jacket, custom linings and ready to wear. >> reporter: he admits it is a lot. >> i know how much you guys to have practice and be out there like you are jug telling too how does that all work. >> biggest thing i try to get as much donnas i can during the off season. >> reporter: his new store went from concept to reality in six months. and he is hand on.
5:25 pm
>> i'm here, a lot. >> yes. >> you are measuring people. >> yes, i energy the hand on part. i'm here all the time. obviously, probably not as much during the season. but i have got time right now. >> reporter: practice, come over here. >> that is exactly what i'm doing. >> this is our custom area where we do our make, measures we have a ton of fabric books depending on how involved we want to be you can pick everything. >> wow. >> pocket to the le pull. >> reporter: most fashion forward players might surprise you. >> we have guys like carson wentz, he kind of knows what he wants. >> does he. >> he has a good idea. he picks certain won and we helped him with different looks but we have a couple other guys that dress well when it comes to suits. vinny curry's another one. >> i wouldn't have thought that. >> nobody thinks that but when it comes to suits, vinny is pretty fresh. >> reporter: it is whole
5:26 pm
shopping experience that he feels will keep people coming back. >> you can go anywhere to buy a suit but we want to you come here, have a good time, name a line name after streets in philadelphia, soon we will have a cool, whiskey lounge in the basement. just an overall good spot right across from washington square. it is fun. >> reporter: football fashion and yes, fun, another reason ma'am come jenkins is a huge hit on and off the field. leslie van arts dale for "eyewitness sports". >> he has got it all going on. >> so, dmari is malcolm's middle name and it is name after the row in london you get that name. >> sharply dressed man. >> all right, don, thanks very much. >> yes, sir. coming up next half an hour new information about how not having health insurance could affect your health. she arranged and caught on camera what she said sparked an attack on two tourist seemingly in the wrong place at the wrong time. history at bucking hall palace there was a first
5:27 pm
during changing of the guard ceremony, we will tell you all bit, when "eyewitness news"
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the news continues at 5:30 and here is what you need to necessity right now, $20,000 reward is being offered for information in a deadly stabbing. this is near dobbins high school. police say three three-year old deborah gulliver was walking through a park early saturday morning when she was attacked, she was just three blocks from her home. joe sullivan testified in the corruption trial of the philadelphia district attorney seth williams. he told jurors he warned williams to stay away from businessman muhammad ali. prosecutors say that ali gave williams a gift and trips in exchange for favors. supreme court hand president trump a legal victory, court is allowing a limited version of his travel ban to go forward, and,
5:31 pm
returning lower court order, blocking the ban which effects six largely muslim countries. also tonight new developments in the g.o.p. plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act. good evening, everyone i'm joe holden. >> ukee's off tonight. >> i'm jessica dean. the senate health bill will result in 22 million more uninsured americans, over the next decade. and that figure made for -- further complicate efforts to pass the bill this week. negotiations are in full swing on capitol hill as republican leaders and the white house try to win support for their plan to repeal and replace obama care. >> you move it this way, and this group doesn't like it. you move it over here, it is a very narrow path, and, honestly, nobody can be totally happy. >> reporter: at least five republican senators said they cannot vote for the bill, as is, and more are on the fence. moderates like maine senator susan collins said that they are concerned about funding cuts for medicaid recipients.
5:32 pm
>> i want to wait to see the c bo analysis but i have very serious concerns about the bill. >> reporter: while conservatives say it does not slash enough of the obama care tax credits put in place to help people buy insurance. >> the obama care subsidiness this bill are actually greater under the republican bill then they are under the current obama care law. that is not anywhere close to repeal. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell wants a vote this week leaving some concerned that they are rushing the process. >> we don't have enough information, i don't have the feedback from constituents who will not have had enough time to review senate bill, we should not be voting on this. >> reporter: first procedural votes on the bill could come as early as tomorrow. president trump sent out a tweet saying republicans are working hard to get the votes, without the help of democrats, he did signalled he may move on if the bill fails letting obama dare crash and burn. many people who have insurance in the affordable care act worry they will no longer be insured, and new
5:33 pm
research released within the hour, says not having health insurance, puts people lives at risk. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to explain this new study. >> reporter: this research was released about a half an hour ago, it says that there is, strong evidence now, that health insurance helps save lives. sarah and fred zorn struggled for a decade to find and keep health insurance fred has a preexisting condition inflammatory bowel disease. >> when i didn't have insurance, i was so much more stressed about the fact that i didn't have some kind of backup, behind me, that it actually caused me to have worse symptoms. >> reporter: new research says having health insurance reduce s risk for death, study published in the annals of internal medicine reviewed several previous studies. >> people get to see doctor or nurse practitioner and they get their health problems taken care of. if you don't have health insurance you are unlikely to get treatment for your diabetes or your depression.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: researchers say about one person will die for every 800 people without health insurance, in a year. fred and sarah finally got coverage through affordable care act while republicans insist their new plan will cover, preexisting conditions and lower insurance premiums, this family is concerned about the future. >> i have never been as scared as i am right now because i know that i would lose new. >> reporter: they are worried about cost of fred's medications which runs tens of thousands of dollars each month. >> reporter: tolls day nation 's largest doctors group the american medical association came out strongly against the senate republican health care bill, they say that lower and middle income patients will be exposed to higher costs and also the ama said that the bill violates their oath of first do no harm >> we will see what happens. stephanie, thank you. children hospital of philadelphia join together with community groups and others to express concern over the proposed health care
5:35 pm
legislation. parents, medical professionals and educators talk about the importance of protecting medicaid for children, they say cuts could be devastating. those in favor of the health bill say states would have more control, over how to spend the money, and, that medicaid will continue to grow , albeit at a lower rate. a violent robbery caught on camera in new orleans famed french quarter and you may find this video disturbing. two tourist were attacked from behind saturday one sucker punched in the back of head and left in the pool of blood. police say four suspects took part in the attack. >> a robbery gone bad in which victims had their wallets, cell phone taken. >> these people committed this crime out of the eyes of the nearly 50 police officers working in this area that night but they did not commit this crime out of the eyes of the community. >> police say the attack left one victim in critical condition, both men were visiting the area from boston, for a religious convention. >> canadian solder made
5:36 pm
history at buckingham palace by becoming first woman to command troops guarding the queen. >> ♪ >> twenty-four year-old captain megan quoteo led 40 soldiers through changing of the guard today. few hundred tourist watched as history was made, quoteo said that she's very happy for this opportunity. >> you know, certainly for myself, it is a great pleasure to be considered an equal with my peers and anyone of my peers would be absolutely delighted to be captain of the guard here and i feel equally honored to be given the opportunity regardless of my gender role of the leading the queen's guard usually falls to the british army household division which is male dominated. unit was invited to britain in honor of canada's 150th anniversary. still to come tonight super heroes aren't just on the big screen, emergency in a comic convention spurs one super hero into action, what star jumped in to hero mode
5:37 pm
when a fan fell ill. caught in the rapid, how this man was rescued from the middle of the raging river, chelsea? we will be backup into the 90's in time as we head in the weekend so heat is on the rise we will see humidity on the rise, it will be feeling more humid as we head in the end of the week and weekend and that means things will turn more un settled, we will have showers, and thunderstorms possible all the way through the weekend, we will be rig ♪ pro-tip for making ribs: don't go it alone. get these great smoked ribs. thanks. sure. twenty minutes on the grill. and they're done. you think he cares if i smoke ribs for six hours? what? what? summer made easy at amazing prices. only at giant.
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welcome back, japanese air bag maker blamed for more than a dozen deaths and a huge recall is filing for bankruptcy. takata executives made the announcement in japan they say bankruptcy protection is the only way, that they can continue to replace air bag
5:41 pm
inflaters. air bag, can explode and send shrapnel into drivers and passengers. sixteen deaths are blamed on those air bags, and it clears way for $1.6 billion take over of most of takata's assets by detroit's based key safety systems. one of the kind piece of disney memorabilia sold as auction and broken a rorrer. >> disney fans crowded in an art gallery near los angeles yesterday wearing original map of disney land was being sold. there were more than 900 disney items available, that map, sold for $708,000, making it most expensive map of the park ever sold, map helped secure initial funding for park in 1953 and was created by walt disney himself. >> that was proof that the park was going somewhere, he float that had by the bank and said how about a little money. >> yes, exactly. >> it work out pretty well. >> it did, our hats off to him still ahead a surprise at the bet award.
5:42 pm
>> who received a special video message from former first lady michelle obama
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in the state that invented the american vacation... a legendary adventure awaits. heroes will rise. bonds will be forged.
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the california highway patrol released this video after rescuing a stranded swimmer from nevada county. officials say man was swept down river before grabbing on to a lone rock, he was found not far from a 40 to 50-foot drop waterfall. officers lowered him back from the helicopter and he was taken to safety. amazing video there. first hurricane of this years tropical season is gaining strength and now headed toward mexico. >> let's show you hurricane dora from space, dora's expected to remain far enough off shore for coastal towns to escape heaviest of rain, wind but rain and rought seas are expected into tomorrow, dora is predicted to dissipate in the open waters of the eastern pacific ocean. this guy, was in the ocean , at some point but instead of the 20-pound lobster was found at the airport, tsa agent, lobster was found in the jet blue
5:46 pm
passenger's checked baggage at logan airport, lobster was alive, well in the cooler and cooperating with the screening process. >> um-hmm. >> and, the tsa does not prohibit transport of live lobsters when they are in appropriate container. >> with lots of butter in word where it was headed or what happened once it got there but apparently it made its way. >> that is a big lobster. >> very big. >> how about it. >> coming from out in the sea, from one of those days with one of those? >> all right. >> great day down at the beach , we're talking about the beach, and being down the shore, my goodness, so nice in the city, could not ask for better weather really this time of the year. things are looking great, humidity in check. it is feeling good outside. lets take a live look at center city isn't it just gorgeous. we have a couple cumulus cloud that have popped up, but overall we have had tons of sunshine, throughout the day-to-day, and it has been simply stunning to start off
5:47 pm
the workweek. we had a nice day yesterday but today i think was even better. our weather watchers have been checking in with temperatures in the 70's at this hour, even 80 degrees for some, general any cherry hill says right around 80 degrees in her back yard. we have john at mullica at 79. upper 70's to right around 80 degrees, walt inner newark delaware says 80 degrees in his neighborhood. things feeling simply, so good , out there, across the delaware valley. we will show you a live look at storm scan three where things are quiet. we could see a stray shower later this evening but overall it is very, very quiet heading in the overnight hours tonight and then risk for couple showers maybe even a thunderstorm tomorrow but man, things are looking great, outside there. this evening, 72 degrees, by about 8:00 p.m. weak fall back to the upper 60 's in the midnight hour. we will watch out for a small chance of the stray shower, i think most areas, just staying dry. current temperatures across the region in the 60's.
5:48 pm
seventy's and 80's. mount pocono 69 degrees. seventy-seven in allentown. 80 degrees in philadelphia down the shore 79. wildwood is 82. in atlantic city. eighty in millville. 78 degrees in wilmington. dew points making it feel so good out there in the 40's, that is such a treat, especially for this time of the year. usually month of june it is feeling more humid then it has been throughout the day today, dew point at 46 making it feel awesome we have more air where that came from tomorrow it will be a cool day, cooler then average, the average high temperature for this time of the year is 85 but we're looking at a high temperature of 78. seventy's in the delaware valley with the exception of the mount pocono with a high temperature tomorrow afternoon of 69 degrees. it will be a cooler day out there but we're eventually going to be turning warmer and turning warmer quickly. through wednesday we will stay well below average that average high of 85. eighty-six on thursday, more seasonal but then we are back
5:49 pm
in the 90's in time. on friday. ninety. saturday 916789 it will feel even warmer at times. we are focusing on high pressure heading our way, we have to deal with the disturbance, upper level disturbance that moved through tuesday afternoon and evening bringing us a shower or thunderstorm and then high pressure buildness heading in to your wednesday, abundant sunshine across the delaware valley but once this high moves off shore wednesday night into thursday we will see that return flow coming back from the south and west and that will be bumping up both our heat and humidity. for tonight stray shower especially for areas out to the west and to our north and poconos, otherwise mainly dry heading in to tomorrow we will see showers, maybe a thunderstorm popping up heading in the afternoon and then completely dry as we move into your wednesday, with things looking fantastic. looking good down the shore with high temperature in the 70's for next three days, stray shower possible as we head into your tuesday. here's your forecast as we head in the overnight hours tonight, a low temperature
5:50 pm
right around 64, partly cloudy , mainly dry heading in to tomorrow, high of 78, partly cloudy, cool, stray shower possible. here's you're witness weather seven day forecast, 81 on wednesday. my pick of the week. chances of showers and thunderstorms as heat and humidity on the rise by even of the week and weekend, jessica and joe. >> chelsea, thanks. he plays super hero on tv and on saturday he got to be one in real life. >> lou fur rig no helped a fan having a seizure. ted and his father were at the fan expo in knoxville, texas when those seizures began. he quickly cleared out booth, called for medics and stayed by the family's side and ted received help. >> amazing because the incredible hulk showed up. >> it what's motional. he took a picture with me. real trooper. >> he says that he knew what to do in that situation because he has family members who suffer from seizures as
5:51 pm
well. former first lady michelle obama takes a chance at bet award, rihanna used twit tore send message toss world leaders. >> luxury designer proda it is clipping your wallet, bex is here with more in her hot minute. >> reporter: thanks, jessica and joe. bruno mars was electric as he kick off the 2017 bet award. but it was former first lady michelle obama who stole the show with her surprise cameo in a video honoring chance the rapper. >> we are so incredibly proud of you, chance, chance showing our young people that they mattered. >> reporter: philanthropic efforts in his hometown of chicago earned him bet humanitarian award. at age of 24 he is the youngest recipient. >> rihanna's taking a break from music to get political. pop star has been using her platform of over 74 million twitter follow tours reach out to various world leaders, advocating for education funding.
5:52 pm
rihanna personalized each tweet, even using a little french twist in the president's manual macron. you be the judge is this a paper clip or a money clip? that has been the great on line debate. proda is selling what they call a polish sterling money clip for a whooping $185. it is made in italy but you could also just run to target and pick up a becomes of 100 paper clip for 1.29. that is your hot minute i'm be x from today's 96.5. >> thanks, bex. refreshing or strange. >> earl gray sirac ha today to ri is checking out crazy ice cream flavors. >> that is right, we are live in fishtown where pizza is getting a mix with ice cream, that is right, two places coming together, we have got dancing servicer back here we have got ice cream and pizza ice cream, will it be good? i don't know if it will be as
5:53 pm
good as their dance moves but we will find out when we come back. warm beer.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
ice cream that goes beyond traditional flavors like virginia philadelphia, chocolate? there is a shop in philadelphia that might be the spot for you. >> vittoria woodill is live, in east kensington with the scoop on baby's ice cream, tor i. >> i see what you did there, jessica and that is correct, take a look at little baby's ice cream we are here kensington fishtown section and this place, they do ice cream, while they get crazy. kristin, tell me how crazy you get with your ice cream here. >> right new we have pizza ice cream on tap for the day. >> pizza ice cream. >> yes, super g tomato paste, garlic, basil, do you want a taste of it. >> would i absolutely love a taste. lets get an amazing counter girls with incredible dance moves.
5:57 pm
>> yes. >> to scoop ice cream and the ice cream that you do here is not like your usual vanilla, chocolate, you always try to do something different, why? >> because we can. you can get vanilla, chocolate where ever you want. we like to switch it up. we're weird. we like to do weird things on the menu. we have ants on a log with celery, we have a ranch flavor we like to make it different. >> i love how you get inspiration because little baby's ice cream is sort of they share a space, if you will, with pizza, so you derive inspiration from them. >> we opened up this shop about five or six years ago and we just thought we were right next to the pizza shop why not make pizza ice cream. >> i love that. >> do you use basil from them. >> we use ingredient yes, for the ice cream. >> so one more time some ingredient in this ice cream before i take a look at that. and take a bite. >> it is tomato paste, owe
5:58 pm
regular know, basil and garlic >> it is literally going to taste like a slice of pizza. >> yes. >> i will do the smell test first. okay. i'm picking up on that tomatoy flavor, feeling fear but a lot of fun. >> you will be okay, we will all live. >> i feel like it will be great. instead of the hot slice of piss, cold scoop of pizza ice cream. >> yes. that is different. >> yes. >> i'm tasting the tomatoes and seasoning and all pizza lovers will like this. it is an acquired taste but i'm in to it. i like weird, whacky. >> tori, how much garlic are you tasting. >> there is light on the garlic, which is good. >> yes. >> they are light on the garlic. i don't think i'll need a mint but i may need a scoop of ants on the log because that celery ice cream goodies.
5:59 pm
>> ants on the log. >> that is unexpected, give it a try. >> give it a try. >> it goodies to try new things. >> all right, tori, thank you. well, that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. at 6:00 joe biden returning to his routes. >> special honor for former vice-president. >> adjunct professor no longer has a space here at university of delaware i'm anita oh for on line comments that sparked national outrage. and delaware girl survives a frightening fall from an amusement park ride, what happens just before she was caught by a crowd below. also i health scare for our kate bilo symptoms that sent her to the emergency room and why a doctor says her message will save lives. after refreshing start to the week, heat and humidity return soon, i'll have details coming up. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now.
6:00 pm
personally i think it is, in a prep eighth but would i venture she has a right to say them. >> local professor under fire for controversial comments, and her post about an american student died after being imprison in north korea comes as an uproar on line and now she's being punished for it. good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm joe holden. ukee's off tonight. adjunct professor will not be asked to return to the university of delaware where she tout anthropology. >> "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live with what the woman said, university's reaction and what students are saying tonight, anita. >> reporter: that is right, lieutenant to cover. i got in touch with that professor kathy death we will they are morning. she tells me she and her familiar live been receiving death threats and her personal information has been plastered all over the internet. because of that she declined to make a statement but this controversy is making national headlines and as we learned today many others have plenty to say about


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