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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 27, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> good morning, aim jim donovan, rahel has the morning off. katie and meisha will be along in just a moment. first, what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. today is tuesday, june 27th. very brutal attack. >> a woman taking a short cut home in north philadelphia never makes it. >> police really want to talk to two young men, who called 911. but left the scene when officers arrived. >> obviously, it is not good news. >> the fate of the senate gop healthcare bill is in jeopardy. with a growing number of senators, voicing their opposition. >> the white house says syria
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is preparing for another chemical attack. >> a surprise catch down the shore. a hammer head handwriting reeled in in cape may. >> mind your back. >> is he recovering? he's okay. (laughing). >> don't mess with mother nature. >> isn't that the case? this happened on liver television in ireland. katie, i think that guy had a man bun as a reporter? >> so glad you noticed. that i saw that, too. >> is that a man bun? >> oh, my goodness. i mean -- >> little hip happening over there. >> that's the more interesting part about that video to me than anything. and i feel like that weather man has he can actually the kind of lucky would have. >> uh-huh. at least hopefully that doesn't happen to you on the
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skydeck. >> we're six stories up so i really doesn't happen to me on the skydeck, my goodness, the winds isn't that noticeable jim, that's helpful. we did have heavy thunderstorms that rumble through last night about two, 3:30 or so in the morning when they were really getting going across the west most suburbs outside of philly and right through the sit at this self. we will take you out to storm scan3, very quickly take a look what's happening at the moment, still pretty soggy conditions, but at this point, more specifically up toward new jersey turnpike on north up toward new york sit. so basically gone for our area, still have lingering clouds, progression of the storms, in the last few hours, really traveled 95 and the jersey turnpike, very well in those last few hours. but, now, even though that's already since crossed on through here, you will still finds scattered shower or thunderstorm as the day progresses, low 60s currently up and down i-95, mid 60s at the shore where the storms didn't really impact you all that much. at least in the southern shore towns, and right now, mount
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pocono, a lot keel as it is in allentown, in the wake of some of the rain-cooled air that common through. but, there is a weak front that's crossing through, that's going to limit the heating that takes place here today. so we are technically below average, still warm, this afternoon in philly we hit about 80 degrees. seventy-eight at the shore under partly sunny sky generally speaking, i don't want to rule out shower or under this earl storm there either, but it will be most specific to the inland areas, like philly, and like the poconos, that you will see these scattered showers, storms, fire up. it is not enough that would you have to cancel outdoor plans later today everything that we see is primarily very very spotty in nature. but it will be out there. so certainly worth a mention. meisha? >> sure is. all right, katie, thank you so much. for that. looking outside right now, still talking about some of the wet roadways, might slow us down little built you can see how dreary it is as well for morning commute this morning. at least right now. but why, i'm showing you this, actually the schuylkill at belmont, because we're talking about resurfaced project that's going to kind of affect all of us in a way. so resurface project between route one, 202, 12 and a half
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mile stretch, and it started sunday night to machine day. so overnight construction, nine p.m. to 5:00 a.m. overnight until it will linger out there until october. so we are talking about this for quite some time t looks like it might be every single night. of course, we will bring you any dates we get, right now tacking about sunday through saturday. so heads up on this. but this is what we are looking at, belmont, starting to heat up levels there little bit. speaking of construction around the area, daytime construction, westbound 476 to 202, between ten a.m. and 2:00 . so heads up on that as well. looking at those censor maps behind that, how much, you can see, still all green. so everyone still traveling around at posted speeds. now, we also have some relocating construction equipment out northeast extension southbound between lehigh and quakertown, take 309 if you want to avoid it altogether, heads up they are blocking some lanes. >> jim back to you. >> philadelphia police want to talk to two men who called 911 and seen on surveillance video the night a woman was
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violently murdered inside city park. thirty-three year old debra gulver was walking home around 2:30 a.m. saturday, police say she was fatally stabbed 12 times in rayburn park, that's near 21st and lehigh avenue. friends say she used that as short cut to her home. we spoke with the victim's friends who doesn't know why gulver was attack. >> had been talking about moving to florida and getting away from all of this she her in had the chance. she could have been anyone's friend, but she is my friend, and she's gone. >> police offering $20,000 reward for information leading to arrest. >> well, the trial of philadelphia district attorney seth williams continues today. williams faces corruption charges, federal corruption charges, and yesterday, deputy police commissioner joe sullivan told the court that williams approached him about muhammad ali, that's a businessman who testified last week. sullivan testified williams believed ali was being subjected to increased
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security measures at the airport, sullivan says the fbi told him to stay out of it. >> going back many times, the information i received, and who i received it from, i certainly, i certainly, realize, that i move forward in good fate. >> faces bribery and other charges, if convicted could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison. >> documents show federal agents wiretapped the cell phones of philadelphia labor boss john dougherty and his protege on the city council bobby even and for more than a year. calls for 16 months, starting in april of 2015. dougherty runs the international brotherhood of electrical workers local 98, he's the focus of fbi investigation into nearly all of the aspect of the union's operations. well, time now 5:36. in business news this morning, the reason shares of one car rental service are high they are morning. money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, with the
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details, good morning once again, jill. >> good morning, jim. futures pointing to lower open, yesterday they snapped lose streak gaining 14 points, nasdaq lost 18. avenue cyst thinking ought ton must driving. shares of the company higher on word of deal, that's google self driving car unit. avenue list help store and maintain the self driving car fleet in phoenix, that's where wamo launched pilot program, picks up and drops off passengers. apple released ios11, officially launches in the fall. there are a lot of cool new features. photos will take up less space, there is new male voice for siri, plus person to person apple pay, and a do not disturb while driving mode. >> and this fourth of july hats off to new heights, oscar meyer heading weiner drone to it fleets of weiner mobiles, said to be the first unmanned, hotdog caring aircraft. designed to deliver hotdogs to remote locations.
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so, don't say i never told you anything important. jim? >> can you imagine being hit in the head with a hotdog? i mean, from how many feet up in the air, jill? not a way i want to celebrate my fourth every july. >> no, definitely not. catsup, mustard, it could get ugly. >> the onions, ugh. check in with you tomorrow, jill. appreciate it. >> the white house warning syria against using chemical weapons on it own citizens. press secretary sean spicer announced news last night, he said there is, quote, potential evidence that syria is preparing a chemical attack. the us blamed the has add regime for april chemical attack on syria civilians. trump order missiles in retaliation for that. >> in meantime the president's travel ban gets victory, the supreme court allowing most of the ban to be enforced while it prepares to hear the case in october. the white house called the decision a clear victory for national security.
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the 98 ban would apply to most citizens from iran, libya, suddan, syria, and yemen. countries the trump administration calls terror prone. supreme court justices said the lower courts that blocked the ban went too far in limiting the president's authority. the ban could be put in place as soon as today. >> well, authorities say human error caused a delaware teenage for fall from a ride at amusement park in new york. the viral video shows the 14 year old girl dangling from a gondolla ride at six flags great escape over the weekends. police are now saying the girls own actions caused her to slip out of the ride's carriage, she dropped about 25 o catch her, fortunately, she was not seriously hurt. >> well, protesters face-off in northeast philadelphia, in the wake after deadly officer involved shooting. members of black lives matter, and other, demanded justice for jones outside the 15th police district on levick street last night. just feet away, supporting police members, were members
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of back the blue. jones was shot to death by a philadelphia officer, ryan, earlier this month, as he ran from a traffic stop. >> i'm out here to support that black lives matter. i'm a mother of three, again, black boys, but i'm here to support this family to make sure that justice is done. >> this coverage seems to show is this mother who lost her son because of big bad bliss officer. and it is not all that clear cut and simple. >> police say that jones pulled a gun on the officer. >> well, someone out there is a millionaire. they may not even know t so far no one has claimed a winning powerball ticket worth $1 million, that was sold in philadelphia. meisha, are you paying attention? the fifth variety store in olney sold the ticket on saturday, were you in town, meisha? >> yes. >> okay, well, that ticket matched all five white balls, but not the powerball. the store earned $5,000 bonus for selling that winning ticket. and in case you thought you may have that winning ticket, again, meisha, check these
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numbers: >> i think i won. (laughing). >> going out for breakfast! well, bill cosby's image has been removed from a popular mural in washington dc. but not because of his sex assault trial. find out why just ahead. >> plus. >> this. >> police searching for three more suspect in a brutal beating of two tourists caught on video. i'm hena daniels, with more on the video making
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judge there is a new airline trends, welcoming britney spears to the country bee recreating her toxic video. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> welcoming the pop star to bancock, and weren't the only ones, few weeks ago, flight attendant welcomed to israel with a video of their own. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and, actor charlie sheen, has revealed himself as the owner of some pricy babe ruth memorabilia. for sale his 1927 world series ring and the contract that sent ruth from the boston red sox to the new york yankees in 1919. sheen has owned the items since the early 90s, and the current bid for the ring more
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than $611,000. the contract leading bid right now is almost $380,000. wow,. >> surprised he has that stuff. you know, i'm always curious, do you collect anything? >> not lying -- nothing like that, absolutely nothing like that. >> katie, any collections in. >> not really. not that i would say -- nothing worth anything! >> i was going say i used to collect stuff, but then do you have dust it, that's why i don't collect things any more. >> i knew charlie sheen was a big baseball fan, i knew he had been collecting that type of stuff. what surprises me is how much money that's worth, almost a million dollars. >> babe ruth. >> well, it is babe ruth. you got that right. >> i wonder if people out there playing baseball today, what's that weather going to be like? >> i think today looks like all-in-all great day to be out n baseball diamond, or if you have any outdoor plans, go for it, may ends up with scattered shower or thunderstorm, but that will happen throughout the course of the afternoon.
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>> right now dealing with quiet conditions. did have heavy rain, rumble on through, earlier this morning, and later on today, we will see scattered shower or thunderstorm which we will track for you as we continue on here. but let's start it off, view of storm scan3, right now, there is frontal boundery that's currently crossing through, that's what helps trigger the showers with thunderstorms over the last couple of hours, and later on today, again, spotty shower, thunderstorm will fire up. looking at much wider zoom on storm scan, we do eventually see high pressure build back in, that's the quiet weather you currently see over the northern high planes, with us for couple every days. looking at future weather, we take a look here, we continue to track couple of showers and even some pockets of heavy rain headed up toward new york sit if i that's where your travels take you, for now skies beginning to clear over the reek on as a whole, will continue to do so for the next few hours, later this afternoon watch for spotty shower, spotty thunderstorm, not expecting any severe but could be brief or heavy downpour with any of the seams that eventually fire up. meanwhile later tonight take a
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look completely clears outcome 11:00 later through the overnight we end one some quiet weather looking forward. for now though partly sin, all-in-all, high hits 80 degrees. that's technically below average by few degrees. tonight we drop down to 57. it is cooler, couple of clouds, and then moving forward, or back to the low 80s with the sunshine tomorrow, then it is about to heat up friday, saturday, and sunday, meisha. >> i see that 90s drops right on that friday. all right, katie. thank you so much. and very good morning, everyone, happy tuesday to you. so looking outside right now, waking to up wet roadways, as katie said moving on out of the way little bit. it is looking wet out there. so for those every you jumping on interstate 95 pushing in the southbound direction, toward center city, i want to give yourselves couple of extra minutes, i will say this shot right here, 95 near cottman, actually not look too long bad come around the s curve in the past ten minutes, however, obviously more vehicles are starting to head out there. take a look, you might have some visibility issues here, we have 476 route one, headlights moving in the southbound direction, and we have a lot of fog here.
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so this is going to make us put on our lights, also going to make us tap our brakes, overall congestion levels, creeping toward the 6:00 hour, you guys, not actually looking that bad. then, talking about resurfaced project that's going into effect, now, it has been this week. so just heads up. schuylkill westbound, between route one and route 476, one lane block between nine p.m. and 5:00 a.m. overnight. now there is just happens for this week. the entire stretch is between route one and 202. it is a 12 and a half mile stretch. so, again, this week, right now, looking at westbound, between route one and route 476. a lot of my truckers driving overnight there is will affect you, one lane block, however, only one lane, between nine p.m. and 5:00 a.m. we will be talking a lot more about this, this entire construction project; going on through october. more to talk about, though, when we come back in the next ten minutes, jim, back to you. >> thanks, meisha. spanish judge is ordering the remains of artist salvador dolly exhumed to settle a paternity suit. dolly died more than quarter of a century ago, but woman
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who claims to be his daughter has filed the suit. she says she's been trying to prove dolly is her father since 2007. dolly burried, or died in 1989 and is burried in a museum in northeastern spain. the state run foundation that manage his estate says it will appeal this decision. >> well, comedian bill cosby no longer part of mural on the site of popular restaurant in washington. here's what it looked like outside ben's chilly bowl before a newspaper version of the mural was unveiled, the new artwork includes african-americans but not cosby, says the new faces were chosen through national on line pole, and the move has nothing to do with sex assault allegations against the star. this morning, new orleans police looking for three more suspect they say beat and robbed two tourist frost boston. the shocking attack was all caught on surveillance video. correspondent hena daniels has the footage. we must warn you what you are about to see is very graphic.
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>> new orleans police released this surveillance video capturing the moment two men visiting from boston were viciously beaten, and then robbed in the french quarter saturday night. the suspects ran up, punch the tourists from behind, dragged them to the grounds, and then rum and dollars through their pocket, as two other men appear to come and help. >> these people committed this crime, out of the eyes of the police. but they did not commit this crime out of the eyes of the community. >> hours after police released the surveillance video, 21 year old duane paul turned himself in, and investigators are now asking his accomplices to do the same. >> we know their names, we know who they are. we urge them to turn themselves in and to do it right now. >> the victims are identify as james curran, held against the wall, and punched in the head. and tim burn, lay motionless on the sidewalk after the attack. two men were in new orleans for religious association meeting. tourists expressed concern, but say they still feel safe.
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>> there is police presence that makes us feel more secure. i feel very secure here. >> they say the attack not part of a pattern than violent crime and robberies are down in the french quarter. hena daniels, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news." coming up next: cape may man reels in a rare finds, see the hammer head shark that he caught. >> and we will tell you where this moose was on the loose. we will be right back. coming up.
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>> check this out, man fishing down the shore caught a hammer head shark over the weekend. joe tobin nabbed it off sunset beach cape may sunday night. his wife tells us the shark was about 4 feet long, wade 35 e pictures and video before tobin put it back in the water. that's good. speaking every animals from under the sea, giant lobster, look at the size of this thing, caught the attention of the tsa. you can see an agent at boston logan airport holding the big crustation, a passenger was taking the 20-pound animal in a checked bag. it was alive and in a cooler, liver lobsters are allowed in
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check baggage, as long as they're in the right container. they say lobsters routinely discovered in baggage along the new england region. no word on where that lobster was headed or what happened when it got there. >> well, can you say but ther? >> just hoping it was someone's pet. >> who keeps a lobster -- >> he's cute. cute! >> but it is so cute. >> royal. >> sebastian from the little mermaid. >> now, back to land. a moose seems to like a town outside of denver, they removed it and took it back to the wild. but yesterday it showed up again. yes, here is the culprit. animal officer, control officers, were called when the moose started disrupting track yesterday morning. they tranquilized the animal, found it had already been tag. well they plan to return it to the wild once again so it can finds a mate. maybe should try on line dating? they also say this isn't part
5:56 am
of a moose exodus into the city. >> moose exodus? >> and continuing our animal climate, pom i in a named francis is making friends with goats. family in cumberland region took the puppy home with them. well, francis, you see; dover. they have a farm filled with goats. the puppy already befriends ago eight week olds goat name mildred. >> cute. >> the family says the goat and puppy both born on the same day, what about that, april 24th. >> that's adorable. >> i like the goat's name. >> mildred. >> my favorite person. mildred the goat. >> that's adorable. >> watch this all day long. >> i love animal planet. so glad we have it here. >> welshing coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news," pat gallen and teaming up for special mission, over we have to watch. >> this see if they can escape the room at the franklin institute. plus, extreme senior photos. meet a photographer from the midwest who is getting national attention for the
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switching is easy. we're here for you. join us. at cvs pharmacy. ♪ >> rain moving through overnight, find out whether we will be back in the 90s. yikes, plus this. >> somebody, what, they went
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after her. >> friend and family mourn the death after woman who was stabbed to death outside after school. police search for her killer. >> gop bill, the congressional budget released report on its impact. today is tuesday, june 27th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. rahel is off today. katie is back from her days off. meisha, were you gone forever. >> yes. >> i was. >> i didn't even recognize you. >> took couple every second to think about it, so good to be back. i missed you guys, 120 degrees gets olds. >> it is so hot. >> anyway looking outside right now, wet roadways, katie, hoping that kind of moves out of the way right now, causing little bit of problems. talk about that coming up. >> thankfully it is good for now. i think the rest of the morning is dry. but later this afternoon spotty shower or storm, take renewed look at storm scan, and there are some showers, at the moment, too. making their way into harrisburg, i think


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