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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 27, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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district attorney said operation wild fire was spark as a way to really give officials here a snapshot into just how bad heroin opioid epidemic is in the county. over course of the last eight weeks, under cover officers with the operations, felt they were able to buy those just from every section of the county, we're talking from the nicest areas in downtown west chester where we're at now to the most rural areas of chester county. >> heroin and opioid have been a wild fire ripping through pennsylvania. ripping through the united states, killing our kid. sometimes you have got to, set a fire, to stop a fire. >> reporter: chester county district attorney saying in a news conference today that is exactly what he did eight weeks ago when he ignited operation wild fire. under cover joint task force of police from six departments in the county, nabs 46 alleged street level drug dealers. >> one of the dealers that was arrested i made a prom toys him three years ago we were coming back again when someone
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overdosed, we got them on friday. >> reporter: also among those arrested the father of barry baker, junior. he made headlines last month for an under provoked attack against a man with cerebral palsy. >> while his son was beating up a man, with a disability, barry baker, senior was settling as morphine, heck of a family. >> reporter: officials are working to quantify the drugs, seized most of which is believed to be laced with the deadly chemical fentanyl. the d.a. demonstrated just how deadly that chemical could be. >> have a saltshaker, all right. take a little bit of salt out into my hand. if that is was fentanyl, that would be enough to kill four or five of news this room. >> reporter: again, while operation wild fire was sparked as a way to get that snapshot in the heroin, opioid epidemic here law enforcement
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says it should send a message to drug dealers about just how aggressive law enforcement is in combat ago this drug problem. reporting live from west chester alycia nieves cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks, a leash a we are following some breaking news at this hour chopper three over i crash on the ben franklin bridge. police say that a delaware river port authority officer was rear ended while assisting a disable vehicle at around 3:30 this afternoon. crash shut down all lanes on the eastbound side, into new jersey. it reopened about a half an hour ago but there are plenty of residual delays, as you can see by red on our traffic map here. walt whitman or betsy ross bridge are your best alternatives at this point. meantime authorities locked down an an alabama military post amid reports of the active shooter situation but may have been just a matter of confusion. workers at, the arsenal in huntsville, were, advised to run, hide, fight at 9:30 this morning. two hours later the all clear
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was given, and officials said there were no confirmed injuries, or arrests. a safety drill was planned for today. >> to be honest my first thought was as part of the drill, we had an ongoing drill , drill is not a one day thing but process which takes all year, actually culminate nothing that within day possibly but in this case there was a drill going on so there was confusion about whether this was real or not. >> reporter: we have just learned that 911 calls about a potential active shooter prompted the lock down, no shooter was found. well, drug maker merck is one of the 80 companies affected by a massive sign's tack. merck has a big presence in our area. in this attack hackers encrypt ed files on the computer system, and they are demanding money to decrypt, the files. the sign's tack started in ukraine this morning, and it has quickly spread all around the world. in a statement merck said we confirm our company's computer network was compromised today, as part of the global hack,
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other organizations have also been affected. we are investigating the matter and will provide additional information as we learn more. today's day six of the corruption trial of the philadelphia district attorney seth williams. bar owner michael wise was back on the stand for more questioning. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden was in the courtroom all day long and in center city right now with more on the day's testimony, joe, good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you, lots of testimony here from the stand and judge's patient as peers to be wearing thin, during the cross-examination, of the michael wise, the judge checked his watch in less than eight times and the judge also very frustrated at seth williams. seth williams could not pay bills, close friend to at times was described as inn un cooperative and hostile witness told jury williams would complain about his girlfriend and her finances n1 text from williams to that friend michael wise, a bar owner and prominent members of the lbgt community seth was seeking a cash loan and going about it in an unusual way,
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williams texted i may call you at a random pay phone tonight, my problem stems from princess , meaning girlfriend stacy cummings, not helping with utility bills. through the testimony, philadelphia's top law enforcement official apparently shook his head and rolled his eyes enough,'s floyd judge paul diamond. during a break judge lashed out at williams warning next time, he would be scolded in front of the jury. prosecutors claimed that wise, man convicted of tax fraud, showered williams with cash, plane tickets and vacations. in exchange williams made him a special advisor to his office and sent letters to help wise, rebuild his damage reputation. testimony in evidence revealed a buddy/buddy relationship. wise texted williams, what does he want for his birthday? defense terence tried to reverse the story showing williams was tapping in wise knowledge of the lbgt affairs claiming that the two had legitimate business relationship but wise recalls telling his brot about williams continuing
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solicitation of money. we have to stop this. i think we have given enough into this friendship. asked about retaliation he responded mr. williams would get angry if we said no. >> how is it going in here? what do you think. >> i'm thankful for my attorneys. >> reporter: there is no telling hot prosecution may be rolling out through the witness stan tomorrow morning, but day seven, coming here starting at 9:30. live outside federal court in center city, i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". lawsuit in california against bill cosby is moving forward. judy is suing cosby for allegedly sexually assaulting her at the playboy mansion more than 40 years ago, when she was just 15 years old. trial date has been set for july 30th of 2018. the judge set trial for next year since prosecutors in montgomery county are expected to retry cosby for criminal sexual assault. authorities do continue to piece together what has happened during a late night shooting in south philadelphia
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, that left one man dead, police responded to the 2300 block of south marshall street, just after 11:00 last night. authorities say that an 18 year-old man was shot in the back and then managed to run inside of a nearby home for help. he was quickly rushed to the hospital but later died, a short time later. >> we found multiple shell casings, on the 2300 block of south marshall, and they also found a shell casing, and a car, that was, shot up, on 600 block of charles. >> reporter: homicide detectives have interviewed two eyewitnesses including victim's brother, to try to help identify suspect or a possible mote any of this case and a popular resident at cape may county zoo has died after bringing smiles to visitors for more than 15 years. rocky, siberian tiger was euthanized on saturday, officials say that his hind legs began to fail over the last year. he came to the zoo in 2002 as a one year-old cub, from six
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flags great adventure in jackson, new jersey. rocky has been laid to rest in the cape may county zoo courtyard. new jersey's efforts to offer legal sports betting got a boost today, you had supreme court has agreed to hear the state's appeal, new jersey has been battling for years to make sports betting legal at its casino and race tracks but major sports leagues sued new jersey governor chris christie after he sign legislation. the leagues won every case in the lower courts and experts say that the supreme court will likely hear the case this fall. and we are in the middle of a very nice stretch of weather but get ready, it will heat up very soon. meteorologist lauren casey is live on the sky deck with a look at the temperatures and the conditions as they are right now, pretty pleasant, is that right, lauren. >> absolutely, gorgeous out here, feels great, humidity levels comfortable we have got sunshine, temperatures not too hot, just a beautiful, late june day and check in on some of these numbers across the area advertised temperatures would have us in the mid to
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upper 80's but we are setting at 79 degrees right now in philadelphia, and 81 in ac, kind of cool in the lehigh valley, at 73 degrees and we're in the 60's in the poconos. as far as dew point are concerned telling bus that sticky factor there is none, comfort index in the in the awesome category right now. that is how we will keep tonight to the day tomorrow as well. we had a couple pop your showers and storms rolling through the area. now through showers in the lehigh valley and poconos. could see a pop up shower or storm, very stray in nature as we head in the early evening, otherwise, mostly clear to partly cloudy and very pleasant, great sleeping weather in store for tonight, we will talk burr overnight lows and another great looking day tomorrow but yeah getting steamy by upcoming weekend when to prepare for some low 90's and humidity coming up in your full forecast in just a few. >> see you then, thank you. crews are battling a series of huge wild fires, cross the american west tonight. hot, dry, windy conditions are fueling the fires in arizona, california and utah.
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now the largest fire is in utah, forced more than 1500 people from their homes, the flames are burning in southern utah near a ski town in a popular fishing lake. the fire has grown to seven to two square miles, 13 homes have been destroyed. now to california where crews are battling three separate fires, two are in southern california and one california central companies. that fire which has grown to two square miles has forced about 250 people to evacuate. and hundreds of fire fighters are dealing with a wild fire in press scott, arizona fire has burn about 1500 acres and just 5 percent is contained right now, one small town in the fire's path has been evacuated, causes not yet known at the moment. coming up next on "eyewitness news" a baseball injury land a teen in the hospital, on life support. how it seems like a minor injury turned into a life threatening ordeal. and a plane land with one more passenger then it started with, a baby was born, in
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midair, what the airline is doing to celebrate the in flight birth, leslie. here, is there a class that works on brains and balance, kind of sound like child's play. >> you can beat us. ♪
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teenage son of the baseball player keith lockhearties on life support after being hit by a baseball during a tournament. ball struck him in the face on june 17th. in the following day, he says his know began bleeding uncontrollably. after several more procedures, doctors decided to heavily sedate the 15 year-old and put him on life support. cbs news medical contributor doctor david acres says it is possible lockheart was bleeding long before it was detect. >> you see sometimes when people are hit and bleeding in the head does not show up inside the head until a day or two or three days later. >> family members says he has not had any additional bleeding since the additional procedure on sunday and they are asking that people continue to pray for him. arizona mom went to new heights, if you will to deliver her third child she gave birth during a flight to dallas. >> but mother and baby are doing fine after saturday's surprise delivery, correspondent don champion is
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in dallas with more on this story. >> reporter: cristina pinton showed off baby christopher after being released from a hospital in new orleans. their plane was diverted to the city after he gave birth, four weeks ahead of schedule, on a spirit airline flight, saturday night. >> within 10 or 15 minutes of take off, i said something was not fine. contractions came every five minutes and they started to come pretty regularly. >> reporter: fellow passenger recorded the delivery, as it went quickly, spirit crew asked if any medical professionals were on board, a pediatrician, came to help and nurse green helped tie up the babies umbilical cord. >> pinton was traveling with her two preteen children from fort lauderdale to dallas on their way to arizona for vacation. >> it was scary, exciting at the same time. >> reporter: pinton says her husband who didn't travel with the family was relieved, to
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hear the baby is okay, but did tell us why, i told you or for traveling that 36 weeks. >> they told me, oh, you are pushing it, doing it last minute, and maybe you shouldn't but then again, you know, stubborn, so i figured, i can hand this will. >> reporter: spirit airlines gave the family gifts for the baby, plus a special present. free flights, for the next 21 years. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". wow, that is nice. >> very generous. >> yes. >> welcome to the world, indeed, indeed. >> lauren's got our forecast, nice day today. >> beautiful day. >> yes, indeed. >> hard to believe july 1st is just around the corner but just in time mother nature will remind us, one time i'm here and it is beautiful right now. check this out, lovely conditions as we look live at rehoboth beach. people out there on the tuesday, and, stralling the boardwalk and enjoying the sunshine, and outside on the sand, beautiful conditions and
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tomorrow we have another gorgeous day in store but temperatures, they are running below average, today, 79 degrees in philadelphia, we're in the lower 70's in allentown, six owes at in the poconos. seventy-seven in wildwood. temperatures down in the 60's at barnegat light house in the middle 70's at rehoboth beach right now and dew points add to go that just pleasant feeling, factor, dew points down in the 40's and 50's. atipcally low so feels nice and comfortable and dry as we step outside. air conditioning getting a big break today. i think same case tomorrow. storm scan three showing us good but sunshine in store. but a couple isolated showers and a few thunderstorms have develop over the last couple of hours. keeping an eye on this very localized cell moving eastbound we could be contend ing with that in kent county, delaware as we head in the next hour or so and a couple of very spotty showers and a couple of rumbles of thunder toward carbon and monroe counties, lehigh county could see another drip drop as we head in the next 30 to 45 minutes.
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overnight tonight as we head in the next couple of hours, that shower chance will drop off overnight a few cloud, comfortable, 59 degrees, nice and pleasant, keep those windows open. for our wednesday another gorgeous in a store, should be at 86 degrees. we will hit 81 tomorrow. humidity on the low side. bright sunshine with a nice breeze kicking up into the afternoon. future weather showing us a chance of the isolated thunder shower over next couple hours but by 11:00 o'clock hours skies clearing out, rain chance cuts off for our wednesday morning commute, no problems, just sunshine and beautiful day with bright, sunny skies as we head throughout the day. future weather rolling on but not much to see, beautiful day all across the region. another nice day along the coast, sunny, awesome down the shore. 78 degrees. great day for a hike in the poconos with a high of 71. water temperatures, are starting to warm up now, might be nice to take a dip 71 degrees your water temperature in cape may. moving toward sea isle city in the upper 60's. chilly for a dip outside
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atlantic city with water temperatures in the mid 60's. our day tomorrow will be practically perfect in the city, mostly sunny, low humidity, warm temperatures and nice breeze, all across the area another gorgeous one with highs in the upper 70's to near 80 degrees. we will warm things up on thursday but keep those humidity values in checkup to 88 degrees and that steamy factor returns as we head into friday, and saturday, is july 1st, can you believe it, and advertise, it is july 4th, at this time is there some rain chances in the holiday forecast, but still aways out so maybe they will drop off. >> steamies are coming. >> yes, they are back. >> thanks, lauren. >> thanks. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a war of word heating up between two grade. >> judge are calling john mcenroe sexist after comments he made about serena williams and how she's firing back, don new meaning for the term senior moment how a new found fitness class is helping older people literally find balance in their lives, that ♪
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and, stolen from a storage shed. but the story gets worse, we will tell you what else, the suspect did and how the teen, is looking to the community, for help. that is new tonight at 6:00 o'clock. tennis legend john mcenroe is not backing down over controversial comments he made about serena williams. >> it began with a interview macro gave on sunday. he told npr that williams was best female player ever but if she played mens circuit she would be like 700 in the world criticized mcenroe's comments as sexist and in an appearance on cbs this morning nora o'donnell asked the retired tennis star if he wanted to apologize. >> would you like to apologize >> no. the or is this, it is because it is in tennis unlike other sports they are always asking
5:24 pm
about how women, they asked me how would i do, if i was in this whole john mcenroe, why don't you combine just solve the problem, i'm sure the men would be all for this, men and women play together and then we don't to have guess. >> well, 23 time, grand slam champion williams sounded off on twitter and she wrote, john , a door and respect you but please keep me out of your statements that are not factually based. she went on to say in another tweet i have never played anyone rang there nor do i have time, respect me and my privacy as i'm trying to have a baby. good day, sir. >> after a babe comes in the world, i think serena should get in shape and billy jean king, bobby rigs moment. >> that is a good idea. >> yes, amazing. >> play it out. >> that is something. >> i respect him more for not taking his comments, back, just in the sense that normally when people make bone headed comments they take them back, taken out of context.
5:25 pm
he is owning it. it is interesting. i don't know fit is accurate. >> yes, yes. >> special project here, great exercise. >> yeah, it is, a fun piece. i think you will like this one like a fine wine we get better with time we know that cliche and wonder fit is true but instead of wishing we can do something to improve our chances. leslie van arsdal has more. >> go. >> reporter: as we get older we need to keep our mine, body sharp and they created the brains and balance class here at afc fit inner in feasterville. >> try to recreate scenarios that replicate what you may come across, in crowded areas and how do you think burr balance, as you are going through certain situations. the brain's parties just quick >> wye working on the balance and other things they give us to do it helps so much. >> what would you say is harder, brain or balance. >> for me, brains. >> reporter: the balance part, not that bad, but the brain.
5:26 pm
>> put them up. >> yes. >> and, oh, no. >> i cannot do that. >> yes. >> i don't even want to talk about the spelling portions of the class. >> five other word. >> that is tough. >> but the biggest take away, how fun the class is. >> not only are we improving our brains and balance but we are having fun doing it and other thing i like is socialize. >> getting everybody together, and to think together, and to build together in this case. it is great. >> reporter: leslie van arsdal , "eyewitness sports". >> all right, that is right, very good stuff.
5:27 pm
>> leslie was struggling. >> that is right. >> yes, good stuff, thanks, don. coming up next of "eyewitness news", votes delayed why senate republicans decided to delay the vote on the health care bill and what the president is doing about it. tori and pat's big adventure find out why vittoria woodill and pat gallen are dancing with world class astronomer derrick pits in the middle of the franklin institute, the news starts and you will want to check it out in our next half an
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your news continues at 5:30, here's is what happening , 46 suspected drug dealers are off the streets in chester county l arrested as part of an eight week joint investigation, called operation wild fire. authorities say that the drug deals, took place in every region of the capitol. drug maker merck is responding to a massive sign's tack, hackers encrypted files
5:31 pm
on their computer system and they are demanding money to de crypt the information. cyber attack started in ukraine and it has spread all around the world affecting some 80 companies. michael wise was back on the stand today in the corruption trial of philadelphia d.a. seth williams. prosecutors claimed wise showered williams with cash, plane tickets and vacations, in exchange for helping him rebuild his reputation. defense attorneys say that williams was simply tapping into wise's knowledge of lbgt affairs. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm natasha brown. big setback for republican plan to repeal and replace affordable care act. the vote of the health care bill is now delayed. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has delayed vote on the g.o.p. health care bill. >> we're going to continue the discussions within our conference, and on the differences that we have, that we're continuing to try to litigate. >> reporter: six g.o.p. senators say they oppose health care bill as written including kentucky senator rand paul who tweeted about
5:32 pm
his afternoon meeting with the president saying quote at real donald trump is opening to making bill better if senate leadership? non-partisan congressional budget office projections 15 million people would be forced out of medicaid by 2026 , resulting in a savings of $321 billion. ohio governor john kasich says that people will pay instead with their health. >> it is time for the republican party and democratic party to realize, that we are in a potential melt down of division between the rich and the middle class. >> reporter: senate democrats took to the capitol steps to slam g.o.p. plan. >> don't take health care away from people who need it most, to give a tax break to those who need it least. >> reporter: there is no indication that the democrats and republicans will work together on a new plan. well, non-partisan congressional budget offices mates 22 million people would lose insurance coverage by the year 2026, under the republican senate bill. the white house is warning syria not to use chemical weapons on its own citizens
5:33 pm
sense, pentagon official says there is active at syrian air base used to carrot out past chemical attacks. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley back up that claim saying preparations were seen like those before the april 4th attack using toxic nerve gas. >> i believe that the goal at this point not just to send as sod but to send russia and iran a message that if this happens again we are putting you on notice. >> the april chemical attack killed dozens of people including children and prompted u.s. air strikes. ivanka trump is speaking out about human trafficking first daughter and advisor to the president said father signed an executive order to help combat the problem. >> combating this crime here in the united states as well as around the globe is in both or moral and our strategic interest. >> the state department says that a new report ranks china as among the worst offenders for human trafficking in the
5:34 pm
world. and queen elizabeth is getting a big pay raise, british government is increasing her sovereign grant this year by about 78 percent to more than 100 million-dollar. that boost helped cover cost of the massive renovation project at buckingham palace. palace need new wiring and pipes and will get better visitor access and interior face lift as well. twenty-three local environmental education centers have joined forces to raise awareness about the importance of clean water. "eyewitness news" at the war works in fairmount park for unveiling of the alliance for water shed education of the delaware river. the delaware water shed ace 13,500 square mile system that provides drinking water for 15 million people in this area >> the alliance aimed to educate, empower community to achieve and sustain a healthy delaware river water shed, through increasing constituent appreciation, knowledge, and
5:35 pm
stewardship of the river, to better protect and restore it in the future. >> the new group includes representatives from environmental education center in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. young engineers are blasting off for week full of fun and learning at widener university, "eyewitness news" was on hand as the university 's annual engineering summer camp got underway, it all started with a bottle rocket launch and some brain teasers. they came here, the program to introduce high school students to engineering and hand on environment. >> we have been teaching engineering here since 1861, we have gone through steam engines and micro processors and our goal now to get next generation involved as they will go on and invent whatever comes next. >> camp activities include computer workshops, demonstrations, discussions and lab work with different fields of engineering in mine. program is in the 22nd year and runs through thursday. >> wow, doing well, that is great. still to come a new island
5:36 pm
has popped up off the coast of the united states we have pictures for you. they look pretty but they can be dangerous, just in time for fourth of july weekend a warning and some advice about handling fire works. he is mvp of the national basketball association, find out which famous entertainer is reaching out, with big congratulations, lauren? our comfortable stretch of weather will continue for next several days but just in time we will ramp up heat and humidity, high temperatures in the 90's on both days but we will see a frontal boundary drop in heading in to saturday night generating spotty storms as we head late day into saturday and passing thunder shower sunday morning but increasing sunshine as we head into sunday afternoon, we will be right
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milestone that may make some of you feel old, atm machine turns 50 today, that is right, automated teller machine, maybe you called it the mac back in the day, webb we used to tap mac, well, kay booed in london june 27th, 50 years ago. it took two years for the machines to make it to the u.s., currently there are more than 3 million atm is a cross the globe. >> fifty years. >> i got to go tap mac, get some money for food tonight. new island formed off the coast of north carolina mile long and 300-yard wide. it appears off the tip of cape point near cape hatteras light house. strong rip currents surround it so visitors should not walk or swim to it. locals say it is favorite spot for sharks, stingrays but
5:41 pm
beautiful sea shells and or calling it shelley island. >> shelley island. >> sharks, stingrays that is all right. >> nice to look at from a far. >> great picture right there beautiful. still ahead which philadelphia eagle is stripping down to appear in espn magazine's body issue. >> find out coming up next in the hot minute with
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5:44 pm
it is national hiv testing day "eyewitness news" was in camden where camden area health educational center offered free testing in, 2015, african americans accounted for 44 percent of the newly diagnosed cases, followed by white at 26, latinos at 23 percent. an important safety warning as we lead up to the july 4th holiday, americans will be celebrating with fire works but thousands of people go to the emergency room this time of the year with injuries , caused by explosions these explosions with mankins are re-creations of actual accidents involving fire works the consumer products safety commission says fire works kill an average of seven people every year, and send some 11,000 to the emergency room. >> i went in the backyard and put it underground and decided
5:45 pm
to blow off a fire work and tragically it didn't turnout very well. >> reporter: last year john baron told us his story, year before a powerful fire work blew up in his face breaking his jaw, cheekbone, eye socket and know, he almost who all of his teeth. >> before you do that think about the value of your life and think about the value of the people around you, and how important that is to you. >> reporter: it is not just large explosives that can be dangerous, even sparklers can cause major injuries. >> sparklburn very hot that rod could be 2,000 degrees, can significantly burn anyone who touches it. >> reporter: safety experts say best advice toys use common sense. >> keep them out of the hand of kid, make sure you have water nearby, you don't try to relight a dud when it didn't light. >> reporter: leave professional grade fire works to the pros.
5:46 pm
we pit this reminder out every year and things still happen so please be very careful. >> it will start feeling like july, soon. >> yes, just around the corner , hard to believe, july 1st saturday but doesn't feel like july. >> it feels so nice, open up those windows, click off ac, need a big break and it will get it over last couple of days. beautiful conditions right now as we look live, ocean city, new jersey. people are out stralling the beach, sunshine in the scene, comfortable humidity levels and temperatures, that are certainly not too oppressive, and our cbs-3 eyewitness weather watchers reporting with current conditions a number that is looking pretty good. certainly below average by late june standard. seventy's on the board, a couple of lower 80's. we will check with these current conditions right now, pull up this list for you, and see these numbers that are feeling pretty great right now , and if i can get, there we go, blue bell 80 degrees at jerry's house gilbertsville,
5:47 pm
pennsylvania, 79 degrees, eileen's ocean city looking good. philadelphia at phils house, 80 degrees. perkasie 76 degrees. willingboro, new jersey at kenneth's house at 78 degrees. we should be in the mid to upper 80's as far as averages are concerned but we are at 77 n with our weather watcher, david mitchell looking cool, as always, sunshine in the scene, in norristown and he says 77 degrees, mostly clear, very pleasant condition out enjoy evening, folks and that is the case, beautiful evening with temperatures falling back in the upper 50's overnight tonight across much of the area and it will be some great sleeping weather, so we will enjoy that. we will check in, lets go down the shore 79 degrees at james house in ocean city where we had a live look, sunny conditions, right now, wind at 6 miles an hour and really starting to strict the nice dag days together. we are running below average as far as rainfall is concerned for the month of june about an inch and a half below average. remember last month, rain was
5:48 pm
just, not stopping well over 6 h of may. we are getting a break from that but storm scan three is showing us very stray shower activity, and a thunderstorm that has popped up. juste of northampton county. you will hear a couple rumbles of thunder around easton area but that cell is moving away from you. so that is good news at this point. we will contend with. that seeing a couple drip drops across bucks county, doyletown, buckingham a very light shower overhead right now that will soon dissipate but overnight tonight chance of the stray shower, thunder over next couple of hours but just a few passing cloud, nice and comfortable falling back down to 59, another beautiful day for our wednesday, sunshine, low humidity, 81 degrees with the breeze picking up southwest at 10 to 15 miles an hour so nice breeze heading in the afternoon. comfort index will be feeling awesome again tomorrow, very simple, similar to how it is feeling today as we head into thursday.
5:49 pm
dew points creep up a bit but not too bad, not too muggy but then by friday we will notice for sure that steamy factor as dew points will climb up in the middle 60's. future weather showing news problems weather-wise as we head throughout our wednesday, gorgeous on your lunch hour for taking that stroll as we head in the evening hours no problem and then fast forward to thursday at around 4:00 in the morning because we will try this again, remember the rocket, yes that will likely induce those colorful cloud, kind of like a aurora looking scene, artificial scene that we will see generated by four minutes after lift off of this rocket. we have attempted several launches but just have not been able to get this in the sky. watch window exchanged 4:25 to 4:48 in the morning. wake up early today. but we will see few passing cloud that will be early on thursday morning. thursday afternoon we are up to 88 degrees. comfortable, breezy, hot, steamy heading in the upcoming weekend. best chance of stormy skies
5:50 pm
will be saturday. t swift tweets her love for nba's most valuable player and george lucas does not requests for autographs and ed sheeran fire banks at lip sync ing accusations. >> a this philadelphia eagle is bearing all in the magazine bex with 96.5 has it all in the hot minute. >> reporter: thanks, ukee and natasha. russell westbrook is receiving lots of love at this snagging the most valuable player at nba award, including, a message from take already swift. >> you are amazing, mvp, so happy for you. >> reporter: these two have not actually met but definitely time, they are considering russell's admiration for taylor's music in a sing along videos on instant gram. i think i like george lucas even more, after watching this video, the creator of star wars is opened to signing autographs, just don't get too greedy like one man does in the video captured by tmz.
5:51 pm
>> i will not keep doing that. >> $200, for a signature so why don't you just go out and get a job. >> reporter: we know how straightforward he is. >> ed sheeran is firing back after some fans accused him of using a backing track while perform and ed tweeted never thought i would have to explain it but everything i do in my live shows is live, and he even added a little jab with quote, google it. owe it is playing wells fargo center july 11th and 12th. another year of athletes stripping down and posing for espn magazine, body issue including zach ertz, first ever philadelphia eag toll appear in the issue. zach in his u.s. woman's soccer star wife julia will share the page just two months after tying the knot that is your hot minute i'm bex from today's 96.5. >> okay. >> all right, then. still ahead on "eyewitness news" better keep moving trapped in the room with tori.
5:52 pm
>> she's at newest scape the room attraction, t? >> i have to say usually pat and i air begins one another but we had to work together because the franklin institute has brand newest scape room to take you to places like the beach but will see succeed in our mission.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
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it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer getaway at on "eyewitness news" this morning we showed you part of, part one, of pat gallen and vittoria wild's journey through a newest scape room exhibit at franklin institute. >> so did they succeed? that is a big question.
5:56 pm
vittoria wild is live with a look inside, and also, the big reveal. tori. >> that is right, natasha, ukee, i know this doesn't look like space, this is, the beach , look at that, look at that, this is the beach, all i'm missing is a pine apple. national sunglasses day, by the way. throwing it out there this is one of the escape rooms. there are two big time escape rooms here at franklin institute and pat gallen and i , we had to work together for our mission, to save the derek pits. kind of the big deal, it was definitely one that we had to put our thinking caps on inn really think through. i'm sitting in a beach chair because i'm exhausted. lets see if we brought derek pits back to 2017. system malfunction, warning, wang. hurry we don't have much time. earlier on cbs-3 this morning pat gallen gave you a briefing of our mission to save i young derek pits in the franklin
5:57 pm
institute's brand newest scape room. >> an escape roomies a public game, traditionally they start off as single room you had to get out of by answering different rooms and puzzle. we have taken it to the next level at tfi. these have several rooms all tech oriented. whatever do you will trigger something else that will trigger something else. >> where nothing is as it seems in this inter galactic adventure. >> they are not what they seem report. >> you'll move through musical worm hole. >> we have to match that. >> master control where air will be thick with concentration as your team will dance to steel derek's space of freedom. we met our match in rooms of meteors and left no rock un covered. >> is there a match by color. >> wow. >> gorgeous. while trying to beat the clock for our oxygen would run out
5:58 pm
and derek would be a goner forever. >> twenty-four minutes left. >> but we were feeling focused >> that is it cracking code, following the signs, and then finally. >> derek pits has returned safely to earth. >> thank you we were over the moon when our mission was complete. >> we did it. >> sit really you, are you back. >> i'm backy made it back. >> thanks so much for helping me get back. feels great to be here. >> did you have faith in us. >> yes, i was worried about you two but you made it through. >> time to head off, and fall like a rock. ukee and natasha, i am exhausted, i'm sure pat gallen is as well but thankfully we have saved derek pits the world is good again. we are g if you want to try your hand on the a nation missions they have here at
5:59 pm
franklin institute the beach opens up, tomorrow, but you can get your hand on the inter galactic experience anytime, best to play witt large groups , just saying. >> big fun. >> big fun. >> and walking as a child walking through the heart was fun. they have come a long way. >> moving right along. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00. >> mayor kenney admits his even if calls are part of the fbi investigation i'm david spunt with his reaction. equipment vandalized and stone, i'm greg argos in chester township where police found that equipment and what this volunteer organization is doing to get back on their feet. and group of camden high school students are taking a trip of the lifetime, a chance to go back to their roots, where they are flying too and culture they hope to learn and embrace once they get there. just a couple pop up showers and thunderstorms today but we will increase that storm chance in the upcoming weekend which day will be wetter i'll have the answer in the forecast with
6:00 pm
cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. 6:00 o'clock straight up, city officials wiretapped, mayor jim kenney, these documents alerted official that is their conversation was labor boss john dougherty are part of an fbi investigation. good evening aim ukee washington. i'm natasha brown in nor guess contact "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live, with what we know so far about the wiretapping. david? >> reporter: hi in a cash a mayor jim kenney is down playing these letters tonight, very typical to get one of these letters from the government, if you are speaking to someone under investigation hoist wiretapped and your voice is pick up on that wiretap. last august, fbi agents raided local 98 boss john dougherty's south philadelphia home, they also went inside union headquarters on spring garden street, the investigation, quiet now, at lst


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