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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. 6:00 o'clock straight up, city officials wiretapped, mayor jim kenney, these documents alerted official that is their conversation was labor boss john dougherty are part of an fbi investigation. good evening aim ukee washington. i'm natasha brown in nor guess contact "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live, with what we know so far about the wiretapping. david? >> reporter: hi in a cash a mayor jim kenney is down playing these letters tonight, very typical to get one of these letters from the government, if you are speaking to someone under investigation hoist wiretapped and your voice is pick up on that wiretap. last august, fbi agents raided local 98 boss john dougherty's south philadelphia home, they also went inside union headquarters on spring garden street, the investigation, quiet now, at least publicly
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but recently mayor jim kenney and others received official notice from the government that their conversations with john dougherty were wiretapped >> it is a standard pro forma i don't know how you cannot talk to john dougherty or majority leader of council over a two year period and not be recorded. >> reporter: we caught up with the mayor following a news conference, highlighting new programs to put people to work in the philadelphia building trade industry. kenney said he is not concerned about being recorded >> maybe i was a little profane here or there but nothing i'm worried about from a local perspective. >> reporter: also, philadelphia councilman bobby henon who was at today's news conference. he left a few minutes early and in the hallway he indicated he had no comment. john dougherty known as johnny dock was with his wife who is dealing with medical issues according to spokesmen frank kiehl. he says that the letter is standard procedure, and dougherty with the men and women of local 98 are not worried about the fbi investigators.
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>> they can listen all they want, you know what they will hear on the conversations they will hear about the new diversity program, building trade is part of the. they will hear about the tens of thousands of money he donates every christmas. local 98 relighting boat house row on their dime. >> reporter: i have reached out to the fbi and i'm told the agency has no comment on this particular investigation. david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you very much. the owner michael wise of the bar was back on the witness stand today in the corruption trial of philadelphia district attorney seth williams. prosecutors claim that wise the man convicted of tax fraud , showered williams with cash, plane tickets, and vacations, in exchange, for helping him rebuild his reputation. defense attorneys say that williams was simply tapping into wise's knowledge of lbgt affairs. our joe holden spoke with williams on the way out of court today. >> how is it going in there? what do you think. >> very thankful for my
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attorneys. >> thank for your attorneys. >> yes. >> during the testimony williams shook haze head and rolled his eyes that the judge got annoyed and during a break the judge lashed out at williams warning next time he would be scolded in front of the jury. court hearing was held today in the case of six prison guard. they are charged with assaulting two inmates at montgomery county correctional facility. the defendants appeared in a collegeville courtroom, surveillance video of the alleged volunteers day attack was shown in court. prosecutors say that the guard felt disrespected by inmates during a incident, the day before the attack. the guard have been fired. delaware county youth food balance team targeted by vandals while thieves got away with expensive equipment, teen says they may be down but they are not out. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins us from chester township with that story, greg. >> reporter: good afternoon. this vandalism happened late last week, those vandals, kicked in the doors here, some of the damage right here and they got away with some $5,000
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worth of damage. now this community here is coming together to help. thursday, june 22nd, was supposed to be a day of practice at jack's park. >> pretty much off season preparation plan. >> reporter: it is where chester township cougars play football. >> they so many our stuff. >> reporter: instead it turned out to be a day of clean up. >> all of our equipment was outside the shed, and on, on a football field, cross the parking lot. >> reporter: chester city councilman william morgan who volunteered as a coach said someone had ransacked both storage shed and then stole at lee 10 helmets. >> it hurts. it is disheartening. i wanted to cry. >> reporter: some $5,000 worth of gear was missing or strewn across the field, and blocking pad and discorded helmets even found in neighboring yard. >> now we need all hand on deck as far as parents in the community. >> reporter: cougars will be getting help from chester township police, not only was the investigation. >> there are no cameras out here. luckily, overwhelming response from our community led us to the recovery of some of that
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equipment. >> reporter: with donations as well. >> police department personally ills going to donate to recoup the equipment >> reporter: now the volunteers who run the program for more than 150 children and teens have reenforced the locks, boarded up windows, and doubled down on their commitment for this community. >> i think we will be able to move forward from this. there is a lot that we have to recover however, it is not going to stop us from starting the season a month from now. back here live police say they are still trying to identify any suspects, there have been no arrests, as for donations if you'd like to help out the team we have posted a lincoln our web site at cbs and go right there and help out cougars. we are live, from chester township i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". also, the chester county district attorney announced the results now of an eight week long drug sting operation , 46 suspected drug dealers, are facing charges after what is being called operation wild fire,
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authorities say that under cover officers, purchased heroin, opioids and other drugs from the alleged dealers , in every region of chesters county. one of the suspects arrested is father of the man who made headlines just last month, for an attack against a man with cerebral palsy. >> while his son was beating up a man, with a disability, barry baker, senior was selling morphine heck of a family. >> officials hope that the operation send a clear message to drug dealers about how aggressive law enforcement will be, in combating the opioid crisis. new jersey's top law enforcement are combating ways to combat gun violence including a gun buy back program. it will take place july 28th and 29th at churches in camden , trenton and newark. state officials say, people can turn in up to three guns, and receive up to $200 per gun official says there will be no questions asked.
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drug maker merck is working to get its computer system back on line. it is one of 80 companies affected by a massive sign's tack. merck has a big presence in our area. hackers encrypted files on the computer system. they are demanding money to de crypt their information. the sign's tack started in ukraine, this morning, and has spread around the world. well, we are following a developing store right now, human remains found by a construction crew in nicetown eye tioga chopper three over the scene in the 1700 block of west atlantic street. a construction crew doing demolition discover the partial remains while digging at the site. authorities are now investigating. south jersey beach where three people died in 2012, will remain opened, the sand, gave way beneath those beach goers, as they were walk ago long waters edge on hereford inlet beach in north wildwood. new jersey judge refused to close the beach, dismissing the request made by the family of one of the victims. instead the judge wants the
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department of environmental protection and the city of north wildwood to address any safety concerns, at the beach, and fix them. now the 14 year-old delaware girl who fell from an amusement park ride in new york state over the weekend is now out of the hospital, officials say, that the girl was treated for unspecified injuries after falling 25 feet , into the arms of the bystanders. the sky ride at six flags greatest scape remains closed at this point while the park conducts an internal investigation. police say girl's own actions caused her to slip from that ride. the owner of the bucks county home where a cash of guns and explosives was found was allowed to return to his home. officials say that today the ot tsville home was made safe with the cooperation of the multiple agencies including atf, fbi and state police bomb squad among others. authorities were conducting a welfare check on a elderly resident last tuesday when they made the discovery, police say the investigation is ongoing. president trump is now
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getting involved in negotiation toss save the senate republican plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act. today senate leader mitch mcconnell delayed vote on the bill after more republican senators announced they are not going to vote for it. some are concerned that the bill would slash funding for medicaid, others says it looks too much like the affordable care act. stay with cbs for more coverage of the health care plan, both today, and anthony mason will have latest developments on "cbs evening news" at 6:30 right here after our broadcast. new jersey's efforts to offer legal sports betting made progress today. you had supreme court has agreed to hear the state's appeal. the new jersey has been battling for years to make sports betting legal, and at its casinos and race tracks but major sports leagues sued new jersey governor chris christie, after he signed the legislation. the leagues want every case in the lower courts, experts say the supreme court will likely to have hear the case this fall. treasured piece of history is getting a bit of the make
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over. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" we will tell what you conservatives doing in this video to preserve the liberty bill, chere. they are packed up, ready to go on a once in a lifetime trip across the sea i'm cherri gregg and i'll tell but a trek to the mother land that is changing the lives of camden students. a round of storms earlier this morning, couple pop thus afternoon but otherwise a beautiful day but we're going to bring back steamy conditions just in time for upcoming weekend. i'll let you know when to expect highs in the 90's in your full forecast coming up. sleepless in salt how phillies will play mariners with frustration bubbling in the pacific northwest. andre iguodala and sixers in the same city why there could be a reunion in the works. that is late inner sports.
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philadelphia fire department makes it official, 28 recently promoted members were recognized this morning during a formal ceremony, family and friend gathered at fire academy in northeast fail for this very special occasion , and congratulations. to all. great smile there. new at 6:00 it is a climb to i am person nate a solder or veteran in pennsylvania. today in harrisburg governor tom wolf signed the stolen valor bill. the law prohibits fraudulent representation of military service or military decoration toss obtain money, property or other benefits. the lawmakers say this legislation vice important because pennsylvania has the fourth largest veterans population in the entire country. and, new jersey inmates have a hand in the 300 million-dollar state house renovation project, the department of corrections says that it inmates are doing some work to clear out the building now they will move and refurbish furniture and move it all back when renovations are finally completed, officials say inmates are all
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from minimum security facilities. officialness mercer county are putting books in the hand of trenton students. the prosecutor police director and other law enforcement officials partnered with the county's bar association to collect hundreds of books, this past spring. the books will be donated to the gregory elementary school, in trenton, new jersey. a group of high school students from camden charter schools are embarking on a life changing trip. >> as cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio explains it is designed to opened doors to both the future and the pennsylvania. >> reporter: with bags packed, passports ready and good byes given the group of six rising sophomore from his mastery high school of camden is heading off, to explore, their african roots. >> it is what the world really offers instead of me staying here in the u.s. >> reporter: at 15, harris cosby has never left the united states or even been on a flight. >> very nervous about the plane but when we land i will just look around, take pictures. >> reporter: after today he
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would have done both, and when he gets back, it is unlikely he will be the same. >> i don't think know what it means. >> reporter: principal william heyes and africana study teacher shown here organized this 10 day trip, each on the kid raised $3,000 to pay for their travel to morocco and to the coast, where they will see castles, where the slave trade began. >> you just sit in the room and you just, you are just quiet and think. >> reporter: he studied there while in college and the camden native says it changed him. he has since adopted west african culture. >> we all say ashay. >> ashay. >> reporter: and returned three times taking students and others. >> it completely, i had to re invent the way i thought about humanity, about black male. >> reporter: for the mother, mrs. santiago, seeing her son terence, travel is changing her, to see his horizons broaden. >> anything is possible, you know, just because you are from camden does not mean you have to settle for what they
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have to offer. >> reporter: in camden, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". wow, what an amazing experience. >> yes, that is great. >> lauren casey joins with us our forecast and yeah, we had such a beautiful day to day. >> beautiful. >> yes. >> can we get morey was off last couple of days. i made a deal with mother nature. i said, okay, give me some nice days and she did deliver. >> she did. >> i'm cool with that. we are getting a live look at center city philadelphia just a couple cloud, a a lot of blue skies and temperatures feeling good. 79 degrees. west wind at 14 miles an hour, but we don't have a feels like temperature with the breeze and very low humidity values and temperatures running cooler then average right now. we are at 73 in allentown. seventy-five in reading. sixty's in the poconos. feel great down the shore 80 in ac. land breeze keeping temperatures up in the upper seven are zero seven's to near 8o78 in stone harbor.
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water temperatures starting to warm up, along the coast as well, have you known i went in the water in brigantine with temperatures in the middle 60 's of the ocean. wasn't too bad. chilly. but we have 73-degree ocean temperature outside cape may. seventy-two off shore lewis, delaware. beautiful beach day once again tomorrow. sunshine, awesome. 78 degrees. low humidity. beautiful day for hike in the poconos as well as well as sunshine 71. dew points tell us about that sticky factor. they are a better measure of hugh humid it feels and relative humidity. it changes dependent upon the air temperatures. dew points will not. we have dew points in the 40's and 50's. that is very low by june standard. so it feels nice, dry, comfortable when you step outside. that is the trend once again for tomorrow. dew points creep up a bit as we head into thursday but still pretty comfortable and then not comfortable at all as we head into friday with that steam factor returning. storm scan three is showing us we have a couple of pop up showers and thunderstorms, most of the activity cross
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portions of delaware, so head up in and around seaford, milford, we are seeing showers , strengthen, could be thunderstorms as we head into about the next 15 or so minutes, and future weather showing us we have a chance of a pop up shower or thunderstorm really over the next couple of hours and then after sunset, that chance will diminish, overnight tonight, very quiet conditions, and high pressure will move in overhead, that promotes sin king air stable air and keep sunshine around for us and eliminate rain chances for tomorrow and we will be off shore heading in to thursday. we are a few more cloud around still dry into thursday i think but we will see this area of low pressure make an approach as we head to the upcoming weekend that will give south rain chances especially for saturday but overnight tonight, just a few passing cloud, nice and comfortable great sleeping weather back down to 59 degrees, beautiful tomorrow bright sunshine, low humidity and high temperatures running below average at 81. we will start nice weather in to thursday, we are up to 88 degrees, breezy conditions, chance of the isolated thunder shower as we head into friday afternoon, up in the 90's with that steamy necessary
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returning, and i think ac will be chug ago long for upcoming weekend, best chance of rain some spotty storms saturday and morning thunder shower, clearing out, rain chances for fourth of july right now but that is a little ways off. >> thanks, lauren. >> thanks. >> busy in a sports, guys, a philly uses a four letter word will sixers get any wind and fall so hard what could have been for
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don, not mixing word on the phillies. >> no. >> i think we always think we're berth. >> yes. >> they are struggling. >> all right. 2017 phillies are one of the war in franchise history, i'm not being mean, that is just factual, and there are on pace to lose 110 games, one shy of the all time record set in 1941. struggle's so real that freddie galvis dropped a special four letter word when talking about their play yesterday, now tonight phillies open up a two game series in seattle they hope aaron nola can bring on it
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mound, he allowed one run in eight innings of work thursday against cardinals, game time 1010 in the pacific north west last night phillies prospect scott henry made his debut, with the iron pigs. dude making magic with the glove. nice grab. he was one for five. he was called up, from double a, reading, where he was batting .313 with 18 home runs could ai make a return to the sixers? no not talking allen iverson but andre i go dal a2015 finals mvp is a free agent and rumor has it that the sixers are interested. andre spent his first eight seasons here in philadelphia, as many as many as seven teams are interested in the two time champion. it was a landslide in new york, milwaukee's mal conn brogdon won nba rookie of the year award beating out sixers joel embiid and dario saric. he won by 148 points last night, he is first, second round pick, to win the award
6:25 pm
in the common draft era which dates back to 1966. after the win, bucks twitter account decided to troll sixers, the rookie of the year goes through philadelphia, and there is malcolm, dunking, on the sixers. >> that is not even right. >> where are they on the schedule. >> just imagine what could have happened if they drafted ucla star ball. last night his famous, controversial dad levar made an appearance on wwe monday night raw, and licenses owe, just chilling watch his dad take his shirt off and i'm in the sure what he is doing. he is 48 years old. he is just kicking it. >> wow. >> we could have been covering that guy. >> he gets more attention then his son. >> he is cool but he is ready to play ball. his dad, loves him. >> he is laid back. >> yes. >> keep us posted. >> thanks, don.
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>> "cbs evening news" just a few minutes away. >> anthony mason joins with us a look ahead. >> hi ukee and natasha short on support for their health care bill senate republicans put off the vote, plus, a new out break of malicious software causing mass disruption in europe and u.s. stunning lack of oversight when it comes to school bus safety, who is really driving your children. just ahead on the "cbs evening news". that is coming up but first a fresh look for a philadelphia treasure. >> it is painstaking renovation for liberty bell we will tell what you they are doing to this priceless piece of history up
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it is an iconic symbol of american independent and today it is looking extra sharp. >> it is. lets take a look at this video from the national park service , that is liberty bell getting a new wax coating, every few years or so wax coating has to be redone to protect the metal. >> look at that. >> yep. >> little crack in bit don't worry bit. >> it has been there a while. >> all good. thanks so much for watching us here at 6:00 "eyewitness news" returns at 10 on the cw philly and we are back here at 11:00. >> up next, "cbs evening news" , when it comes school bus regulations is there a
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lack of oversight, anthony mason has that and more, take care >> mason: diagnosis-- anemia. short on support for their health care bill, senate republicans put off the vote and rush to the white house. >> so we're going to talk, and we're going to see what we can do. we're getting very close. >> no action is just not an option. >> mason: also tonight, a massive cyberattack. hackers shut down government and corporate computers around the globe. the white house warns assad he'd pay a heavy price for a chemical weapons attack. our holly williams is inside syria. children at risk. >> truck drivers that are driving heads of lettuce actually have to meet higher safety standards than the people that drive our


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