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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  June 27, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight, pregnant serena williams bares all behind the scenes of her new photo shoot. why is another pro athlete slamming her today? plus, katy perry's new video with taylor's ex, calvin harris, as swift comes out of hiding with an odd message. >> i got an idea. then mila kunis gives "e.t." an exclusive new look at the "bad moms" sequel. plus will ferrell on his unique parenting style. >> hey! watch it! then, eminem doesn't look like this anymore. we'll show you the new picture that is driving the internet wild. and "spider-man" swinging for coffee in a viral video. how they pulled off the prank. >> cappuccino. >> i have a grande cold brew for spider-man. ♪
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now for june 27, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." serena williams versus john mcenroe, and he is refusing to walk away from his controversial comments. this as pregnant serena bares all and fires back at john. >> she does, but first, we'll take you inside the making of her "vanity fair" cover as she opens up about motherhood. >> the photos are stunning. for the cover the 35-year-old tennis super star was snapped wearing only a thong and belly chain. another with her fiance cradling her baby bump. she tells us that pregnancy was unexpected and it took six tests to convince her it was true. last january on the eve of the australian open, she handed a paper bag containing the test to ohanian who was shocked by the news. she is due in september, and she says she will return to the pro tennis circuit as soon as january because, quote, i don't think my story is over yet.
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>> this is just a new part of my life, and my baby's going to be in the stands and hopefully cheering for me, and not crying too much. >> the new images were snapped by annie leibovitz who took the 1991 cover of a pregnant and nude demi moore. "vanity fair" hits news stands july 11th, but this isn't the only thing making news. there is the feud. it all started with this. mcenroe dis on npr. >> if she played the men's circuit, she would be, like, 700 in the world. >> you think so? >> yeah. >> serena who has won slams quote dear, john. i adore and respect you, but please, please keep me out of your statements that are not factually based and respect me and my privacy as i'm trying to have a baby. good day, sir.
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>> would you like to apologize? >> uh, no. >> mcenroe didn't back down on "cbs this morning". >> i don't want anything to go wrong with serena because she's pregnant. i don't want to upset her. i think that deep down, i can't believe we're even talking about her. >> john mcenroe is a great tennis analyst but bottom line serena williams is the best player whoever played tennis. she was a transcending athlete. she is the world. >> that's right. he is a good guy. all right. other women are also bearing all, and we have the video. >> this is incredible. >> oh my gosh. >> yeah, we're shooting the body issue. >> this is new england patriot star julian edelman without his uniform. he catches passes from tom brady, and once dated supermodel adriana lima, but there's one thing he can't resist. >> only one burger a day to keep the conditioning away. >> he joins 22 other athletes for "the body issue" of "espn" the magazine, which celebrates the power and beauty of the human form.
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boston celtic isaiah thomas shows he can dribble, even without wearing a stitch. and football star ezekiel elliot is just as pumped up out of as ! >> get this party started! >> women athletes also show it all. tennis pro caroline wozniacki is both sexy and strong. and it was a group shoot for the u.s. national women's hockey team. last year, nba all-star dwyane wade needed convincing to be in the body issue. >> like, i would never even walk around my own house by myself with no clothes on. >> and right now, dwyane and his wife, gabrielle union, are showing off their his and hers fashion game on their european vacation. gabrielle told "e.t." he wasn't always a fashionisto. >> when i met him, he was wearing oversized bedazzled jeans, and then something happened. now it's a s-medium. there's his man-pris. he's very particular. >> he and his son have been sporting those man-pris, aka capri pants for men, from paris
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to rome. #wadeworldtour. is it too late to tag along? >> like father like son. >> brook is here. do we like this look? >> i do. just say no to the male rompers. >> they should stay in the romper room. let's talk about katy perry >> katy perry performed with taylor swift. now she is in a new video with her ex. ♪ >> katy is showing off leg in the gucci dress that emma stone wore in january. and calvin harris rocking it in the video that already got 2.3 million views.
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the vacation vibe is getting us back to the vacation calvin and taylor took in 2016 celebrating their one-year anniversary. ♪ dance with me >> but does anyone else think it's a little too coincidental that the same night calvin's new music video drops, taylor speaks for the first time in nearly five months? >> russell, it's taylor. remember? i was the one who taught you how to play basketball. >> tay, sporting her original curls and makeup, posting this congratulations video to nba mvp, russell westbrook. >> i remember the first time you beat me at basketball, and i was very upset, and you said, you just have to shake it off, and i got an idea. ♪ shake it off >> but let's get back to katy for a second. remember when she ranked her lovers? john mayer came in first. orlando bloom came in second, and diplo was third? >> nobody wants to have sex with
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me now. >> well, the d.j. can clap back because he has own tv show parodying his life. he was on the set of the "viceland" series, playing none other than james. >> this is musical genius sucks at life. >> he is amazing in front of 85,000 people. struggles a lot one-on-one. >> back to the nba award, does drake have a new girlfriend? >> what? >> he dated j-lo and rihanna. then he brought this lady as his date, the golden state warriors sideline reporter. >> before this picks up steam and you start something, let me just tell everybody. they are just close friends, but he asked her out once. >> they were fire last night. and this turned some heads last night. drake with will ferrell playing nba coaches teaching pros the proper celebratory handshake. >> the crowd wants to see you shaking hands, right? >> here's the thing. no special handshakes for will,
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and our carly steele but will got to show her some different moves at the l.a. premiere of his new comedy "the house." >> let's see your best poker face. you win. >> that was it. >> can you show the camera your best poker face? >> oh. >> this is working! >> yes. >> will and amy play a husband and wife who blow their daughter's college fund, so they start an illegal basement casino. >> we have to lie. that's what parents do, otherwise, the kids will realize we don't know what we're doing. >> both are parents in real life. amy is mom to 8-year-old archie and 6-year-old abel. >> how tough is your parenting style, would you say? >> not too tough. but tough enough. i might be a little old-school. i'm not very indulgent. i think children are given a lot of leeway and a lot of license to feel a lot of feelings and say what they want. that doesn't really happen in my home so much. >> it's so hard being a parent. >> will has his hands full with son, axel, mattias and magnus.
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they're ages 7 to 13. >> are you more of a relaxed dad or tough? >> i'm pretty laxed, but then all of a sudden, i go crazy. and they look at me, like -- whoa! where did that come from? i think it freaks them out a little bit. so they would say i'm the mean one. >> really? >> but on a chart i'm not as mean as their mom. their mom is always like put this away do this, do that. i'm, like, don't worry about it, and i'm also, like, hey! watch it! >> i almost just start laughing. >> they sometimes laugh too. >> there is no doubt about that will's wife is the real deal. >> who cracks the whip in your house? >> come on, you know. my wife. up next, as "bachelor in paradise" returns from scandal, are there strict new rules from contestants? the reported change from keeping the cast to get too drunk.
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plus, a different eminem these days. how he changed as a parent. and the "spider-man" stunt. >> oh, my god! >> we're going behind the scenes of the best viral video prank ever. >> get away from me.
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♪ can you believe that this is the 15th anniversary this year of eminem's classic, "8 mile"? >> so how to believe. he's 44 and was showing off his new look at the premiere of the defiant ones the hbo documentary was about, his mentors, dr. dre. and eminem has the world freaking out. i like it. >> people are losing their minds. someone on twitter wonders if that means he has been too busy recording new music to shave. he has teased the album, but no date or anything. "the defiant ones" is incredible. it is a must-see and premieres july 9th. watch it. >> keep the scruff. a new season of "bachelor in paradise," they are back in
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production. but now does the show have new rules about drinking onset? >> it's going to be a crazy party. >> fans may see a lot less of this when "bachelor in paradise" returns. >> cheers. new beginnings in paradise. >> the kas is back but with new rules in place. one of the rules is that there's a two-drink per hour max. the crew will be keeping count and making sure there is plenty of food onset to keep the cast from getting too drunk. warner bros., the production company, warned there would be changes after a hookup between corinne and demario. that led to a shut down in production. production resumed after an internal investigation concluded that no misconduct occurred. >> any plans to go back? >> corrine and demario did not return to "paradise" to resume filming and corinne and her legal team are moving forward.
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>> bad chad's drunken behavior got him kicked off last year, and predicted the changes after what happened last week. >> i see them probably having, like, amount of drinks per hour. i can't see them changing the way the show works but maybe an alcohol limit. >> i know you wish somebody had stepped in for you on day one. >> it would have been nice. still ahead. >> order for spider-man. >> even "spider-man" needs his coffee. we'll take you behind-the-scenes of the prank that just scared a bunch of folks in new york. and you remember these similar stunts? [ screaming ] we'll show you how they were all pulled off. then, the "bad moms" are back. >> you want to get drunk at the food court? >> yeah! >> we'll talk about the sequel that's upping the power with some naughty grandmas. >> mom? mom? >> closed captioning provided by --
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but i got help, and you can too. james: i just know i didn't want to feel that pain anymore. i got help. you can too. aj: most people think addicts are beyond help. when i see an addict, i see hope. chris christie: don't suffer. don't wait. call 844 reach nj or visit did you see this viral video prank today? a dangling cider-man scaring people at starbucks, and in the end, they laughed. >> they laughed after they freaked out. i love the reaction. this is all to promote the new "spider-man" movie, and tom holland told us about it at the new york premier. >> the baristas are real and so are all but one of the
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customers. >> i have a grande cold brew for "spider-man." [ screaming ] >> did i scare you? >> could have been right out of the movie. >> oh, hey. hi, guys. >> [ bleep ]. >> hi, how are you doing? >> what the [ bleep ]. >> that's cool. that was one of my good friends. he was in the suit, and that's an amazing video. a lot of fun. >> grande cold brew? spider-man? >> spider-man? >> thanks, guys. >> [ bleep ]. >> the location of starbucks in brooklyn, new york was retrofitted with a fake ceiling. one of the three stunt doubles is attached to a kevlar cable. with "spider-man" creator stan lee taking pictures and lowering him from the corner. >> oh my coffee. >> i jump really easily. i i would freak out a lot. >> i wanted a cold brew, everybody. is that mine? >> hello. >> hi. >> tom in costume went to a
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starbucks while shooting the film, but kept it on the d.l. with just his boots showing. this appearance by his alter-ego was in your face. >> thanks for making this. it was really quick. >> got to laugh that that is from the same marketing geniuses from a few other viral pranks. they're called fake moto. remember the devil baby attack? that has been viewed more than 54 million times, and we have insight on how they manage to scare the living daylights out of the of folks. these pranks feel so real. [ screaming ] >> it's no surprise they get a big reaction. [ screaming ] >> yes. i would be running too. james is one of the creative geniuses at the company behind these pranks that have become some of the internet's most viral moment. >> we take the element of a movie and put it in real life, and it becomes relatable.
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>> for devil baby, they rigged an animatronic baby inside a remote control carriage combining technology with art worthy of a hollywood blockbuster. in this supermarket gag, they created electronic food that comes to life and got seth rogen to help out with the voices. >> hey. you just grabbed my face. >> the funny thing about doing the viral videos is you never know how people are going to react. >> hey! >> not all of their stunts are electronic. they have provided makeup to make lifelike zombies to spring on the public. >> their most impressive scares are these eyes. >> i can do it when i want to do it. >> and the the zombie coming from the floor board. [ screaming ] >> but this coffee shop stunt for the movie, "carrie," may be
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their most elaborate. using hidden wires and electronics to give them a telekinetic right they never wanted. >> you know what? just get away from me. [ screaming ] >> you know, this year, i think they hit a milestone with more movie, "the ring." this video racked up more than 200 million views in a day. that is the most of any video in a day. coming in second, remember that lady cracking herself up with the chewbacca mask? that's number two. to bad moms. >> to bad moms. >> the movie, "bad moms" had plenty of people laughing at the box office, and hey. the producers laughed all the way to the bank because it made $183 million worldwide, and now the ladies are amping up the cray cray by bringing in more moms for the sequel, and we have your first look. >> here we go.
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>> i don't think i can do this sober. >> you guys want to get drunk at the food court? >> oh, yeah. ♪ >> it would have been so easy to do "bad moms does hawaii or" bad moms does vegas. this is just the women a year later. exactly a year later, and they are doing christmas together. >> i spend months picking out the perfect present for everyone. you know the only thing i get in return? coupons. free back rubs. >> that's not okay. >> back bad rubs. >> let's take christmas back. >> it's great because we didn't want to do the same movie again, so rather than deal with the stresses of school, it deals with stresses of the holidays, but our mothers come in town. >> mom? >> it's this added layer of not only are we overworked moms, but we're bratty children at the same time.
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>> they bring in the naugty grandmas. >> cher >> what was your reaction to cheryl? >> so perfect. i love cheryl. >> they were, like, who do you want? i was, like, baranski. >> where's your tree? >> i didn't want to waste time christmas tree shopping. i wanted to enjoy christmas this year. >> you're a mom. moms don't get joy. they give joy. that's how being a mom works. >> is that real? >> that's how it happens in real life. "a bad moms christmas" hits theaters. >> while mila was out with her daughter, wyatt. check out that hairdo. a bob. i like it. zac efron also got a new hairdo.
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welcome back, everybody. we know that hugh jackman can king because we won a tony, and zac efron set it off in "hairspray," and "high school musical." >> they are teaming up in "the greatest showman," and the full trailer comes out tomorrow. only we can show you this exclusive sneak peek. >> enjoy. good night, everybody. >> p.t. barnum at your service. we're putting together a show. >> you and zac have been posting funny stuff. >> it has been a blast. we sing and dance every day. it's one of the happiest jobs ever. >> every one of us is special, and nobody is like anyone else. that's the point of my show. >> ready? >> show time.
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"the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, demario jackson breaks his silence on the "bachelor in paradise" scandal.
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>> before either of us commented on it i was already like a rapist. >> inside his emotional new interview and how he's fighting back. >> for me, it was, again, back to the human race. like, we failed. >> then serena williams responds to john mcenroe's diss. >> if she played in the men's circuit, she would be, like, 700 in the world. is he now accepting fault? >> would you like to apologize? >> number three, who are "time magazine's" most influential people on the internet? >> katy perry has 100 million followers on twitter. >> by count down the five in friend center. >> plus, your "insider" bonus. is your favorite classic tv show coming back? >> never say never. money talks. >> we separate the rumors from the reboot. and happy anniversary, muggles. the "harry potter" books turn 20. >> you're a wizard, harry. >> so where the


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