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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  June 28, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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. at 11:00, a construction site becomes a crime scene. what workers digging in the area discovered that had them calling 911. brash behind the wheels? pennsylvania new jersey or delaware? what state has some of the rudist drivers in the nation? phone calls recorded why conversations union boss john dougherty had with mayor kenney were taped by the fbi.
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and tonight, mayor kenney is ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live spring garden with the story. >> reporter: i'm at the local 98 headquarters. members of this union and friends of john dougherty the union boss are standing by him. we found out besides mayor kenney other people received these letters. this document proves the fbi wire tapped local 98 union boss john dougherty. agents took boxes out of his south philadelphia home last august. he stood with neighbors and friends relaxed, yet curious. >> you know i've been on the scrutiny my whole life. i don't understand why. maybe it's because i win too much. >> reporter: they raided the local headquarters, dougherty has not been charged with a crime but speculation continues. >> after jim kenney and other dougherty associates say they were notified by uncle sam their calls with the union boss were indeed recorded >> i don't know how you could
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not talk to john dougherty or the majority leader council over almost two-year period and not be recordeded >> the feds are rider to send what's known as an intercept letter to anyone else who was recorded, the communications director for local 98 said he received a letter >> they can listen they want. you know what they're going to hear? they're going to about the new diversity program. they're going to her about the tens of thousands and toys and turkeys the union donates >> bobby heenan is also under investigation. they left his office with boxes of the on tuesday, he spoke to members of the building trades about a new program to employ minorities and women. >> i've been a member of the philadelphia building trades for going on 27th year. >> reporter: he did not speak to us on camera about the fbi investigation. he just said he had no comment after he left the meeting. dougherty was not available for
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comment today. i'm to hold he's taking care of his wife, who is ill. i reached out to the fbi. but standard practice for the fbi, they do not comment on active investigations. david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> thank you, david. tonight an endorsement for the district attorney, it will support beth grossman, it came after grossman and larry krasner spoke to the union's board tonight. they will face off in the general election. president trump calls republican snor republican senators to the white house. >> president trump hoping to extend a life line to the gop plan to repeal and replace obamacare pellet with republican senators at the white house tuesday afternoon >> we'll talk and see what we can do. we're getting close. but for the country, we have to
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have healthcare. and it can't be obamacare. which is melting down >> the president abruptly summoned the lawmakers after mitch mcconnell announced he's delaying a vote until after july 4th. >> we're still working towards getting at least 50 people in a comfortable place. >> reporter: mcconnell delayed a vote when it became clear there was no way the bill would pass, a growing number of republicans moderates and conservatives cannot support the draft. the gop needs 50 of 52 to pass the bill without a single democrat expected to support it >> it's difficult for me to see how any is going to satisfy my fundamental and concerns >> democrats insist they want in. >> we're will go to work with you on a bipartisan way but not if the bills core is tax cuts for the we think they didn't
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>> the nonpartisan congressional budget office projected the bill would eliminate coverage for 22 million americans, and/medicaid. the cbo warned few low income people could purchase any plan at all because of the bill's cuts to tax credits. >> after his meeting with senators, the president said everything went great and they really want to get it right. a gruesome discovery in tioga. a construction crew finds human remains, chopper 5 over the scene. a construction crew discovered the remains in a suitcase. while digging. an eight-week drug sting in chester county. dabbed operation wildfire, they say undercover officers purchased heroin, poids and other drugs in every region of chester county. one of the suspects is the father of a man who made headlines last month for an
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attack against the man with cerebral palsy. >> while his son was beating up a man with a disability, barry baker senior was selling us morphine. it's a heck of a family >> officials say the sting should send a clear message to dealers about the aggressive ness of law enforcement in combatting the opioid crisis the community is rallying to help a youth football team targeted by vandals. someone ransacked shows and stole equipment. "eyewitness news" over jack's park, $5,000 of gear was missing. blocking pads and discarded helmets were found in neighboring yards. >> there are no cameras out here. luckily, an overwhelming response from our community led us to the can recovery of some of that equipment. the police department personally is going to donate to recoup the equipment. >> volunteers who run the program for more than 150
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children and teenagers have increased security. the season starts next month. the search is on for a car burglary and van listen suspects in atlantic county. police are trying to identify this man in their car burglary investigation. the crimes happened along satellite and radar avenue, vine road and oak road. police are trying to identify a group of people in connection with vandalism at michael debbie park. one was wearing a 15 sports jersey. police call police if you have information. bar owner michael wise was back on that the washington, dc. he claimed wise, a man convicted of tax foundary showered williams with cash, plane tickets and vacations. defense attorneys say williams was simply tapping into wise's knowledge of lgbt affairs. our joel holden got a few words today. >> reporter: how is it going in there? what do you think
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>> i'm thankful for my attorneys. >> during the testimony, williams shook his head and rolled his eyes enough that he annoyed the judge. during a break, the judge lashed out at williams, warning next time he will be scolded in front of the jury. plans for bill cosby to hit the road for a new tour are on hold. one of cosby's lawyers said she can't imagine he will speak publicly while his criminal case is still unselled. cosby spoke person said the comedian planned to hold town halls across the country to teach young people how to stay out of trouble and be aware of changing sexual assault laws. a lawsuit in california against cosby is moving forward. judy huff is suing him for allegedly sexual assaulting her at the playbook mansion more than 40 years ago. when she was just 15 years old. that trial date has been set for july 30th of 2018. drug maker merck is working to get its computer network fully back online. one of 80 companies affected by
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a massive cyber attack. of it has a big presence in our region and this attack they encrypted files on a network. they're demanding money to deencrypt the information. the cyber attack started in ukraine and has spread around the world. new jersey meantime will be able to make its case for legalized sports betting before the united states supreme court. new jersey has been battling for years to make sports betting legal at its casinos and racetracks but major sports leagues sued chris christie after he signed legislation. the leagues won every case in the lower courts. the supreme court will hear the case during its next term, which begins in october. if you had to critique your driving, would you say your courteous behind the wheel? >> i'lls than later. a brand new survey ranks the stage with most polite drivers, our tri-state area is not in the top ten, and one state is considered among the rudist,
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where and why? straight ahead. a construction slowdown, some work is on pause for several projects. comfortable temperatures and humidity levels, temperatures running below average, yield a cool night. we'll talk more about that plus we'll have summertime coming up in your full eyewitness forecast after this a surprise delivery on a flight to dallas. of a new mom talks about giving birth mid flight. plus how airline is celebrating the bundle of joy. when "eyewitness news" comes back. flush on your
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. cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee, jessica dean. kate bilo, nicole brewer and don bel
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bell. millions of dollars in construction projects across the region are coming to a screeching halt. the union representing crane and other heavy equipment operators has called a strike against the general building contractors association. operating engineers local 542 says the decision to strike was the result of nearly four months of futile negotiations with the contractors association. members are asking for contract changes and no new talks are scheduled. a new list is out ranking the states when it comes to drivers and courteous they are. causing some to question if drivers are downright rude behind the wheel >> alexandria hoff talked with drivers to see if they agree with the ranking. >> reporter: according to a new study, pennsylvania drivers rank among the least courteous in the
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country. coming in 42 out of 50 >> there's no courtesy people blending together on the roads. >> reporter: this polled 2500 drivers in 50 states and based the results on answers to scenario based questions for example drivers reaction to being tailgated while merging passing on right and willingness to steel a parking spot >> everybody is just in too much of a hurry and not paying attention. >> reporter: drivers questioned operated personal not commercial vehicles >> which call four-wheelers >> and 18 wheelers had their own take >> i don't really have no problem. >> new jersey is pretty good. if you got to get over, put you your blinker on and you go over. somebody will let you in. >> in the courteous calculations, new jersey ranked 32nd and delaware 24th in the nation. but pennsylvania shouldn't get down just yet these truckers said the commonwealth is too diverse to judge all drivers and we didn't have to tell them which state was ranked at least
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courteous. >> new york is the worst. new york. number one i believe is new york. >> reporter: new york state came in 50 out of 50. what about the states with most courteous drivers? that's oregon, new mexico and number one, idaho >> i go there all the time. they're nice people. the people there are just good. >> reporter: begged one more question. >> someone being courteous driver necessarily make that may a good driver? >> no. >> regardless of location, the study concluded that drivers over 50 were overwhelmingly more courteous than their younger countertops. he was talking about courteous drivers, are they necessarily good drivers? think about the patience. someone is being super patient. there might be people them. so >> come on. yeah. >> kind of >> ok. >> ukee would never do that. ukee would never lay on the horn. >> oh, no. >> meantime to deliver her third
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child giving birth mid flight. a fellow passenger recorded the delivery, christine had in a was en route from fort lauderdale to dallas when she started having contractions. spirit airlines was promptly diverted to new orleans and a pediatric on board delivered him >> there was no time to prepare or land or do anything. he did what he wanted. we were just all along for the ride, i believe. >> today spirit airlines gave the family gifts plus a special present free flights for christopher and the guest to anywhere spirit flies on or near his birthday for the next 21 years. high praise for children's hospital of philadelphia. chop would you just named the second best children's hospital in the country by u.s. news and world report. the third straight year chop finished just behind boston's
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children's hospital. top in the specialties for diabetes and endocrinology and pulmonology. queen elizabeth is getting a pay raise from the british government. her grant was equal to $54.6 million. this year, the payment will grow by 78% to $97 million. the increase is to help cover the cost a major renovation project that buckingham palace. it needs new wiring and some new pipes. and an interior face list an iconic symbol of american independence and today looking extra sharp. take a look at this video. that's the liberty bell getting a new wax coating. every few years or so, the wax coating has to be redone to protect the metal. it can stay looking spiffy. >> and we have some weather there? >> it's been so nice. of today a beautiful day last several days, mother nature,
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thank you. yes, temperatures running below average again tomorrow, if you liked today, you're going to like wednesday as well. 80 high temperature running about six degrees below average. and was a pleasant start to the day at 61 degrees. we did start off the day very early this morning, with a round of rain and thunderstorms. we did pick up about four tinges on an of an inch of rainfall, beverly new jersey three tinges, pennsylvania quarter of an itch from morning thunderstorms before 6:00. maybe you didn't hear them rolled on through. but stormscan 3 showing us we had isolated storms develop throughout the afternoon and evening. now dealing with mostly cloudy skies across much of the area. nice and quiet as we get a live look at center city philadelphia. and feeling cool. 71 right now, bit a of breeze out of the northwest around ten miles per hour and temperatures falling back into the 60's. 66 in trenton, 65 in allentown. we're down into the 62 in
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millville and some 50's in mount pocono. with a clear skies and very dry air in place, temperatures cooling very efficiently throughout the evening hour, due points down into the 40's and 50's, very atypical for summer. nice, dry and comfortable. tomorrow morning may need the jacket, especially in the lehigh valley, berks county definitely in the poconos waking up to 48. bottom out at 59 in philadelphia and 56 overnight tonight in wilmington. a nice night. good sleeping weather, few passing clouds, nice and comfortable can leave windows open and for windows open. 81 decrease, nice breeze and low humidity. comfort index we're looking at the due points and they will natasha brown the awesome category for the day tomorrow. starting to creep up a bit into thursday, still relatively comfortable. then on friday, we're going to feel the steam factor with due points returning up into the middle 60's. feeling cool and not too summer reas we look at the due point
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temperatures but now water temperature feel a little bit more like summer, offshore of atlantic city 65. but the water into the 70's at delaware beaches. of sunshine awesome 78 degrees. beautiful day at the poke as well for a hike bright sunshine, low humidity and a high temperature at 71. future weather showing us as we head through overnight and through the day. high pressure settling in with high pressure we get sinking air, stabilized atmosphere that will yield all of that sunshine through the day and as we head to thursday in the second half, it will start to shift offshore, we're going to go see this weather system approaching as we head to friday and saturday. it is going to bring us isolated to spotty rain chances we're not going to go see a wash-out do watch out for friday when the steam factor settles back in up to 92 and steamy to kick you have the weekend with spotty storms on saturday. still in the low 90's. cold front drops in saturday night. we could see a lingering thunder
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shower sunday and improving conditions sunshine and lower humidity by sunday. maybe rain on the 4th. hopefully the forecast will change. >> thanks, lauren. >> talking about ai tonight. >> which one >> by the sixers could be cruising for with andre, not alan, find out why odubel is a little lighter in the pocket. sports coming up next.
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. done, don sports highlights growing pains for one of the phillies best. a fine from a manager is like a bee sting to an elephant especially when you have a five year deal worth 30 million. the man they call little bull going to called out. pete mackanin fined odubel herrara and tonight, he's out of the lineup in seattle.
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the phils opening a two-game series against the mariners. out to pacific northwest there. and aaron nola on the bump. here he is in the third, strikes out danny velasquez. in the third, aaron makes a mistake and he's going to pay. a two-run shot. of they're still playing in the fifth with the phils trailing 2-0 in this game. phillies prospects scott kippingerring is enjoying aaa. he opened the game with power. that's his first jack with lehigh valley and added a two-run but the aaron pig losing it took it 14-5. . rumor has it that the sixers want ai back. no not iverson. andre is a free agent after winning two titles with the warriors. spent his first eight seasons here in philadelphia as many has
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seven teams reportedly have an interest. . kansas city and detroit. salvador perez. mickey going back, track, into the wall. you know how they say taking one for the time? >> there you go. nicely done >> he took one for the team. loving the glove. >> nice catch. detroit wins 5-3. fort wayne baseball? they've got this dog. his name is jake the diamond do dog. >> sounds like a wrestling name >> what he delivers water to the players. >> nice. >> go ahead, jake. >> so sweet >> out there getting busy. >> the minors are a great time. >> it is a good time. >> this is what we'd. these are things we show you when the phils play at -- what
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time they getting started tonight? 10:10 >> jake doing his thing. >> like a wrestler. the diamond dog. that's cool. up next, the actor selling
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. baseball memorabilia from babe ruth will soon be up for grabs thanks to charlie sheen. >> the actor is selling off the 1927 world series ring and the original document that traded ruth from the boston red sox to the new york yankees. bids up to $600,000 so far and the contract is up to more than 400 grand. lauren? our comfortable stretch of weather will continue for the next several days, but just in
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