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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 28, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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when they went across her chest, it just missed it. it could have killed my child. >> a mother's anguish only eyewitness news talks to the mother of the 16 year-old girl shot several times last night attending a barbecue with her friend. also new this morning a man is struck killed while crossing the boulevard, what police say led to the fatal crash. plus this... after a push to get it done this week, a vote on the senate's drafted health care bill is delayed, i'm seth lemon on capitol hill with more on what to expect next. i'm jim donovan.
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i'm jan carabao in for rahel solomon, katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning, great to see you. happy wednesday. jimmy, always good to see you as well. >> you guys, i got to tell you , we're talking about this earlier about how we can have nice, trial roadways, sun up, beautiful conditions but right new we are slammed problems out there. >> wonder is what up give yourself extra time. we will talk about these coming up. >> i mean sun glare. >> yes. >> that is definitely a big deal, i necessity your problems started before that but in terms of the weather related issues. this is one of those if you had are lucky enough to have one take your convertible to work kind of day. >> yes. >> i'm out of here. i'm hitting the road. just don't run in the traffic, meisha. it looks like it will be a absolutely beautiful day. just take a look one shot in particular at boardwalk plaza in rehoboth. nothing but clear skies here at the moment. we don't have much wind. we have no humidity to speak
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of. storm scan empty even though is there a loop here we have to look close to find anything here because is there no cloud to even speak of to track. now our temperatures are actually off to a cool start, up in mount pocono starting off in the 40's, mid 50's, from lancaster to reading, to allentown, out to millville as well. the wildwood is cool. philadelphia is 62. when you walk out the door that does feel cool. this is a day that to me anyway it is basically perfection. sunshine, warmth, with low humidity and light breeze they are all coming together to check off boxes and we are expecting daytime high to reach 81 degrees but this area of high pressure bringing this gorgeous weather can only last so long, eventually not only does heat build but so does humidity and there will be more storms to track i will let you know when it head our way later on, meisha. >> this is what we're just talking about showing you problem spots we are seeing
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outside on the roadway so like katie said we have beautiful, weather conditions, but a lot of issues. so right now take a look, you guys, live, chopper three over an accident in new castle delaware. it happened this morning at 1:20 a.m. we have injuries here as well as a fuel spill. take a look at i-95 north. i got to tell you, guys this does not look good right now, i-95 north at 295, two left lanes are block, maybe one, kind of squeezing by, but this is not a good situation, it looks like this might be out there for quite sometime. would i say if you can avoid the area will want to do so, if you can, give yourself some extra time because as you are traveling by here you will be traveling very slow, gaper delay as well, also we are talking about that sun glare as well pack those sunglasses 95 at cottman moving southbound in particular where we are keeping our eyes, headlights in the southbound direction but that is not it, we have another accident here
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this one is involving a met or cycle in warminster, street road at park avenue tis season to start to look out for our friend on bikes. another one in north wales 202 dekalb pike at schoolhouse lanes, lanes are blocked here and more to talk about in the next 10 minutes, jim, over to you. well, new police say that a victim in the deadly accident on the boulevard was not using a crosswalk, investigators tell "eyewitness news" at 36 year-old man was hit by two vehicles near wyoming avenue in olney about 12:30. drivers of the both vehicles failed at the scene and police are interviewing eyewitnesses right now. meanwhile a 16 year-old girl remains hospitalized this morning after being shot several times in a neighborhood barbecue in southwest philadelphia. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at penn presbyterian medical center this morning where she spoke exclusively with the victim's mother, trang do? >> reporter: well, good morning, jan and jim. victim's tell me her name is diamond whittaker and she's in pain asking why she was shot,
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she was resting now in stable condition, here at penn presbyterian hospital. here's a picture of diamond that her mother gave to me. she tells me they live in johnstown pennsylvania but we are here in the city visiting family and friend. she has no idea why anyone would target her daughter as well as her young friend. but look at the video overnight from southwest philadelphia, shooting happened just after midnight on the 5900 block of springfield avenue, police say a small group of teens were hanging out on the front steps of the home when someone opened fire on them. diamond was hit in the leg, hipps, chest and both of her arms, she was only one in the group of four teens to be hit by gunfire and officers rush her to penn presbyterian hospital where she's recovering and diamond's mother towand a davis talked to me about how she was feeling right now, lets take a listen. >> i'm just hurt right now this has got to stop.
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the one that went across her chest just missed it like it could have killed my child. the whole time in the back of the cop car she thought that she was going to die. >> reporter: police do not yet have a description of the shooter but they are hoping surveillance cameras will help them id the suspect. meanwhile diamond is slated for surgery later today but for now we are live outside penn presbyterian hospital i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", jan and jim back to you in other news this morning woman brutally murdered behind a school in north philadelphia will be remember during a vigil tonight. family and friend will gather at dobbins high school at 21st and lehigh avenue to remember deborah gulliver at 5:00 p.m. as she was walking home early saturday morning when vicious lay tack in rayburn park. police say the three-year old was stabbed 12 times, a $20,000 reward is available to help find her killer.
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police in paterson, new jersey are searching for a suspect who stole a street sweeper there just before 2:00 r was changing a garbage bag. suspect went on a joy ride crashing into several cars before running away, worker was not injured but there is extensive damage to those park cars. fbi has been secretly recording phone conversations of top fail officials, including mayor jim kenney. this is the wiretap notice, officials received from the federal government, the recordings part of the fbi probe into john dock hurt, head of the local 98. last august agents raided dougherty's home in south philadelphia, and they also went to union headquarters on spring garden street. "eyewitness news" caught up with the mayor. >> i don't know how you could not talk to john dougherty or majority leader of council over a two year period and not be recorded. maybe i was profane here are there but nothing i'm worried about from a legal perspective >> philadelphia city councilman bobby henon is also under fbi investigation and
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declined to comment about the probe on camera. we are hearing from philadelphia district attorney seth williams this morning as we begin day seven of his federal corruption trial. prosecutors say williams received cash, plane tickets, and vacation from his michael wise, a bar owner, once convicted of tax fraud. they say items were in exchange for williams helping wise rebuild his reputation. d.a. denies any wrongdoing and responded to our joe holden outside the federal courthouse on wednesday. >> how is it going in there? what do you think. >> very thankful for my attorneys. >> reporter: thankful for your attorneys. >> yes. >> during wise's testimony williams shook his head and rolled his eye so often he annoyed the judge. during a break judge warned him next time he would be scolded in front of the jury. republican candidates to replace williams as philadelphia's d.a. is getting endorsement of the fraternal order of police. f. op endorsed bet grossman after board met with grossman and democratic candidate larry krasner. grossman and krasner will face
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off in this november's general election. support for the health care bill within the g.o.p. continues to crumble forcing senate republicans to take a step back and regroup. here's seth lemon with the latest from washington. >> we have a good chance getting there it will just take us longer. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell optimistic health care bill will eventually pass. though earlier in the day he said there would not be a vote before the fourth of july add he had hoped. >> we will not be on the bill this week but we are still working toward getting, at lee 50 people and a comfortable place. >> reporter: president trump held a meeting tuesday with republican senators, hoping to help hit that magic number of 50 votes needed. >> we have really no choice but to solve this situation, obama carries a total disaster it is melting down as we speak >> reporter: among biggest sticking points for opponents on both side reduced support for medicaid and planned parenthood, another concern congressional budget office
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report that projections 22 million more americans would find themselves uninsured by 2026. >> it is hard for me to see how the president and his team are going to come up with a bill that can gather enough republican support report if our republican collogues stick to this base bill we will fight the bill tooth and nail and we have a darn good chance of defeating it. >> reporter: g.o.p. leaders end up rewriting the bill that would need to be reevaluated by cbo a process that could take several weeks. seth lemon for cbs news, capitol hill. president trump hold his first campaign fundraiser for 2020 tonight. event takes place at president 's own washington hotel, so far, the president has spent five evenings, at campaign style rallies since being elected. he has drawn audiences in the thousands. president trump has raised more than seven million-dollar during the first three months of the year. well, coming up later the
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sign's tack that shut down co around the world, including hospitals in pennsylvania. >> but first a growing number of bears in our region are suffering from mange and wild life officials say is there one thing we can all do to help stop it. making magic season for masters of the illusion premiers this week on our sister station cw philly and we have one of the talented musicianness our studio, ready to show us some tricks. >> ♪ who are the most rude drivers in the america. we will look at which state in our region ace monk the war offenders. >> i have a guess? guesses ready. we will tell you coming ♪ pro-tip. get these great smoked ribs. twenty minutes on the grill, they're done. you think he cares if i smoke ribs for six hours?
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folks in connecticut are in for much better weather today after severe storms, rumbled through the state yesterday. >> cell phone video captured heavy rain, gusty wind and hail pounding a home in the eastern part of the state. this storm started moving across that state around 2:00 yesterday afternoon and then stuck around, well into the evening. so wild weather there. no wild weather for us hopefully, katie. >> not today. >> good. >> even looking ahead i don't see anything major on the horizon right now so that is always a good thing.
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>> high pressure really hooking us up but same storm that brought in early yesterday morning long before the sun came up, heavy thunderstorms that rumbled through, here's storm system responsible for it and bring in heavy thunderstorms through new england that we just saw video of. we did get a glancing blow to help that happen overnight because we didn't have heating of the day and strong thunderstorms going. even still all that has now swept away, left behind high pressure and it is completely clear in this entire zone courtesy of it. there is a new system getting its act together well off to the west bringing us heavy thunderstorms and rain across high planes and central plains but once this gets to us it is a weak cold front passage that will take place but does bring in potential for wet weather in to the holiday weekend. wait for it, lets talk about dew points and how comfortable it will feel over next few days. for now it doesn't get better then this, just down right awesome how comfortable that air mass is. it starts to creep up tomorrow
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but still wouldn't call tomorrow humid, by the time we hit friday different story. things start to get steamy as humidity build, high pressuree , drawing in southeasterly wind flow bringing in that warmth and more moisture laden air mass and heat up. eighty-one is current high expected high, for today which is shy of what is average. so it is nice, just gorgeous throughout the afternoon with that sunshine staying clear, tranquil, down to 64. looking forward here what he get back in the lower 90's for friday, saturday, sunday. i'm thinking saturday late day into early sunday is your best chance to trigger showers and thunderstorms. by monday, maybe still a spotty shower or storm but at this point i don't think there is any need to cancel any picnic plans. >> make people happy. thanks very much. good morning, to you, looking outside right now, despite the fact that we have gorgeous weather out there we have problems, we have got live chopper three of an overturned tractor trailer new
6:18 am
castle delaware, so this happened around 1:20 a.m., it does have injury and fuel spill 95 northbound at 295, so the ramp from 95 south to 295 south is also closed, one lane is squeezing by, one. we have gaper delay. take a look at these backups, starting to form. this is a wide shot from live chopper three over where that accident is, obviously overturn tractor this will give you the most broad view of what is going on in that area. avoid it. one lane gets by it doesn't mather with this many vehicles all waiting to condense down to one lane and try to travel than by where that overturned tractor trailer is, it will take you a long time. look at this dead stop as approach that. this is backup there extending all the way back probably further then churchman's road at this point. just a head up. plus we are talking about another accident on the vine westbound before the schuylkill pulled off to the right, you can see cars going
6:19 am
by we will talk about even more, problems, out there coming up in the next 10 minutes, jan, over to you. prince philip made his first public appearance since being discharged from a london hospital, duke of he had even berg was released from the hospital last thursday and yesterday he attended a funeral. according to royal officials the 96 year-old was admitted to the hospital as a precaution. he felt will an infection related to an existing health condition. prince charles visited a relief center set up to those affected by grenfell tower fire. he met with survivors, community and charity volunteers near fire site in west london. according to reports charles, who is president of the british red cross, made donation of an undisclosed amount of money to the relief effort. the devastation of that fire has left at lee 79 people dead game commission officers in central par asking people to stop feeding bears. officials say that feeding the bears can cause mange a
6:20 am
sometimes fatal skin infection , itchy conditions that is spread ago monk bear population. several have died from severe cases cause by mites. >> small little insect that gets in and gets underneath the skin of the animal. >> we cannot have bird feeders , you have to take your garbage in at night or put it in the dumpster. >> wild life experts say drawing several animals to within place could spread that skin infection. a new list is outranking states when it comes to drivers and how courteous they are. >> drivers in pennsylvania you may be surprised didn't do so well, according to a survey by cars for kid. the commonwealth ace monk the 10 least courteous states. ranking based on drivers answers to questions like tailgating and signaling. drivers we have talked with weren't surprised by the result. >> everybody is in just too much of the hurry and in the paying attention. >> new jersey, delaware, i don't really november problem. >> you got to get over and you
6:21 am
go over, somebody will let you in. >> you have to put the blinker on. >> drivers in delaware came in 24th followed by new jersey at 32nd. i'm surprised i thought new jersey would be high. on new york came in dead last at 50. guess which state had most courteous drivers. >> idaho. >> you saw it in the prompter. >> maybe i did, maybe i didn't >> somewhere in the midwest. >> but i will say there is no where in idaho so everyone, taking their own sweet time. >> move your tractor, bob. >> i will this as a reminder no matter how angry we get on the road, it never helps you. >> no. >> that is right. >> i'm like a 90 year-old man go ahead i'm in no rush. best children's hospital in the nation find out where chop falls on the list. >> take a look at this really fake news we will look at fake time magazine with president trump on the cover, that hangs in his golf club.
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now for a lot newspaper headlines. >> burlington county times homeless population in burlington county is low necessary five years n january the count stood at 604 people, according to monarch house ago associates a non-profit group. overall homeless population in the county fell by 35 percent from last year. news journal of the delaware state senate hassed a bill yesterday that would require public research facilities to offer up for adoption retired cats and dogs considered healthy instead of out nicing them. senator jack walsh said it offered a humane solution to animals who give a long life of sacrifice in the name of research. in the courier post evesham township officials plan to preserve iconic glowing signs from olga's diner. workers rescued it during
6:26 am
demolition of the long vacant restaurant. diner at route 70, 73 was a land mark for decade. sign is awaiting restoration funded by charitable donations >> that is a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, high praise for the children's hospital of philadelphia. >> chop was just named second best children's hospital in the entire country by u.s. news and world reports. it is third straight year chop was finished just behind boston children's hospital, chop was tops in the specialty for diabetes and endocrinology and pulmonology. well, coming up revolutionary new way to get vaccinated. >> and a disturbing discover are the a a north philadelphia construction site what workers found there digging up an empty lot, plus this. a global sign's tack paralyzees banks, government offices and hospitals around the world, i'm hanna daniels in new york with more on how you can protect your computer. and a very good morning to all of you, grab your coffee and pack your patients this is
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beautiful, but we have problem areas out there to discuss. we will have updates coming up but first we will take a quick break. stay right where you are. when i was three. ever since, it's been my passion. going somewhere like the juilliard school
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good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm jan carabao, rahel's off today. it is 6:30. here's what you need to necessity to start dare in the morning minute on june 28th, 2017. >> she thought she would die. >> sixteen year-old girl is recovering this morning after she was shot several times at a neighborhood barbecue. >> i just spoke to the victim 's mother and she said her daughter is in pain but she's resting now in stable condition. >> this is not looking good right now 95 north at 295. >> this is not a good situation. >> police say victim in the
6:31 am
deadly accident on the boulevard was in the using a crosswalk, and investigators tell "eyewitness news" that the 36 year-old man was hit by two vehicles. after a push to get it done this week a vote on the senate draft health care bill is delayed. >> i think we have a good chance of getting there it will just take us a little bit longer. >> phillies bats erupting, finally. >> miguel franco, broke a two- two tie with the solo home run with aaronal tear he also had a home run, team leading 13th of the year, phillies win eight-two. if you stayed up to watch phillies you may be a little tired but at lee they got a win. >> and that is right. katie's our weather is a winter day. >> it looks fantastic day with clear skies, light wind, low humidity, all those boxes check off and sunshine to go witt. it is cool outside right now, i have to be on necessary to late june, that is not what we
6:32 am
would typically expect, right. storm scan is empty, staying nice and clear, our current temperatures are in the lower 60's at best, or even, depending where you are the 40 's. look at mount pocono 47 is what you have right now, mid 50's around the rest of the region. that is the normal for the region as a whole, as the day progresses we are expect ago this high to reach 81 in philadelphia full sunshine, again, light wind, it looks like a beautiful beach day as well, up in the mountains we will hit 71 degrees but with that nice, bright sunshine to go witt. as we move forward eventually the heat and humidity will to have return, and you can do that in the summertime and we will track some showers and thunderstorms that fire up toward the weekend as well. since it is the holiday weekend coming up the timing on that may be pretty crucial to many of you since we have picnic plans and just fire works plans that kind of thing so later in the broadcast we will talk more about that, reason that the storms where
6:33 am
to ignite and timing that we are thinking will see with all of them, meisha, back to you. so once again beautiful day on tap but i have to tell you right new we are riddled with problems as we have live chopper three over an overturned tractor trailer, new castle delaware, it happened around 1:20 with injuries and a fuel spill, clean up is obviously underway , tractor trailer, i-95 north bound at 295. ramp from i-95 south to 295 south is also closed but i want to pull your attention to taking a lot these backups. so all of these vehicles will be condensed down to one drivable lane as you travel on past this. this will be a significant delay, they are not own moving they are at a complete stand still at this point. they were extending back to church man's road and backups are extending further at this point. as we approach 6:45 mark in the next 15 minutes or so i would say it will cost you an extra hour or two hours. would i avoid it at all cost, if you can't factor in a lot
6:34 am
of extra time. thinks where we did have an accident out there on the vine westbound near ben franklin parkway, in the quite sure if it is still out there, hard to see, either way give yourself a couple extra minutes traveling past that. we are also looking at an accident that happened earlier this morning in mass transit 11:20 p.m., amtrak train hit and killed two people, investigations underway. heading toward baltimore, d.c. expect delays, cancellations make sure to check your schedules on line more to come , jan, back over to you. a 16 year-old is recovering this morning after a gunman opened fire at a neighborhood barbecue overnight in southwest philadelphia police say victim diamond whittaker was with the group of friend on the front porch of the home on the 5900 block of springfield avenue when she was shot several times just after midnight. we are told diamond and her mother were in town to visit family and friend but were from johnstown pennsylvania. police have made no arrests. construction crew makes a
6:35 am
gruesome discovery in the nicetown tioga area where they dig up human remains. chopper three was overhead demolition crews have been working in an empty lot in the 1700 block of west atlantic street where workers found some bones last week but initially they thought they were animal bones. well, yesterday one of the crews supervisor took a close lear ordered work tours stop digging and then called police >> you could clearly see a skull, feet, a jaw rip cage, spine and a pelvis and arm and leg bones. it appeared that the skeletal remains were almost completely intact. >> detectives are now working to identify the remains, and come up with a cause of death. eight week drug sting operation in chester county dubbed operation wild fire results in 46 arrests, monk those arrested father of the man accused of soccer punching a man about cerebral palsy last month, over two months authorities say under cover
6:36 am
officers purchased heroin, opioids and other drugs from the alleged deal ertz, officials believe, most of the drugs seized are laced with a deadly chemical fentanyl. >> well, while his son was beating up a man with a disability, barry baker, senior was selling us morphine heck of a family. >> now the county is still working to quantify exactly how many pound of drugs were taken off the streets, officials say that the crackdown should send a message about the aggressive ness of law enforcement in combating the opioid crisis. in other news plans to for bill cosby to travel country hosting town halls about the american judicial system are on hold. one of the cosby's lawyers say she can't imagine the comedian speaking publicly while his criminal case remains un settled. in the meantime a civil lawsuit in california against cosby is going forward. judy huff is suing cosby for allegedly sexually assaulting her at the playboy mansion
6:37 am
more than 40 years ago when she was just 15 years old. child date has been set for jewel 30th of 2018. family of the mother killed when a new jersey transit train slammed into a station in hoboken last year has filed a wrongful death suit. the 34 year-old victim had just dropped off her daughter at day care and was standing on the platform, when we -- she was hit by debris. more than 100 others were injured in that crash last september and investigators say train was going twice the speed limit when it crashed and later revealed the train's engineers suffered from un diagnosed, sleep apnea. mystery remains this morning on hoist behind the crippling sign's tack that spread from europe to the you had, correspondent hanna daniels has latest on the attack that locked computers around the world and what you need to do to protect your files. >> reporter: across europe banks, airports, hospitals and even grocery stores where customers were left with no way to pay are trying to
6:38 am
recover from yesterday's massive, ransom wear out break >> effectively what has happened is somebody is using a very old exploit to attack it systems. >> reporter: tuesday's sign's tack hit the ukraine first, where government officials were reporting a serious intrusion of the power grid, as well as a chernoble nuclear power plant where radiation monitoring had to be carried out manually, the malicious data scrambling software jump topped russia and then went viral reaching u.s. where drug maker merck and food brand oreo and nabisco were affected hackers used a dubbed that locked computers and demanded a rannism of $300 in bitcoins in order for users to get their files back. >> encrypting every single file, it is encrypting the master record that tells you where your files are kept and just as devastating. >> reporter: cyber security experts predict these attacks
6:39 am
will grow, but there are precautions. >> you patch your systems properly, you keep them updated and that will really rule out a lot of these exploits that have taken place >> reporter: u.s. department of home land security says it is monitoring the ransom wear attack, hanna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, millions of dollars of construction project in the area have been put on hold as crane workers go on strike. operating engineering local 54 to second represents crane and heavy quip. operators. they are asking for contract changes. they are strike ago begins general building contractors association. meanwhile the president of the contractors association says they propose aid deal to keep people working but they say they are waiting to hear back from the union. the state of new jersey will be able to make its case for legalized sports bet nothing front of the u.s. supreme court this fall. new jersey has been trying for years to make sports betting legal as casinos and race tracks but major sports league sued governor christie after
6:40 am
he sign the legislation. sports leagues want every case in the lower court, supreme court will hear the case during its next term which begins in october. well, still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning sparks went flying and smoke filled subway cars after a train derails and slammed in the wall in new york city, find out what went wrong. plus this time magazine with president trump on the cover is fake but it is hanging at his golf course. hear what the magazine is saying about this fake news. pat. is what real, incredible talent on the masters of illusion, back for a fourth season on friday and one of those talented illusion is in eric jones is here to show us how it is done, see if i rhea peer when we come back because now you see me, now you don't.
6:41 am
>> where did he go how does that happen the stuff you see on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> got to tune n
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you may not know this but we saw our latest, sunset of the summer, last night. sun will now set earlier each night, as summer nights get a tiny bit shorter. >> making it easier for to us fall asleep. >> yes, at 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon. landing on the cover of the time magazine is an impressive accomplishment, president trump has a cover featuring him hanging at four of his golf course is. >> only problem is the cover is a fake. >> here it is, cover features headlines like at pren advertise is a smash television smash and trump is hitting on all fronts even tv, this is dated back to march 1st of 2009.
6:45 am
>> but there was no magazine issued on that date and time magazine confirmed this is a fake. >> oh, no. >> several signs on the phony cover that give it away. >> design is all wrong if you know time magazine design you can tell, the border, placement of the head lines. >> controversy here. >> time magazine says it asked trump organization to remove the fake cover from the golf course is, and white house official says that they cannot comment on trump golf club decor. >> pictures of myself all over my house too. >> well, you can go, i think great adventure i got my face on magazine you take a picture , 15 bucks i'm sure he paid 15 bucks whoever did those pictures. >> crazy times. >> yes. >> you my friend are fascinating, you know, but there is something, bizarre and amaze to go learn about
6:46 am
jim donovan, on the daily basis. >> like a freak show. >> i wouldn't say that. >> lets take a look at eyewitness weather watchers they are reporting cool air, we are currently finding temperatures in the lower 50's through the suburbs like central, new jersey. handful of these, fine find the won, 58 degrees from phil, lots of sunshine for him and he echoes that in his comment, another perfect day for us with that light wind, low humidity. lets take it off to the south here where jerry aubrey checks in with 54 degrees and love his comment channeling musical theater, oh, what a beautiful morning beautiful day does anybody know musical in the room. anyone, anyone. >> oklahoma. >> yes. >> okay, i knew he would know that. >> oklahoma where the win coming sweeping down the plane i'm sure. lets get to the weather. nice clear skies on storm scan three it will stay that way with sinking air courtesy of high pressure that wind light,
6:47 am
humidity low, temperature not all that steamy up to 81 degrees and then low 90's for three straight days starting on friday lasting through sunday, spotty shower or thunderstorm late day saturday into sunday. >> thank you so much for that beautiful outside as katie just pointed out but my good ness do we have problem spots out there so if you are in delaware head up, live chopper three over an overturned tractor trailer in delaware, it happened earlier this morning with injuries and a fuel spill 95 north bound at 295 ramp from 95 south to 295 south also closed, backup extending past route one now so it is one drivable lane as you travel on past this. crews out there there is a fuel spill with injuries. it will be out there for a while. we will have a gaper delay as you get in there. but when we pull out wide from that chopper you can see how extensive those backups were. usually i would say give yourself an extra 45 minutes to an hour, it is much more than that so avoid the area at
6:48 am
all cost. another accident nearby ben franklin parkway you can see crews getting a gaper delay but overall we are looking okay. tacony palmyra bridge went up at 6:40, it is back down now. earlier we were talking about an accident mass transit that happened around 11:20 p.m. last night, amtrak train hit and killed, two people, investigations are underway right now, heading toward baltimore or d.c., you can expect delays and cancellations just make sure to check these schedules, on line, back over to you. >> thanks, meisha. are you ready to be wowed by some amazing imagine thick friday on the cw philly, fourth season of masters of the illusion kicks off, hosted by dean kaine, new season will feature 36 of the world's greatest magicians, one of them is with our own pat gallen here in the studio, good morning again, pat. >> i'm here with one of those masters his name is eric jones and starring in season four. >> good morning my friend. >> how are you. >> doing well.
6:49 am
>> tell us about masters of illusion what will see or what won't we see that is most important part, masters have illusion, season 436 magicians from all over the world and extremely diverse cast, 13 episode, it is just going to be pan men yum. >> what sit like working with those talented people. >> it is incredible. we have different cultures that come together to film magic, close up magic, and really interactive magic, stage, close-up like stuff that i specialize in. it is fun. >> you are not from philadelphia but you recently lived here for quite a few years. >> what do you think of philadelphia. >> i love philadelphia, i'm from virginia, moved to philadelphia was here for several years in the manayunk area, yes, sit of brotherly love and sisterly affection. i love food, people. >> manayunk in the wintertime. >> no, no. not at all. >> not at all. >> i didn't think so. >> talk about being a magician how long have you done it and when did you start feeling comfortable enough to do tonight front of the other
6:50 am
people and in front of the camera. >> i started doing magic, right out of college, really, and been doing it almost professionally for well over 10 years. truth of the matter is i have been really comfortable in front of the camera and in front of the people. it was just a natural progression for me. >> can you show us a little something while we have you this morning. >> i'll think bit. >> you will, sure. >> something really simple, with a, pack have playing card liberty have removing a few cars, and spades, hearts, diamond. i will leave here for just a moment. >> all right. >> do me a favor and touch any card thaw want. >> okay. >> any card you like. >> pull it out, show it to the camera. >> show it to the camera. >> where are we. >> excellent. >> all i need to you do is remember this card. >> it is not a card tricks where i will find it but keep your eye on it and the two black kings, watch that eight
6:51 am
as i isolate it between the two black kings, leave these here, two right kings we will place these here, and right here. >> perfect. >> again all you have to does keep your eyes on that eight and watch as it jumps from here to there as it if by magic you dent mine pull these two card out spread them and note that is there is one card in between and there is it. >> it is the card that i pick. >> this friday june 30th see masters of illusion on the cw philly. this is eric jones. you are the man. >> thanks so much for having me. >> jim and jan back over to you. >> i'm impressed. >> 6:51. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie rose joins us live from new york with the preview , good morning, charlie >> good morning, jan and jim. we will talk to republican senator and m.d. rand paul about his opposition to the senate health care bill and plan. former home land security advisor fran towns hand event
6:52 am
on the former global attack and what need to be done to protect the u.s. against hackers. nationwide obesity epidemic new includes our pets , how to make sure your dog or cat isn't packing on too many pound. all that plus eye opener, your world in 902nd we will see new seven. >> see new eight minutes. >> on the healthwatch a revolutionary new way to get vaccinated, this adhesive bandage is covered with need also that dissolve in the skin in minutes. researchers used it as a flu vaccine and found it what's effective as traditional shot. well, human error is blamed for a terrifying subway derailment in new york city. >> engineers working around the clock to restore full service, nearly 40 people were hurt when two subways cars jumped the track in harlem yesterday morning, transit officials say improperly secured rail caused the derailment. >> it start just banging against the walls of the tunnel going up and dunn like a runaway coaster.
6:53 am
>> everyone injured, including a babe write treated for minor injuries. another terrifying crash, involving a car and a transit bus in detroit. amazingly everyone survived the crash. it happened last month but authorities just released video, they blame a teenage driver for speeding, through a stop sign. >> wow, incredible. anticipation is high for apple's upgrade to the new i phone eight. >> people could set another record this fall, with apple purchases, experts say that sales of the iphone eight are likely to top, get this 240 million phones in its first year. apple hasn't made any significant changes to the i phone in three years but new model is expected to upgrade siri and other include wrinkles. chances are good you are one of the facebook's 2 billion monthly users. ceo mark zuckerberg says social melt york reached the milestone earlier this month.
6:54 am
he also says facebook is making progress on its goal to go beyond connecting people on line, zuckerberg says cot's new mission toys give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. well, stay with us we will be closer together as always we will be right back.
6:55 am
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here's three to go. testimony continues today in the federal corruption trial of philadelphia district attorney seth williams. >> vigil taking place tonight in memory of deborah gulliver, walking home saturday morning when she was stabbed to death in ray burn park a $20,000 reward is offered in the case. forty-nine cadets are graduating from the municipal police academy in montgomery county and shown taking place tonight at 7:00, congratulations. >> let get a last check of weather and traffic. >> it is a stunner of the day, looking beautiful, nothing but blue skies, sunshine as far as eye can see, cool to start off but lets look at the seven day forecast so you can process it , holiday weekend coming up, some are lucky and have five days off from friday through tuesday and it looks like you will be hot. watch out for scattered showers, storms late saturday and sunday morning. we have an overturned
6:59 am
tractor trailer new castle delaware, it happened with injuries with fuel spill. one drivable lane is getting by 95 north at 295 plus ramp from 95 south to 295 south is also closed. backups are extending pennsylvania route one at this point just call your attention quickly to a crash that happened earlier on mass transit, amtrak suspended between philadelphia and d.c., plus we have an accident involving a motor psyched until warminster street road at park avenue, make sure to check those mass transit schedules on line. >> thanks, meisha. next up a mother whose two-year old son needed heart surgery weighs in on the health care battle and takes her message to congress. >> ren to join us each and every weekday morning on cbs-3 at 4:30 have a great day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, june 28th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump tells republican senators if they do not pass a health care bill, whoenlt like it. but senate leaders have put a hold on voting until after the fourth of july break. a cyber attack targets businesses and governments for a second day. plus a investigation of school bus safety finds on average at least one driver is arrested every week, and school districts are exempt from many safety rules. >> why do we require drivers to be safer to drive lettuce to stores than to drive our children to


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