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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 28, 2017 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, june 28th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump tells republican senators if they do not pass a health care bill, whoenlt like it. but senate leaders have put a hold on voting until after the fourth of july break. a cyber attack targets businesses and governments for a second day. plus a investigation of school bus safety finds on average at least one driver is arrested every week, and school districts are exempt from many safety rules. >> why do we require drivers to be safer to drive lettuce to stores than to drive our children to school.
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a nationwide obesity epidemic now includes our pets. how to make sure yours isn't packing on too many pounds. >> wibut we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> we have to have health care. >> the senate delays a vote on health care. >> this was mitch mcconnell's nightmare. it's like a rotting fish. the longer it's out there, the more it's going to stink. >> someone put out it's like a kidney stone. we just have to pass it. it shouldn't be a kidney stone. a damaging cyber attack crippled computers across the globe. >> for the moment there is no kill switch and that's what really worries people. a violent night in venezuela. police are calling it a terror attack. three chicago police officers were indicted on felony charges tuesday accused of
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covering up the facts behind a fatal police shooting on a black teen in 2014. several wildfires are spreading across the western and parts of the southern u.s. >> the flames are getting really, really close. >> in new york city, a subway train derailment causing an evacuation. >> while making a stop, a deputy dport to stop his own car. >> all that -- >> a british man didn't let a little old thing like getting hit by a bus stop him from getting to pub. you need a drink after something like that, right? >> here we go. >> -- and all that matters. >> president trump appears to have been caught awkwardly flirting with an irish reporter. >> katrina perry, she has a nice smile on her face. >> a little bit. >> yeah. >> he's got all the moves. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> this could do it. on the ground to second.
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and they get their first college world series championship and they dogpile at the mound. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" brought to you by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." a senate vote on the republican party's signature health care legislation is on hold. gop leaders are now regrouping after the vote was delayed until at least the middle of july. >> president trump is pushing gop senators to, quote, do something very, very important for the people of our country. he brought them to the white house yesterday to try to bridge republican differences. margaret brennan is at the white house with the administration's efforts to try to close the deal. margaret, good morning. >> good morning. president trump considers himself a closer, but his deal making has been ineffective in the senate where republican leaders vowed to pressure from
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within their own party and postponed a health care vote until sometime after the july 4th recess. >> so we're going to talk and see what we can do. >> president trump summoned all republican senators to the white house for an emergency meeting tuesday after party leaders postponed the health care vote due to lack of support. >> this will be great if we get it done. and if we don't get it done, it's just going to be something we're not going to like and that's okay and i understand that very well. >> some senators arrived back to capitol hill optimiss tim they will find a path to passage. others are less competent. >> this president is the first president in our history who has had neither political or military experience, and that's -- it has been a challenge to him to learn how to interact with congress. >> mr. trump downplayed their dissent in a twitter post saying
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that republicans are working hard and really want to get it right, but his aides worked furiously to turn the tide. vice president pence, a former congressman, lobbied the entire republican caucus at their weekly lunch while white house chief of staff reince priebus and press secretary sean spicer worked capitol hill. >> i think we have a really good chance of getting there. it will take us a little bit longer. >> senate majority leader misch mcconnell must work hard to resolve his party's concerns. >> my suspicion is that nene gauche yags with the democrats would include none of the reforms that we would like to make. >> now during yesterday's white house meeting a number of republican senators complained about president trump's supporters running attack ads against wunl of their own, a pro-trump political action committee has been running this ad against nevada senator dean
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heller after he opposed it. he complained personally about the ads and shortly after the meeting the group agreed they would stop running them. gayle? >> thank you very much, margaret. let's go to nancy cordes. she's on capitol hill keeping track of why some republicans oppose the senate bill. good morning. >> good morning. there are a variety of major changes that they want and there are major concerns that have to be addressed because there are now at least 12 republican senators who say they cannot support this bill in its current form. you have some, for example, like ohio's rob portman and west virginia's shelley moore. and then there are several conservatives who say they need to eliminate more of obamacare's insurance regulations in order to bring down premiums. and then you have maine's susan colins and alaska's lisa
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murkowski who want funded planned parenthood restored. among that they say the cuts to medicaid in this bill are just too deep, gayle, and are going to leave too many vulnerable americans in the lurch. >> nancy, i remember when it was just three senators opposed. now it's up to 2. what do senate leaders now need to do to get everybody on board? >> they say they're going spend the next couple of days working to cobble together some changes, some kind of kproem miez that everyone can live with. they're hoping they can do that by friday, but then even if they do achieve that, they're going have to rewrite the bill and have it reanalyzed by the congressional budget office, which is something, gayle, they were hoping to avoid because it could take several weeks. >> i know they wanted to get this vote done before the july 4th recess, nancy, so are they likely to face angry constituents back home? >> absolutely. you have a lot of protest groups that have been planning for this recess and will be demonstrating outside town halls, but the
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reality is that these senators were already getting an earful. they were getting phone calls, they were getting e-mails, and that was part of the reason you saw so many of these gop senators come out in opposition to their own party's bill and say let's slow down, let's go back to the drawing board. we have concerns but we think they can be addressed. so the bill is on life support but certainly not dead. >> all right, nancy. thank you so much. in the next hour we'll talk with one of the republican critics. senator rand paul will join us next. that's here on "cbs this morning." a global cyber attack attacked several computers in the united states and europe. they told users to pay a $300 ransom to return access. it was the power grid, government offices, banks, and grocery stores were all impacted. >> the cyber attack attacked
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several companies and also infected a pennsylvania health care system. fran townsend was a homeland security adviser for president george w. bush. good morning, fran. >> good morning, charlie. >> how sophisticated is this and where did it come from? >> we're not sure where it came from. the attacks started in ukraine, so we know russia has been sort of behind these attacks against ukraine, but i don't think anybody really knows, charlie. you recall the wanna cry cyber attack. this sort of takes that to the next level. that was stopped because they found the kill switch. they haven't found a kill switch yet. once this is out in your system, it sort of propagates itself without direct commands from the hackers, so it is pervasive and it is sort of difficult to deal with once it's been launched. >> now we keep hearing that this hacking attack was used by
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something that was created by the nsa. so what is the responsibility of the nsa to protect us and how do we protect ourselves? >> this is, gayle, the big debate. no one from nsa has confirmed it comes from the blue exploit which was an nsa tool. what we see is a wanna cry on that and now this pet leah attack. when a government creates an exploit and lets it loose in the world weather intentionally or not, it investigated added to and turned around like a boomerang and comes back to you. americans are saying, wait a minute. my tax funds helped develop these tools. don't you have an obligation to protect me. the intelligence community struggles. they go out to use these against foreign intelligence targets, but what is their obligation against the american people. >> will the companies pay the ransom? >> it's interesting, fran.
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all of these ran somes seem to compaq to the same bitcoin address. i think individuals certainly will and the question is really your right to be asking, the companies, i tell you they lose money every day they don't have access to these hard drives, so you w f they worry they will. >> this is the second attack in recent time. what is the worry in the united states? >> microsoft did what you would expect a responsible company to do. they put patches out there. these are patches to cover the vulnerabilities of microsoft 7 and 10 which pet leah takes advance of. sit properly installed? and what we're finding is some didn't install it at all, some didn't install it completely. >> there you go. fran townsend. thank you so much. an entire town is under
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evacuation orders this morning. the town of mayer is in the path of the quickly moving goodwin fire. it grew to 15,000 acres. it is 107b8% contained. the fire is just one of about 50 that is burning across the southwest. temperatures are expected to top 100 degrees today in parts of arizona, california, and nevada. three chicago police officers are charged in an alleged coverup in the deadly shooting of black teenager. david marsh, joseph walsh, and thomas gaffney were indicted on charges yesterday that they all conspired to lie about the actions regarding officer jason van dyke. he was accused of sitting and killing laquan mcdonald in 2014. good morning. >> according to court documents that are accused of not only protecting each other but also their fellow officer who shot
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mcdonald. police dash cam video from 2014 captures 17-year-old laquan mcdonald walking away from chicago police as he carries a knife ins he right hand. he's then shot 16 times by officer jason van dyke and police reports that followed, reports show he shot mcdonald and he shot him again while he was attempting to get up. on tuesday judge patricia brown holmes announced the charges. >> these convenients are about what occurred during an officer-involved shooting in order to protect investigators from learning the truth. >> hi're each charged with felony accounts of conspiracy. >> wheel they're sworn to observe and protect as well as
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uphold the law, they're not bove the law. >> reporter: in a statement the superintendent said the police department is fully cooperating and including training to prevent an incident like this from happening again. following the video's release in 2015, thousands demonstrated across chicago. the city's superintendent was fire and in january a federal investigation concluded the department engaged in the pattern or practice of excessive force. the union for chicago police say they do not comment on the allegations. marsh and walsh no longer work with the chicago police department. van dyke has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and is awaiting trial. charlie? >> thank you, demarco. russia's prime minister is warning the united states about taking military attack against
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syria over possible plans for an attack. in eastern syria a cbs news crew joined the american troops working to make the villages safe. it's intense fig. holly williams is in cabana, syria, just north of the group's stronghold. food morning. >> reporter: good morning. officially there are about 500 troops here in syria against isis, thole the real number is thought to be much higher. yesterday we met some of them 12 miles north of raqqah, the so-called isis capital. these marines and army engineers have spent three days camped in the deserdesert, replacing a cad bridge destroyed when isis fled two years ago.
7:16 am
they vowed when they left they would haunt the place for another 70 years. perhaps what they meant were the deadly mines they planted around the village. the captain said his team is now working with the villages to clear the area. >> some that are out in the village that are visible, they'll point them out to us as we go by, and if we're going by and we see them, we'll help dispose of them. >> reporter: just minutes later a truck hit a mine less than a mile away. and the marines raced off to investigate. the driver miraculously was still alive. medic colton segal treated him for lacerations and concussion. khalil bozan was fighting. the marines found more mines and detonated them. winning hearts and minds in the
7:17 am
middle east will never be easy for the u.s. but the callous brutality for at least for the moment has made it a little bit easier. the villagers were too frightened to speak on camera because they still have family members living under isis control. after half a decade they're in desperate need of running water, food, and education for their chirchlt norah? >> incredible reporting. holly williams in syria. thank you so much. transit officials in new york city blame a scary subway derailment on human error. two is upway cars jumped the tracks yesterday morning and slammed into a tunnel wall at a station in harlem. the train hit rail equipment that was stored improperly between tracks. people had to evacuate through darkened train cars. >> a lot of smoke. >> a lot of smoke and very dark. >> everybody turns on their
7:18 am
flash lights on their phones so it wasn't terrible. >> the train started jumping the track up and dune, side to side. you could see sparks outside the window. it was like one of those disaster movies, people were inand out of seatings skreechling. nobody was hurt. >> crews worked overnight and more repairs are expected this morning. >> if you're driving anywhere for july 4th expect a surprise at the gas pump. the average of gas nationwide is expected to be $2.21. that's the lowest price in 12 years. many analysts have predicted that gas would be closer to $3 a gallon. according to one estimate, it will be cheaper to fill up this weekend than it was on new year's day. charlie, before you gas up and hit the road -- i know people were expected gas prices to be higher, but it is indeed lower.
7:19 am
>> it is indeed but my car is powered by battery. >> where are you going in. >> by water. >> where are you going, norah? >> i don't have an electric car. ahead, how a millimeter's tweet thought her mom's health struggles facing
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a cbs news investigation finds on average about ten students are hurt each day in school bus crashes. ahead, how drivers with questionable or criminal pasts end up getting hired. >> reporter: i'm kris van cleave. our cbs news investigation found a shocking lack of oversight of school bus drivers. in some cases that's led to people either under suspicion for child pornography or even convicted of crimes being allowed to drive children to
7:21 am
school. it's an investigation every parent should see, and it's coming up on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. wants me here. we are not leaving without you. just go downstairs now. ♪ rapunzel?! ♪ look for my c-hr. ♪ that was fun. wait till you see where we're going. introducing an all-new crossover. toyota c-hr. toyota. let's go places.
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guardrail. ahead, how they plan to take on the company that makes good morning everyone i'm jim donovan, delaware county community is coming together to help their youth football team. last week $5,000 in gear was stolen or destroyed, by vandals targeting the chester township cougars. the township police department and community members, are pitching in, the go fund me page is set up, their season starts august 1st. lets get a quick check of weather with meteorologist katie fehlinger, hey there. >> it looks like a stellar day , daytime highs hit lower 80's so not too warm for you but we have low humidity and light wind to go witt and we are off tie relatively cool start currently 63 degrees at whitefield elementary school, but school is out of session but we can see lush green grass off in the distance here and you know it is going to
7:27 am
end up being a beautiful summer day, enjoy it. we heat up, feel humidity rising from here several days in the 90's and we will keep it toasty heading in to the early part of next week for the holiday, meisha. >> looking good, all right, katie, thank you. we are looking busy on the roadways this morning so we have an overturned vehicle here i-95 south before the vine, one lane is opened here, as you travel southbound before the vine and also, that accident, on amtrak just an update, investigation underway but we are expected to resume services, mid-morning, overturned tractor trailer new castle delaware, still out there as well, jim. our next update 7:55. up next why the health care fight in washington means so much for families across the country, i'm jim donovan, make it a great
7:28 am
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evidently trump has a "time" magazine hanging on the walls of many of hills ot clubs with the headlines, donald trump "the apprentice" is a television smash. it turns out it's fake. in fact, the date of the issue, march 2009, had no release that day. trump made his own time magazine cover. oh, my gosh. you know what that means. that means he's acquired mall kiosk technology. >> i'm surprised anyone would even notice that. when you look at the cover lines. >> because the front doesn't look like the real team magazine cover. >> we've all done that, haven't we? >> "time" magazine has
7:31 am
interviewed him for covers. >> interesting tidbit. welcome back to "cbs this morning." the "washington post" reports the fake copy of the fake "time" magazine cover hang always over the word. steven co-barrett reports that they did not publish a march 1, 20 20 2009 issue. they did publish a march 2 issue. kate winslet was on the cover. >> he was on the cover once long before running for president. the "san diego tribune" reports that president trump's border wall will start in september. four prototypes will be built near the san diego border fence. it must be 38 feet call. no contracts to build them have been reported first. supreme court neil gorsuch
7:32 am
appears to be asserting himself. he fills the seat of the late antonin scalia and some say he's perhaps further to the right. decisions on monday reveal he was skeptical. he is also further to the right than almost all of his colleagues on gun rights. facebook removes thousands of hate posts day. it relies on "i" users to identify potential hate speech. they surpass over 2 billion regular users. >> the "indystar" says usa jim mastic . there will be a policy to track troubled coaches and member clubs will be held accountable. news reports last year revealed
7:33 am
usa gymnastics rue tunely ignore sexual assault allegations. joshua newman was handed a sentence of nearly 3 1/2 years yesterday for duping 30 investors. newman says he will pay them back. many students 'tending camps this summer will rely on school buses get there. a cbs news investigation explores the lack of federal regulations in the process to find school bus drivers. there are nearly 22,000 school bus crashes every year. there are about ten students hurt every day. kris van cleave has more. good morning. >> good morning. our investigation found it can lead to problems that run much deeper than traffic accidents. >> when you're raising a child, you know, your job is to, you know, make sure nothing happens. >> reporter: this father who asked we not reveal his identity
7:34 am
struggles to even talk about the day in 2015 when his 15-year-old daughter was taken to this hotel in chattanooga tennessee and was raped by her school bus driver. our cbs news investigation found on average at least once a week a school bus driver is arrested for -- >> caught a big whiff of alcohol. >> -- driving under the influence. >> what was on that computer? >> underaged pictures. >> reporter: or child pornography or sexually assaulting a child. it was not their first offense. >> it was shocking to find out the record this drive had. >> the driver had a previous conviction for possession of drugs and a weapon. he was ineligible for hire but got the job anyway. like this driver in wisconsin arrested in december for driving a school bus while under the influence of drugs, her third
7:35 am
dui charge. >> parents really need to be asking who's driving their children. >> steve ger stin is a transportation attorney. he said federal gas rules do not apply on school buses because school districts are exemt from driver qualification, hours of service, and vehicle maintenance regulations. >> why do we require drivers to be safer to drive lettuce to stores than to drive our children to school? >> no national statistics appear to skpeft on school bus drivers breaking the law, so we reached out to every state to get them. only gel ware and connecticut arrest drivers on the job and while 21 states said no drivers have been arrested for dui in the past 39 years we received police reports showing other-wise. hiring dribers is not easy. last year 90% reported a shortage in part due to low pay,
7:36 am
split shifts, and lack of benefits. durham operates in 2 states and turns to craig list for applicants. >> they were offering me my job back because thaw were short. $12.80 an hour. if you can get up here quickly. >> kelly shane hooper was one. school officials often do not even know who's driving as the principal explained to the father in chattanooga. >> he said, you know, if someone were to kill the bus driver on the way into the school and hijack the bus, we'd put the kids on because we wouldn't know any difference. >> a convicted sex offender was out on parole. on the bus, a list of students an their home addresses. he even tried unsuccessfully to pick up those students.
7:37 am
>> it could have been bad. >> he was arrested. he pleaded guilty to statutory rape and was sentenced to probation leaving this parent demanding more be done. >> at what point do you say as a society we need a higher standard. >> there was one piece of disturbing video. the boy on the bicycle did survive. the driver stayeded on the job after the crash. now some in congress have proposed to better regulation school bus drivers and those bills all died in committee in recent years. the industry says school buses are still the safest way to transport the children to school. >> how did you do the reporting. >> we had to go state by state and go state by start. meaghan tui put in hours and hours. they said in some states with very no report of school bus drives being arrested for dui.
7:38 am
state police then gave us reports of school bus drivers being convicted of dii. >> like you said, you give more attention to people driving your lettuce than students. that's very, very shocking. >> we have an update to a report on guardrail barriers. there's a lawsuit file. attorneys claim seven people nationwide have died in accidents regarding these x rail guardrail pieces made by the lindsay corporation. we have video of william byrd's deadly crash. it peers the car instead of doing kwhat's designed to do. we spoke to the parents of accident victim lauren beutel. >> i absolutely 100% feel she would be alive if that guardrail end piece had not been in place because it acted like a skewer
7:39 am
and went through car and it wasn't supposed to do that. it was supposed to protect them. >> they say x-lite has passed safety tests and remains in use on american roadways. the high cost of health care is getting new attention thanks to a mom speaking out about her children's procedures. >> he doesn't know any other life. >> coming up next, how a tweet about a massive hospital bill put as health care debate in perspective. you're watching "cbs this morning." we thank you for that. we'll be right back. 4
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. a tweet from a new jersey mother has put a very young face on the fight over the senate health care bill. alison chandra shared this photo of a $231,000 medical bill. that's $231,000, people, for her 2-year-old son ethan.
7:44 am
now, this was retweeted more than 57,000 times. the post highlighted just how much families with sick kids rely on medical insurance. mireya villarreal here with the chan der family's story. good morning. >> good morning. she never thought one twitter post could spark so much interest. her goal was simple though. put the health care debate into place. it affects real people like her son ethan. >> how did you get a scar? >> surgery. >> does it hurt? no. >> he was born with a heart congenital defect with organs in the wrong place. >> five surgeriesurgeries, two catheterizations and another diagnostic procedure under anesthesia. he doesn't know any other life. >> did you ever ask how do i pay for this? >> i didn't have to.
7:45 am
>> ethan's fight to get better gave aly >> whelp i say i'm thankful, mean there's a set of laws that tells insurance companies, look, this is what you need to cover. you need to cover essential health benefits. >> reporter: insurance plans must meet a minimum standard of coverage. >> the plans that you offer need to cover prescription medications, hospitalizations, specialist visits. >> the senate will come to order. >> under the proposed senate bill, some benefits could be moved from the state's definition of essential health benefits. >> he's not a line in the budget. she tweeted her chide's last bill for the hospitalization. the stay, more than $230,000.
7:46 am
luckily insurance negotiated covering the majority leaving the chandras with under $500 to pay. were surprised to find out ow much their story resonated with everybody. >> they're better your off today. they seem like they have a pretty good employee plan and the odds are they'll keep the plan. >> there are still a lot of uncertainties with the proposed bills. >> there are a lot of people who may be pieg insurance on the exchanges now and a lot of folks on medicaid who might be more nervous that than the chandra family. they may be priced out of helmet insurance. >> ethan will take medication for the rest of his life and will likely need more procedures. chandra hope these work on costs for all americans. >> right now i thing they need
7:47 am
to come toke and demand that they do better. chandra told us when his job changed last year, their costs almost quad roomed. she doesn't think the proposed gop helmet plan is any better now, guys. >> u i'm glad you point out the essential health ben fitz. atz you say it would allow the state's to waver. one would beet. the surprising thing a man did
7:48 am
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a man who wu hit by a bus had a remarkable escape. video shows the double-decker bus crashing into the man. he flew into the air and skidded across the pavement. miraculously the man stood up, walked away as if nothing happened and walked into a pub. >> it's only funny because he's oklahoma. new deaf physician for pub crawl. a new study on pet facts. we'll be right back. america's best-selling brand. now with summer's hottest offer. get zero percent for seventy-two months plus an additional thousand on top of your trade-in. during the ford summer sales event get zero percent for seventy-two months plus an additional thousand on top of your trade-in. offer ends july 5th. summthe alligator floaty.rning plus, the snacks and drinks are gone, people.
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good morning everyone i'm jim donovan. travelers at philadelphia's 30th street station are seeing delays as they try to head south this morning. a deadly train accident near washington d.c. has a ripple effect across the northeast corridor with service temporarily suspended between philadelphia and d.c. amtrak says services could be restored by mid-morning. lets send it over to katie for the forecast. >> weather certainly other than sun glare will not have an impact on your commute here today, jim. we have nothing but sunshine rest of the day, couple stray cloud, possibly here and there but it feels so comfortable outside and on storm scan three it is totally clear. as day progresses we will eventually warm up to 81 degrees, hotter tomorrow but still sunny, dry, come
7:57 am
friday, the most spotty showers or storms at that, and then come this weekend still steamy with a weak cold front passage scheduled to take place, meisha. looking good, all right katie, thanks very much on the roadways. it is still, very busy, so we will talk about this overturned tractor trailer in new castle delaware, take a look, around there, very, very , very ohio moving, and, and, north bound ramp to 295 is also closed, your alternate route 13, very, very slow, and route one backup as well. so jim, very busy. next update 8:25. coming up on cbs this morning factors and habits you need to know to keep your pet healthy. i'm jim donovan, good
7:58 am
oo, yeah. are you ready for a rush? yes, yes i am. you're in for a treat. fast play is the new way to play fast and win instantly
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it is wednesday, june 28th, 2017, starting with a little snoop dogg. welcome back to "cbs this morning." tensions rise again between u.s. and russia over potential threats from syria. we'll talk with the former u.s. ambassador for russia here. plus music producer jimmy iovene comes to "cbs this morning" talking about his long partnership with the one and only dr. dre. but first here's your "eye opener" at 8:00. his deal making has been ineffective in the senate. >> they say they ear going to cobble together some kind of change, compromise that everyone
8:01 am
can live with. >> we keep hearing that this hacking attack was something used by the nsa. >> americans are saying, hey, wait a minute, my tax dollars helped fund the development of these tools. don't you have an on legatiblig protect me. >> they protected each other and their fellow office. $2.21. it's the lowest price in 12 years. it's great to say that. >> it is indeed. but my car is powered by battery. >> i don't have a car that's powered by battery. #goals. >> it could reach canada where they could get health care and just -- just -- just from their prime minister, his smile heals.
8:02 am
i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. the senate will go home july 4th without voting on health care. majority leader mitch mcconnell says the bill needs support. president trump called more to the white house yesterday after the bill was postponed. he said he believes they're working hard to improve the bill. mcconnell insists they can make a deal and pass it. >> i think everyone around the table is interested in getting it. interested in getting an outcome because we know the status quo is simply unacceptable, unsustainable, and no action is just not an option. >> at least 12 gop senators have reservations about this bill. republicans can only afford two no-votes, and there are many competing interests. west virginia's shelley moore and the senator in ohio are
8:03 am
worried about funding in their states and some conservative senators say the bill does not go far enough to end obamacare. and one of those conservative senators is kentucky's rand paul. he'll join us in the next half hour to explain the problem with the next bill. >> a global attack is still spreading. earlier this morning it was detected in beijing. the ataerker tarted computers using microsoft windows. the attacker is key demand 3g 00 bitcoin to rae lease it. >> qatar's foreign minister met with secretary of state rex tim eson yesterday. tillerson wants the saudis to continue to talk in good faith. the saudis want qatar to comply
8:04 am
with their list of 13 demands by this weekend. and the foreign minister's first u.s. interview our margaret brennan asked about accusations we the saudis that qatar finances terrorism. >> president trump stood at the white house and said at the very highest levels of the qatari government there's support for terrorism. was he wrong? >> so when the president said at the highest level, you're saying that doesn't happen anymore. >> it never happened. i'm sorry p it never happened. >> the president was wrong? >> he was wrong, yes. >> senate foreign relax bach corker said he will not approve weapons sales in any gulf countries until there's a path to solve diplomatic crises. that woup jeopardize president
8:05 am
trump's agreement with them. assad visited rush's main air base in syria yesterday and stepped inside the cockpit of a fighter jet and made sure cameras were rolling as well. the u.s. ambassador to u.n., nikki haley -- >> i believe that the goal is at this point not just to send assad a message but to send russia and iran a message that if this happens again, we are putting you on notice and my hope is that the president's warning will certainly get russia and iran to take a second look. >> haley said the u.s. will continue to call out russia for ties to assad. he served as deputy
8:06 am
secretary of state under president obama and is ambassador to russia from 2005 to 2008. he is now president of the ambassador per for peace. good morning. >> good morning. >> why would he consider using chemical weapons knowing what happened last time? >> because he wants to intimidate his own people, basically send a message that nobody can protect them and that he's determined to reassert his control other all of syria after killing half a million. >> are russians serious about shooting down an american plane if they come into areas that they say are protected? >> there are certainly dangers. i wouldn't doubt it. >> then we're off and running then, aren't we in. >> it could be. it's a combustible situation right now. >> it does seem, too, assad is
8:07 am
thumbing his nose at the u.s. to the russian bases with cameras rolling. what is the message he's trying to send? >> he's showing off. he's a thug. he's trying to demonstrate he can get away with the sub progation of his people having consolidated control in the western part of his country. he's determined to try to do it in the east as well. >> would he have lost if he had not had russian support? >> it's iranian support that's been the core. hezbollah through revolution guards, troops, and vuzers, but russia has played a significant roll in propping them up. >> let's turn our attention to russia. last week we reported on russian interference and obama knew about it. we still don't know how to deal with the russian interfeern. what do we need do here? >> i think russia's hacking of our election system was a huge mistake.
8:08 am
>> can we deter it? >> i think the sanctions congress is pushing through are the right step the take and when president trump -- i assume he's going to see president trump putin at the g-20 summit. he may wonder how seriously president trump takes this issue right now. >> president trump delivered that message in person to putin. >> he did, but now you have some practical steps that are taken to impose some costs on russia and you need our new president, president trump to reinforce that message and make clear that the united states is deeply concerned about this and isn't going to allow it to happen again. >> you have met with putin. ultimately, what does he want? >> i think putin is a very combustible grievous. russia was flat on its back economically and was taken advantage of by the u.s. and the rest and that the u.s. this that
8:09 am
period reinforced an international order from putin's point of view that constrained russia, denied what he thinks is an entitlement of a major power which is his influence in the soviet space and gave license to the u.s. and other countries to question putin's very tough authoritarian rule inside russia itself. so as a result, putin's looking at it it as a way to chip away at american influence and also point to external threats, to say to russians, it's the united states that's trying to keep us down and i'm the person who can stand up to that. >> is history going to look badly at how the united states looked at the dissolution of the soviet empire? >> no. i served in the 1990s and i think there was a serious effort to understand what ructions were going through to help economically as well. you can fault different tactics
8:10 am
but i think it was russia going through a difficult period and the sense of hue mill yigs they couldn't escape. >> you brought up the g-20 summit and there's disagreement whether president trump should meet with president trump putin. should they meet? what advice do you have? >> i think they should meet. i think the question is not whether they should meet but what the message should be. i think the message needs to be a very firm one. hacking first on ukraine and concerns there as well as syria. >> i'm also thinking of the picture of the two of them meeting. this has come up in the past about these meetings and obama and putin looking very kind of stern and angry at one another, whether they'll be the chummy pat on the back we saw with the russian ambassador. >> this is not a time for chummy conversations. there are a lot of serious differences between us and russia and i think it's really important for the president to make that clear so there's no misunderstanding about what
8:11 am
remains clear. >> it remain the toughest challenge, does it not? >> it certainly does. it keeps the government under control. >> because it's a difficult challenge. >> it is. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. ahead, don dahler shows us how the nation's obesity epidemic is also impacting cats and dogs. >> reporter: this is thelma. we love our pets. we give them play dates, we buy them toys, and we give them that extra special treat, but many of us are also killing them with kindness. coming up on "cbs this morning" i'll explain
8:12 am
the unlikely duo of jimmy iovene and dr. dre changed our culture. ahead jimmie iovene is here with dr. hughes to talk about the
8:13 am
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ask your hep c specialist about harvoni.
8:16 am
in today's "morning rounds," reports show pets are getting faster. the obesity epidemic now including our pets. dogs and cats are getting obese.
8:17 am
don dahler is at a dog park in new york city with the warning signs for pet owners. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the aspca says there are about 700 million pet dogs in this country and almost 8 million pet cats and unfortunately many of them are alarmingly overweight. business live stiles and unhealthy diets are wreaking havoc on our pets. >> obesity has increased by over 160% and 170%. >> reporter: dr. kirk breuninger is the lead on this study. he attributes it to a number of factors. lack of exercise, too much food, and a changing attitude toward pets. >> we are considering our pets to be more and more members of our family.
8:18 am
we like to communicate and show affection to them by offering them treats. it can be a mistake to offer too many pets. >> that is a problem because just as with humans, lugging around that extra weight can be a problem to your pet's 4e89. >> for example heart and health disease. type 2 diabetes is something we see with cats who are obese and we can see links with dogs being overweight that how do you know if your pet needs the treadmill treatment? after all dogs come in all shapes and sizes. he says you can use this as a general good. looking at your pet from above you should see a tuck at their side and waist and you should see a dog's ribs. there is something you can do about it. >> you can forget that your pet
8:19 am
needs exercise too. >> deborah montgomery is with morris animal inn in new jersey, a kind of day care for pets where they can run trails or swim or just play. >> reporter: what advice do you have for people who don't have access to this kind of place? >> you know, even taking a walk, you get a chance to bond with your pet. it's just something simple as giving them more of a healthy diet. >> that's what worked for happy or rather an unhappy beagle. when she was 10 she weighed too much. her owner gave her healthy walks. at 14 she's a svelte healthy 289 pounds. he tells us there are naumer be of things. cut down on the number of treats. take him on dog walks like this. it's important to note that dog and cat breeds are very
8:20 am
different so you should always check with your vet before you change their routine or their diet. gayle. >> that's very good advice. you know, they also say the pets are a reflection of their owners. i know your girl lifts weights and your two are in very good shape. >> yes. >> nos overweight. >> and yours is -- >> lucky is no longer a puppy, so she only eats twice a day. i don't think we give her any treats. >> do your kids love lucky as much as when the first met lucky? >> yes. >> there's been no diminution. >> they don't mind taking the dog for a walk. >> it only grows. cats do too. thank you, don. i'm allergic to katzs. >> can beer replace goody marries as a brunch favorite? plus a police officer under goes a chase of his own police
8:21 am
cruiser. awkward. only on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: "cbs this morning" brought to you by mortgage by quicken loans. mortgage confidently. there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so she can understand the details and be sure she's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. is more than one thing. with floral fusion oil it's soft skin and fine fragrance. discover more than one thing with caress. soft skin, fine fragrance. caress. true radiance comes from within. new radiant toothpaste by colgate optic white. whitens teeth both inside and out.
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8:25 am
and move toward a vote. your local news is next. good morning i'm jim donovan. philadelphia's children's happies getting more high praise this morning, the hospital has been named the second best children's hospital, in the country, by u.s. news and world reports. it is third year in a row children's hospital has finished behind boston's children's hospital, annual ranking puts children's hospital at the top of the list in pediatric diabetes, and endocrinology and pediatric pulmonology. good news there. now lets take a look at the weather forecast with katie. >> yes, i have some good news as well here, jim, if you like that comfort, that you tend to get with high pressure in place and light wind and low humidity and that is what we have got all day to day. this is a beautiful view outside baseball diamond here at junior/senior high school
8:26 am
in bernville, pennsylvania. but we have saw a lot of you in 50's earlier this morning and we will continue to warm up efficiently here but still, because we started off so cool , we will still only be in the mid 60's right now. we cannery bound so far were the sunsets and we will catch up to about 81 degrees today. tomorrow warmer but tolerable humidity and bright, sunny and then we have three straight days in the 90's starting friday, lasting through sunday and toasty through the holiday >> looks that way, thanks very much. still, very, very busy, in new castle delaware because overturn tractor trailer, and take a look 95 northbound 2952 lanes are opened, now just one now to, 95 southbound ramp to 295 is still closed. when we look around that, the backups are extensive and doesn't matter which way we are going, alternates are keen , bum pour to bumper. route one is jammed up, you are jammed up to almost 896, by the way, void fit can, jim, over to you. >> our next update 8:55a head
8:27 am
on cbs this morning kentucky republican sand rand paul, i'm jim donovan
8:28 am
8:29 am
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an ohio sheriff's deputy found himself chasing his own cruiser. he forgot to put it in park when he stepped out for a traffic stop. it slowly rolled backward. the dash cam shows the deputy racing after the vehicle. he caught up with it and was able to hop back inside. there were no injuries but embarrassment. >> do you think that he'll get teased back at the station? >> back at the station? >> i do. >> do you think they'll say, oh, we understand? i don't think so. welcome back to "cbs this morning." let's go right now to the green room. hey, jimmy iovene and
8:31 am
hughes. you can say hello. we're talking about their four-part play. they're going to join us in just a second. right now it's time to show us headlines from all around the globe. reports were released by chinese authorities this morning. the factory makes shoes for ivanka trump's brand. there were allegations of excessive overtime and low wages. the men were released on bail pending trial. the "washington post" reports sarah palin is a lawsuit filed yesterday claimed an editorial in the "times" this month accused her insighting the 2017 attack of congresswoman gabby giffords. "the new york times" told cbs news we have not reviewed the
8:32 am
claim yet but will defend against any claim vigorously. and "the wall street journal" says anheuser-busch and others are targeting the brunch crowd. restaurants say beer lets diners try no flavored pairings at breck fast time and many are willing to have drinks with lower level of alcohol at lunch. brewers want people to consider beer more. they're concerned about the legislation. senator rand paul of kentucky says the bill does not go far enough to repeal the affordable care achlkt he met with president trump yet to discuss it. he tweeted the president is, quote, open to making the bill better. senator paul is with us from capitol hill. senator, good morning. >> good morning. >> when you say senate leadership you're talking about mick mitch mcconnell.
8:33 am
>> they've done a lot to placate moderates. they've kept motive most of the obamacare subsidies. they actually keep the medicare and medicaid expansion forever. eventually the states have to pay but they actually managed to keep it. we've kept ten of the 12 regulations. for those of us who said we promised to repeal the whole thing thamd & that the regulations are part of the reason the premiums are rising so fast. we think you have to repeal to bring down prices for people. >> when you talked to president trump, do you think he understands that? >> you know, i think he's sympathetic to the gum and wants to get the bill through and he thinks it's important for all of us and the country that we repeal obamacare, but i guess i tried to make sure he under many of us don't think the current bill is repealable. we voted 60 times to repeal it,
8:34 am
all of it, or as much as we thought we could repeal. we repealed quite a bit of it. here we are now keeping quite a bit of it. >> there are those who argue that what you're trying to do is repeal tax reform within health care. you eliminate tax reform and do it somewhere else. you could agree on health care. >> well, i would say if you get rid of the taxes and keep the spending, that's not very honest. in fact, that was a little bit dishonest from the beginning. you're rye. we primarily get rid of the taxes. we don't have a real honest debate. we have people squawking that were not keeping enough medicaid expansion when, in fact, we keep it for seven years. we let the expansion states continue to expand and it never has been really an honest accounting with medicaid. our government if you look at the budget, we're $500 billion in the hole. now, they play games with the
8:35 am
baseline and say, oh, this is saving money. nobody wleevs this is saving money. they're creating a brand-new insurance fund. there's no way to pay for it request savings. >> senator, we heard mitch mcconnell say recently it might get to the point of gas sitting down with democrats if republicans can't get on the same page. do you see that happening? >> actually i think once we can repeal the things that democrats would never repeal, we should sit down with democrats. they're never going repeal any tangss or anything. frankly that's what separates us as parties but once we repeal the tax's regulations, it's still not going to be completely fixed. we still should sit down with democrats and many of the ideas they had for buying groups, allowing them to associate together, i've talked to many democrats who are open to that idea. >> in ohio, for example, the government came to rally and raise the case about medicaid
8:36 am
expansion with senator ron portman. isn't kentucky one of the largest recipients of medicate expansion? >> they are. i said all along if we want to keep it, we should just be honest. we can pay for it if we double the sales tax and state knicks tax. then we would be saying, you know what? there are some trade-offs. tennessee has zero. maybe we're going to lose some business. instead what all people in government do and this is republicans and democrats, they punt the question. they say, oh, the states can't afford it. we'll send it to the federal government. they have a printing press. we can't sustain the entitlements before medicate expansion, so we should be honest and say you have to raise taxes if you want to provide this extra health care. >> you gave an interesting analogy comparing it to kidney stones that sometimes you've
8:37 am
about got to just pass it. >> i never had wurch, but i would assume it's painful. would you say this process is painful? >> i have to give credit to my friend who came up with the analogy. pass it, pass it, pass it. it should be very much a studied issue. actually when we study it as someone said the more complicated it appears but that's the other problem with this. i did tell anybody who'll listen you shouldn't overpromise. obamacare w health care was broken before obamacare. it didn't fix it. mainly because there's not a marketplace. the consumer doesn't make a decision based on price. until you can connect the consumer o the praise and have real capitalism, the health care would still be broken. >> isn't that part of the
8:38 am
problem? you would replace or reform obamacare and you can't do it because of the party and now you have to go to vetters in 2018 perhaps not having either reformed or replaced. >> yeah. i think you can make two sections of the republican party and independents unhappy. ones that said you promised to repeal it and you really didn't and also those who want the premiums go down and you make these big promises for premiums to go down. i fully expect -- i think there's a 99.99% chance that premiums go down. so people have to realize, they've gone up 105% in last six years but they were rising to. be fair, health care has broken a long time. >> all right. we thank you for tacking the time. music legend jimmy iovene began by cleaning the recording studio by sweeping with a broom. he's in the toyota green room with filmmaker alan hughes.
8:39 am
the rise to the top and the very special partnership he has with
8:40 am
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so hurry up and switch to fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo and multi-room dvr service for two years all with a two year agreement. jimmy iovene and alan are
8:43 am
powerful partners. in addition to their musical success, this pair created the popular headphones brand beats by drea. i bet you've got some in your house right now. they later sold it to apple for $3 billion with a blgtsd. a new docuseries called "the defind one" talks about stories with artists and executives they've worked with for the past few decades. the duo's behind iconic movies "menace to society," and others. here's a look at "the defiant ones." >> we're talking about jimmy and dr. dre. >> jimmy iovene is the levitator. dr. dre is the innovator. >> i need something a little more impressive. >> bruce taught me a little about work ethic.
8:44 am
i had to do as well or better than the next guy. >> a friend o mine put together two turntables. i started doing this thing. >> jimmy iovene and alan hughes join us at the table. i started doing this thing. it's kind of like started from the bottom and do it here. i love, alan, how you started this four-part documentary series on ho. you started with a crisis between the two of them. the huge beats deal/apple deal had been announced. then there was a leak and apple was not happy. that started it and shows what in your opinion? >> it shows the strength of their partnership because it was terrifying when it went down. the film almost went away too. i thought my film was going away because i was shooting three weeks before that happened. he keep it a secret. i hadn't known. >> you hadn't known anybody. >> hmm-mm. >> and it was leaked on the internet.
8:45 am
>> on one of the knapps. >> facebook. >> and you thought this deal is going bye-bye. >> i knew it was a problem and we had a real problem and apple is very concerned about secrecy as they should be and it was a very difficult time. it was one of the most difficult times with jimmy and drea and alan decided to open the movie with that i guess to show that, you know, you stand -- like i said -- when i said to what he said in the movie, dre made a mistake. it's the horse i rode in with. >> i'm sticking with him. >> also we immediately i wanted to immediately send a signal to the audience that this is not a fluff piece. this is not going to be a fluff piece. this is not going to be a tribute film. it's going to be a serious film. the good, the bad, the ugly. >> did you get them to tell the truth? >> absolutely. i learned a lot about what the truth is.
8:46 am
there's versions of the truth. >> between the two of them. but i think you should let the audience know about the partnership that you and dre have because you come from two very different backgrounds. >> yes. very different but similar in some was. dre's from compton, i'm from brooklyn, and we both wanted to make a better life for ourselves, right, and we both -- somehow we're both recording engineers. that's how we got our break. he was a deejay and became a recording engineer and so was i. what happened was when we finally met -- we meet in episode three, and we stuck together in some of most difficult and unnerving times ever in the history of the entertainment business, and whoever sees the movie and looks at me and says hourks did you do that? friends of ours will ask me, how
8:47 am
did you do that. i said because i believe in him and he stayed with me. he trusted me, you see. that was the big thing. the thing was that he trusted me and there was no basis for him to trust me. >> will's so many great interviews in the documentary. bono, of course. he says, there's a lot of people that don't like him, but that's why you want him in the room, for his brutal honesty. what were you brutal with bono about in. >> usually the music. he'll come to me and say it's the greatest song i ever wrote, and i'll say, no, it's not. and we had that relationship and i'm very honest with him about it. you know, that's the hardest hing to be honest about because the thing he loves and cherishes the most are his family. >> bono said you're like a virus that takes over the main organs of the body. go ahead, charlie. >> we talked about this before with you. apple didn't buy a bunch of headphones. hay bought a bunch of heads.
8:48 am
that's what they bought. >> the good news is that the headphone business has done really well at apple, so i'm thrilled for that. but the main -- not the main thing, but the focus of it right now is the streaming service, apple music, you know. i wanted to get apple into streaming and i wanted them to come sbroo business to help the business because they're the only company that can truly blend technology and liberal arts. they were founded on that premise and i wanted to do streaming there. and so we needed everything to be in one place. we need beats to be -- i couldn't be of here running beats and over here running apple music. it wouldn't work. we have it going on now and it's running well on all fronts. >> it's music that really matters. >> right knew it's the future. >> when you travel, do you notice how many are wearing
8:49 am
beats and headphones? >> when i see that, i always assume that i gave it to them because in the beginning i would just fwivg them to everybody you know. i would say, i wonder how i know that person. >> you say it started not when they came to dre about a sneaker deal. you said don't do sneakers. do speakers. >> the reason why i said that is fashion and audio don't rhyme. >> there you go. jimmy iovene, your daddy once said this about you. every room you go into is better because you're there a. >> and if you don't understand it, go watch the documentary series. >> it airs four nights starting july 9th. that's nikt week. you can hear more on "cbs this morning" on our podcast and apple's ipodcast.
8:50 am
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good morning, i'm jim donovan. travelers at 30th street station are seeing southbound delays right now, a deadly accident near washington d.c. has forced suspension of the services between philadelphia and the nation's capitol. cbs-3 caught up with train riders waiting at 30th street. >> well, it is leaving things confused lie at a board and see everything cancelled so i am flustered right now and i don't know what my next option is. >> this is only my second time doing the train, first time alone, i kind of figured as much. >> amtrak says services could be restored by mid-morning and lets turn to katie for a look at the forecast. >> i don't expect that the weather will cause any major problems whatsoever here today
8:56 am
things are very tranquil, storm scan totally empty, it end up being an absolutely bright, beautiful afternoon for us, daytime highs hit lower 80's. we are flirting with zero seven in wildwood, wilmington and right before your very eyes as we hit close to the top of the hour new updates right there for you. seventy in atlantic city. as day progresses we will hit 81 in the city. shy of seasonal. really nice day. tomorrow, a tad more humid but not intolerable and by the time we hit friday, saturday, sunday, well, it will get steamy, meisha. >> we are still very busy outside on the roadways, we're particularly talking about new castle delaware. talking about it for a while, overturned tractor trail are 95 north at 2952 lanes are now opened, around this area route 13, route one, all backup because of this overturned tractor trailer. head up on. that but to make it worse we have a multiple vehicle accident here with the car fire on 295 southbound, it is closed at route 13, traffic
8:57 am
divert todd route 13 now but anywhere around that avoid the area, jim, over to you. that is "eyewitness news" for now join us for "eyewitness news"
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