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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 28, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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owner hoping it would be opened in time for dinner and right now suspect is in custody at a local hospital. panic on second street in northern liberties, wednesday afternoon, this cell phone video obtained by "eyewitness news" shows a crashed u-haul through the wall, at urban village brewing company. the driver falls out of the truck and then starts running across the street. >> it is just seeming unreal felt like a movie honestly. >> yes, michelle taylor was sitting inside the brewery enjoying lunch when the and, came crashing in the building. it missed her by just a few feet. >> driver was in the car, who was screaming, yelling to get out, so my immediate reaction was to get him out of the truck. >> reporter: detectives tell "eyewitness news" that the 41 year-old u-haul driver was driving the wrong way north on second street. he smashed into several cars before going in to the building. >> i saw my car, it was moved from the normal parking spot and then slammed into a light
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post. >> reporter: employees took cover. he was behind the bar. the guy was whacked out of his mind. he was on some, something. owe crawled out from the van. >> police transported the driver to the hospital, where he is currently in custody. incredibly close call this afternoon, for those on the street, and especially those patrons inside of the brewing company. >> i'm sitting here in south philadelphia homeowners are dialing with a crime graffiti spray painted on their houses. police are investigating, and,
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hateful messages. greg argos is in south philadelphia right now with more on this investigation, greg good afternoon. and ukee good afternoon most of the, fortunately have been removed but you can still see behind me on this one wall , what remains here neighbors in this neighborhood say, they are concerned about what happened, all the while philadelphia police, combing over, hours of surveillance video, hoping to catch a suspect. concern in south philadelphia. >> it is, rich's house which he has called home for zero seven years spared, his neighbors though, not as lucky. >> that is my mother in law's house that was tagged, right there. and then, a neighbor, and then , next neighbor. >> reporter: those that lived on this closely knit block said they noticed vandalism
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5:30 wednesday morning. most of the damage done in the form of this, area right to re bell adorned with the molotov cocktail which charlie inverseo considered a threat. >> it is a simple for firebombing which has got me concern. what are they doing is that a warning. >> reporter: this wall tagged with this anti police message. >> kill a cop, save a life. like, what are you thinking? >> reporter: city sparing no time taking it all down, power washing and painting over the damage. the only possible evidence left in digital form. investigators from the south detective division taking hard drive of the neighbors business surveillance system. >> i can't say for sure. >> reporter: hoping it captured the culprits. >> in all of these years somebody will do this, it is crazy. it really is. >> reporter: back here live you can see that spray paint can top left behind by one of the suspects, once again
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philadelphia police reviewing that surveillance video hoping to capture whoever is responsible. if you know anything, of course, contact the philadelphia police. we are live from south philadelphia i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you so much. only "eyewitness news" spoke with the mother of the 16 year-old girl shot while staying with the group of teenagers in southwest philadelphia gunfire erupted just after midnight on 59th and springfield, police say, no one else was hurt, they rushed the teen to penn presbyterian hospital with multiple gunshot wound to her arms, leg and chest. police don't have a description of the shooter just yet but they are hoping
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surveillance video in that answer, will offer some clues. day seven in the federal corruption trial of philadelphia district attorney seth williams. his alleged, misuse of campaign finances, for the focus of testimony today. our joe holden was in the courtroom all day long and he joins us live outside the federal courthouse in center city with today's developments joe, good evening. >> reporter: good evening. all day long focus was on, the friend offset williams and whether the money from that, campaign, action committee was being used, for legitimate campaign expenses, or was it, seth williams using that money personally? well, one witness on the stand said when it came to the spending of money, there was a lot of gray area. this photo of the lean seth williams flick order cross courtroom monitors, jurors cracked smiles. d.a. lawyers thousandsness gym expenses including, massage, facials furthered his campaign saying at one point trimming down and getting in shape, benefits the candidate. >> it is about the use of the
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photo do you think it what's effective. >> yes, do i. >> is that a legitimate campaign expense in your mind. >> yes. >> reporter: is there more when asked about the pumped up photo in a courtroom hallway seth williams with a smile said he had who 50-pound. but the d.a. is now sifting through baggage of having charged all of those expenses to his political action committee, gone sol hose froze when i asked her for comment was executive director for friend offset williams. she told court she felt uncomfortable with some of williams spending habits and that included a $2,600 birthday party at union league in april 2014 for his girlfriend. gonzales testified that she told williams we have to be careful how much we're spending at union league. we don't have that much left. she said for pack paying phone bill some months was a challenge. williams is accused of bribery , extortion, fraud a conviction could land him in jail. most of the action in court wednesday focused on campaign finance. williams attorney tom berk asserted use of campaign money
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at union league and the gym was a broader element of campaigning, where williams met influential and affluent donors. and testimony has wrapped up for today but starting tomorrow morning, continuing testimony from a lawyer with the cities ethics board. you will recall seth williams settled with the city over gifts he obtained from friend, for $60,000. it is not part of the charge in this case, but it business to be, and, jury will hear all about it, and that is latest live, joe holden, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you so much. amtrak train struck and killed two freight trains conductors in washington d.c. it happened near union station , just before midnight, investigators say conductors got out of their csx train to check out the problem they walked on the track and were struck by amtrak train 175 coming inbound from boston. amtrak temporarily suspended service between d.c. and philadelphia's 30th street station because of this
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accident. >> it is supposed to be a 8:45 train back to new haven, but there is said to be delays, they are not sure when it will come in how late it will be. >> it is leaving me very confused. i look at the board and i see it is cancelled so i am a little flustered right now. >> amtrak says full train services has now resumed and the accident is still under investigation. you may recall a similar accident like this in chester, delaware county in april of 2016. amtrak train struck a back ho killing two workers. victims were performing maintenance on those tracks. crews out west continue to battle wild fires, hot, dry, windy conditions are making fire fighting efforts more difficult. a wild fire near prescott, arizona about 75 miles north of phoenix has grown to 32 square miles. authorities say that it is possible several structures have burned but that is, too dangerous to assess the damage fire has forced the evacuations of several small
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towns. a wild fire in california has destroyed the home of the big bang theory store johnny galleki, the four two-year old actor was not home when flames swept across his ranch, about 200 miles outside of los angeles n a statement he thanked fire fighters as they worked to contain the wild fires. well, we are enjoying another perfect summer day but word is, don't get too used to it. more heat and humidity are on the way. meteorologist lauren casey is outside on the sky deck keeping a close watch of the heat return, lauren. >> thanks, ukee. today one of those days that you do not want to go indoors we have the sunshine, comfortable humidity levels and temperatures that are running below, average, all across the delaware valley. we're hanging out in the 70's most everyone. 79 degrees, right now feeling fine in philadelphia. seventy-eight in ac. 78 degrees in allentown. not even at 70-degree mark in mount pocono. as far as that comfort index dew points are generally in
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the 40's, so we are in that awesome category, feeling nice , comfortable, can leave those windows opened as we head in the evening hours, mostly clear, nice, 77 degrees but we are going to start to heat things up and that warm up begins tomorrow. humidity increases toward upcoming weekend. talk about the best storm chance for our holiday weekend and get a fourth of july preview, for next tuesday, all that coming up in your full forecast in just a couple of minutes. >> lauren, thanks very much. delaware county meantime is now offering a high tech app to help residents stay informed. sheriff mary le thaw explained how it works in media today. residents can down load free app on to a smart phone to receive important alerts and information about events. residents can submit a tip to the sheriff's office and conduct an inmate search. the app is available in the i phone and google play stores, just search delaware county pennsylvania sheriff. teachers, administrators in the philadelphia school
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district are working to inn prove their scales in the classroom. >> eyewitness nice at samuel fels school for reading matters 2017 early literacy summer institute. institute is voluntary week long event where kindergarten through third grade teachers and administrators learned from experts how to better support and help students as they learn, to read. well, coming up on "eyewitness news" some are calling it fake news. president trump's proud display of a time magazine cover, featuring his photo, is raising eyebrows, and time magazine is calling for him to take it down. well, summertimes means vacation time but many cannot disconnect from work so who checks in most and why after the break. plus a swarm of bees perched high above times square, how experts got them down, and where they are right square, how experts got them down, and where they are right now that and more when we come
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well, time magazine is asking president trum top remove fake portraits of himself on their cover. they are hanging at four golf course is. covers feature headlines like apprentice is a television smash and trump is hitting on all front, even tv. it is dated march 1st, 2009 but there was no magazine
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issued on that date and time magazine says this is a fake. there are several signs of the phony cover that give it away. >> the design is all wrong if you know time magazine's design you can tell from a bunch of different reasons, the thinness of the border. >> white house officials say they have no comment on the covers. triple a is predicting travel is predicted for this fourth of july holiday weekend will be busiest ever. 44.2 million americans are expected to go 50 miles or more from home. 84 percent of those getting out of town will be driving, analyst predict record break ing travel is partly because current cost of buying gas is at historic, summer lows. and there are some things that drivers need to keep in mind before hitting the road. >> always pack a vehicle's mergecy kit, because as i tell people all the time in one ever plans to get stuck, and it might not be your break down out there on the road but you can be stuck in residual traffic, congestion due to
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somebody else break down or crash. >> triple a also recommend drivers check their car tires, batteries and fluid, before making that holiday trip. summer vacancies on is in full swing now but new study shows that more than half of the americans are turning their vacation into a work vacation. cbs correspondent nicki batist e explain why for some it is so hard to unplug. >> reporter: sharon travels from massachusetts to new york city for vacation but the teacher has not left work behind. >> yes, i do check my e-mails, first thing do i when i get out of the bed in the morning even on vacation. >> reporter: new account survey find 54 percent of americans check in with work at lee once or twice a week during vacation. up from just 41 percent from last year. >> i would be more tense if i didn't check my e-mails. >> reporter: mike steinum, executive director of account temp says 15 percent of workers check in every day. >> why can't they put their phones down, ignore their e-mail. >> you said the keyword,
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phones. it is so easy to sort of stay in touch, that i think it is a habit, some people just have a hard time break ago way. >> reporter: he did find some good news. >> while people are checking in they are doing it a little bit less frequently. at lee it seems they are setting boundaries and understanding the need like listen i got to get away. >> completely unplugged. >> reporter: amy, from orlando has no problem leaving work at home. >> we have learned that when we go on vacation, we're on vacation. >> reporter: study found technology savvy millennials have hardest time unplugging while on vacation but older employees are more likely to ignore work during their time off. nicki batiste for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> here, here. >> i totally agree. >> yes. >> we're good. >> if i go on vacation, camping, i'm out of cell service. >> yes, it is on the now it is true. >> nice vacation day if we had one. >> yes. >> it would be beautiful.
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>> what a gorgeous day to day. yesterday was beautiful, today , beautiful. tomorrow will be nice. >> not a ringing endorsement. >> we will heat things up a bit as we head in the day tomorrow but right now feeling great, 79 degrees on a late june day, we will take it.ling some cloud, and good bit of sunshine, beautiful day, wind southwest at 9 miles an hour and no feels like temperature because that humidity is so, low and comfortable and temperatures across the region 78 in the lehigh valley. seventy-nine in reading. upper 70's along the coast and catching a sea breeze there, south wind in ocean city pulling it down to 72. eighty-one in cape may. dew points, they are awesome. they are down in the 40's and 50's which means it feels so nice, dry, comfortable. overnight tonight, once again, a beautiful night ahead, can probably heave those windows open, mostly clear, pleasant with a low of 64 degrees. for the day tomorrow we will
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start to heat things up this warming trend in the upcoming weekend up to 88 degrees. mostly sunny, breeze which that humidity ticking up a bit but not oppressive at lee not yet tomorrow. storm scan three showing us extremely quiet conditions, couple of cloud passing on through high pressure in control keeping us precipitation free, really all across the region. we will check on your shore cast looking very nice over next couple days, maybe lucky enough to have days off, thursday, tomorrow looking good, sunny, breezy, 82. warm and breezy by friday. possibly late day thunderstorm with better chance of storms heading in to saturday night. future weather waking up tomorrow morning no problems, looking great on your lunch hour commute home for your thursday, no problems there, mostly sunny skies as we head into our friday, again looking very good, sunshine to kick things off on friday, keeping it mostly sunny through most of the day and we will start to see isolated thunderstorms popping up especially west of the city as we head late day into friday but mostly staying dry on the last day of the workweek and as we head in the
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upcoming holiday weekend, humid conditions, we will see fair amount of sunshine especially on saturday but watching out for spotty storms each day but best chance of storms will come overnight on saturday, so, thank you very much, mother nature for outdoor plans, monday, sunshine, more comfortable as humidity levels drop off and fourth of july forecast, models really improving it from yesterday's run, and looking better, taking down rain chance to possibly a late day thunderstorm but forecast highs tomorrow, warmer, still in the upper 70's lower 80's in the coast. upper 80 nets cities and suburbs. 92 degrees. sunshine that chance of an isolated storm. best chance of storms as i mentioned over upcoming weekend, saturday, night and then fourth of july, it is looking better, see? sunshine, maybe late day storm >> one day at a time. >> yes. >> all right. >> week out, change it up. >> it change is it up. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a preview of baby
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drivers. >> this is halloween mask. >> no, the killer dude from halloween you mean jason. >> no. >> jamie fox lead star studded cast on the high energy ride, ukee gives you first look in our next half an hour, don. lights imitates art and hopefully the temple owls are ready to knock out competition come fall, up next, a new found inspiration for the cherry and
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journey into the adirondacks
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where campers carve through stone. and to the thousand islands, where kids can be kings. if you like big adventure, you'll love new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer getaway at
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it effects everyone not a non- discriminant and goes after every single person. >> ending the addiction stigma one of the philadelphia's mess well known cheese stake chefs is on a mission. coming up at 6:00 how tony luke is using a personal tragedy to try to, help others , a very moving, very important story. >> yes. >> can't wait for that. thank you so much. don bell here with a special story, temple. >> talking about training. >> yes. >> one of the things you do to get inspired.
5:25 pm
>> all right, all right, i'm with you, let's do it. >> they do it all day, every day, even in the rain, and even when it pours. tourist come to philadelphia and they run art museum steps with the rocky theme song playing in their head. today a local football team took the same approach while looking, for a competitive edge. >> tribute to philadelphia work out without a doubt. >> move. >> let's go. >> temple football taken to the art museum steps today to recreate one of the most iconic scenes in rocky. >> get them up, get them up. >> work out is always tough but we just get through it. i understand it, but you are in philadelphia. >> it is environment, historic spot in philadelphia, it is pretty cool. >> reporter: owls are starting the season with new head coach geoff collins and a roster with a bunch of players born in the 90's. rocky came out in 1976. so if these guys ever seen the movie. >> rocky four is probably my
5:26 pm
favorite, super classic movie, super motivational so i love it. >> you better be careful there are a lot of people who know who rocky is. it is philadelphia walking in to rome and not knowing hot pope is. >> reporter: owls trying to improve on the record by putting in the hard work right now. >> we are not taking our foot off the gas. five years from now you don't want to look back and say, should have done it. we deserve better. we will earn better. >> wow. >> all right. >> all right. >> are you pumped. >> we're watching that, three of us when they did the one leg up the steps. >> and the one leg. >> oh, yeah. >> strength and conditioning coach. >> yes, that is nice, nice. >> very good. >> thanks, don. coming up next half an hour putting a face to the fight over health care. how a new jersey mom started a movement, with a tweet about her son's medical issues. the post that went viral next. forget about the flu shot, doctors say you can get benefits of the vaccine
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without the down fall, health reporter stephanie stahl has details that is music to the ears of parents every where, stephanie will be right ♪ pro-tip. get these great smoked ribs. twenty minutes on the grill, they're done. you think he cares if i smoke ribs for six hours? what? the best food at amazing prices, giant.
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giant has unbelievable pro tip produce prices. : so you'll never have to choose between your favorites.
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i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. your news continues at 5:30 here's is what happening. truck slammed in the restaurant in northern liberties. moments after the driver tried to flee but taken in custody. police say driver was under the influence and going the wrong way on a one way street. no one was injured. police are investigating after vandals spray painted hateful graffiti on homes and sidewalks in south philadelphia. residents expressed concern about the disturbing messages, right to rebell and kill a cop to save a life. city workers power washed and painted over most of the vandalism. most of the testimony in the corruption trial of philadelphia district attorney seth williams focused on campaign finance, the executive director for
5:31 pm
williams political action committee testified that she felt uncomfortable with some of his spending habits. williams is accused of misusing campaign money, he denies any wrongdoing. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm natasha brown. senate republicans are re grouping after they failed to agree on a plan to repeal and replace affordable care act they say finding a path to pass age will not be easy. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is negotiating behind closed doors trying to gain support for his parties health care bill. >> we know we cannot afford to delay on this issue. >> reporter: but delay is exactly what mcconnell called for when he postponed a vote on the g.o.p. plan to repeal and replace obama care, dozen republican senators are opposed to a bill in the current form. republican senators are working honorary advising the bill for the rest of the week so they can review the new version during the fourth of jewelry zest, they will come back to capitol hill following week, earliest a vote could happen. after calling an emergency meeting tuesday, president
5:32 pm
trump acknowledged reaching a consensus could be tough. this morning he seemed more confident. >> we have a plan if we get it approved, it is very tough, every state is different. >> reporter: democrats say they could make the difference >> we believe we can fix the affordable care act and make it more affordable for people across the you had on a bipartisan basis. >> i have said all along that i thought we should talk to the democrats, from the beginning. >> reporter: because with zero democratic vote, it will only take three republican nos for the bill to fail. senator mcconnell says if republicans have to work with democrats on the health care bill they are unlikely to get concession that is will make anyone, in his caucus happen bye this. two-year old middlesex caucus new jersey boy is becoming face of the health care battle, evan's mother tweeted a photo of his 230,000 medical bill for heart surgery it was retweeted 57,000 times. post highlighted just how much families with sick children really rely on medical
5:33 pm
insurance. >> i don't think right now our government is looking elsewhere, and i think we need to come together and demand that they do better. >> reporter: the sandra family is covered by employer provided private insurance and insurance negotiated and covered majority leaving them with just $500 to pay. president trump plans to celebrate bastille day in france. the president has accepted an invitation to vice from it french president's manual macron, holiday, july 14th, commemorates storming of the bastille which marks a turning point in the french revolution on bastille day last year a truck attack in nice, france killed 86 people and injured hundreds. home land security department is set to announce new security for international flights bound to the united states. industry and u.s. officials briefed on the announcement said airports and airlines around the world will be required to implement the measures. if they do not, their passengers may be barred from carrying lap tops and other large electronics in passenger
5:34 pm
cabins. such a ban has been in place at 10 airports in the middle east and africa, new policy could lead to those bans being lifted. city of flint, michigan is facing a lawsuit from the state after cities refused to approve a long term water deal flint council had until monday to agree to buy water from a detroit area system or propose reasonable alternative. council instead approved a short term extension of its contract, current water supplier, the great lakes water authority. the lawsuit alleged flint is putting resident's health at risk in the wake of the lead water crisis. less than a day after a monument of the 10 commandments goes up at arkansas state capitol it is smash into pieces. police arrested three two-year old michael tait reid for allegedly driving his car in the statue earlier this morning. authorities say reid posted it on facebook. he is facing charges of defacing an object of pun interest and criminal mischief
5:35 pm
four suspects wanted for a vicious attack in new orleans over the weekend are under arrest. surveillance video shows moment two boston tourist were ambushed from behind and robbed in the french quarter. the attack left one in critical condition. the victims were in town for religious convention. all four suspects between the age of 18, and 21 are facing several, serious charges. creator of the popular children's character padding ton bear has died at 91 author michael bond passed away tuesday at his home in london after a short illness. bond created a bear called paddington known for his floppy hat and coat and love of mar made. the latest book was released in april of this year, called paddington's finest hour. bond sold more than 30 million books, worldwide. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight,
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forget needles doctors revolutionized vaccines. stephanie stahl shows thousands get a flu shot without a shot. looking for a new summer drink, one flying off store shelves, lauren? report report humidity levels are still comfortable today but all that changes for upcoming fourth of july weekend, hot and steam which high in the 90's both saturday and sunday. we have a chance of a few thunderstorms but best storm chance saturday night and we will see good amount of sunshine on saturday and mix of cloud as we head into sunday. we wil having a baby. caring for your parents. learning you have a condition. these are moments when people realize that where you get your medicine matters. and they look to us. cvs pharmacy. for advice. and ways to save money. plus, get up to fifty extrabucks each year just for filling prescriptions. switching is easy. we're here for you. join us. at cvs pharmacy.
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here we go, anticipation is high for an apple upgrade to the new iphone eight. >> yeah, latest installment doesn't hit the market until
5:40 pm
september but analyst say apple could set another record this fall, experts are predicting the company will sell 240 million iphone eight in its first year. apple has made significant changes to the iphone in three years. now some anticipated upgrade include wireless charging, and a redesigned glass back. meantime chances are good that you're one of the facebook's 2 billion monthly users. ceo mark zuckerberg says social network reached that milestone earlier this month. facebook is making progress now on its goal to go beyond connecting people on line. zuckerberg says that the company's new mission is to give people power to build community and bring the world closer together. now the latest trend in summer drinks comes in a can. >> more surprising it is wine in a can, canned wine is very popular right now. trader joe's can't keep tonight stock four pack of trader joe's new sparkling wine can sells for $3.99. it first went on sale in april
5:41 pm
and then quickly, quickly, sold out. wow. >> quite a deal. >> quite a deal. >> i don't know. >> i'm not sure. >> jamie fox, john hand, kevin spacey, has to be a good movie >> i will preview
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♪ for years, fios has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver?
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flu shots every year and researchers are testing new way to deliver the flu vaccine health reporter stephanie stahl is in the einstein health care science certainty with the details for potential for self administered vaccine. >> reporter: doctors say many people don't get yearly flu shots because they don't like needles. now scientists are working on an alternative this skin patch could change the way some people receive their annual flu vaccine, the band-aid-like patch contains microscopic needles that deliver the
5:45 pm
vaccine and dissolved. >> you get a small slick and then the patch ace replied. >> reporter: researchers from emery university and georgia institute of technology are testing the new patch. >> i leave it for a few minutes there and then, i will just remove it. >> reporter: new study in the lancet looked at 100 healthy adults. >> we have design it so people could self administer with the press of a thumb. >> reporter: researchers found if the micro needle patch to be safe and effective. >> also allowed, vaccinated, an excellent immune response. >> reporter: reaction where is mild with redness and itching, more than 07 percent prefer the patch over usual injections which researchers say could increase, vaccination rates. >> our goal, it is to make it so that people can receive their flu vaccination, and then be able to do at home by themselves without complexit ies of having to know how to use a needle and syringe and really to have go to a doctor or nurse to have
5:46 pm
that done. >> reporter: scientists hope to have a flu vaccine patch available within five years. researchers say vaccine patch can be stored, distributed without being refrigerated, micro needle patches are being developed for other vaccines like measles. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new york times square was all a buzz yesterday. >> a swarm of bees was perched on the ledge at one times square, same building where new years eve ball drops. take a look. in total there were 30,000 bees, bee keepers were called into take them away. they used a low suction vacuum to put them in small containers. bees were then moved to the hive in bryant park. no one was stung but many people were scared that they would be, with that many bees. >> got that right. >> amazing. >> i know it is corny but i will say it anyway, it was beautiful today. i said it was corny. >> i knew you were going to go there, ukee. >> only ukee, can go there.
5:47 pm
>> unbelievable. >> yes. >> don't get on a roll, please >> a beautiful day to day, and , lucky people down the shore right now enjoying nice conditions, sunshine, comfortable temperatures, comfortable humidity levels, just a beautiful day looking live at ocean city, new jersey or sky scan three. everyone across the region enjoying this day, pretty a typical by late june standard and hard to believe july 1st is just around the corner on saturday but our cbs-3 weather watchers are coming in with current conditions and they are just raving about today's weather. so we will check in new jersey right now where it is 81 degrees, she has partly cloudy conditions in cherry hill and she says what a perfect day, exclamation point yes, beautiful conditions, and so sad if you had to go in the work place because it just felt so great, outside, we will check in, lets head down into delaware where it is 80
5:48 pm
degrees at walter's house, mostly sunny conditions in newark and he said perfect day low dew points humidity and great day for a walk in the park. your outdoor activities today, walk, jog, dog walk, biking, gorgeous conditions, not sweating too much but all that will change as we head in the day tomorrow. we will check in with one more current condition 80 degrees at eileen's house in gilbertsville mostly sunny conditions as well. she said hope you enjoyed today, tomorrow will be a hot one and that is for sure, eileen. our heating trend starts as we kick off the day tomorrow high temperatures will be cruising in the upper 80's but feeling fine getting a live look at rehoboth beach on our neighborhood network. beach is pack for wednesday, people stralling board and enjoying nice conditions and that humidity, it will wait to settle in until friday but overnight tonight enjoy mostly clear, pleasant, ac getting a break. 54 degrees overnight tonight. for the day tomorrow ac will
5:49 pm
be chugging along once again mostly sunny, warm, breezy, 88 e dew points a bit tomorrow but won't feel that humidity factor until friday and saturday so storm scan three showing us quiet conditions just a couple passing cloud, high pressure in control promote ago this stable sin king air so we should have good sky conditions to yes, rocket is back, still has not launched. it has made more than several attempts but new target new launch window is 4:25 to 4:48 in the morning tomorrow so that will be an early or late look if you want to check that out but it is worth a look because once this rocket lifts off four minutes after lift off, from wallops island area nasa rocket will create a artificial aurora producing colorful cloud, something cool to check out if you happen to be up that early. we're in the visibility zone all across the delaware veil. future weather showing us heading in to tomorrow morning nice and quiet, mostly sunny
5:50 pm
conditions, afternoon commute tomorrow no problems, morning commute heading in to friday, need those sunglasses, mostly sunny conditions for last day of the workweek but we will see isolated storms developing west of the city as we head late day into friday and watch out for spotty storms over the weekend, this holiday weekend certainly not be a wash out but have a backup plan. albeit we will see sunshine, humid conditions this weekend, we will seal back humidity into monday. more comfortable sunshine for july forecast looking a lot better, high temperatures tomorrow in the low 80's along the coast but temperatures elsewhere with will be in the mid up toker 80's. in the 90's on friday. same case saturday at 90. on sunday with chance of hit or miss thunder shower and fourth of july looking better. we will reduce rain chances and increase sunshine for tuesday. >> thanks, lauren. an innocent looking getaway driver played by an sell, gets a bank robbing criminals from point a to point b and does so to the
5:51 pm
beat of the play list on his i drive. >> i chatted with the writer/ director and some of the all-star cast and found out along with the well planned bank heist and gear shifting getaways the story line is designed to up cure motor running through music. >> is what your name. >> baby. >> your name is baby. >> baby is a getaway driver who uses music as an escape, and to escape, and it starts the entire film, its sound track is around his actions. >> he still plays music to drawn it out and that makes him the best. >> baby is a worthy hero. >> you are seeing movie through his eyes, and you are hearing it through his ears. >> what are you listening to.
5:52 pm
>> ♪ >> tequilla. >> the action sequences, very well choreographed and shooting doors, and everything has to be perfect. >> ♪ >> he timed it, and music, really good. >> that is right, different speed. >> but we were there. it was amazing, just totally like audio visual sensory experience. >> i think that is the details that edgar puts to work he did it for only this script and for us reading it. >> baby. got to get blood on your hand. >> face the music. >> get out of here. >> really got this right, man, beautiful place. he is creating his own style and flare. >> good to see it turnout
5:53 pm
great. >> dream come true. i will make a big boy decision do we do this thing or not. >> it is sort of like a musical or not. >> love her. >> yes, i do. >> that is too bad. >> all right. i was about 30 minutes in the movie before i realized what was going on with the sound track and everything but fun story line. i believe it is 35 songs but took me about 35 minutes, or 30 minutes to figure out what the heck was happening. you'll enjoy it. >> thanks, ukee, appreciate it still ahead hot minute with bex. >> hugh jackman gets political find out hoe is portraying in his next role when we come right back.
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hugh jackman is getting political, pop star rihanna has a new love interests who is cash heavy. >> super hero leaps into action for the love of coffee. bex from 96.5 has all of these tidbits today and more in her hot minute. >> reporter: thanks, ukee and natasha, hugh jackman is entering world of politics, kind of in, his next film the front runner oscar nominated actor takes on the role of former colorado senator gary heart, hossa alleged affair with miss south carolina donna rice led to his fall in the 1988 democratic primary. rihanna found herself a new man, and putting it bluntly, he is rich. she's seen with 29 year-old hason jamill who is heir to his family fortune more than $1.5 billion. he is deputy, president and vice chair of the company that distributes toyota as in south
5:58 pm
i a rain use. how bay double shot of, spider man, scarring the you know what out of you. from what the new film spider man home coming, sony pictures has tom who will instant stunt double swing out of ceilings on unsuspecting customers in new york city. well, while some fans were frightened one minute i fan was exited to see his favorite super hero. >> hi. >> i'm bex from today's 96.5. >> that was cute. >> yes. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. coming up at 6:00 how am zone is helping a group get food to the people who need it most. local coach who ace cues of sexually assaulting three children, why investigators worried there could be more victims. and signed with the paw print tough new animal cruelty law going in to effect in pennsylvania and how they were inspired by that rescue dog. i want people to know this is not something to runaway from.
5:59 pm
people need to be aware. raising awareness about addiction, family tragedy that inspired famous cheese stair chef tony luke's latest mission. it was a beautiful day today but below average high temperatures and comfortable humidity new summertime sizzle will return heading in to your holiday weekend. i will have details on your forecast. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. it is my fear that there may be still other victims out there. >> troubling accusation as begins this youth football coach, the disturbing allegation that is go back more than a decade. that is not the only mug shot of suspect police want to you see. good evening aim ukee washington. i'm in a cash brown. the former football a coach is a raping three children in bensalem. >> "eyewitness news" reporter
6:00 pm
henry, joins us live from bensalem police department where investigators worry there could be more victims, henry, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, about six years a decade ago. look at what he looks like right now but pictures we are about to show you in just about 302nd police want to you focus on because there is concern there may be more than just the three victims that they know about right now. >> although it is my prayer and hope, that there are no other victims, it is my fear that there may still be other victims out there, and that is why we're making this plea for your help. >> reporter: thinks what shannon west moreland who goes by the name shawn, looks like right now. bucks county authorities say you should focus on these pictures, their driver's license photos from 1999 through 2005 during that time he is accused of sexually assaulting three girls while coaching football for ramblers athletic association. >> age four


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