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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 29, 2017 6:00am-6:57am EDT

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you serve your country, many come home and getho >> u.s. marine who got back from service is shot and kill in the robbery from his family d how a father and son helped suspect. a close call for a at a locw ery when arough the window. wait until you see what the driver did after the crash. part of the presidentvel ban goes into effect today. we will look closer at strict security that could impact your next trip to the airport. it is good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm jan carabao rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things. weekend. yesterday, nice, dry roadways, gorgeous outside, string olrea
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beautiful outside, nice, dry roadways but problems, little bit. we will break this down this hour. something in the airy guess. >> yes, maybe, maybe that is it, it is like you get cocky about the situation, no wet weather so careful. never let your guard down. okin delaware river off in the distance, city sky line is clearly being some sunshine right now, and that isalrk, storm scan three py calm though we have had cloud cover, theo slightly as well but i expect sunshine throughout the day and we have e underway as well, some cloud, that can createhe early morning sky. look at the wind. it is not so muc is the directie those, are turning more soutnowy that we are on the wen
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edge of the dome of high pressurearflowut of the south bt is funneling in warmth and moreess here. today taking you through a couple different hours of the sunny, great looking day, big difference today ishaarmer. we are up to 88 degrees. more breeze which that southeasterly wind flow, those wind could be as high mil an hot to notice humidity creeping up with emp but with that said, hey, hot, sunny, hum perfect pool day to me. >> nobody will be complaining about anything bute people are y with, thanks very much, looking gorgeous but we are not without problems this morning. good news we are looking at disable vehicle on the vine eastbound near ben franklin parkway that has been since cleared, but we will have flashing lights as they get moved out of your way and we might get gaper delay but
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still traveling in posted speed so we are already there schuylkill, taillights are moving in the eastbound direction and lets see, taillights are moving toward the city as you can see. we are looking good here. i will say in the past 10 minutes or so slowly heating up a little bit. on the schuylkill heading out there around center city in the next 15 or 20 minutes would i put minutes. we are starting to i925 southbod toward the city as well. we have schuylkill eastbound fr route between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. and yes dn a little bit. head up on that. also another head u fares starting on saturday, and, as usual, reminder se chece schedules on line, jim, back over to you. news. u.s. marine was killed not overseas but bac robbery. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at the scene in olney thisuding how a father
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and son helped take down the suspect, trang well, jan and jim there brokenmany elements to this family identified him as howard white, they say he is a r from being robbed and who his life in the process. victim's besie philadelphia and he was a retired marine disabled in the explosion in the carr military man who was home on leave while working as a contractor, whawe t what happened just before 1:00 c argument and gunshots ring out near intersection of north fifth street and street. there they found 46 year-old howard white with gunshot wo torso, pronounced dead on the scene. officers also saw twoen stoppede of the men who was holding two guns. friend of the victim who pointed officers in the direction of the suspect. the 2d shooting suspect broke into a
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nearby homeheather and son and that father and some were able to sub a suspect until police arrived. now back here at the scene we have spoke to themily and friens bering he tried to prevent a robbery tonight he was gunned down and t for me any because aftervi then to come hoe to get shot dow it is very hurtful and very painful. >> his back. >> yes, he would, yes. call, noa regular hero but an american>> d only been home a month and a half tm korea next. suspect as well as father whoown were transported to einstein hospital to be treated for
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minor inju recovered both gun used in the shooting and those guns that the friend had in his possession. reporting live from olney, trang do for news". jim and jan back to you. philadelphia police are looking for a a man execution s. this happened around 7:30 on o h street. according to eyewitnessesictim g with friend when shooter just walk up, victim was shot several more >>a frightening scene caught oveamera when a woman by a u-haul truck while having lunch. woman jumped out of her seat when truck crashed in the restaurant there. this happened at urban village brewing company in northern liberties. >> the driver was in the car, he was screaming, yelling to get out, so my immediate reaction was to get him out of the truck. >> after getting out that
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driver took off, cell phone video captured him running away from the scene and later arrested and charged with dui. well there, will be more testimony today in the federal corruption trial of philadelphia d.a. seth williams, enters day number 18 liset gonzales seen with joe hold men this video. testified she was uncomfortable with williams spending. gonzales was executive director for williams political action committee, friend of the seth williams. now one of the williams expenses was a $2,600 birthday party at union league in 2014, for his girlfriend. williams attorney says that the spending was legitimate. part of the president's travel ban will take effect later today revised order includes new criteria for visa applicants from six mainly muslim countries and all refugees. seth lemon has more on the guidelines there washington. >> reporter: beginning today travelers from iran, libya, somalia, sudan, syria, and yemen will face a tougher time entering the u.s. as part of
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the president trump's revised travel ban. earlier this week supreme court partially restored the president's executive order, arguing that the lower courts that blocked the policy went too far in limiting mr. trump 's authority. order was widely criticized as a ban on muslims but trump administration says it is in the interest of national security. >> we will move forward not focusing on people from one religion, or one culture, but into doing a better job determining who the person that is wants to come and why they want to come here. >> reporter: court did not enforce administration's full ban, instead, saying that those with visas are okay, visa applicants and refugees would only be exempt if they can prove they have a bona fide relationship with an american person or entity, all this, as the house is expected to vote today, on two bills, cracking down on illegal immigration. kate's law strengthens penalties on undocumented immigrants hoff a criminal record and has illegally entered the country.
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no sanctuary for criminals act takes federal fund ago way from so-called sanctuary cities. >> we're calling on all members of the congress to honor grieving american families bypassing these life saving measures. >> reporter: american civil liberties union release aid statement denouncing bills saying they are riddled with constitutional violations. seth lemon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile president trump says he is optimistic that senate republicans will hammer out a deal on health care. g.o.p. members are regrouping after they failed to agree on a plan to repeal and replace affordable care act. a dozen republican senators are opposed to the bill in the current form. democrats say that they are willing to work with republicans, to fix the affordable care act. well, still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning a young woman shoots and killed her boyfriend in the you tube stunt that went terribly wrong. find out what they were trying to do and the tweet that she sent right before the shooting plus the controversial guardrail at center of the new
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lawsuits why three different families all say this guardrail led to the loved won death. coming up later in the healthwatch one thing that you do every day that could wipe out the benefits from exer size. >> ♪ >> you can feel the heat coming this morning. temperatures are on the rise, katie's let us know how hot it will get coming up after the break.
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coastguard video captures a rescue after a 22-foot boat returned off the coast of north carolina aboard that boat five people including a four year-old boy. >> it happened yesterday engineer the mason boro inlet, coastguard was able to safely pull everyone from the water there, no serious injuries were reported. well, more than 20 large wild fires continue to rage out west this one in the foot hills north of los angeles and getting too close for comfort. officials say that the flames have been spotted in or near backyard, in an up scale area of burbank. so, far fortunately no reported, homes have been destroyed but several under mandatory evacuation order, both air and ground crews are battling that blaze. check out this cell phone video now this was in southwest iowa yesterday, a powerful tornado tore off
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roofs and homes and badly damaged others. tornado watch has been issued for most of iowa, severe thunderstorms are expected to bring large hail and heavy rain, and last saturday we experienced tornado warning in new jersey. it is wild weather over the past week or so. >> this is time of the year, too, you guys, that at lee our area sees most of the severe weather because during the summer, long story short the jet stream lifts further north by latitude and tend to see storms travel along the jet stream. that is why northern states see more severe wet they are time of the year but that is either here or there but we are generally looking at sunshine for many days on end that certainly includes today no wet weather in the forecast today but you do see it off to the north it is not in the card for us at all. we have had cloud cover overnight built into help limit the cooling that took place, so it is milder this morning, we do have however in the next few days start to see dew points climbing. remember, direct correlation between to point and how it feels outside, so as that dew
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points climbs, your comfort will start to decrease, because it becomes not just not bad but more steamy, and then eventually oppressive in the upcoming weekend but hey, it is holiday weekend, we have barbecuing, beach go, and pool siding to get to, i guess you could say and so as humidity begins to crank up what a better excuse then to take a dip out there in the waves today. rip current risk is moderate, uv index is quite high. looking forward in the eyewitness seven day three straight days of 90 degrees, friday through sunday. overall this looks like a generally quiet forecast, just hot, steamy but there are some scattered showers, thunderstorms beginning to pop and best chance for widespread coverage of that happens on saturday, night, meisha. >> all right, holiday weekend, thanks very much, katie. looking outside right new we are looking at construction crews out there route 23 ramp to route 422 westbound, still closed until around 6:00 a.m. crews are still out there.
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just a head up, that again route 23 ramp to route 422 westbound is still closed. i will let you know when crews push out of the way. disabled vehicle 95 northbound pulled off to the far right, you can see cars going by there but be careful because it looks like they are crossing that line and people outside their vehicles so be careful there. construction i-95 south between scudder falls bridge and 332, right lane is going to be closed until around 3:00 . you can see those cones in the roadway as well and that sun glare so just make sure to pack those sunglasses. resurfacing project schuylkill eastbound from 202 to 476, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. over to you. pregnant woman charged with manslaughter makes her first court appearance, police say she shot her boyfriend in the stunt gone wrong, this happened in northwest minnesota, 19 year-old mona lisa perez is accused of shooting pedro ruiz the third through a book, he was holding
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over his chest. now two were making a stunt video to powe to you tube, before the shooting happened mona lisa tweeted me and pedro will probably shoot one of the most dangerous videos ever. his idea, not mine. >> they with do anything for each other including something this stupid, mona lisa would do anything he would ask and that is how much she loved him >> there is people out there doing crazy things to get these views, to get their numbers up, and i think that they just need to think twice and don't do it. think about it. >> so sad. couple had a child, and perez was expecting a second. perez's out on $7,000 bail right now. wild instagram video shows us a dump truck fire in harlem , and it happened last night under tracks of the metro north line, power was cut while fire fighters battled the fire and that meant trains were stalled at manhattan's grand central station, officials say morning
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commute is not affect. well, families of the three people killed in car crashes last year are filing lawsuit in the state of tennessee. correspondent chris van cleve shows us crash involved a certain type of highway guardrail this dash camera shows red suv will burt byrd was riding in slamming in the guardrail in tennessee. instead of collapsing backward it splinters sending metal through the vehicle. he is one of at lee seven deaths in three states, authorities link to these guardrails. >> losing a child is just most horrific, horrific thing that any one can imagine. >> gamble's daughter lauren and her friend jake davidson died one year ago, after their vehicle hit a guardrail that pierced the car. >> to think that she died so senselessly that is why we want to bring awareness to this issue so that other folks don't lose their children.
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>> reporter: video from lindsey transportation systems which make the guardrail shows us how it is supposed to work, helping absorb an impact but tennessee department of transportation found in some high speed crashes, the first section of the rail can separate allowing the next section to potential speaker a vehicle. state send this letter expressing concerns about the device and spending millions to remove all 1800 of them from tennessee road. there are 14,000 a long road in more than half of the country. most are in the these seven states. this is the attorney. >> unfortunately because of the design defects in the system it is causing, just horrendous damage and deaths. >> reporter: federal regulators say nine states have stopped buying or started to replace these devices but lindsey the manufacturer, says that these lawsuits are, without merit, adding the x life has successfully passed crash and safety testness
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accordance with federal standard. chris van cleve, cbs news, washington. >> shifting gears to happy news we are counting down tour next summer fest celebrate on high witness news. >> tomorrow we have a whole day of fun planned for you. i will get it started way lot philadelphia's hidden gems like magic gardens on south street, a stunning display, constructed out of just about everything. we have got some other surprises for to as we celebrate just a few reasons why we love philadelphia. join me tomorrow morning as i kick off summer fest, fun continues all day long too on "eyewitness news", summer if he is tomorrow we will be right
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sincerely, michele wright, fellow mom and fellow citizen. call 1-866-999-0152 to apply now. weeave the course of saturday and sunday will feature potential thunderstorms, your best chance to see wet weather at this point looks toe however, i keep your ears perked for showers andncel your outdoor pl,
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it will be hot and steamy sock y hydrated, guys. thanks, kat. headlines from across the region. >> on the cover of the mercury lower providence for not seekinp when her two-year old daughter swallo preription pills and died as a overdose. thirty-six year-old cristina griffio six years in prison in connection with the july 2015 death of >>from the delaware county daily times new don't be surprised if by friday law harrisburg haven't passed budget by june 30th deadline. new year legislature and governor have yet to agree on a spending plan that a 3 billion-dollar deficit. in the courier powe state and federal authorities announced a two dayrogram in ne, participating overturn up to three fons asked and get $200 per weapon. held yup 28th and
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29th in camden, and friendship baptist that is a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. wane their service accessible to everyone in the family. >> i like app is allowing users to request ride for their loved. whether the requested ride is for them or for someone else, message to thr with the drivers detail and a link to uber hopes this will provide safe, reliable transportation, to more people. well, coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" fire works law just passed in new jersey in time for fourth of july. >> plus the iphone turns 10 it changed the life as we know it , this morning, we will take a look at impact it has had with apple and investors. it is wawa hoagie day where you can get free lunch and why, meisha. wealth earnings we have or
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i'm jan carabao rahel's off today it i need to know today 2017. >> it vice hurtful, very painful.ild not overseas but back home during a robbery. victim was identified as howard white, white's best fried marine career military man who was o leave. frightening crash caught on camera a local wom lucky to e after she was almost run over
6:31 am
>> it seems unreal. >> after a ruling from theart oe president trump's travel ban takes effect today. everyone, it is wawa hoagie day, first time wawa's st hoagie will be built half turkey, half i >> oh. phillies first series win on the road in a long time. fast forward to tonight phillies tin joseph up and out. five-four win. not a great season so far for phillies but still win. >> we're talking about a good forecast today, is that right wu are so inclined and it will be breezy, as wel a bit more from what we saw yesterday. yesterday was warm butou not stt , right, long with that we
6:32 am
have had lowutif day. much of that is translating into what today'sike, we had cld cover and breeze beginning to pick up as well but these skicelar from generally more sun then anything and we will again start to heat uefficiently. currently we are at 66 degrees , mid 60's in the region j imount pocono markedlyr then we were this same time yesterday. we were in all, variable chill in the air at this time yesterday but like a e to find a pool near you, warmer, steamy, and hotter and with that full sunshine, uv index is quite high and make sure you put on that sun block as you take your noodles and rubber ducks in the pool. we used to joke this was ukee 's backyard. maybe it is jim's, yeah. >> i have a bathtub. >> inviting everybody over for pool party later today. beautiful weather, expected,
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that said and later in the show we will talk about of course, upcoming weekend and when and where those spotty thunderstorms are expected, so a lot more in terms of the specifics on how you may want to maneuver those picnic plans coming up later in the show, meisha. >> katie, whose ever pool that is we never got an invite. we have construction here, headlights moving from southbound between scudder falls bridge and route 332. right lane is closed until 3:00 p.m. hard to see but construction is in the road right there we are dealing with the sun glare as well. pack those sunglasses. schuylkill at city avenue pushing in the westbound direction, very, very busy. you come off that boulevard. head up bumper to bumper conditions now, clearly just a snail's crawl there schuylkill westbound at city avenue. eastbound side is not moving that much better through the city. construction here crew is still out there route 23 ramp
6:34 am
to 422 westbound supposed to be closed until have a.m. they are still working hard out there. that is still closed. right around there we have construction 422 westbound between sanatoga and arm and hammer boulevard. left lane closed between 7:00 a.m. sane p.m. we have another accident schuylkill westbound at gladwynn that left lane is compromised, and i want to talk about in the next 10 minutes, jim, back over to you thanks, meisha. updating breaking news we have been following all morning long a u.s. marine shot and killed during an overnight robbery in philadelphia's olney section. family members identified the victim as 46 year-old howard white, a retired marine on leave from work, as a priority security contractor overseas. family members say by the was just trying to prevent a bar from being robbed when he was shot and killed near fifth and spencer street. police went to the scene but too late, white died from his injuries. >> he tried to prevent a robbery tonight.
6:35 am
in turn, he was gunned down. it is very hard for me and my family, because after serving your country and then to come home, to get shot down like a dog, it is very heart full, very painful. >> police say that the suspect broke in nearby home where home owner and his adult son managed to wrestle the gun from the suspect. they then waited for police to arrive and rest him. a former bucks county football coach is behind bars on sexual assault charges this morning. shannon westmoreland coached for been sample rambleers, between 1999 and 2005. during that time he is accused of sexually assaulting three children. authorities say there is nothing specific that points to more victims but full investigation is underway. >> these types of cases take an a pattern and we are just concerned that the pattern repeated itself in this instance.
6:36 am
>> westmoreland's bail set at $300,000. authorities are urging parents of the football players and cheer leaders to speak to their children. highest ranking vatican official ever charge in the catholic church sex abuse scandal says that he will take a leave of absence and return to his native australia to defend himself. cardinal george bellies pope francis chief financial advisor and former archbishop of melbourne and sidney, two men in their 40's claim pell abused home in melbourne in the late 70's and due in the australian court july 18th. a vicious attack in west chester is caught on camera and police say they need public's help finding the one responsible in the video you can see a man punch another man and then throw him to the ground on gay street sunday morning. victim suffered a serious head injury. at last check he is still in critical condition if you recognize this man call the police. staying in chester county now fiance of the man charged with sucker punching a disable man is now also facing charges
6:37 am
prosecutors say that denise schmidt helped barry baker hide from police earlier this month. schmidt is accused of paying for baker's hotel room in exton where police eventually found him. baker's behind bars waiting for his preliminary hearing. well, fourth of july is right around the corner and new legislation in new jersey might just make the holiday a little bit more exciting for some new jersey governor chris christie recently signed a bill legalizing the sale of certain fire works in the state. the law allows folks 16 and old tore buy hand held and ground based sparklers that you can purchase certain novel ty items including party poppers and snappers, all explosive and aerial fire works, well, those remain illegal. ten years ago today apple ceo steve jobs unveiled a new product which he described as a revolutionary mobile phone and break through internet communications device. >> this morning we are celebrating a decade of the i phone by the numbers. cbs news business analyst jill
6:38 am
schlesinger joins us live from new york. good morning, jill. >> good morning. >> has iphone delivered on steve jobs promises. yes, abe then some n2007, 10 percent of the u.s. population had a smart phone to day 80 percent too. apple has been driving force behind that rise, apple has sold 1.2 billion iphones globally. in doing so it has change our lives. think about this, this year a trillion digital photos will be taken on phones largely because of apple's technology. remember first iphone didn't even have an app, year later in 2008 that changed, there are 2.1 million apps on the apple app store, 3.4 million on the competitor, google play store, and tech experts say that this development, apps, this made iphone a must have device and expound new innovations and co. think bit, without an app we don't have uber, lyft, or
6:39 am
instagram, or snap chat, and in the first quarter of 2017, combined publisher revenue for down load and in app purchases in both app store and google play, 10 and a half billion dollars that never existed 10 years ago. >> i should have bought apple stock back then. what was impact on apple as a company overall these past 10 years. >> reporter: if you think you should have bought stock 10 years ago wait until you hear these numbers, apple has become most profitable public company in the world. they have a market cap of three-quarters of a trillion dollars, okay, that is a t, more than twice as much as exxon mobile, three times as much as general electric, over the past 10 years apple has business has grown by 10 times last year it had $45 billion in profit, $215 billion of revenue, 23rd came from the i phone alone. apple stock relax jim don't faint it has increased by 720
6:40 am
percent over the past 10 years that dwarfs the 134 percent rise from the nasdaq composite. all right, done feeling bad for yourself just enjoy your i phone. >> we should buy apple stock. i remember saying i don't know about that company. >> regrets. >> that is why i'm still here working. >> i understand. >> well, are you craving a hoagie. >> i am your consolation prize , jim. >> yes, you are in luck, it is wawa hoagie day. this is a live picture from the national constitution center, where some eag also players and wawa associates are busy making hoagies. 23,000 to be exact. they will be made from 12,000- pound of ingredients, and it is all part of the welcome america celebrations in addition, wawa associates will build and serve an enormous hoagie with ingredients weighing more than 6 tons, free sandwiches will be searched served this year. national constitution center
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and the independent center. grab your at noon. >> or 12:26-59 after the news. >> yes. >> meisha's taking us on the dream drive coming up next. plus it is tough to get to the gym to work out so what if i told you all that hard work could be wiped away by something we do every day, jim >> i need to know. >> we will explain in the healthwatch, pat. tonight in allen continue on iron pigs are celebrating philly we will show you the amazing jersey they are wearing for one night only and cool night they have planned in 10 minutes. >> ♪ >> katie says it is starting to heat up to day, what we can expect heading in the weekend, is that right, katie. >> you got it, man. >> i'm here for you.
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very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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lift off this was the wallops island flight, nasa launched the rocket 4:30 this morning. this has been postponed a dozen times because of badn the atmosphere it deployed vapor to cped scientists study particle motion. cloud could be seen from insuringa. >> wow. on the healthwatch you know exercise goodies for your health and bad. >> well, new study says spending too much time sitting benefits you get from exercise. we are in trouble, jim. researchers pooled fultz 40 studies and found more people spentittheir risk of premature , 60 minutes a day didn't negative, side effects. experts say trying to stand and walk around
6:46 am
possible. so i think that would mean a standing think. >> my goodness, yeah. >> you tell me to do something d do something. >> jimmies currently stunned. >> i'm extending my >> let's all do that. >> yes. >> what is heng. >> yes. >> listening to the command, exactly. ng laps around the studio, that is all i'm saying. >> would i like to keep you around a while, thank you. >> let look at eyewitness weather watchers send nothing lots of sunrise pictures for us this morning. notice, the pictures sent in there is more included cover then there was this same time yesterday. we will go to just one lynn springer's she sent this with this beautiful sunlight popping up over horizon. this was taken an hour or so ago now that sun has ridden more but you can see pretty colors. we have cloud to work with here and it tend to pre dues really pretty colors on that early morning sky line.
6:47 am
looking at wind direction, take a look, wind quite light at the moment from all of the watchers but notice that the direction is for the most part starting to come either out of the southe or southwest, and that wind flow is key, because we are sitting on the back edge right now of high pressure. ren, in the northern hemisphere high pressure goes in clockwise motion, so what you will end up having is on the western side of it more wind flow coming from the south like we currently have but also bringing in the warmth, humidity witt. so we have got sunshine throughout the day but today is it is hotter, certainly going to be more breezy, as we get rid of the arrow and will start to turn steamy. lets look at ocean water temperature because thinks starting to creep up closer to my personal taste, we are in the lower 60's in barnegat, atlantic city, barnegat quite mild, at their buye there but 60's are the call from cape may, sea isle, across the bay but all and all really nice looking beach weather here today.
6:48 am
keep in mind rip current risk is moderate so make sure you are near the guard. today looks like a great barbecue day getting a jump start on the holiday. in sunshine it stays warm but which go inside air conditioning as humidity is starting to really grip on us the next couple of days for when you sit down to dinner. next couple days scattered showers or thunderstorms at war but more than anything, meisha it will be hot. this is what people want for the holiday. >> they do for holiday weekend that is what they want, you nailed it, barbecues, being outside, watching fire works. looking outside your commute this morning looking a little bit, slow, and reason why is primarily construction. i-95 southbound between scudder falls bridge and 332 that right lane compromised until 3:00 p.m. schuylkill at city avenue looking very slow, take a look at this, 676, 476 will take an extra hour, why? because this doesn't help, we have an accident schuylkill
6:49 am
westbound at gladwynn that left lane is compromised right now, that is really going to slow you down, tack on a extra hour or 30 minutes or so there construction route 23 ramp to 422 westbound is also closed this was scheduled to clear up around 6:00 a.m. it looks like crews are still out there for those traveling by, just note that ramp is closed route 23 to route four toe owe 422 westbound. we have an accident in willow grove. we will talk about that in the next 10 minutes. tonight in allentown lehigh valley iron pigs are celebrating their friend to the south with solute to philadelphia night, and joining me this morning to discuss fun evening at coca cola park is john shaver from vp and communications of lehigh valley iron pigs. >> thanks for having me. >> it is solute to philadelphia night. tell us what we should expect. >> we are changing or name to the lehigh valley wiz kid and paying homage to that classic phillies team.
6:50 am
it is a play on cheese wi z. >> yes. >> known to philadelphia we have cheese stake caps. we are changing our name. phillies fanatic will be at coca cola park. we have beer specials, hot dogs specials. fun night. >> yes, here it is. >> right here. >> show us the goods. >> this is on field jersey iron pigs are wearing, honor coca cola park. thinks a cap. >> beautiful. >> they will be wearing cheese stake caps. they can be bid on at iron petition guarantee one jersey can be bit anywhere, we will send them if they win. they will be worn on the field by prospects of the fill is. >> one night only thing. >> one night only, we have merchandise, in our, in our team score and tickets are available at iron petition >> got to love it. >> cool working in the minor league. you get to come up with fun stuff. what other stuff. >> minor league baseball is known for and iron petition men for, we are wearing a bake on kappas well, the iron pigs. we wear a injuries that i say bacon u.s.a. >> that is beautiful. >> and, yes, on weekend on
6:51 am
saturday, and it is just a great place to work. >> so talk about the players, on the iron pigs right now, specifically within by that people were plot to go see in the majors scott kingry. >> he came up earlier this week. he has played well. two home run game on tuesday night. he is only player in professional baseball major or minor home legs, 20 home runs, 20 stolen bases. people are excited about having in triple a. >> a couple of other players as well, lot of good, young players, reese hoskins. >> he is the international league mvp three months in the season. he leagues lead in home runs and rbi, having an all-star caliber mvp caliber years. other players as well. nick williams that cameal a couple years ago has a grade year. he hit 1 on. and cousins, people talk b, stars theyas been a greaties are in allentown. >> john, we appreciate that,
6:52 am
thank very muc on with the iron pigs up in allentown. jim and jan, back over to you me appreciate it. 6:52. there is a lotbs this morning. >> gayle king joins us l >> jim, do you appreciate it, i heard you say we appreciate it what do you we appreciateat s amazing, informative segments ys >> we are just talking about iron pigs. >> do you appreciate it. okay appreciate it. jan, hello, good to see you too. >> ahead seth down is a cardinal who works closely with frais vowed to fight multiple sexual assault charges. very, very serious story day. new doctors will be allowed to work4 straight, and we will look at whether the move could put patientnesssman a civil rights icon john lewis, we have his msahe struggles for
6:53 am
equality, he was there from the beginning, all part of the continuing niee to self. all that plus eye opener which means of course your world you at 7:00 which business seven minutes from right now. be watching, thank you. tucked away in the philadelphia studio it is a blast to meisha took a dream drive to visit. >> yes, you guys, i sure artt se to create art and one of the favorite things about thisy to f , it happens, like a little life lesson aso for a ri. >> here we are in east falls and we are going to be doing something unique be working wit. 't just a glass working studio they encourage public to learn. you can call it public access to glass. >> this is so temperature. >> four years ago sean bradley
6:54 am
was a mechanic when heork a whit hooked and now he manages a studio. tell me what yre >> right now, i have bubbles and attached it to the bottom here. you can see i have got that, nice and hot, and then i can start to pull on it. start to take a little shake here. >> within a few minutes shawn has carved off extra glass and shaped the rest into a vase. >> you are making it look so easy but it is going from one shape to the next here and you are just doing it as you talk, like, casually, you know. >> reporter: some glass working techniques date backup to 3,000 years, a combination of the powerful heat and air. >> people that come in they just want to do it for fun try your hand at it. >> we teach classes once good enough, you can rent our facility and come in by
6:55 am
yourself and make something all yourself on your own. >> reporter: since glass workers around the area share this space there is a lot of activity. visitors can stop by and watch them work and browse beautiful finished products. >> do you find that a lot of people that work with one glass... no, that was our glass. >> one of our favorite things about glass borrowing is failure aspect. >> yes. >> when i started, it made a lot of what we call floor models. >> yes. >> like nothing you have ever tried and even if you are not good at it and don't catch on right away it is still a ton of fun to play with hot glass. >> thanks so much, no reason to ever be bored in the delaware valley. >> he broke it you do. >> we will be right
6:56 am
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lets check weather and traffic. >> it is looking like a really great cool day, great beach day, i can see sun shining nicely out here at margate, keep in mind rip current risk looks innocent, doesn't it. rip current risk moderate, take it easy but our holiday weekend, nice licensing weekend for you looks hot, steam which scattered showers and storms, meisha. >> thank you. schuylkill westbound at gladwynn that left lane is compromised, at city avenue. cbs this morning is next.
7:00 am
>> have a great day. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it's thursday, june 29th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." a catholic cardinal who is one of the pope's closest advisers is accused of sexual abuse. overnight he denied the charges saying he is the victim of relentless character assassination. severe weather threatens millions of americans today after more than two dozen tornadoes swept through the midwest, and fast moving wildfires force hundreds from homes in the southwest. plus our note to self continues this morning. congressman john louis wright as letter to himself about a lifetime of fighting injustice. first we take a look at this


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