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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  June 30, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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well, now at noon the manhunt, continues, for the gun man who fightally shot a chester county teen, police say recent high school grad was murdered in a case of road rage. a $5,000 reward is now being offered for information, leading to that suspect, good afternoon everyone i'm jan carabao, jim donovan is off this noon. "eyewitness news" reporter henry rossoff just spoke to the victim's heart broken family who joins us live this noon from the west goshen police department with that and the latest, in the search
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for a killer, henry. >> reporter: good afternoon. this police station actually sits right off of paoli pike that is the last known location of driver of the red pickup truck that driver is accused of shooting and killing bianca bianca roberson on highway 100. i just spoke to the family, the father says hardest parties thinking the progression of this just a crash on the highway to some shine shooting their girl in the head while trying to merge on to that highway. >> i just thought it was a regular car accident and it went from a car accident to road rage, with her then being run off the road to last night that she was shot. and she was shot. he shot my baby. he shot my baby. >> it already all right. we will get through this. >> reporter: let's give you another look at red pick up police are looking for and is there now a $5,000 reward
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being offered by crime stoppers, for information, and police say that driver, and roberson were merging on 100 when that person shot her sending her car off the road and in the ditch. roberson just graduated from rustin high school in west chester. we are hearing that a few dozen high schoolers, showed up for counseling this morning and many more at a vigil tentatively planned for tonight but the family just told me about 45 minutes ago details are still being firmed up. tonight at 5:00 o'clock, directly from the roberson's what they have to say, to the driver, of the red pick up, that is still being sought, he is still being sought by authorities, at this hour. live from west goshen, henry rossoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, henry keep us up to date, thank you. police in south philadelphia want the public's help to identify another dangerous driver, caught on camera, this surveillance video shows a man in the white cadillac with what appears to be a handgun, this video fridays june 20th on the 700 block of tasker street.
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police say that the suspect fired several shots at a 23 year-old man and then got away , if you recognize anything about this suspect, police want to hear from you. well, it is a hot start too our long weekend, temperatures are rising as we head in the fourth of july holiday. lets get a first lot the forecast with meteorologist katie fehlinger live on the cbs-3 sky deck, how does it feel. >> it is hot, definitely heating up, jan, for sure and today we will see the hottest when it comes to temperature readings on the thermometer, but we do have a lot of humidity that will be building in our atmosphere here in the next couple of days, so it doesn't matter, honestly, right up to the fourth of july what the thermometer read it will just feel hot. we are in the upper 80's. that is where we stan. we certainly have a few more degrees left in us before the day is said and done. lets get out train start off with a quick peak at storm scan. i will show you this because in the last couple of hours, lot of little pockets of showers, rolled just north of mount pocono, and thinks sort of the sign of things to come.
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we are going to see a very weak disturbance bypass us off to the northwest, so some of you, especially the further northwest you travel, may see a quick shower or thunderstorm , toward the tail end of the day, so, just watch out for. that i think if you are at the shore and watching us you don't have to worry about wet weather at all. here's where we currently stand, yes, it is hot. even in reading and allentown it its hotter then the city. that is an interesting turn off events. we're at 85 at the airport. eighty-five in wildwood. eighty-five in wilmington and in millville. liberty a very warm afternoon, it is summer, it is what you expect and maybe your plans include hitting the pool. not a bad idea since it is turning steamy as the afternoon progresses. i can tell dew points have climbed, since i was out here earlier this morning, on "eyewitness news" but today's high is expected to hit 93 in the city and that, of course, with the combination of the sunshine out here, we need lots of sun block and staying hydrated. coming up later, jan, we will talk about this extended heat that continues and also the
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best chance for some showers and storms, over the course of the holiday weekend, wow. >> hot, hot, hot, thanks, katie. it is fitting weather for our summer fest celebration in philadelphia today, we're celebrating the nation's history this fourth of july weekend in the city that started it all. jessica dean will be live on independent mall and we will have crews all across the city on "eyewitness news" starting at 5:00. new south korean president moon jay in and president trump held talks throughout the night after dinner at the white house on thursday. cbs news, correspondent weijia jiang has more from the white house. >> reporter: president trump greeted new south korean president moon at the white house, topping the agenda how to handle north korea's nuclear and ballistic missiles program. >> we have many options with respect to north korea. >> reporter: president moon told u.s. lawmakers this week that removing nuclear weapons from north cover reace now more likely because president trump is still so focused on the issue.
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>> they have more nooks, advanced fire capabilities and ballistic missiles capabilities and trump is saying i will do something about this. >> reporter: while dealing with the threat of north korea may be a top priority, white house officials say the president is determined to get a new trade deal with south korea. >> south korea is a major trading partner with the united states and we want something good for the american worker. >> reporter: trade deficit with north korea has more than doubled since 2012, white house wants to make it easier to sell american made cars there. >> 25,000 cars per 18 million are allowed in. >> reporter: white house officials say they are also concerned about chinese steel being dumped in the u.s. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meantime a war of word between president trump and the hosts of ms nbc morning joe continues for a second day the president tweeted this
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morning quote watched low rated morning joe for first time in long time. fake news. lawmakers from both side of the aisle condemned the president's comments yesterday when he took to twit tore call joe scarbureau and mika brzezinski low iq mika and psycho joe. he claimed brzezinski was bleeding badly from a face lift. morning show hoes wrote a op ed characterizing the president's actions as an unrelenting assault on women. well, the clock is ticking , new jersey lawmakers hope to pass their nearly $35 billion budget before midnight tonight, a risk a government shut down. governor chris christie told his cabinet that this will be the first shut down since 2006 the assembly speaker is apparently holding up a vote there. he opposes legislation overhauling the state's largest health insurer that legislation is part of the bipartisan budget agreement. meantime pennsylvania lawmakers are debating a
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32 billion-dollar budge net harrisburg. it carries more money for schools, pension obligation bus would require belt tightening across governmental agencies and in medicaid. lawmakers say that they will try next week to find money to cover a 2 billion-dollar projected short fall. and oklahoma man conduct an elaborate sting operation to catch an alleged sexual predator. he says that the man was targeting his 15 year-old daughter. david begnot spoke to the fat ber how he took matters into his own hand. >> reporter: when jeremy dwayne gibson arrived at his home 12:30, in the morning he didn't expect this surprise. he was tackled to the ground by three men, his hand, feet, bound with ties, the teenage girl allegedly thought was in that tents thought to be a grown woman. >> did you have any trepidation that somebody might get hurt in all this. >> it crossed my mind, yes, very much so, but the situation out weighed those thoughts. >> reporter: father who asked us not to reveal his name said gibson recently began sending
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facebook messages and nude pictures to his daughter. >> he was messaging her and encouraging her to meet him. >> so the dad filed a police report but later in he saw messaging that gibson was meeting his daughter at family 's house that night so he hatched a plan. >> essentially you made a citizens arrest. >> i said he stepped in the wrong backyard and messed with the wrong girl. >> reporter: police charged gibson one count of using technology to engage in sexual communication with a minor. >> they dit without harming him or leaving any bruces or marks on him. >> reporter: major jody suit with the dell city police department says family operation was almost professional. >> but we never encourage people to take the law in their own hand that is why we're paid to take risk for. >> if i was than the as involved as i am i don't know when i would have cuffed him. that scars me but for other children and other families out there. >> reporter: suspect is out of jail and we have tried to reach him but weren't able to. he did tell police apparently that he was coming here to go in that tents to show the young girl error of her ways.
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the dad doesn't believe that. but the dad say he didn't want to hurt this guy. the guy gave i am when they tackled him in the spot in the backyard. the dad says he just wanted to stop him, and then turn him over to the police. david begnot for cbs news, dell city, oklahoma. and, coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a tennis superstar under investigation. why police in florida are looking into venous williams, in his role in a deadly crash and the famous athlete response. and plus hitting the road for the holiday weekend, we cannot help you with that traffic but there is some good news. we will tell you last time prices at the pull wrap this low for the fourth of
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back on "eyewitness news" tennis star venous williams is at center of the police investigation in florida avenue authorities say that she crashed a car that claimed the life of the 78 year-old man. it is the palm beach gardens intersection where police say it happened on the afternoon of june 9th. witnesses say she ran a red light in her toyota suv with another car, driven by the victim's wife, crashed into her a girl was injured in the crash and died two weeks later williams hasn't received a citation or been charged. >> when you look at vehicular homicide and what they would need for the threshold to prove there, they would need reckless driving and it doesn't appear to be reckless driving because she wasn't cited for it. >> now williams told officers that she did not see the other
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vehicle when she entered the intersection on a green light, but the police report says the athlete was traveling at 5 miles per hour at the time and was not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. back here at home now officialness ocean city need your head identifying a group of juveniles caught vandal icing an amusement park. these photos are from surveillance video at playland cast away cove on the boardwalk on june 26th and 29th. authorities say the teens trespassed and damaged private property, if you have any information, contact the ocean city police department. archaeologists are starting to analyze hundreds of remains that were discovered in olde city earlier this year. students and experts unloaded bodies yesterday to be examined in burlington, new jersey n march crews found them at a construction site at second abe arch streets. since then they have been stored in south philadelphia. the archaeologist want to know who these historical philadelphians were. >> we want to learn about the
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health, about the deeds around early city population, we want to learn burial practices, we want to learn about the material culture of the past and ultimately get these people back in the ground where they need to be. the people being studied lived between 1707 and 1859. well, buddhists in philadelphia say that fake monks in the sit are giving them a bad name. you may have seen them on the sit streets they dressed like monks, hand people items and ask for donations but real monks say don't be fooled, we showed video of the, robe wearing man to the monks with the temple of philadelphia and new jersey and he said these alleged fake monks are bad for the image of real buddhists. >> monks practice kindness and , you know, live a good life, not to take something from people. >> there is a facebook page called, fake monks in
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philadelphia. well, triple a predicts 44.2 million people will be getting out of town for this holiday weekend making it busiest on record. low gas prices are fueling surge and national average is right around $2.23 a gallon, the lowest it has been for july 4th weekend, since 2005. surprisingly the cheapest gas in our region isn't in new jersey, no, it is actually in delaware, many drivers in our area taking full advantage. >> we're going to go down to a lake in harrisburg this weekend. so, because gas prices are low we're able to do that. >> triple a is reminding drivers to check car tires, batteries, and fluids before hitting the road, always good advice. still ahead right here on "eyewitness news" forget hello , it is adele saying good bye, rumor has it that the superstar singer may not be touring anymore we will show you what is sparking the speculation. >> i enjoyed that, puns all over the place, jan. on looking ahead to the weekend watch, and the holiday
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is right around the corner and as we mentioned earlier in the show the heat and humidity is expect to last but also some thunderstorms in this forecast , so right after the break we will get more sense of the timing on all of that for you, although skies are set to clear out on sunday. saturday that is one day that may mess with your outdoor plans, we will
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welcome back. rumor has that it adele might never tour again coming from the singer herself, at a recent show in london adele left her fans this handwritten letter in the concert program, it says in part quote, touring is a picture thing it doesn't suit me particularly well.
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star played 123 shows on this tour, her letter went onto say that the london show might have been her last, but she does intend to keep recording music. i guess that is the good news at the end of the day. >> i suppose so but all adele fans are breathing this collective sigh of no. >> right, right. she's fantastic live too. >> a couple of glitches, yes, but can you imagine the rigor of just being constantly on tour. it has got to be tough. >> and being a mom. >> absolutely, yes. so lets switch gears and talk about the forecast. everybody is glued to the forecast right now and what will happen. all have outdoor plans whether you are hitting the beach, going to the lake or barbecue in your own backyard. all and all this is a cool forecast. that is fantastic news since, lucky you, you have off for five straight days coming up here. lets take a look outside looking at storm scan three it is still calm and collect at local level but i'm showing you this wired zoom to show you this disturbance from earlier in the show.
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pocket of the showers that rolled through early this morning that has since fizzled but as day progresses we will see a few more of these showers and storms redevelop, and now that heat is building in advance of this, you can get some feisty thunderstorms in the poconos. bulk of this stays north, however, further north and west you travel just keep an eye to the sky right here, keep those ears perked for thunder if you hear it, head inside because there can be nasty storms to develop. it is not an issue or concern at the shore. meanwhile it looks quiet in the meantime further off to the west, but we are going to see another frontal system moving in, as early as tomorrow and that is going to actually end up being our best chance for anything that you can call quote unquote widespread in terms of the wet weather that happens. second half of tomorrow, it is again, best chance for anybody , to be fair game for shower, thunderstorms throughout the day. we will get through future weather in the second but we have a severe weather threat to tell but for tomorrow, especially through north and western most suburbs and toward central pennsylvania more general thunderstorm
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chance however as we get closer to the city and generally vast majority of the delaware valley is included in that lets look at future weather. we will jump to 3:00 p.m., this afternoon, just on the outskirts this is a model, it is not gospel but does give you a guide. we will see this just clip pennsylvania those north and western most suburbs but look at these nasty storms, they managed to survive far enough south for example in the lehigh valley you could be facing problematic weather if you are traveling route 22 for example. moving forward things do continue, in terms of the that stormy weather for northern suburbs in the early evening and then it clears out. albeit, briefly by tomorrow, more showers, more storms begin to fire up but still just scattered fashion. dew points are climbing, boy, again just out on the sky deck you feel it at this point. bench mark to start feeling humid is about 65. you are in the 70's in a handful of spots. it is beginning to feel quite muggy but that is where beach comes in and holiday comes in and get opportunity to at lee be near the water at lee some of you do so take advantage of
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it, but it is a steamy afternoon, meanwhile at the shore expectation is that we will top off in the mid 80's, this afternoon, watch temperatures on the cool side but it will feel nice, given the heat that we have got out there, uv index high, also worth a mention that rip current risk is still moderate , so always swim near guard, do so all weekend long, please. looking ahead saturday afternoon, evening is the best chance for showers or storms, and i think sunday clears out, monday, there is a shower at all it is a stray of showers and it looks sunny, steamy on the fourth itself. >> yes. >> not bad, for mother nature this time of the year we will take that forecast. >> absolutely agree. >> check this out, our dose of cute today. rare sight on wye key key beach. this seal was spotted with its new public. there are 1400 seals men in existence and 300 are in the main, hawaii island. beach goers are told to stay
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away and her puppy as seals are known to be very protective of their young. >> so precious. >> h
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that is "eyewitness news" at noon i'm jan carabao for katie and all of us here thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 we are always on line at cbs >> young and restless is up next, have a great day.
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>> michael: how can this be? >> victoria: oh, michael... >> michael: no, seriously! one minute we're fighting juliet's lawsuit tooth and nail, and now suddenly you decide to settle. >> victoria: well, i would give anything not to, trust me, but cane has painted me into a corner. look, i accept that he didn't tell that woman "sleep with me and i will make your career great," but we don't have proof of that. this lawsuit is unwinnable because cane's credibility is completely shot. >> michael: why? what am i missing? what else happened? >> victoria: cane admitted that he lied about having sex with juliet. >> michael: [ chuckles ] all right. [ clears throat ] i was afraid of that. what made him change his story now, of all times? >> victoria: he had no choice. juliet's pregnant.


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