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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 30, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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history that surround us in this area and we are soaking it all up, independent mall, is going to be rather bus think weekend. a lot of activities. as we start thinking about the fourth of july holiday we start thinking about how our nation began, how we gained our independence and we begin in the man we went to call our resident historian here at cbs-3 in case you were wondering david spunt loves history so what better person to talk about the history of philadelphia. >> love it, thanks for having me. it is certainly impossible, to tell the history of philadelphia in the next two minutes so i will go back a little bit further in time before george washington, betsy ross, and the liberty bell. 241 years ago this week, delegates from the 13 columnist why inside this room , getting closer to declaring independent from king george the third. but long before that scorching summer of 76, the lenape type settled along the delaware
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river in the 1600's, the dutch es, fins and swedes moved in. >> colors of the philadelphia flag are blue and gold, that is colors of the flag of sweden. >> reporter: doctor lee arnold is direct of library and collections at historical society of pennsylvania and says this sit has quite a story to tell. >> i don't think there is any other city in the united states that can come near philadelphia for its history, or its importance within the nation. >> reporter: in 1682, a proud quaker named william penn founded philadelphia he put two greek word together. penn wanted philadelphia to be an inclusive city, penn, in pennsylvania isn't even named after penn seen at top of the city hall since 18934. he is now being cleaned for his once in a decade tune up, the state of pennsylvania is named after another william penn, his father, admiral wilson men. king charles the second owed the admiral money and gifted him land.
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pennsylvania. doctor arnold gave us a look at william penn's personal letters. in one he wrote about his dis satisfaction, with pennsylvania earnings being named after his family. he wrote about business dealings in this letter from july 1696. >> quakers don't believe putting on naming things for themselves. >> reporter: it doesn't mean people cannot quickly draw you when you are not wear. these pastels are incredibly rare and show penn and his wife hanna callowhill penn both were drawn from life. just another treasure doctor arnold mentions when his friend from other cities don't give philadelphia the credit that it deserves. >> they will say, you know, boston where america started. oh, please, boston. >> reporter: i loved that line when he says oh, please boston i'm from boston. i love boston. boston is a great city with a lot of history but philadelphia, i got to tell you has more history. scholars say this city is only modern day city that george washington and ben franklin
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would recognize if they walked the city to day. >> they do say that yes, lot of original things in this sit proud to have philadelphia here. >> they don't call it cradle of liberty for nothing. >> exactly. >> thanks very much for taking us back a bit. we also look forward and a lot of people are looking to the weather forecast, it is a big holiday weekend. we will go to lauren casey at belmont plateau at fairmount park and lauren, everyone wants to know how weekend is shaping up. >> reporter: thanks, we had a nice break from the heat and humidity, earlier this week but yeah, it is back, i see nothing out here on the plateau but it is just a nice sunshine. quiet conditions. breeze has kicked up. right now mobile weather watcher is picking up on hot temperatures right now. currently where i am positioned 88 degrees. heat index up to the 90's. we certainly do have that humidity factor. high temperatures are soaring, right now all across the delaware valley, generally in the 90's. 92 degrees in philadelphia. ninety at trenton.
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90 degrees in dover. we have wind to help cool us off, wind speed, breezy up around 15 to 20 miles an hour, helping us out but not helping us out, the dew points, they are up in to the middle 60's and it feels so steamy right now. and with all this warmth, moisture we are seeing some storms firing off right now, mainly far north and west of the sit a cross carbon, monroe , northampton county seeing thunderstorm activity, but heading out to the fire works at spruce street harbor park at 9:30 forecast is looking good. 79 degrees. cloud around maybe a very stray shower but otherwise enjoyable conditions, and jessica me and my photographer nate will be heading back or over there, this evening, at spruce street harbor park to enjoy those fire works and patriotic festivities over there later this evening. we will be live from the 10 and 11:00 over at spruce street. >> we are looking forward to that, thanks very much. we are certainly standing in the middle of history we are steps from the liberty bell, from all kind of
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wonderful history that explains where our nation came from. what better person to talk about that then, dina hill from the national park service we forget, we are standing in the middle of a national park. >> yes, definitely, this is independent national historical park, over 55 acres are a part of this park. we love it. it is one of 400 spots, in the national park service, so many , many sites but most people think of the wilderness but we have got this right here in philadelphia which we're proud of. >> you guys see a lot of people through here every year >> we do. >> last year was, a record breaking year, for us, and over 5 million people, 5 million visitors came to visit our park and they learned they were 76 countries ironic number 76. and people around the world, come here. >> it is amaze ago this it draws people from all over and especially this weekend. people want to do a fourth of july, in philadelphia, tell us a little bit about what to
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expect this weekend. >> we have lots of things including starting on monday, we have the pops concert, that is later in the evening, and of course our big celebration july 4th. so in the morning at 10:00 a.m. we have a ceremony in front of the independent hall and then a great parade and then later in the afternoon we have another ceremony that freedom rings and then we also have a bell tapping at the liberty bell center. >> so plenty to do for the whole family. >> definitely plenty to do and plenty to learn. >> thanks very much for being with us, good luck, on a busy weekend where you will be hard to work at this wonderful national park. we want to go down to the mall , speaking of it and visit with vittoria woodill there taking a lot at preparations, variety tore use. >> reporter: that is right, i have to say i was listening to the interview and talking about people who want to spend fourth of july right here in the place where the united states of america began. behind me you have independent mall but in front of me we have rita, perry from alabama,
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i'm going to have to try to resist the urge to talk in a southern talk but welcome to philadelphia. >> thank you. >> rita and perry are letting life unfold. you are on a road trip to see the new england states and philadelphia was a go to spot, why is that. >> it is beautiful. >> it is history. >> yes i have to say we have so happy to have you here, thanks very much. you can follow your adventures right if anybody is interested because you are traveling. >> yes, on facebook. >> what is facebook page. >> sharing our adventures >> love it. rita and perry welcome to philadelphia. have a great fourth of july. here's what i love they are letting life unfold, celebrating the fourth, they are letting history speak to them and making history on their own. that is how you spend fourth of july. >> there is no question bit, tori, thanks very much. from independent mall to the art museum there are just real
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classics, real places that everybody knows about when you think of philadelphia, the art museum steps certainly come to mind but there are hidden gems in our city, some things that we don't know as much about and jan carabao shows us some of those. >> reporter: tucked away inside curtis on sixth street opposite washington square is a dream garden. not made of traditional leaves and flowers but 100,000 pieces of glass. >> it is a hidden treasure that people come visit it regularly. >> reporter: crowd have been coming here for more than a century now at 15 feet tall and 49 feet wide, this mosaic took a whole year to build, 24 panels were created in new york and then rhea semled in philadelphia this masterpiece is a partnership brought to live by timmeney studio based on a painting by maxville
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parish. >> this is i agree garden. thinks a glass that has a lot of spanning also to it. >> reporter: restoration gets underway this summer to be complete by end of the year. >> once it is cleaned and repairs it will look nearly as fabulous as it did 100 years ago. >> from inside curtis to out here on south street this is philadelphia's magic garden. spanning half a block, the grand installation has created colorful glass bottles, tiles, thousands of mirrors and more. >> we really describe it as walking into inspiration, it is love, and stories. >> reporter: all brainchild of the philadelphia native isaiah , who took 14 years to complete. >> he actually saw it, and then, slowly was working, secretly and became this amazing majestic installation overtime. >> reporter: garden opened in 2008, roughly 136,000 people
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visited last year alone. eyewitness toes this spot's charm. >> wow. >> we have one right here. >> and a place to find something new, around each corner, during every visit. >> you can actually go under the ground and is there all these tunnels, hallways, mostly hidden from the street and people don't know it. it is like it is talking to you. you can only get that when you come inside. >> reporter: jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". another hidden gem peco green roof in center city. installed in 2009 at peco headquarters at 23rd and market, 45,000 square food garden is one of the philly's first green roofs. it captured 1.6 million gallons of rainwater every year and here's a bonus, it has spectacular views of the city, as well. so ukee, here's the thing we know it is a wonderful weekend to spend in philadelphia
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fourth of july weekend. you get to hit all the historic places but as we have been able to show people in the beginning of the broad are broadcast we will dig deeper and maybe teach you some things about philadelphia that maybe you do not know. >> loving it, loving it, dropping some summer if he knowledge on all of us here in philadelphia see new a bit. don't go too far. good news for drivers as we continue tonight heading out of town for the holiday coming up on "eyewitness news" prices you can expect to pay at the pump, once again summer fest in philly, fun in full swing and nothing get us in the patriotic spirit faster then listening to the new big band, entire ensemble will be debuting this july 4th. here's a little bit. we will be right back. >> ♪
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now a developing story, a rifle wielding man opened fire inside new york city's belong lebanon hospital this afternoon. one person is dead and at least five others have been wounded. the gun man is also dead. authorities have identified him as doctor henry bello a former employee. eyewitnesses say he was
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wearing a lab coat and had rifle concealed inside of that coat. right now no word on a motive for the shooting. new developments in the manhunt for road rage killer in chester county, a community is on edge as family of the young victim demand justice. "eyewitness news" reporter henry rossoff is in west goshen where police just gave an update on the investigation , henry. >> reporter: today we also spoke with the grieving mother and father of the bianca roberson, they had strong, emotional word for the man accused of killing their little girl but first we will get you latest on the police investigation, they did just release that sketch of the suspect 45 minutes ago. the white male, 30 to 40 years of age, 20 to 40 years of age, blonde, to light brown hair and a medium build. >> reporter: police believe this man was involve in the road rage incident with bianca roberson as emerged his red pick up on to route 100 wednesday evening. he shot roberson in the head killing her instantly and
5:16 pm
sending her car careening off the road. >> this homicide was completely senseless, brutal, tragic. >> reporter: earlier her parents rodney and michelle roberson cried, begged, pleaded for the driver of the truck to come forward. >> turn yourself in, please, you took my life, you devastated this family. she was our life. >> just turn yourself in. they will catch you. you can't keep running. they will get you. >> reporter: family and friend say 18 year-old roberson had a bright future ahead she over came a death of her brother a few years ago and headed to jacksonville, university. >> she is really i mean poster girl for perseverance, really taking a tragedy like loss of her brother and turning it around and really, really making a name for herself which makes it that much more horrible, she was just 18 years old and off to do things with her life. >> we want justice, for our daughter. we want justice for person who done this. we want them to be brought
5:17 pm
before had justices tell and to be tried. >> reporter: police say tips in this case have been coming in from as far away as california, crime stoppers is offering a $5,000 reward, for any information. live from west goshen, henry rossoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. officialness ocean city are looking for a group of juveniles caught vandal icing an an amusement park. these are from playland cast away cove on the boardwalk june 26th and 29th. authorities say that the teens trespassed and damaged private property. if you have any information on their identities, please contact the ocean city police department. drivers heading out of town for the holiday weekend are finding relief at the pump triple a says gas prices are hovering near historic summer lows and the national average is 2.23 cents per gallon. now it cost 2.4 three to fill up in pennsylvania, in new jersey, drivers are paying 2.28 per gallon.
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biggest bargain is in the state of delaware where gas averages $2.14 a gallon. belmont plateau should be very bus think weekend for the holiday and that is where we will find our lauren casey who has your holiday forecast. happy fourth weekend, lauren. >> reporter: to you as well, ukee, yes. it is hot out here on the plateau. after nice comfortable conditioning, you definitely feel that change in the heat and humidity levels. scorching right now but not alone in this heat. today's 96.5, alex and andrew, they are keeping my hydrated providing me with this wonderful water bottle, passing out a few treats, goodies, enjoying the summertime, it is a holiday weekend. we are upon it. conditions are going to be pretty nice but we will have to watch out for chance of strong storms as we head into saturday. lets check on current conditions right now, temperatures, they are hot. temperatures in the 90's right now across the area 92 in philadelphia. ninety wilmington.
5:19 pm
ninety in allentown. notice a big difference in the dew point is today up in the 60's and 70's, meaning it is very humid, steamy and some storms are feeding off that moisture. we have storms north abe west, ongoing poconos, lehigh valley and few storms approaching berks county so be aware as we head next couple hours far north and west of the city. closer to the city, mostly cloudy, warm, muggy a low temperature falling back to 73 . for tomorrow mostly cloudy oppressive humidity and scattered storms as we head in the afternoon and evening, high temperature of 88 degrees , but tomorrow will be most active day of the upcoming weekend, sunday we could see a morning thunder shower and increasing sunshine and decreasing humidity. monday looking swell, mostly sunny, less humid and fourth of july looking great, perfect fire work weather, lots of sunshine and high temperatures will be in the upper 80's. future weather as we head throughout the overnight
5:20 pm
showers and storms mainly concentrated far north and west of the city but saturday we will to have watch out for a line that moves on through afternoon and evening hours across much of the delaware valley before it clears out as we head into early sunday morning setting us up for a nice sunday afternoon but a few storms could be on the stronger side slight risk of severe weather tomorrow for berks county, lehigh valley, much of the reminder of the area in the marginal risk. keep yourself tuned into the changing weather situation tomorrow, down the shore mostly cloudy conditions, moderate risk, heading to the beach tomorrow kick off the weekend high temperatures will be warm all throughout the holiday weekend but as we mentioned tomorrow is the mow active day but right now pretty nice, hot, steamy but sunshine, i have been trying to get 96.5 to play my requests but they are refusing i want to hear some summer jams, ukee, you know shape of my body, but they won't do it. they are not listening.
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>> we can get will smith, summertime, we can do that later. >> that is good, maybe they will go for that. >> belmont plateau that is nice. we will talk about that in a bit. thanks, lauren, see new a bit. still ahead we will take you where sports hits try comes alive, don bell. >> guys from jesse owens to usain bolt franklin field is a house of legends, when we come back we will take a closer look at the history of this cathed
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sir elton john telling us like it is, we are at summer fest at the philly flare today , on this, july 4th, upcoming holiday weekend. philadelphia has some very historic sports venues as well , two of them on the university of pennsylvania campus, the basketball cathedral known as palestra
5:25 pm
and right next door, franklin field. sports director don bell joins us from franklin field at that original sports complex area with the history lesson, db? >> hey, ukee, penn football team has played 120 seasons here at franklin field but this venue isn't just a home of the quakers, it is home, for history. sports fans in philadelphia, they come, and they go. this is like a baker bowl at 15th and huntington street are long gone with no sign of their storied past. connie mack stadium at 21st and lehigh was home of the a's , phillies, and eagles, but now it is a church. jfk stadium closed its doors and eventually gave way to the wells fargo center. and america's show place, the spectrum, it is now xfinity live. >> you cannot help but feel that you're walking through
5:26 pm
history here. >> reporter: in philadelphia, only one stadium has continued to stand and test the time, that is franklin field. at various times during its 122 year history, franklin field has hosted the army/navy game, the eagles. >> eagles are champions of the world. >> reporter: penn relays and historical moments like fdr acceptance speech at 1936 democratic national convention not to mention a u to concert and that net tore just day when santa claus was pelted with and. and, walked us through the history of the building while dropping the names of those, who walked through its famous gates. >> we had jim thorpe here competing at penn relays, jesse owens, karl lewis, usain bolt and most recent times. twenty-five, red, made his only appearance on thee coast here, and, set of ncaa collegiate rushing record with
5:27 pm
331-yard and three touchdowns that day. there is a rumor out there or myth that lou gehrig once hit a home run here. did he pitch in a game for columbia in 1923 and got shelled. >> reporter: with so much history over the years, one thing is clear, franklin field is a huge part of the philadelphia's history and will continue to be for many years to come. this is the first stadium in the country, where the scoreboard, that happened, back in 1895. guys, coming up at 6:00 we will have more firsts for franklin field. back to you, in the studio. >> i love that track, ran penn relays there, good history lesson db, thank you. coming up next a possible government shut down in the garden state and the clock is ticking toward midnight, we are live with how residents could ab expected if time runs out, and as we go to break, new from the philly pop band ensemble getting us in the
5:28 pm
swing of things. catch them performing here this weekend. more from them and about them, as summer if he in philadelphia continues.
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summer fess across sit of brotherly love and sisterly affection. philadelphia shines on this fourth of july holiday weekend hi everyone i'm ukee washington. hi everyone i'm jessica dean. we are coming to you live from the national constitution center for cbs-3 summer fest. because we are upon the fourth of july holiday weekend, we thought what better place to be for summer if he then philadelphia and we are talking to you about all of the things we know, wonderful history that stand right behind me but also some of the hidden things about
5:32 pm
philadelphia, that even if you are a native, some things you may not know about our city. it has been a ton of fun learning bit and a part of what makes philadelphia so great. both for people living here and anyone who visits is food. we have classics, pretzels, cheese steaks, good stand byes but philadelphia has emerge on the national food scene as place to come try incredible food from award winning chefs and who better then to tell us about that then our vittoria woodill. you know all of the best places. >> i have been so fortunate in taste with tori to have eat men so many different places. standing here at independence mall aim he looking and talking about history and thinking about how many people have walk in this space, since the beginning of our nation, and, since the beginning of our nation, there have actually been food pioneers, right here in philadelphia, that maybe you haven't heard of or maybe you do not know about, and here's a little
5:33 pm
story on how philadelphia has pioneered some food restaurants, and continues to take food into the future. check it out. philly is known for great food , we have some of the best restaurants in the world, right here but the philly food seen has a hitch history dating back to the 1700. in olde city the oldest restaurant is city tavern. yes, the city tavern, a favorite for locals and tourist alike. it opened in 1773. here you can eat the same food that the founding fathers did. >> i was brought up on brandy. >> so this is taking you back. >> taking me back. >> you wear the a tire back then. it is good. >> reporter: just steps away you can go from restaurant from the 1700 to the 1800s. old original bookbinders opened up its doors in the 1890's and it is enjoying a resurgence having recently been purchased by iron chef jose garces. if you are in center city,
5:34 pm
grab some grub and, wet the whistle as cities oldest tavern. if you love pasta find the oldest italian restaurants in the country in south philadelphia like daunte and l uigi's, restaurants like these are pioneers helping philadelphia become the food mecca it is today. >> an amazing place to eat. >> reporter: mitchell davis is from the james beard foundation that gives award honoring the best of the best in the culinary world, award routinely given to philadelphia chefs and restaurants. he says philadelphia as always been a foodie city. >> any city that can have a war about who has the best anything, pat's, geno's or ever, you have in you become a great city because you have passion, pride of how are and last few years, certainly last decade but even last five, four or three years the scene has exploded here with new restaurant at every level. >> reporter: le beck fin, booed can, vetri just some of the of the restaurant that put philly on the map.
5:35 pm
>> city of history, tradition, passion, pride and now it is city of amazing food. that is good for everybody. >> reporter: so where does this food expert eat when he comes to town. >> i think we start at goldie and eat everything. >> reporter: a few things, including a fwaffle. if you love to eat like me philadelphia is the place to be. i don't know but, jessica, but philadelphia was what it is now, and what it will be, it is all about food. >> and history which means i'm missing something. >> it is so good we will talk more about food, tori, thanks for the fabulous package there to remind us how much wonderful places we have to eat. now, speaking of dessert and thinking about fourth of july, ice cream comes to mind and what better place to go then franklin fountain. we have ryan, co founder of franklin fountain. favorite at our house. so many wonderful treats. you have been telling me about
5:36 pm
route beer floats connection to philly. >> we invented it like so many things, route beer float and ice cream soda both birthed here in our fair city. >> who knew. >> well, we have been making root beer floats for a long time. i'm here to make you one and tempt all of those, viewers. >> and you guys make your own root beer. >> indeed. >> they make ice cream as well you got to get in there as you were saying get ice cream in there to make it all come together. >> you want that fist i thing, and then when you take the ice cream, you let it melt out a little bit so, you get better flavors when it is melted and just plop it right in there. don't be afraid you cannot be afraid to agitate it with your straw. >> go ahead. >> oh, yeah. >> you better sip. >> that is. >> and a true philadelphia
5:37 pm
classic, the route beer and ice cream float, definitely a philadelphia tradition. >> charles e hires invented it ,'s pharmacist here in olde city right around the block and they were looking for a drink that was a soft drink and they thought a beer would appeal to the working men of the day who were used to drinking real beer. root beer was an in between. >> in between. >> we can all enjoy it now. thanks for stopping by. we will enjoy these. we have so many wonderful guest is here, also with us the philly pops and their new big band and you guys, they have been playing throughout the broadcast. catch the performance in philadelphia, july 4th and at 10:00 a.m. they will play patriotic music at celebration of freedom ceremony at independent hall and 7:00 p.m. on the parkway they will be joined by manny gonzales from hamilton, singer, tony and philadelphia native louise figueroa. we are so rubbing i to have you guys here, your music is
5:38 pm
fabulous, everybody playing with it. thanks for being here. tell us about the big band. >> of course, philly pops orchestra 65 pieces has been a institution in philadelphia for quite a while but the philly pops big band, fitting ly has debut on the fourth of july. >> perfect. >> it is funny our amazing trumpet player matt gulliver described it as not your grandfather's big band. we do count bassy but we are doing bruno mars and stevey wonder tunes. it is an exciting band. >> a lot of diverse music there. sound great. >> absolutely. that is fourth of july in the morning for celebration of freedom and then, 7:00 on the parkway. >> we will keep listening to you throughout the broadcast here. we will toss it back to ukee now. i'm just going to listen to music, drink a root beer float and now that i know it is a philadelphia original it is perfect. >> hires root beer, frank's sewed, grew up on all that stuff. between the shows i may pop
5:39 pm
down there thanks very much. appreciate it. in other news tonight, waiting on a deal new jersey lawmakers have less than seven hours to pass their nearly 35 billion-dollar budget or risk a governmental shut down. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves joins us in trenton to explain is what holding up the vote, alycia. >> reporter: answer is pretty easy, there is one bill holding up budget and bat of that bill between two lawmakers is making it look likely that new jersey will see a governmental shut down for second time in its state history. the clock ticking in new jersey at midnight if the state legislature cannot gather here and pass a 2018 fiscal year budget state government is expected to shut down. >> so much is at risk due to some of the war politics that we have ever seen. >> reporter: more than 100 people with labor unions and grass roots stood in the state house pleading with the legislature if a shut down
5:40 pm
happens would it mean state parks, beaches could close this holiday weekend. come workweek thousands of state workers could be furloughed and non-essential state services like renewing your license at dmv would be halted. >> we saw that this was going to be an easy, simple budget that was not going to result in this kind and degree of damage. >> reporter: despite budget without a tax increase looming shut down stems from a showdown between governor chris christie and general assembly speaker vincent preat o, they are at odd over controversial horizon bill to aim to pull money from the new jersey non-profit medical provide tore fund addiction treatment. speaker preato refusing to bring the bill for a vote fearing would it lead to insure premium hikes to millions in the state. >> it need to be vetted, that has not been a line in the sand, that is cement in the sand for me.
5:41 pm
>> new jersey state government something happens in the next eight hours will shut down and it will be because of speaker preato. >> and both governor and the speaker have been blaming each other all day for the looming shut down, the governor saying , excuse me, speaker promises that there would be a vote on the budget but quite honestly not much has changed since yesterday's vote, reporting live from trenton, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come on "eyewitness news", fidget spinner on fire, what family's warning about the popular gadget, we will be right having a baby. caring for your parents. learning you have a condition. these are moments when people realize that where you get your medicine matters. and they look to us. cvs pharmacy. for advice. and ways to save money. plus, get up to fifty extrabucks each year just for filling prescriptions. switching is easy. we're here for you.
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consumer products safety commission is investigating. well, history was made in atlantic city toy day still ahead why city was celebrating with the largest ribbon cutting ceremony, ever. and we are going to be celebrating in philadelphia the place where our country's independent of course, was born, more summer fest festivities are underway after the break. >> ♪ did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back?
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welcome back to summer fest. people are heading down the shore this weekend. chopper three was in at plant i can city on the boardwalk where they cut a big pink ribbon, longest in the cities history to celebrate a big mega concert coming up on july l perform on the beach. you know the sand will no doubt be packed, and folks will be jamming. lets head back out to olde city and check with jessica dean as our summer fest
5:49 pm
coverage continues, jessica. >> reporter: ukee, things are happening all over the city this weekend. wonderful things to get outside, enjoy, strawberry mansion bridge is hosting a pop up beer guard then holiday weekend if you want to get out and check that out. this is all part of the parks on tap program, and philadelphia's first, only mobile beer garden, it is traveling to a new park within the city every week. and in addition to all kind of beverages is there live music, games, and a portion of the sales will benefit the philly park, so this is strawberry mansion bridge that is happening throughout the holiday weekend. like i said so many things happening outdoors this weekend, a lot of people want to know what the forecast will look like. we want to go to lauren casey who can fill us in on what the weekend is looking like, lauren? >> thanks, very much, jessica, out here at belmont plateau i have a beautiful view of the city behind me, little hot, i will be honest heat and humidity certainly ramped up
5:50 pm
to day after a nice break earlier in the week. temperatures right now, they are soaring, up in the 90's. we're at 92 degrees in philadelphia, a lot of 90's across the delaware val ate this hour. ninety in trenton. we have rain cooled air in mount pocono at 70 degrees. dew points, they are incredibly rising so over last 24 hours, dew points in the mid 60's to the 07-degree range. it feels steamy to oppressive, across the region right now. we are off to a stormy start far north and west of the city , storms crew go through berks county, lehigh valley and poconos. head up in kutztown you will see a storm approaching your way, we had a storm passing through jim thorpe and second ary storm moving in and mount pocono we saw heavy downpour with a embedded lightening moving through over the last hour. we will keep those storms concentrated far north and west of the city, overnight tonight, so in the city, suburbs, mostly cloudy conditions, mainly dry, warm,
5:51 pm
muggy that ac will be running all night long and only falling back down to 73. tomorrow is our most inclement day of the holiday weekend mostly cloud which scattered storms in the afternoon and evening, warm and very humid, high of 88 degrees. with these storms tomorrow we could see potential development of strong, even isolated severe thunderstorm, storm prediction center has areas west of the city berks county poconos in the slight risk of severe weather through the day tomorrow and tomorrow night, philadelphia and surrounding suburbs in the marginal risk of severe wet's long the coast, you are not in the risk for our saturday. down the shore we will watch out for late day storm, tomorrow night and sunday. stray storm in the morning. increasing sunshine a high of 80 degrees. monday and fourth of july, long the coast, it looks beautiful, sunshine, lower humidity, awesome beach days, latter up that sun screen and a high temperature in the mid to upper 80's. in the city for monday will be
5:52 pm
at 89 degrees, lower humidity values. that will start to settle in as we have late day into sunday and fourth of july looking great, sunshine. eighty-five. fourth of july forecast looking pretty awesome, and we have got 96.5 behind me, there they are, andrew, alex, sweating it out here with me and they are still not playing my song but what can you do i only have so much influence. >> night is young, thanks. we will talk about more where you are right now, think of sum inner philadelphia without thinking of fairmount park belmont plateau, wide over area that is perfect forsch we say relaxing and it has been awesome view of the sky line. legendary patty jackson from w das fm gave us her thoughts about the plateau's significance to the area african-american community and her fond memories of it. >> get people to go out with their cars, girls are flying, boys are fly, music blasting. we would just meet people from all over the city and everyone
5:53 pm
would be out there styling. >> oh, yeah miss jackson. more with patty at 6:00 if you search on facebook you can find pictures of people enjoying themselves at plateau , for sure, it is happening spot this weekend, and on july 4th. we will be right back with a founding father right now, the national anthem of the summer. >> ♪
5:54 pm
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in di pgiant has unbelievable pro tip produce prices. : so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. holiday festivities in swing all across the city of philadelphia and a hot spot over the next few days of course will be independent mall right behind me at national constitution certainty. vittoria woodill is down on independent mall now, with a special get, tori. >> can you see me? i'm waving to you, jessica. i'm right outside independent
5:57 pm
hall steps from the liberty bell and i'm looking around, trying to explain the fourth of july and i just feel absolutely speechless i feel like i need help. mr. jefferson, wait a minute, hi. >> hello. >> i'm great how are you. >> i'm well. >> i know you are so busy what do you have planned this weekend. >> very busy, american historical theater is tomorrow bringing me museum of the american revolution just across the street from noon to 3:00 on the fourth i will be with the american historical theater at national archives in washington d.c. all day. >> wow, so much planned what does the fourth of july mean to you. >> it means to me what i hope it means to americans and will continue to means, the annual reminder that america is the only nation in the world that was founded with the goal, in mind, goal, hidden between line of those five word all men are created equal, one day , all men, meaning mankind will be treated as they are created, equally, not the same but fairly, under the law. that is our goal, as america
5:58 pm
and i hope this day remind us of us every year. >> mr. jefferson i knew that is something i could not eloquently put together. thank you so much, for allowing me to stop you, or where are you going next? >> now i'm going to the city tavern for one of my ale is maybe i'll join you. >> i look forward to it. >> mr. jefferson, thanks very much, appreciate you stopping and talking to us. >> thanks for talking to me as does my 21st century guide, steve. >> i don't know who that is, but i thank him as well. mr. jefferson, i won't keep you, you can start a tab and i'll meet you there. >> wonderful. >> thank you. appreciate that. i knew i didn't have the word to what the fourth of july meant. thank you mr. jefferson was able to help us out. jessica. >> all right, tori, thanks very much. >> we have learned a lot about philadelphia in the last hour, we have learned the history of the root beer float and its connection to our city, we have talked to thomas jefferson and, ukee, i feel
5:59 pm
like we are doing fourth of july weekend right, so far, and we actually have more to come. >> more to come doing it right and thomas jefferson gave me chills, wow, that was great. jessica, stand by because that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 o'clock summer fest in philadelphia continues , do you know how some of the philadelphia's neighborhoods got their name? we have interesting won. we went right to the expert to find out their history. and heat and humidity have returned as we are kicking off our fourth of july weekend. we will expect most humid day and chance for strong storm coming up in your forecast. also tonight, police believe that this is the face of a killer, a sketch of the man wanted in connection with a deadly road rage incident, that sent a chester county teen dead. harsh word officials had today also this. that is technically
6:00 pm
illegal i'm greg argos at devil's pool in the wissohickon valley park why police are, cracking down and what these swimmers think bit. and now at 6:00 o'clock it is summer if he in the city this fourth of july weekend we are celebrating our history and we're looking into our future. summer fest in full swing, hi, good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. and i'm jessica dean, coming to you atop of the national constitution center as we look out over independent mall cradle of liberty on this fourth of july weekend 2017. it is a wonderful day to be outside. we are learning all about the history here in philadelphia, some of it we all know by heart, some of it may surprise you. i think we will be able to give you something, new, to know about our city of philadelphia, but there are lots o


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