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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  July 1, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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. right now at 11:00, a family in pain, a community gathers to remember a teenager girl killed in a road rage shooting as the search continues for the gunman. on the virtue of a shutdown. new jersey lawmakers struggle to reach a budget deal before the midnight deadline. let freedom ring, the long 4th of july weekend is getting
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started and cbs3 is celebrating all philadelphia has to offer. the site, the sounds the flavor of summertime. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we are rolling on with summertime right here in philadelphia. where it all began, it's the perfect place to celebrate the 4th of july holiday. we've seen tons out and about and it's a great night to be out. we've got a lot in store. the history of philadelphia, what's been going on to celebrate. but everyone is talking about what the weather is going to be like. if you're headed to the poconos, shore, staying in the city, everybody wants to know what the forecast is. let's go to lauren casey at spruce street harbor park. lauren? >> thanks so much, we're off to a great start. weather-wise here at spruce street harbor park i'm traveling with my entourage.
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looking lovely. everyone is smiles on everyone's faces, we're heading into a four-day holiday weekend. everyone enjoyed the fireworks went off about an hour and a half ago. still people very enthusiastic at this time. temperatures still very warm. everyone has a nice summer going on right now, temperatures in the 80's across much of the area k right now we're currently in the 80's still in philadelphia. take a look at the weather computer, lower 80's in philadelphia right now. 75 degrees down the shore. we're in the upper 60s in poconos, where we did have rain moving through. take a look at the radar image. we did have quite a bit of storm activity in some of our western areas far north and west of the city, you can see over last three hours, now the activity quieted on down and as we head to tonight, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions keeping it quiet and rain-free but very warm and muggy, the atlantic
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city will be chugging along before the upcoming holiday weekend. we have one muggy i'll let you know what to expect in a couple of minutes. >> few of her friends there, thanks so much. it's only june 30th. we know that, we still have a few more days, about the festivities are in full swing here in philadelphia. tonight's festivities included music and fireworks. on a bombmy summer evening, spruce street sparkled. they didn't mind doubling up in hammock. he and his family were first time to a phillies 4th. at penns landing thousands gathered to hear the free neighborhood concert by the
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philadelphia orchestra. lesley of north philly came at 4:30 to stake out a scene. >> every 4th of july wear something different and i love celebrating the holiday. >> reporter: after dark fireworks lit up the delaware with a taste of more to come next week. we have much more summertime coming your way all about philadelphia, we're going to take a look at the past, present and future of our city and vittoria woodill is cooling off. it is truly philly, still ahead. let's go back to ukee for more news of the day >> we'll see you in a few minutes. in the news, a and emotional outpouring loved ones gathered to remember a teenager killed in a road rage attack as the search for the man who shot her intensifies. this new clue, a sketch of killer. alexandria hoff is in west goshen with the latest.
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>> reporter: this is a case sparked national outrage. a young life lost because another driver is having issues merging on the highway. the manhunt continues for suspect as the life of bianca robert son is brighted. >> a beautiful young lady of 18 years in the prime of her life. >> reporter: hours after police offered up this sketch of suspect >> we ask for your comfort, strength this evening. >> reporter: a crowd of friends and family paid tribute to 18-year-old bianca roberson in the backyard of her home roberson was driving south on route 100 near the 202 intersection around 5:30. when a man in a red pickup truck struggling to merge took out a gun and shot roberson in the head. a horrific and apparent road rage killing >> i don't know who did this. i don't know who stole my baby from me. i don't know why they would want
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to steel my baby >> the suspect and cause of this main described to be fwhents or 30's. the vehicle was driving is said to be a red pickup truck with faded paint that continued on to 202 then the paolo pike >> and took off like a bat out of hell >> i hope this guy is caught so he can be brought to justice for our daughter. ♪ roberson was an honor student an recent graduate of high school preparing for freshman year at jacksonville university. parents now wrestle with the darkness left after losing the smile that lit up their lives. bianca's brother died of ms about four years ago. we're told she was on the way home from shopping for college supplies when she was killed.
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now, this suspect is armed and considered extremely dangerous. anyone with any information on him should contact the west goshen township police department immediately, there's a $5,000 reward. alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." a doctor shot and killed one person and wounded seven others before take his own life at bronx-lebanon hospital in new york today. authorities identified the gunman as a dr. henry bello a form employee. brought a rifle into the hospital. investigators say bello resigned from the hospital in 2015 after allegations of sexual harassment. >> during the incident, hospital's fire alarm system activated apparently due to the suspect's attempt to set himself on fire. on the 17th floor, officers encountered the male suspect lying on the floor, dead of an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound. r >> authorities say several
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doctors a among wounded and in serious condition. new jersey is heading towards a government shutdown that could affect nonessential services. it would be the first since 2006. chris christie and the democrat legislature have been unable to agree on terms for nearly 35 billion dollars spending plan. state parks and motor vehicle offices would close, prisons, state police and casinos would be unaffected. it's not just new jersey, republicans and democrats are at an impasse over the budget in delaware where there is also a june 30th deadline, democrats tried to ram through a budget that restored funding cuts and raised taxes. republicans revolunteered and left the house chambers. delaware face as short full of $350 million. pennsylvania lawmakers passed a 32 billion dollars budget even though they do not know how some of it will be funded. the spending package provides more money for schools and pension obligations.
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it would require belt tightening across government agencies and reduced spending for unspecified medicaid services it will cost you more to ride septa starting tomorrow, thanks to fare increases, electronic card or token fares will increase from 1.80 to $2. cash fares 2.50, a trans pass rises to $25.50. the fare increase is expected to bring in an additional $25 million in operating revenue. next fiscal year. the fund, the fireworks and music are part of 4th of july festivities but forget the history and how we got her. summertime continues live from the national constitution center in old city. we go back in time. long before the declaration of independence. how philadelphia came to be and how it transformed into the city it is today. also on a hot summer night. one of the best ways to cool off. water ice.
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tori heads to a couple of the city's most famous places that have been serving up the frozen treats and doing it for decades. a live look at the spruce street harbor park. lauren will be back to tell us when we may see rain over the long holiday weekend. ♪
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. i'm jessica dean coming to you live from the national constitution center and summertime continues here on cbs3. we know history is all around us in philadelphia. our david spunt takes a look back at how it began and also what's ahead for our city. >> reporter: 241 years ago this
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week, delegates from the 13 colonies were inside this room, getting closer to declaring independence from king georgia the 3rd. but long before that scorching summer of 676, the transcribes settled along the delaware river in the 1600, the dutch finns and swedes were in. dr. lee arnold is the chiropractor of library and collections at the historical society of pennsylvania. he says this city has quite a story. in 1682, a proud quaker named william penn founded philadelphia. this is a william pen letter handwritten in 1696 >> i don't think there's any other city in the united states that can come near philadelphia for its history or importance with the nation. >> reporter: it's a city transformed from a village 250 years ago to a hub of business
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and production as seen in this promotional film in 1963 >> much has been accomplished had in philadelphia but much more will be done. >> reporter: 50 years later and more is being done. meet 37-year-old charlie mcgrath, a developer who left the city for other big cities and decided to come back when he saw the future of the city in front of his face >> thanks to phillies's growth, we're able to overdeliver on men tea >> overseeing a $50 million renovation of the bourse in old city. philadelphia is a destination, not just a stop-over on the way to new york or washington. >> young people want to be here because it's afford you believe and because it's cool. and it's been cool for 300 years. >> reporter: david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> tori you found cool things to eat today >> i did. there's nothing cooler than philly water ice.
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>> did you say water or water >> i say water but i certainly know >> we're familiar with the water >> you know what's up? >> depending who you ask. it could be water or water. but there are two institutions in philly that if there's one place you're going to get it is there, but i also had a question how do you eat it? with a cup or can spoon? think about that while you watch this. when the heat is on in south philly, it's time for water ice. or is it water ice? >> are you calling it water ice or wooder ice? >> wooder ice >> water ice. >> water ice >> wooder ice. >> i say wooder ice. i don't hear a difference in the accent. >> let's go with water ice >> philly guys say water. fine. if you're doing a south philly style parking in the middle of oregon avenue, you're hitting 85-year-old pops water eyes >> it's so good to be really good at doing something.
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pops is just about the best. >> reporter: maybe you're crossing over christian in that case you're hitting johns >> since 1945. i love the tradition of it. >> reporter: whatever the water or wooder your creating topped to know, do you eat it out of the cup >> definitely a spoon >> out of the cup, right out of the cup. >> reporter: what do you mean >> this is how i was raised. go that way. >> happy 4th of july. >> reporter: so the time is now, jessica, we want to know your approach >> i go spoon. >> you're a delegate eater >> i guess i am >> when it comes to water ice, i go through the cup. sometimes i eat through the cup. you got to get in there. >> you got to get in there. happy 4th of july weekend >> and to you, it's a great place to celebrate. >> it's the best, the beautiful breeze, backdrop, fireworks earlier. >> it's a really good deal and our lauren casey is just across
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the way at park and there is a nice breeze, people are hoping there isn't any rain or if there is, it will move quickly. >> that is true. we definitely wish for the rain to scoot on out. we do have one stormy day. you know guys, watching the weather is a really exhausting job. i've taken to the lovely hammock relaxed from all my hard work today, but at beautiful evening to hang out in the hammock here at spruce street harbor park. whoever invented hammocks were on to something. temperatures are really warm right now for this late hour. we really heated things up with high temperatures soaring into the 90's and still 80's in many parts. weather watcher is telling us 83 and we do have that heat index up to 86 degrees those due points are significantly higher than we felt all week long giving this steamy factor.
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temperatures we have rain cool numbers across parts of the area and a cluster of thunderstorms rolling through parts of the area. north and west of the city, temperatures cooler, 73 in reading, 60s in the poconos, we stay dry temperatures in the 80's, 82 in philly and 81 right now in wilmington and due points are elevated after feeling nice, dry and comfortable earlier. we definitely have that steam factor, due points in the 60's and 70's and will inch up more as we head to saturday. prepare for oppressive humidity tomorrow, we get a nice break as we head to sunday and monday with humidity levels taking a step back into the not bad category as we head to the second part of our holiday weekend. tomorrow will be the most active day. humidity and watching out for a round of scattered storms, high temperature at 89. some storms could be on the stronger side. the chance of stronger we are
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will be west of 95. philly and surrounding suburbs at a marginal risk of severe weather. we'll see a line of thunderstorms developing in association with a cold front will feed off the warmth and moisture. future weather showing us maybe a stray shower, otherwise mainly -- as we head into the afternoon, we're going to go see storms rolling on through in a few of those could be on the stronger side. going to be strong gusty winds. it will tend to weaken once it crosses i95. a minimal threat. tomorrow, things shaping up with sunshine, down the shore, forecast is looking good. watch out for the stray storm, otherwise sunshine and great beach days with temperatures in the 80's and in your seven-day forecast looking good in the cities and suburbs. dry conditions for the 4th of july all good for your barbecues and fireworks. ukee, don, i was told that there are half price marie das over
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yonder. i got to go get one and relax because my holiday is about to begin. >> you see those eyes light up? >> all right, be careful now. my goodness. >> don got your sports and injury report. >> this is crazy, people talk about this, freak accident across the world, knocked out a key member of the eagles. we kid you not. welcome to the big show, one of the phillies top prospects makes his major league debut in the big city. phils next. coming right back.
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. nick williams is from galveston texas. he got engage that day central park and now this.
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because of how what was kendricks trip to the disabled. the 23-year-old was called up from aaa to make his major league debut in queens. baby steps for the phillies. looking for the first three-game winning streak three week, no score in the second. curtis, up the middle it goes, he's safe and a run is in. it's 1-0 mets. here's nick williams. right up the middle. first career hit, his family and stands cheer him on, congratulations to the kid. jacob for mets, seven innings, phils lose 2-1 in new york. jordan hicks slipped and hurt his hand while on his hone moon in greece. the injury will take three, four weeks to heal. training camp starts less than a month. the birds cut danger yell green beckham last season was a
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disappointment. 36 catches 392 yards. never turned into that big red zone target everyone thought he would be. they signed dave evans to a three-year contract. here's the thing, the sixers are reportedly only offers one year deals to hope to keep the salary cap low so they can pay their own guys in the future and it's now from markelle fultz. in utah on monday and like rest of rookies, fultz will have to adjust. >> because looking forward to playing here. you get a lot of plays quickly. you got to adjust as well as you can. that's the only big difference really. a lot of plays. you got try your best. >> like the nba free agency starts in about 35 minutes in the nfl. the orange and black will
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reportedly sign elliot. he had a subpar year, he had his highest goals in six seasons, it's that time. guys are ready teams are ready to get out there and spend dough >> wheeling and dealing at midnight. have the names of
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. looks like beyonce and jay-z twin names revealed. tmz says it's likely they named them sir card and roomy carter. the requested trademark for baby teething rings, strollers, cosmetics and
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. let's go back to jessica and vittoria >> we learned a lot. we had a big time.
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i learned that root beer was invented in philadelphia. >> there you go. >> and i learned how cool it was that david spunt actually got to be with those letters that william penn. that was crazy, who touches and sees -- who does that? and for a history buff, this was a lot of fun for anyone that loves history and food and fireworks >> and us. >> this is the night for you and don't forget summertime continues next week. we're doing this every friday in the summer. next week, we go to kutztown, it's the festival we are showcasing everything has to offer next friday here on "eyewitness news." if you're in kutztown or the area. coming for you next. in the meantime, from all. us here, happy 4th of july weekend. >> happy 4th of july >> right back at you. all best to you and the crew. nice job, thank you so much, for don, jess, everyone the crew at
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summertime, everyone, i'm ukee washington, the rate show from steven colbert is coming up next. have a great weekend and a safe 4th. good night, family and sleep well. >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the copper chef xl, brought to you by tristar products, inc. last year, copper chef changed cookware forever. more than a million have been sold, and the five-star reviews say it all. america loves copper chef! now we have really big news! introducing copper chef xl. it's 60% bigger, so now you can cook more!
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>> ahh. >> and i want to show you the side dish. now, these potatoes are delicious. i want to say i have eight pounds of potatoes in here. >> wow. >> so easy to do. all we did -- salt, pepper, and rosemary. that's all you need. and, man, they're perfect. >> beautiful. crispy and tender. >> so simple to do. now let's take a little snippet out of here. >> oh, yeah. >> look how gorgeous that is! >> oh, wow. >> it's so juicy and wonderful. >> that's beautiful. >> i always have good stuff to show you, right? >> you do! >> we are gonna make a breakfast bake. so, i have a lot of eggs here. >> and i love that you're not adding extra calories. no extra butter, no extra oil. >> not unless you want to, right? >> right! >> so, just think -- we're getting rid of our lasagna pan. >> yes. >> that's what you'd normally make this in, right? >> yep. >> like a 9x13 baker. >> mm-hmm. >> now i'm gonna add a ton of cheese 'cause we know it's not gonna stick 'cause we got the cerami-tech. i love the cerami-tech. now, i'm gonna just open one of these guys up. so i take this out like this, and then we're just gonna cut these into quarters like this, and i just quarter them.
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>> these? dump them in? >> yeah, help me out. come on. >> absolutely. >> you know, denise, you got to work around here just a little bit. >> i am! >> you can't just eat. >> i'm getting to be a whiz in the kitchen. >> [ laughs ] you know, when you have a copper chef, it's just easier to cook. we're gonna put this guy in. all right. [ laughs ] >> oh, my! >> look at this. am i ever worried about anything sticking? i need kip. >> kip, good friend! >> the reason i want kip is because i want you to see. no oil, no butter. now i'm gonna just pull it right out of here. >> really? >> before i serve it up. >> oh, man. >> kip, seriously, i can actually make something else in there now if i wanted to. >> right! >> look at this! you have the biscuits cooked right in with the eggs, right? >> mm-hmm. >> look how gorgeous that is! >> wow. >> breakfast all at once. >> right. >> all in one pan. >> mm-hmm. >> no cleanup. i didn't need to use my lasagna pan, my ceramic baker. >> oh, can i try it? >> yeah, please try it. >> honestly? >> and, again, while you're eating that, remember -- the copper chef from the stove to the oven. >> that's so good. >> cleanup is a breeze, right?


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