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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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respectively. storm scan three showing us sunshine, couple showers working through lehigh veil, couple cloud around delaware beaches and we have this pin head little downpour as we make its way in to western berks county as we head in the next several hours. we could see a spotty shower or shower, so keep that in mind heading out to independent mall philly pops it will be a great evening. we should see mainly dry skies but have that backup plan just in case we see a thunder shower develop and rel role through center city philadelphia temperatures will be quite warm, still up at 88 degrees into the 8:00 o'clock hour. we have a chance of seeing a stray storm become on the stronger side we are in the looking for widespread thunderstorm activity over next several hours but if we do see a couple storms develop they could be on the stronger side and marginal risk area toward lehigh valley and poconos. we will talk about if we have storm chances for fourth of july, itself and what is in store as we head back toward work, coming up in your full forecast in just a couple
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minutes. lets get to developing news over blue route where an overturned tractor trailer is tying up traffic on 476, for the evening commute. chopper three flying live over the scene in broomall, now truck flipped over on the northbound side of the highway , near the lima springfield exit just before noon time, crews as you can see still there trying to clean up that mess, and so, word to the wise avoid that part of the blue route heading out tonight. day before fourth of july and the excitement is growing, "eyewitness news" report's leash a nieves is live on the parkway where she spoke with people who can't wait for festivities to begin, alycia. >> reporter: well, jessica are right, some parts of the city some people have begun patriotic partying. here on the parkway it has been more about preparation, anticipation. we met some people from philadelphia who are super excited, other people from around the country who just can't wait to pack this parkway tomorrow. some have already begun the celebrations of independent
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day in philadelphia, today in the cities historical district independent concert and block party. >> we have a maximum range of 1 mile. >> celebrating the very best of democracy, although years ago and remember that it was made for the people, and by the people. >> reporter: on the parkway preparations are underway for one of the big events tomorrow , wawa welcome america 's july 4th concert. >> everything is block off. it feels like it is big. >> i'm excitement to see how many people come up on and i just can't wait. >> reporter: taya williams license working during the festivities but it will still be her first time, experiencing, the big fire works show in concert, that will take place. she's making sure to take a break when mary j. blige steps on this stage. >> i want to see mary, wow. that is pretty major performance. >> reporter: rachel sun came frommal bam to experience july . >> this is probably the largest fourth of july celebration i have been to in
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my life. >> reporter: this family came from michigan. >> it is great, beautiful. we are having fun. we got to see rocky. >> reporter: that family also preparing to see fire works here on the parkway for the first time in philadelphia, and while we met so many people excited, to celebrate the fourth here, tomorrow not everyone is thrilled. residents in this area say thinks turning out to be a bigger headache for them then nfl draft. we will have more on that coming up at 6:00. reporting live, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. is there in berth place to celebrate independent day then in our nation's birthplace of philadelphia, for awe complete list of the celebrations happening across the city go to cbs not only do people flock to our nation's birthplace for this holiday weekend but jersey shore is a holiday favorite and crowd are there for sure. "eyewitness news" was hanging out in ocean city toy day, space was, tight, on the beach , as you can sianni plenty of people enjoyed the
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surf as well. families also walk ago long that famed ocean city boardwalk. >> it is a beautiful weather. beautiful for these past three days just been a little rain but good time to hang out with family, friend and having a good time walk boardwalk and see some great things here. >> also along the oc boardwalk newly opened manco and manco pizza was serving up hot pies, the popular eatery also draws crowds to the ocean city boardwalk. a new jersey while some beaches are opened this weekend state owned beach west parks and other recreational facilities are closed due to a governmental shut down. that shut down stems from a budget stalemate over governor 's legislation to overall state health insurance "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live at the state house with a look at where things stand right now, anita. >> reporter: jessica, senate president says that an agreement will not be happening today, amid this partial governmental shut down many hoping for a break through in this budget dead
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lock. >> if this funding isn't in place, people will be hurt. >> reporter: that is what new jersey senate president steve sweeney said monday, surrounded by advocates of organizations that would be affected if state funding is pulled in the next fiscal year budget but bigger problem, is there still no budget deal in sight, so the partial government shut down continues >> egos have to go out the door now no absolutes in, lines in the sand. we have to have conversations and we have to be willing to compromise. >> reporter: budget battle mostly boils down to disagreement over governor christie's proposal to overhaul horizon blue cross blue shield the state's largest health insurance provider. provision allows state access to horizon's reserve fund for public health programs like addiction treatment. bob marino says meeting with the handful of lawmakers monday avenue was productive but offered little details. >> you realize horizon didn't ask to be in the middle of this situation, but i do appreciate the opportunity to have met with them and express
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my concerns. >> reporter: others including the some 35,000 state workers that could be furloughed are also concerned, as non- essential services such as the dmv are shut down. meantime senator joe mccalley who sponsored horizon bill as part of the discussions on monday has this to say about whether lawmakers are any closer to the deal. >> would i say, we're not farrah part. >> while this shut down continues, essential services such as state hospitals and state police are operating as usual. also, the state lottery race track and casinos are not affected. for now live at the state house in trenton i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, government shut down didn't stop governor christie and his family from spending sometime on the beach, yesterday. even though it was closed to the public. the governor had access to an official home in island beach state park and he and his family used it along with the closed beach in front. christie defended the use saying he previously planned a
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trip, he also added that he wasn't using any additional state services. but lieutenant governor kim guadagno blasted her boss for lounging on a closed beach n a facebook post she wrote if i were governor i sure wouldn't be sitting on a beach if taxpayers didn't have access to state beaches. it's beyond word. she went on to say that the shut down is hitting businesses and we need to end the shut down right thousand. if the government shut down stretches on atlantic city's casinos could be forced to close as well. a law passed after the last governmental shut down lets casino stay open for seven days during a shut down. that means that the casino could to have close after friday, but lawmakers are working on a bill that would allow them to continue operating, even if the shut down, drags on longer then that. a lot of people are wondering if the government shut down will effect the new jersey lottery, we have checked for you and state lottery says it is fully operational, however, if you need to collect a, pry larger
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than $600 payments may be delayed because lottery staff has been reduced during the shut down. upper darby police say a pair to have female teenagers terrorized public following a string of armed robberies. one arrest has been made so far. what police -- what they are shaking their head about is the age of the suspects. upper darby police on monday announced a break in the series of violent armed robberies that took place over the last two weeks. in custody so far 16 year-old camady mckey of philadelphia, she has been charged as an adult. >> how do you get in the head of the, 16 year-old. she's a baby, committing an adult crime. >> reporter: crime spree began june 19th, police say mckey and 17 year-old sanaya martinez robbed two car drivers in the residential area near 69th street. >> two teenage girls, one armed with a gun, the other point the gun at the cabdriver 's head, take money and take cell phone.
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>> reporter: days later on kent road, 86 year-old woman and a five two-year old woman both visiting country from ecuador were robbed on the street of nearly a you this dollars. the 86 year-old tried to resist and had a pistol forced in to her chest. police say mckey and martinez are responsible. >> they were terrorizing people. how do you rob an 86 year-old woman, i mean give me a break. >> reporter: in one of the cases, teens had assistance from the getaway driver, somewhat lucky break for officers, they were led down a path, thanks to that car. >> which apparently was stolen in a carjacking, in philadelphia, several days before. robbery of a pizza driver. >> upper darby police tell us they culled be responsible for four more hold ups in the city of philadelphia right now police continue to search for martinez, in the meantime, two anonymous donors come forward giving $2,000 to those two women from ecuador who lost all of their money in the robbery. man police say shot and killed aid woman and suspected
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case of road rage in chester county is now being held, without bail, police say 28 year-old david desper turned himself in yesterday in connection with the shooting death of 18 year-old bianca roberson. he is charged with first degree murder and investigators say desper shot roberson after they tried to merge in the same lane on route 100 in west goshen last wednesday. desper is due pack in court for a preliminary hearing july . police in boston say a crash that injured 10 pedestrians near logan airport does not appear to be an intentional act. accident happened this afternoon, police say a taxi driver hit the gas pedal instead of the brake, plowing into other taxi drivers who were standing around, on break , near the airport's taxi pool. the police say the victims have injuries of varying degrees, driver is cooperating with the police. well, before you fire up that grill for the fourth of july, three is on your side. >> why health experts see a spike in food poisoning this time of the year, and the four things that you should do to
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to stay healthy. where is beef? how co are making hamburg their look like the real thing taste like the real thing and even juicy like them, but without the beef. >> will that pass the test. new tool in the battle against mosquitoes how to use an app to fight the pesky b
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on the healthwatch tonight a lot of people getting ready to fire up the grill for fourth of july, celebrations. but, health experts warn that this time of the year they see more cases of food poisoning, then normal. cbs news correspondent don champion explains what is behind the spike in sicknesses >> reporter: it is time of the year for cook outs and barbecues, but the summer months may bring more than just warm weather if you are not careful. >> because of hot, humid temperatures and because folks are often away from the kitchen at picnics and cook out food born illness may
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increase. >> reporter: harmful bacteria can multiply more quickly when it is hot outside. usda says stay safe, clean your hand before prepping food keep raw food separate from cook, cook everything to a safe internal temperature and chill food promptly and presently. whether you are grilling in the backyard or barbecuing in a professional smoker, experts say using a food thermometer is the best way to make sure that everything is cooked thoroughly, and yet only a third of the americans use one >> 165 is usually a preferred temperature thaw will want to get there. >> reporter: george moore is pit master at a dallas area smoke house and showed us thousand get a good read. >> stick it in the fattest part of the meat which is where you can get most accurate reading of your internal temperature. >> you cannot tell by looking at it fit is reached, internal temperature and that magic number is only way to be sure you have killed any bacteria that might be present.
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>> reporter: usda says anything perishable should not sit out for more than two hours but in temperatures over 90 degrees, nothing should be left out for more than an hour don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". okay. now that you know thousand grill, there is july 4th burgers safely maybe you want to try a veggie burger a try, perhaps? co develop they plant based burgers say they taste even more, like beef. but, boosting they are even juicy. researchers are trying to keep up with the growing demand for meat substitute. they want to make them more tasty. it is a one thought to be impossible but not for impossible food company that just introduced this new veggie burger. >> we have a protein from the wheat plan a protein from coconutes thens gives it suzy ness and sizzle. is there a protein from a per tait owe. >> well, right now impossible food burger is only available in restaurants but diners hoff
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tried it seem to like ate lot. lauren casey here what do you think. >> looks good to knee. >> all right. >> a little sauce to turkey burger makes it taste better. >> yes, give it a little tip for your barbecue tonight. >> from me to you. >> yes. >> it feels like appropriately fourth of july-like outside. >> yes, absolutely hot today, hot yesterday, we had storms on sat difficult but we arey, all good right now. sunshine across the area as we look live in center city philadelphia. we have low cloud, a couple high cloud and good amount of sunshine. temperatures sitting at 90 degrees right now. west wind at 8 miles an hour, and because dew points decreased we saw that drop yesterday, it actually feels cooler then air temperature would reflect. we like that. >> everyone, enjoying that nice, breathes, sea breeze kicked in at some of those coastal locations and you can see beaches are pack and, of course, they should be it is fourth of the july weekend as we look live at rehoboth. we will dry things out. we will close out june, much,
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much dryer then may, do you remember may. we have bad memories of that over 6 inches of rainfall we ran two and a half inch's above average. we're below average last month as far as rainfall is concern, less than 2 inches. we have pick up .6 of an inch in fail from those storms on saturday but right now, conditions are pretty quiet. we will to have keep an eye to the sky for isolated shower or thunderstorm a weak frontal boundary is dropping in across the delaware valley but otherwise fairly quiet conditions with good amount of sunshine around. we have that backup plan though, pack that umbrella just in case heading out to wawa welcome america, tomorrow , 80 degrees, so comfortable temperatures, patchy cloud but we have a chance of the spotty shower or thunderstorm passing on through. future weather showing us a chance of isolated shower or storm over next couple of hours, mostly staying dry. as we head into tomorrow morning we will have energy from the surface boundary around we can see an isolated shower or storms in the morning hours, and then again in the afternoon especially as we get heating of the day but
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you can see on future weather it is not widespread in nature but one of the storms rolls rolls overhead thunder roars, go indoors. we have outdoor plants for fourth of july. as we lose heating of the day for second half of the evening that storm activity and threat will wind down. temperatures right now a lot of nine's on the board, 90 in wilmington and millville. rain cooled air at mount pocono at 76. we are at 94 in ac. good news is that comfort index is now in the not bad category after being up into this range to kick off the weekend on saturday. we will drop those dew points down significantly. so not too bad overnight tonight, spotty thunderstorm this evening otherwise partly cloudy 72 degrees for our fourth of july mix of sun and cloud. watch out for that chance of the isolated thunder shower. high of 87. in the city and suburbs. down the shore tomorrow on the sand upper 70's, lower 80's. not as hot with that east southeasterly win, partly sunny conditions, water
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temperature 70 degrees. put on that sun screen. uv index is very high for tomorrow but good news rip current risk is low. forecast high for tomorrow big difference down the shore with the sea breeze highs around 80 . in the city still pretty hot, up toward lehigh valley a high of 85 other than our holiday. wednesday looking good mostly sunny, 84 watching out for hit or miss storms and oppressive humidity will return thursday and friday, yuck, friday looks like our most active day as cold front passes through the area but that could set us up for an absolutely beautiful weekend for next weekend, but that is a little ways off. >> never too early to start thinking bit. >> you got that right. >> all right. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" a fire works mishap, see the big problem caused by a simple spark. >> completely speechless. >> venous williams at loss for word question that caused tennis star to break down after she finished playing today, leslie.
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what a baseball player did to a fan when his back was turned you decide if it was a violation and markelle fultz gets his first taste of nba action, we will tell you what he wants to learn in his debut in
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vandalism discovered in society hill coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 what showed up, spray painted on a trash can, and the response from residents, in that area. leslie van arsdal joining with us a look at sports what do we have on tap tonight. >> big night tonight. >> yes. >> starting summer league action in less than two hours in utah. we will get our first glimpse of the number one overall pick markelle fultz. he played one season in washington averaging 23 points he will wear number seven, like is going to compete begins other rookies and second year players. he is ready to give it his all >> the reason we do summer league and more so just everything, how the referees call the calls, get used to
5:25 pm
the style of play, get used to the physicality. everything. just getting back out there and being able to play. i'm looking at all those points able's looking forward it to get in the summer league game with teams that have guys that played in nba games and we can see how he composes himself. aaron nola will take the mound when pirates come to town for four games. they will be home for final seven games leading up to the all-star break. odubel herrera is back in the line up, aaron altherr has the night off. during marlins/brewers game a foul ball headed in the stand, and, where the ball went and brewers orlando garcia grabs the spoon, and then took a bite out of his ice cream. i see that as just wrong. joe, jessica, violation here. >> yes. >> doodies not even turning around. >> i like his face, he is like , um-hmm. >> okay. >> that is just how it happens >> that is beauty of the sport >> yes, take a bite. >> yes, thanks, leslie.
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coming up in the next half an hour, early fourth of july. >> see how many hamburgers would man ate to devour the competition. and different kind of life saving mission for fire fighters who say they saved while battling a wild fire. but first president trump jumped in to a new debate on twitter, the president's offer that is giving family of sick young boy some new
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the news continue at 5:30 here's what you need to know, new jersey's government shut down continues today, and even as lawmakers work on ways to get government up and running, state owned beaches and state parks remain close december spied closures governor chris christie and his family enjoyed use of a closed state beach, yesterday, drawing sharp criticism from several lawmakers.
5:30 pm
the crowd flocked to the jersey shore beach these afternoon. beautiful weather. a lot of people to ocean city where "eyewitness news" captured cloud on the beaches and boardwalk. good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm joe holden. ukee's off. president trump spent part of his day working from his golf club in bed more stinter new jersey. >> he is preparing for g20 summit later this week but he took time to tweet bay sick little boy in, london. >> it has been a work being weekend for president trump from his bedminster new jersey golf club. the president is checking in with world leaders ahead of the, g20 summit later this week in germany. that included calls with the chinese president, and japanese prime minister to discuss threat from north korea. president trump is also preparing for a much anticipated meeting with russian president vladamire putin on the sidelines of the g20 summit. on monday russia said it is growing impatient for u.s. to return two embassy compounds seized by american officials back in december. the obama administration
5:31 pm
expelled 35 russian diplomates and shuttered the estate in maryland and long island, new york in response to russian meddling in the presidential election. president trump also took to twitter monday weighing in on a controversial court decision in the uk, the president tweet ed if we can help little charlie guard as per hour friend in the uk and the pope, we will be delighted to do so. charlie guard is a terminally ill british infant whose parents wanted to bring him to the u.s. for trial therapy. courts denied the request, and , said that the 10 month-old could be removed from life support a against his parent's wishes because further treatment would cause significant harm. the ruling sparked protests and gained worldwide attention with you pope frances tweeted about charlie's situation saying it is everyone's duty to defend human life. he asked for charlie to be moved from london to rome in order to help keep the little boy alive. well, last listed for passengers traveling from the u.s. to abu dhabi, electronic
5:32 pm
devicees were banned from cabins on u.s. bound flights from 10 international airports over concerns, that they could carry explosives. and, officials now say that there are additional security measures for passengers from abu dhabi, ban is still in place for flights from the other nine airports, that are in africa, and the middle east german authorities say 18 people are dead after a bus crashed into another vehicle and then burst into flames. that happened this morning on the busy highway in southern germany. police say bus was carrying a group of senior citizens on vacation when it slammed in the back of the truck that had slowed for a traffic jam. that is when busy vice-presidented in to flames. thirty others were hurt in the fiery crash, and two of the injured remain in critical condition. several people suffered minor injuries when parts of an amtrak train derailed in washington state yesterday. the locomotive baggage car and at least two other cars jumped tracks about 45 miles south of
5:33 pm
seattle. police have arranged pollution control zones to keep leaking fuel from reaching the water. it is not clear what caused the derailment. five time wimbledon champion venous williams is speaking out after she was involved in the crash that led to the death of the 78 year-old man. williams spoke to the media today after her first round victory in wimbledon. last week officials say the 37 year-old was to blame for june . the tennis star broke down in tears, when reporters questioned her about the incident. >> there is really in word to describe how devastating, and, yeah, and and... >> and, the police report say williams was traveling at 5 miles an hour and was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, williams attorney says that she has not been issued any citations for traffic violations. but what started out as a
5:34 pm
festive fire works celebration in michigan quickly turned to chaos when something misfired. the fire department says that a road spark fell in the bucket containing other fire works causing an explosion on the pontoon boat where they were being watched. the six people on the boat jumped in the water, three of them were sent to the hospital with burns, one other person suffered minor burns. a hot air balloon carrying 17 people crashed into a pontoneer walt digs knee world in orlando this morning. only one, person was hurt in the crash, authorities say that the pilot had to make an emergency landing and attempted to land on the interstate but landed in the retention pond, instead. fire fighters battling wild fires in arizona became animal rescuers. these members here of flag staff hot shots team carried two faun toss safety last friday. they were there battling flames at prescott national forest where they found the baby deer. the deer was taken to a their by habitat and we have been told they have been reunited with their mother.
5:35 pm
some of the world's best competitive eaters are warming up their jaws for nathan's hot dog eating contest and others tested limits of their stomachs in washington d.c. molly skylar ate 21 hamburgers in 10 minutes to defend her crown as annual burger eating champion. and that is seven fewer burgers then she ate last year , but former wing bowl champion, 1500 collars for devouring the competition, and i remember when she won the wing bowl, yes. >> she down seven, she has to be concerned. >> still enough for a win. still to come on "eyewitness news" beef between jay-z and kanye that could land wrappers in the courtroom serving up a different drink down the shore, is what messing and message that they are going to spread. plus fighting mosquitoes with an app, new tool that can stop the pesky bugs from spreading, lauren. i necessity most of us are still enjoying our fourth of july holiday weekend but why
5:36 pm
not look ahead toward next week end and saturday and sunday at this point are looking quiet. high pressure likely to build in, bringing south quieter air so we could have a beautiful next weekend shaping up with sunshine and relatively low humidity on both saturday and sunday. but first here are some of the fire works shows happening , around the region, tonight. you can find more fire works displayness your neighborhood by going to cbs
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reuse and recycle that is what samsung is doing with its recalled galaxy note sevens. later this week the tech company will launch a refurbish less expensive version of the note 2347 south korea it will be renamed the galaxy note fe, fanny digs and 30 percent cheaper, samsung was forced to recall the galaxy note sevens after a number of the devices exploded in to flames. sang sung does not have a plan to sell the new version in the u.s. later this week test lays set to roll roll out first mass market electronic vehicle e lon musk tweeted it has pack all of the requirements. first one is expect to be finished this friday. tesla plans to produce 100 cars in august and 20,000 by december. the cars will start at a sticker price of 35 you this dollars which is much less than previous models. beautiful car. >> it is, it will be neat to see how that all progresses. >> if they are filling the streets of philadelphia, perhaps. >> that is right. >> well, up next, health scare
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full house at camelback mountain it wouldn't be fourth of july without fire works but it is fun, festive as they are a friendly reminder they can be extremely dangerous. experts from triple a says that when using fire works make sure that they are legal, in your township or your boro or city they say non-aerial fire works should be dead nate in a hard flat surface far from homes, cars, bushes and trees. >> once that fire work is detonated you will want to make sure you wait at lee 20 minutes, and then hoe off those fire works, hose off remnants of the fire works and then any pieces that are left you want to soak in the bucket of water. >> triple a says more fires are reported in the u.s. on the fourth of july then any other day, and fire works, account for more than half of those blazes. the dog days of summer are officially here and mosquitoes are offer everyone's mine. now you can help nasa fight
5:45 pm
spread of mosquitoes. meteorologist matt peterson is in the einstein health care science center to show how an app on the phone can fight a pesky bug. many of us only think of mosquitoes as annoying pests that bite us in the summertime , however there are many place as cross the country and globe, where mosquitoes are more than just a summertime nuisance. and nasa's looking for citizen scientists to help them berth understand mosquito population s. >> we are constantly trying to learn more about the environment that surround us and that includes, learning about insect populations and how they effect the area that we live. that is today's development of a app called a mosquito habitat mapper so you can figure our where certain mosquitoes tend to be. >> we try to figure out where the main breed are. >> reporter: app laos to you document and photograph mosquitoes and larvae for future use by nasa and other organizations. >> we're asking you to
5:46 pm
identify habitat for mosquito breeding. >> reporter: this ground level data allows scientist toss see is what happening locally rather than globally. >> it is going in the environmental bottom to help us go from that very large scale, here in the world and satellite data down to a local community that might be having issues with mosquito born. >> reporter: goal for the app is for nasa and other organizations to use the local data from the mosquito habitat map tore reduce potential for the disease out breaks based on large scale mosquito populations. mosquito mapper is available for free, to down load on all apple and android devices and will be the basis of an international experiment, being held on november 10th, in coordinate with international science center and science museum day. in in the einstein health care science center i'm meteorologist matt peterson. >> check out this time lapse captured by international space station, this aurora was spotted dance ago above the earth late last month. these beautiful lights occur
5:47 pm
when electrons, pro tons and knew trons collide in the atmosphere. auroraes are normally sported near antarctica, chile and new seal land. >> so neat. anyone can appreciate that it would be lauren casey. >> yes, science, science all the way. >> yes, i know. >> beautiful. >> beautiful. >> typically here we call them northern lights, southern lights, at both polls there. pretty cool sight. pretty cool side in our skies. sunshine. we like that for a holiday weekend. we are looking live from people relaxing in the fountain at logan circle. it is nice. getting cool off there. the turtles, breaking out some spray, and it has been a nice day today. yesterday was great. today looking great. tomorrow not looking too bad either but temperatures, they are hot right now as reported by our cbs-3 eyewitness weather watchers. we have 80's and 90's on the board right now. we have a couple cool pictures to show you as well as a
5:48 pm
patriotic one obviously from phil, check out that beauty, blue skies and old glory, a beautiful picture there thanks so much, phil. also some fun activity, john was having a ban, concert in bristol, it looks like people were out and about, is there old glory again, it looks like a lot of sunshine in the scene we will check with our current conditions and then we will head down the shore where many of us are right now. 89 degrees at james house. he has mostly sunny conditions in ocean city, new jersey. nice breezing at 15 miles an hour. he says every july 4th weekend should be like this one. we have had a really nice conditions and again, down the shore tomorrow, it will be pretty nice. a few more cloud. chance of the isolated thunder shower but otherwise you will get in sometime on the sand. lets head out to mount laurel, new jersey where temperatures are toasty90 degrees at carrie 's house. partly cloudy conditions in mount laurel and she says hot today but the pool temperature was perfect, oh that sound so nice. making me jealous. temperatures, they are below
5:49 pm
average right now, if you are looking for a more, natural way to cool yourself off, dipping into the ocean, water, of the atlantic, temperature on shore right now off atlantic city 65 degrees. ocean temperature at sea isle 68. pretty warm ocean temperature right now for delaware beaches off shore of lewis, 76 degrees that is nice to take a dip n but talking about the pool tomorrow, july 4th, forecast, a mixture of sun and cloud. 87 degrees, but have plenty of sunshine. uc index very high 10 tomorrow storm scan three showing us we have a couple of patchy cloud mainly down toward cape may county delaware beaches, a couple of showers working their way through the area and we have a isolated cell in berks county. future weather showing us a chance of the isolated shower or rumble of thunder over the next couple of hours but we will have a stalled frontal boundary lingering, so we could see an isolated shower maybe even in the morning hours, and then again, as we head into the afternoon. we will get heating of the day and we will see a few pop ups ongoing but this will not be
5:50 pm
widespread or prolonged in nature but still have to have that backup plan because of outdoor plans tomorrow. couple cells persisting in the evening hours and as we lose that heating of the day late tomorrow evening our storm chance will start to wayne. checking in on the tropics we have an area of disturb weather as far away from frustrs , west coast of africa but you can see it is getting organized, looking much more healthy, especially over last couple of frames, national hurricane center giving the system a 70 percent chance of development within the next five days and fit becomes a named storm the next name would be don. for tonight though keeping it partly cloudy a spotty thunderstorm but we are in the seeing much activity. so that chance is decreasing and decreasing, low temperature tonight at 72. then tomorrow mixture of sun and cloud with isolated thunder shower and a high of 87. your fire works forecast watch out for that chance of the stray thunder shower otherwise looking good, partly cloudy, not too humid and temperatures in the upper 70's and your
5:51 pm
shore forecast tomorrow it will be much cooler. 80 degrees as opposed to 90 degrees. wednesday looking nice, mostly sunny mainly dry but we will get more steam and wetter as we head toward thursday n your seven day forecast 87 degrees in the city tomorrow and suburbs. eighty-four on wednesday. we will see better storm chances thursday and friday, and steamy conditions, as well , before we clear things out as we head into next weekend, jessica and joe. >> lauren, thanks very much. a health care for a popular tv personality. falling out between jay-z and kanye west. >> kanye west. >> thank you 96.5 with your hot minute. >> thanks, jessica and joe, tv personality maria menou.s. reveals she was diagnosis with a brain tumor while her mother fights brain cancer. after under going a seven hour surgery to remove the benign tumor e news anchor said she will leave the show to focus on her health, well-being.
5:52 pm
fortunately doctors say there is only a six to 7 percent chance that the tumor will return which maria responded quote i'll take those odd any day. watching that one friend you used to paint the town with become a father is heart warming and for brad pitt it was, times two when he stopped by to visit george clooney. insider said brad's heart melted when he saw george holding the twins, saying quote he has never known his friend to look so complete and content. and from one happy bromanc e with a nasty falling out kanye west and jay-z are reportedly gearing up to battle it out in court according to reports, kanye west has left jay-z tidal company after jay-z failed to pay him more than three million-dollar. west claimed he was owed a bonus after his album brought in 1.5 million new subscribers that is your hot minute i'm be x from today's 96.5.
5:53 pm
still ahead on "eyewitness news" serving up a different kind of drink. >> ♪ >> atlantic city leaving the alcohol behind there is no alcohol in that sir, all for a good cause, see what the causes coming up.
5:54 pm
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bartender down the shore are promoting designated driving by shaking up some delicious mock tails. our vittoria woodill has more on the mock tail challenge. >> reporter: feeling toey ready to party you might be in a mood for iced cold drink. >> cheers. >> reporter: but drinks served on this atlantic city boardwalk were shake when zero alcohol. to stir up awareness about safe partying. >> this is, awesome because it
5:57 pm
is too many drunk drivers on the road, so this is encouraging folks to stay sober and still be able to party hearty. >> reporter: ceo of the hero campaign for designated drivers bill elliott. >> this is great hero 10i taste off, we have 10 of the best bartenders and bars in atlantic city as part of our great challenge here for the summer to find best non- alcoholic cocktail drink and all promoting designating driving. >> reporter: topic bill knows too much. >> we lost our son 17 years ago to a drunk driver heading home from the a naval academy for my wife's birthday. in his honor and memory we wanted to doing to reflect his spirit. he was a fun, positive person. >> reporter: for 10 bartenders including kevin, there wasn't a thought about dipping their toes in the competition. they all jumped right in. >> my youngest brother was who in the dui related incident. we don't need to see families get through alcohol-related
5:58 pm
incidents, like this. you can go out, have a great time, and get home receive. it is all about getting home safe. >> reporter: while all of the cocktails they have rolled out were different. >> i love the sensory experience with the rose marie >> it is smoke paprika and sauce. >> different. >> yes. >> it goes down reallies i. >> this is all for a good cause. >> exactly. >> being in a hero never tasted so good vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" that competition goes until labor day and vote for your favorite hero mock tails by going to cbs this is a portion where we say so long to joe. >> i will be back in the morning pulling in for jim donovan bright and early. >> he is a team player. >> there you go. the iron man. >> catch him 4:30 a.m. have a good night get some rest. >> thank you that will do it
5:59 pm
for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 keeping an eye on the forecast for the fourth , lauren. >> thanks, jessica another beautiful holiday weekend, today but can we keep rain away for our fire works tomorrow? i will have the answer in your full forecast, coming up. ready to celebrate from the city to the shore, we will show you how people are gearing up for fourth of july, plus... >> set up is nearly complete and excitement is bluing for big fourth of july celebration on the parkway i'm alycia nieves and tell you why they may not be that enjoyable for those living in the area. plus, chris christie's beach backlash, the photo that is sparking criticism and latest on the government shut down in the garden state. now at 6:00 o'clock ready to celebrate in the city that celebrated it all, independent
6:00 pm
day is not until tomorrow but party is already getting start i had. chopper three, crewing along the new jersey coast, the beach is packed from atlantic city toy ventnor to margate. people out enjoying a long holiday weekend and all of the south jersey shore points. i'm jessica dean. ukee washington is off tonight >> lets get to lauren casey on the sky deck and what can we expect for the holiday celebrations, lauren. >> shaping up well so far, guess contact we will kick things off saturday first day of the holiday weekend with humidity, although strong, to severe thunderstorms and yesterday and today and it is smooth sailing but toasty checking in on current conditions. ninety's on the board right now. ninety in philadelphia we were at 90 last hour in, wilmington now at 88. ninety-one in ac no sea breeze there. 84 degrees in allentown. 88 degrees in lancaster. good news is that


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