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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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. we begin with breaking news this shutdown is over. new jersey lawmakers announced they reached a budget deal to put the state back in business. good evening i'm jessica dean, ukee washington is off tonight. lawmakers agreed on a budget just hours before the shutdown would have entered a fourth day, greg argos is live in trenton with breaking details. greg? >> reporter: that's exactly right, jessica, the breaking details is that this budget impasse is state shutdown is over. chris christie expected to speak here at his office at the state capitol any minute and tomorrow the 4th of july for everyone concerned, the beaches, the public parks are expected to be reopened. >> the most important thing is we open the state of new jersey again. we put back to work all those workers that did not get to go to work today. we open the beaches, the services, >> we care a great deal about the finances in this budget.
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it's the best we've seen in ten year, provides for a lot of people. and i think it's a good day, because everything will be open probably starting tomorrow. i think the governor said he's putting out a release that the beaches will be open tomorrow. >> reporter: that was state assembly speaker vincent prieto and senate president speaker steven sweeney announce, the end of the stale mate minutes ago. the impasse began three days ago and democrats fought to overhaul the state's largest insurer horizon blue cross/blue shield, chris christie shutdown nonessential state services, parks, that ended tonight after closed door meetings with horizon blue cross officials. both assembly and senate expected to vote on the bill some time this late evening or early morning, when paves the way for the budget bill to pass. tomorrow, once again, for thousands here in the garden state celebrating the 4th of july. state parks and beaches are
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expected to be reopened. there's still the question about the furloughed state workers. some 35,000 of them did not receive pay today because of this government shutdown. sweeney and prieto both calling on governor chris christie to back pay those folks for this day off of work because of the shutdown. no word on whether or not he'll do that. once again, chris christie expected to speak here any minute as soon as he does, of course we'll take it live. live in trenton, new jersey. i'm greg argos, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thanks for the update. we appreciate it. a perfect summer day today, but will the same hold true for the 4th of july tomorrow. we check in with meteorologist lauren casey who has your first look at the forecast >> i wouldn't call it quite perfect but it will be pretty good. temperatures right now still very warm at this late hour, 82 in philadelphia after climbing into the 90's today. we were in the 90's down the shore, temperatures have fallen back into the 70's, cool night for camping in the poconos down to 63.
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but check this out. people out and about, the boards bumming right now as we get a live look at rehoboth beach. it's 11:00. but everyone is enjoying the july 4th as most of us have day off. we're dealing with a couple of stray showers, not much in the way of lightening but a good little downpour going across portions of montgomery county stretching from just warminster warming off to the east, southeast stretch back to abington within more, we're going to see a chance of a stray shower for fireworks, pack the umbrella, partly cloudy conditions, otherwise comfortable. fireworks forecast looking good for tomorrow evening, talk more about what to expect. beach activities and your barbecues coming up in just a few. >> thinks. 4th of july festivities are underway and tonight was a city favorite the phillies pop. david spunt is live on independence mall with the
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details on tonight's musical performance. david? >> reporter: what a night it was. it's quiet behind me. that was not the case just a couple hours ago. thousands came to enjoy the pops in front of the building where it began 241 years ago. ♪ . ♪ . >> reporter: the music and mistakably patriotic and what better place than just a few feet from the door of independence hall >> we're one nation, one group of people that need to be together. >> reporter: paul rothman is from philadelphia and started going to this celebration years ago. he and thousands of people and a few patriotic pooches decided to brave the heat to enjoy a special 4th of july celebration. ♪. >> reporter: the celebration included broadway philadelphia featuring music from phantom of the opera.
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but the crown jewels, the 65 piece philadelphia pops a brotherly love tradition >> my whole married life i moved to new york, moved back eight years ago. there's no place like philadelphia. >> reporter: no doubt the celebration in 2017 brings back spirit for what happened in this building 241 years ago. it's something americans think of with great pride. >> it's very emotional. it really is very touching to be part of it. to think about what happened, you know, back in those times. >> big parade tomorrow morning here in front of independence hall in the old city area near market. if you can't make it to the parkway, you can catch them 9:30 on the delaware river, reporting live, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> beautiful night david thanks so much. people in haddon township nj celebrated the 4th of july tonight with the happy birthday america fireworks display. the evening kicked off with live
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music at the haddon township high school football field. tomorrow at 11:30 the annual parade runs from the municipal building to crystal lake. one of the most popular places to be right now? down the shore. a live look at the ocean city boardwalk from sky cam 3, walking the boards having a great time. during the day, the beaches were packed. a lot of umbrellas and families soaking up that sunshine. there's also plenty of ways to cool off. either by just getting in the ocean or maybe getting a cold treat on the boardwalk all the crowds taking advantage of the great weather we've been having. >> there's plenty of fun to be had over the holiday weekend across the region and for a complete list of all the celebrations happening in the city, in the suburbs, go to upper darby police say a pair of teenagers is responsible for terrorizing the public following a string of armed robberies. authorities say 16-year-old k, a
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moni, mac key and 17-year-old robbed two cab drivers within hours of each other in residential neighborhood. they allegedly stop light $1,000 from two women, mckey is in customer and being charged as an adult >> how do you get into the head of a 16-year-old? she's a baby committing adult crimes. >> police continue to search for martinez. in the meantime two anonymous donors come forward to give the two female victims $2,000. the man authorities say shot and killed a teenager in a suspected case of road rage will be back in court next week. 28-year-old david desper is charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of 18-year-old bianca roberson. investigators say desper shot her after both drivers tried to merge into the same lane in chester county last wednesday. desper is being held without
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bail. residents in society hill say someone spray painted a swastika on a city trash can. this trash can on 3rd and spruce was discovered defaced before neighbors say a second person came by crossed the swastika out in red. a third person used white paint to write nazi punks. >> fair number of jewish people who live in the neighborhood. i can understand why they would be incredibly offended. we have synagogues around the corner. so, yeah, it's pretty offensive to see in society hill philadelphia. or, i was in this country. it's sad thing >> the city since cleaned up the trash can and erased graffiti. a $10,000 reward is being offered in new jersey after a holocaust memorial at the lakewood was defaced with an anti-semitic banner this weekend. a derogatory term used to describe jewish people was written across the top.
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now, this incident follows another in lakewood in which anti-semitic flyers were placed on the windshields of dozens of the cars. a hot air balloon crashed in near a popular resort in florida. venus williams is breaking down during a press conference in will bell done. why the tennis great got so emotional. >> the man behind these shoes and how they became a global fashion statement. a live look at center city, philadelphia is the place to be for the 4th of july. will the weather cooperate? meteorologist lauren casey has your holiday forecast. plus, what you can expect when you head back to work.
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president trump returned to joint base andrews in time for the holiday, he's celebrating at the white house and hosting an independence day celebration with military families. later this week. the president is headed to poll land and germany for the annual g 20 summit.
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venus williams is speaking out after being involved in a crash that led to the death of a 78-year-old man. williams spoke to the media after her first round victory at wimbledon. they say the 37-year-old was to blame for the june 9th crash. five time champion broke down in tears when reporters asked her about the incident. >> really no word to describe how devastating, and, yeah. . >> the report says williams was traveling about five miles per hour and was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. williams's attorney said she has not been issued citations or traffic violations. police in boston say a crash that injured ten pedestrians near logan airport percent to be an accident. a taxi driver lost control of the cab plowing into other taxi
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drivers standing around on break. police say the victim had varying injuries. a hot air balloon carrying 17 people including children crashed into a pond near walt disney world in orlando. the pilot had to make an emergency landing and attempted to land on the interstate but in the retention pond instead. it is summer, that means pes key mosquitoes are all out there. nasa scientists want to help -- want your help to learn more about the biting insects. nasa developed an ap called the the goal is to use that data to reduce potential outbreaks ba based on large scale mosquito populations. one of the most popular sneakers are named for an
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athlete that hasn't played professional until decades stand smith was a tennis star in the 70's, his sneakers are the star. cbs news correspond meg oliver tells us more. >> i'm ready. >> reporter: once the number one tennis player in the world, stan smith at 70 is in full swing. after smith won the u.s. open in 1971, adidas took notice. >> bouncing into our hearts. >> reporter: offered to make his name and like ness the soul of its newest shoe >> we bring you the man behind the shoe. stan smith. >> reporter: in 1972, he won wimbledon wearing his stan smiths, but there's no way he could have predicted the fashion staple the shoe has become. >> reporter: are you into fashion? >> i am now. >> reporter: at the deed dis flagship store you can see how the brand broken its traditional
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boundary. you can have it floral patterns, an oversaturated market, it pulled stan smith from store shelves in 2012 >> it's a little momentum. and they said look we're going to relaunch it. committed to it. >> reporter: after a two-year hiatus, it brought it back >> 15 to 24-year-olds. i thought it was a little bit stupid, little did i know their plans were quite creative. >> reporter: since the launch, adidas sold more than 50 million stan smiths, making it one of the brand's best selling sneakers of all time >> i would say most people that wear them i have no idea who i am. >> reporter: that was not the case along new york 5th avenue where it took minutes before he spotted stan smith fans from china >> how are you doing >> germany
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>> where are you from. >> reporter: and miami. >> you know who stan smith is? he's right here. >> my going. >> reporter: teenagers still know stan smith is more than the name on their sneaker. and though he retired from playing professionally three decades ago. stan smith plenty of game left. meg oliver, cbs3 "eyewitness news news". we're going to recap the breaking news, a budget deal has been reached in new jersey and just moments ago, governor chris christie held a press conference to announce state beaches along with parks and other services will reopen tomorrow as a result. christie blamed lawmakers for the shutdown. >> state parks, opened tomorrow morning at normal time. i wish that the legislature would have chosen one of those two paths they chose tonight on june 30th. if they had we wouldn't have had to close down government on the
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first, second and third, but that's what the constitution requires. >> democrats were battling with the governor's proposal to overhaul the largest insurer horizon blue cross shield, this comes after christie faced sharp criticism about his own use of a closed state beach. lawmakers in trenton reached a deal to end the shutdown just before it reached a fourth day so everything reopens tomorrow. lauren casey joining us. as we look ahead to tomorrow and the official 4th of july holiday. >> 4th of july looking good. we might have to dodge a stray shower or rumble of thunder but i believe everyone will get the outdoor plans in for holiday, today was a hot holiday monday, we got to 91 degrees in philadelphia. 91 in wilmington. down the shore land breeze for much of the day, kept temperatures at 94 in atlantic city. 90 in wildwood and topped at 91 in dover and after that hot high temperature today, temperatures warm at this late hour, 82 as we
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get a live look at center city philadelphia. we can see there liberty one and two patriotic colors, winds out of the south at five miles per hour, we have a feels like temperature with humidity in the air feeling more like 84 degrees. but temperatures have cooled off along the coast down into the 70's right now, low 70s in allentown. and a cool night in the poconos at 63 degrees, but after hot conditions today, along the coast, 72 i think feels pretty nice in cape may, we're at 75 degrees in stone harbor. stormscan 3 showing us we do have a couple of stray showers making their way east southeast across the area, this shower not seeing too much in the way of imbedded lightening crossing over the river. rain coming down in bensalem, but wilmington borrow, mt. laurel up into mt. holly in the next 30, 45 minutes. poconos seeing a shower moving through into mount pocono a couple of drops coming down right now, not looking at a
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strong cell but a stray shower passing through and overnight tonight, partly cloudy, that chance of a stray shower low temperature only falling back to 72. for our day tomorrow, not quite as hot, a mix of sun and clouds. with a chance of just an isolated shower or thunder shower as we head to the second half of the day. humidity levels not going to be too bad tomorrow by july standards. we'll be in this not bad to steamy category but at least we won't be in this insufferable to oppressive category we started off with saturday, it should feel comfortable as we head to evening for the welcome america show kicks off at 7:00. mary jay blige ben franklin parkway, start time temperatures around 80. have the backup plan and umbrella just in case. future weather showing us showers kind of dying off as we wake up tomorrow morning, at 9:00, not at 7:00 because it's a holiday as we head to midday, if you want to break out the grill for lunch time, cook up weathers
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and dogs, as we head to the second half, there's the chance of an isolated shower or rumble mainly city and points southward as we head into the afternoon and evening hours, then as we head to the second half, we lose the heating of the day, that storm and shower chance will diminish. checking in on the tropics, well out into the tropical atlantic the west coast of africa but we have a disturbance, national hurricane center giving this a 70% chance of development within the next five days, if it reaches name storm, it would be don. it is well far away. down the shore, partly sunny with a chance of a stray shower, rip current risks will be low. as we head into wednesday, 84 degrees, partly sunny conditions, little bit of east wind blinking us cooler air, as we head to thursday and friday, steamy conditions taking over once again, best chance of storms is going to be on friday and at this point, the upcoming weekend next weekend looking awesome. >> i like to keep an eye on the weekend even though it's monday.
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>> the important. >> thanks so much, lesley up next with sports >> it was great day on and off the filed for freddy galvis, we'll tell you why. all eyes on markelle fultz as the
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. summer of fultz got started in utah, the sixers taking on the celtics and fans finally got to see the overall pick, markelle fultz. he wasted no time getting on the score sheets. scoring on his first shot of the game, and he was just getting warmed up. later, markelle showing off his range here, knocking down the three off the screen in the first quarter. then in the third, markelle drives into the paint, spins got the roll on the tough jumper. well, too bad. then later in the quarter, markelle with tough defense, check him out. he has a chance to give the sixers the win, unfortunately, his shot blocked in the final
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seconds of the game. fultz 17 points on six to 16 shooting. unfortunately the sixers will lose this one 89-88. >> it was another day to play basketball. i don't look at the cameras, they don't bother me. it was just another day doing what i love. that's all. >> for not playing a competitive basketball game for a lot of months i thought he did really well >> the phillies started against the pirating aaron nola on the mound, no score in the first. freddy galvis earlier in the day became father for the second time at the plate. takes his pitch deep into the right field stands for a two-run homer, eighth of the year, phillies win 2-0. third inning, maikel franco goes off the top of the fence and over for his 11th of the season, phillies up 4-0, strong outing from aaron nola, seven shut-out innings, nola, and hector
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narris, combined for a shut-out >> getting the lead-off hitter out. those are the big keys last couple starts. just trying to stick with my plan and stay healthy and, you know, get the start before the all star break and this is my plan >> nice way to start off >> so we're going to talk about more competition of a different kind. more competition of a different kind. how competitive the ♪ more competition of a different kind. how competitive the it's not carbonation. those bubbles are celebrating. ♪ right now, get $1 any size soft drink. only at mcdonald's. ♪
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♪ ♪ . ♪ . the annual nathan's familiarize hot dog eating contest is tomorrow, before competitors can start, rainying championian faces challenger matt stoney. chester de12ed 70. last year 38 and a half hot dogs, the competition takes place tomorrow on coney island. lauren. >> i know most of us are still enjoying our 4th of july weekend but why not look ahead towards next weekend and saturday and sunday at this point are looking quite quiet. high pressure likely to build in
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bringing us drier air, we could have a beautiful next weekend shaping up with sunshine
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colbert followed by james cordon, morning team back from 4:30 to 7:00 and the latest on the budget deal. for lauren, lesley all of us, i'm jessica dean. you can find updates on
11:35 pm we'll see you all tomorrow. captioning sponsored by cbs >> and now, a father's day message from the "late show." >> hi, there. i'm milo ventimiglia from "this is us." >> and i'm stephen colbert from "this is the late show with us." >> father's day is this weekend, but every year one subset of fathers is desperately overlooked. >> stephen: we're talking about hot tv dads. >> people like me who play dads on tv and are hot. >> stephen: it's not easy for us. >> that's right. wait, what? >> stephen: it's not easy for us. just keep reading the thing. >> so this year we just want to take time out to say happy father's day to all the over- looked and over-worked hot tv dads. >> stephen: we know who we are. >> yeah, coach taylor "friday night lights." >> sam bennett, "private practice." >> jamie lannister, "game of thrones." >> stephen: great dad. >> yeah. >> stephen: bob belcher from "bob's burgers." so this father's day, remember us, super hot tv dads.


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