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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 4, 2017 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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weekday morning here on cbs-3, nora o'donnell. norah o'donnell. gail charlie gail gayle gayle. it is tuesday, july 4th, 2017. welcome to cbs this morning. north korea claims it's conducted its first successful test of a missile capable of reaching the u.s. mainland. and in a late night tweet president trump called on china to stop the threat once and for all and asked whether kim jong un had anything better to do with his life. and a car that could shake up the auto industry. and how robo callers are using your number to sell their products. >> and a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds.
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>> if this is confirmed it's a very significant development. this is what north korea has been working towards for a very long time now. >> north korea claims to have tested an intercontinental ballistic missile. >> they say it is successful. they even said that they can now target the whole of the world. >>titis best budget we've seen in ten years. >> chris christie has signed a new budget ending a government shutdown. >> nobody wants this. i told you from the beginning i didn't want it. >> firefighters in arizona are battling a number of fast moving wildfires. >> and boston's airport when an out of control taxi cab plowed into a cab. venus williams tearing up as she was asked about the fatal car crash in florida she was involved in last month.
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>> a hot air balloon crashes near disney world. everyone made it out alive. an engine burst into flames. >> a suspected bird strike caused the emergency. >> day one of wimbledon, lots of action on the courts. >> we have a contender for the tournament on the very first day. >> and all that matters -- >> not long ago the symbol of strength and freedom was hard to find anywhere in the u.s., but the bald eagle is back. >> the large we of the american people did that. >> on cbs this morning. >> this is the fourth of july. it was 241 years ago today that the declaration of independence was adopted. fireworks will light up the sky from coast to coast today. >> this morning's eye opener is
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presented by toyota. let's go places. >> welcome to cbs this morning on this fourth of july. i'm jeff glor, happy fourth. >> happy independence today. charlie rose and gayle king are off and overnight north korea claimed it successfully missile that could reach the u.s. kim jong-un celebrating the test. it is still assessing the launch but calls it an intermediate range missile. >> it flew nearly 600 miles after the launch. it reached an altitude of more than 1,500 miles before landing in the sea of japan. the u.s. pacific command said it tracked the missile for 37 minutes. independent scientists say it could have reached alaska.
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after the launch president trump apparently took aim at kim on twitter. the president asked does this guy have anything better to do with his life? we're in beijing with the test that could be a major change in the standoff with north korea. ben, good morning. >> reporter: if this truly was an icbm the threat from north korea just got a lot more serious. kim jong-un said his goal is a missile that could hit the united states and he may now be one step closer to making that happen. >> translator: north korea gleefully announced what it called an historic p event. a successful test of this intercontinental ballistic missile. with a projected range of about 4,000 miles it would be capable of hitting all of alaska, but not the continental united states or hawaii. during 11 missile tests this year north korea has
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demonstrated its growing capabilities. at a military parade this spring it showed off missile canisters believed to contain icbms but it is still not known if they've been able to miniaturize a war head to fit on top of those weapons. an expert on nuclear weapons policy. >> this is really more about containment? >> there's no way north korea is going to abandon its nuclear we tons. in the near term it is impossible. >> reporter: president trump said in his tweets perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end this nonsense once and for all. china may not be so willing to help it is furious at the united states after a u.s. navy warship passed in the
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>> the chinese government is now calling for restraint and wants the u.s. to start talking to north korea. china seems unwilling to impose further sanctions. >> thank you very much from beijing. this missile launch had just before g 20 summit in germany where president trump meets with other world leaders. they include the presidents of china, south korea and russia. mr. trump returned to washington last night after a weekend trip to his new jersey golf club. chris is in washington. good morning. >> reporter: the president was briefed late last night on the missile launch. just a day earlier he spoke with china's president about containing the program.
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president trump told the chinese president the united states is prepared to act on its own in dealing with north korea but the white house's official statement on the call said the two leaders reaffirmed their commitment to a denuclearized korean peninsula. yesterday russian president vladimir putin hosted president xi in moscow. putin is set to meet with trump for the first time on friday. it is still unclear if he will address russian meddling in the u.s. elections. also in washington, cbs news senior national security contributor, a former acting and deputy director of the cia. good to see you. this -- this test happened on july 4th, america's independence day. it happened just before the g 20 summit. how long will it be before we know exactly what kind of missile this was?
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>> jeff, it will take several days for the intelligence community to make an assessment of whether this was an intermediate range missile or whether this was an intercontinental. that matters here. an intermediate range would not be able to reach alaska or hawaii, an icbm of the type we just saw tested would, so it really matters here but it will be a few days before we know for sure. >> jeff just mentioned that fourth of july and the g 20 summit coming up. what's the message that kim jong-un is sending to the world community right now? >> so it's interesting. he has had a history of doing provocative acts on july fourth. his first nuclear test back in 2006 was on july fourth. he seems to think that it has a particular psychological impact on us doing something on july fourth. it obviously does not. it probably gets less news than
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he would like on july fourth. we used to joke at cia that the only thing doing this on july fourth is ruin the holidays of intelligence analysts. the message he's trying to send is, i can deter the united states of america from attacking me. i can deter them from trying to change the regime. that's the message he's trying to send. >> the national security advisor said there are a range of options they are looking at. you told us you thought the best thing to do would be to ignore the north korean president. the you believe that's still the case? >> so there is no good option here. there is no military option here to destroy his nuclear program, his missile program. there is no option to do that. that wouldn't start a second korean war and wouldn't raise the possibility of him using nuclear weapons against his
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neighbors. he's got short range missiles, he has had a lot more time to work to make a nuclear weapon to those missiles so the risks are extraordinarily high in a military standoff. there's also no diplomatic action here. i agree with the sentiment that there is no way that he will ever negotiate away his nuclear weapon program. so there's very little you can do except sanction him every time he does something and build our missile defenses as we're doing in south korea, in hawaii, in california, alaska, to defend ourselves. that is about all we can do in the situation we face here. there are no good options. >> thank you for joining us, mike. >> welcome. new jersey state beaches and parks are open for fourth of july after governor chris christie and democratic lawmakers reached a late night budget deal. the agreement came one day after christie was photographed with his family on a state beach that
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was closed. >> reporter: good morning. for the first time this holiday weekend the public will be allowed inside this state park. govern nor christie has an official summer residence but over the weekend those images of him sun byte bathing while this beach was closed caused a lot of backlash up and down the jersey shore. >> this is a long overdue significant reform that will have lasting impact on residents. >> reporter: a last minute budget deal monday night. it calls for an overall of new jersey's largest health insurer and democratic spending priorities. >> this is the best budget that we've had in ten years. >> reporter: but even as the budget stalemate came to an end governor christie continued to face questions over his decision to spend time on island beach state park. >> shame on those people who wanted to make this as if we were taking advantage of something. >> christie and his family had
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almost ten miles of beach all to themselves as a result of the partial government shutdown. >> let's be really clear. that's our residence and we have a right to be there whenever we want to be there. >> i thought it was insensitive and tone deaf. >> republican dlieutenant govern governor. >> he was on the beach for 45 minutes and back in trenton that day. >> reporter: a blunt message for the governor, get the hell off the beach. an apparent jab. >> i think christie should be ashamed of himself. >> reporter: christie whose job approval rating has sunk to 15% was ridiculed on line. his photo was used as a reminder
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of the bridge gate scandal. >> this is another example of our politicians caring more about themselves than about us. >> reporter: late monday governor christie said he was saddened that the budget deal came three days late. the government will reopen tomorrow and state workers will get a paid holiday at the governor's request. >> thank you. massachusetts state police are investigating a taxi crash that hurt ten leading cab drivers at boston's airport. it jumped the curb of an outdoor rest area for drivers. state police believe the crash was unintentional. the injured drivers were taken to hospitals with minor to serious injuries. forces in syria are marking an important milestone. the fighters broke through a key defensive wall and entered the old city of raqqa. american led coalition struck
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holes in the wall, letting fighters through. >> reporter: just one part of this country's bloody civil war. amongst the groves of northern syria, beside a deserted village that's been pummelled by artillery lies one of the front lines in the world. this area is under the control of those u.s. backed fighters but if you look over here about 500 yards away that is syrian regime territory and they are backed by russia and iran and then if you look down here, about a mile in that direction, those are positions that belong to syrian rebels and they're backed by turkey. and if you're confused, don't worry because so are many of the people who live and fight here. some of the globe's most powerful militaries are vying for influence in syria. the local commander of the u.s.
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backed forces told us foreign influence has wreaked chaos on his country. things could get more complicated. we might be here for another ten years. this con friflict is already complicat complicated. last month it shout shot down a regime fighter jet. in the nearby city, they're battle scarred. in six years of civil war it's changed hands three times. a man who supports his entire family on just $3 a day. we're so tired of war, he told us. we feel like we're already dead. how far the u.s. will go to support its syrian allies once isis has grichb odriven out is question. as to how long they'll stay here in syria to deal with whatever
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comes next. a tweet from president trump intensified a global debate about a british infant and the limits of medical care. 11 month old suffers from a rare and incurable genetic disease. a london hospital wants to remove child support. charlie is outside the hospital with the family's fight to bring him to the u.s. good morning. >> good morning. a baby lies in a cot in one of those hospital rooms barely aware of his surroundings, certainly unaware that his fate will be decided in the next few days. as of last week the family was making the final preparations but that's before a pope and a president intervened. charlie guard looked like a happy healthy baby boy when he was born 11 months ago today before it became known he was suffering from a rare terminal disease, before he found himself at the center of an ethical and legal battle that now involves
7:17 am
pope francis and president trump who yesterday tweeted, if we can help little charlie as per our friends in the uk and the pope we'd be delighted to do so. but british doctors insist and british courts agree, there is no help and no hope for charlie. he's blind and deaf, can't move his limbs or breathe on his own. a condition so rare he's thought to be only one of 16 children in the world to suffer from it. but his parents have refused to give up, raising $1.7 million to pay for experimental medical treatment in the u.s. >> so we don't get this opportunity he's going to die. >> what's the alternative. >> yeah. he hasn't got anything to lose. we know that we've done -- even if it doesn't work which i think it will, we know that we've done everything that we can for him. >> that hope, however slim is what makes this case so heart wrenching says the doctor.
7:18 am
>> every parent in the back of their mind with a child with a disorder says maybe if i hold out long enough the cure will come or there will be a magic that happens and so the big question is, is there too much brain damage for this to be reversible or not? >> as it stands, europe's highest court has decided charlie's life support will be switched off. >> we know our son is going to die and we don't even get a say in what happens. >> reporter: if president trump holds any sway in this case, ultimately the decision rests with the hospital staff here. whether they've had a change of heart and charlie is allowed to travel to the united states or whether his life support will be switched off as planned. >> thank you, charlie. flames and thick smoke from a large wildfire shut down 26 miles of a major highway in nevada. this fire quickly spread to interstate 80. it's already scorched at least
7:19 am
10,000 acres, a second wildfire to the northeast has grown to 4,500 acres. venus williams got emotional at a news conference and had to take a break. the tennis star's cheerful response about a question about her role in a
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more than 29 billion robo calls flooded american phones last year alone. >> what is so called robo called strike force is trying to do about it. >> you're watching cbs this morning.
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this summer in a place where flavor runs deep, any dish and every glass might be the best you've ever tasted as long as you don't forget your appetite. new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your trip to the finger lakes at ment that a hot air balloon splashed into a florida pond. and dramatic cell phone video shows how a fourth of july fireworks display went horribly wrong. your local news is next.
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>> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. hammy independence day, of course, philadelphia is the best place to celebrate the nation's birthday. independence day parade steps off at 11:00 this morning, fifth and chestnut, video from last year's parade there is year will go down to ninth street, use market street before headed back to penn's landing. well, a check on the forecast with meteorologist, katie fehlinger. >> expect to go see more sun than anything here in the city, certainly some clouds along the way, too, i'll show you view that isn't the prettiest right now, so outside beach patrol headquarters where do you have a lot of clouds currently, certainly, somewhat steamy at the shore, you will see some sun try to break through as the day goes on, although watch for spotty shower or under this earl storm along the day, as well. peaking at the seven day, we
7:27 am
have you mid 80s through the forecast, but higher likelihood of wet weather to return thursday specially friday with the next system, that wait in the wings, by then, meisha? >> fingers crossed for tonight, all right, katie, thank you very much for. that will looking outside right now, still quiet out there on the roadways, however, do have disable vehicle here, see it is pulled off way off to the right shoulder, conshohocken curve, also one accident out there, as well, chestnut hill, stenton avenue, willow grove avenue. quick peak at 42 freeway looking pretty good traveling on northbound. rahel, back over you. >> meisha, thank you. next update 7:55, up next on cbs this morning, what the ftc is doing to fight the annoying robo calls. i'm rahel solomon. good morning. >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ it's not carbonation. those bubbles are celebrating. ♪ right now, get $1 any size soft drink. only at mcdonald's. ♪
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take a look at this. you are looking at part of the grand finale of denver's independence eve fireworks show. a colorful background, hard to find a more beautiful city in the background than denver, colorado. amazing. welcome back to "cbs this morning," everyone, on this july fourth. another fireworks display in a azodidn't arizona fireworks didn't go as well. wildfires forced fireworks shows to be cancelled. another was scrubbed in arizona. here's a look at some other
7:31 am
headlines. the new york times, if targeted a camp which had been under u.s. surveillance, the attack was carried out sunday. american officials did not comment on what was hit. it was the second such strike since president trump relaxed rules in march. florida's updated stand your ground law is unconstitutional. the law made national headlines after the killing of trevon martin. the ruling yesterday said that change could be made only by the state supreme court, not lawmakers. the chicago tribune reports that a federal appeals court decided an obama era rule on emissions standards cannot be delayed. they wanted to suspend a new rule for gas companies to monitor and reduce methane
7:32 am
leaks. u.s.a today reports beef sales are heating up and we're eating more of the meat again. last year an average of 55.6 pounds of beef. some of the reasons for beef's knew popularity, low prices and americans have more disposable income. and the post says that tiger woods is out of rehab. last month he said he was getting help for his use of painkillers. yesterday woods tweeted i will continue to tackle this going forward with my doctors, family and friends. wood still faces a driving under the influence charge after his arrest in may. tennis star venus williams have spoken publicly for the first time since florida police found her at fault after a deadly car crash. williams sat down for a news conference yesterday. reporter asked if she had any comment about the june collision. that's when she broke down. >> really no words to describe,
7:33 am
like, how devastating and -- yeah. i am completely speechless and it's just -- >> five time wimbledon champion was unable to hide her emotions. at a post match press conference williams struggled through tears to answer questions about the june car accident in florida which resulted in the death of 78-year-old and injury to his wife, linda. although williams has not been charged or cited, police did find her at fault for the deadly crash and an investigation continues. >> you see that stretch. >> used to dominating on the court could be facing a very different challenge soon. the family is suing williams for wrongful death. >> life, you can't prepare for everything, you know. i've prepared for a lot of
7:34 am
matches and try to get ready for whatever my opponent will throw at you but you can't prepare for everything. >> she's very measured, and stoic. and so for her to display this kind of emotion is really suggesting the turmoil she's going through. she's endured other painful episodes in her life. she's really able to compartmentalize off the court and on the court. and i think women eldon is her refuge. >> i have no idea what tomorrow will bring. that's what i've learned. >> before leaving the press conference williams reflected on the difficult time saying through everything, tennis is what gives her joy. >> this is my 20th wimbledon and i never thought i'd play this many, but grateful to be here and to play and i love the game. >> although this was the first
7:35 am
time we heard from venus on camera, she did post a message over the weekend saying she was devastated and heart broken and offered her heart felt condolences to the family. an attorney for williams called it an unfortunate accident. williams plays again at wimbledon tomorrow. a man accused of kidnapping a chinese exchange student is being held without bond. the former university of illinois graduate student is accused of kidnapping i didn't think i didn't think jang last month. investigators do not believe the scholar is still alive. cbs affiliate shot video that appears to show christensen at that event. he's expected to appear in court again tomorrow for another bond hearing. cell phone video taken from
7:36 am
a hot air balloon shows it crash landing near a pond at disney world in florida. >> we're going to get a little wet, sorry about that. >> passengers were calm until the basket tipped over. the pilot planned to land in a field but the wind shifted and he aimed for the bond to avoid power lines and highway. no one was seriously hurt but one boy was treated after swallowing water. robo calls ranked number one in consumer complaints. how the government is working with phone companies to stop them and why consumer advocates say more should be done. and tesla will sell first cars to u.s. consumers. you're watching "cbs this morning." (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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7:41 am
bridge. they migrate for the summer. it looks like the water if you're not looking closely. >> look how many there are. >> you were about to reference the hammer head shark. >> we had the hammer heads on yesterday that somebody was trying to whip around by the tail but they have the heads like they are so they can pin the sting rays down. >> have you ever felt those sting rays? it's kind of like a slimy but dolphiny feeling. it's kind of cool. >> i'm going to take your word for it. >> it's cool. >> we believe you on that one. so many of us are swamped by robo calls. now federal agency says it's trying to crack down on them. the
7:42 am
the chairman discussed earlier this year. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, you know, the do not call registry may as well be the do not care list for scammers placing these illegal calls. they the place thousands of them for pennies on the dollar. the industry claims it's working to block them but that its efforts are complicated by legal hurdles and the difficulty of tracing where these calls are coming from. >> it's not normal to listen to your voice mails and immediately have people yelling at you to stop calling them. >> peter clarke hadn't called anyone but when he checked his phone he found more than a dozen missed calls with messages like this. >> i think you have the wrong number, peter. >> you guys need to quit calling my phone. i don't have a credit card. this is ridiculous. >> that's unpleasant. >> yeah.
7:43 am
>> it's called spoofing when scammers make it appear as if robo call to others are coming from your phone, making the actual scammers nearly impossible to track. >> there's literally nothing you can do to prevent yourself from being a victim to this spoofing. >> why is it taking all these people, the government and the companies so long to fix this? >> it's exceptionally complicated. >> new fcc chairman says tackling those scams is a top priority. >> our number one area of consumer complaints was robo calls. >> reporter: in may alone 2.6 billion sales pitches. >> this is susan. >> you qualify for 575% savings. >> good morning. >> reporter: last year the fcc convened what it called a robo call strike force. in a report this spring, the
7:44 am
group said it's working toward fixes like developing a standard authentication technology to verify exactly where calls come from. that's currently not possible since any call can go through multiple networks. >> do you have a deadline for companies to fix this? >> we want them to do it as aggress i havely as possible. these are highly technical areas. >> do you think this will get solved without significant pressure from the government? >> so far, no. company started a campaign to get the government and phone companies to stop robo callers. >> they have made small progress, it just isn't enough to actually solve the problem. >> reporter: former fcc chairman said last year that they should offer call blocking at no cost.
7:45 am
>> that's one of the things i'm very open to doing because i think it's important for consumers to have all the tools at their disposal. >> there's some questions about the legal authority that we're working with lawyers to figure out. in some cases we don't necessarily have the authority to mandate something but i think it's a good idea from a consumer perspective. >> reporter: he says companies should be doing more. >> you see all those line items for fees. so i would assume i'm paying the companies to implement fixes. >> reporter: the fcc is studying a proposal that would allow companies to block numbers that they know are unassigned but of course that might just encourage more spoofing of numbers that people actually use. now, there are no future meetings of this robo call strike force but if you're wondering how to stop these, there are some apps without
7:46 am
naming specific ones but there are apps that will help you to some degree. >> but then you're downloading something else and giving your information over to someone else. >> that's always true. >> that seems to be sort of the best option though right now. >> when you block each individual call you block a number that ends in 72. the next one ends in 73. you block that one and so on. they've got this technology now that they can keep bugging you. >> there is a special place -- >> it's not with the sting rays. >> it might be the several thousand sing rays. thank you very much. police officers quickly jumped into action to save a dog trapped in a hot car. the extreme kmps inside the vehicle, the owner was running an errand. and tomorrow carter evans trades surfboards for skis in california. >> i'm skiing and yes, it's
7:47 am
july. we're here near lake tahoe where they got more than 60 feet of know this winter and a lot of it is still here. but when the snow melts and all that water heads downhill it can cause big trouble. we'll show you coming up on
7:48 am
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7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." and good morning to you, happy independent day, there are plenty of fun and family friendly activities for the fourth every july. right here in philadelphia. and here's one of them, the is her moan yan tapping of the liberty bell. this is last year's, but this year they'll be descendent of the signers of declaration every independence, takes place 2:00 this afternoon, so the all-important question, how is the weather looking? let's sends it over to katie fehlinger. >> i think, generally, joe, it really look like a very classic philadelphia forecast for this day of the year. we will take you down to the shore, dow there is because we were just talking about this, it looks a little dreary, yes, at the immediate shore line. on shore winds flow. if you are watching us from the beach, in the, that there is some blue skies off to the
7:57 am
west, but right at the shore you still have moisture being brought in, from that open ocean water, so see sunshine as the day goes on, meantime in the city, 87, spotty shower or thunder storm along the way here, all-in-all, meisha, it looks like pretty nice forecast for the holiday. >> we can't complain about it, sometimes on the fourth, never know what you will get. thanks so much, katie. looking outside, things still looking quiet of course, we pull your attention to some closures, east and west, ben franklin parkway closed for some festive tis, by the way, quick peak 95 south at cottman, nice open roadways for you, joe, open to you. >> open roadways for miles, thank you shall meisha. next update 8: 25, coming up cbs this morning, bringing us back to the founding fathersment i'm joe
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
it is tuesday, july 4th, 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ahead the missile test that could make north korea's missile program a threat to the united states and tesla promising to make cheaper electric cars. how that could change the auto industry. but first here's today's eye opener at 8:00. >> this this truly was a true icbm the threat has really gotten more serious. he has had a history of doing provocative acts on july fourth. he seems to think that it has a particular psychological impact on us. it obviously does not. >> for the first time this
8:01 am
holiday weekend the public will be allowed inside this state park but over the weekend those images of him sunbathing while this beach was closed caused a lot of backlash. >> state police are investigating a taxi crash that hurt ten leading cab drivers near the boston airport. and flames and thick smoke from a wildfire shut down 26 miles of a major highway in nevada. >> watch independence day. never get tired of that. >> there's a day when the world declared in one voice, we will not go quietly into the night. we will not finish without a fight. we're going to live on. we're going to survive. today we celebrate our independence day.
8:02 am
welcome back. i'm jeff glor. charlie, gayle and norah are off and north korea claims it has successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile. it reached an altitude of about 1,500 miles. kim jong celebrated what would be the first icbm test. the u.s. military calls it an intermediate missile. president trump responded on twitter saying does this guy have anything better to do with his life? the missile was launched from a north koreaian base and it landed in the sea of japan. >> reporter: for now the u.s. military is sticking with its assessment that this was an intermediate range missile, not an intercontinental ballistic missile but intelligence analysts are still studying the details.
8:03 am
if this turns out to be an ibcm this could likely become a fourth of july crisis. kim jong-un has been saying his country was capability to test a missile capable of striking the united states, however it's still not known if they have a miniaturized nuclear war head that would fit on an icbm. this missile flew for about 40 minutes and reached an altitude of 1,500 miles. it splashed into the sea of japan about 1,600 mile from the launch site. experts say it could reach alaska, but not the continental u.s. or hawaii. if this was an icbm, the next question becomes what will the u.s. do about it? the pentagon has already prepared options for shows of force in south korea including the test firing of u.s. missiles based there. but the options i'm told stop short of actually using military
8:04 am
force against north korea. >> thank you. north korea tested that missile just days before world leaders gathered for the g 20 summit in germany. president trump will discuss the nuclear threat with the leaders of japan and south korea. the president warned china the u.s. will act on its own to deal with north korea. the white house said on sunday that the two leaders agreed the korean peninsula should be nuclear free. ben has more this morning. >> reporter: so president trump is once again calling on china to help curb north korea's weapons program but china feels like it's done quite a bit in terms of backing sanctions on north korea. if you go back to april, they seemed form a relationship and president trump went out of his way to compliment the chinese leader but that relationship seems to have taken a negative
8:05 am
turn. beijing is upset and issued sanctions on a chinese bank that it accuses of aiding north korea. xi met with putin and we're told they did discuss the threat. they're urging all country to show restraint and it wants the u.s. to start talking to north korea to try to ease tensions. >> thank you, ben. tesla's long awaited and more affordable electric car could roll off the assembly line as early as friday. the new model three passed the requirements two weeks ahead of schedule. the first 30 cars will be delivered to customers on july 28th. the company expects to produce 20,000 cars each month.
8:06 am
tim joins us this morning. okay. tesla doesn't really mass produce cars. what does this mean for consumers and do you think they can pull it off? >> this is the make or break moment. the roadster and the first truly mass produced affordable car, priced in the mid $30,000. it's a great looking ev and it should be a lot of fun to drive and those are things that we don't see in the market right now. >> this is a lot of pressure on this, is there not? based on where they've been and where they want to go -- >> yeah, tesla's been making very high priced vehicles with good range and good performance b but again, not something everybody can afford. they needed a mass model pruktd and this is what this is meant to be. >> how realistic are those numbers? >> ultimately they've done a lot
8:07 am
of things to make that possible. the model 3 they've really simplified things, streamlined the production process and enabled them to build a lot more of these cars. >> the battery has been the issue with the other production recently, hasn't it? >> right. so they've built this massive factory producing hundreds of thousands of batteries for them but there's still material shortages they need to work around and other things that could stunt that growth a little bit it's optimistic but i think we eelt 'll be seeing tesla bui this car. >> i just got to say i do like that third row. but you know, the fact that it's electric, do you think there's enough of a consumer base of the people who really want to invest in this? >> i think there will be going forward. most evs have been priced $40,000 and up and those are two
8:08 am
compromises that you need to get over. with a car that's priced under $40,000 and can do over 200 miles of range, ultimately it's priced to other cars. the average price of a car in the u.s. is $32,000. >> what do you think of the evs you've driven so far? >> they're fun to drive. the reliability is generally pretty good, but one of the big things that a lot of people don't think about is service. there's really no oil changes. no transmission problems, so they're nice to live with too. >> as long as you've got that charging station. thank you. we appreciate it. the number of teens working traditional summer jobs has plummeted. ahead, why he says it's not a sign of generational lazine
8:09 am
8:10 am
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>>joe: hi.this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to launch the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including erin. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at by visiting our website come to sesame place before little kids become, big kids.
8:14 am
before furry hugs, become first loves. get unlimited visits with a season pass for 6 payments of less than $19 a month. the traditional summer job is fading as a right of passage for teenagers. 60% of teens worked or looked for work. by last summer that fell to 35%. the reasons why and we're joined this morning. >> so we've learned your first
8:15 am
summer job was a tennis instructor, but that's not the focus you're focused on. one of them is education. why is education hurting teen work? >> i think there's a sense that when you look at statistics it seems like teenagers are being lazy. teenagers used to work during the summer and now they're not. if you look at the numbers 25% more of these teens are entering college and that 25% is exactly the drop in the number of teens who are working summer jobs so it appears to be a relatively one for one switch. they're less likely to work summer jobs but more likely to study, to take summer classes, to take unpaid internships which the government doesn't count as a job because it is in fact, unpaid. so they are keeping busy. they're investing in their future rather than working for that near minimum wage. >> is that a good thing the fact that they're in the classroom? >> i think it's a good thing. there are all sorts of studies
8:16 am
that there are skills that you can get with a summer job, but investing in your education is also responsible. and there's all sorts of evidence that suggest that people who go to and finish college are much more likely to make more money and be happy in their careers so i see this not a bad thing. >> it's good as long as you can afford it. you're not making a ton of money but some kids have to work to make that money. businesses still want to hire them though, they're not necessarily -- the kids want to pursue the education instead. >> two interesting things happen. first you have an increase in low skilled immigration and an increase in older workers working and they tend to take a lot of these jobs like in retail or in leisure and hospitalities that used to be the province of the teens during the summer. the minimum wage has increased a little bit recently and some people think that there might be a job that you give a 17-year-old for say $5 an hour but when the minimum wage is 10,
8:17 am
$15 an hour you say okay, i'm mott going to hire a teenager to work this job. >> retail, we've seen a decline on brick and mortar stores. has that had an impact? >> the u.s. economy has lost 80,000 retail jobs since october of last year. that's more than the total number of steelworkers in america. so you have enormous disruption happening in retail and i wouldn't rule that out. >> that was my first summer job. >> stick around because jeff's first job was making sandwiches. >> hoagies. yes. >> there's a difference. thank you for joining us. well, taking a ride on a bull takes a lot of courage but it might not be the most terrifying experience for one top rider. >> no fear of riding a bull but terrified of riding a roller coaster. how does that work? >> i don't know. my heart goes up in my throat and my stomach goes in my throat
8:18 am
and i can't do it. >> ahead, how he's trying to reclaim the top spot in his sport. you're watching "cbs this morning." a breakthrough. ♪ it's in our nature to need each other. ♪ ltry align probiotic.n your digestive system? for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. also in kids chewables.
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8:20 am
8:21 am
a historic home for sale in new england is getting a lot of attention. you step inside and you can visit another country by walking down the hall. half of this nine-bedroom house in vermont and the other half is
8:22 am
in quebec canada. what would take to buy it. >> the day i found my uncle's stash in a hidden cupboard. >> reporter: what kind of stash? >> well, it was a happy day. >> did you mean liquor was in here? >> yes. >> his aunt and uncle lived here. >> this was my aunt's bedroom. she slept in canada and he slept in the united states. >> reporter: really? he and his wife joan inherited the home 30 years ago. reluctantly they put it on the market. >> reporter: this is a bittersweet sale. >> absolutely. it hurts. >> reporter: they're asking $109,000 for this nine bedroom five bath fixer upper. the house actually straddles vermont and quebec, canada. selling it is proving to be quite a challenge. >> i've had calls from lebanon. i've had calls from cuba, l.a.,
8:23 am
most of the people are interested in a restoration project. >> reporter: she's tasked with finding the right buyer. >> why are they interested? >> because it is partially in the u.s. and partially in canada and that's intriguing. >> reporter: who's your ideal buyer? >> someone with dual citizenship and with the ambition. >> the property was built in the early 18 hundreds to ease commerce between both countries. >> this door has to stay locked all the time? >> absolutely. >> bolted shut? >> you step out that door and you're in canada, off the property and subject to be arrested. >> reporter: so is it possible -- do you -- >> i can crack the door.
8:24 am
but that's as far as we go. check points are right across the street. >> i've never seen anything quite like it it's a very unique circumstance. >> reporter: u.s. customs says they're keeping a watchful eye. >> we have a clear view of it 24/7 it's a balancing act, but we do our best. >> growing up here from the 40s, i have a wonderful relationship with both sides. i feel equally the u.s. and canadian. >> the next owner of this house divided will be required to pay property taxes, not just to the united states but to canada as well. michelle miller, vermont. >> new meaning to our neighbors to the north. >> what a cool story. a nice slice of life. >> glad she didn't get arrested. a draft of the declaration
8:25 am
of the independence included >> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." good morning, i'm rahel solomon, new citizens will be taking the oath at several historic sites around our area, this independence day, it includes liberty bell center, betsy ross house, the battleship new jersey. there will even be special citizenship ceremony for young citizens. the oath citizens ship and service will honor 15,000 new us citizens today, more than 56 indeed pens dai-ichi ceremonies across the country. looks like typical summer day, warm out there. >> definitely off to pretty warm starks testifily true, no problem hitting the upper 80s, which is where we normally would top off in this particular day of the year, happy fourth to you. looks like great excuse to be outside all-in-all, frontal boundery hung up nearby.
8:26 am
for the moment, few clouds over the schools, baseball deemed completely clear right now, but fog issues at the immediate shore line. now, for now, already flirting with 08 degrees in wilmington, even wildwood. we will warm up from here. eighty-seven is the expected high in the city. other than scattered shower or under this earl storm along the way, i think you should get in the barbeque plans and everything else without any major problems. >> i feel like we got lucky with the weather today, thank you very muchment looking outside, still, you guys, looking great out there. we do have flashlights, vine west, eastbound ramps closed to the ben franklin parkway, 42 freeway northbound at creek road looking really nice and quiet. same story here on the ben franklin bridge, push in the westbound direction, toward beautiful center city, and 95 south at cottman, looking great, as well. rahel, over to you. >> meisha, thank youment next update 8:55, ahead on cbs this morning, teenager taking the
8:27 am
bull riding rules by the horn. i'm rahel solomon, good
8:28 am
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8:30 am
♪ neil diamond? i used to dance to this when i was little. >> where is that video? >> tmi. july fourth. welcome back to cbs this morning, everyone. quickly now let's get to some headlines. >> safe jeff. >> business insider reports on a glitch that caused wildly inaccurate information to be displayed. amazon and alphabet were wrongly reported to be down 80% on nasdaq yesterday. they had the incorrect share price. nasdaq said some test data was wrongly sent live. it is working to resolve the matter. the new york post reports on a recall of chicken salad sold
8:31 am
by whole foods. the reason, it's actually tuna salad. the salad was mistakenly called buffalo style chicken salad. so far there have been no confirmed reports of adverse reactions. the san diego union reports on a cost effective way for people who suffer from hearing loss. the average price for two hearing aids is $4,700. the amplifiers that were tested cost between 30 and $350. the wall street journal sets the stage for this morning's coney island hot dog eating contest. whoever consumes the most nathan's hot dogs in ten minutes wins. joey chestnut downed 70 last year. the competition dates back to 1916. 70 is a little high for me. >> dipping in the water and everything, come on.
8:32 am
a new study according to them puts norway on top. it did well in measures of caring, freedom and generosity, honesty, health, income and good governance. how do you measure all of that? >> the united states states ranked 14 in the world on this list. >> and the washington post reports a bald eagle found injured was treated lt a a wild life facility. it's one of two that have lived at the police department. justice was found after a recent storm and showed no obvious signs of trauma. he will be released after a complete examination. the declaration of independence was officially adopted by congress on this date 241 years ago. to celebrate the fourth of july the new york public library displayed its rare copy of the declaration handwritten by
8:33 am
jefferson. it features the condemnation of the slave trade but that passage was dropped to appease southern delegates. the manuscript is only one of two copies known to have survived intact. we are pleased to our this author back. >> pleased to be with you. i'm stuck with your -- an image of you as tom cruise -- >> singing and dancing. >> i'll have to get that out of my head. >> i'm going to say happy fourth. dana is saying happy independence day. >> both are appropriate. john adams would have said he should say happy july 2nd. that's the day congress approved a resolution for independence. he wrote and said we'll celebrate with parades and church bells ringing. he was just off by two days it's the fourth and the adoption of
8:34 am
the declaration that becomes the american birthday. >> i'm always surprised at what little i know about history. the basic things that you learn that you're surprised took a different turn. george washington for instance, where was he at the signing of the declaration? >> he did not sign. he was actually here in new york city. washington had taken over the continental army the year before, gone up to came bridge first and then the british left boston and came down to new york. washington had the troops here. the declaration was sent to him. he had it read aloud to the troops on july 9th. they went out then and store down a statue of king george the iii and melted it into bullets, so the legend goes. and the lead up to the battle of new york which was not a happy moment for hamilton or washington. it was a tremendous defeat for the continental army. >> there are things about history you're surprised you
8:35 am
don't know. what about george washington? what don't we know about him? >> well, he didn't chop down a cherry tree, so let's get rid of that. he is a fascinating character in so many ways. i think the thing that i always must come back to because we don't discuss it is what you mentioned in terms of the declaration. washington also was a slave holder. was one of the largest slave holders at the time, in fact, in 1776 and he was already beginning to wrestle with that problem. this contradiction. how do we fight for liberty, yet keep people in chains. so that's a problem. you mentioned jefferson condemning slavery and the southerners objecting to it but jefferson also noticed that a great many men of the north objected because they were making a great deal of money transporting slaves. there were slaves in every one of the colonies. >> jefferson wrote condemnation of slavery in one of the versions. >> that's right. his draft, which the library has -- the new york public library has, a fair copy, he
8:36 am
made it a few days after wards. it includes this long denunciation of slavery. again, how could he denounce slavery that was taken out. i can tell you jefferson was not happy at being edited by the congress, but that in particular was taken out and it is this great contradiction, our nation concedes in liberty is also born in shackles and we still have to balance that out when we look at these great men and what they accomplished. they did risk life, liberty and their fortunes, their sacred honor. they would have been strung up if they had been caught but they were fighting to preserve and protect this crime against humanity. >> i wish i had learned more about women in american history. sally hemmings, we're learning so much more about her in recent years. they just recently discovered her living quarters.
8:37 am
>> they discovered the room in which sally hemmings may have lived. there's still a lot of work to be done to ascertain what exactly went on there, but background, sally hemmings is 30 years younger than thomas jefferson and he meets her when she's 14 essentially. she's taking care of his own daughter. she's sent as a 14-year-old with a 9-year-old girl on a ship across the sea. very different times, of course and that's when he first meets her. sally hemmings is jefferson's late wife's half sister. we have to remember that this is how close these connections were. this is a human face. that's why i wrote this book, "in the shadow of liberty," to put a human face on slavery. >> what about betsy ross? we talk about the american flag. she was the one who sewed the original stars and stripes. is that true?
8:38 am
>> washington got his cuffs sewed on by betsy ross. she did sew flags for philadelphia -- or pennsylvania, state flags for their navy. more interesting as a man you've never heard of, francis, he took credit for the design of the flag as we know it. he submitted a bill to congress asking for payment for his services. he wanted a quarter of the public wine. he didn't even know there was the public wine, but they turned him down because he was already on the payroll. they didn't want double dipping. >> no pun intended. >> but these are the dates behind the battles and the speeches and these were real people doing real things. >> thank you so much for joining us. well, a teenager takes on a one ton beast in a battle of
8:39 am
grit and determination. >> going head to head with a 2,000 pound bull. just another weekend night for jess lockwood. coming up, we'll introduce you to this 19-year-old
8:40 am
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8:43 am
yes, sir! >> that's professional bull rider jess lockwood. pbr is a sport with millions in prize money. more than a million people watch each event on tv. lockwood was 2016's rookie of the year with a major win in new york city. he became the world's number one bull rider. but after a bucking bull threw him off and stomped on him, he's trying to regain that top ranking. mark shows us how the 19-year-old is riding his way to the top of what's called the toughest sport on dirt. >> this guy rides so far beyond his 19 years. >> let's go. >> jess lockwood says let me have it. he does not give up. that was a great ride. jess lockwood, went into
8:44 am
lockdown mode. he's made it to eight seconds. >> reporter: that's how long a bull rider hopes to hold on with one hand. >> you can't really get overexcited or timid during the ride because that would go bad both ways. it's pretty much you've got to counteract with the same move and same speed. >> for the past year jess lockwood has been dancing professionally with 2000 pounds of muscle. and at 19 he's already one of the best bull riders in the world. >> jess lockwood is going to light up the rink. >> he got his first competition before he got out of high school. >> mr. jess lockwood! >> the sports' greats realized they're watching someone
8:45 am
special. >> he's the kind of guy that comes along once in a generation. there's nobody like him especially at 19 years old. >> he's touring the country and riding high in more than 1 million fans a year. it's a giant leap to a big stage for a kid from montana. population, 17. >> was there much to do besides, for instance, ride animals? >> no, you grow up riding horses to gather the kous and yeah, you're just riding at all times. >> reporter: hkwolockwood's fam is full of rodeo athletes. >> about 13 i got on my first bull. >> reporter: but these days he lives part of the year north of dallas. lockwood trains doing chores to earn his keep at the ranch of
8:46 am
cody lambert. lambert, a retired bull riding champion is now pbr's livestock director. >> how good is he? >> i'd say he's got a very good chance to be as good as the best we've ever seen. but we're a long ways from that. >> no one is going to deny the fight that is in jess lockwood. >> he's the nicest kid you'll ever meet but he's got a little mean streak that he doesn't accept defeat very well. >> lockwood's size is ideal for bull riding. 5'5" tall. wrestling in high school now helps him grapple with bulls. >> you have to have good hips to win matches and the same thing in bull riding. >> and discipline. >> daily workouts, hot yoga all to maximize balance, flexibility and build a strong core. >> you're going to want to slide up there on your rope as far as
8:47 am
you can. >> reporter: for a bull session that is dangerous business. >> the bull's job is to knock you off. >> yeah, you've got to be better than him. >> reporter: every time? >> every single time. >> reporter: it's exciting but scary every time he rides. jess's father knows that sitting on the back of a one-ton beast carries the risk of injury. >> do you have any fear out there? >> oh, no. there's a heck of a lot easier jobs that you could be doing that aren't as dangerous as this. if you have the slightest thinking you can get hurt, you might as pack up and go home. you know it's a dangerous sport and the consequences of it. >> earlier this year long john, a 1,900 pound bull bucked off lockwood and landed directly on his thigh. >> it's the moments like that that can derail a whole season.
8:48 am
full power, full power, full power. >> you're going to get hurt and after you get hurt you'll know how bad you want to ride because you're going to see firsthand what can happen every single time. >> reporter: after six weeks of rehab and recovery, he's back. >> jess lockwood is never going to back down from a challenge. >> this kid is so tough that he gives it everything he's got. >> it has positioned him as the young heart throb to attract new fans. >> jess is the kind of kid that you dream about to come along, to take your sport even further than where it's been. >> the number one bull rider in the world, jess lockwood. >> are you surprised by how well you've done? >> no. you expect yourself to show up and win every weekend. there's no point in showing up if you're not planning on winning. >> but look at that million
8:49 am
dollar smile. >> riding his way into rodeo stardom, one eight-second thrill ride at a time. for cbs this morning i'm mark straussmann. >> the mechanical bull i highly recommen. >> you can hear more in our pod cast. you're watching "cbs this morning." i cannot wait to see. let's go.
8:50 am
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happy birthday, america. >> we'll do some bull riding, we'll touch sting rays.
8:53 am
>> dance to some neil diamond. all of
8:54 am
8:55 am
and good morning being i'm joe holden, the fourth of july party in philadelphia will include some very special guests. superstar, mary j blige, phillies own boyz ii men are set to perform a party on the parkway. the patriotic event kicks off at noon after the independence day parade, guest cz enjoy five blocks of free entertainment, food and fun, for the entire family. now, the big question: how is that forecast shaping up? meteorologist, katie fehlinger with all of the details. >> yes, and overall here, joe, i think really looking for a very classic summer like forecast for the area. what you will notice in the last three hours on the loop on storm scan, little pocket of showers, not only working its way through the lehigh valley, but fizzles as it went. may still finds shower or
8:56 am
thunderstorm at some point here today because frontal boundery nearby that's stuck to our south. so, that could lead to stray shower or thin earl storm, really, anywhere, but, especially from philly on south, and specially through the second half of the day. but, for the fireworks, to get underway, still likely getting underway around disc, to maybe 9:00, will the three should be pretty much quiet. stray shower, thunderstorm possibility in a few areas. now, by tomorrow, other than stray left over shower, especially west of the suburbs, looks like nice day, before the next system arrives by thursday and specially friday. >> loving the weather today so far, katie, thank you so much for. that will nice dry roadways, and no congestion, not at all. look at it outside. oh, i even got the whistle from joe, that makes it a good day, happy fourth every july. we have very slow drive out there, we it, schuylkill at spring garden westbound. just heads up for him. also the schuylkill eastbound, to spring garden closed through the ben franklin parkway because of all of the festivities taking place all day long, heads up on. that will and not picking up
8:57 am
the ben franklin parkway closed through wednesday morning, because of this guy. joe, over tow. >> meisha, thank you. that's "eyewitness news" for now. join us for the news at noon,
8:58 am
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