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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 5, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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mountain of trash on the parkway after the fourth. four shootings three in the same neighborhood. >> u.n. security council hold an emergency meeting as u.s. weighs its response to north korea's latest ballistic missiles test. i'm hanna daniels with the very latest coming up. it is wednesday, july 5th i'm jim donovan. might call it a back to work wednesday. >> yes. >> you are back a lot of people returning back to work. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha are keeping an eyes on things this morning >> everybody is back together and it is looking busy out there we have accidents,
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disabled vehicles, construction workers out there it is getting busy. >> back to it. >> we have to resume at some point. >> yes. >> weather is pretty quiet. we may see a shower from the very same system and disturbance, that is hung up nearby to our south. the system sometimes can get just that, stuck in place, and they need some movement in the atmosphere to shove them out of the way, and that is the problem here. frontal boundary stalled out to the south and that is why things are staying on, the un settled side but all and all we have a nice day to look forward to we are not, seeing any hint of activity right now just developing right over the d in dover here in kent county some of you may have to, flick the windshield wipers here and there. do you need an umbrella? i don't think so but there may be a stray shower around, really anywhere at any given time but do i think western suburbs have the best chance and down in delaware to see wet weather at all. lower 70's the normal for most
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of you, few out liars like atlantic city, millville and mount pocono, further north you will go nicer it will be. cloud and sunshine in philadelphia and at the shore. we are talking about a nice day in the sunshine generally all day long. seventy-seven the high there. in the as hot either. coming up we will have a duo of unsettled days coming up here toward tail end of the week but at the moment, weekend looks fantastic. we will have more details on that later on. >> that is awesome news, everybody coming home from vacation needs a vacation from a vacation. it will look nice. looking outside right now talking about this, at the desk, it is looking busier today. we are getting back at it, accident 295 southbound before route 38 in mount laurel, new jersey, blocking that left lane you can see flashing lights overall congestion levels don't look that bad but we have more vehicles then we have seen all week around the surrounding areas with these accidents. another one in abington. 611 at old york road near susquehanna road and we have a third one, eddystone in
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delaware county eddystone at ninth street. for these three accidents if they are in your neck of the wood don't give yourself extra time yet but you will as we move deeper in the 5:00 o'clock hour. disabled vehicle here hardly see it, rate there, that guy i-95 approaching cottman you can see there, moving in the southbound direction toward center city as well and disable vehicle on the northeast extension that has been since cleared. ben franklin parkway, head up, that has reopened, no construction overnight on the vine either, more coming up in the next 10 minutes. jim and rahel, back to you. philadelphia sure knows how to throw a party. >> we do with fourth of july celebrations all wrapped up, it is now time to clean up. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live on the parkway where thousands were out celebrating last night, trang do, good morning, how is the clean up going. >> reporter: well, rahel and jim still a lot of work to be done let me show you guys through yourself here, you can see this litter is every where also main stage still up as this concert just ended a few hours ago but we have seen
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crews working tirelessly overnight to get that parkway opened backup to traffic. last night despite a pop up storm in the middle of it all it seemed to be a crowd pleas er from beginning to end. bart is always high for birthplace of america, to throw the nation's best birthday party and fill difficult not disappoint. >> it goodies to come and spend america's birthday in the birthplace of america, pretty exciting time. >> reporter: pair of philadelphia original starting with the philly pops big band got the crowd of thousands moving. >> it would humble us, philly is fun, it is great. >> reporter: followed by smooth harmonies of the cities favorite son boys two men. performances weren't only things that brought people to their feet. a soaking rain delayed head liner mary j. blige's set but r and b superstar eventually took the stage setting off her own kind of vocal fire works.
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after the big show a massive clean up effort, and gratitude from the many who came out to celebrate their freedoms we enjoy on independence day an every day. >> i'm thankful for a lot of reasons and freedom is main one. >> reporter: clean up continues here on the parkway and will likely continue for the next several days. parkway lanes are opened to traffic for those of you head to go work. we're live from the ben franklin parkway i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim and rahel, back to you. >> when i leave the party, i will offer hoe to help clean up. i guess that didn't happen last night, trang do. >> thanks. and across the delaware great fire works, this dazzling display brought a colorful even to the fourth of july celebration as long the camden waterfront, crowd gathered on both side of the river and were clearly treated
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to a great show. local children helped kick off fun on the fourth in doyletown bucks county, riders and decorated bike contest settled over bubble wrap on the ground of the castle, celebrations included a water melon eating contest, eating food and live music. violence brought an end to the holiday in the germantown section of philadelphia with three separate shootings, one of which was fatal. officers found a 21 year-old man lying between two parked cars on the 300 block of west seymore street. he had been shot multiple times in his torso. this happened before 2:00 this morning. victim lives in the neighborhood but not on the block where he was shot. in west germantown a man is fighting for his life after he was shot on the 6300 block of moyland street. eyewitnesses tell officers that the vick them was waiting outside his girl friend's house just after 10:30 when two men walk up to him and shot him in the head n word just yet on a motive.
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just a mile from there a man was shot directly in front of his home, police responded to the 500 block ofe walnut lane just before 1:30 where they found the victim lying in the street, and they rushed him to the hospital and he is in critical condition, and a toy motorcycle was also found near the victim and right now police are trying to figure out how that factors into the case. >> it is in the crime scene, it is right next to the crime scene and it was inch's way from where the victim's body was found and it is also, just inches away from where the ballistics evidence was found. >> right now detectives are at the hospital waiting for that victim to get out of surgery so they can question him. we have some breaking news this morning a insuring police officers ambushed and shot in the head sitting in her patrol car this happened in the bronx around 12:30. police say suspect walk up, shot the officer through the window of her car and her partner called for help. that officer was then rushed to the hospital, officers are calling this ambush an attempt ed kopa as nation.
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>> she was doing the job that she loved as men and women in blue as we see standing here every day keeping this great city safe. this is an absolutely un provoke attack on the two officers sitting in this vehicle. >> the officer did shoot and kill the suspect. we are told injured officer underwent surgery and is in critical condition. we will keep you posted throughout the morning. camden county judge could set a new trial date for david creato, junior. jury was unable to reach a verdict in creato's murder trial which ended in may with a mistrial. status hearing is set for today. creato is accused of killing his three-year old son brandon in 2015. prosecutors argued that creato killed brendan in part because his girl friend didn't like being around the boy. a man wanted by police in custody after being found unconscious in the store bathroom. delaware state police arrested 31 year-old richard o'neill, officers found him in the convenient store in laurel around 3:30 yesterday morning, he was passed out in the store 's bathroom. all background checks showed he was wanted for a june 25th
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robbery and assault, so yes, he is facing robbery and drug possession charges. rescue crewness bucks county pulled body of the missing swimmer from the delaware river. police say 27 year-old man from philadelphia disappeared yesterday afternoon while swimming in the river near washington crossing park in solebury township. authorities searched for about an hour before locating that victim's body, at this point his identity has in the been released. u.s. officials are vowing to take stronger measures after north korea successfully launched its first inter continental ballistics missle capable of reaching the united states. here's cbs news correspondent hanna daniels with the more on the rising tensions. >> reporter: u.n. security council will hold a emergency meet laying tore day to discuss north korea's missle launch tuesday. u.s. officials confirmed it was in, fact, the nation's first successful test of an inter continental ballistics missle. analyst say that had it been launched at a standard trajectory it would have been carried over 4,000 miles, far
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enough to reach alaska. >> not much further then that for 10,000 miles or so that it would need to reach new york or washington d.c. >> reporter: u.s. and south korea soldiers fired missiles in the waters yesterday what the army called a demonstration of u.s. south korean solidarity. president trump monday sent a tweet urging china to quote put a heavy move on north korea and end this nonsense once and for all, thinks president last week after meeting with south korea's president. >> the year of strategic patients with the north korean regime has failed and frankly that patients is over. >> bill richardson, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. once helped negotiate with the north koreans is among those who say military axis not an option. >> kim jong un, basically saying president to trump come at me, he is being provocative trying to put president trum
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in a box. >> reporter: china issued a joint statement that calls for a halt to missle test in exchange for u.s. and south korea suspending their large scale military exercises. hanna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, is there much more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning a park been inch western pennsylvania gets a new home, after a new jersey based group threatens to sue the town. a bear on the prowl, the backyard where a neighbor snapped this photo and it looks like video of her chosen counter with the wild when "eyewitness news" continues. >> ♪
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sail on, sailor, by the beach boys as we look live in ocean city. >> i have a suspicion that ocean city will look a lot different today, compared to yesterday. packed. happy holidays. if you are heading back to work on this back to work wednesday we have you covered, katie and meisha watching weather and traffic. we will be right back.
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allegheny river by the re dedication of the bench monday night. it is called the tyrant's bench, it had to find a new home in venango county because men who around governed by god will be governed by tyrants. atheist group complained that bench violated the constitution's first amendment but not everyone agreed. >> got a letter out of the blue, monument was there for 13 years. it is like wow. >> i don't think it is a religious quote, it is a quote from william penn, the founder
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of pennsylvania. >> bench was a quote of the veteran of the foreign wars in 2003. organization took the the bench back and put on it private policy. police officers helped rescue a dog left inside a hot car. officer gave the dog's owner 15 minutes to show up before he began smashing the car window to free the car. the cars engine was off and windows were all rolled up. temperatures inside of that car could have reached triple digits. it is illegal to leave an animal in the parked vehicle in at least 26 states. i wouldn't have waited 15 minutes i would have given him two. we are getting a light bear spotted in upper bucks county backyard on the fourth of july. "eyewitness news" viewer mandy capela sent us a picture of her bear in her backyard, 2 miles north of lake noxamixon, oh, my i have my cabin up there this thing is wondering around. mandy was standing around in this very spot, moments before
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if you see a bear, good advice , don't approach it. just cat pennsylvania gaming commission. i will, do more than that i will run. run, run quickly. >> you dent want to it chase you. >> i will take my chances. >> here's the thing, jim, black bears are indigenous to our area i'm shock you have not seen one in your cabin yet >> i have seen turkies there, were deer in my yard the other day. >> including yourself. >> kidding. >> katie is in rare form this morning. >> yes, she is. >> yes, zazi. >> so i used to go camping all the time as a kid. i would love to get out there more often these days but regardless what you do is bang pots, black bears do not like noise. they ever there for your feud, but not to eat you f you scare them off, no harm, no foul, a little tip, from katie to jim. so lets get down out there, let's show you a pattern. it is a decent looking day. we have some cloud, out there
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at the moment. we have a frontal boundary that is stuck nearby so there are many even may still up being a local shower here later today. we will getaway without an umbrella here. this looks like any activity would be very scattered in nature, however, come tomorrow and friday, i definitely would bring umbrella with you because we have a duo of disturbances that will be crossing through, at the moment very heavy rain in lake speaker your here and right along red river valley very heavy thunderstorms there we will eventually get in on some soaking rain and thunderstorms and again that will happen come thursday and friday. unsettled finish to our workweek for sure but hey we just had a holiday which for the most part looked good until we hit 8:00 p.m. last night on the parkway, i necessity but thursday and friday are looking like they will end up being most un settled and then this gets out for your weekend. i feel like timing could be worse then it will be but we are talking about building humidity for thursday and friday, and showers and thunderstorms for both of
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those days. not wash outs necessarily but anytime you can get hit by rain and storms. lets talk dew point very brief ly we have a variety pack here too 70's, 60's and 50's all represented on that dew point temperature. lower humidity is happening, even in philadelphia, it doesn't feel all that steamy but if you go into central, southern delaware different story. other than that stray shower chance true for western suburbs outside of the city, you are looking at some sunshine here today. high of 84. tonight we will drop down to 68, quite typical for standard , as they rebuild and moving forward in our eyewitness weather seven day forecast, cooler tomorrow but building humidity, watching for wet weather to wrap up in general but all bed well for weekend, meisha mid 80's clearing it out for nice weather for saturday and sunday. >> it looks beautiful, this weekend, awesome, thanks very much. very good morning to all of you. happy hump day i with say we are getting week together but we have been off, so heading back out on the roadway now i
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will say we are seeing patterns shift, then what we have seen monday and tuesday, looking busy. first we have an accident here in mount laurel, new jersey 295 south before route 38, block ago this far left lane, you can see a couple trucks. this blocking more roadway right now. trying to get this remedied for you. we are seeing levels build ever so slightly around this area just a head up. right around here not too far 295 northbound before route 42 that right lane compromise by a disable vehicle. that is not our only disabled vehicle we have one i-95 approaching cottman as well, zoomed in here pulled off to that far right shoulder but as you pass by and zoomed out further you could see congestion levels building around this area for those jumping on i-95 in the southbound direction toward center city head up disabled vehicle is out there and starting to get slower, right now, and then we have another accident, abington 611 old york road near susquehanna road and another accident eddie eddystone, at ninth
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street. if this is in your neck of the wood give yourself a couple extra minutes. rahel, back over to you. all right, meisha, thank you. new for a look at newspaper headlines across the region. >> bucks county courier times with thousands of gun permits issued in bucks county each year additional funding ills south for county wide gun lock campaign. it is called ben's campaign lock it up in memory of benjamin austin smith, the two-year old milford boy who died in september after shooting himself with his father's unsecured loaded handgun. and burlington county times more than two years after a 50-foot sinkhole threatened homes along the delaware river in florence township is ready to stabilize area burlington county board of freeholders authorized construction work on the sinkhole on front street through a shared services agreement with the burlington county bridge commission. repairs are expected to cost $800,000. reading eagle monument was deaded yesterday at richard saidel memorial park, honoring residents who to wars, 21
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names are etched in the stone monument. >> that is a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning the new member of the sixers maybe suiting up for summer league play. phillies fanatic tries to shake off bad luck as team takes on pirates. pat gallen is here in sports in just a few
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se yo ju ♪ if you want a taste of freedom, keep going. we hold these truths to be self-evident:
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that all men and women are created equal. we must want our fellow human beings to have rights. stonewall means fight back. stonewall means fight back. discover new york state's rich legacy of equality. plan your trip to our equal rights destinations at and, welcome back to cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning >> pat gallen is here talking sports and we're talking sixers. >> it is summer but people are talking sixers, very exciting, sixers will face jazz tonight in the nba utah summer league.
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it is second look at number one overall pick markelle fultz who dropped 17 points in his summer debut on monday. yesterday, the sixers officially signed 19 year-old swing man furcan tortmas a 6- foot eight shooter from deep , he was selected by sixers 26th overall in the 2016 draft, and he has already got hang of things, he tweeted simply simply trust the process. sound like a sixer already. speaking of trusting process here's ben simmons on instagram showing off his right arm. many worried about simmons shooting from deep but i think this video answers those questions, impressive stuff, one more look as he launches from about 80 feet. phillies could use. that they have reached halfway point of the mlb season, 81 games and they have the war record in baseball. at 28-53 the phillies are on
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pace to lose 106 games their most since 1961. the fanatic, trying to put a h ex on the pirates at the ballpark for fourth of july, dit not work. aaronal tear strikes out right here, they passed 14 times and managed only six hits. pirates center fielder andrew mccutchen had three of his own and hit a line drive in the seats. but wait, there is more, this is his 14th career multi home run game, he has also hit five home runs in his last four games, at citizens bank park. the phillies lose at home yesterday by a score of three to nothing. so not such good news for the phillies, but hey people paying attention to the sixers and summer league that has got to count. >> we will take it. >> thanks, pat. coming up next half an hour of "eyewitness news" little boy fights for his life from a rare disease how world 's two most powerful people are trying to help save him. new jersey parks are opened for business, after the
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government shut down but how are the crowd? katie? >> well, rahel we are looking ahead to what may turnout to be one of the best weekends that we have seen in a while, and maybe of the summer, it looks like skies will clear out so nicely, sunday is my personal favorite but saturday in the bad as skies clear out humidity drops off and we will see highs in the relatively seasonal mid 80's. if you don't have outdoor plans now may be time to make plans now may be time to make th ♪ the moments that connect us don't happen overnight. they happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time. folgers, the best part of wakin' up.
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