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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 5, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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in north philadelphia, zooming new can see hardest hit appears to be three block radius around mcphearson square we have seen nine there this year. back in germantown stephen kin sey will hoe public safety meeting with police. it was already scheduled but with the recent violence. >> when we go from a quiet neighborhood having to gunpoint robberies, taking place and then of shootings taking place it heightens awareness of the folks in that community. i think that this meet ago this will take place tomorrow is going to bring up a lot of discussion. >> reporter: police say although we are seeing higher murder rate there has been just as many shootings this year as there was last year they say sadly more people are dying from those shootings, live from germantown henry rossoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a slittering discovery overnight has authorities looking for a owner. >> "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in the point breeze section with details on this, unwanted guest, david? >> reporter: yeah, jessica i would say unwanted is right
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word if you ask me. i don't want this thing. but some people are in to snakes. authorities believe that somebody owns this snake, they believe a pet we're talking about a 7-foot python, and we written varietied along to see that python just a few hours ago. meet petunia philly's famous python, he was discovered in the flower bed in the 2300 block of casper street early this morning. >> point breeze resident margo rollins found him and immediately called police. >> somebody could have been got rid of it, put it there, got tired of it. >> reporter: now she's in the hand and neck of animal control staff. >> it looks like he is there. >> reporter: amy works with act philly and for the record petunia was just showing affection. >> he is a python, very friendly. he is probably somebody's pit and they are looking for him. we don't know if he escaped or got out of his home but we believe someone is probably looking for him.
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>> reporter: snake is keeping quiet as to his real home address. >> what do you have to say, um now it is up to the own tore come forward. >> snake was well fed federal. i don't know of anybody having a snake in this area. >> i just heard from act philly a couple minutes ago. they said somebody claims to be owner and is looking forward to picking up that snake tonight f that falls through, ukee and jessica are certainly welcomed to adopt the python for a little while if you want to. >> he said that with a smile, too david, no thank you. all right, buddy, thanks. pennsylvania state police are investigating suspicious death of the woman in lower macungie lehigh county. chopper three over the scene at rolling green place at fair ways at brook side condo complex. police found 58 year-old desiree dead inside of her condo there an autopsy is underway to determine the cause of the death. police identified a bensalem resident died when they say she ran back into her
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burning home to rescue her pets. fire fighters recovered body of the 39 year-old tabla oaks, from a home on the 2700 block of jane avenue, this morning. we are told a dog and cat also died in the fire. two other residents and fire fighter suffered unknown injuries. red cross returned to the neighborhood this afternoon. >> when you get out, you stay out, do not go back in for any reason, let the professionals go back into get your pet. officials are still working to determine a cause of that fire. a camden county father accused of murdering his toddler's son will go on trial again this fall. david creato's junior retrial will begin september 11th. his first trial ended in a mistrial in may after the jury was dead locked. prosecutors say that creato killed his three-year old son brendon in 2015 and then left the boy's body in cooper river park. creato was being held in jail until his new trial. police are asking for public's help tracking down two robbery suspects who terrorized restaurant workers
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in the jenkintown section of the abington township. here's surveillance video taken from the qdoba mexican grill saturday. male suspect was wearing a freddie kruger style bladed glove and female suspect was arm with the butcher knife. >> it was a thick glove, we're hoping somebody in the public might recognize someone who possessed this glove. witnesses say he was very proficient with it. he hold is it right up to the throat. >> reporter: no employees were hurt, if you recognize anything about this suspect, though, police want to hear from you. five men are facing charges tonight in the assault of life guard on beach in ocean city, new jersey. >> this happened yesterday on the beach near eighth street, the life guards say men were intoxicated and causing a disturbance. life guard were assaulted and men turned their aggression toward officers on the scene. two of the men tried to flee but were apprehended. lots of workers continue the task of getting the city back to normal after last
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night's fourth of july concert and for works show. crews have been working hard all day long, "eyewitness news" back on the parkway where workers were spotted removing trash, taking down barricade, dismantling the stage and packing up all of equipment. doing a great job, thank you always. if you have outdoor plans tomorrow you may want to cancel, more rain on the way. >> meteorologist lauren casey tracking those storms outside on the cbs-3 sky deck, lauren. >> reporter: thanks very much. >> we are dealing with the most sunshine we have had throughout the day here in philadelphia. temperatures after a 90-degree yesterday not feeling as toasty. eighty-one in philadelphia thanks to the easterly wind flow off the ocean. seventy-nine in atlantic city. eighty in trenton. feeling good in reading at 80 degrees. we have had cloud in and around philadelphia and pennsylvania suburbs but sunshine, along the coast and now more sunshine breaking out toward the lehigh valley, and poconos. we will keep quiet conditions as we head in the evening and overnight but things ramp up
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as we head in the day tomorrow and warm front passes through and some scattered showers in the morning and then widespread afternoon rain with some thunderstorms possible and a few of those could be on the strong side so we will time out this rain, thunderstorm activity and let you know when it clears out and if it does in time for upcoming weekend. all that in your full forecast in a few. >> see you shortly, thank you. philadelphia police are investigating a theft at same restaurant where u-haul truck slammed in the same front window last week. lot at surveillance video from the urban village brewing company in northern liberties. may 30th police say a suspect walked in, went to the rest room and then came out after a few minutes, making off with a purse that was hanging on the back of the bar stool. if you recognize the suspect please cat police. a warning for pa turnpike toll violators, pay up, or risk having your registration suspended. a new law initial to effect august 4th. over the next month pennsylvania turnpike commission is offering drivers a chance to settle those
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violations, through a partial amnesty program, it includes vehicles with six or more violations, or, outstanding balances over $500. >> 8,000 letters have been mailed to motorist who could be at risk for suspension. they may have ignored our past attempts to collect outstanding tolls and penalties. this is notice they should not ignore. >> for more forgo to the web site at cbs we have posted a link as to whether you have any unpaid tolls registered to your vehicle. a police officer is dead after being ambushed overnight in the bronx. >> nypd says that the officer was inside a park mobile command unit when 34 year-old alexander bonds walk up and shot officer miosotis familia in the head, and bonds was shot and killed by police about a block away. >> unprovoked attack by police office's signed to keep the great city safe. >> we cannot do it by ourselves. we need your help.
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we need media's help. we need folks on the street corner. we need people in the apartments. we need your help to watch our back as we watch yours. >> sources tell cbs news bonds was on parole for robbery in syracuse, new york. "cbs evening news" will have more on the nypd officer killed later tonight, coming up at 6:30 right here after "eyewitness news" at 6:00 on cbs-3. still ahead on "eyewitness news" blood shortage, american red cross, an emergency call for blood donations, why donations are down. game changers how one woman journey to visit her father in prison led to her creating a company to help others, up next her family reunion 25 years in the making more than markelle why sixers fans will have another reason to watch summer league tonight, and, spanning at the plate it is hard for fans in the stand when phillies manager pete mackanin is saying about the team absent
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the american red cross is urgently looking for blood donors as it faces a critical shortage across the country, blood donations are fallen short of expectations, the last two months, resulting in about 61,000 fewer donations, then nationally. the it is equivalent to the red cross not collecting any donations for more than four days. our region of the red cross business 12 unit behind where it need to be.
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>> summer has been a really challenging time to collect blood because people take vacations and it is not top of mine. people don't think about donating blood in the summer. you may take a vacation, but need for blood doesn't. >> patient and hospital demand in our region red cross need to collect approximately 1,000 units of blood per day. earlier this year we introduced you to a north philadelphia woman who started a prison transportation services that connects families with their incarcerated loved won. >> she tells cherrye greg from kyw news radio her motivation, starting the company. >> victor bush is about to take the test of his life, and , and, he earned his freedom. >> yes. >> victor spent 25 years, behind bars, and for a slew of crimes he committed in his 20 's. >> i do regret. >> reporter: his daughter crystal was three when he went inside. >> i said my father was incarcerated.
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i didn't let it behind me my daddies not around. >> reporter: in fact as we first told you last february it motivated her to create bridging the jab llc and van serve that is takes thousands of families to pennsylvania state prisons to visit incarcerated loved won. crystal also used her time as one of the drivers, to visit brothers, cousins and other family members, all behind bars. >> what is the visit and the calls, from your daughter, do for you while you are on the inside. >> it kept me alive. >> daily phone calls kept victor focused and now he is home, and so is crystal's brother jarva who was released two weeks ago. >> he works with me so much, in the inside coming home. >> reporter: what kept you motivated all these years. >> i am at grief. >> reporter: now with mom's help crystal is adopting her nephew that will support her families by giving them jobs that will keep them on the other side. >> i ain't going back, i'm cool, cool. it ain't worth it.
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it is a hard road. >> reporter: for crystal, family reunion is just beginning. >> i was able to help someone incarcerated and this is a test. >> reporter: an exam that crystal hopes love can help her family pass with flying colors. cherri gregg for kyw news radio, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> bridge keeping it together. philly's own kevin hartist known for his stand up comedy box office hit and philanthropic gestures as well his hometown will thank him publicly tomorrow. city council declared july 6th kevin hart day in philadelphia , an amazing honor for a guy who continues to do big things and the right things. >> i make sure that i can carry myself in a professional manner. so i can use that power. i want that light to shine in the different direction where you find yourself back tread ing and kind of letting all of the concrete you have laid down already. >> tomorrow is also kevin's birthday, celebrate with us,
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see my full interview with kevin as we talk about kevin h art day in the city, more tonight at 11. cbs-3 summer fest head to berks county to explore the 68th annual kutztown foulke festival, from hand made quilt s and craft to homemade food. >> we will show you traditions along with special places around this pennsylvania town, come out me, myself, lauren, vittoria, behind the scenes crew, it begins at 5:00 we will be there all day, i don't know if i can do that. >> yes, i bet they will teach you. >> yes. >> take me some ibuprofen. >> lauren, i hate to go out over the next few rainy days but by friday and weekend it looks so a little bitter. >> things shaping up again tomorrow, we will break out umbrella and keep it by our side for period of time but just in time for the upcoming weekend, sunshine will return, we do like. that things are quiet right now taking a live look at center city philadelphia we have within stuck under the
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cloud deck through most of the day and we are seeing sunshine breaking out. temperatures at 80 degrees yesterday we are at 81 degrees right now. certainly feeling less hot, southeasterly wind at 9 miles an hour, we have a bit of the feels like temperature at 82 degrees. temperatures on the order of five to 10 degrees cooler then this time yesterday we are at 80 in reading. seventy-nine in lancaster. seventy-five in mount pocono. down the shore we have a sea breeze, 77 degrees in stone harbor. we are at 74 in ocean city. seventy-five in rehoboth beach where a few more cloud rolled in over last hour but all together a pretty nice beach day, we have sunshine breaking out first along the coast and delaware beaches. see people, still stralling and people out enjoying the sand with you storm scan three showing us we have clear conditions across portions of the new jersey, delaware, long the coast and then up toward lehigh valley we are seeing sunshine but we have a stalled frontal boundary off to the south and west we were contend ing with that yesterday and it produced very slow, moving, cells, but this will
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lift backup north as a warm front as we head in the day tomorrow and that is the driver of the wet weather. overnight tonight, still quiet , mostly cloudy, brief passing showers low of 68 and then for the day tomorrow period of rain and thunder especially in the afternoon and evening, a high temperature still cooler then average at 80 degrees with that easterly component to the wind flow. future weather showing us quiet as we head in the evening hours clouding up for everyone once again as we head in the late overnight, very stray shower but then as we head into our morning things are going to start to pick up. i think tomorrow morning's commute is looking okay but then into lunchtime we are going to see area of precipitation breaking out first west of the city and then spreadinge as we head throughout the second half of the day. we could see heavy rainfall embedded thunderstorms and we could see stronger storms as well and this will persist into tomorrow night as well when the cold front from that system, passes on through so we could see a couple strong or isolated severe thunderstorm.
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we have marginal risk of severe weather across portions of cape may county, cumberland county and delaware heading in the day tomorrow and it will be a wet go, future rainfall amounts how about in the one to 2-inch category for many of our reporting sites across the day tomorrow. this would be thursday and then first half of friday, before things start to clear out, as we head in the upcoming weekend but tomorrow, not best looking beach day, rain around for second half of the day, uv index low tomorrow , rip current risk low as well and then as we head in the upcoming weekend we will kick this wet weather out sunshine returns on saturday, 87 degrees with humidity levels dropping off throughout the day, sunday is gorgeous, i'm going down the shore i don't know where y'all going, sunshine 83 degrees and low humidity. sold. >> yes. >> looking pretty good. >> we're jumping in the car with you. >> yes, road trip. >> i hear you. >> don's up next. >> fultz, simmons, wentz and
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now patrick, the what that means for flyers, and new guys in the locker room.
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it has natural antioxidants and we don't have to use antibiotics in their diet. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever. sometimes, there are trend in things and watch trend line and hit at is what happening and it seems to be youth is in vogue with the flyers. >> you have been paying attention. >> i have been listening i listen when you talk. >> allegedly. >> youth movement is underway 2016 eagles drafted second overall and phillies first. the sixers have had back to back number one's and now, the flyers, they are jumping on board. we will go inside locker room for orange and black in voorhees, new jersey and there is space reserved for the new guy, flyers developmental camp is two days away. noland patrick will not there been as he recovers from surgery but gm ron hextall knows what he is looking for in other young players. >> if you walk out of here, learn some things, learn
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thousand prepare yourself better, learn how to be a wetter pro that is what we're looking for. there is no evaluation going on, evaluation is i want to hear the kid worked hard, kid was dialed in and the kid has got character that is what we're looking for. >> on to baseball potential doesn't drive-in runs, players do phillies manager pete mackanin still believes his team has potential to score when needed. the problem is it hasn't been happening. phillies will host pirates tonight and yesterday they got shut out three to nothing. they only had six hits on andrew mccutchen, for pittsburgh. phillies are ranked 29th out of 30 teams in the runs scored pinch hitting has been a issue >> it is a tough situation when not facing pitching, on any given day, i did it for a number of years at big league level. when when you don't play a lot , 90 miles an hour looks like 98. tough gig. summer league action sixers facing utah jazz fans will get a look at first
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overall pick markelle fultz and their first look at newly signed furcan, the sixers 26th overall pick from the season ago, tip off is at 9:00. speaking of young tall event. >> yes. >> the sixers fans didn't have enough to get pumped up about that is ben simmons, going carson wentz on the people, full court shot, simmons posted that video to his instagram and then by the way he is left-handed throwing that with his right. >> yeah, yeah. >> so talented that one. >> yes. >> we like to see that on the court stay healthy. >> exactly. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. >> "cbs evening news" is just a few mains way. >> james brown joins with us a look ahead. >> hello ukee and jessica tonight on the "cbs evening news", u.s. issues a stern warning to north korea after latest missle launch. skiing and summer wintry skate causing problems beneath
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the mountain. and photo that could prove amelia earhardt survived her final flight all just ahead on the "cbs evening news". but first hundreds of seniors in delaware county are rewarded for their athletic ability. >> wait until you see the oldest,
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over 400 athletes received award at the senior games, winter reception in delaware county. >> seniors were honored for
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their athletic accomplishments and skills and oldest athletes participated, 101 year-old cy brandman took home a silver medal in singles bowling. well done. ages of participants range from 50 to 101. >> conn greats to all. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on our sister station the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", tonight snow on the fourth of july, it was a great adventure for skiers but could snow melt create deadly conditions, in the raging rivers below, visit record breaking california mountains tonight. from new york here now is james brown take care family we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: as the president lands in europe, his u.n. ambassador delivers a warning to north korea. >> one of our capabilities lies with our considerable military force. we will use them if we must. >> mason: also tonight, a deadly holiday weekend. >> it is clear this was an unprovoked attack. >> anchor: a new york cop is gunned down in what police call an assassination. >> we're on our way to the emergency. >> anchor: and we're on the frontlines of a gun bat until chicago where more than a dozen people were killed. in california, a mid-summer night's dream for skiers, and a new photographic clue in an 80-year-old mystery, the disappearance of amelia earhart. this is the "c


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