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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 6, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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we are live as officials plan a meeting now just gun violence in their neighborhood president trump meets with world leaders as they prepare for the g20 summit. i'm hanna daniels in new york with more on the president's second foreign trip of his administration. keeping the umbrella close by wet weather is heading our way as we look live, right now at storm scan three, katie's timing out the best chance to see some soaking rain. today is thursday july 6th, good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. we should keep an eye on what
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could be a potentially wet thursday. >> that is coming, but before the rain chance, it is very busy out there, for the gateway to our weekend, i got to say pack extra time already moving in the 5:00 o'clock hour. >> debbie downer. >> yes. usually i'm the one that is there is rain coming. >> yes. >> you sure didn't set me up all that well, did you. we do have wet weather, at the moment not looking too bad. road are dry, this is a prime example here. as we look live outside hotel bethlehem here, moravian college off in the distance things are still dry in most locations. not necessarily the case throughout the day, however, it will turn more unsettled before it turns bright again so today don't expect to see sunshine. it will be overcast all day but with these rounds of showers, and thunderstorms, coming in and net is at the moment only spot where you might find late showers are lancaster, chester county.
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that will start to creep in as the morning, afternoon especially progress here out toward d.c. area that rain starting to get somewhat heavy it is a matter of time, walking out the door we are only going for heading to the gym, we will get coffee and then head home and maybe work out at home, just making up stories here. but if you plan to be out throughout the day i would highly suggest taking some rain gear with you because even though it is scattered in nature there will be heavy pockets of rain. you don't want to get stuck under that waiting for a train , bus, anything like. that keep in mind rain gear is a smart move to walk out the door with here today. lower 70's where we are maxing out on the thermometer reading s but with time we will get up to 80. cloud cover limiting us with any increase on the thermometer but showers, storms really become the story throughout the day. they will be scattered, they could be heavy at anytime. >> thanks very much, katie. this is good news we are this
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close to friday so today we are waking up at the desk a little bit you will to have factor in extra time. one area that you will have to say moving in the 5:00 a.m. hour, i expect to factor in extra time at i-95 north at walt whitman, you can see the flares down to one drivable lane. this is moving in the north bound side. northbound side is obviously quieter then southbound side. southbound side has one far left lane that was blocked that has reopened but this is an area where we will see gaper delays. condition trucks here still out there 95 north at 332, that right lane is still compromised with those cones, those crews have not moved out vine what he is closed. first time of the week overnight westbound side is knew opened, eastbound side following suit opening now and we have construction, hopefully just clearing. i heard this was clearing now, schuylkille between henderson road and blue route that left lane is compromised so they are moving out of the our way.
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jim and rahel back over to you a man is fighting for his life this morning after another shooting in thee germantown. >> gunfire comes a day after three other shootings in the very same area "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live in germantown where a meeting will be held to discuss concerns over the gun violence, trang do, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim, this community meeting had been scheduled before this wave of violence in germantown and just overnight police responded to yet another shooting that left a man in extremely critical condition. here's video of that scene, it happened just after 12:30 on the 5,000 block of germantown avenue. after several 911 calls, police arrived to find a 30 year-old man with gunshot wound to his neck, chest, torso and groin, officers rush him to temple hospital where doctors are fight to save his life. >> it appears that the shooter walked right up to this individual, fired multiple shots, striking the victim multiple times, and due to the fact that he was hit so many
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times it appears he was in fact the intended target. >> the shooting comes on the heels of the three shootings in germantown overnight yesterday, and one of them, fatal. state representative stephen kinse says it has greater sense of urgencicy to tonight 's meeting which community members called after several armed robberies in the neighborhood. >> invite need join to work with the neighborhood association to bring police, security folks together and town watch to have a conversation about what neighbors can do to protect themselves or the community at large. >> reporter: tonight's meeting is scheduled for 6:30 at wesley enhanced living on the 6300 block of green avenue. everyone is welcomed to a 10. for new live from germantown i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> frank, thank you. disturbing story in manayunk a nine month-old baby is found with the hypodermic needle stuck in its leg. this happened on the 200 block
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of green lane last night as officials say baby's father was with the child when he rolled on to the needle. baby was taken to the hospital to get checked out, we're told he should be okay, authorities are testing that needle. overseas, president trump just arrived in poland, meeting with their president and also answering questions by the press. minutes ago president trump called on nation toss confront what he called north korea's very, very bad behavior. he also said consequences for tuesday's missle launch in north korea later president head to germany for g20 summit where tomorrow he will come face-to-face with vladamire putin. here's hanna daniels. >> reporter: president trump is in poland where he is expect to talk to their president about trade and security. trip comes ahead of the president's visit to germany before the g20 summit. topping the agenda north cover re's first successful test launch of a missle capable of reaching alaska. in an emergency u.n. security
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council meeting thursday on the launch u.s. refused to take any options off the table >> one of our capabilities, is our considerable military forces. we will use them if we must but we prefer not to go in that direction. >> reporter: u.s. has been calling on china and russia to step up sanctions but official from his both countries have said more economic crackdown could destabilize north korea north korea has yet another element to an already, complex sit down, president trump has with russian president putin friday in germany. the first official bilateral meeting between u.s. and russian president in nearly two years. >> i think that is most important part of this meeting is to have a good exchange between president trump, president putin over what they both see is the nature of this relationship between our two countries. >> reporter: trump administration says it is prepared to explore ways to tackle crisis in syria with russia among options on the
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table establishing in fly zones in the nation and coordinating the delivery of humanitarian assistance. hanna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". shame on you is what you hear there six people arrested in harrisburg outside senator pat toomey's office. they gave protesters several warnings before making those arrests. crowd protesting g.o.p. health care bill and its cuts to medicaid. pat toomey held an her long q and a session which was his first in front of the audience house majority whip steve scalise is back in the intensive care unit in the washington hospital. doctors are treating scalise for a infection and his condition is listed as serious officials promised an update later today. scalise was shot last in when a gunman opened fire at a g.o.p. practice before a congressional baseball game. that gunman was shot and killed by law enforcement. members of the new york city police department are mourning loss of one of their own, we first told but this yesterday, morning, the
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officer was inside of a park mobile command unit inside the bronx when alexander bonds walk up and shot her in the head. bonds was then shot and killed by police about a block away. officials say bonds was on parole for a robbery in syracuse. officer familiarilia, three children. her shooting was anotherly similar to last years ambush of philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett in west philadelphia police say edward archer shot hartnett multi i am times. hartnett returns fire shooting archer, archer has confessed saying he did it in the name of islam. today at 9:00 a.m. archer is scheduled to have a pretrial motions hearing. coming up, fast moving wild fire near a popular ski resort where hundreds of homes are evacuated, coming up next. also ahead a ber me python found on the street and how this creature escaped and why owner isn't surprised that the snake got away.
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apparently all large cars are not created equal when it comes to protecting passengers , latest results of the crash tests are still ahead. ber me. you have to believe when katie says rain's on the way, she will tell you bit coming up next, get your umbrellas handy
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right now wild fires are burning in a dozen western states forcing hundreds of evacuations. >> dry weather is fueling the flames, 500 residents in the braking ridge, colorado were told to pack up and leave. >> we saw a lot of people looking out toward the sky so we went to see what it was and there was a big cloud of smoke and we got text to evacuate. >> also several new wild fires also popped up in southern california this week where dry conditions are expected to remain. imagine this, skiing in july. oh, boy. oregon's mount barber had enough snow on the ground for ski lifts to stay open this weekend. it is reportedly only ninth time ski resort has been able to run and operate, in the
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season since it first opened in 1958. >> um-hmm. >> no skiing around here, we're talking about possibly some rain. >> yes, definitely some wet weather in our forecast for here for sure today and even though it will come through somewhat scattered in nature you may get doused by some of the pockets of rain that we will see moving through over the course of the day. now as we start things off by taking it out to storm scan three we have very, very soak rain working its way up i-95 and beltway and this will work its way to us but as the keyword here is scattered. we're not talking wash out wash out status and, have the umbrella on hand just in case, because even if you just, again walking out the door and it is not raining at the moment it could later on and then begin to douse us in the region as a whole. there may be an inch or two worth of rain out of these heavier pockets rolling
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through and some thunderstorms southern most del marva peninsula has a chance to see stronger storms locally maybe a gusty storm that fires up but all and all mainly just rain, soaking rain, big story here today coming through, once more and behind it comes a separate area riding in along frontal boundary bringing tomorrow additional wet weather in the forecast. we are wrapping up on a un settled note. meanwhile over in the tropics things are starting to get interesting at the moment what is new tropical depression number four is not expected to increase in intensity, that it will become a name system. if it manager toes throw us a curve ball next name would be don but right now we're not expecting that and it will lose its steam by the time we hit weekend and long before it makes any close proximity to the u.s. coastline. that is helpful news. meanwhile if you yourself are heading to the coastline our shore cast is looking g showers, very likely a thunderstorm here looking good-bye weekend i should say.
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today, tomorrow not most ideal days but water temperatures is creeping up to 68 degrees and air temperature up at 78. different view of the different beach down at rehoboth all calm, within guy taking a walk on the beach early this morning but still staying quiet there at the moment it doesn't stay that way. rounds of rain and thunderstorms for the rest of the afternoon and because of the cloud, rain you will not get higher then 8o looking forward in the seven day forecast take a peak we will heat up by here, skies are clearing out nicely for sunshine and sunday and monday , meisha, perfection just really nice weather. >> it sure does. >> look at that sun. all right, thank you so much. very good morning to all of you. just waking up with us so glad you are here grabbing your first cup of coffee looking outside, nice and dry right now, katie has been talking about this. it went stay that way. what we are looking at is okay but we started off with a lot, a ton have construction and some accidents as well, many of which now morning crews are moving out of our way this
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area taillights moving in the eastbound direction around girard we are looking okay here now. new jersey 42 freeway northbound or first look into new jersey, looking good traveling north bound toward 295. looking good there. these levels those headlights are typically what we see around this time. we had a more serious accident here i-95 north, taillights moving in the north bound direction that accident, that is new cleared so we are looking good with the cars flipped upside down on that guardrail. crews have moved that out of our way. that is good. that happened quickly. really nice to see. construction north and southbound between norristown and schuylkill that has been since cleared and we are still talking about construction out there i-95 north at route 332, so this is a place where you see flashing lights, cones, flashing marker, and this area that might slow you down ever so slightly but not until the 6:00 o'clock hour and by then it should be cleared and minor accident here in harleysville, oak drive at mapel avenue a lot more to discuss in a little bit.
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jim, back over to you. third time is charm for space x rocket. >> three, two, one... lift off of the rocket. >> and last second delays on sunday and monday space x falcon nine blasted off from the kennedy space center last night. the rocket is sending a communication sat late in orbit, 22,000 miles above the atlantic ocean. vice-president mike pence is set to tour launch pad today when he visits the space center. and new for a look at newspaper headlines across the region. >> trentonian trenton teacher facing charges after she repeatedly sexually assaulted a teenager after becoming his legal guardian. reigna cull vermette the student employed at the middle school. her attorney says the charges are completely fabricated, made up. in the news journal more than two years after plans for a stock exchange in wilmington were announced the delaware board of trade is up and
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running executed about 50 trade a day. it is for 750 co including everything from mortgage stocks to technology and banking co. in the times herald fourth annual limerick fire company's week long youth fire camp didn't days point. it teachers kid in grade one through five about fire safety , rescue operations and ness and outs of being a fire fighter n1 exercise they learned how to rescue a person , trapped inside of a vehicle. that is a good thing to know. >> that is your newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. it is a unique reunion, this 7-foot python is back home with its owner after he escaped and caused a stir in the philadelphia neighborhood. "eyewitness news" caught up with the snake's owner outside animal control in, hunting back. el-shabazz pick up his snake. it ended up in his neighbor's front yard. >> if it had been a something
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elsie wouldn't have been out here. >> he is fine, very domestic. only aggressive when it is time to eat. other than that, it is just another pet. >> he is afraid. el-shabazz believes he made his escape he looks like a guy that would have a snake. cool pet for him. >> yeah. >> i could not carry off a python. people would look at me like i was crazy. up next, pat's here with sports. >> good morning, guys. we have got more on the late night sixers summer league action and new sixer on the court we will show you how he faired with first round pick markelle fultz plus an interesting response from a tennis star when things don't go his way at wimbledon. all t
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another impressive night by sixers number one draft pick. >> that is correct, people will be very excited this season i can tell thaw right now. sixers summer league team was back in action in utah taking on hometown jazz. and new sixer furcan korkmaz made his debut but all eyes are on markelle fultz. let's show you a thrilling free flow, korkmaz who had three points off foul shots but markelle fultz did it all. that had rim and, of course, from deep. kevin durant likes fultz heavy pull up jimbo, so he likes. that fultz had 23, including four, three pointers, sixers did lose 100-94 but they play the spurs, summer league team tonight. phillies and pirates matched up in game three of their four game series yesterday and more of the same
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for phillies, and their owe even if disappeared. they got off to a good start, michael frank co with the two run shot in the first inning. things are looking good, right nope, not at all, top of the fourth pirates on the board and then they add on, even the pirates, starting pitcher derek coal he had two rbi's on the night, pirates score four in the fourth phillies lose five-two. series finally tonight. in case you didn't know there is a youth movement in philadelphia. phillies, eagles, sixers are all young the very high draft picks and expected to soon become stars. same for flyers as they showed off their locker for new guys, second overall draft pick no land patrick hoist recuperating from surgery but ron hextall knows what he is after at flyers developmental camp. >> if you walk out of here, learning some things, learn how to prepare yourself better and learn how to be a better pro that is what we are looking for. there is no evaluation going
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on. evaluation i want to hear is kid worked hard, dialed in, kid was coachable and kid has got character that is what we're looking for up and coming russian tennis played, dan yad medicine went got upset at umpire's call and stop matched to scream at her. he accused her of being bias and pulled out coins, from his wallet, and tossed them at umpire's chair insinuate ago this she was on the take. we're told he has accused other umpires of bias as well. would i expect the 21 year-old to be reprimanded for that stunt. >> that is like a john mcenroe thing. >> oh, yeah. >> back in the day. >> miss those days. >> oh, yeah, he was crazy. >> yes. >> you have to be careful throwing out that. >> i'd pick up coins though you never know. >> quarter for a parking meter around here. coming up next half an her of "eyewitness news" new crash test results, rahel we will see how large cars faired. >> okay.
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>> plus, like something out of the horror movie surprising choice forearmed robber, in montgomery county. and this is just great city is planning a big tribute to philly favorite kevin hart, ukee washington's conversation with the star and why officials decided to pick today to day as kevin hart day coming up next, katie. >> fantastic news. i continue the theme have great news in your weekend watch forecast which at the moment is promising just, beautiful weather, i would get outside and make plans if you don't have some, lots of sunshine especially beautiful on sunday and daytime highs in the mid to upper 80's but we have a transition to make, since we're expecting wet weather and we will walk through that after the
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good morning i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in a moment but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute , it is thursday, july 6th. >> a man is hospitalized after being shot in germantown. he was hit in the neck, chest, torso, completely unresponsive. >> this community meeting had already been scheduled before this recent wave of violence in german town. >> a fire send dozens of people out of the center


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