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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  July 6, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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good morning i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in a moment but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute , it is thursday, july 6th. >> a man is hospitalized after being shot in germantown. he was hit in the neck, chest, torso, completely unresponsive. >> this community meeting had already been scheduled before this recent wave of violence in german town. >> a fire send dozens of people out of the center city high rise fire broke out on
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the second floor but smoke could be seen coming out of the roof. a 3409 old baby is hospitalized after paramedics found him in the manayunk home with the needle sticking out of his legs. >> the showers are thunderstorms are likely to fire up at anytime, and it is one of those are you feeling lucky situations. >> it is only aggressive when it is time to eat but otherwise just a pet. i cannot say it is surprising. i did have the door opened. >> and that is si l.a. h el-shabazz talking about how calm 7-foot python managed to escape his point breeze home yesterday. >> perhaps in surprise the snake's escape was the talk of the town. lets get out to kate. we're talking rain around here >> indeed we are, yes we heard are you feeling lucky? it looks like especially in the southwestern half of the region see best chance for soaking rain but anyone fair
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game to see a few showers as well as a rumble of thunder throughout the course of the day. we do not need umbrella right now. thankfully i'm allowed to come back inside after my minute hit is done but here's my suggestion. would i walk outside with the your umbrella keep tonight your work bag on stand by. even though there is not much to report right now is there wet weather or at lee very light mixing and moisture building up across lancaster, chester county and just beginning as we see more moisture lifting from the south and west. we could get doused by pockets of the rain and storms especially second half of the day but anywhere throughout the day, temperatures at the moment are in the lower 70's from wilmington, philly, lower 70's at the shore. wind flow is on shore at the moment, begin to turn more southerly, as the day progresses but we don't see a lot of sunshine. we will need be that far from where we currently stan. we will hit 80 in the city and then again there is wet weather, off and on at anytime
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umbrella a good idea on walk outside with but down the road there is a nice trade off coming, it does coincide with our weekend so we will let you know more of the details there later on. >> we are all ears, all right, katie, thanks very much for that. in the world of travel, good morning, for those joining us so glad you had are here, it is busy from right when i entered traffic center and it is still right now. it is one of those things like we saw yesterday with one accident, kind of after another, trickling out there and construction, so, first off we have an accident here. this one is more serious as it is involving entrapment in delaware county. two vehicle accident. one hit a pole. route 13 chester pike at gardener avenue. would i say start factoring in extra time or avoid the area tacony palmyra bridge is scheduled to go up at 5:42. we have a couple minutes, maybe nine minutes on. that vine street expressway was closed overnight, construction, first time this week, we will be dealing with
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it, today, that has been since cleared on the vine and then again tonight, until tomorrow, so westbound/eastbound on the vine looking good there. 422 headlights moving in the eastbound direction approaching trooper, we are looking good there as well but we are starting to build levels up a bit. construction still out there 95 north at 332 that right lane compromised and minor accident oak drive at mapel avenue still out there as well , rahel, back over to you. a man is in extremely critical condition after a shooting in philadelphia's east germantown this happened on the 5,000 block of germantown avenue at 12:30 this morning. police found a 30 year-old victim with a gunshot wound to his neck, chest, torso and groin. rushed him to the hospital. in word on an arrest. evacuation order have been lifted for some residents after a high rise fire in center city. chopper three over that 13 story apartment building at 13th and walnut just after 7:00 p.m. yesterday. fire fighters say fire erupted on the second floor but then smoke made its way to the roof
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, and everyone did make it out of the building and no one was hurt. fire fighter is recovering this morning after being injured in this two alarm fire in mount laurel, burlington county. chopper three over this scene at a condo complex off of route 38 on yarmouth lane. that fire broke out 4:45 yesterday afternoon, red cross right now assisting four displaced families and so far no official word on what started this fire. police have identified the victim killed in yesterday's house fire, fire fighters, recovered the body of 39 year-old tab that oaks, who they say ran back in the burning home on jane avenue trying to save her pets. a dog and cat also died in that fire. surviving doggies receiving medical care from red paw, red cross was there to help the neighborhood. >> when you get out, stay out, do not go back in for any reason, let professionals get back into get your pets. >> very sad story here. two other residents and fire fighters were also hurt in the
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blaze and there is in word on their conditions, fire officials are trying to figure out what caused the fire. >> search is on for two robbery suspects terrorized restaurant workers in jenkintown with an unusual weapon. this is video of the qdoba mexican grill on the 200 block of old york road on saturday. male suspect was wearing a freddie kruger or wolverine style bladed glove, and then female suspect well, she was armed with a butcher's knife. >> it was a distinct glove. we are hoping somebody in the public might recognize someone who possessed this glove. witnesses said he was very proficient. he hold it right up to the victim's throat. >> crazy stuff. none of the employees were hurt. if you recognize these suspects please cat police. time is 5:36. in business news, why one state is lowering its minimum wage. >> how much we're spending on vacation this is year. i want to know. rocks san a saberi joins us life from the insuring stock
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exchange, good morning roxana. >> good morning. >> reporter: here on wall street investors are looking at jobs report due out today and tomorrow for clues on the next fed interest rate hike. this morning's futures are pointing down. yesterday on wall street dow jones who one point and nasdaq finished 40 points higher. state of the missouri is lettering its minimum wage, two months ago, missouri raised minimum wage to ten dollars an hour, but governor brighton said that killed jobs next month it will return to 7.70 an hour. americans are set to spend an record amount of money on their summer vacations. many report by the insurance company predicts we will shell out more than $100 billion up around 12 percent from last year. households will spend roughly $2,000 on their summer vacations, lower gas prices and higher consumer confidence may be behind the rising numbers, jim and rahel. >> that is good news, summertime coming.
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>> lower gas prices for people doing those old fashion family road trips. got to love it. >> good family time. >> thanks roxana. >> later today you could own a piece of the former trump taj mahal, rahel, everything, i say everything is up for grabs as part of the liquidation sale, and, we're talking about furniture, fixtures, gambling tables, even pianos, even pictures on the wall, it will last until it is all gone. casino is getting a huge make over as hard rock hotel and casino which is scheduled to open up next summer. his comedy shows are sold out and movies are becomes office hits. >> through all of the success kevin hart has never for gotten where he came from. >> i'm not a guy from here that left and never comes back >> when we come back hear more from ukee washington's interview with kevin hart one of the hardest working guys in show biz, as city of philadelphia gets ready to honor him with his own special
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day. we will also have this. >> i'm danielle nottingham in los angeles coming up top safety picks among large cars on the
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by visiting our website at >> emily: start saving to live independently today. i got to tell you philly's own khartist known for comedy, movies and generosity and hart 's hometown is paying tribute. it is kevin hart day in philadelphia it includes a
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huge mural at germantown and erie avenues a block from hart 's childhood home in north philadelphia our ukee washington sat down with philly's favorite funny man who said no matter how far he travels, he never forgets his way home. >> i love my city. >> you think it is a game. >> and just hoist kevin hart? well, how about one of the not most popular comedians, actor, writer, producer, entertainer on the circuit. we cannot forget about author, father, hard working but yet humble. >> i'm a student of the game, following in the footsteps of those before me that have done this at such a high level. >> reporter: now his beloved city where he was born, raised is saying thank with you kevin hart day in philadelphia. >> big accomplishment so far. >> reporter: that statement truly comes from the heart. >> i'm not a guy that is from here, that left, and never comes back. i'm a guy who looks forward to coming back. >> reporter: while working on his latest film project at sun
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center studios outside of philadelphia kevin was invited but unable to attend our ronald mcdonald house charities on cbs-3 because of his film schedule but he showed up in philanthropic fashion. >> is what going on here, kevin hart here i want to show my love and support for ronald mcdonald house, cbs philly, ukee washington you are doing amazing thing. i'm donating $10,000 to the cause, man, thank you guys for bringing such awareness to such an amazing cause and team philadelphia forever. keep doing different things. >> how about it for kevin hart >> reporter: taking care of and representing home is something he has shown throughout his career and wow like nothing better then to bring his career home, similar to another local legend of entertainment, highly motivated by the, success of shamelon. >> he has been doing it for so long. he films a tons of movies here in the city. we are showing that philadelphia has an amazing background, backdrop and could be for so many other projects
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and hopefully we will get more to come here, and follow pattern that we are creating. >> i have been in four films, is what up, can a brother get sometime. >> you are ready to go. keep coming to philadelphia we will have it for you here. >> picture this a co-star role with kevin hart, okay, back to reality. and back to how he wants this special recognition to be celebrated. he gave me a hint. >> not just a day but kevin h art day, it will be, kevin h art day is a special day. >> for a special man and native son. i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> love that, happy birthday to kevin hart. candy crush, teams of two will use skills to compete on a game forward as a popular mobile game is brought to life , and some familiar faces will be competing. fan favorites from survivor and big brother team up as contestants on the premiere episode. >> put two minutes on the clock, here we go, ready
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it is hosted by mario lopez. he joins us to talk more about the new series. >> the first mobil game to be adapted in to a tv game she is essentially same game. swiping candy to make matches nerd to make the most matches, win, whoever we are playing it on the world's largest touch screen, so we have got to get a world record to come out, and honor us with that, on teams of two, and you have to qualifying round and playing a cool obstacle course at the end, against, head to head and whoever wins give them a hundred you this dollars. so it ace lieutenant of fun. >> it looks like fun. candy crush premiers this sunday at 9:00 p.m. back to kevin hart, you know, his wife is expecting. his family is growing. he has that new book, new movie. he is a busy man. >> can't stop him.
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>> nice guy. >> yes. >> just a genuinely nice guy. galls to know. >> yes, very, very true. >> katie, also pretty busy. >> we have wet weather to track as we have been talking about, not a heck of a lot right now. we might get a morning drive that is not all that affect in the by weather, meisha's very busy, she will get to that in a second but lets get out to the shore where it is a very pleasant looking start to the day. problem is we will not end up with the prettiest shore day here. we will have showers again in the forecast we are not talking wash out status at all but this little sliver of sun thaw see over ocean city is probably about the most you will get to day, just with the disturbance so close by and eventually making, for some un settled weather as day progresses and that is not just true for ocean city but true for all of us. we will focus in on new jersey in fact we will take new toward pine land where 65 is value sent in from mark, from chats worth, 95 percent
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humidity and thick included cover for him. we will take you further west where 67 is value from john carroll, see more cloud then anything. humidity not as high but up at 89 percent. virtually in wind to speak of. cloud overhead to just one more, another 67-degree value from david dutch who too has lots of cloud overhead and modest breeze. it is north west at his weather station at home but it is overall turning more south or southeasterly. here's the situation at the moment we have very heavy rain , thunderstorm in across parts of the virginia, up toward d.c. beltway. they are about to get clocked with soaking rain but thinks all working its way to the north, so we too get in on these showers and thunderstorms. the thing is it is in the a wash out of the day, you just don't want to get caught off guard without an umbrella with a pocket of heavier rain end up on top of you. walk out the door and hope for the best even though round have rain will come through
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scattered in nature and not necessarily as a total just wall of moisture, comes through in scattered fashion and it is still out there for better part of the day and night fall as well. tomorrow still lingering showers, thunderstorms are out there but does appear they will try to clear out later that night and in the weekend. weekend looks phenomenal, sunday, machine are my two personal favorites because it is not as hot and we will keep that letter humidity, lighten up breeze for you, nice trade off for ugly days we have got today and tomorrow. >> you bet, it is, nice trade off, thanks very much. we have to get through today, gateway to the weekend and tomorrow too but looking at red ways right now, it is still looking, okay, in terms of the dryness on the roadways , even just a little bit of slickness, rain can slow us down. in that regard we are looking okay in terms of the camera shots. i-95 south here, and as we push forward to center city we are building up levels. for those wondering how i-95
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looks, there you have it, starting to pick up a little bit. we have tacony palmyra bridge scheduled to open sometime soon. a boat right here moving on its way and that will lift especially those in tacony. give your such are self a couple extra minutes there it is scheduled to open up any moment. this is more serious in delaware county involving entrapment. two vehicles involve. within hit a pole. south chester pike, at gardener avenue. if this is your neck of the wood give yourself couple extra minutes. minor accident harleysville still out there more to come in about 10 minutes or so, jim , back over to you. thanks, meisha. if you owe e-z pass tolls on the pennsylvania turnpike here's your warning: pay them now. new law allows penndot to suspend vehicle registrations of anyone with six other more toll violations around outstanding balances of over $500 this initial to effect august 4th, before that happens, the pennsylvania turnpike commission is offering drivers a chance to settle those violations, through a partial amnesty
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program, we have more information for you on cbs if you are in the market for new car here's a head up, three large cars have just earned top marks in new run have crash tests. here's cbs news correspondent danielle nottingham. >> reporter: insurance institute for highway safety crash tested six large car models. >> top safety pick plus winners have good ratings, in all of our crash tests. plus, they are available with a front crash prevention system rated advanced or superior and headlights that are rated acceptable or good. >> reporter: ranking means drivers and pass eveningers in each of the three models have a high chance of survival if involved in an accident. top models include 2017 lincoln continental. the redesign mercedes e class. the toyota avalon was promoted to a top safety pick plus from a top safety pick because engineers improved aim of
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headlights on models built after march. >> cars with birth headlights are associated with fewer crashes, better headlights help drivers see the road, and potential obstacles on the road at night. >> reporter: other three cars, iihs tested, missed the mark receiving poor ratings for headlights. but the chevrolet impala, ford taurus and tesla maryland he will s all had good ratings in four of the five crash tests and acceptable performances in small overlap front crashes. >> a lot of the crash energy is concentrated on part of the car that traditionally doesn't have structure. >> reporter: impala ranked higher in the front crash prevention system and taurus, tesla hasn't been rated in that category. danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". american red cross is calling for blood donations as they face critical shortage across the country. they have fallen short of the expectations for last two months resulting in 61,000 fewer donations in needed
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nationally. that short fall is equivalent to the red cross not collecting any donations for american four days. >> summer has always been a really challenging time to collect blood because people take vacations and it is not top of mine. people don't think about donating blood in the summer. you may take a vacation, the need for blood doesn't. >> to meet hospital demand in our region the red cross need to collect 1,000 units of blood per day. well, missing dog may have just wanted an opportunity to get on tv. >> there he is. >> yes. >> he just showed up. >> yes, see happy family's remarkable reunion with a lost pet as news continues we will be right
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across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than fios. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ i just love this song. >> a live look from the roof cam right now, 5:55. most of those cloud the rain appears to be closer from the chain smokers, the forecast at top of the hour, katie fehlinger is also here. >> even rahel dances during commercial break. >> never catch her on tv though. >> when the family dog ran off on tuesday with the latest heart break for the family.
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>> well, will and his mother of two recently passed away from a brain tumor. local tv station in georgia was interviewing about their who dog when the unthinkable happened. >> the dog was not scratching at the door or anything like that. there he is. he just showed up. >> awesome. >> oh, my god. >> we have to get this dog saved, while we were talking he just showed up. >> that is so sweet. their dog must have been frightened by fire work on the fourth of july and anyone who who a pet during fire works to check their local animal shelter. >> good for him. well, "eyewitness news" is heading the roid for our summer fest. >> we are heading to berks county for 68th annual kutztown folks festival. homemade quilts, craft to food we will show you traditions and special places in kutztown , summer fest fun starts tomorrow morning here on cbs-3. well, coming up, next on "eyewitness news" keeping track of your credit score we
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katie says some of us could see a storm, she times it out for us. and also a man is shot several times overnight in germantown and this comes on the heels of a rash of shootings in that very same area we are live with how officials are planning to address gun violence later today. plus this. president trump meet with world leaders preparing to meet for the g20 summit. i'm hanna daniels in new york with more on the president's second foreign trip of his administration. today is thursday, july 6th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things. good morning. >> good morning. >> we are looking outside much like yesterday it was very busy out there. we are looking busy again, string of the accidents, lots of construction, obviously as well but accidents, yesterday, today, yes. >> what is up? >> weather still dry for the moment but this is day we have beenen


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