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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 7, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> a protest in the streets of hamburg, germany overnight, as the world's leaders gather for the g20 summit. we're live with a preview of president trump's day, including, the meeting with russia's president. >> back here at home, new this morning, police are investigating a murder in a west philadelphia parking lot. we'll tell you why authority say there may not be many eyewitnesses to the crime. >> some showers to start the day, as we look live at center city, the storms are expected to move out, and lever us dry by the afternoon. katie is here to tell us when the comfortable temperatures will move in. and today is friday, july 7th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. happy friday. katie and meisha keeping an
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eye on things this friday morning. >> good morning to all of you. yes, looking outside right now, some construction out there, but really the fog and couple every accidents already. i don't know that has anything do with the visibility netsly but they're out there. >> who knows, but you're right, visibility, but also worth a mention, part of southwestern new castle, northwestern kent counted count, look at this, very east late dollars spot. but get this, listen up, you won't believe this. there has been doppler indication that this zone, still a flood warning for the next half hour, has seen five to even as much as 8 inches of rain over the last 24 hours. that's led to flooding and certainly since we don't have the sun up just yet this is definitely a problem down here, i know it is a smaller zone, but, maybe not the most populated area of the delaware vale, but if you have plans to travel down this way, please be careful, there could be some flooding out there, and i'll call right now on the eyewitness weather watcher jason out in middletown, around that area, so, if jason you're up and watching us, we would love to hear a report
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from you by 5:45. meanwhile, storm scan3 basically okay from chester, down toward the shore line here. but, do you still have some soak rain across the lehigh valley, here is a look at the visibility, we had talked about. you're under 2 miles in many locations, millville, especially, looking rough right now under mild visibility there. if i can very quickly show you, problem here, meisha, we will find some stormy weather pretty much any time today. >> very good to know, thank you so much, katie, factor that into your plans shall specially if you start to see it in your neck of the woods. right now looking out on the roadways right now there is, flashing lights, really just traffic stop, 202 northbound limekiln pike. >> this isn't going to slow you down too much right now, but will as it crested to the 5:00 hour if it doesn't get moved out of the way. i'll let you know they move out. see car door opening right there. not so much congestion, you won't see it anywhere right now at this hour, but just a heads up. vine closed overnight for the construction project between the schuylkill and broad, westbound side, you're now open, eastbound side, still
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closed. waiting on that, as soon as that opens i'll of course let you know. and the ben franklin bridge, katie and i talking about this spot, it is out there, it is going to pose some problems for us, especially as would progress through the morning, more vehicles out on the roadway with you, leave jersey, headed into center city this is what you are working with with neighbors and friends right now, really just foggy want to show this camera shot. congestion levels, not really playing too much of an issue. we do, however, have couple every accidents out there, galloway township new jersey, weaver accident here, downed pole and wires. route 30 white horse pike eastbound, closed near cologne avenue. use your alternate. a.c. expressway is your best bet right now. another accident out there, as well, we will touch base coming up in the next ten minutes, jan, back over to you, jim? >> new this morning, police working to identify a suspect, and motive in a deadly shooting in west philadelphia. police say the 39 year old man was gunned down just before 2:00 a.m., the salvation army parking lot, 5500 block of market street. authority tell us this is very secluded area, so possible no
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one even heard the gunshot. police are checking surveillance cameras in that area for more clues. police in camden are investigating a shooting as well, this is on the 2500 block of eighth street, and so far, we haven't received many details, but you can see, police focusing on certain vehicle. we'll have more information on this shooting, as it comes into our news room. >> a spike in gun violence in philadelphia's germantown section is bringing neighbors together, to find a solution. resident came out to voice their concerns during community meeting will night. philadelphia police data shows 156 homicides city-wide so far this year. it is the most since 2012 when there were 185 homicides at this point in the year. >> most neighborhoods, people don't even know what's going on around them. >> we're doing our best to pay attention to the hot spot, assign officers where they need to be, based on all of the information that we have, but i mean it is our society that's gun happy. >> state representative steven was one of the officials at the meeting, he says he hopes
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to hold more community meet togs continue the conversation. >> over seats now, president trump will meet with russian president vladmeere putin for the first time in person today. >> their meeting comes as protests break out overnight ahead of today's g20 summit in germany. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live in the cbs-3 news center what we can expect from the g20 summit. good morning, trang. >> good morning, in addition to the meeting with cuban president, trump has several other meet was high profile worlds leaders scheduled over this two day summit. the talks will likely be dominated by north korea's latest missile test. >> protesters armed with object and paint clashed with police in riot gear on the spree of hamburg, as the german city prepares to host leaders from the world's largest economies, for the g20 summit. some 100,000 anti-captain list protesters are expected friday and saturday. setting fire to several cars, after officers used water cannons, pepper spray, and batons to subdue the early crowds.
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meanwhile, president trump met with german chancellor, angela merkel thursday. north korea's inter-continental balistic missile test, the focus of the conversation. earlier the president told welcoming crowd in poland that he's considering serious actions. >> i don't like to talk about what i have planned, but i have pretty severe things we are thinking about. >> also slated to meet with the leader of the south korea and japan the issue, all focused on planned talks with russian president vladmeere putin, will meet with the first time today after trading barbs in the meade meet being, questions trump's trade policies, following the us president's strongest public criticism of russia to date. >> we urge russia to seize its destabilizing activities in your crane, and elsewhere. >> highly anticipated meted something expected to last a half hour. white house confirms syria and russia will be part of the discussion. what's not likely, any talk of
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russian meddling in the 2016 election. >> and president trump is also expected to meet separately with china's president today. he has publicly called on the communist leaders to do more to help rain in north korea for now, live from the news center being trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> all right, trang, thank you. >> and cbs this morning will have much more on president trump's trip to the g20, beginning 7:00 right here on cbs-3, immediately following "eyewitness news" this morning. well, today a funeral service will be held for a teenager shot and killed during a road rage incident in chester county. a service for 18 year old bianca roberson will be held at st. paul baptist church in west chester. authorities say 28 year old david desper shot roberson last week, after both drivers tried to merge into the same lane on route 100 in west goshen. desper turned himself in. is being held without bail. >> we are learning more this morning about small casket containing infant remains found on a north philadelphia sidewalks. authorities say the three to four month old baby was being
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burried in south jersey last thursday. workers at funeral home notice add broken latch on that casket, so they put the baby's body in a new one. but for some reason, the baby's organs were left in the broken casket, and police say an employee dumped that casket on clearfield street in north philly. sources tell "eyewitness news" that employees at stanley memorial chapel on cane avenue in camden are being investigated. >> a falls township bucks county police offers nerve serious condition after a crash during a chase. the officer was involved in the chase with us is expect in a reported theft at a best buy store on commerce boulevard. during the chase, the officer struck a vehicle, which had reportedly turned in front of the patrol car. both the officer and driver of the other car were rushed to st. mary trauma center. police also took four people into custody for questioning in the best buy theft. >> former berks county teacher facing charges for alleged inapropriate relationship with a student. newtown township police say jesse roberto engage in the sexual relationship with a 16 year old council rock north
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high school student in 2015 and 2016. he worked as teacher at the school district from 2003 through 2015. he's charged with institutional sexual assault and related offenses. >> evesham police are searching for this man who they say performed leud act along a walking path in marlton, burlington county. this happened last thursday on path between lake executive campus on route 73, and north cropwell road. police say a woman walking on her lunch break stumble upon the man, as she began to walk toward her, she quickly walked away, and called for help. the suspect was last seen running north on cropwell toward greentree road. >> the retrial of bill cosby on sex assault charges will take place this november. judge bio kneel, all must report in norristown on november 6. mistrial was declared in cosby first trial last month. the jury struck told reach a verdicts. cosby of course is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand at his montgomery county home in
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2004. >> well, passengers spring into action, aboard a flight bound for beijing. up next, finds out what happened and what caused the plane to make an emergency landing. >> then there has been another train derailment at new york's penn station. we'll have an update on the incident which comes days before some extensive repair work there. >> and we will tell you what a worker did moments before this giant sinkhole devoured his truck. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> time to wake up, most likely, but on the bright side, just waking up, all of us here, we've been up for hours now, so that's not so bad, right? katie is here with your weekend forecast, plus she'll let us know when the showers will move out. yes, we want out. >> go away, rain. >> but you don't go away because we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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pro tgiaproduce prices. ble so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. >> firefighters were able to get this blaze under control before they had to evacuate anyone. at this point the cause of the fire is unknown. and, staying out west now,
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authorities say, a beijing bound delta airlines flight had to return to seattle after passenger allegedly assault add flight attendant. officials say a man in first class assault that flight attendant, 45 minute after take off, from cpack airport last night, man restrained by other passengers on board, people including flight attendant were taken to the hospital for minor injuries, the fbi now investigating. >> rahel, there is trouble on the rails, too, expect delays, if you take new jersey transit trains to new york. transit officials report minor delays, after one of it trains derailed at penn station last night. this is video taken from inside the derailed train, about 180 passengers were on board at the time. no one was injured, but the derailment had left a lot of passengers frustrated. >> i was on the train, behind the train that derailed. all i know, they came and they were like you got to get off the train. there was derailment. no damage, just all sitting on a track, wasn't like falling over, anything like that, like in the train crash. >> now the derailment comes just days before extensive
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track repairs are supposed to start at penn station. >> a giant sinkhole opens up in the middle of cleveland ohio street. >> that sinkhole nearly swallowed up this water department van. luckily, though, the work her just stepped out to investigate a possible water main break. officials say that sinkhole, six to 10 feet deep. >> wow. >> tow truck and giant crane had to work in tandem to pull the van out of the hole. >> hey, they say time something everything. you got to just in time. >> that's a heck of a hole there. boy, no sinkhole to deal with today hopefully, kate. >> i here's hoping. we have seen some flooding issues, however, guys, so let's get right on out to it. specifically down into the delmarva peninsula, you got slam with soaking rain yesterday, especially bulls eye, we will show now second, now more removed up towards the northwest, lehigh valley, pocono region, finding some real soaking rain right now. so part of 78, 22, furthest most northeast extension, that's where you are getting hit, i82, if you have plans to
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go up toward the poconos here this weekend, you may be dealing with some ponding on those roadways, especially, making really early jaunt up there this morning, you'll have rain to contend w looking at future weather, primarily northern suburbs hit the hardest, look what happens, things sort every rotate through philly. what's good is that this will likely happen shortly after the typical morning rush, what is sad is that this happens on my morning coffee run, so, i'm probably going to need to break the umbrella around that time. but no harm, no foul, we do anything for caffeine, am i right, meisha? so things do begin to clear out into the afternoon, still, scattered showers or storms, but the brunt is happening as we speak, and into the tail end of the morning, but there may even into the overnight and early tomorrow be left over shower here and there. we talk about this doppler estimate. i mean, bulls eye much? good grief. out towards the middletown delaware area this is a doppler indication of five plus inches of rain, in the last 18 hours, so that's a zone that got slammed. but throughout the day, we are very likely to see at least a inch or two up toward the
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suburbs, skies begin to clear throughout the day, definitely warmer, up to 87 degrees, hitting the shore, it is not the best shore day unfortunately, weekend does get better but today yes warmer but you'll still have shower or storm to dodge, thankfully, not a wash out. if you're desperate to hit the sands. now looking forward, weekend get better and better. sunday and monday look phenominal, windy, full sunshine, checking the boxes for pretty fantastic wetter. >> sure are. something to look forward to on the weaken specially today, like yesterday, dealing with some of the rain, and already on the roadways, as katie pointed out, certain places, yes we have visibility issues as well, dealing with the fog out there. good, glad saturday and sunday look great, today, look at this fog here, 422, route 29, heads light eastbound direction there is will start to slow us down as we progress, little deeper in the 5:00 hour, certainly once we get into the 6:00 and 7:00 hour, still have all of the fog, that's going to slow us down, 95 at academy, looking both directions
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looking the same, looking actually okay, 59 at column man, where we are seeing some of the fog, as well. we had traffic stop here, little earlier, 202 northbound lime many kiln pike, let you know that's cleared. big thumbs-up around there. vine closed overnight for the construction project between the schuylkill and broad. westbound and even side, now has opened. we're waiting on the ramp, eastbound schuylkill, but that's now also reopened. so all good. vine, looking great. that accident, however, in galloway township, new jersey, it is still out there. we will be talking more about this coming up in a little bit. rahel, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. now for look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> from the trentonian, six couples charge charged with the, pact of ongoing investigate public welfare benefit going to new jersey families that made too much to receive them. ocean county prosecutors say the couples received nearly $400,000 combined, in medicaid, food, heating and other benefits, seven other couples were charged with similar crimes last month, including a rabbi and his
5:19 am
wife. >> and the times herald, norristown soon have its own chamber of commerce, about 15 businesses and community groups have been working since february to get the organization up and running. >> from the spirit of delaware county, coburn elementary school is the recipient of the 2017us department of education green ribbon school award. coburn is among 45 winning schools from across the nation, and the only school in pennsylvania to receive the honor this year. i award recognizes schools that provide environmental education, improving health and wellness of staff. >> congratulations to them. that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> up next, pat's here with your morning sports, hey, pat. >> good morning, phillies looking for some fireworks last night. one crazy play kept them in it. see that when we return, plus, sixers summer league action in utah last night. we will show you the local product that stood out, he could be playing his way onto
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>> pat is here with sports, and the phillies find themselves? >> i'm running out every things to type to read about the phillies. it is just really bad right now, the phillies are losers of three in a row, maybe tonight's visit from the padres will give them the kick in the pant they need before the all-star break, because things are getting even uglier. last night against the pirates in south philly, the fans sat through 47 minute rain delay. those that stuck around, well, they got to see this wild play. thirds inning, andre, swings and misses, the bat flies into
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the crowd. while everyone was looking at the bat, ball gets away, circles the bases and scores. so that's how the phillies have to score runs these days. crazy wild plays like. that will unfortunately, there was plenty of baseball left to play, and the pirates won it with two runs in the eighth. that's your final right there, the pirates beating the phillies. despite averaging 20 points in the first two games, in a sixers uniform, night off for number one draft pick markelle fultz, last night. fultz watched his teammates play there last game in utah, against the san antonio spurs, summer league squad. showing his range, why he is here, knocks down the triple. he had ten-point. check out brandon austin with tough bucket. he hits the lay up, and won. nice play by him. let's beat the clock. former st. joe's star isiah, drains the long two, finished with team high 18 points. third quarter, how about
5:25 am
another buzzer beater? james black man, jr., beats the clock there is time, the sixers, they would go on 22 to seven run to end the game. they win 94-86, action moves to las vegas, for tomorrow night, against the golden state warriors. summer squad. >> and some late night nba news, espn report eight time all-star vince carter has agreed join the sacramento kings on one year, $8 million deal. insanity is the oldest player in the nba at 40. he'll play his 20th season in the association. also, resigning with the mavericks yesterday, he, too, entering his 20 year in the league. bunch of old men out there. >> uh-huh. >> the flyers open their developmental camp today in the skate zone at voorhees, we'll get first look look at some of the top pros peck, not nolan patrick, sitting out hernia surgery, should be ready to go for training camp in september. >> cbs-3 summer fest continues today. coming up in our next hour of
5:26 am
"eyewitness news," i'll take you inside kutztown crystal cave, and show you the difference, then, join "eyewitness news" as we brought cast live from the 68th annual kutztown folk festival later today. join ukee, lauren, tori, liver in berks county, beginning at 5:00. it is all right here on cbs-3. all right. you know what that means. >> we will do a little science test with you guys later on. so, keep it in the back of your minds. >> i'm just waiting of the flood of people to start coming in. >> oh, were you honed in on that one. >> forty in nba years. >> but in real people years? >> whipper snapper. coming up in the next half hour every "eyewitness news," more on the mega merger between two home shopping giants, qvc and the home shopping network. >> we'll have a live report from wall street. >> also ahead today marks one
5:27 am
year since ambush left five dallas police officers dead. show you the memorial being deaths kate in the their honor. >> seeing new view of this plane fire, chicago's o'hare airport, from last october. plus, we've got dough tails from a preliminary ntsb report, that's coming up. katie? >> jim, right around the corner, upcoming weekends, still promising to be pretty nice one, even though there may be residual shower into tomorrow. all-in-all skies clearing out nicely, looked beautiful, throughout saturday afternoon, and specially sunday, with sunshine, so while it is still unsettled, and i do have to grab my umbrella for the next rounds, you do also have nice weather to look forward to. and stay there, we'll come right back and track this
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>> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in just a moment. first, what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. today is friday, july 7. >> unruly protests, ahead of the g20 summit, and president trump's first meeting with vladmeere putin. >> president trump has several other meetings, with high profile world leaders, the talks will likely be dominated by north korea's latest missile test. >> part of the lehigh valley, poke nobody, if you have weekend get away, headed up this way, you will be running into the possibility of some flooding up that


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