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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 10, 2017 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphiaing this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. tonight at 11:00, shot in broad daylight. bullets fly in kensington as young families play outside. neighborhood parents say it violence got to stop. good evening, i'm natasha brown. thank you for joining us. the shots were fired right near a group of children "eyewitness news" reporter has got the latest on this investigation. henry? >> reporter: natasha, the man shot is in critical condition. meanwhile, as you mentioned, police say we're very lucky the children were not caught in the cross fire, they were just feet from where the shooting happened. it was hot and sunny on east
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atlantic near kensington, neighborhood children were splashing around on the sidewalk. suddenly. shots rang out. feet from the children >> shots in front of kids? you don't have no respect for your kids, what if one of them would have got hit? it's a kid. >> children, trying to have a nice time on this summer afternoon in a pool within probably four feet of them there's a male being shot. . >> reporter: police say the 21-year-old gunned down was riding his bicycle having just left a nearby grocery store. a man walked up nearby jasper and opened fire. hitting the victim in the chest and the back. >> thank god none of the children were struck. of we recovered four shell casings. we're lucky one of these didn't hit one of the children >> that's a good day, hopefully whoever the person was that,
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they be able to make it. >> so far, police have only been able to offer a vague description of the shooter wearing a dark shirt and blueish gray pants. live near philadelphia police headquarters, henry roth stein cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> thank you. tonight a man from moorestown new jersey says he stabbed two people who tried to break into his home this morning. the homeowner says there was a struggle but he did make contact with both men. one man died at the scene. police say they're still trying to determine if a second suspect who showed up at a local medical center with a stab wound to the leg is linked to the incident, so far, prosecutors haven't filed charges. investigators say a man was shot four times in the city's olney section. it happened just after 6:00 on the 100 block of west god free. he was taken to einstein in critical condition. no word on a suspect just yet. family and friends meantime are hoping to locate two teenagers from bucks county who
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went missing just days apart from each other. police say jimmy patrick from newtown township has not been seen or heard from since 6:00 p.m. on wednesday july 5th. family members say he hasn't shown up to work, which is highly unusual. anyone who seen him is asked to contact bucks county police. also, reported missing 18-year-old dean finnair from langhorne. family and friends say he was last seen this past friday, july 7th, getting into a vehicle on hampton drive around 6:30 in the evening. anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call middletown township police. a violent crash in new castle county delaware leaves a driver dead and dozens animals displaced. police say the woman behind the wheel plowed into the brandywine valley spca early this morning and the fire continued to damage the building. anita oh has more. >> this is a terrifying experience >> after midnight, a woman
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plowed her suv into the brandywine spca sparking a fire >> it went through our lobby and exam rooms and animal housing the veterinary clinic is unrecognizable. >> reporter: the impact killed the driver identified as latoya couper. killed three cats inside >> this is upsetting. i have a dog. and any time an animal is threatened i'm upset. >> reporter: fire crews extinguished the flames. the director of marketing and programs at this spca branch >> there were people putting animals into their houses cars ambulances. seeing that community support was really touching. >> reporter: those animals need a home >> finding the heart in humanity and workers home those in the community will find the heart to adopt one of the 98 displaced animals or to donate to help offset the cost of repairing the
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building. >> reporter: the shelter is expected to remain closed. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. in new castle anita oh cbs3 "eyewitness news." in the meantime family and friends held a memorial for driver involved in that crash in brandywine. candles balloons and teddy bears were placed at the site northern of latoya cooper. >> she was a very good woman, worked hard. i go checkup on her and everything. a good woman. >> dozen of animals to brandywine valley are without a facility an home but many are up for adoption. we do have information on that. you can take a look at the pets available at the pet smart every day adoption center on dupont highway in dover. also the georgetown shelter and animal health center has animals as well and finally pets can
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also be adopt to do the west chester shelter on phoenixville pike. a man in dover delaware is wanted in connection to the stabbing of a 24-year-old woman. 21-year-old faces charges of assault and possession with a deadly weapon after police say he stabbed a woman four times at irish mike's. investigators say the incident followed an argument with several people. the woman was treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to contact police. a pregnant woman shot and lost her baby after gunmen opened fire on her gender reveal party in ohio. seven others including three children were shot at this party late last night in cincinnati. their conditions range from stable to critical. survivors later told police two gunmen burst through the front door of the house and started opening fire on the entire group. police say the suspect fled the scene and haven't been seen since. iraqi security forces raised
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the national flag in the ruins of mosully old city as they claimed victory. the prime minister arrived to congratulate for the victory after eight months. the battle left large parts of mosul in ruins, killed thousands of civilians and displaced nearly o1 million people >> president trump said it's time to move forward. this comes as reports that members of the president's family met last year with the russian lawyer who promised them, quote, damaging information on hillary clinton. cbs news correspond weijia jaing has more. >> reporter: president trump returned after a round of government. tweeted, i strongly pressed president putin twice about
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russian meddling in our election. he vehemently denied it. secretary of state rex tillerson says russia denial came as no surprise >> we did not expect an answer other than the one we received. >> reporter: some republican lawmakers say the president went too easy on putin >> to forgive and forget when it comes to putin regarding cyber attacks is to empower putin. that's exactly what he's doing. >> reporter: president trump also discussed forming a cyber security unit with putin, senator marco rubio blast add tweet partnering with putin on a cyber security unit is akin to partnering with assad on a chemical unit >> they also tweeted donald trump junior had a preelection meeting. he asked his brother in law jared kushner and paul manafort to accompany him. trump junior issued a statement saying the lawyer's statements
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were vague, ambiguous and made no sense, then changed subjects and began discussing the adoption of russian children, his father had no knowledge of the meeting. weijia jaing, cbs3 "eyewitness news." president trump tweeted late sunday that just because he discussed the subject of with putin doesn't mean he thinks it can happen. back here at home. locally it was a day of pet fun on germantown avenue in chestnut hill. lots of folks out there on the fourth annual pet palooza gave them treats, games and other fun activities for guests who did not have a bet of their own. and the blind dog rescue were also on hand for folks looking for a new pet. now in camden county, today, more than 250 artists exhibited their arts and crafts at the 25th annual arts and crafts festival. displayed hand made ceramics, glass jewelry paintings, a
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little bit of everything out there. the two-day outdoor festival attracted more than 100,000 people throughout the weekend. stay with us, ahead on "eyewitness news" hit-and-run, a near tragedy all of it captured on camera. we'll tell you who's responsible for smashing into this cyclist before taking off >> the wind is blowing and you hope there's not the spark that starts something like this >> fire on the west coast fueling flames in several states. straight ahead, force be people to flee homes. chelsea. heat, humidity and chances for storms, work week forecast next. a school bus is taking her
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. frightening moments caught
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in nashville. a cyclist is clipped by a car, treated at the hospital and released with cuts's bruises, that driver kept going. as for the driver, he's between of students at the university of nashville, he was arrested and charged with hit-and-run. . two men rescued this afternoon after their kayak overturned on the white river in indianapolis. they say the scene, kayakers hit a boil line and a low damn, reportedly wearing life vests but the deadly hydraulic stripped them of everything they were wearing. both men are critical condition after the accident. now, an oklahoma couple has mixed feelings about the day their engagement because while the future groom was being arrested on 4th of july. he asked police to let him propose. >> i'll put him in the front amount of time >> brandon thomas is facing six
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felony charges but body cameras caught this moment as he got down on one knee, the arresting officers moved his handcuffs from the back to front so he could place the engagement on his girlfriend's finger and she said yes, his new fiance pulled the couple's savings together to bail him out of jail and he was released the day after his arrest and proposal. for those who commute to new york city possibly plan to visit in the near future. you need to avoid a trip to penn station, two months of construction begins tomorrow and the work will impact three to five train tracks. the construction comes after months of train breakdowns, delays and several derailments as recently as thursday night. the tangled tracks are what amtrak considers crucial repairs. >> we've been doing renewal work a long time, it's come on quicker for us is pointed out by the derailment is the rapid dein which the infrastructure declined, sped up >> new jersey transit will end
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in hoboken after 7:00 a.m. and from there. commuters can take the path, a bus or a infer reinto new york city. hundreds pay tribute to the 48-year-old police officer and mother of three was ambushed wednesday morning as she sat in her patrol car. the vigil was outside r held outside of the 46th precinct where she worked 12 years. the shooter alexander bond was shot and killed. funeral services for officer miosotis familia will be held tuesday two wild fires in santiago barbara county spreading over the weekend. devouring structures and burning tens of thousands of acre, about 3700 people have been evacuated. cbs news correspond wendy gillette has more. >> reporter: burned up more brush in santiago barber california sunday. helicopters dropped water on the
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blaze. as emergency vehicles raced down the road. surrounded by flames. this is the fire which started saturday, forcing evacuations in an area familiar with wild fire >> it's in the air, is hot. the wind is blowing, you hope they're not that spark that starts something like this. >> reporter: the fire destroyed at least 20 structures and burned thousands of acres >> it's burned in an area hasn't burned in probably 60 years or older and the area is been affected by drought. >> reporter: still burning on both sides of highway 154 with little containment >> i went down to get milk and could not come back. >> reporter: the fire forced 90 children and 50 counsellors to seek shelter at a popular cam ground, the road was completely enveloped and there were trees falling down and no way to get them out >> parents were reunited with the kids. to the north, the alamo fire
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burned tens of thousands of acres. both fires fueled by record breaking heat. >> we thought we had a good line but the winds picked up. >> reporter: about 600 firefighters are battling the blaze with little containment. wendy gel lit cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> dangerous conditions out there. we couldn't have been more pleasant today 85 >> today was absolutely perfect. natasha, no matter where you were. down the shore, in the poconos, in the city, in the suburb, it was honestly just the perfect day. picture perfect and it's a picture perfect night. right now in rehoboth beach. boardwalk plaza you can see the full moon shining off of the ocean water. it's just a perfect evening out there. i've seen plenty of people out and about on the boardwalk. 83 degrees was our official high temperature today in philadelphia. that's actually below average for a change. the average high is right around 87 degrees. we're going to be well above
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average later on and we'll talk about that. here's what we have going on on stormscan 3, nothing, we have a clear scan, mostly cloudy skies as we head to the overnight hours, we are monitoring, however, boundary located up to our north going to try to press south eventually stalling over the midatlantic as we head to the middle of the week. because of that, we're going to have chance for showers and thunderstorms pretty much each and every day monday all the way through your friday. we're talking about the increase of heat and humidity. right now, temperatures checking in in the 60's and 70's, 70's at the shore, 70 in wildwood. 78 in atlantic city. 60s in cherry hill. around 66 there. in the city, 73 degrees. 69 in palmyra and 68 in trenton. look up toward allentown where we have 68 and 56 in mount pocono. we're checking in around 63 degrees in quakertown. in store for a nice night. due points are in the 50's. it feels spectacular out there.
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we have bone dry air across the region, across the midatlantic on up into philadelphia, new jersey, that's the brown color you're seeing on the water vapor, as the wind shifts more out of the south and southwest starting tonight, you will begin to notice an uptick in humidity. heading into tomorrow, humidity is not going to be too bad with due points in the lower 60's, but it's really going to be on the increase as we head to tuesday and wednesday. and also your thursday. couple that with high temperatures in the 90's, tuesday through thursday and the heat index is going to feel more like the upper 90's to around 100 degrees. no heat advisory yet but it is possible one could be issued and we'll let you know seasons that happens. future weather showing a quiet night. mostly clear skies, couple clouds waking up tomorrow morning, overall good amount sunshine to start the day, by the afternoon with the uptick in heat and humidity we will run the risk for a shower or thunderstorm popping up. quiet to start the day tuesday,
2:27 am
probably more clouds around on tuesday. then the risk once again as we head to tuesday afternoon and evening for shower or thunderstorm. that's going to be the same song through friday. down the shore, similar scenario, we're going to be warm in the 80's, 86 on tuesday, 87 wednesday. we'll be running the risk for a shower or thunderstorm there as well. here's your forecast for tonight. a beautiful moonlight sky. low temperature around 68 for tomorrow mix of sun and clouds. and a spotty thunderstorm possible as we head to tomorrow afternoon. 89 for that high temperature. then the heat and humidity really kick up by tuesday. we're look at a high temperature of 93, 91 on wednesday, 93 thursday. remember, we're coupling that heat with the humidity, it is going to feel at times more like the upper 90's right around 100. the saving grace is next weekend is looking pretty good. >> boy, i just heard the hundred degrees. >> i heard nothing else. thank you so much chelsea.
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we're trusting the process but a scary moment. very, frightening. >> the process almost took a major hit. markelle fultz was hurt. we'll let you know when he'll be back and the phillies, an offensive explosion, the best news a
2:29 am
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. this afternoon the final game, fans treated to an explosion by the phils against the padres. second inning, nick williams hits his first homer of the year. two batters later, cameron rupp first since june 16th, then freddy galvis decides to send one in, sixth inning, odubel and in the seven and, aaron altherr the phillies with nine hits, phillies left the building first six homer game, jared eickhoff
2:31 am
with a seven-1 win. sixers taking on the spurs, mickle fultz out of the lineup. he was going for a block and stepped and sprained his ankle he will mitts the rest summer league but ready for training camp. we'll look back at the phillies brutal first half of the season when sports radio joins me >> lots to chat about, thank you so much. still ahead, a bus driver taking her job to a whole other level making sure the kids in her care are excited to come to school >> the little boy asked me, kind of dared me if i could make a taco and i said i'm probably sure i could. >> innocent request there turned into an enormous and fun project for this creative bus driver,
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♪ good goes around and around... ♪ . welcome back. a wisconsin school board driver getting national attention for a very unique act of kindness, here's what's happening, trudy is known for her love of crocheting. you'll probably find her with her needles and yarn, but it was on a recent trip to school that a fourth grade boy made an unusual request. dared her to make a taco out of yard. the request quickly spiralled into much more >> i gave him the taco, first one on the bus and showed every student that got on the bus after that. look what ms. trudy made >> she made 34 in total.
2:35 am
spending up to ten hours on each. can you believe that? that's so cute. i love that. chelsea is coming back with a last pro-tip for making ribs: don't go it alone.


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