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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  July 12, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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at 11:00, changing the labels. why one group wants a warning put on a popular over countant acid >> the dangerous creature watched up on the jersey shore. the search for four missing men, not letting up as authorities comb a 98 acre property. and tonight, a major development surrounding the man authorities are calling a person of interest. that man is out on bail after
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being arrested on unrelated charges. good evening, i'm jessica dean >> i'm ukee washington. we have live team coverage of the extensive search. alexandria hoff spoke to people who know the missing men but we begin with greg argos in sold bury township. >> reporter: the person of interest is 20-year-old cosmo debarnard, he was released oh on $100,000 cash bond. the family farm down the road in bucks county. the center of attention in this criminal missing persons investigation. the second full day of searching the solbury property to evidence that could lead to missing young man. an investigation being called massive in scope >> it's a biggest one you ever seen and multi-it by a million >> despite county state and
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federal investigator, in some cases foot by foot. little information being released by bucks county district attorney matthews wine traub >> if i knew the answer i wouldn't be able to share it. >> reporter: investigator are saying this man is a person of interest. throughout the course of the last week, jimmy patrick, dean, monday, dinardo arrested on unlike unrelated charges. 10% of his punch million. dinardo's family owns this farm which is being dug up and combed for argument >> we're using major construction equipment. to the finest equipment. we want to be careful not to miss the tiniest piece of
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evidence >> i'm shaken up. >> reporter: the edge of this property has become a gathering place, people like walter, one of the last friends to see is jimmy patrick the day before he vanished >> we want to know something, because we're all -- we don't know. >> reporter: now, dinardo is currently being represented by attorney michael par lo. i reached out to him. he confirms he's representing the person in all of this but could not comment. i'm greg argos, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you, greg. tonight, r we're hearing from those who know the person of interest, and the missing men. alexandria hoff is in bensalem with that part of our coverage tonight. alex? >> reporter: ukee, i correspondented with a family member of one of the missing
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men, she asked or viewers continue to pray. she also told me the same thing that those who know the other missing men told us, which is that prior to this case, they had never heard of the man named cosmo dinardo. >> around 7:00 p.m. the sole person of interest in this case, como debarnard was released. on bail. cbs3 obtained this insight from a friend of dinardo's. saying, quote, i'll tell you that he was normal up until last year. he was in a quad accident, hit his head and stranded for a day or so with a brain bleed. he had frontal lobe damage. the friend asked to remain anonymous said he was never known to be violent. he tells "eyewitness news" he exhibited violent attendances.
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they corresponded with 22-year-old mark sturgis of pensberg. called the situation a nightmare. she said mark was a hard worker worked alongside 21-year-old to my meo of plum said is also missing. a freshman 19-year-old jimmy patrick and 19-year-old dean of middletown township. >> it feels like a dream or a movie >> code deeckerd knew dean and says before this case he never heard the name cosmo dinardo >> the a plaguing question remains, what ties all of these men together and did any of that he is ever know the sole person of interest? reporting live in bensalem, alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. coverage of the search continues on line. go to any time for up to the minute developments. a hot and humid day turned into a warm and muggy night.
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lauren casey is tracking the possibility of near record heat on the horizon. lauren >> thanks when you thought it wasn't hot enough. we're going to push the temperatures up further and the humidity levels as well, but temperatures are still very warm at this late hour. it's 82 in philadelphia. 80 in atlantic city, 81 in wilmington. we topped at 91 today. four degrees above normal high temperature of 87. we started off warm at 76 degrees. this was our fourth 90 degree day of the month, 13th of year with a scorcher we had 46 days at or above 90 officer average of philadelphia we typically see 25. attacking on a few more into the next be couple of days and this will cul mate thursday, the hottest and most humid day, an excessive heat watch. continuing into the evening hours on thursday. we'll talk more about the potential for triple digits heat indices and a chance of storms
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over the next several days and if we can get relief by weekend. coming up in a few. >> thanks 16 former members of a penn sta state. the hearing will continue into the next month. of piazza parents were in the courtroom all day only stepping out when lawyers played a video showing the 19-year-old's final moments in the frat house. >> they will not sleep until justice is done for their son. if that means coming to one trial or 18 trials, they are going to do it. >> 18 former members of beta theta pi are facing charges ranging from involuntary manslaughter to reckless endangerment. the search is on for a group of young vandal whose ransack add bowly ally run by a church. they were cut on cram at st.
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monica's. the vandals found the key to the change machine and stole $1500. >> devastating to us. of we have day cares scheduled to be here all day and instead we're changing locks and doing this kind of stuff and actually losing revenue. >> anyone with information about this crime asked to contact philadelphia police. president trump's oldest son is under fire and fight back in the russia investigation. on twitter, donald trump junior released a series of bombshell e-mails confirm he met with a russian lawyer who claimed to have damaging information on hillary clinton. in the e-mail, the person setting up the meet wrote the information against mrs. clinton was collected as part of the russian government support for mr. trump. some believe this e-mail chain shows the trump campaign colluded with russia to win election. donald trump junior said he did nothing wrong >> it had something maybe concrete evidence to all the stories i've been hearing about.
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in retrospect i probably would have done things differently. cbs news confirmed robert mueller is expected to look into the meeting and e-mails as part of the overall russia investigation senators are cancelling the first two weeks of their august vacation to finish work on the healthcare reform bill and other items. they were supposed to vote on the repeal and replace by july 4th. the majority planned to postpone that. it's a common over county medicine. >> at 11:00, why one group is calling on the fda to put certain warning labels on antacids. some say the medicine. an alert for beach goers, the unwelcome visitor from the ocean that turned up at the jersey shore. this is no joke. a deer walked into a liquor
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store, how employees managed to get the animal out. >> a warm and muggy night across the region. you're looking live at downtown bethlehem, meteorologist lauren casey is tracking even hotter weather and the chance for more storms. ♪ . the late show is new coming your way tonight at 11:35 after "eyewitness news" at 11:00.
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. investigators are trying to figure out the cause of a military plane crash in mississippi that killed 50 marines and a navy core man. the 130 went down in a feel yesterday afternoon. the wreck itch burned hours. it suffered a catastrophic failure of some kind at 20,000 feet plunging out of the sky. officials do not think foul play is involved. seven of the marines killed were from an elite squad based out of north carolina. the fda is considering a petition calling for cancer warning labels on popular over-the-counter antacids that treat heartburn. throat cancer is sky rockets and many doctors are blaming the medications. health reporters stephanie stall explains the connection. >> this is my baby. >> joe more likes making old
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things new -- but the south jersey retired engineer almost didn't get to see his camaro fully restored. when he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer it was advanced. hard burn had been controlled with antacids he took 30 year >> it started when i was 16. >> 15 million americans experience heartburn every day, caused by stomach acid backing up into the esophagus, usual the not serious except when there's a cancer connection >> it's a big problem and only going to get worse. >> dr. anthony don't know the connection between heartburn and esophageal cancer. >> this is all tumor. >> reporter: because antacids usually work so well, they can mask the main symptom >> taking these things and feeling better does not decrease your risk >> we found out the hard way and we don't want that to happen to other families.
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>> reporter: monday tea died after years of taking anti-acids for heartburn >> i don't have the words to tell you what that was likely my husband was an amazing father and husband. >> reporter: mindy started the network to raise awareness. warning people about the risk >> we believe that the warnings labels on those medications need to say something more than heartburn could lead to a serious condition. >> the labeling has to clear that acid reflux, heartburn is a risk factor for esophageal cancer. >> reporter: a statement from consumer healthcare products association that represents drug maker says, in part evidence from decades of real world use current medical literature and professional guidelines assures patients and physicians that they can have the utmost confidence in the labels. for joe who says he's lucky to be alive and able to eat.
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he thinks there should be better weren'tings >> if i would have known back then, i would have got scoped and this would have never occurred. it's great to be here. >> reporter: people who have chronic heartburn are advised to get a one be time endoscopic procedure to evaluate the risk for cancer, stefanie stahl, cbs3 "eyewitness news." alert for swimmerers out there, a creature from the ocean turned up from long beach island >> this is a portugese man of war found friday morning on the beach. it's known for its painful sting. it's unclear if anymore might surface. we talked with a surfer stung before >> i got stung two years ago actually. burn as lot. >> in rare cases the stings can be fatal and people allergy to
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bee stings can have similar reactions if you see a portugese man war on the beach do not touch the. some are calling a water rescue a true act of heroism. stranges linked arms to form a human chain to save two young boys. mother of eight and 11-year-old eternally grateful they jumped into action. the 8-year-old said he opens one day he can rescue those who rescued him. >> it's an amazing story. >> great story. lauren casey joining us. as you talked about, we're looking at near record high >> then we'll combine that with oppressive humidity and get into the dangerous territory. it doesn't give your body the ability to rest or sweat properly. take it easy, get out the lounge chair don't deal with that heat we'll be contending with on thursday and right now, contending with a lot of warmth.
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82 at this late hour, we get a live look at center city. wind out of the south pumping in this warmth and moisture feeling like 86 right now and temperature pretty mild across the area. checking in on our live neighborhood network. 87 in green lane, 82 at the atlantic city airport and still 81 in cinnaminson. due points tell us how humid it feels outside. due points crash, our -- excuse me, above that threshold of 70, as soon as you step outside you start to feel the factor and that is going to stay withes over the next couple of days, particularly on thursday, we're going to be dealing with oppressive humidity and that near record heat. a high temperature at 96 would be two degrees shy of the record in philadelphia. set back in 1994. when we factor in heat and humidity you get the feels like temperature and by 9:00 thursday, feeling like 90's in some areas especially south of the city, as we head to the afternoon hours, late afternoon,
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early evening, prime heating going to feel like triple digits in most areas, including in center city, philadelphia, we'll have warm feels like temperatures in the evening hour, be sure to stay properly hydrated as we head to the next couple days. overnight, scattered showers maybe a rumble of thunder, low temperature at 74, for wednesday, steamy once again, 92, bit of a breeze, watching for chance of a hit or miss shower or thunderstorm and we could see a few cells moving in during the morning hours. stormscan 3 showing us we had storm try to make their way into the delaware valley over last couple hours but those just dissipated. seeing some high level cloud cover moving in across the area, to storms earlier in the find hours did bring down a tree on a house in stafford township ocean county. on southern edge of island beach state park, 64 miles per hour wind gusts, we could see spotty
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storms, showers even tomorrow morning, contend with a passing assure but the most activity will happen during the afternoon hours, we get the heating of the day, the destabilize. the cells that develop could be stronger producing heavy rainfall and strong gusty winds and we'll contend with the hit or miss storms throughout the afternoon, early evening, you could run into one of these on wednesday evening commute. as we head to the second half evening, lose the heating and minimize the storm threat but the hot day to watch out for is thursday at 96. with those heat indices and we get a break friday, back closer to average, 86, with a chance of showers and few storms and beautiful for the upcoming weekend. comfortable sunshine, mid to upper 80's, got to get through the next couple of days. >> don is up next with sports >> vegas, baby. the sixers and celtics go at it in summer league and rising up a
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young philadelphiian goes from
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call unitedhealthcare now to request your free decision guide. . summer league action, the sixers and celtics swapping draft picks, few weeks ago. now they meet in vegas, markelle fultz was the first pick. out with an ankle injury. jason ta, em was third. he played pretty well. one-on-one moves. get them. 15 points and six boards for him and the sixers lose 88-83. let's switch gear, sprained ankles, fractures rib, athletes push through pain to play on a regular basis, but those are just injuries. this is a story about a young man who pushed through far greater adversity to find success. lesley van arsdale has more. of >> anderson was a stand-up
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students, helps students every day. >> outside my house, you know, where in the house, and you know, someone started shooting outside, and once everything stopped, my mom ended up going to the front door because we heard sirens. and the sirens kept getting louder, we knew they had to be coming closer. there was guy laying out there dead >> he comes from nothing, knows poverty and suffering. and somehow, that did not extinguish his spark. >> reporter: har rolled thrived and earned a full scholarship to university of pennsylvania but he'll study at wharton school of business. he was a multi-school athlete. football, wrestling, track and field >> he brought the neighborhood with him to pen charter and his
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experiences to penn charter and all of that has made him into a sort of an outstanding young man. >> has a love for people and beauty and, you know, a scenario commitment. >> reporter: it's that commitment that shapes his future goal to start a nonprofit organization supporting inner city kids >> that's what i'm here for. that's what everyone is here for. the more you give, you know, you receive. and once you start that cycle of giving and receiving, then you entered the this place where everyone is gradually rising at the same time and no one is getting left behind. >> a young man wise beyond years, harold accomplished so much >> it's hard and to keep pushing forward i'm getting better at being able to stop and see how far i've come and all the blessings in my life
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>> lesley van arsdale eyewitness sports >> thank you. congratulations. that's amazing. >> that's great. thanks. >> that's great. thanks. going to show you ♪ five-second rule protection. new lysol kitchen pro eliminates 99.9% of bacteria without any harsh chemical residue. ♪ lysol. what it takes to protect.
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♪ . a liquor store >> this is real. we have the surveillance video to prove it. deer runs up to one of those automatic doors and made its way inside, employees quickly got the deer out in an emergency exit door. everybody was ok. >> good. >> had a little trip. lauren? >> one day closer to that upcoming weekend and after we go through the steamy and stormy stretch we'll be quieter in time for saturday and sunday, sunshine feature for both days especially on sunday and feeling more comfortable as well. due points will be dropping off
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into the 60's. feeling much less humid and temperatures running not as
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laptop computer! snap-flipping fever seems to follow drew and danny to every city visited on their live event tour. the excitement is contagious, and tv and radio stations across the country are helping to spread the word. >> all right, i'm here with drew levin and danny perkins. they are two of hgtv's hottest stars, and today they're here to talk about snap-flipping. it's the real estate craze that's currently sweeping the nation. they're also getting ready to hold a free live event here in town so that you can learn all about it. guys, welcome to the show. >> thanks for having us. >> we're thrilled to be here. >> now, i think most people are familiar with house flipping, but what exactly is snap-flipping? because i'm hearing that people are making really good money from it. >> yeah, when people think of flipping a house, they think about having to invest in the property, then renovate it, and all the hard and time-consuming work that's done by real estate investors to fix it up and turn it over for a profit. snap-flipping is the fun part that comes before that. >> yeah, i mean, it's really exciting. it's the way many real estate investors actually find their


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