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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  July 15, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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ection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to >> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> tonight at 6 o'clock frightening moments on the schuylkill river. a three-year-old boy falls into the water on boathouse row. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thank you so much for joining us. a relative jumped in to rescue the little boy and right now
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he's fighting for his life. cleve bryan is live on kelly drive in fairmount park with the very latest for us. >> reporter: we have not received information from philadelphia police on how exactly or why he fell into the river right here by saint joe's boathouse on boathouse row but we know he was in the water more than half an hour. >> devastating. >> reporter: outdoor activities came to a halt. officials say a three-year-old fell off a dock, his father jumped in to rescue him but lost sight of the boy p officials say marine police pulled the three-year-old out 38 minutes after the first 911 call. they rushed him to chop in critical condition. >> for the people who saw it, the parents, it's just devastating. >> reporter: eleanor and bill kelly arrived at the popular area of fairmount park as rescuers were wrapping up. >> the first thing that my husband and i saw were people in a circle very quiet just
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holding each other's hands. we assumed they were praying. >> my thoughts always turn towards the family of the victim. three years old and he hasn't even lived yet. >> reporter: according to their facebook page blg rowing rogue was holding a free learn to row event near the saint joe's boathouse. several people wearing club t-shirts refused to comment including the coach and founder who says she was not present when the child fell in the water. >> parent is pretty strong. >> reporter: james taylor who fishes on the schuylkill often says it's a dangerous place for a child to fall in. >> some areas here get pretty deep pretty quickly but i have a nine-year-old son i used to actually bring him to kelly drive all the time with me fishing and it would be one of my major concerns is him kind of being along that edge. >> reporter: and staying here along the river this afternoon we see just how quick that current is. it pins up logs and other debris against the dock swiftly moves things down river and again we have not
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heard wordily from philadelphia police on the identity of this child. he remains in critical condition at their last update. >> developing tonight the search is on for a missing 12-year-old girl from frankford. philadelphia police say jada jones was last seen at her home on church street wednesday july 12th about 8:45. her mother reports she was gone the next morning. jada was last seen with blond hair wearing a black muslim head scarf. anyone with information about her disappearance is asked to call northeast detectives at the number that is on your screen, (215)686-3153. there it is. or just call police right away. a new jersey woman meantime lost in philadelphia says she and her special needs child were attacked by a man who was upset that she was driving too slowly. "eyewitness news" reporter henry rosoff has her incredible firsthand account and the pictures and video she says backs up her story.
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>> i told my friends i'm like record him because something is not right with this guy. >> reporter: that's when one of her passengers recorded this video of the man tailgating her repeatedly honking and opening his doors as if he's going to jump out and do something. led better was lost and driving slowly show she decided to stop and pull over. >> he took his car and rammed it in the back. >> reporter: he hopped out of the car. we're concealing his face because he's yet to be arrested but led better says he ripped open her door and started swinging. >> i was like stop, stop. i was like my child is in the car. stop, stop and he was like i don't give an f. >> reporter: just when it seemed -- when he seemed to be going back to his car he suddenly turned and smashed the windshield just a few feet from where her special needs son was sitting. pictures show the shattered shards of glass all over her son nicoh he can't even raise his hands to protect his face. >> then came back here and then punched the back. >> reporter: the led better's friend shot this
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video of police investigating. fortunately nicoh was not badly hurt. >> he does -- he had small tiny cut but it was just very, very tiny. >> reporter: led better herself escaped with only minor injuries. >> he will knocked off my nails. he bruised my arm. >> reporter: now she just hopes police can catch this guy before someone else is a target of his road rage. in west philadelphia, henry rossoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> philadelphia police looking for a gunman who opened fire during a house party in strawberry mansion. it happened near 28th and york around 2 o'clock this morning. investigators say a 35-year-old man blocked another man from that entering the house on that other man then shot the 35-year-old three times. the victim is in critical condition at temple university hospital. >> reporter: just about an hour earlier police responded to a shooting at the sunoco food mart in north philly. "eyewitness news" at fifth and erie. investigators say someone shot a man outside of the food mart. he's in critical condition and police haven't made any
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arrests in this case just yet. the trump administration meantime is asking the supreme to clarify its ruling on the travel ban. at issue, which family relatives are eligible to bypass the ban. thursday a federal judge in hawaii ruled the list of relatives should be expanded to include grandparents and other relatives of people legally in the u.s. the travel ban temporarily bars people from six terror prone countries from entering this country. supporters and opponents of president trump are holding dueling rallies around the nation today. here in philadelphia dozens declared the trump administration must go during their rally at thomas pain plaza. they accuse the administration of attacks on immigrants minorities healthcare an similar rally was held in atlanta georgia. dozens chanted and held signs there. the protests were organized by the group refuse fascism. they were all peaceful. president trump is spending is the weekend at his golf club in bedminster new jersey.
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authorities say a massive sinkhole in florida has stabilized now. it started out the size of a swimming pool. it gru to swallow two houses. this is all happening in land oh lakes florida. that's near tampa. the sinkhole is about 2250 feet by 225 feet wide and 50 feet deep. residents of about a dozen homes have been evacuated. no one was injured. authorities say now that the sinkhole has stopped growing t-hazmat crews are getting to work. >> there is septic tanks in this water. it's probably a good think that this sinkhole has been stopped up because there's a lot of contaminants in this water. it will allow us to properly dee contaminate the area recover the water get it out of harm's way and clear the debris out. >> both properties have had sinkholes in the past and authorities reporting live investigating what is causing the problem. also investigators are now trying to figure out wham sparked a deadly highrise apartment building fire in hawaii. at least three people were killed, dozens injured.
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cbs news correspondent brooks silva-braga has more. >> reporter: residents were allowed to return to the marco polo apartment building in honolulu hawaii saturday. a fire sent huge flames and thick black smoke shooting into the sky. >> i looked down, i could see is the billowing smoke coming up and this is really sad. i heard three women's voices screaming pleading, moaning, please, help me, please continuous screaming for five or 10 minutes. >> reporter: more than 100 firefighters battled the blaze as it blew up within hours and damaged apartments on two higher floors. broken glass and fiery debris rained down toward the ground. the 36 story wave shaped building did not have fire sprinklers. >> without a doubt if there was sprinklers in this apartment, the fire would be contained to the unit of origin. >> reporter: residents say
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elderly people and children lived here which made evacuations very difficult for emergency crews. >> i saw a couple of older people come out of the building and their faces were blackened. it just brought me to tears. >> reporter: the cause of the deadly fire near the tourist destination of waikiki remains a mystery. brooks silva-braga for for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> family friends and fellow officers took part in a lasting tribute to slain police sergeant robert wilson. today officials dedicated a new mural to honor wilson's memory. "eyewitness news" at baltimore and millick in west philadelphia. wilson was shot and killed during an attempted robbery at a game stop in north philadelphia. artist david mcshane designed that lovely mural. stay with us everyone. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight video that you have to see to believe. the horrifying moments here when a train accident takes a treacherous turn t how police responded when the train took off with an suv still lodged underneath.
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plus, what t.s.a. agents are pulling from luggage may shock you. a closer look at the weapons confiscated this year alone. chelsea. >> a really gorgeous way to end the weekend. humidity and storm chances though will be on the rise next week. i'll have details next in your forecast coming up. >> and also coming up a bit later a little boy with a very big heart. how this eight-year-old managed to my raise thousands of dollars for h
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>> ♪ >> what the (bleep). >> 35. railroad company tell them to stop moving. they're dragging the car with people inside. >> oh, my goodness.
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horrifying moments caught on police body cam as texas officers arrived on the scene of a train accident friday night. as the police officers worked to pull two people from that car that had been crushed by the train, the train suddenly took off dragging the suv with it. amazingly a fire truck was able to alert the rain to conductor to stop and the passengers were flown to the hospital. this is what the car looked like when crews were finally able to dislodge it from the train. just a mangled mess there. police say it appears the driver ignored the flashing lights went under the crossing barricades and then struck the stopped train. t.s.a. meantime says it is now seizing more and more guns at airports all around the country. officials say agents are on pace to break last year's record. the t.s.a. confiscated two loaded guns in baltimore just last month. in 2016 across the u.s. the t.s.a. said more than 3300 guns were pulled from passengers' bags before they ever made it onto a plane.
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>> number one excuse we hear is that they forgot that they had it with them. the second most common excuse we hear is that their wife or husband packed their bags and i'll tell you what, neither of those excuses fly. >> passengers are allowed to travel with weapons but they must be in checked luggage only, they must be unloaded and properly stored and also passengers must notify the airline as well. burning an astounding 17,364 acres. containment dropped to 35 percent as more than 1500 firefighters worked around the clock. as of this morning nearly 3,000 people were evacuated from their homes. this massive fire is burning in an area above the community of gileta. santiago residents couldn't help but smile during a rare snowfall. workers made snowballs as the snow fell very softly around
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the city. however the unusual event also caused widespread power outages and made roads treacherous. the national emergency office says that more than 280,000 people have lost power. can you imagine chile waking up to snow. >> seriously. >> you never know. >> we woke up to some beautiful weather today. >> we d it was a little bit humid to start the day but as the day wore on dewpoints dropped down a little bit. take a live look at the kutztown area. we have some nice friendly cumulus clouds out there for a change. so that is nice and refreshing. we officially made it to 87 degrees today in philadelphia and that is perfectly seasonable for this time of year. the average high temperature is right around 87 degrees. so, much like this evening, tomorrow evening a great time to break out the grille, break out the burgers, the hot dogs. temperatures in the upper 80's, plenty of sunshine and also as we head into part two of the weekend we're talking lower humidity so some really nice weather heading our way as we finish out the weekend. things are quiet on storm scan3. we have been monitoring a
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couple of real straggler type storms located off the coast. those are moving on out, though, and will be quieting down. as we head into the remainder of the evening hours and then also overnight tonight, you can look at temperatures in the 70's so really nice evening on tap, 78 degrees by 8:00 p.m. as we head into the midnight hour we're turning very seasonable, temperature right around 72 by midnight and we're also turning mostly clear as we head into the next few hours today. you notice we had a mix of sun and clouds today. we'll expect to see even more sunshine as we head into tomorrow. it's 80 degrees right now in atlantic city. we have 86 in cherry hill. it's 85 degrees in millville. we're down to 85 in philadelphia, 84 degrees currently in palmyra. then up in allentown it's around 81. 71 in mount pocono and it's 81 degrees currently in quakertown. dewpoints definitely a big difference compared to yesterday. yesterday when i was live in phoenixville dewpoints were in the 70's. now we're checking in with dewpoints in the 50's in mount pocono and the 60's right here in philadelphia so that's definitely making things feel
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a lot more comfortable as some very dry air moves in for the remainder of the weekend so all of this brown color, this tan color on the map, that's the dry air that's moving in to stay all the way through your sunday but it's not going to last too, too long because, of course, as it always does in philadelphia during the summer it gets steamy once again so that's going to be the case as we head into your monday and tuesday and really for the rest of next week it's going to feel rather steamy with dewpoints in the upper 60's to around 70 degrees once again. things are very quiet as we head throughout the evening. we'll start out the evening hours with some clouds around but then turning mostly clear after about midnight. plenty of sunshine to start out your sunday and that takes us all the way through the day with just simply gorgeous conditions as we head into sunday afternoon and sunday evening. down the shore a great beach day on tap as we head into tomorrow. high temperatures will be in the 80's but by monday and tuesday we will run the risk for a shower or a thunderstorm as things turn a little bit more unsettled once again during the work week. mostly clear and seasonable
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tonight. overnight low temperature right around 70 degrees. as we head into tomorrow we'll be mostly sunny with lower humidity compared to where we were for much of the work week. 88 degrees, that is the forecast high temperature for your sunday. your eyewitness weather seven-day forecast, it looks like this. 88 degrees as we start out the work week, some sunshine, a shower can't be ruled out. a spotty storm as we head into tuesday. again things just staying really unsettled once again throughout the work week. we're also going to see those temperatures climbing back on up into the 90's. 90 degrees on wednesday. 93 on tuesday. on thursday o-excuse me and then 92 degrees as we head into your friday but next weekend's looking pretty good once again. >> very nice. thank you so much chelsea. lesley's got sports highlights. >> phillies on the road and aaron nola looks to pick up where he left off before the all-star game when he takes on the brewers tonight. he's gone at least seven innings in his last four starts giving up two runs striking out at least eight batters during this stretch. now last night phillies starter nick pivetta struck out the first four batters he faced and then things went
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downhill. next eight brewers reached base orlando arci takes nick over the wall. ryan braun continued to torment the phillies hitting a grand slam right here his first since august of 2015 and that was also against the fightans by the way. the phillies are now 30 games under .500. aaron altherr is day to day with a mild hamstring strain. he injured it in the fifth inning last night. now aaron is batting .284 and is the phils' best offensive threat with 898 on base in shrugging percentage and leads the team in extra base hits with 35. venus williams was looking to make history with alwyn at wimbledon. with this win she'll become the oldest grand slam winner and earn her sixth title at the all england club. all she had to do was beat garbiñe muguruza. this is a tight match early on here in the first set venus with the unforced error and
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garbiñe with the break. never looked back. she won the next seven games and here on match point venous appears to be out. now this was reviewed and garbiñe will win her second grand slam in straight sets. summer league is over for the sixers. the next time we will see them is at training camp in late september. all the players should be there, no minute restrictions last night they closed out the summer losing to chicago finishing with a one and four record. they were led by furkan. he scored 22 points and grabbed eight boards. he struggled with the sixers in utah but found his groove out in sin city. >> i know my body [inaudible] that's why i come in here to get this experience to improve my body, to get used to the nba and then be part of this team. >> last night the cardinals
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judd jericho hit a homer in pittsburgh. this pirates fan wanted no part of the ball p chucked it out of the stands and into the allegheny river. that is a good 40-foot throw. most of the fans toss the ball back onto the field. not this guy. he wanted no part of that one. >> that is hilarious. >> someone should sign him up. >> i was in pittsburgh for three years. i could totally see that happening. >> i know that all too well that area. thank you so much lesley. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight a little boy with a very big heart when he saw his friend struggling he didn't think twice about lending a helping hand. >> i just saw him and i thought he was going to be a cool person and he actually turned out to be cool. >> aww. >> it's always better when they turn out cool. how eight-year-old paul managed to buy his friend a brand new wheelchair thanks to a litt
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mmmm. so areers are the veggies.hs) that one is mine. nice job guys. hope it tastes as good as it looks. (giggles) hey gus, i brought something else you might like.
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million dollar silver and gold. yeah. the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of a million bucks! you've always had good taste. (laughter) keep on scratchin'! >> ♪ >> welcome back everyone. an eight-year-old from
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california has new wheels on his wheelchair and it's all thanks to his very best friend who was looking out for him. paul and camden have been friends since kindergarten. when paul noticed his friend's wheelchair was giving him a little trouble paul and his mom start add go fund me page to raise money for a new chair. they exceeded their $3,500 goal. >> you get your new chair. >> yay! >> i was happy 'cause i have the kind of friend to be kind to me. >> so adorable a the new chair is state of the a it will prevent camden from falling forward as the wheels wear. thanks to paul, the chair should be ready for camden within the next month or so. so i'm calling to see if you can help me save on my energy bill.
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>> welcome back. a birthday celebration for two of china's most popular animals. we love pandas. giant pandas celebrated their third birthday at a zoo in east china today. the zoo staff made a large ice birthday cake for the giant panda brothers and many fans came out to see all of the celebration going on. >> little ice cake that would be nice on a hot day like today. >> i know. things looking great as we head into tomorrow. beautiful day, beautiful way to end the weekend but we're back into the 90's by the middle of next week. we'll also have chances for showers and storms to keeping an eye on that. >> thank you for joining us. i'm natasha brown for lesley chelsea all of us here we appreciate you being with us and we're always on
6:30 pm back with you at captioning sponsored by cbs a deadly fire in paradise. flames engulf the upper floors of on high rise in honolulu. the apartment building did not have sprinklers. also tonight, too hot to fly. a new report says climate change is making 9 air wors the air wor travelers. under a train with terrified passengers trapped inside. suddenly the train starts sliding them away. the dramatic rescue caught on camera. and venus williams falls short in an emotional finale after willable dumb. >> i want to thank my team who has been here for me day in and day out and my family as well. i love you guys.


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