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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 24, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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moving through our region this evening and tonight. some of these storms actually are warned we have one severe thunderstorm warning located west have the lehigh valley. head up inial even town you will get a very strong thunderstorm helped nothing tour neighborhood here, very, very soon. here's what you can expect heading in to tonight. between now and 7:00 p.m. these storms tracking in the western suburbs, between 7:00 and 10:00 p.m. arriving in center city and shortly thereafter heading down the shore these storms could bring gusty winds, downpours and perhaps small hail so keeping an eye on that. temperatures checking in the 80's, 87 degrees in philadelphia, 87 millville. nice relief from the humidity heading our way. we will let you know when that arrives in the full forecast, for now back to you good chelsea, thanks very much. >> some students at rowan university were forced out of their apartment complex, this morning, after sunday night storms, flooded the building, "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live in glassboro with the very latest on the clean up process, anita.
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>> reporter: well, clean up continues throughout the morning and afternoon and behind me you can see effects of that flooding, still lingering and those hoses that are still draining water, even hours later but earlier it was a much different picture with this water even going up to some of the bottom windows here, students tell me thinks a pretty familiar sight here, at rowan university. due to overnight flooding, eight students had to be evacuated from the triadd apartment at rowan university mop morning. video from chopper three shows crews from the glassboro fire department pumping thousands office gallons of water from the campus dormitory. >> the water was about four to 5 feet deep inside building. >> reporter: damage isolated to the basement which housed mechanical rooms and storage furniture said jack black the university's direct of of environmental health and safety. >> amount of what the their came in what's normal us, seeing 5 inches overnight is something that nobody ever prepared for. >> reporter: glass says as one of the low point on campus and downstream this areas prone to flooding, that is why the
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university has implemented an ongoing storm water management program this was quite extreme , aim sure there will be investigation to figure out why we didn't empty water as fast as normal. >> reporter: and there is no reported damage to other buildings here on campus, university official does expect to reopen this dorm by the time next semester begins in early september. live from rowan university anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". those storms that blew through the east coast last night spawned tornado in maryland, people picking through wreckage left behind in the bay city area have on queen ann county n1 was badly hurt, national weather service confirmed an ef2 tornado was on the ground for 2 miles. maximum winds were estimated at 125 miles per hour. also this weekend's rain was quite a relief for crews in burlington county, new jersey still putting out a fire in wharton state forest. at its peak fire spread over 3500 acres, and it is now
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contained, and under control. the new jersey forest fire service, traced the cause of the fire to a wednesday evening lightening strike. crews are staying on the scene to keep any hot spots down, but some trails are still closed. well, also tonight six people in wynfield heights were forced out of an apartment building when it caught fire overnight, fire, broke out about midnight on 1600 block of 52nd street. victims were forced from their homes and out into the rain, and in one was hurt locally but red cross says it did help six people with food, clothing and shelter. animal rescue organization red paw relief says it helped 16 pets, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. philadelphia's interim district attorney was sworn in today at city hall. >> swearing in. >> congratulations. >> kelly hodge took oath of office becoming first african-american woman to serve as district attorney. hodge will complete second term of former district
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attorney seth williams, williams resigned after pleading guilty to federal corruption charges, and hodge will serve until the newly elect d.a. takes office in 2018. police need public's help to identify suspect honey stalled skimming devices at bank atms in folcroft delaware county. police say man seen here installed a skimming device at beneficial bank located at 1800 block of delimar drive-in folcroft. investigators believe he also installed skimming deviceness two other locations, if you know who that is, cat police. president trump is challenging senate republicans to quote do the right thing, honorary peeling the affordable care act. today the president met with people he called, quote victims of the obama care live , he says the democrats are telling their constituents that the g.o.p. plan won't protect people's health care. >> they run out, they say death, death, death, well, obama care death, that is one that is death. beside that is it is failing so you won't have it anyway.
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>> president challenged republicans to step up and fulfill their prom toys repeal but insurance commissioners in other states say patients need obama care, pennsylvania insurance commissioner teresa miller spoke out today at chop >> president trump ran on a promise of better coverage for more people, at a bet price. these proposals will do nothing but make coverage less affordable and accessible. >> senate g.o.p. leadership hopes to bring another health care bill to a vote on tuesday senate investigators looking into russian meddling in the 2016 election met president trump senior white house advisor and son in law jeter kushner today. first of at least two meetings with lawmakers conducting the probe. at the start kushner read a statement to the press. >> let me be very clear, difficult not included with russia, nor do i know of anyone else in the campaign who did so. >> reporter: president trump's son in law and senior advisor jared kushner spoke outside
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the white house after meeting with the senate panel to tell his story, about meetings he had with russians. >> the record and document i have voluntarily provided will show that all have my actions were proper, and occurred in the normal course of events, of a very unique campaign. >> reporter: kushner is first white house employees to be grilled by investigators looking into any ties between kremlin and trump campaign aid he released an 11 page statement detailing four contacts with russians, during president trump's campaign and transition into office. he claims did he not ask for a secret back channel with russia but wanted to establish a line of communication to discuss crisis in syria. senator ron widen a democratic member of the intelligence committee wants kushner to testify publicly in open session saying his statement raises more questions then answers. on twitter president trump complained about the investigation, calling his own attorney general jeff sessions
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beleaguered and asking why he and congress are not also investigating hillary clinton. trump also attacked top democrat on the house intelligence committee tweet ing quote, sleepy adam shift the congressman looking into russia spend his time on television, pushing the democratic loss excuse. kushner is expect back on capitol hill, on tuesday to, answer questions from the house committee. president trump's oldest son donald trump junior and campaign chairman paul manafort after greed to testify in closed door sessions with the senate judiciary committee. well, you know, it is finally here. eagles fans have been waiting a long time since the end of last season, actually training camp has arrived. >> it is here, sports director don bell, live where the team had its first practice today, don. >> it is here, it is here indeed after seven month hiatus bird are finally back today, they had a right two hour practice when i say they i mean quarterbacks, rookies
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and selected veterans. as we show what the scene was like this morning, they hit the field here in one of the things you can tell about this squad is they are really excited about the moves that they have made in the off season in the draft and also in free agency. head coach doug pederson talk about his anxiousness and excitement for seek this team actually on the field. >> i'm excited about the guys that we have, new additions, draft picks, free agents. i think they have helped our roster and they have helped adding some talent around carson which was important for us this spring. we have been able to do. that just mixing all that together. you know, it takes a coaching staff, it takes leadership from the top, it takes, you know, egos have to be put aside and we have to come out here every single day and work hard. >> reporter: work hardies what they intend to do. in 15 minutes or so leslie van arsdal will join me and we will talk about the number one pick for the eagles, day he can barnett. you will hear from him in just a few. back to you guys in the studio
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>> don, thanks very much. see you in a little bit. temple university graduate is new champion of the multi million-dollar world series of poker. >> look at scott bloom stein. it is a duce. >> twenty-five year-old scott bloom stein of moorestown, new jersey walked away with 8.15 million-dollar sunday. second place finisher daniel ot t won 4.7 million there, were 7200 poker players hoping to finish on top. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 salmonella scare that effects food deliver throughout our area. very saddened to go this sick little boy's story charlie guard's parents make a difficult decision why they decided not present i him to the u.s. to treat his rare but deadly genetic disorder. prince william and harry opening up in a way they have never before, they have revealed why they deeply reget last conversation they had
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with their mother diana princess of wales. rescue mission involving elephants why they were stranded in the water about a mile and a half from shore, you're watching "eyewitness news" at 5:00.
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well well, welcome back. all out search for a rabid squirrel in brooklyn. >> last week, five people were attacked and bitten by a squirrel across the park and authorities say the fact that the squirrel is so aggressive could be a warning sign it could have rabies. signs in the park warn anyone who has been bit tone get to the doctor right away, and, of course, they say, don't feed the squirrels. and some elephants found themselves in the tough spot, in the water, so the navy has to mobilize aid rescue effort. two elephants were spotted by
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a nave pay troll unit more than a mile an a half from shore. elephants could barely keep their trunks above water. we are told they with swept out by strong currents after being knocked down while waiting in a lagoon. both elephants did make it out safely. is there backlash after the super hype race between michael phelps and giant white shark, turned out to be a race between 23 time olympic gold medalist and simulated great white. race kick off discovery channel's shark week last night and computer simulation of the great white beat real michael phelps by 2secs. >> they were very upset, because it was in the a real shark as it has been built up. >> i was even a little upset. >> i'm not upset about the weather. coolest day in days. >> we had relief from the heat , release from the humidity that will be heading our way as we head into tomorrow but first we'reading tracking showers, storms moving across the region. located right now out to the west. we will take to you storm scan
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three where we are in the seeing a whole lot going on across the delaware valley at this point in time but as we move out for you uncan see where this line of showers, storms located and this associated with a cold front that is going to be, swinging through as we head in the evening hours and also tonight , and we will find relief behind the front, but we will do it with some strong , maybe isolated severe thunderstorm in the meantime. we have a severe thunderstorm warning located west of the lehigh valley near pottsville area. good news it does look like with the most recent scan that perhaps maybe it has weakened slightly but i'm now noticing a potential for hail within this storm. keep a close eye on that because folks in the lehigh valley will be dealing with the strong thunderstorm heading their way very soon, heading your way very soon. severe threat under the marginal risk for severe weather throughout the remainder of the evening hour tonight. main threat will be strong to damaging wind, we could see small hail and we will begin with heavy downpours, and, and
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, also, plenty of cloud to ground lightening. something to watch out for. let's time things out. heading through western suburbs between now and about 7:00 o'clock or so, between 7:00 and 10:00 p.m. these storms will make their way in center city and shortly thereafter we're heading down the shore and clearing you the by midnight or 1:00 o'clock as we head in the overnight hours so things will be quiet eras we head into your tuesday but we will still have the risk for light, lingering shower, plus good amount of cloud cover around. do i think we will see breaks of sunshine heading in to tuesday but overall it is going to feel much better as we head into tuesday and also into wednesday, so much needed , much deserved relief from both heat and humidity. 87 degrees in philadelphia, perfectly seasonal day for this time of the year, 87 in millville. right around 80 in atlantic city. mid 80's in wildwood. eighty-two in wildwood. mount pocono right at 65
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degrees. in the 60's and zero seven's. dew point of 67 in philadelphia. zero seven in millville. but as i mentioned we will get much needed relief from the humidity as we head in the next couple of days. enjoy your tuesday, wednesday, because then by thursday we will keep humidity values creeping up once again, and it will start to feel a little bit steamy in the atmosphere. here's what you can expect down the shore, for tuesday, linger showering at 81 for high temperature. seventy-eight on wednesday. good amount of sunshine. should abe nice beach day. shower or thunderstorm possible into thursday with the high temperature right around 82 degrees. here's your forecast for tonight mostly cloudy evening thunderstorm could be strong, possiblely even severe, keeping an eye on that. seventy-one for overnight low temperature heading in to tomorrow, cooler with a lingering shower and high of 82 degrees. that will feel so nice compared to the excessive heat that we dealt with last week. you're witness weather seven day forecast goes like this we will see temperatures very comfortable as we head in the next couple of days, we're
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talking lower 80's, 84 as we head into thursday. eighty-seven on friday. thursday and friday we are dealing with the slow moving cold front that could bring risk for showers and storms but right now next weekend is looking pretty good. >> that is more more likely. thanks so much, chelsea. well, stay with us, if you are making baked beans for dinner, you will want to stay tuned popular brandies being recalled, coming up next on "eyewitness news". plus a health scare involving fruit that many people think are sick in a dozen states including in our area we have got important information for you, don. the million-dollar freshman first round draft pick derek barnett, he has the contract but still feels like the new guy on campus, we are live from the eagles training camp and we are coming back right afte
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familiar face grazing the cover of philadelphia's daily news our own traffic reporter meisha johnson was chosen for cover for kick off of the
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singles series. and they photographed her at her favorite spot, the gym. looking good. >> very nice. >> there is also a very busy first day at novacare complex, and eagles training camp kicks off. >> that is right, we will go back down to south philadelphia where sports director don bell and leslie van arsdal are with live coverage of everything that happened today, guys, we made it. >> yes, yes, we did. this is officially my favorite part of the year because, that means i get to hang out with leslie van arsdal and talk football. this feels like we're back in january, right. >> i know just not cold. >> we will take it. you had an opportunity to go to practice today, checking it out with the players. >> what did you see. >> well, i'll tell you pederson has been stressing competition and players get this because most of the players out on this field they are all fighting for a roster spot. rookieser quarterbacks and selected veterans took the field early this morning, first player on the field, offer biggest names, carson wentz. practice was light, mess of
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the session spent doing individual drills, but rookies know how important, these practices are,. >> everybody is competing every day, so we are trying to get better and better. >> you can see that everybody is trying to get the edge and pushing themselves harder then they were. >> first chance to see eagles top draft pick derek barnett in pad. >> because i'm a freshman, i'm rookie, it is just like collect as a freshman turf work hard and prove to my teammates it is important to me, and show them that they can trust me if they put me on the field. >> reporter: one of the biggest names was wide receiver torey smith who is anxious to get started. >> definitely ready. it has been too much free time i like to get back in the routine, get back working toward being the best team that we can be. it has been fun. enjoyed break. time to get ready for the real thing. >> biggest stan out star from day one, torey's son pj, who is three years old, has eagles chant down. >> e gles eagles.
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>> i'll tell you, little pj, i mean three years old. >> adorable. >> he will be selling it at spelling bee. >> that is good stuff. now listen coming up at 6:00 we will hear from nick foles, do you remember nick foles like back in 2013 he had arguablably greatest season in eagles history, 27 touchdowns, two picks, why are we hearing from him? because he is keeping some serious praise on carson wentz don't miss what he has to say. about the in meantime live from the know of care complex with leslie van arsdal, people , i'm don bell. >> both of you together. >> yes it is lovely. >> leslie has lovely eagles green on, in the moment. >> thanks, guys. well, great news for rocky fans out there. >> still ahead what photo sylvester stallone is sharing and what it means to all of the stories, creed two is in the works then tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 talk about the dog days of summer,
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special gets hit the field at citizens bank park the reason these pup writes partnering with some phillies, and that is tonight coming
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from the time i was pregnant with him, had so much life and energy in him.
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he wanted out, and he wanted to conquer the world. right now, quinton's goal is to be a doctor. it's not easy being a single parent with three kids and having to provide for them. but my son will be an amazing doctor, and he'll help people that are less fortunate. no matter where you are in your college journey, sallie mae can help you find the money you need.
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news continues at 5:30. and here's what you need to know after severe storms last night storm scan three is tracking another round of rain , meteorologist chelsea in gram, monitoring the storms, plus her forecast coming up shortly. and some students at rowan university of soggy start to their monday morning, overnight rain caused flooding at triad apartments, residents of the building had to be moved to another location, and clean up efforts continue. president donald trump is calling the nation's health care law, dead, and he urged republican senators to take another vote to repeal and replace it, and senate g.o.p. leadership hopes to vote again tuesday. good afternoon, i'm jessica dean. i'm natasha brown in for ukee. parents of the critically ill boy are dropping their legal battle to bring into the united states for treatment. eleven month-old charlie guard has a rare genetic condition and his parents wanted him to receive experimental therapy in the u.s. but doctors in london arguedment that therapy would only prolong his
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suffering. >> charlie's devoted and loving parents we have decided that it is in longer entirely in the best international treatment, and we will let let him go. and be with the angels. >> baby's most recent mri showed charlie has irreversible muscular damage. hospital released a statement say they maintain experimental treatment would be futile. the 20 years after princess diana's death we are hearing for first time about the last time that she spoke to her sons. prince william and harry are sharing their very personal memories in a new documentary, elizabeth palmer reports now from kensington palace in london. >> special picture. >> reporter: two decade after princess diana's sudden, shock goes death her royal sons reminisce about life with their famous mother. >> it is a little bit too raw up until this point it is still raw. >> reporter: she may have been most photographed would nan in the world but at home she was just mom.
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>> she always just a normal parent come watch us play football, and, searching for socks. >> reporter: they remember how she loved to dress them up in silly costumes; as they snapped family pictures. >> the last time they prince spoke to their mother she was in hairs hours before she died and they were far away in scotland at their grandmother the queen, in a hurry to go out and play. harry and write in a desperate rush to say good bye william says, if i had known what was going to happen, i wouldn't have been so blase. harry said then 12 how differently the conversation would have and out if he had idea that it was to be their last. now, 35 years old, william is making sure that lady diana is recognized as granny diana by his own two children. >> do i regularly show george and remind them that their
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won't so grand mothers in their life. >> reporter: prince remind a new generation that their mother was more than a glamorous cover girl she was a trail blazing celebrity activist. >> people now understand the work that she did, pioneering work that she did for hiv, aid , hepp lessness, land mine campaign. >> reporter: boys who knew her best have now, followed her lead to become public champion s for the vulnerable, and, mental health problems, or injured servicemen, a cause harry spoke to nora o'donnell about last year. >> i hope she's incredibly proud and she's up there laughing and looking down thinking, you know, what we have achieved. >> reporter: it has been clear for some time that the princes , admire and respect their mother's activism but what we're now learning is how much they adored her cheer playfulness. elizabeth pal inner, cbs news, london. driver charged with human
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trafficking in the deaths of 10 immigrants in the sweltering tractor trailer said did he in the know people written side. james matthew bradley, junior arrived at federal court this morning, a criminal complaint says bradley told investigators that the trailer had been sold and he was transporting from it iowa to brownsville texas. bradley said he was stopped at a wal-mart sunday morning in san antonio and heard banging and found people inside. >> people are desperate to flee other countries and come to this country. they will take even extreme measures such as this to find that freedom. >> estimated 90 people written side, court documents say bradley did not call 911 even though he realized at least one person was dead. he could now face the death penalty missal bam ace claiming responsibility for a dead lay tack in afghanistan. car bomb exploded during morning rush hour, killing at lee 29 people and injuring at lee 40. the taliban says it was, targeting a bus targeting staff at the afghan
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intelligence. well, much of the phoenix is under water right now after consecutive rain storms over the weekend. the town of opa che junction was hit hard. emergency crews rescued a driver from the car that got stuck on the flooded road, young woman behind the wheel there was shaken up but in the injured. over 270,000 dippers were distribute add cross the greater fail region today to assist homeless and low income families. non-profit organization cradles to crayons and ups, distributed those type tours more than 200 human services agencies. according to the organization, infants require up to 12 diapers a day, towed letters, need up to eight. salmonella out break involving a fruit shipped to our area, that is still coming up on "eyewitness news". it could be a major discovery in the treatment of the debilitating disease how something as simple as a diet could help in the battle against multiple sclerosis. it its pandemonium times
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two, tonight we have a adorable twin pandas to show you we will tell you where they were born after the break >> chelsea? >> well, we're active week weather-wise it looks like this next upcoming weekend will bring quieter conditions to the delaware valley, we will look for plenty of sunshine on both days and also temperatures will be seasonal, high temperature in the mid up toker 80's, generally no extreme heat in the forecast not only this week but all the
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health officials have a warning tonight about salmonella in papayas, they are sold under the brand name, of carabina, they are papayas with green skin that turns yellow when ripe.
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papay as are linked with salmonella out break that killed one person and sickened 45 people in 12 states. several of those cases are in pennsylvania and new jersey. if you have these papayas, f.d.a. says throws them away. also check your pantry, bush brothers and company is voluntarily recalling some of its baked bean products this recall effects certain 28- ounce cans of bush's brown sugar hickory baked beans, country style baked beans, and original baked beans. bush brothers began recall this weekend due to potentially defective side seems on the cans. bush brothers say the problem has been corrected and no illnesses have been reported in connection with this recall and they say you are what you eat but in this case, you wear what you eat, mcdonald's is now getting in the fashion line. burger chain is giving away clothing items, pillowcases and footwear that feature images of mcdonald's food items. in order to snag any fast food fashion you have to order mcdonald's through the uber
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eats app this wednesday. a pair of adorable panda cubs born earlier this month in china seem happy and healthy. >> china conservation and research center says that the cubs are growing in a really good rate after their birth on july 8th, when pandas have twins they normally try to raise the stronger infant and abandon the weaker one, so, staff members are bottle feeding one of their cute little cubs. >> amazing how tiny they are, and how big they will grow up to be. >> exactly. >> so adorable. >> will there be a creed two? first one was good. what sly stallone is saying today about another rocky sequel. that is straight
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on the healthwatch an experimental new treatment for patient was multiple sclerosis is depending on hand patients are eating. >> stephanie stahl is they are explain, stephanie. >> they are checking in to this one, multiple sclerosis is effects 400,000 people in the united states.
5:44 pm
current treatments may have severe side effects and there is no cure. researchers are testing how one popular diet may help battle this disease. once a month this pioneering group of ms patients meets to get tips from a nutritionist. >> when grants are refined they are stripped of this outer layer. >> reporter: they share their temptations. >> craving terrible the other day. >> reporter: they are leading one of first clinical trials between the link between whate eat, gut bacteria and ms symptoms. >> immune system, 07 percent lives inside the gut and has far reaching implications throughout the rest of the body. >> reporter: in ms splay nation occurs when cells attack the brain and spinal cord, and, the study is testing whether a diet intervention cannery program the immune system to slow down the assault on itself. >> it is right here a very typical looking, box for ms. >> reporter: patients involved in the trial are following a strict mediterranean style diet no processed food, dairy or meat, but lots of fruits,
5:45 pm
vegetables and whole grains. >> we think those are anti-inflammatory and neuro protective. >> reporter: symptoms of fatigue, difficulty walking, vision problems and cognitive changes can be severe and disable. >> i was really fearful because i have a family, i have my children, my husband. >> reporter: with the help of medication this ms patient is still able to work, nights as an oncology nurse, four years after her diagnosis, and now she is hoping diet will help even more. now this is a small study of about 30 patients and it will be six months before researchers know if the diet has any measurable impact on ms symptoms, so, some of the people in that group already say that they are feeling more energetic. we have known that the mediterranean diet can be helpful for other kinds of conditions, and will it work? fingers crossed it does, thanks very much. hubbell space telescope captured one of the smallest moons in the solar system. this tiny moon called solo is a period.
5:46 pm
it is shaped like a football and it is so small it can fit inside the washington d.c. belt wear. we're learning there may be water inside of the moon. scientists at brown university say they found evidence of water, trapped inside of glass beams in anxious ash and rocks on the moon's surface. nasa first found water on the moon in 2009 but these new findings suggest most of the moon's interior is indeed wet. >> um-hmm, interesting. >> meteorologist chelsea in gram joining us now. we had rain moving through. it it didn't cool things off but it was severe. >> we had a wild night, and morning of weather and more weather that is literally on the way as i'm speaking to you right now. we're talking about severe weather. we will track all of those located west of the delaware valley. we will talk about that coming up. take a louisiana outside we have nice sunshine in philadelphia, and overall, really nice afternoon, temperatures not in the 90's, again, finally still feeling much better out there. and, dew points are in check,
5:47 pm
very soon, as well, and weather watchers are checking in with a number in the 80's at this hour. we are not talking about expecting heat. we have general any cherry hill right around 86 degrees in her neighborhood. we have lou in eagleville at 83 degrees. wayne in landenberg says it is 87 in his backyard. james in ocean city, 85 degrees. in philadelphia checking in at 84, right around according to phil in his neighborhood. eileen in bill getsville says it is 88 degrees where she lives. lets talk about the storm that is heading our way. we will show you storm scan three, and this line of storms , as it ace associated with the cold front that will be swinging on through, later on this evening, and tonight, through philadelphia, and it could bring in an isolated severe thunderstorm right here to center city. lets draw your eyes to this particular severe thunderstorm warning that is in effect, for berks and lehigh counties, so this does include towns like
5:48 pm
allentown, lower macungie, south white hall, as well as upper macungie until 6:30 p.m. , for 70 miles an hour wind gusts, also, boulder sized hail, possible within this storm and you can see this in higher levels of reflectivity here. more pink color located just east of east brunswick so this will be impacting these towns, moving to the southe at around 30 to 35 miles an hour. so at least these storms are moving quicker, compared to what we dealt with last night and during we hours of the morning. we are under the, marginal risk for severe weather as we head throughout the evening, and main threats for us will be out to sea, those gusty wind, strong wind we could see isolated severe thunderstorm and very heavy downpours, and then, even some small hail certainly cannot be ruled out. but things are looking better as we head into your tuesday. future weather shows that she is storms will be tracking toward center city. as we head into the seven and 10:00 o'clock time frame. after 10:00 o'clock you can
5:49 pm
expect these, storms to push east heading down the shore and then eventually clearing out by midnight or say, 1:00 a.m. give or take an hour or so. things looking much better and quiet eras we head into your tuesday. we will still have a good amount of cloud cover around. possibly a lingering light shower but overall, the weather scenario is going to be much quieter, compared to what we have dealt with over the pennsylvania several days with these round of severe weather that had moved through ; 87 degrees right now in philadelphia, and, it is perfectly seasonal for this time of the year. eighty-seven in millville. eighty-eight in wilmington. eighty-two in allentown. we will get storms rolling through there. eighty in trenton. 80 degrees down the shore in atlantic city. dew point is still elevated but by tomorrow we will get relief from the humidity. in the just tomorrow, also into your wednesday. things will be feeling very comfortable and then by thursday we will see humidity values beginning to creep backup once again. so we will try to enjoy the next two days. down the shore here's what you can expect on tuesday, lingering shower, 81. seventy-eight wednesday, nice
5:50 pm
shade of 82 degrees with showers and thunderstorms as we head into your thursday. here's your forecast for tonight mostly cloud which a evening storm. 71 degrees. heading into tomorrow 82. cooler with the lingering shower. you're witness weather seven day forecast looks like this really comfortable weather as we head into the middle of the week. eighty-four on thursday. we will have a slow moving cold front that is thursday, friday, bringing out some storm chances but then next weekend it is looking very nice. back to you guys. >> all right, chelsea, thanks. brad pitt is crediting one singer's music for helping him through his divorce while another singer celebrates her birthday with her athlete birth friend if liked the movie creed will, get ready for round number two, sylvester stallone is teasing a sequel, bex from our sister station 96.5 has more in the hot minute. >> thanks a romance is in full swing friend brad pitt and frank ocean. the actor first mentioned his respect for frank's music following his split with angelina jolie saying it helped him recover.
5:51 pm
ocean reciprocated the love wearing a shirt with pitt's face on it and now two are appearing on stage, together. while frank head lined fyf festival in los angeles pitt joined him for subdued performance seemingly talking on a phone as frank sang. on top of that, celebrate birthday together, stays together and for jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez, who parted the night away with family and friend as j lo celebrated 48 and alex 42. a rod shared this photo to his instagram account saying happy birthday to us and this sweet video, ceiling the night with the kiss. sylvester stallone has been hard at work, he confirmed that a creed two is happening, and sharing this photo with a caption, quote, 439 handwritten pages, translate into about a 120 page typed screen play, and if you want to look closely he reveals the return of ivan drago the man who killed
5:52 pm
apollo creed in the ring in rocky four. release date has in the been set, that is your hot minute i'm bex from today's 96.5. stay with us. still ahead on "eyewitness news" philadelphia freedoms are back on the court. >> our vittoria wild is talking freedoms and fashion tonight, tori. >> that is right, we are live from saint guess new home of the philadelphia freedoms and they have got a big week but they also have a big star here tonight, i'll give you a little hint, she's amazingly amazing and, um, she create this is beautiful fashion wear we will talk more about that and talk to the freedoms coming up, t
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
philadelphia freedoms home match is in town bringing witt some of the greatest stars in tennis. >> that is right our vittoria woodill is live at st. joseph's university with more on what the athletes are sporting on the court, tori.
5:56 pm
>> well, that is right, let's just say you are in for a treat this week, philadelphia freedoms are taking on incredible players as well as incredible players, they are taking on, big, big match all week including a big match tonight with venous williams and joining us over here real quick because venous williams has a line of tennis here that is out of this world. it is called 11 by venous williams. there is a fashion show. i will model alongside these gorgeous ladies. ladies, how do we feel in these beautiful items. >> wonderful. very comfortable. >> you can totally win a match in that outfit. >> absolutely. >> the freedoms will do that tonight winning matches, sloane you are feeling good. >> we have played, castles tonight, yeah, tonight so yeah , we're all excited looking forward to ited. >> are going up against venous williams. turf ask is what your strategy or do you not want to say it out loud. >> i cannot say it out loud. no, just to go out and have
5:57 pm
fun. it was like the coolest thing ever. so, now i'm a little bit older couple seasons under my belt i'm looking forward to it. >> do you feel like you are prepared enough to take her on >> i'm lacking a little bit of sleep but i'm prepared, ready to play. >> awesome. >> why do you think people should come out and support the philadelphia freedoms. these games are so exciting, they are so much fun. they are for the whole family but as a player what do you look forward to seeing out of the crowd out there. >> it is just much faster, faster pace. you get to see women singles, mens singles, mixed doubles, it is just different from the regular tournament. a family can enjoy it. it is fun. is there food, drinks, half time. just a lot more than a tennis tournament if you do get a chance to come to world team tennis. it is a great opportunity because we different players from all over the world. >> you will see venous williams. andy roddick and even credible players like yourself as well. when you are taking on, the field tonight, if you will
5:58 pm
, the court tonight, what is in your mind when you go out there. >> well, it is just to have fun and enjoy it. the scoring is different. you cannot get too down. you have to remember you are on a team. you do the best you can. hope to stay positive. obviously we have other team members to help pick you up when things are not going well as long as we have fun together and we have seem to do pretty well. >> wish you best tonight. i don't think you will need it i think you will nail it. thank you so much for being with us, sloane. ladies, lou amazing. i will mc fashion show tonight and i'm looking forward to the fashion and all of the philadelphia freedoms fun, you guys, but natasha and jessica which one are we thinking? are we thinking print or are we going with something a little bit more one tone. >> go print. >> go big or go home, yes, the print. thanks, tori. thanks. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00.
5:59 pm
>> two brothers are demanding answers i'm alycia nieves the petition they have just dropped off at the district attorney's office. dramatic video after a high speed chase, lead to a police shooting in atlantic city. the reason this video was released more than three years after this happened. >> chelsea? i'm tracking more showers and storms, and moving in the region this evening, plus, finally a break from the humidity, we will have details in your full forecast, coming up, don. i'm don bell coming to you live from day one of the eagles training camp we will have very latest from the novacare complex. people are heart broken that they were good people, good neighbors. and, they looked after the kid >> now at 6:00 as a memorial grows so does the frustration for neighbors and family members. tonight, a petition, calling on the district attorney to file charges, more than a week
6:00 pm
after a couple, was shot dead, inside frankford. police say it was a neighbor who pulled trigger but no charges have been filed, good evening, i'm jessica dean. i'm natasha brown in for ukee washington today. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves joins us live from outside the philadelphia district attorney's office with this story, alycia. >> reporter: natasha and jessica that petition was dropped off here at district attorney's office just a few hours ago. it not only requested charges be filed begins a next door neighbor but it demands answers. family of august and bobby de paul, family that is struggling tonight to understand why that next door neighbor, is still a freeman. eight days ago 45 year-old bobby depaul and 42 year-old august democracy were shot to death, authorities know who killed the couple, but that person, still faces no charges . >> we're all thinking this man could commit murder and then still be home. >> reporter: upset family and friends hung this


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