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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  July 27, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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well, new, crews battled flames in a home fire we will tell you where this all unfolded just a short time ago and a horrific accident that at a state fair kills one person and leaves several others hurt in ohio, what eyewitness video appears to show moments before. breaking overnight justin beiber hits a paparazzi while behind the wheel of the pickup truck, we will tell you what police are saying as they investigate. today is thursday july 27th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. lets check katie and traffic with traffic, in today for meisha. hi. >> how are you this morning. road doing well, very early so no one is out there. >> okay. good enough. >> straight and to the point. >> i like it.
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>> all and all things are looking good in terms of weather, later today you can see a shower or thunderstorm but we are tranquil on storm scan three. no storms in sight. that will likely change later today. i think word to use here is isolated anything firing up would be scattered or hit or miss in nature but right now you don't to have worry about that. this is a p.m. issue that wet weather will erupt out there. at the moment it still feels darn comfortable, wind flow has begun to shift, yesterday was more on shore and right now turning more southeasterly , in short that means we will have a chance to rebound on the thermometer, we will see more sunshine, it will brighten up and anywhere you have the most sunshine, you may even end up with a locally gusty thunderstorm because we will have heating of the day to create instability. i don't want to you get too concerned by that thunderstorm icon on the graphic here, yes, there will be a shower or thunderstorm anywhere, primarily in the p.m. hours but key here is everything is scattered in nature, in the
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meantime we will rebound to 85 it is will be warmer. >> taste of the weekend what are we looking at. >> not bad at all, stay tuned. >> nice, i like that. thanks very much. here's a lot at usual on the vine street expressway closed between broad street and schuylkill expressway, that is around 5:00 a.m. some construction to tell you about, throughout the area, this one right here is the schuylkill,e bound from gulph mills to belmont. left lane closed here as part of the resurfacing project which will go until 2018. you should be used to it by now. also pennsylvania turnpike, clicker is warming up, northeast extension, northbound before lansdale right lane close there had. then further south pennsylvania turnpike between valley forge and route 29, the two westbound lanes and one eastbound lane closed there and then more construction on the turnpike between, bensalem and neshaminy falls, two right lanes close there more construction in just a little bit, rahel. >> see you soon, thank you. new this morning police are trying to figure out what
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sparked gunfire in the cities nicetown section. officers found two men walking out of the wooded area in between row homes on the 2,000 block of dennie street just before midnight. we're told one was shot in the back and hospitalized in stable condition, both men were arrested on gun charges. one person is confirmed dead after a montgomery county house fire that were heavy flames showing through front door of the home along 600 block of garfield avenue in glenside. fire broke out after 2:00 and was under control in an hour. investigators have not determined the cause, we will have a live report from the scene in the next hour. and breaking news this morning, authorities say justin beiber hit a paparazzi in his pickup truck sending the photographer to the hospital with minor injuries this happened last night as beiber was leaving a church event in beverly hills. take a look at this video. it shows beiber staying with the man who was hit, beiber was offering assistance there. no arrest where is made but police are investigating the accident, you might remember
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earlier this week, beiber made headlines when he cancelled the rest of his world live tour, due to unforeseen circumstances. now on to a tragic accident, at the ohio state fair after a ride malfunctions , sending passengers flying through the air. >> one person is dead, several others are hurt, a few of them are in critical condition. we must warn you the video you where to see is very disturbing. here's don champion. >> reporter: this cell phone video taken by bystander shows a moment a ride at opening day at ohio state fair malfunctioned it is kind of hard to mansion that you have family that goes to a state fair and those calls come that there was a terrible accident, terrible tragedy. >> reporter: fire officials say it happened aboard a ride called the fireball, with swings back and forth. video shows that the ride collides with something and falls apart this was a great
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force and great mechanism consistent with a high speed motor vehicle crash, injection , more along those lines. >> reporter: ride was thoroughly inspected three or four times, before it was opened, to the public, although they are still trying to figure out what may have been missed. >> there is no guarantee, obviously mechanical or structural damage to be done, where you cannot see it. sometimes there is different things that are not visual to the human eye. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich also said he has ordered a full investigation and called for all rides to be shut down, until a thorough safety inspection can be completed. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, new this morning police are investigating a double shooting in new castle count that i sent two people to the hospital this happened on the 2400 block of north madison street in wilmington just before midnight. police found two victims, a 16 year-old boy and 18 year-old woman who rush to the hospital
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where we're told that both were shot once in the leg and at last check they are in stable condition. so far, no arrests have been made. two philadelphia police officers are in the hospital as well after being involved in a crash in east mt. airy. chopper three was over the scene at stenton avenue and east upall street last night around 11:00. officers were responding to a call about a person with the gun when their suv collided with a car. officials say two officers and cruisers and driver in the other car were taken to einstein medical center, all three of them have non-life threatening injuries. authorities in wilmington delaware recovered a body from the brandywine creek. crews pulled the body from the water yesterday afternoon amid their search for a missing swimmer. authorities are working to confirm the identity of the body that was recovered, the incident remains under investigation, miguel angel de vow was last seen going over a dam at the creek after jumping into the creek out of the state park. police say a man is behind bars this morning for
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delivering a deadly dose of drugs to a hospital patient, in montgomery county. travis suita was charged with drug delivery resulting in death ine norriton. drug dealer made five trips to the hospital just five days, to sell drugs to sierra had rick, hadrick was a patient receiving non-life threatening treatment while officials say suita gave the patient something far worse than heroin which ended up killing her. >> suita delivered, what we later learned was pure fentanyl, 40 to 50 times more deadly then the deadly drug heroin. by delivering this poison travis suita killed sierra. >> suita could face 40 years in prison. man captured on video attacking a septa transit police sergeant is in custody. he turned himself in last night. sergeant's body camera shows her confronting suspect near 58th and baltimore avenue on monday for reportedly trespassing on the tracks. you can see him here shoving her to the ground and even
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heard screaming. sergeant suffered a back injury. >> the officer is at home recuperating, officer has been positively identified and we want to thank the public for their help a lieutenant of tips and calls were made. it fit the description. we want to thank the public for their help. >> that suspect will face several charges including assaulting an officer, they are not yet identifying the man until he is formerly charged. scandal rocks two pennsylvania cities, the mayor of allentown ed pawlowski and former mayor of reading vaughn spencer both indicted on federal corruption charges. pawlowski and spencer are charged with bribery, fraud and other crimes. both are accused of dulling out city contracts, to those willing to support their campaign. >> pawlowski and spencer essentially put a for sale sign up in front of the city hall in reading and in allentown to sell their office , and their service, to the highest bidder. >> i have done nothing wrong nor have i ever personally
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accepted a dime beyond my salary as mayor. i have also never accepted anything from a legal campaign contributions. >> officials say that the indictment follow a four year investigation, others with ties to the two men were also indicted. now turning to washington republican senate leaders are trying to pass a so-called skinny repeal of obama care. leadership has failed to repeal obama care twice since tuesday their new proposed skinny bill would stamp auto bam a's individual mandate, it would also, rid employer mandates and the medical device tax. a bipartisan group of 10 governor is asking senate not to go through with this scaled down repeal. president trump announced electronics giants fox can will built a 10 billion-dollar factory in wisconsin. pennsylvania was vying for that plant, the factory will make flat screen displays for televisions and computer screens. it is expected to bring about 3,000 jobs, wisconsin was a
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key state for president trump 's election victory in november. here utility bill could go up and natural gas will pay a new tax under budget legislation voted on today in harrisburg. pennsylvania senate plan will slash $2 billion hole in the 32 billion-dollar budget for fiscal year starting july 1st. it includes a new effort to capture tax revenue from internet sales but legislation could face opposition in the house, before it head to governor tom wolf. well, this morning brandywine valley spca is opened again. >> that is after a fatal crash that start aid fire in the new castle facility. shelter posted these pictures of the clinic and lobby, you can see they are making progress there in rebuilding the damaged building. none in profit has been running a on line fundraiser since the crash and it has raised $50,000 so far. that crash of course happened earlier this movement 36 year-oldly tow a cooper was kill. police say she crashed in the building right before the fire new rooms in the shelter will be renamed in her honor. >> nice gesture.
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>> yes, it is. this morning we are seeing new video of the jail break from the jail breaker's perspective. >> see how three inmates managed to make their way from the inside of the cell, to outside of the jailed walls. >> looking forward to that one a small plane goes down in a busy highway in utah, we will hear from the witnesses just yard away from this ♪ when you step into summer, don't get caught with rough dry feet. try amopé pedi-perfect. it buffs away hard skin...
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welcome back. federal officials planned to announce charges in the death of the woman on board a cruise ship a domestic dispute occurred at emerald princess around 9:00. thirty-nine year-old woman from utah died as a result of the incident. ship carrying 3,000 passengers was forced to divert to alaska so fbi could investigate. >> whoever was talking with them was scared because their voice was shaking, and that was all we heard until this morning and they said it was a
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domestic altercation. >> authorities are trying to determine if the incident happened in international waters, or in u.s. territory. authorities say two couples were killed when their small plane crash landed on the highway in utah. officials say couples were leaving for a vacation yesterday when plane crashed shortly after take off. authorities say that the no one on the ground was hurt, but drivers had to swerve to avoid flying debris. one eyewitness described the terrifying moments when the plane exploded, just yard away from her car. >> i could actually feel the heat from the explosion, through my car. >> i saw the brief second i did see it that it was spying down and then it landed down, nose down. >> officials say that the plane likely had an engine stalled, federal aviation administration is investigating that crash. manhunt is underway this morning after an inmate is reported missing from a new york city jail, staff at lik ers island jail realized their head count was off by one around 7:30.
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authorities placed facilitate on lock down. investigators say laquan hill never came back inside from outdoor recreation and possible that the 24 year-old may have jumped the fence. police check water in the area after reports saying inmate was in the water. and how about this, newly released cell phone video shows how three inmates broke out of the southern california jail last year. it shows the trio escaping through plumbing tunnels within the walls, escapees reached roof of the jail but video doesn't show how they got to the ground, at one point though you can see one of them with two thumbs up. men led authorities on a week long manhunt, before they were recaptured, cell phone video was taken by within of the inmates, still unclear how he got the phone. >> i have to give them credit because i can barely shoot video on my phone and i'm not an inmate. >> they can shoot video but they can escape from jail. >> yeah. >> a lot of time to think bit, casey. >> my goodness. >> i feel like those are
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victories that we probably shouldn't applaud, right. >> true. >> i give people credit. >> yes, however, it is a bad thing. get them back in there. exactly. you know the mom will come out of me. you will not getaway with that one, storm scan three, pretty quiet locally we will see wet weather up to the north. that will not mess with us all that much. we have a warm front that lifts in here and that is where our showers, thunderstorms will come from later on today. you will see that. i will show you in a second, nice wide zoom showing a system getting its act together. we have heavy rain working through illinois, missouri and that will eventually head our way. we have a front lift nothing which does not cause any major headache but area have low pressure that rides in all along it could douse us. lets walk through this. specifically this afternoon we will jump to 3:00 p.m. we have got most of the morning, well, certainly most of the morning but in the early afternoon before anything would start to ignite
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notice, it is cloudy, yesterday we had sat in a slight risk for severe weather for today. now it has been scaled back to just marginal risk and maybe locally gusty thunderstorm but not as much of a concern because we need that sunlight. we will see some sunshine out there and there could be a ren gate heavy thunderstorm that comes through there but it looks so spotty but it would be a couple showers and here and there spotty thunderstorm. friday different story. we will get through morning without a major hitch a few pockets of locally soaking showers. then look what starts to ignite. this model could be replaced or moved further to the north by the time we hit five or 6:00 p.m. out in kenneth square where summer if he is going on we will keep a close watch over this. city of philadelphia lit up in eagles green, all looking quiet, very modest southerly wind flow and staying that way throughout the day. quick head up on the area headlines.
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umbrella will be a requirement come thomas showers could link inner to the early part of the weekend especially. >> no thunderstorms this weekend, we don't want. that we want bright sunshine. >> working on it. >> let us know if you find anything else. >> thinks schuylkill expressway looking eastbound between gulph mills and belmont avenue going this way with the headlights coming at you, construction that is right lane closed this should be out of here later this morning but part of the wider scaled construction project on the schuylkill that is a pain in the butt. this is vine that has reopened after you go between broad street and schuylkill expressway. good news there right around 5:00 a.m. they have wrapped up early. delaware 495 north bound between edgemore road and philadelphia pike two right lane roads are closed there more in delaware to tell but. further south i-95 north between delaware service area and route 273, two left lanes there. 295 there is a lane shift at i-95. jim and rahel, back over to you. comedian jon stewart is returning to television.
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>> we will tell you network that announced two appearances with the comedian when we come right
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time for a check of business news. >> money watch's hen adan qualifications joins us live from the insuring stock exchange. always good to see you. federal reserve says it is hitting pause button in its campaign to raise interest rates, tell us about that. >> good morning, beside announcing withhelding interest rate study board of governors plan to begin shrinking its massive bond portfolio. labor market also continues to strengthen and that inflation looks to remain below its target of 2 percent. the news from the fed and particularly strong earnings, pushed stocks, higher, dow jones gain 97 points, nasdaq rose 10 points, both are now, dow jones and nasdaq is at record highs. jim and rahel. new york times all of the
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news may be just fit to swipe. >> what is that all about. >> an independent company crunched numbers and found it was not if the new york times went digital shutting down its historic presses. last year the times exceeded operating costs by nearly 150 million-dollar, and revenue for print ads dropped 25 percent over the last two years. digital subscription and ads are the future of growth for the paper, according to the analysis. >> i don't know, i think people would be surprised to hear me say this because of my age, hena, but i prefer an old fashion newspaper and prefer old fashion books, i like the paper, i like flipping pages. >> only daisy get times during the week is sunday because i don't have time during the week but i do read it on line during the week. >> on line is much cheaper, so that alone, yes, it is much cheaper on line but rahel my
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producer agrees, she likes tonight print. >> i don't mind reading it on my kind will. it is what you prefer. plus it is cheaper. >> well, we all agree to that. >> thanks, we will check in next hour. john john stewart fans listen to this, comedian is returning to tv, hbo says he will make two appearances on the network. one will be a stand up comedy special, his first since 1996, and also going to host night of too many stars tribute in november, it is benefiting next for autism. hbo says they are part of the larger deal between hbo and stewart, network leaders did not elaborate on. that no word on the exact dates of those two appearances well, a break from the rain, well, it was short lived >> say it isn't so, jim, katie , how much rain will we see today today should not be too bad but future, very near future will provide a requirement for some kind of rain gear. we will give thaw window of
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stress tested so you can stress less at dinner. welcome back. here's the sunrise, our morning band kicking up sweet tunes at 4:56. we will see a pleasant looking sunrise letter but skewed by cloud cover but with highs a shower and thunderstorms is in the card. storm scan is pretty quiet locally further are north you travel you need to go far north, way up that northeast extension and well pennsylvania the new york state border, some showers are still out there. with time we will see a spotty keyword spotty shower or thunderstorm this afternoon or evening. now there could be a little bit of the localized heavy downpour with anything that fires up, stronger wind gust that comes with storm cells but you will not talk about anything widespread. later tonight 72 for the low. here's the thing, i'm changing the game here for us looking
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ahead to the weekend. i know. it looks like right now system coming along friday is still going to come along late friday but could linger a little longer, then we would have hoped for, pat so i have to allow some showers, possibly sunday, possibly monday, and then it brightens up. >> do you see my face. >> i know you are not happen bye this. >> katie, thank youy dent like it either. >> here's i-95 southbound toward the city, get out on the roadway at 5:00 a.m. because it is clear, vine also cleared they have reopened both side, except for thee bound schuylkill headed toward eastbound vine that will open up in a couple minutes, jim, back over to you. >> thanks, patrick. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are seeing moments justin beiber ran in the photograph with his truck. we will show it to you. also ahead a close call caught on camera hear from the man who narrowly avoided being hit by a car. and u.s. wins soccer's
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gold cup we will have highlights from the final games, we are back at the top of the hour don't go
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i heard the girl screaming help and i looked over and fly off. >> eyewitnesses describe terrifying scene at ohio state fair when riders are thrown from an amusement ride. this morning one person is dead, several others are critically hurt, we are live with the latest developments into what went wrong. new this morning justin beiber hits a photographer with his pickup truck, and we will update victim's condition and possibility of charges being filed against the pop star. police are investigating a shooting, we will tell you why the victim was arrested and discovery authorities made at the crime scene. it is thursday, july 27th,


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