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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  July 27, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> tragedy at ohio state fare a ride malfunctions killing at lee one person and leaving several others injured. >> justin beiber making headlines overnight video shows him run over a member of the paparazzi with his truck, as pop star stayed by his side and photographer will be okay. i have done nothing wrong. >> allentown's mayor says he has in plans to resign after he has been indicted on federal corruption charges. game of thrones is back and people spoiling those plot twists before you have had a chance to watch it. >> i had no idea he could even do thaty haven't seen it yet. >> but not in the more, introducing game of thrones spoil proof bucket simply place device on your head and let sound proof bucket block out the noise. >> a lot of work places could use one of those for spoil era
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alerts. >> but not ours because we are in the communication business so we need to be able to hear one another. >> i do get particular off when downtown abby was big because would i go to sleep and wake up. >> well, opening skit for late night late show, and katie, never one to put a can our head we always want to hear what you say. >> it is not fair for person just trying to mind their business to put the bucket on their head. i thought it would be something pour a bucket of fish on somebody's head to shut them up. that is where i thought that was going. >> my, my, katie. >> but i will never forget stupid side story but somebody a radio host completely spoiled the ending of dancing with the stars for me within year and i was, messed up. >> i'm sure you have never spoken to that radio hoe again >> i didn't know this personally. >> you will never speak to him in the future. >> exactly. >> that shaded eye. >> lets get to the weather. we have a lot to get to down
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the road most especially. things are still comfortable outside, it is a tad humid but it is quiet and even though sunnies not up it is nothing more than a couple cloud and then a hint of daylight starting to pop up on the horizon right now, it will end up being a pretty pink sunrise with the reflection of the light from the sun. at the moment storm scan is quiet, staying that way until lunchtime but beyond that point spotty showers or storms may erupt, we are in the lower 60's or 60's depending where you are and that wind flow is starting to turn more southerly allowing moisture content to build and humidity begin to climb. i think you'll to have deal with the spotty shower or thunderstorm along the way in the p.m. time frame, daytime highs are milder, lower 80's at the shore, mid 70's in the mountains but those thunderstorms make it look like it is then it is going to be. they will be out there but they will be spotty, anyone is fair game, and they do primarily happen in the p.m.
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time frame. looking ahead you will need an umbrella my friend. i will let you know when that becomes a requirement and also talk about the fact that the storm it looks like it is throwing us a wild card here those showers may linger in the upcoming weekend. how long is the question, which we will answer later in the show, pat. >> sounds good, thanks very much. good morning. we will look at 95 southbound heading toward the city of philadelphia and you can see brake lights people tapping them as we head past betsy ross toward allegheny. as you know right around 5:30 is when things ramp up in this area be aware. also, this is 295 over in new jersey, southbound construction right here from 168, to 42, not causing any slow downs just yet but people are tapping the brakes a little bit coming through this area. something to tell but in new jersey the ac rail line has been suspended between absecon and atlantic city, beach bridge is stuck opened, bus services available right here, there is an accident in glenside as well, garfield
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avenue, use limekiln pike to get around this accident and construction as well, northeast extension north bound before lansdale right lane closed here this will be hopefully out as well as on pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between willow grove and neshaminy falls we have two right lanes closed there, rahel, back over to you. new this morning a house fire in montgomery county quickly burns out of control and turns deadly. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live with more on this blaze, trang do what do you know so far. >> we know man killed has been in the 50's or 60's and he lived alone in this house. you can see the extensive damage to the side of the house where fire fighters remained on the scene here but fire marshall says it was very difficult to fight because it was a hording situation. take a look at the video overnight just before 2:00 a.m. neighbor called 911 to report a house fire on the 600 block of garfield avenue in glenside. fire fighters, had co arrive
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to find heavy fire from the rear bedroom of the house and through the roof. fire fighters found the man lying on the living room floor crews placed the fire under control after an hour and a half due to very challenging hording conditions. >> whether it is hording conditions, it is tough to just knee gosh if you are just walking through the house with the gear that the fire fighters have to wear and air packs and dragging hose lines it makes it extremely difficult and it really is already a dangerous thing but it makes it that much more dangerous for the fire fighters. >> taking another look at the extensive damage to this home again on the 600 block of garfield avenue in glenside, so the cause of the fire is still under investigation and fire marshall says this investigation could take sometime due to the sheer amount of items inside this home. but for now we are live in glenside i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back to you. >> very sad, thank you trang
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do. governor john kasich of ohio has ordered an investigation into a deadly incident at yes state fair. malfunctions park ride killed one man and injured more than six people yesterday, it was opening day of the fare in columbus. ride called fireball appears to have collided with something swinging back and forth and threw people 20 feet in the air at high speed. time right now 5:36n business news a possible home for astronauts on the way to mars. >> and how fed is feeling about interest rates, money watch's hen adan qualifications joins us live from the insuring stock exchange, good morning, hen a. >> federal reserve signalled to hit pause button on the campaign to keep interest rates steady. board of governors plans to begin shrinking its massive bond portfolio. fed also said that the labor market continues to strengthen , and that inflation looks to remain below its target of the 2 percent. so news from the fed and some particularly strong earnings
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reports pushed stocks higher yesterday. dow jones gained 97 points, nasdaq rose 10, both dow jones and nasdaq closed at record highs. u.s. home own hours sold their properties in the second quarter of the year likely made some money. average price gain was $51,000 which represents an average return of 26 percent from the sellers purchase price. that is highest pay back since 2007. apple and coke are launching first hearing implant made for an iphone. f.d.a. approved the sound processor which can stream sound directly from a compatible iphone, ipad or i pod to the patient's surgically embedded sound processor. ate laos customers to control and customized sound directly from their apple device. no app required. nasa reaches in the past to prepare for the future, a cargo container built more than 15 years ago is being converted into a habitat for
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deep space missions. lockheed martin is developing prototype used on mission to mars, and beyond. jim and rahel. >> that is one heck of the recycling project, i sometimes complain about having to separate cans and bottles. >> i know. >> thanks, hen a. we will check with you tomorrow, have a great day. >> you too. back here at home two philadelphia police officers are in the hospital after being involved in the crash in east mt. airy. >> chopper three over stenton off nine east upsall street after is 11:00. officers were responding to a call with a person with the gun when the suv collided with a car. officials say two officers in the cruiser and driver in the other car were taken to einstein medical center. all three of them have none in life threatening injuries. update now, authorities in wilmington delaware recovered a body from the brandywine creek. crews pulled body from the water yesterday afternoon amid reports they searched for a missing swimmer. we have been telling but this on the morning show. miguel angel devow was seen
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over a dam after jumping in the creek at the state run park. authorities are working to confirm identity of the body recovered. incident remains under investigation. many questions, loom following president trump's abrupt ban on transgendered troops in the u.s. military. mr. trump made the controversial announcement in the series of tweets yesterday , citing quote tremendous medical costs. his argument drew criticism though a 2016 study found transgendered troops who may o pt for gender reassignment surgery and other procedures would add one tenth of 1 percent to overall military health care spending. >> we are here to serve our country just like anybody else , and we are 100 percent mission ready and capable this was about military readiness, this is about unit cohesion, resources within the military. >> now according to a rand corporation stud there i are between 2,507,000 transgendered service members on active duty, several thousand more are in the reserves, the future of those
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members are now unclear. in the statement philadelphia's office of lbgt affairs say ban violates civil rights of thousands of transgendered troops currently serving in the military, in philadelphia, we will continue to fight back, to ensure people of trans experience have every possible right and protection under the law. house majority whip steve scalise has been discharged from the hospital and moved to the in patient rehab facility after more than a month of surgeries, republican congressman steve scalise was shot, critically wounded at a practice for congressional baseball game in virginia. hospital spokesperson says that scalise is looking forward to returning to capitol hill. national constitution center is giving away free tickets to people who want to see senator john mccain receive liberty medal. apply for limited number of tickets on the center's web site starting august 15th. free tickets will be given out by random drawing, mccain will be given the liberty medal october 16th.
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it is not yet clear if the senator's battle with brain cancer whim impact his plans to come to philadelphia for the ceremony. actress angelina jolie opens up but her divorce from brad pitt and her health. the star says that she developed high blood pressure and bells palsy last year, bells palsy, caused by nerve damage, caused one side of her face to droop. jolie told vanity fair acupuncture played a key role in her full recovery. actress also talk about her relationship with pitt, she said they care for each other and their family and they are both working toward the same goal. >> hmm. elevated levels of the bacteria keeps swimmers out of the water at several new jersey beaches we will tell you which won. death on the high seas, woman is found dead on the cruise ship we are telling what you authorities are expect to go do today. and we will tell you why rihanna riri was meeting with the president of the france, we will tell you why, up next. join us for cbs-3's summer fest all day long tomorrow we
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will be telling you what makes kenneth square such a great place to live and visit from the fountains of long wood gardens to the delicious local mushrooms, pat will tell us about a special golf club, cbs-3 summer if he starts tomorrow morning on "eyewitness news", we will be right
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rihanna promises big plans in the works for education in developing countries. superstar met with the president and first lady of france yesterday to discuss education. she hinted at a big announcement coming this september during u.n. week. rihanna is ambassador for charity's global partnership for education. singer has been tweeting world leaders requesting funding for schools. can't say she doesn't give back. also cbs new action packed show, cast of swat got firsthand training from the professionals they will themselves. they took lessons from the san diego seal team unit. the group participated in exercises, while navigating rough terrain. actors who will represent heroes, practiced by dodging simulated enemy fire. swat premiers on cbs november 2nd. and "eyewitness news" morning team is collecting some honors today, "eyewitness news" philadelphia daily news singles party last night this happened at union trust in center city.
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meisha, she was on the front page of the daily news for their kick off. looks like she's having a good time for kick off of the singles series, photographers caught meisha on one of her favorite spots, can you guess what it is, the gym. >> yes. >> did she find a husband yet this whole thing, you know. >> stand by, jim. >> it looks like a fun time. >> okay, girls. >> i was also honored by a group celebrate would go men entrepreneurs and professionals philadelphia business based llc prepared extraordinary would i man in the media and communications industry. >> rahel, that is awesome. >> it was nice. >> congratulations. >> it was very nice. >> that is a big deal. >> now if a guy said that, you know, woman came up with that name, okay, all right. >> it is tongue in cheek name but just learning more about the organization and how they help other woman starting businesses and also, to be
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honored, among women who personally had helped me so much and woman i grew up respecting in the philadelphia media industry, it was a phenomenal night for me. >> very good. >> that is fantastic. >> katie, you had nine hours of sleep yesterday. >> amazing what a full night sleep will do girls are clearly out of town right now. but momma got nine hours good for you good stuff. >> but as a result i do unfortunately have, you know, detailed forecast to give you, as always but i had some potentially bad news for the week end. >> i know. >> outdoor movie schedule for saturday night. >> here's the thing storm system coming along is trying to throw us a wild card. i hate when they do this. they come out to the coast, sit, spin that could mean one way or the other. >> we're not naming this storm >> mother nature.
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>> we will come up with a name in the commercial break. we will show you, first and foremost, relatively pink sunrise to start off here. beautiful start to the day at area shoreline. we have cloud cover but we will eventually see some sun throughout the day, watch for spotty shower or thunderstorm. those spotty showers are coming from the frontal boundary lift nothing. it is going to provide the movement necessary for this storm system to come and ride as long this front and that brings us potential for wet weather. stay tune. we will check with our weather watchers. i got pretty pictures coming in, i will show this to you though, if you to have look closely you can see a couple cloud, mainly clear though at ed's house in chesterfield, new jersey depending where you are, you either have cloud overhead or generally clear, bottom line, dry for now. looking at temperatures though this is cool we are only at 58 , carrie at 63 in mount laurel.
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so, yeah, even in chestnut hill it is only 63 degrees. and again, that is kind of the story around the region as a whole. lets switch it back and take a look at the big picture. things quiet here. pretty soaking rain across parts of the indiana, missouri , that piece of the system that will work toward us here in the days ahead. how does this all shake out? well, it looks like p.m. hours of friday specifically is when we will see heavy rain work its way in here. friday into early saturday. moving in later then anticipated with widespread heavy rain, heavier thunderstorms and potential flood threat no less. on top of it, the storm tries to linger longer. so at minimum linkers in to early morning hours of saturday and possibly longer and might be showers that get thrown back on the heels of this sunday and monday. so that is still just a chance , pat but it is a chan, stick with us we will update you as necessary. >> can i get a beach day in. >> you will get sometime on
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the beach. >> i will take that. thanks, appreciate that. tacony palmyra bridge, going up, supposed to go up, 5:50 a.m. we will keep an eye on it. it should be up in the next couple minutes. boulevard at schuylkill expressway looking good for 10 of 6:00 in the morning as we head south for -- eastbound excuse me toward schuylkill expressway no the bad so far. 295 southbound is where it is slowing down a bit. we have construction in this area, so this is between coming from 168, right here, also in new jersey route 70 cherry hill both directions have construction right here, this is causing slow downs and this is stuck in the middle here, this is on the right side, two right lanes blocked here so one lane gets by route zero seven in cherry hill. the atlantic city rail rine is suspended between absecon and atlantic city, beach bridge stuck in the open position, use bus service there frankford avenue at girard is closed because of a water main
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break, jim. >> thanks, pat. >> we are getting a look at how three inmates broke out of the southern california jail last year, this newly released video shows trio escaping through plumbing tunnels within the walls. escapees get to the roof of the jail but authorities aren't sure how inmates got to the ground. men led police on a week long manhunt before they were recaptured and the cell phone video was taken by one of the inmates, but still unclear how he got phoned. federal officials plan to announce charges in the death of the woman on board a cruise ship. authorities say domestic dispute occurred aboard emerald princess around 9:00 tuesday night. they say a 39 year-old woman from utah died as a result of the incident. the ship is carrying more than 3,000 passengers and was diverted to alaska so that the fbi could investigate. >> whoever was talks was pretty scared because their voice was shaking and that was all we heard until this
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morning. they said there was a domestic altercation. >> so far no word on any arrest and authorities are trying to determine if the incident happened in international waters or. new s territory. authority continue to monitor 15 new jersey beaches closed or put on notice because of elevated levels of bacteria in the ocean. some beaches in atlantic county including spots in atlantic city, somers point and ventnor. officials placed signs on the life guard stand and told people to stay out of the ocean, and too much bacteria in the water can cause stomach sickness rashes. they say heavy rain earlier this week caused bacteria and pollution to run off in the ocean. that is not good. >> up next tradition nearly 100 years old. >> we will tell you more of the pony swim when we come right back.
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>> ♪ our dj is in, there and thousands office people turned out to watch an annual pony swim in virginia. >> a pony swim. >> yes. >> the ponies have been cross the channel for 92 years.
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once they make ate cross the salt water cowboys round them up and they take a break before a parade, the crossing attracts both neighbors and tourist abroad. >> it is beautiful, it is a big event for the town, so they just have a wonderful tradition and glad to at least seen it one time in my life. >> i encourage everyone to get a front row seat, today. >> cowboys rounded up 150 pon ies, some will be auctioned off tonight, yeah, i know, and the rest will go back, and proceed go the local volunteer fire department. >> how do they know they are supposed to she up there, i'm a little confused i need to investigate this. >> they are taken. >> they are on their own do they just show up at the shore just unexpectedly like a house guest. >> much like for humans is there a lead's monk us and everybody just follows behind not naming any names here. >> on that note in the next
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half an hour, we are on the scene of the breaking news, this is serious police shooting in philadelphia. plus a crackdown on speeding, see how law enforcement plans to slow drivers down, coming
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pregnant with him,was had so much life and energy in him. he wanted out, and he wanted to conquer the world. right now, quinton's goal is to be a doctor. it's not easy being a single parent with three kids and having to provide for them.
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but my son will be an amazing doctor, and he'll help people that are less fortunate. no matter where you are in your college journey, sallie mae can help you find the money you need. we are following breaking news this morning philadelphia police opened fire on a suspect jan carabao just arrived on the scene and is gathering information for us,
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plus this. i heard a girl screaming help and i looked over and. >> a horrific tragedy at ohio state fair when a ride falls apart putting passengers flying through the air, see the accident as it happened and hear what officials are saying about what went wrong. justin beiber hits paparazzi with his pickup truck, find out what happened once the police arrived. lots of news, today is thursday, july 27th good morning aim jim donovan. aim rahel solomon. lets get you out the door with katie and pat keeping an eye on things this morning. >> roadways heating up, bunch of things to tell but i minute. >> thankfully weather-wise things are looking quiet, i don't think we will have a major impact but you might run into, i have to show that to you, i caught shore camera, setting up a weather hit, it looks so beautiful. sun officially rose in philadelphia at 5:55 and minor two sooner, live look in ocean


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