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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 27, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, july 27th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." a crowded ride at ohio fair breaks apart. one is dead, seven are hurt. investigators want to know how the ride passed multiple safety inspections. thousands of transgender military members wonder what's next after president trump's sweeping ban of their service. detail on what led to the sudden reversal of military policy. and north korea may carry out a new missile test today. we go inside cold war-era military tunnels in hawaii to
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see if they could protect people from a nuclear strike. plus a warning for travelers going to mexico. a young woman died after being unconscious in a pool. but we begin this morning's "eye opener" with your world in 90 seconds. >> a deadly accident at a state fair in ohio. >> snapped in half and people just went flying. >> and i seen a girl slap to the ground. >> make no mistake about it, it is a very, very sad night for all of us. >> reporter: president trump issues a transgender military ban. >> there's a lot of valid policy reasons to keep the policy from the past to make sure. >> i don't want extra money, extra rights. i don't want anything extra. i want what every other american citizen would be offered.
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>> infighting in the white house. >> now he says he's going to the fbi. >> senior people are really the guys doing it. they ask junior people a leak for them. >> firefighters and soldiers working around the clock. >> a princess cruise ship was diverted to juneau, alaska, so the fbi can investigate a death on board. >> pop star justin bieber hit a photographer with his pickup truck as he was pulling out of a drive way. >> all that -- >> firefighters had trouble squeezing their truck through a street. so what do you do? you make some space. >> one of the reasons larry david impersonates bernie sanders so good, they're actually distant relatives. >> -- and all that matters -- >> there's been a spike in
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births at chicago area hospitals. >> some kind of party. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> knocked down. >> they captured the 2017 gold cup on home soil. >> it's the 2017 gold cup that the united states haas won. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. . welcome to "cbs this morning." we begin with a deadly accident at one of the country's state fairs. passengers were thrown in the air when a ride malfunctioned at the fairgrounds in columbus. we should warn you the images o disturbing. >> witnesses captured the moment when the ride known as a fireball broke apart.
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the entire section of the gondola wheel flew apart before crashing to the ground. >> one was killed and several others were injured. this tragedy happened on the very first day of the fair. adriana diaz is at the scene of the fairgrounds. she's in columbus. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. officials say the fair will open today as scheduled, but the rides will be closed until they're reinspected for safety. now, keep in mind that the ride at the middle of this inspection had been inspected three or four times in the past few days. this ride appears the detach from its housing. with a stun of the crash, stunning onlookers saw people thrown from the ride. >> i heard a girl scream for help. i looked over and seen a girl fly out and slap to the ground. >> reporter: witnesses rushed to help the victims were scattered
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across the ground. >> moult. passengers were ejected at high speed with high energy. many feet, at least 20, 30 feet in the air and crashed at a significant distance from the ride. >> reporter: the ohio state fair is one of the largest with hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. ohio governor john kasich ordered all rides shut down after the malfunction. >> this is the worst tragedy in the hut the fair and we'll recover, and we'll move on, but that doesn't mean we won't grieve for what happened here tonight. >> reporter: they're investigating the cause of wednesday's incident but says the fireball passed inspection. >> inspections are one of the things we do. we'll begin an investigation to determine what happen and how this accident occurred.
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>> reporter: the chief inspector here says a tragedy like this hits everyone harold. he said his own grandchildren get on these rides and no short cuts were taken. we reached out to people as well as a third-party contractor who helped inspect it and we haven't heard back. norah? >> thank you. in new york people carrying "resist" signs walked in times square. on twitter the president promised to reverse president obama's 2016 decision to allow transgender troops to serve openly. he tweeted, the u.s. will not allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the u.s. military. the announcement was quickly met with bipartisan criticism. arizona republican and former prisoner of war john mccain wrote any american who meets current medical and readiness
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standards should be allowed to continue serving. jan crawford is at the pentagon where they're trying to figure out what to do next. good morning, jan. >> good morning. the decision announced on twitter caught washington by surprise. >> my attitude is this is about human beings. >> president trump's announcement received a cool reaction to members of their own party while democrats rallying out side the capital arguing it could make the country less safe. >> president trump has chosen this day to commit an act of cowardice. >> reporter: the white house said it was due based on readiness. >> it's a military decision, not anything more than that very secretary of defense james
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mattis signaled a sweeping policy for all lgbt people was. >> frankly, senator, i never cared about two consenting adults and who they go to bed with. >> reporter: while the president warned their continued service would add tremendous medical costs, they found related treatments would add at most one-tenth of is% or $9 million to military spending. during the campaign president trump kourlted gay and transgender voters. >> lgbt is starting to like donald trump very much lately. >> this really is like a slap to the face. >> reporter: she served 12 years in the army and her husband logan is currently an army staff sergeant who served two tours in afghanistan. >> we don't know what's going to
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happen. that puts us in a precarious as spir wagon. we have aspirations as human beings that right now it's no more than a southeast of tweetset neither the white house or pentagon has said what will happen to the servicemembers who are currently in uniform. charlie? >> jan crawford at the pentagon. thankses. nancy cordes is on capitol hill with the congressional request that may be behind the president's unexpected announcement. nancy, good morning. >> good morning. the president's decision appears to have stemmed from an amendment that went down here on capitol hill earlier this month. leadership sources tell cbs news that during a debate on military spending house republicans asked the white house for guidance and support on an amendment put forth by
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they were not asking for a tote an ban. which is why the president's announcement came totally out of the blue. in fact, hartz ler's amendment came up two weeks ago and failed. the chair of the senate armed services committee john mccain slammed the president's decision saying that there is no reason for anyone who is well trained in the military to be kicked out regardless of their gender assignment. >> thank you, nancy. a lot of people feel that way. thanks a lot. president trump's newest hire is putting inside leakers on notice. andrew scaramucci said he would contact the fbi about an
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apparent leak of his own financial reforms. margaret brennan is at the white house with the latest. margaret, good morning. >> good morning. well, it is president trump's own senior staff who are to blame for making damaging information public here at the white house. that's according to president trump's new communications chief. >> i know i'm in a cesspool called washington or a swamp called washington, so it will be virtually impossible to get rid of every leak, but i think we can take dramatic steps to get rid of leaks. >> sick six days after, anthony scaramucci is getting closer to getting rid of leakers. >> senior guys are doing the leaking and they ask the junior people to leak for them. >> hours after that interview, scaramucci was sitting down with his interviewer and the president at the white house for a private dinner. late last night he himself claimed he was the target of a
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leak. on twitter he posted he would, quote, contact the fbi and justice department since his financial forms were released. he called it a felony, which it's not, and seemed to link it to white house chief of staff reince priebus. a politico article yesterday shows a wall street investor is holding assets worth as much as $85 million. after midnight scaramucci deleted his original tweet and issued a public notice. >> i told people that if there's a civil war and people are fighting internally, we have to dial that down. >> leaks have been the focus of president trump since the start of his administration. scaramucci is to target those leaks. >> if you're gong to keep leaking, i. ooh going to fire everybody. >> now justice department
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spokesperson last night released a statement saying, quote, leaks are undermining the ability of our government to function. but, norah, on the separate issue of unauthorized release of classified nvgs not off gossip, we do expect attorney general jeff sessions to launch an investigation in the next several days. forms. >> yes. if you request them, they will be made available to you. >> margaret, thank you. voting on a new senate health care plan is expected the afternoon and could go into tonight. yesterday a repeal and replace failed. it would have repealed parts of obamacare in two years without a replacement. republicans are behind what's called a skinny repeal. one a medical device tax, and an individual mandate and that larger employers would offer it.
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it would leave the rest of obamacare in place. congressman steve scalise is out of the hospital. the 51-year-old is at a rehab facility. he was shot in the hip last month when a gunman opened fire on a rupp banl team during practice. he has had several operations. the hospital has said he has made excellent progress. a suspect is in custody this morning after a woman was found dead on a cruise ship in alaska. it hamid on the emerald princess cruise line. thousands of passengers were kept on board for hours while fbi investigates the case. jamie yuccas is on the ship. >> reporter: good morning. the victim is a 39-year-old woman from utah. authorities were escorting a number of people off the ship.
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that's because the couple was traveling with a large group including their children. princess cruises said the domestic dispute occurred on board the emerald prynne sis on tuesday. >> whoever was talking was really scared. >> ruby plata was with her husband. >> the emerald princess spans the length of nearly three football fields and has 19 decks. ceman said he was in the room across the hall. >> one of the little girls came rubbing out of the room calling for help, saying her parents had been in a fight. she sounded pretty desperate. >> reporter: the ship departeded on sunday for a seven-day trip, leaving ketchikan on tuesday.
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the death forced the ship to divert to juneau where it arrived on tuesday, 6 1/the hours sooner than expected. after eight hours of being stuck on board, passengers were allowed to be on land for about six hours before the ship continued on its route to skagway. nicole and bryce beckstrom ulivd across the street from them. >> reporter: passengers on board said a murder mystery dinner was taking place. while there was initial confusion they quickly realized how serious the situation was. the fbi will be announcing charges against the individual involved. >> what a story. thank you. a new security rule requires
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passengers to take more things out of their carry-on bags at airports. the tsa wants passengers to remove all electronics excluding cell phones and place them in a bin. that includes laptops, video game, and large cameras. it's so they can get a clear x-ray image. it dugs not apply to passengers enrolled in precheck. it will be rolled out in the coming weeks and months. that's a big deal, because you have to take out your ipad. >> it doesn't apply to precheck customers. hello, my name norah. i get it, norah. a police didn't is taking its entire fleet of suv u.s. after the street. the austin american statesmen said the department has 400 police interscepter suvs. they could be pulled as early as tonight.
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carbon monoxide was found in the vehicles. that number has nearly doubled. this morning cbs news was told safety is it's top priority. 13 of the immigrants found in the back of a sweltering tractor trailer are being held as potential witnesses. their evidence could be used against james bradley. those detained were among the dozens found sunday morning in san antonio. hillary clinton has uncovered the name of her book. you'll never guess. it's called "what happened?" she writes about government interference and the campaign and what was lost.
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like the simplicity of that. "what happened." it can cover many things. >> apparently there's a lot in that book. tourist visiting mexico are told to watch out for tainted alcohol.
7:20 am
hawaii takes steps to protect people from a possible nuclear attempt. >> we go deep beneath a crater to show you how. >> reporter: we're here in a crater. what most people don't know is there's a labyrinth tunnel built about a hundred years ago to protect it. now a lawmaker wants to turn them into fallout shelters in case there's an atachlkt we'll have more coming up on "cbs this morning."
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in a high-stakes good morning, i'm rahel solomon. investigators are working to figure out cause of the deadly fire in montgomery county earlier this morning. fire fighters say hording conditions made the battle especially difficult for fire fighters, a man in his 50's or 60's was killed in the fire this happened on the 600 block of garfield avenue in glenside victim's identity has not yet been released. lets get a check of the forecast with meteorologist katie fehlinger. tracking some showers. >> today looks like a very isolated scattered batch of showers, or thunderstorms that would fire up out there primarily would happen this afternoon or evening as well. even though we have cloud at the moment it is not indicative of anything to come throughout the next few hours. we will stay dry for that time frame but, later on in the forecast is when i say you will want an umbrella friday and into saturday morning
7:27 am
especially looking very dreary with soaking rain, thunderstorms rolling on through, and then we will start to very gradually clear it out into next week, rahel. >> katie, thank you. couple accidents to tell but there is a tractor trailer accident in delaware on i-95 south just before route 273, two right lanes are blocked in this area, in word on any injuries, also another accident on route 309 southbound pennsylvania quakertown located at station road and left lane is blocked there so keep in mind both of those accidents our next update 7:55. up next on cbs this morning a warning to americans traveling in mexico i'm rahel solomon, good morning.
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here's a look at how new york firefighters dealt with car that's blocking their way. four of the city's bravest men handled the car. they lifted it onto the sidewalk and got back in their truck. the car weighs a little over 2,000 pounds. >> our finest. i hope they make it into the calendar. >> that's one way to handle it. >> when they need to fight a fire, they want you out of the way. you can tell they've got abs. welcome back to "cbs this morning." taiwanese electronics giant foxconn is constructing a 10
7:31 am
billion dollar plant in wisconsin. the company could hire up to 13,000 people. >> president trump touted the project yesterday at the white house. he said it's a result of his huge win. the "washington post" reports senate house struck a deal. last night the house majority leader agreed to consider expanded measures against north korea in the future. the european union is warning about possible retaliation over concerned that russia sanctions could hurt energy companies. the senate is expected to vote on the legislation later this week. >> the "los angeles times" shows a video made by prisoners during a jail break. the trio escaped in japan of 2016 in a lockup in santa ana, california. it was quite an embarrassment for orange county. the inmates were caught on the
7:32 am
run. it's never good when inmates are giving a thumbs-up when they're breaking out of jail. and they report they're warning tourists about drinking tainted alcohol in mexico. the newspaper broke the story. dozens of vacationers said they blacked out or got sick at some of the country's most popular tourist resorts. they estimate nearly four out of ten bottles in mexico are contaminated. a wisconsin woman died after she was found unconscious in a hotel pool. david, good morning. >> reporter: norah, good morning. on the plane ride down here, i was sitting with a lady beside me. she had not heard about the travel warning. news reports are what compelled the state department to issue this travel warning. look. these claims are not coming from americans coming down dark alley. these are americans who book
7:33 am
vacations at all-inclusive resorts in mexico, including woman who was found face down after drinking. mexico is the top u.s. destination for travelers. nearly 30 million visited last year. they're now warning people to consume alcohol here in moderation and get medical help if they feel sick while drinking in the country. >> it's not a new concern in mexico, but what you have a perfect storm of more than one incident happening to people who don't know each other in different resorts. that's definitely a reason for concern. >> reporter: abbey and her family arrived here. it's one of ten resorts in mexico. by dinnertime she and her brother had reportedly been found unconscious after drinking at the bafrmt both were taken to the hospital and abby died days
7:34 am
later. others were given alcohol at mexican resorts causing them to be sick or blacked out. >> they said i couldn't get out of pool and i wasn't able to get up. >> reporter: she woke up after staying at this hotel. >> they said i was vomiting all over the place and they had to call the hotel doctor. >> more than 1.4 million gallons of tainted alcohol has been seeds. some contains pure industrial ethan ethanol, using in rubbing alcohol. the iberostar said they only purchase sealed bottles that comply with all standards. >> reporter: if you get sick in mexico, contact the u.s.mbsy immediately. gayle, our travel experts say it may be hard to tell. if you're buying this mexico, make sure the bottle is seal
7:35 am
bfrd you got it or the can is unopened. >> that's good advice. the ceo of the shoe company birkenstock is squaring off with am zune. birkenstock pulled its products in amazon earlier this year and in an e-mail birkenstock wrote to shop owners, quote, i share in no uncertain terms that this is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. any authorized retailer who may do this for evenly single pair will be closed forever. e repeat. forever. we reached out to birkenstock, but they declined. you got lots of comment today. >> good morning. >> it seems to me the ceo of birkenstock and bezos at amazon
7:36 am
will not be having lunch. they say this is a middle finger to new brands. >> this is a german company. he pulled the product from amazon because of concerns over counterfeit goods. he was concerned there were too many counterfeit goods from third-party retailers. he pulled them. now, amazon is 100,000% focused only on the consumer so they went and bought up birkenstocks from other retailers and put them on the site to sell them. i did it yesterday. they're still there and he's buying them on the open marketplace from other retailers. amazon does not make a penny when they're doing it. they buy and sell. they don't care because they want to please the consumer and that's how they've gotten so big. now he's saying any existing retailer who sells even a single
7:37 am
pair. >> it's so big. >> half a trillion dollars. it's amazing. they're in everything now. this is how they do it. for years they were not making a profit. they were -- >> is this cutting off your nose to spite your face in some respects? >> it is. birkenstock's a private company, so they can afford to do this. coming to the reality that you cannot -- you're doing yourself a disservice if you're not because the hundreds of millions of eye balls. nike just recently said you weren't going to sell to amazon. kenmore is selling to amazon. the ceo of gap said it would be delusional to not consider amazon. >> here's what amazon said about this. while sellers can opt out at any
7:38 am
time, it offers customers a widening selection of great brands. >> that's the thing. they just care about what the customer wants. that's why they ear looking at drone delivery. they're trying to make it as easy as possible. that's why you can get something in an hour. it costs a lot but it doesn't matter. >> birkenstock is talking about legal action sth. >> they are. >> thank you so much for being here. we'll take you in cold war-era tunnels that could be used in case of a nuclear attack. and we'll talk about the duck and cover drills used decades ago. and angelina jolie talks about bell's palsy, a condition that gives you temporary face paralysis. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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people i n hawaii are keeping a close eye on news about north korea this morning. they detected signs the country could carry out another missile test today. their last test earlier this month raised global concerns. some experts believe the missile had the range to reach alaska and hawaii. hawaii is the first state to announce a public campaign urging people to prepare for a nuclear attack. carter evans in honolulu in a tunnel deep beneath the diamondhediamond header crater. >> we're in a tunnel far below. this is to a place to ride out a nuclear attack, if only there was enough time to get here. every time north korea fires a missile, the regime gets one step closer to reaching the
7:44 am
hawaiian islands. >> last year there were 56 missile launches. >> you've been paying attention. >> that's a wakeup call. >> he said it would take less than 20 minutes for a missile to reach honolulu, something state officials want people living on the island to watch for. >> the first thing we're responsible for the people. >> in the event of a nuclear warning he wants key officials have to a safe place to operate, here, beneath the diamond head. the military has used this for more than a century. >> this is something the public never gets to see. >> very rarely. >> reporter: he showed us the labyrinth of concrete tunnels and bunkers beneath the kolg. he say there are no plans to
7:45 am
house people. >> it was designed to withstand an ar tishry barrage, but it was not designed for people. it was designed for equipment, materiel, and weapons. >> reporter: back in the '50s the government turned these rooms into a civil defense hub. today the state's emergency operations center run 24/7 in an underground bunker nearby. this retired general is in charge of the state's emergency management agency. he said doeshlt expect those '50s-era civil defense drills. >> first you duck and then you cover. >> reporter: emergency officials believe the majority of the population here would survive the initial explosion. what they need to be prepared for is the nuclear fallout and to stay inside for up to two weeks. >> what we focus on is shelter in place. figure out ahead of time where you are, where your family is,
7:46 am
and what is the best type of shelter they can get to at that time of the day. >> what a lot of people are concerned about is the impact that all the talk of this attack could have on tour up. they rely herbally on the 9 million visitors who come here every year and the local government wants even to know hawaii is still open for business. >> that is a good message, but it's very unsettling that you have to eve consider it. >> exactly. more and more talk about the idea of what's going to happen. >> well, they're making preparations and doing what's rig right. >> carter evans in hawaii. we thank you, sir. justin bieber accidentally rolled over a
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justin bieber accidentally hit a member of the paparazzi overnight with his truck. a group had surrounded him to take his picture. >> if you can give us a little space. >> the pop star was reportedly leaving church at the time. he immediately rush. ed to the man's side and immediately began consoling hip. some witnesses say he started praying. he wejts to the hospital with a leg injury and he'll be okay. the police did not cite anyone at the scene. he announced he was canceled the rest of his tour for unforeseen
7:52 am
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good morning, i'm jim donovan. allentown married he had pawlowski is expect in court today to answer federal corruption charges, pawlowski and former reading mayor vaughn spencer are accuse of dulling out city contracts to campaign supporters. the fbi raided allentown city hall back in 2015, both men deny the charges. let's send it to katie for the forecast, hi there, katie. >> today's forecast not looking too bad but we will see mixture of cloud, sunshine as well and with time spotty shower, thunderstorm in the afternoon or evening but radar is quiet at the moment say for some cloud cover moving in on the satellite, and things looking tranquil. day progresses spotty shower or storm but our main weather head line comes tomorrow in
7:57 am
the p.m. hours with the new system moving in with soaking potentially flooding rain and that linkers in to a good portion of the saturday, possibly, leaving behind showers and sunday as well. >> oh, boy, thanks. turning to traffic frankford avenue remains closed between girard avenue and thompson street due to tuesday's water main break in that area septa's route five, 25 buses are being detoured around the scene. new jersey transit atlantic city rail line resume normal services between absecon and atlantic city. line was suspended for most of the morning while bridge was stuck in the open position. next update 8:25. coming up next how city of denver is trying make immigrants feel safer. i'm jim donovan. i'm jim donovan. make it a great pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once. i'm jim donovan. makesuper pro-tip: buy your veg boom. the best food at amazing prices, giant.
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it is thursday, july 27th, 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." anthony scaramucci exposes more leaks in the white house. plus angelina jolie's health struggles. she suffers from bell's palsy and how she came back from the temporary facial paralysis. first today's "eye opener" at 8:00. a deadly accident at one of the country's largest state fairs. officials say the fair will reopen but the rides are closed
8:01 am
for safety. president trump's sudden ban on transgender entering the military has triggered a response. >> the decision caught washington by surprise. it is president trump's own senior staff who are to blame for making damaging information public. that's according to president trump's new communications director. authorities were seen escorting people off the ship that firefighters dealt with a car that's blocking their way that i hope those guys make it into the calendar this year too. >> something tells me they'll make it into the calendar. you can tell they've got abs. >> check out adrian beltre who's on deck. >> he got ejected in the most unique fashion. gerry davis didn't want him behind the plate. so he said, move from beyond the
8:02 am
on deck circle, so he moved the on deck circle. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. >> witnesses capture the image the ride fire ball came crashing down. passengers were tossed in the air. one was killed, seven are hurt and two of them are stel in critical condition at this hour. officials say multiple inspections raised no warning signs. president trump's decision to ban transgender troops is drawing strong criticism. now, it seems to cap washington by surprise. major garnt asked the white house press sayre sarah huckabee sanders about the pentagon's flatfooted response. >> why was the pentagon caught
8:03 am
by surprise by the president's tweets. >> as i said before the national security team was part of the conversation. >> what about this one smaller issue, not a whole ban. >> right. when the president made the decision yesterday, the secretary of defense was immediately informed as were with the rhett of the national security team. that had been part of this ongoing conversations. >> but you can't answer the question to what's going to happen to the transgender in the military now. shouldn't you have been able to answer the basic question with the policy of this magnitude. >> sometimes you have to make a decision and once you make a decision he didn't feel it necessary to hold that decision and he's going to work with the office of defense to make decision on it. >> sanders offered no time line on when the policy will go into effect. anthony scaramucci's financial disclosure form appear last night on politico's
8:04 am
website. the document showed his assets are worth as much as $85 million. it also raises questions about potential conflicts of interest. scaramucci tweeted he'll be contacting the fbi and justice didn't. >> some observers thought it meant scaramucci blamed priebus for the exposure. later he deleted the tweet. he said if priebuss to explain he's not the leaker, he can point that out. here's something to point out. anybody that serves in the government whether you're a senator, a lawmaker, you're supposed to admit these because you're working for the taxpayers and you have to make sure. >> so it's not a leak. >> it's not a leak. it's public information requested. cbs's "face the nation" john
8:05 am
dickerson joins us. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> what do you make of the leaks at the white house? >> you know, like much in life, the tighter you squeeze on something, the less you may have. the problem with leak investigations in all past white houses is that it clamps down on people inside of the white house. it creates an atmosphere of a little bit of terror. you get rid of people who are leaking. you find yourself looking ore your shoulder. i'm talking harmless leaks, not national security leaks. harmless leaks are a process that doesn't work where people feel like they're noting with heard, where their opinions are being discarded, where things are happening to their colleagues that irritate them or seem like they're not fair and disloyal. that's hard to fix by clamping down. white house is healthy when all
8:06 am
are working for a common purpose. when they see it's about self-preservation or can make end runs around the process, then they like. so it's really harder to fix by just firing people or threatening to fire people. >> shouldn't we be clear. leaks about the policy is not illegal. >> no, it's not illegal. jimmy carter had a terrible problem with leaks and hiss staff threatened to do what scaramucci is doing. white houses need leaks. they need relationships with reporters to float things out there without making them official to take care of stories that may look bad but they need a conduit off the record. again, as you pointed out, it's
8:07 am
not illegal but just inconvenient. but here's another important thing. i've been reporting on health care. republicans working on health care are not talking about leaks from the white house. they're talking about things that have come out of the president's own mouth, disstrablting the agenda, what he said to the boy scouts or jeff sessions. why he's trying to lead him to the end of the gangplank there. those are not coming from leaks. >> how do you see that playing out considering the public drubbing that donald trump is giving ofever sessions in. >> in a sense it may be the way it's settled down. again, it's confusion how confused republicans are with regard to jeff sessions who wants them to do well with this kind of situation that's emerged. but jeff sessions had been
8:08 am
looking into leaks. these are illegal leaks. he mentioned it in his congressional testimony. they actually charged something. this could be a way if the justy didn't does something the president could take an off ramp and say, now they're taking care of this thing, every egg's okay, and i'll move on. but that's if he really wants his attorney general to stay and we're not sure if that's the case. >> john's book "whistlestahistls in paper back. >> it's a very good read. we've interviewed john about the book. the toj announced this week it will withhold grant money from the cities unless they give immigration authorities access to jails. they want to know in advance when undocumented immigrants will be released.
8:09 am
barry petersen looks at both sights of this conversation. >> reporter: this was an arrest by i.c.e. agents at the front door of a courthouse. he was rustled into custody. he's since been deported. but showdowns like these, say denver officials, are a risk to public safety. denver's mayor michael hancock asked i.c.e. to stop making arrests at the city courthouse. >> we want people to trust the judicial system and we need them to show up. >> reporter: like schools, churches, and hospitals, he wants the courthouse as a sensitive location. i.c.e. refused his request. hancock says undocumented immigrants without any criminal history are now avoiding the
8:10 am
courthouse. at least nine cases of domestic violence were dropped when victims said they refused to come to the courthouse for fear of's. >> when witnesses are not showing up to testify, now we cannot pursue the individuals who have person freighted the crime. how does that make us more safe. >> reporter: philip miller oversees criminal proceedings by i.c.e. he said denver isn't cooperating with i.c.e. because denver is not alerting the agency when it has a violator in custody, so i.c.e. agent check court appearance for records and the agents must go to the courthouse or homes and workplaces alt a much higher risk to themselves and the community. >> they're beaten up, scuffled.
8:11 am
>> you feel it's avoidable. >> definitely. >> reporter: denver has gone a step further. those with minor traffic offenses are now allows to send in their plea by mail so they can avoid going to the courthouse. that's important says this man who was detained and face deed pore take after a minor traffic stop. he asked us not to use his name. he said in his community, frightened people now go out only when necessary like getting to work. >> a lot of community residents feel they need to go in hiding. >> you feel targeted. >> yes. >> i.c.e. says they're only doing their best to up hold the law. >> we're just doig our job. >> for "cbs this morning," barry petersen in denver.
8:12 am
>> thank you, bar. angelina jolie
8:13 am
rolling stone considers the tsa's instagram account shows strange items lot at airports to be better than beyonce's. a shrunken voodoo head mate from a goat. that's the thing i love about this job. you just never know what you're going to see. >> yep. he said a shrunken voodoo head. you heard him right. ahead we'll introduce you to blogger bob who's made it a hot act on social media. thank you, blogger bob. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back.
8:14 am
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8:17 am
angelina jolie is opening up about her latest health struggles for the first time after a tumultuous year. in the september's issue the star reveals she was diagnosed with bell's palsy in 2016. it results in temporary facial paralysis. the actress says she has now recovered. she said, quote, sometimes women
8:18 am
and families put themselves last until it manifests themselves in their own health. dr. davis agus joins us from lax. good morning. what causes bell's palsy? it results in a hole not being big enough. a never coming off the base of the brain has a hole and if it's inflamed, it gets compromised we think from viral infections shoo she said acupuncture helped. is that a common treatment or are there other methods? >> most of the time it resolves on its own, three to four weeks, sometimes six months. you can give steroids or anti-virals but acupuncture has been tried in several trials but unfortunately it didn't work. time will help. >> how long does it take? does it vary among individuals?
8:19 am
>> it varies. first describes by a scottish surgeon whose last name was bell. sometimes it takes two to three weeks or six months. when it goes down, the nerves start working in most cases. >> in this interview, she seems to think it was caused by stress. >> certainly when you're stressed, viruses can come out. you can get shing. s or a rekurchs of chicken pox when you're stressed. there may be an association. it's a pretty common disorder, bell's palsy. >> are there long-term effects? >> in a very small number of people the nerve won't regain its former function and things like bot you lie item toxin or surgery can help. in most cases there's full recovery. >> i have heard, too, stress is a big factor. are you saying stress is not the most common cause?
8:20 am
>> stress does not cause bell's palsy. we think it's a viral infection in the nerve coming from the skull. can it low ur your risk, potentially. >> david, this is off the wall but -- >> uh-oh. >> i know. i was listening to bbc radio and they were talking an medical journal in britain which said the idea of taking medicine and not taking all the pills, antibodies, for example, is no longer necessarily good advice. >> it's a big debate whether you should complete an entire course of antibiotics. say i prescribe you a week of a z-pak and after three or four days you're better, you do have to do the next three days. we had thought you want to kill all the bacteria and would get a resistance. in this case it's debatable, so there's debate on both sides.
8:21 am
>> thank you. >> always good to see you, dr. agus. we have a book in our green room containing some of the most profound poets. incoming poet laureate kay smith, remember her name, will soon add her name to the list. there she is on the list. she's in the library of congress. we'll be right back. and with panera catering, more for your event. panera. food as it should be. over the walks 26.2 miles,. that's a marathon. because he chooses to walk whenever he can. and he does it with support from dr. scholl's. only dr. scholl's has massaging gel insoles that provide all-day comfort to keep him feeling more energized. so he even has the energy to take the long way home. keep it up, steve! dr. scholl's. born to move.
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8:24 am
cubs fans waited more than a
8:25 am
century for a world series win and nine months later good morning, i'm rahel solomon. there could soon be another honor for late philadelphia boxing icon smoking joe frazier. new petition calls for re naming glenwood avenue in north philadelphia, joe frazier boulevard. so far, organizers say that the petition, started by frazier's daughter wiata frazier collins has 6,000 signature. former world heavyweight champion died from liver cancer in 2011. lets get a check of the forecast with katie. we may see some showers today but worse is yet to come. >> indeed hit the nail on the head too, rahel. we will be in for soaking rain making it's a experience by tomorrow which we will get to we have cloud, grant budd we will see some sun filtered through that as day progresses lets talk about what tomorrow
8:26 am
has up its sleeve especially for midday and through overnight and lasting into saturday. rain, thunderstorms will come through and flood threat does return since this is likely to be pretty soaking rain. anyone is fair game for it but especially in terms of the stormy weather, thunderstorms, embedded south of philadelphia especially. this could linger for good portion of the saturday and even sunday and monday, might even have residual showers, rahel. >> katie, thank you. westbound lanes have the route 40 are closed pennsylvania route 559 in mays landing, while crews make repairs from earlier this week road will reopen at 3:00 p.m. also is there a three vehicle accident on union meeting road at route 73, skippack pike in blue bell, road is block no word on injuries but we will keep you updated. our next update 8:55a head on cbs this morning one of the rolling stone's top instagram accounts of the 2017 is from the tsa, yes, i'm rahel solomon. good morning.
8:27 am
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a 4-year-old boy has been reunited with his best friend. luke swofford was reunited with his bear. the employees put the stuffed animal to work at the airport. he met some pilots, explored the runways, and he even spent time with the tsa. anybody with a little child who has a favorite blanky or animal, this is a big deal to get it back. >> they can't sleep without it. >> did you have a favorite blanky when you were a little boy? >> not kblablanky. >> okay.
8:31 am
or bear. >> not a blanky. >> did you have anything to share? >> i loved puppies and horses. >> did you, gayle? >> i didn't. >> i didn't either. >> the kiddings today do. >> it worked out well for this kid. >> that's right. he did okay. welcome back to "cbs this morning." a teddy bear is nowhere near the strangest thing that the tsa has found. 'head we'll look at some of the strengthest items confiscated at the airport and the man who's show casing them on instagram. and a check on the greenroom. clearly these girls got the blue memo. hello tracy and kay. one is with the library of congress and the other is a poet. time to show you this morning's headlines from around the world. u.s. globe and world report looks at the gene editing of human embryos in the united
8:32 am
states. it was done. they used crisper technology. now, the embryos were not allowed to develop for more than a few days but it's a huge development. today is prince william's last day as an air pilot. he announced he was leaving to focus on royal duties. before his final ship he wrote a heartfelt letter profession his profound respekts for his colleagues. he responded how they work callously every day to save lives. he said he will carry the experience with him forever. the online retailer wants to fill 50,000 warehouse jobs across the country. it's holding a jobs day on august 2nd. on that day ten of its warehouses will aur work to applicants.
8:33 am
they'll make job offers right on the spot. rihanna talked about how meeting people should be done. some people say president trump was awkward and inappropriate when he met the couple two weeks ago. after his chat with the singer the french president tweeted he's on board with her campaign. err year the library of congress. they aim to raise the nation's appreciation of poetry. poets once held this prestigious position. this fall her name is tracy kay smukts will begin her tenure as a poet. >> she was selected by library of congress carla haden. she presides over the largest
8:34 am
library in the world. they hold more than 164 million items in its collection and adds more than 12,000 each working day. tracy kay smith and hayden. >> what are you going to do? >> i'm excited about taking the conversations and life that poti fosters to different parts of country and listening to what people have to say. >> carla, is that the role of a poet laureate? >> yes. it's a wonderful tradition that
8:35 am
the library of congress has had since 1951. i have to tell you and we can reveal this on live television. this is one of the most exciting things. >> your first one. >> my first one. robert frost. i researched and i had exerted helping me. this was a beg announcement, making call. i had on extra makeup and they were going to take my photo because we were going to tweet this. i called miss smith and said would you have the honor of being the library of congress. there was this silence. she said, oh, can i the about it? but she ll -- it was really a reflection of how thoughtful she is and what really spoke to me that she examined things and she really makes decisions and makes them relatable. >> tracy, what was going on your mind on the other side of that call because most people would be going, oh, yeah.
8:36 am
>> i was trying to do that quietly. i hope i also said thank you. i was reeling. i had a certain amount of understandable disbelief and i also wanted to think about, you know, what could i bring to that position and, you know, what will it ask of me. i wanted to think about doing a great job promoting something that i love. >> i've got one good idea which is make poetry exciting to young people. >> yes. >> i think -- i have young children and in some ways i really believe that they're born loving poetry and metaphor and the imagine make. and somewhere along the educational process they sometimes are maybe frightened of what else a poem might be doing that they're not automatically aware of. >> but so many times, tracy, people think poetry is difficult or, gasp, boring. for you it's none of those things. >> i think sometimes knowing you're going to have to take a
8:37 am
test and answer some set questions about a poem can have a chilling effect. but when you're just reading a poem, it's a voice on a page saying, continue here, this is real, this has happened. this is how i felt. it's hard not to feel welcomed into that kind of encounter and it's hard not to rerk nice some aspects of yourself. >> tracy, you won the pulitzer prize for poetry in 2002, and your book "life on mars" makes people cry. the book was written in 2011. you won the pulitzer in 2012. many of the the problems were about your father, floyd smith. personal is poetic. >> i think so. poetry in that case allowed me to reimagine my father who had
8:38 am
passed away and to go back to moments when we were togetherings when he was real and in the world. and the poems closed some of the distance that, you know, death had opened up. i think death is good at closing all kinds of distance and making us feel like we've come into contact with something. >> why did you become a poet? >> i loved what poems did for me as a reader. i loved the sound of language and the sense of surprise that poems could inspire, you know. a good poem teaches you to look at the ordinary world and see something completely new within it and sometimes that feels like a super power or something. >> and it led you to meet the librarian of congress. >> i met her through her words, and i was one of those students who said, oh, poetry, and that's what i wanted to do with the poet laureate position, and making it available and
8:39 am
inseparable and relatable to people. that's what i've been doing sijs i was here last. >> good job, cara. tracy, you have a beautiful voice. so soothing and melodic. >> great. congratulations. >> thank you. we love the library of congress. >> oh, my goodness. they're doing all kinds of things. this wu the capstone. >> thank you. about nine months after the cubs clinched the world series. they have new reason to celebrate. hospitals in chicago are recording a new surge. they're giving names, issuey, clark, and mash even wrigley. adriana diaz talks about it. and the victory parties they'll never forget. meet the crop of chicago cubs fans, all nine months after the team's historic world series win. you do the math.
8:40 am
natalie and joe pelnar had their baby boy aidson named for the street outside of wrigley. these babies were born at advocate masonic medical center less than a mile from the legendary home. cubs mascot clark visited them. >> is this his first cubs oncecy? >> oh, no chls what did we get for presents. cubs clothing. >> club iker was bon morning and rita on twous and theo epstein named after theo epstein came. >> when do we think theo was conceived? >> i think the night the cubs won. the cubs were on our side with
8:41 am
just the right amount of champagne. >> reporter: >> it was all hands on deck. it was a very busy time. and, of course, babies tend to come all at once or at the most inopportune of times. >> while we can't know for sure the chicago cubs brought on this baby boom, for these new parents at least, the timing is a home run. for "cbs this morning," adriana diaz, chicago. >> that's a great story. >> i never thought of ahead, how images of nushlg objects like passengers tried to
8:42 am
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the tsa has become an unlikely star on instagram. it funny and educational posts share what can and cannot be brought onto a plane. the account has more than 3 million likes. kris van cleave has taken posts
8:46 am
to new heights. he's at the racingle national airport outside washington, d.c. good morning. >> good morning. the tsc does not usually earn a lot of praise. where they are spending time is online at their instagram page, and if you're not following, well, you're missing out. >> the tsa can be pretty bossy. shoes off, laptops out, arms up, liquids, small, but the tsa can also be pretty funny, at least online where the instagram aims to show their amusing side which shoes a mind-boggling litany of items people try to bring on planes. >> what is that? >> a shrunken voodoo head made from a goat. that's the thing i love about this job. the things you're never going to see. the tsa has seen it all. this dead body was screened in
8:47 am
atlanta. don't worry. it's actually a movie prop. and, yes, it was cleared to fly. bob burns or blogger bob as he's noun runs tsa's instagram. his weird items and corny captions have earned him nominationings and flowers. >> i always expected kanye to come knocking at my door to tell me i didn't deserve number four. >> he still might. >> you never know. >> bob, a former mufg and golf wour vet runs the office from his home office outside of cincinnati, ohio. he said he's always on the hunt for the bizarre, educational, or when all else fails a super cute dog like rufus. >> the purpose of the in stay gram account is to show people all the things we're finding nationwide and educate people on what you can and can't bring.
8:48 am
>> reporter: so if you're in a pinch about what to do with a giant maine lobster, bob's got you covered. they have twitter where they offer up to a thousand realtime answer as day to more straight forward question likeky carry on this face mask. you can't carry it on but you can check it. >> i mean you don't think about the tsa as a customer service organization. >> our goal was only to be able to help passengers and i think in the end that this program has really helped to soften the public perception of the tsa. >> a softer image bob's helped to build one like at a time. >> what is the secret to being successful on instagram and being successful, asking for a friend. >> tell your friend the secret is to share items that can create conversation.
8:49 am
>> blogger bob is the father of two and he said his inspiration is corny dad humor. he does admit he feels pressure to be funny and educationer with all of these followers, but the one thing they don't joke about is the guns they recover. they're on a pace. norah? >> you never know where interesting stories are going to come from. >> i saw a plate of bacon, norah. was that you? >> no, it's not me. i'm still amazed people get in the tsa line and what they're supposed to take out. >> they're annoying. they slow down the process. >> thank you, chris. you can hear more on our podcasts on itunes and apple's ipod apps. you're watching "cbs this morning." fe
8:50 am
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good morning, i'm jim donovan. the national constitution center, is giving away free tickets if you'd like to see senator john mccain receive philadelphia's liberty medal this october. you can apply for the limited number of tickets on the center's web site starting august 15th. it is not yet clear if the senator's battle with brain cancer will impact his plans to come to philadelphia. for that ceremony. now lets turn it over to katie for a look at today's forecast. >> today's forecast isn't all that terrible. we have started off with a little bit of the gray sky across the region as a whole but you should see sun through the day, and a lot of fog issues up in the mountains at the moment. that said current temperatures are mild, and we're not going to rebound a ton from here but we will get at least within
8:56 am
spitting distance lets say of what is seasonal. eighty-five or so for daytime high later this afternoon but do also expect spotty shower or thunderstorm to be ignited as a warm front lifts in. tomorrow there is low pressure ride ago lock that aforementioned front bringing in soaking rain especially p.m. hours of tomorrow lasting what looks to be a good portion of saturday and sunday and monday even still a chance for residual showers. this is one of the storms trying to throw curve balls at us left and right. stick with us here, as this is an evolving forecast for sure, jim. >> keep an umbrella or row boat handy. in traffic an accident on i-76 eastbound near conshohocken left lane was block earlier but accident has been moved over to the shoulder. and one lane will be closed to day on route 422 eastbound between royersford and, collegeville, this is because of guardrail repairs. this is happening between 10 and 2:00 this afternoon. on that note that is "eyewitness news" for now join
8:57 am
us for "eyewitness news" at noon i'm jim donovan make it a great day.
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>> two sisters suffering from a chronic condition, putting their lives at risk. could a powerful intervention convince them to change. >> i want to hear you say it: i am committed. >> i am committed. >> announcer: rosie mercado's delicious new diet that will have you wanting -- >> more, more, more! >> i am in, whoo! >> announcer: that's today! [ applause ] >> dr. travis: hello, and welcome to the doctors. we are spicing things up with a special co-host, rosie mercado is back! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] [speaking spanish] [ laughter ] >> dr. travis: you all may remember rosie made headlines when she received hate-mail from her own plus sized community after losing a whopping50 pounds through weight-loss surgery, one fan told her to


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