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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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he heard a loud sound, in his backyard, and this is what he saw. a big black fury ball, sending thomas sylvester takes backyard. he took video early wednesday evening after hearing a loud ripping sound outside. >> it was loud enough for me to stop, notice. i looked at the tree. there was a big black mound. >> reporter: it appears that the bear was ripping bark off this tree next to the stream behind sylvester's home. >> i can attest this was in the like this yesterday, before. >> reporter: it wasn't 100 percent certain it was a bear since he didn't approach but you can tell animal rolled down embankment it has thick mug air limbs characteristic of a black bear. evesham township police put/a public notice, to residents of the jessica court and barton run boulevard, be careful there is a black bear. >> i would have felt who are finally heard someone's dog got attack or god forbid something else happened and i didn't say anything. i was a little shocked but excited. i was hoping i could see the
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bear. >> reporter: neighbors we met didn't see bear but as news spread they had reminders. >> my whole family sent me the powe like watch out it is in your court. i said oh, boy. >> reporter: new jersey wild life officials say black bears rome throughout the state but less common in southern new jersey. they recommend limiting food sources like trash, bird feeders and don't ever approach a bear otherwise experts say this was normal bear behavior and shouldn't be a problem. >> lives in the wood, stuff happens. >> just to be on the safe side >> reporter: sylvester says the bear scampered off in the wood, he didn't see it again. nobody else we spoke to had seen the bear but just as a precaution evesham township police are doing extra patrols in this neighborhood. live from evesham township, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". investigators in ohio are trying to figure out how the ride at the center of a deadly state fair accident passed multiple safety inspections. officials say an 18 year-old man died and at least seven others were hurt last night on
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a thrill ride at a appears to have broken free, from its housing. ohio governor kasich toured fair ground in the area today. >> ohio will move on. that doesn't mean we won't remember yesterday. it doesn't mean we were not going to keep those families in our prayers. >> reporter: fairies opened but all of the ride are closed for now. there is no question this late's muse. ride accident has put a spotlight on safety at state fares and other attractions. we have learned one local amusement park has shut down two similar ride out of a precaution. our natasha brown joins us from our satellite center with more on the ride regulations, natasha. >> reporter: is there lots of concern, right now december smith most recent tragedy in ohio based on a three-year average the chance of getting seriously injured in the amusement ride is one in 16 million, that is less than a chance of being struck by lightening but regulation ape safety processes stringent.
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amusements are enjoyed by millions of people each year throughout the state of pennsylvania here in kim ber ton chester county families will be flock to go this carnival throughout the weekend. the recent tragedy at an ohio state fare is shining a new light on ride safety and regulations after one person was killed, and several others were injured, when the fireball ride malfunctioned, midair. safety inspector with the local kim berton fare say safety inspections are their number one priority. >> inspection done every day, we get inspected every time we set up by state inspectors and periodically state inspectors walk around midway to inspect operation and other things, you know, on the fair ground. >> reporter: for days inspectors reportedly had over seen the assembly and then inspect around 70 ride is a head of the opening day at the ohio fair. the inspection process is stringent in most states but federal and state regulation ness place depending on the type of amusement park. >> we're constantly
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scrutinized so we do the best of our abilities and we go above and beyond sometimes. >> reporter: federal government regulates traveling ride that is don't have a fixed location like a pop up carnival. state government regulate ride picked at a permanent location but regulations vary depending on state requirements. ride are required to be inspected annually in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. you can also ask to see the inspection before you take your ride, and consumer products safety commission investigates ride after an accident has happened. the pennsylvania department of agriculture's division of amusement ride and attractions registered more than 800 ride owners and 10,000 individual amusement rides and attractions annually. it is a daunting task left up to 1400 inspectors throughout the department. >> one bad thing to tear you from having a good time, because it is oddity. >> reporter: morey's pier release aid statement that read in part out of an abundance of caution morey
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piers closed two similar ride on the evening of july 26th, referring to it and the mael storm, we are working close which with the state and manufacturers to understand facts around the incident and appreciate your patientness that matter. that is very latest from now, live from the sat center, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". allentown married he had pawlowski pleaded not guilty to federal corruption charges. mayor pawlowski appeared in philadelphia federal court this afternoon for a hearing. he was indicted yesterday with former reading mayor vaughn spencer and three coconspirators. on brianry and fraud charges. pawlowski ace accused of running a pay to play scheme in his office, something his attorney says is impossible. >> i know my client did do anything, selling contract, he doesn't have that ability, he does not have that ability, to do that. that is a flaw in this case. >> he is free, on bail, former
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mayor spencer what i will peer next week. search is on for suspect caught on camera twice burglarizing a mosque in northeast philadelphia. this happened at islamic society of greater fail on roosevelt boulevard. investigators say that the thief stole money from donation bins on july 12th and july 17th. it appears he knew the layout of the mosque. anyone who recognizes the suspect is asked to call the police. all of the beaches in atlantic city and ventnor are back opened there nor longer high bacteria levels in the ocean. new jersey department of environmental protection gave the all clear just a short time ago, officials blamed untreated storm water run off from our recent heavier rains with the high bacteria levels. it is all dry right now but we are keeping an eye, a close eye, on some wet weather as we head in the weekend. meteorologist lauren casey is tracking a flash flood watch for our region and she's outside on the sky deck, lauren. >> thanks very much. dry right now but looking ominous but we are not expecting anyway of rainfall
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over the next couple of hours. temperatures not too hot but that steamy factor is certainly, with us. 80 degrees in philadelphia but that dew point at 71 making it feel more like 84 down the shore. we are at 79 degrees. poconos 71 degrees right now with the light southeasterly wind flow. storm scan three showing us, precipitation wise across the delaware valley but off to the south and west much more moisture that will be lifting our way with a strong storm system that will be slow moving, and quite moisture laden, so flash flood watch will go into effect tomorrow afternoon and run until saturday afternoon for areas shaded in green that does include much of the delaware valley including center city philadelphia. our shore points, and much of the pennsylvania suburbs. what to expect friday, friday night and into saturday steady , heavy rainfall, heaviest rain will arrive friday night and we could see embedded strong thunderstorms, rainfall throughout this time frame two, three, 4 inches.
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we will talk more specifically about the timing and where we expect highest rainfall values in your full forecast coming up in just a few. >> thanks, see you shortly. we have been getting a taste all week long but finally whole gang was back together in south philadelphia sports director don bellies live at the novacare complex wherever eagle was getting in on the action today , don. >> reporter: right now we're talking about really the most important relationship on a football team, the one between the coach and the quarterback. in year two doug pederson and carson wentz look to take massive steps forward. they were both rookies last season, both learning on the fly. eagles finished 22nd in total offense and a seven-nine record. but after another off season of record their chemistry has improved. >> that relationship has been ongoing growth especially last year. eight days before the season, it was just thrown out there and we developed that relationship during the season but really otas were big
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component of that and just sorting through some things together. >> that is the reason for 16 games last year for him, that is beauty of it for both of us , to go back and i can get that feedback from carson and understand what he does like what he doesn't like and help our offense get better. >> reporter: this is day four of the training camp first day that the full squad is here, that means we had an opportunity to talk to jordan matthews the wide receiver. has been limited in the off season because of a knee issue and today there is a little bit more intrigue about that knee ailment and we will talk about that later in sports. but for now coming to you live from novacare complex in south philadelphia i'm don belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we will see new a few. still to come not your ordinary softball game the reason that the real winners in fairmount park today, were not even on the field. and a chester church using
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hundreds of employees from philadelphia insurance companies played softball in fairmount park today. >> insurance softball league raised $41,000 for philadelphia children's alliance, organization provides a safe haven for children, who from sexual abuse. the league has raised a hundred thousand dollars for at lines. city of chester has seen a rash of violence in recent weeks but local church is offering a ray of hope. >> we now report that they are bringing joy to the stage, this weekend. >> reporter: thinks a dance ensemble for new life ministry international in chester. they are grooving and bringing life, as part of the eight year church tradition to bring broadway life and culture to the community. >> this is our mansion, in south africa.
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>> reporter: meet joy scott, in addition to co pastoring new life, chester resident is brain behind a original play titled the sutton's return, collision of culture, by young girl who traveled to south african at christmastime to tell her parents a stressful secret. >> i'm sorry i said things i said. >> reporter: to create the production church sanctuary was transformed into a theater that takes audience on a humerus, yet emotional journey to tackle teen pregnancy, rejection, redemption, and more. >> i want to greet people with the message of love, but sometimes people won't necessarily come to church but they will come into your play. >> you can sianni it feels good. >> reporter: kayshawn hardaway joined 30 plus volunteers that take the stage four times each weekend in july to bring theater healing to the community while getting a little bit in return. >> you are doing something good. you are not worried about what is out there. >> reporter: how does it make
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you feel when you see those kid on stage performing. >> i'm like a proud mom sitting in the audience, watching them dance and i look at them and some tears tears fall to my eyes. >> reporter: tears of joy in the heart of chester. cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all of the world to see. >> good job, guys. lauren casey's here now and we're in for some serious rain. >> like it hasn't been rainy, stormy enough. we have had rain, storms, saturday, sunday, monday we have had a break last couple days but they're back. they will be moving in as we head through the day tomorrow and we could see few hit or miss downpours tonight but main action will be late day tomorrow, tomorrow night, and into the first half of the saturday but right new we have cloud locked in place looking live at center city philadelphia, we're dry, we don't feel so dry. we have added in a steam factor. temperature 80 degrees. running below average but
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feeling more like 84 degrees when you factor in that humidity with temperatures in the zero seven's across much of the area with that easterly component to the wind flow off the ocean. seventy-eight in trenton. seventy-seven in allentown. seventy-one in mount pocono. seventy-eight in wildwood. but a big, difference in our comfort index this time yesterday we were in the not bad category with dew points right around 60-degree mark. right now we are in the oppressive category where we will remain as we head really in the next 24 to 36 hours. storm scan three shows us pretty quiet conditions across the delaware valley as far as precipitation, showers over new england and more moisture off to the south and west lift nothing our backyard as we see area of low pressure approach as we head in the day tomorrow but overnight tonight, cloudy, with hit or miss downpours, low temperature falling back down to 72 degrees, muggy conditions as well. for our friday heavy rain and thunderstorms developing especially as we head in the second half of the day and high temperature still topping out at 85 degrees and we will
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that have humidity factor. of course, it has been a wet go over the last week, dover in just the last seven days picking up over 5 inches have rainfall, doyletown about three and three-quarters inches of rainfall, three and a half in reading, close to two in fail and in ac. we have a very saturated ground and as this slow moving , and moisture laden system approaches over next several days we will add more to that. so being impact by this system midday friday, into friday late day, friday night and saturday widespread heavy rainfall and that will yield potential flooding threat because we have saturated ground that we will add significant rainfall on top of that future weather showing us pretty quiet in the evening hours. hit or miss downpours throughout the overnight period, dry friday morning commute but then for your evening commute areas of heavier rain moving in increasing in coverage, intensity in the evening hours and same case into the overnight check out these bull 's eyes near torrential rainfall late friday night
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into early saturday and maybe period of rain lingering as we head into saturday afternoon. we have embedded thunderstorm chance and could see few strong to severe thunderstorm marginal risk of severe weather in the city and slight risk of severe weather friday and across portions of southern delaware but main threat with this system will be this heavy rainfall, heavy in intensity and pre long in the time frame so rainfall totals, two, three, 4 inches across much of the area low values will be across lehigh veil, poconos, highest values will be across shore points and portions of delaware, and as we head into sunday, conditions improving, drying out, sunshine peaks out and then no problems a nice sunny creek, well deserved as we start the beginning of the august. >> well deserved. >> very well. >> yes, thanks lauren. >> little more crowded at novacare complex today. >> sports director don bell over in south philadelphia, don. >> guys, we are talking about the mystery of matthews, jordan finally talks about the
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neil ailment that has kept him out through much of the off season, what he had to say bit and what fans have been saying sports coming up
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training camp in south philadelphia. lets check with don bell live at the novacare complex, don. >> guys, during off season work outs we told that wide receiver jordan matthews did not participate because of knee tendonitis. today he did participate. he was a full go at practice he went at witt no limitations matthews is entering the final year of his rookie contract, so far there has been no chatter of any contract extensions. as for the knee injury he added more intrigue because he wouldn't exactly define what it is. >> i am not going to put a specific word on it. well, i played with that before. trust me, if i could be out
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here and play, i would be out here playing and practicing. so, that should never be a question about me, when it comes this game, i will always come out here and go to work. >> now time to follow-up on a story we told but yesterday. eagles traded vetrano fence i have lineman allen barber for conditional 2019 pick. it mace isaac say mol you un disputed starter. today isaac talked about barber and his own role on the o line. >> nothing but great things to say about allen. you know, how he helped me and kind of guy he was on and off the field. i only have good things to say about him. but i understand also the business of the nfl and is what asked of you and is what asked of me to do and you know , it is what it is. i will get out there and do my best. >> switching gears to baseball quiet night in south philadelphia, phillies have the night off, tomorrow they will start a four game series
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against the atlanta braves. now, lets talk about baseball from last night. this was an absolutely crazy scene. it was in the eighth inning of a blow out, and it was texas rangers, and they were taking on the marlins and third base man adrian belltre was getting his practice swingness when jerry davis noticed he wasn't in the on deck circle. but instead he lifted up circle, dragged to iter with was standing and, of course, the umpire didn't that. coup injections. manager jeff banister soon filled for arguing and marlins crew 22-10 win. maybe neither one of them wanted to stick around for that beat down. humerus end to go a blow out, game. >> meanwhile here we are day number four of the eagles training camp looking forward to tomorrow when action will ramp up just a smidge. that is story from the novacare complex i'm done didn't belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness sports". >> very interesting.
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>> first preseason game right aren't corn are. thanks, buddy, appreciate it. >> "cbs evening news" gist awe few minutes away. >> anthony mason joins with us a look ahead. >> tonight on the "cbs evening news" west wing in-fighting new white house communications director goes toe to toe with the chief of staff. plus the pressure's on as republican senators are told to step in line on health care reform. we will remember the first lady of voice acting just ahead on the "cbs evening news". >> but first on "eyewitness news" quite a surprise in camden. >> when we come back reason this guy was given a trip, given a gift during a trip to the aquarium, stay with
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coming up it is time for a taste of something different this week vittoria wild is going through port bell on's in kenneth square using taste budd to decide which area famous mushrooms make best lunch and dinner. tune in this week in chester county tonight at 11:00. that means the fun will continue tomorrow from kenneth square, summer fest celebrations starts on "eyewitness news" tomorrow morning and then i'll broadcast live starting on "eyewitness news" at 5:00. we will showcase everything that area has to offer, we will also set up our show at long wood gardens, that is tomorrow right here on cbs-3. meantime shark week continues. >> and camden a ventura quarter yummies celebrating a
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milestone, connor coleman was 1 million guest to cross the shelf bridge today. who, what, me, what. the suspension bridge is just inch's above the shark around the exhibit, connor received the ultimate shark week pry package that included shark theme items, and a year long membership to the aquarium. >> my man, congratulations. >> sharing it with the family. he is like are you sure, me. >> this is greatest ever. >> of all time. >> and that is great. >> congratulations, connor enjoy all of that. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on our cyst storetation cw fill and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. tonight is the white news chaos? major garrett has new details on the in fighting within the president's inner circle, and, the push back he is getting from congress over attorney general jeff sessions. from new york here now is anthony mason. take care family we will see
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you tonight. captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: the white house in turmoil. >> it's kind of hurtful. >> if jeff sessions is fired there will be holy hell to pay. >> if reince wants to explain he's not a leaker, let him do that. >> we all serve at the pleasure of the president. >> mason: also tonight, a deadly accident on a ride that had just been inspected. >> they knew they were going to die. you saw their face. >> mason: police departments put c.o. detectors in their ford s.u.v.s. austin cops say leaking exhaust is making them sick. death at sea. a utah man is charged with murdering his wife on a cruise ship. >> let me warn you, mister, for absolutely the last time. >> mason: and she s


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