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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 30, 2017 2:05am-2:35am EDT

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played foe dor. to suddenly not have that presence on the set, it's sad. i miss my big friendly giant. i'm sure he's -- [ crowd cheering ] >> he's back. he's back. >> i can't believe we just had a happy ending on "game of thrones." >> oh, we know the happiness won't last long. especially on that show. all right. have a great night. take care.
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>> tonight at 11 the water receded and many beachgoers are worried now about a second around of shore town floodi evem natasha brown. thanks for joining us. before the water began to more like rivers in several shore towns and ocean city was one of the h. neighbors say the flooding began last night along havensome flooding hurt they are plans. some deseed id to wait it out. >> usually we bring it to at beach but we thought it would be nice to travel down the streets of ocean city. >> it's really gross. it's all coming up from the sewer system. >> i see it, it's kind of little bit disgusting. >> construction signs do show crews are working to try to get the flooding under control and neighbors say there's a long way to go at this point. >> crews up and down the shore are checking to see if the beaches wab
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their own against the storm. she went to ventnor to see how much may have washed away. >> windy and dry in ventnor. it felt look a monsoon passed through the shore. >> we were stuck inside hospital elingtly. >> many people checked out the surf the sun left behind. they were checking out how the beaches fared. >> our do you know system works here. this was not long enough to chew the beach up as much as it could have. >> we would have a lot more rerotion in two or three days. >> another kind of beach problem. too much bacteria. high bacteria calls or atlantic city and all vendor beaches to close wednesday. too much animal weight and other bacteria filled
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pollutant washed into the waterways because of rain. could this storm cause the same back tier why problems. some officials i spoke with don't believe it will be an issue. rough sure. could help fill water quick 'and ways to kleingt on land. >> my hope that last rain on monday flushed out the systems well and the pipe that bring the water to the ocean. and so we hope that flushed that bacteria out and we won't have that problem again. >> throughoutster daily bacteria on beaches all across the line if there is an issue by monday. ventnor, cleve bryant, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> high sure. ruined vacation for up and down the coast. people are supposed to be out of the water and monmouth opportunityy. flames between 6 to 7 feet was lehigh. and flash flooding did naj near pittsburgh as well. fast moving water and knocked
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down fences and how wy ed away of cow and two calves. >> and heavy downpour sent water and mud cascading. they did not see this coming. the governor declared a state of emergency. >> a philadelphia man was struck and killed by lightning in satellite beach florida. brevard county sheriff office says it happened friday afternoon and cpr was spevshed but lamar rayfield later died at the hospital from injuries. i don't think it's afternoon storms it's a threat for beachgoers. >> police are investigating in north philly the shots were fired 21 and woodstock:30 tonight. two victims are 24-year-old men. one was taken to temple university hospital and other to has been man. they're both stable. we are waiting for information about the third victim in this
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case. police say they have made an arrest and no word on what led to the shooting. >> and police also investigating a deadly shooting and haverford township and dell decountry happened 2300 block of haverford road and they tell eyewitness news the man in 20s was shot and killed before 6:00 last any and please have these images wanted for a man for questioning. please comfort ward. neighbors heard two gun shots and people yelling and also tell us one person ran in the scene after the shooting. >> i kind of had one of those moments do you run towards or away. i have a 8-month-old sntsz. soy went halfway and that's when you know i placed the call to 911. >> police have not made arrests in this case. >> also police say a man was stabbed to death inside a homeless shelter in philadelphia spring garden neighborhood. it happened inside the sunday
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breakfast commission on 300 block of 13 street. police took one person into custody and authorities also say detectives recovered a weapon. so far there is no word on what led to the stabbing. >> little girl tonight following up tense house fire in camden, new jersey. the large file forced crews to battle the flames throughout the early morning hours. eyewitness reporter anita oh caught one family members of the child still in disbelief. >> after a plays tore through a twin row home in camden overnight melvin perry is mourning loss of niece 4-year-old layona williams affectionately known as. >> you just want to enjoy life. taken away too soon. >> perry was sleep quhing he heard and apoke to flames and
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smoke friday night. he and his wife tried desperately to have five children for safety. >> let's go to the middle room he's got them down for m me. >> eyewitness news helped catch three girls and one boy from below and 4-year-old boy never let it out. i'm trying it take it all in. doesn't seem real light now. >> fire officials say it began in first floor living room. >> they don't believe as you soo see there's camden fire chief report that the home had working smoke alarlz. flames were intense and he had to call for ca resources. >> it was alight of people here an a lot of things to get an operation. >> at this point the cause of the fire is investigation. in camden, anita oh, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> authorities meantime say
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owners of three mall nourished horses are facing animal cruelty rj chas. this is one horse in the pukz country spca removed from property on the 6 0 owe 0 block of bri paperwork study and charges against billy and michelle hawkins penya. they're asking for help to provide medical sources. >> he's not holding back. disappointment with senator reasons and trying to make an attempt to repeal and re place the affordable care act. onit twitter unless the republican senators are total quitters refeel and replace is not dead. demand another i know a new chief of stat will serve his again day. >> the president has a right to change ex dr. s and rights to hit a reset button. i think it's a good time to hit the reset button. i they he was right to hit the reset program.
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>> reince pre preeb announced his resignation of chief of staff yesterday and will be replaced by home lands secretary it's potential banning transgepd are from the military after 200 lgbtq supporters worried about the broader than just the minimum tarry. many say they're concerned about qualifying for healthcare and something sim civil rights as roars in their community. >> and western new yorkers are also pushing back against the potential ban. a crowd gathered in lafayette square today holding signs saying depend humanity and love trump's hate. tlanz gender people will be loued to serve and it chases policy to secretary of defense. >> u.s. and south korea conducted joint exercise toda today. al after norm korea ball is
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take missiles. they were fired to territory waters off south korea east gooingt. they're working with the u.s. to install advances american missile defense system. and they're concerned about the growing missile threat from north core 'a. >> our lined readiness and when called upon can achieve through realistic combined trains in today's activities. >> yesterday north korea test fired. it lanted off the coast of japan. stay with us everyone, still ahead on eyewitness news tonight, feeling cramped on your flight these days. you're certainly not alone. one group is taking leg room and seat size to court. why they say size in the air is a matter of personal healt health. plus got her like this in one happened and here's in the photo and chatting 911.
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full forecast coming up. >> finding hope on facebook. veteran is using facebook to ip behind healthy me. why doctors told him social media
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>> welcome back everyone there are 30 tesla mod he's on the road and lucky drivers are all employees of the condition and the star starts at $35,000 half the cost of the previous models and tesla says they already have 500,000 people worldwide who paid $1,000 to reserve a car. check this out pile of melted rubble used to be a ferrari believe it or not one hour after waying vehicle in south workshire unidentified driver lost control and went air bound. he walked away with minor cuts and bruises and no other vehicle involved in the crash. >> if you feel crowded and cramped when you board a commercial jet. now a yj is looking to get involved with leg room. victory for flier's rights and
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advocacy groups. after the group petition to faa was turned down in 2015 it went to court. advocates are arguing small airline seats could put passengers' health at risk. >> now the parents of charlie guard are speaking out about the death of their little boy who died from a rare genetic condition. his case raised ethical and legal he's request. back in march doctors treating charlie in london argued he could not be cured and should be taken off life support and parents wanted to take the baby to the u.s. for experimental treatment. yesterday u.s. doctor as greed with lob done doctors and charlie was taken ooh life support. >> our son is absolute warrior and we could not be prouder of him and we will miss him terribly. his heart and soul may soon be gone and his spirit will live on for eternity and his life will make a difference for years to come. >> charlie died one week shy
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of of his first birthday. >> now those struggles to find meals this summer will have easier time at least thanks to cub scout in wisconsin. he set up a lemonade stand for holeman food paptry and decided to spend summer running fundraiser after getting tour of food pantry and monday through wednesday he was out selling lemonade, sun flower seeds. >> we make all the money and give what we get to charity it will help feed people that don't have food. the lemonade stand ended today and she juan to continue selling next sner as well. >> and young boy in new hampshire is hald a hometown hero. 8-year-old harrison holt is honorary member of local fire department. harrison jumped into action last weekend when his dad was working to put out a fire in
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their barn. as his father fought the out of control flames he passed phone to son and said to call for hem. >> it was fairly out of control. >> he dialed and i took the phone and carried my baby sil silter out. >> as the fire spread to the phone harrison carried his signature to an oak tree in the front yard. the gir destroyed the home and family plans to rebuild on that same property. now the police athletic league of philadelphia meantime teaming up for nba with day of mentoring and full court press clin being today. retired players played drills and mentioning round tails and classroom activities. looks likes everybody had a great time out. there certainly was a nice, pleasant evening tonight. >> i know it feels like fall out there.
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cool evening. each need a lights jackets. there's a little bit of a chill to theer and we're setting up for a cool night. certainly below average. and not for the end of july standards that's for sure. things are clear and on out and we're taking you to a live look at storm scan 3 and other than stray spink toll southern delaware we have rain moving out as the storm system pushes to sea and clouds coming out without it and clearing skies in many locations. today, we needed officially to 77 and philadelphia. that is 10 degrees below average for this time of year. and definitely felt a lot more like a fall day out. there temperatures dropped down to the of 60s for many ears. 69 in cherry hill and 69 mil millville and down the shore wildwood 69. we had 68 in atlantic city and 65 pemberton and palmyra 69, 71 city and 67 trenton and 68
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in mount holly and out in the poconos klool out there. mid 50s now. 6 allentown and quakertown around 61 degrees at this hour. cool air as we head to the overnight hours tonight. simply because of more northerly component to our whipped. we were very breezy earlier today. you can see the winds camped down a little bit and we'll see wind out of the north 5 to 10 as we head into the overnight hours tonight. those northerly winds well they're bringing in some much drewer air for us. we have dew points in the 40s and 50s on the map. 50 degrees in philadelphia. even down the shore. dew points in upper 50s. it's feeling fantastic on boardwalk tonight. 53 trenton and dew point 48. right now in mount pocono. things will neal great as we head toe end of weekend. feeling awesome in fact with dew points upper 40s and low 50s please pts as far as dew points are concerned as far as comfort index to start
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workweek and not bad tuesday. heading to weng sthengz stoomy and still three really nice days that will be feeling really nice as well high pressure building on in. beautiful afternoon on tap. sunday night mostly clear skies and plenty of sunshine as we head to start of workweek. really three fantastic days will be on tap for us. by the pool side tomorrow 83. just make sure you lather suncreen with high uv index and sunny skies and great day by the pool and also down the shore. some nice beach days in store. breezy and sunshine tomorrow, high temperature 76. going with 78 monday and by tuesday look for 8 nice beach day out there. here's forecast for tonight. open up the windows and let in fresh air and get circulation going on. we need that sxwshlly after the hot week we dealt w 62 overnight in the city. i mean that's really feeling like fall. and mostly sunny and nice as we head to tomorrow and high
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temperature arounds 83. your eyewitness weather 7 day forecast. 86 degrees on monday with low humidity. we start to heat up tuesday. and still, humidity-wise it's not going to be feeling bad as we kickoff the month of august. and we'll see a bit more in the way of clouds as we head to wednesday. it will be hot and humid. high temperature of 91. when the 0s head into the weekend with chances for showers and storms. the next few days looking really good. >> so nice. thank you so much, chelsea. >> eagles looking nice. training camp. >> big day the eagles finally putting bad on at training camp and how did carson wentz look with the defense and could phillies continue
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>> all right fans have tomorrow. >> and today. >> and fans were supposed to come to linc today on ep practice moved tomorrow because of rain. eagles owner watching along
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head coach doug pederson. wentz light up the offense and shippinai and ft likes what he saw. >> today was a "good day" for the whole mean we had a few snas here and there. it was a "good day". i thought irticular we really ed well. probably as -- it's only one practice i'm not too excited that's as well as we've executed in the past. >> we had pretty good runs at well. >> right down the strt bank phn the braves. ikoff got the start for the phils. one 7 out of 1 and arming five reasons a gawm. fourth inning phillies down 2-0. base hit up middle. score on play and phillies
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trailing by a run. eighth inning down singled to right field and hernandez scores easily all over this pitch sending wall on right. second rbi of night. that's going to tie it bottom of 11 bases loaded for ty kelly. line drive left field says tommy joseph will score. phillies win third straight, 4-3 the final. >> if you want to make the playoffs in any sport you have to win on the road. union struggled away from chester just one road victory. and to england we go. union failed to clear the ball. new england makes them pay. ky kamara jumps on it two goals in the match and 3-0. >> soul on the road. baltimore the only team that beat them this season and fully up 7-0.
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and keking with ripe mcdanielle in traffic there and soul get revenge leading brigade 70-21 one regular season game left for soul and best record of the league 1 12-1. >> to golf on european tour third round. 17, tee shot straight up to the cup for hole in one and for ace. marcelle wins a porche worth $1. he'll be drying home in style. >> congratulations to upper 12e league team. they won beating morning can gainy 1-5 in biss toll connecticut congrats to those guys and good luck in regionals. love to see that. >> congratulations. >> still ahead a powerful tool. it can connect p.m. many people in many ways and the right connection could mean life or death. >> these are people i don't
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know. that's what's amazing to me. these are people that i don't even know. >> how this man is using facebook to save his own life and dolatest way folks all overe world are finding help
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♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ strummed guitar travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now.
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>> welcome back everyone time is precious especially for tennessee man that found out he needs a new kidney. hearing doctor's diagnosis did not make him skip a beat. when he needed to find a match he went to facebook. doctors told him posting could speed up the process. walsh, typically reserved ope opened up to strangers explaining why he wanted help. >> 85% of people that put requests for a kidney or facebook get one. soy got hope. i went on facebook and told my
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story. >> he says he is ready for anything he's fought many battles in the past, moore even corps and vietnam and less than a week they shared his facebook post more than 5 500 times and he received several messages for those looking to donate.
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>> finally tonight a very special baby is celebrated in china this weekend. take a look at this cutey. 40 day old tiger cub is now on display at safari park in east china. second china tying to be bread in the park since 2015. it was rare raw birth and this tiger is skivrpingt in wild. beautiful eyes right? >> that does it for us. i'm natasha brown, for lesley, chelsea all of us here, thank you all for joining us. chelsea all of us here, thank you all for joining us. have a good night. when i was 17 and then, you know, the olympics was 20 so a gradual buildup but i think taking the small steps and, you know, learning and building up to the olympics and keeping my focus on that big dream made it all


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