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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 31, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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fire anyone in the press office, who leaked information scaramucci's departure came just hours after president trump welcome former secretary of home land security general john kill i, as his new chief of staff. >> we want to congratulate you on having done a fantastic job , general and we look forward to if it is possible an even better job. >> reporter: retired four star general replaces reince priebus left on friday after he was target of a vulgar tirade by anthony scaramucci. >> president certainly felt, that anthony's comments were in a prep eighth for a person in that position, and he didn't want to burden general kelly. >> reporter: scaramucci is latest in a trio of white house aid toss depart, scaramucci and priebus join sean spicer, the outing press secretary. this morning the president made it a point to deny any white house turmoil, he tweet ed, highest stock market ever, best economic numbers in
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years, and no white house chaos. now the white house has a new boss, besides the president, general john kelly, and those who know him insist he doesn't fool around. >> i predict that general kelly will get down in terms of the position of chief of staff, one of the great ever. >> reporter: white house released this statement a couple hours ago quote anthony scaramucci license leaving his role as white house communications director. mr. scaramucci felt it was best to give chief of staff john kelly a clean slate and the ability to build his own team. we wish him all the best, reporting live from the sat center, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". this story continues to unfold, and "cbs evening news" will have up to the minute developments on the latest shake up at the while house, coming up at 6:30 right here after "eyewitness news" at 6:00 on cbs-3. $5,000 reward is being offered in the deadly weekend shooting of the man in the haverford township apartment
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complex. henry rossoff is live in haverford tonight, henry you talk to the friend of the man who was killed, good evening. >> reporter: we did speak with the friend of the man who was killed, that reward being offered for information about the man who police believe, followed john lee as he left behind me down the sidewalk and ended up shooting and killing lee, police believe. meanwhile with all of this going on with the manhunt going on lee's friends are grieving tonight. chains climbing and disks dancing through walks in the wood. that is how friends of john lee say they will remember quiet but caring 29 year-old gunned down in haverford saturday night in what appears to be a random shooting. >> it is just not right. >> reporter: eric bevin played a round of disk golf with lee just hours before he died. >> definitely deserved to have a nice, long life. he should have been one of the people coming out here for years. >> most gentle nice people i have ever known and it was a tragedy.
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we who a great man here. >> reporter: police are searching for a suspect a man caught on the security camera fleeing the scene in the red hoodie, a new picture released just today gives you a better look at his haircut and facial hair. >> it is absolutely a cold blooded vicious thing to just gun somebody down like that. >> reporter: philadelphia police commissioner richard ross says suspect is also linked to another seemingly random attack in the overbrook park section of philadelphia, it happened 45 minutes before the haverford ham side, and there the red hooded man is accused of shooting two people , missing them but hitting car before fleeing in his own gray volvo. >> we are asking for public's help in getting this violent individual off the street who already killed one individual, and actually, tried to do the same to two other people. >> reporter: plea being echoed by lee's grieving family. >> hopefully they will get him that seemed like a good one. >> this guy need to be caught quick he is dangerous. >> we have more information about the suspect, as well as that $5,000 reward at cbs
5:04 pm live, henry rossoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police are searching for person who fired shots that sent a stray bullet in the home of a 17 year-old girl and hit that 17 year-old girl. it happened early this morning on the 4900 block of b street in feltonville, police say that the bullet came through a window and hit teen in the chest. she was rushed to the hospital but has since been released. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. authorities are also investigating another overnight shooting this one in the cities fair hill neighborhood. a man in his 20's was found shot in the head near fourth and indiana, police say officers rushed the victim to the area hospital where he later died, investigators are now canvassing the area for surveillance video and they hoe that will help them track down the shooter. it is notorious swath of land, conrail announced clean up of this stretch of tracks known as hot bed for heroin addicts, in total the project
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will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and tough to gauge how successful it will be in the end it is a piece of land, thick brush with trash beside railroad tracks on conrail's private property. the space that channels through kensington and fair hill is notorious for sheltering philadelphia's hardest addicts. >> it covers a lot of ground here. >> reporter: joslin hill gave us walking tour showing us beginning of the massive clean up, one that comes with a eviction notice for those living along the tracks. >> we want to make sure that we are being sensitive to the folks that were, you know, on the property where they are living here or whether they are just coming during the day >> reporter: two blocks away epicenter of the opioid crisis an area teaming with children, officials outlined, the steps of recovering. >> we're limb nateing the situation that attracted drug users to the neighborhood from across the region and northeast part of this country >> reporter: city has paid
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$90,000 to erect fence is a long overpasses, security and police will supplement conrail officers, but striking at heart of the problem will draw a slow, steady response from police. >> there are so much demand in the neighborhood for the users that even when i take a corner down, there is three more people waiting to take that cornerback over and continue to selling drugs there. >> reporter: yard from the speeches's remarks a lone syringe lie on the ground. police disposed of it but dismantling the shadow culture , will take longer people under the bridge need our help. they are fighting a disease and illness. >> reporter: city has homeless and addiction treatment programs at the ready to handle those displays by clean up. by the way statistics released last month show fatal overdose numbers in pennsylvania, have hit a new record, soaring by more than a third in 2016 over 2015 deaths. we have just learned a philadelphia mother accused of leaving her babe a loan in a
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bucks county motel room with drugs in plane sight is in custody. arrest warrant was issued for 34 year-old eric contact a villa lopez, bensalem police said she abandoned her, seven month-old in the room she rented that the knight inn hotel. cleaning crew found the baby on the floor yesterday afternoon. police say child appeared to be unharmed and is now in the custody of children services. high flames and heavy smoke in northeast philadelphia, this was scene from chopper three over 5300 block of horrocks street. fire officials say flames broke out just before 11:00 and spread from one home to two others. sparks could be seen as fire hit nearby power lines. fire was placed under control in an hour and no injuries were reported. the rain in one atlantic county town over weekend has created a mess in, margate recently built sand dunes, now look like motes, that is where we will find our anita oh with the closer look at the flood ago this has people frustrated , anita.
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>> reporter: that is right, jessica, all this is supposed to be dry but right now is there so much standing water due to heavy rainfall over the weekend that city officials have had to post these sign warning beach goers no to the swim in these basins. margate's mayor and neighbors tell me that a controversial beach fill project toys blame as these dunes block storm water from draining properly. they are so concerned about potential bacteria that sample s are being tested and results are expected tomorrow. meantime army core of engineers tells me it is aware of the problem, they say they plan to pump this water out over the dunes and fill in these basins with sand but one life long margate resident said she doesn't just want a temporary fix she wants this project to stop. >> our greatest resource they are destroying, the pollution, that is on this beach, the back tear, yeah the filth, the massive dredging up, damage they are doing to the sea life and it is all unnecessary.
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>> reporter: ventnor and longport are next on the schedule for beach project. difficult speak with the longport mayor and he does understand there are inconvenience but he believes any will be out weighed by benefits of this project but there is a lot of controversy, lot of disagreement over this. i will have much more for residents and margate city officials coming up at 6:00. live from margate i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 a confrontation with governor christie. >> governor gets right in the face of the fan at a baseball game what the fan told governor that told him to lash out. a dramatic rescue when that car goes up in flames what happened before police pulled two people out of the burning car. ominous forecast, startling impact climate change could have on the country in just a few years, lauren. and summer heat returns but will humidity come with it as we kick off month of august
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a deadly accident as a car drives off a bridge, and london a highway underneath, and then bursting into flames. this was scene in minneapolis last week, authorities say car jumped a bridge over i94 and landed on the highway and then burst into flames. officers were able to drag the female passenger to safety and then remove unconscious driver , but the 31 year-old later died at a hospital. ominous forecast for planet earth, two different studies released earth's global temperature will likely rise by more than 2 degrees celsius by even of the century >> most comprehensive study to dayton climate change predicts more and more people will die from air pollution if changes are not made. health reporter stephanie stahl has more in tonight's einstein health care science certainty. >> reporter: lots of health news, scientists say hotter
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temperatures speed up chemical reaction that is create pollutants like ozone, which impacts public health. now this research add to growing evidence that the overall healthy affects of a changing climate are likely to be overwhelmingly, neglecttive as climate change effects air pollution scientists estimate 60,000 people could die in the year 2030 if not addressed, new research says that in 2100 , that number could jump to 260,000 people, researchers looked to several climate mod tolls get their estimates. >> air pollution effects things like heart attacks, stroke, cardio pulmonary disease and lung cancer. because air pollution effects those cause is it has big effect on health. >> reporter: topic is controversial in recent years, doctor west says that slowing down climate change could make a big difference, for the country's future health. >> reducing greenhouse gas emissions has a really big
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benefit for air pollution and therefore for human health. >> reporter: previous studies suggest climate change can lead to more heat-related illnesses and spread infectious diseases. now the american college of the physicians, last year warned that climate change will have devastating consequences on everyone's health unless aggressive axis taken. today's research came out of the university of north carolina/chapel hill. >> interesting indeed, thanks very much. tropical storm emily made land fall on ana marie aisle in florida just hours after it formed that storm is expected to track across florida peninsula over next 24 hours with heavy rain, and gusty wind this afternoon though, day at the beach it looked calm this shot from earth cam showed beach goers playing, swimming despite that tropical storm warning issued for florida's west coast. surprise, surprise there. >> yeah. >> little activity in the tropics. >> that has weakened back to a depression but will strengthen backup in the storm but good news it will not bother us. >> thank goodness.
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>> might present issues with rip currents as we go toward next weekend but something to keep in mind. right now keep in mind taking in a lot of sunshine. look at that, look at those lucky people out on the beach, a gorgeous, beach day, today, sunshine, in the scene. comfortable hugh mid values. temperatures that aren't too toasty on this last day of july. we are at 88 degrees right now in philadelphia. eighty-eight in allentown. eighty-three in wildwood. we have a sea breeze at our shore points, it is 79, feels nice in ocean city. eighty-eight in stone harbor. eighty-one in rehoboth beach. looking live at center city philadelphia looking nice as well just friendly looking cumulus cloud, blue skies, 88 north wind so it feels cooler then air temperature would reflect because of our low humidity values, don't get that too often in late summer. as we head in the evening mostly clear, comfortable temperatures in the low to mid 80's, southeasterly breeze.
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storm scan three showing us quiet conditions across much of the area we have this one little isolated storm, that popped up over wilkes barre, could sneak its way down toward poconos but we do see it is moving slow and its forward pace and isolated in nature so we will not bother too many people, and can't say the same case with emily, this is now tropical depression emily bringing heavy rain over last couple of hours mainly to the florida keys and that will be impact along florida peninsula, flight delays as well. emily wind speed at 35 miles an hour motion off to thee northe at 12 miles an hour heading over gulf stream in the next couple days we will restrength men to a tropical storm but weak one at that, wind speed at 45, we will see forecast track taking it away from the delaware valley as we head toward end of the week but we know with the tropical system off shore that still does impact those rip currents as we head toward upcoming weekend so that is something to keep in mind. overnight tonight a great with
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one, mostly clear, pleasant, 70. for our first day of august mostly sunny chance of isolated thunder shower in the afternoon, high of 90. but that humidity will not be too intense and dew points generally in the upper 50's right now telling us it feels comfortable outside. that wouldn't trend as we head in the day tomorrow humidity levels not too bad getting a little more hume mid to wednesday and thursday but still we will stay out of this insufferable oppressive range as we head in our first week of august so not too bad. future weather showing us quiet, looking great on your lunch hour taking in that sunshine as we head in the afternoon, your isolated cells popping up, nothing too intense, isolated thunder showers popping up especially along that sea breeze if we get that tomorrow afternoon. as we move heating of the day after sunset those storms will diminish. down the shore sunny skies watching out for chance of the isolated evening storm on the sand temperatures in the 70's to mid 80's, south wind will
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turn up in the afternoon hours uv index very high and rip current risk is moderate through through the day tomorrow. we have a thunder shower tomorrow afternoon. betters chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms as we head into wednesday and thursday afternoon. typical summer-like day more humidity as we head into friday and at this point the start of our next weekend could be on the more soggy side and sunny side as we head into sunday. >> sunday is comfortable. >> very nice. >> thanks very much. don't ruin your die wet just one meal. >> coming up restaurant meals that are dishing out most damage tour weigh line. strange smell and disgusting sight stunned tourist at niagara falls, the problem that turned the waters black, leslie. day game against the braves and it started with the sixers first round pick, we will check in with markelle fultz at the ballpark as he throws out that first pitch coming up in sports.
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it could abe key to the cure in the rare type of cancer. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 stephanie stahl explains the treatment he is receiving and how he is making it his mission to make sure it is available to everyone. his story tonight at 6:00. leslie van arsdal will join us now with a look at sports and some action at the ballpark. >> yes, special guest star today. we have seen sixers first round pick show off his skills on the court but today markelle fultz showed us his pitching skills down at the bank. it was a special day at ballpark for sixers first overall draft pick markelle fultz, the sixers guard posed for pictures as he got ready for his first pressure situation in philadelphia throwing out first pitch before the phillies game.
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>> after some last minute instructions, it was time to have his big moment and to meet fanatic. fans chanted trust the properties zest and markelle did what he came to do. >> i think i did a pretty good job. i didn't get to warm up, so if i warmed up i would have thrown a strike. >> reporter: fultz said this was very special to me. >> showed me the love, philly, so, it is all good. for me, to be able to be welcome down here on a baseball field it shows the love that the philadelphia community has. >> i'll tell you he made a big promise to the fans, we will have that coming up at 6:00 o'clock. >> indeed. >> it wasn't bad. >> a hug from the fanatic for good luck. >> everybody need that. >> yes. >> leslie, thanks. coming up next, in the half an hour going out of
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business. >> local stores shutting down for good in just a few hours, but first it is governor chris christie verse a heckler what that fan called the governor that led to this face-to-face confront facial. they didn't know fit was going to work or a possibility and here he is two and a half years later and it is a miracle. >> she is being called a miracle baby, how this woman gave birth more than two years after her husband was murdered
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news continues at five there 30. here's what you need to know, $5,000 reward is being offered for any information on the suspect seen in this surveillance photo involved in saturday's deadly shooting in haverford township. the victim 29 year-old john lee was visiting a friend's apartment saturday night, when
5:29 pm
he was killed. officials from conrail and city of philadelphia announcing a comprehensive clean up plan along train track from his kensington fair hill known as hang out for heroin addicts, the project includes new fencing and additional police officers to supplement conrail's security. and anthony scaramucci is out as white house communications director after just 10 days at the job. his ouster came hours after president trump's new chief of staff general john kill ways sworn into office. encounter between new jersey governor chris christie and baseball fan that has gone viral. good evening, i'm jessica dean i'm joe holden in for ukee tonight. governor christie had another bad day at the ballpark that was caught on video. >> governor confronted a fan who heckled him at yesterday's milwaukee brewer/chicago cubs fans. that is very end of the confrontation between cubs fan brad joseph and new jersey
5:30 pm
governor chris christie, joseph says it started like this. >> when the issue was going up the stairs i yelled his name. he was already past me and probably 30 feet away. i yelled his name a told him that he sucked. >> reporter: when governor christie came back joseph called him another name. >> i called him a hipocrit because i thought, you know, it needed to be said. he then turned around and walk back toward me, and got up in my face, for what seemed like a long time. it was only about 302nd or a minute. he was kneeing me with my knee , like very clear he was making contact you want to do something, you want to start something, here. >> reporter: joseph admits he is not a chris christie fan other than the crowd heckling new jersey governor too. >> i remained calm and i was just trying to watch the game which i understand he was probably do the same thing, but at the same time he is a public official and this is
5:31 pm
america, and i think we have the right to say what you believe as long as it is not, crude or profane. >> you may remember christie was booed after catching a foul ball after catching a foul ball during a mets game. governor's office had no comment about this incident but if you are wondering why he was at that particular game , his son works for the brewers. today a cable tv personality helped out a new jersey family's wrongful death lawsuit against governor christie. twain chapman known as dog the bounty hunter joined family of christian rogers in trenton. rodgers was allegedly murdered this past april by a man who had been arrested days before, but released because of new jersey bail reform initiative. >> everyone in our neighborhood knows that this guy was a danger to society and our community. who had who had him pick up my baby would be here today.
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>> 200 years the bail bondsman has been in effect in america and for 200 years, it has worked. all of a sudden one state, changed it and now they are in chaos. >> well, new jersey attorney general's office tells "eyewitness news" it had no comment on the lawsuit. president trump's son in law and senior advisor jared kushner was back on capitol hill one week after meeting with the house and senate committees investigating russian election meddling. kushner took part for congressional interns today. his address was originally scheduled for last friday, this event was closed to the media. president trump says escalating tensions between u.s. and north korea quote will be handled n a show of military force over weekend u.s. flew two super sonic bombers over peninsula and performed a live fire missle test. exercises were conduct with south korean and japanese allies. white house today former army medic became first person to receive medal of honor from
5:33 pm
president trump. private first class james mclaughlin risked his life multiple times rescue his war comrade during a day's long battle. now 71, living in michigan, he calls that battle the war two days of his life. >> shot after shot, blast upon blast, as one of his comrade recalled whoever called medic, could immediately count on this man. he is a brave guy. >> medal of honor is nation's highest military honor. decade old cold case in bucks county is over tonight. george shaw was found guilty of third degree murder in the death of 14 year-old barbara rowan in been sale number august of 1984. shaw drugged and suffocated rowan and dumped her body with the help of the friend. he was found guilty of attempted indecent assault and not guilty of rape. here's our first look at a frankford man who admitted
5:34 pm
shooting two of his neighbors a few weeks ago. kennel coyle is charged with two counts of the first degree murder for double shooting on james street, he told police he shot bob depaul and august dempsey because he thought they were trying to climb his fence. widow of the new york city detective is speaking for first time since giving birth to their baby two years after he was killed in a deadly ambush. >> through in vitro fertilization the officer's wife says their daughter is carrying on his legacy. cbs news correspondent jeff g lure brings thus story. >> unaudible. >> just after death of her husband on that horrible night when he was assassinated inside a police cruiser sammy liu said she knew this day would come. >> hade a dream, they hand meade a baby, here's a baby
5:35 pm
girl. >> you dreamed about him handing you a babe that i night. >> that same night it was a girl. >> right. >> reporter: nypd commissioner james o'neill was at the hospital, he remembered, sandy asking if doctors could preserve her husband's sperm. >> they didn't know if it was going to work, or if it was going to be a possibility, and here it is, two and a half years and it is a miracle. >> this is her daddy. he looked after us. >> reporter: sammy proceeded with iv f to honor her late house band. liu's daughter will one day learn all about his dedication to the job, sandy says she will pass on this necklace with his badge number so it can be close to her heart. >> i will show my doubt their her father was a hero, her father made the ultimate sacrifice to make this world a safer place.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: baby's name is angelina why is that. >> she's not only a angel from heaven but an angel for nypd for all of the police officers i hepp she will bring all of the hope and strength to my big blue family. >> jeff glure, cbs news, new york. new statue depicting jesus as homeless man was dedicated by archdiocese of philadelphia the bronze sized statue shows jesus sleeping in the bench covered by a blanket, dedicated at saint john whose who piss. archbishop chaput presided over a special blessing of the statute and spoke of the meaning. >> this occasion offers a solemn opportunity to renew our commitment to our brothers and sisters in need, particularly the home less and poor. >> st. johns hospice is catholic ministry that provides services for hundreds of home less men, including meals, showers, and case management. still to come on
5:37 pm
"eyewitness news" talk about diet wreckers. >> unhealthy meals you can order at a restaurant. a disgusting sight near niagara falls the problem that turned water near falls black. >> my heart literally sank right when i first saw it. >> students are stunned when they find out their college admissions has suddenly been revoke, reason for school's change of heart and what it suggest those students do right now, lauren. still aways out but looking toward upcoming weekend models trending for a wet saturday where we can see rain, thunderstorm activity but now we could dry out on sunday with a really beautiful day in store, sunshine and very comfortable humidity, high temperatures will be running below average it looks like for both saturday and sunday in the low to mid 80's. we will be
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you only have a few hours to shop at some local jc penny stores before they shut down for good retailer is closing four stores in our area tonight. they are at king of prussia mall, philadelphia's mills, willow grove park mall and rio grande cape may county. stores will all close at 9:00 tonight. about 255 workers will lose their jobs, jc penny says it will work with them to find other positionness nearby stores. closures are part of the larger plan to shut down 138 stores across the country, in a cost cutting move. apple fans want to know when next iphone eight is coming out and they could get a clue tomorrow, apple is expect to release its earnings report and analyst say if the company's revenue outlook is on the high end that may suggest that the latest smart phone could go on sale, in september. i just learned how to use the other one.
5:42 pm
>> yeah, you are good for a while. >> i'm good, i'm settled, i'm g. coming up, surprising new fashion from the time i was pregnant with him, had so much life and energy in him.
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imagine imagine getting admitted to college and having your admission offer withdrawn that happened to uc your vine block ant. university received a record 104,000 admission applications so took hard line men forcing deadlines. emily says that the university withdrew her admission offer when it claimed that she did not receive her transcripts. >> it is just an unfortunate situation to be in and like no one deserves that not even my greatest enemies. >> there is no student who had been admitted and has met all of the requirements that is not being accommodated this fall. >> uc your vine says it is encouraging those who had
5:46 pm
their acceptance withdrawn, to appeal. if you are watching, what you eat is there a new list of food you may want to avoid. >> group just released what it calls the eight unhealthiest restaurant meals. the center for science, in the public interest called ihopt cheese burger am let with syrup the war. >> so good. >> packed with 2,000 calories and more than two days worth of saturated fat and sodium. >> when it comes to burgers, buffalo wild wings cheese kurd baconberger with fries is are real whooper. the burger deep fried cheese, bacon strips and salsa has 53 grams of saturated fat and 4700 milligrams of sodium, so if you are keeping score that is about the same amount you will find in five burger king, bacon double cheese burgers. >> for dessert ridiculously insanely large chocolate cake, lives up to its name, one slice will set you back 1700 calories, and more than three days worth of sugar.
5:47 pm
you can find full list of all of the unhealthy items on cbs >> like a food segment there. >> but, you can get it between five people. >> so depressing. >> i would rather not known. >> yes. >> lauren casey joins us now how are things looking for the workweek. >> they are looking pretty good. been a rough go in this month of july and especially along the coast we have had all of that rain, and we are start to go dry things out, a beautiful day our last day of july and getting a look at bethlehem, check out, that view. quiessential summer there, got some green, trees, american flag, blowing in the breeze, couple of friendly cumulus cloud, a lot of blue sky and we're seeing that all across the delaware val which just a really beautiful summer day in progress and tomorrow is going to look and feel pretty similar as we kick off the month of august. we will check in right now with our eyewitness weather
5:48 pm
watchers they are reporting current conditions. numbers in the upper 80's to near 90 degrees. we're heading to cherry hill where it is 87 at lynn's house , mostly sunny skies in cherry hill and she said picture perfect summer day, can we do it again tomorrow? yes, have i mentioned it looks like we will dot same, dew points will stay similar levels so it won't feel all too humid and for august standard it will feel, really nice. lets head into delaware where it is 87 at greg's house. he has partly cloudy conditions in marshall ton and picturesque day puffy cloud with bright blue skies, dew points in the lower 60's telling us it doesn't feel all too sticky. we will check in down the shore where it is a beautiful day as well, 88 degrees at james house. he has bright, sunny skies and ocean city, new jersey and best day of the summer. that is quite a statement. over 10 inches of rain at my station. so that has been the trend so sunshine is extra, extra, nice but certainly has been a wet go over last week and a half,
5:49 pm
particularly down the shore, over seven and a half inches, in rainfall in atlantic city, dover picking up close to six and a half inches and this is just in the last 10 days, not even in the last month, wildwood picking up over five and a half inches, reading over 4 inches and in philadelphia one of the lower totals but still healthy total of over 2 inches of rainfall but not much to see right now as we check on storm scan three. cloud cover as sparse as well. we had one cell popping up north of the poconos and it has been since dissipated but we could see rain drops in and around mount pocono as we head in the next 30 minutes but talking about that comfort index and right now we are in the not bad category, maybe even get to give that ac a break overnight tonight, with the lower humidity and temperatures dropping down 70 degrees. mostly clear, south wind become westerly as we become head in the overnight period. we have a repeat mostly sunny chance of the isolated late day thunder shower, otherwise
5:50 pm
90 degrees witt feeling not all too sticky. tomorrow we will be seeing a nice day for a high, spotty late day thunder shower, high of 81 degrees. better storm chances especially toward poconos as we head into wednesday and thursday and scattered round of storms in the afternoon developing as we head into wednesday with a high temperature of 81. storms looking likely in the poconos as we head into thursday. future weather will show us what is in store for tomorrow not too much action going on, looking great for your commute , for your lunch hour as well not too bad fair weather cumulus included starting to develop but as we head in the prime heating of the day we will see a few isolated showers and thunder showers, developing as we head into the afternoon and early evening hours we could run into one of those, could slow down your evening community but as we head past sunset tomorrow evening that storm threat will be diminishing as we lose heating of the day but temperatures tomorrow, 88 degrees, and first day of august, in trenton tomorrow, 89 in wilmington. 90 degrees in philadelphia nice dade down the shore with
5:51 pm
high temperature in the middle 80's cooling back to near 80 once that sea breeze getting tomorrow afternoon. storm chances in the city as well heading in to wednesday and thursday afternoon, typical summer-like day with sunshine in the morning and storm chance in the afternoon and best storm chance unfortunately looks like it will be on saturday but looks like sunday is shaping up to be a beauty, guys. >> thanks very much. couple enjoying water on a picture risk day in british columbia spotted a grass fire and decide to get creative here, check this out eyewitness relaxing here, took this video and shows couple trying to splash water on the fire, without getting out of the boat. they apparently helped prevent fire from spreading until the real fire department showed up officials now say that the black water and a foul smell near niagara falls was discharged from routine maintenance at a waste water treatment plant. niagara falls water board, accumulated solid and carbon residue, visitors to the fall say water smells like a septic
5:52 pm
tank. >> smell on the observation deck, you know, it smelled like raw sewage. >> overwhelming smell on the observation deck. >> i was like wow, why would it smell like septic. >> that black foul smelling water dissipated yesterday. starting tonight new show debuts here on cbs-3 called cbs in assignment and takes a lot stories like children being brain washed by isis and innovative ways robots are being used. >> i can see her breathing. they get rid of the all of the humans. >> do we want her to be human or do we want her to be better >> you can catch the premiere on cbs on assignment tonight at 10 followed by "eyewitness news" at 11:00 on cbs-3. still ahead see surprising new fashion
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sam shepherd has died from complications related to als or lou gehrig's disease. shepherd was best men for his rolls in films like steel magnolia black hawk down and august owes age county. he won a pulitzer pry for his play, child, spokesperson says shepherd died last thursday at his kentucky home, surrounded by his family, and he was 73 years old. jennifer lopez is standing by her ex mark anthony in his time of need. >> number of male celebrities are breaking out low cut tops, here is bex from today's 96.5 with your hot minute. >> reporter: thanks, jessica and joe. michael jackson's 19 year-old daughter parises very close to her godfather mccauley caulkin even getting matching tattoos this weekend.
5:57 pm
now she shared this photo of the duo sporting new tattoos in the shape of spoons. my girl stars in strange tore fulfilling his god parent duties as these two are often seen, spending time together. this show, must go on, mark anthony took the stage to perform a half time show at international championship cup in florida, just two days after announcing his mother's death. singer shared this message with the caption our rock, our protecter and inspiration and now angel passed away. mark anthony's ex jennifer lopez took to social media to pay tribute with this photo writing in spanish, rest in piece, we will miss you. and a new fashion trendies giving a lot of attention, male cleavage is now a thing this trend as seen by harry styles, lebron james, bruno mars, and, models that fashion shows allows well built men to show their nicely sculped chest muscles with plunging neck lines and jackets sipped
5:58 pm
down according to fashion experts the statement is a bi product of renewed interest in the 1907's. that is your hot minute i'm be x from today's 96.5. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a baby left alone in the bucks county hotel room who discover the seven month-old lying on the floor and new developments in that investigation. and still searching for a killer police are looking for a man who say struck seemingly at random in delaware county and other crimes he is being linked to in philadelphia. outrage in margate through a controversial dune project or calling fiscally irresponsible a health hazard i'm anita oh what some residents are demanding from governmental officials. beautiful, sunny day on this last day of a very wet july, i'm meteorologist lauren casey, we will let you know if you have a quiet start in store with your full forecast, coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now .
5:59 pm
disturbing advertise cover ry in a bucks county hotel baby found loan lying on the floor as staff showed up to clean the room. baby was rush to the hospital but was not injured, good evening, i'm jessica dean. i'm joe holden in for ukee washington. "eyewitness news" report's leash a nieves is live in trevose with the latest on the investigation, and the child's mother, alycia. >> reporter: joe, jessica, authorities say it is a miracle that baby boy left that the motel behind me was found alive, seven month-old had to fend for himself for nearly 24 hours, if the maid had in the shown up with the motel room, authorities say we could be telling a very different story. thirty-four year-old erika lopez is the philadelphia mother now accused of endangering welfare of her child, and abandoning her baby in bucks county. lopez seven month-old was found knights inn motel when a
6:00 pm
maid came to clean the room. maid saw him underneath a bed. >> baby sat in his own urine, hadn't eaten, crying. >> reporter: baby boy fell from the motel bed and miracle he was not hurt. by the fall or inn just continuing crack cocaine and heroin throughout the room. video shows mom leaving the room saturday afternoon, baby was not found until sunday. nearly 24 hours later. authorities annoyanced they have located mom again in custody at a medical facility. >> why someone would leave, a seven month-old, in that condition is beyond me, but 31 years doing this job i stopped trying to figure out people a long time ago. >> reporter: thirty-four year-old mother is receiving inn dust closed medical treatment bensalem police say this may not be the first time she has put her baby in danger last september when lopez would have been several months , pregnant with the child she led philadelphia police on a chase throughout the city. that chase, ended with two offi


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