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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 31, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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maid saw him underneath a bed. >> baby sat in his own urine, hadn't eaten, crying. >> reporter: baby boy fell from the motel bed and miracle he was not hurt. by the fall or inn just continuing crack cocaine and heroin throughout the room. video shows mom leaving the room saturday afternoon, baby was not found until sunday. nearly 24 hours later. authorities annoyanced they have located mom again in custody at a medical facility. >> why someone would leave, a seven month-old, in that condition is beyond me, but 31 years doing this job i stopped trying to figure out people a long time ago. >> reporter: thirty-four year-old mother is receiving inn dust closed medical treatment bensalem police say this may not be the first time she has put her baby in danger last september when lopez would have been several months , pregnant with the child she led philadelphia police on a chase throughout the city. that chase, ended with two officers nearly hit and lopez
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shot in the hand, by philadelphia police. >> if you are engaging in negative contact with police and you are pregnant there has got to be something wrong with you. maybe thinks best thing that ever happened to this child, way friday don't necessity if i can call mom on the air, i don't know if i would refer to her as a mother. >> reporter: now dhs currently has custody of that seven in old child but we're told by police a relative is flying in from florida to take care of the florida and take custody of the child. as for mother she's facing several charges including, recklessly endangering another person and endangerment of a child. she's in custody we're told about two hours ago. authorities were able to get a hold of her. reporting live from bucks county, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a 17 year-old girl is out of the hospital after being hit by a stray bullet that came through a window of her home. that happened early this morning on the 4900 block of b street in philadelphia's feltonville section. police say stray bullet hit
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teen in the chest, she was treated at a hospital and released a few hours later. police are searching for the shooter. >> certainly not the first but hopefully the last, i don't want anyone struck with gunfire. it is just sad that people, you know, just in such a want on aim less fashion to use these guns. it makes no sense. >> reporter: police are asking anyone with any information about the shoot to go come forward. $5,000 reward is being offered in the deadly weekend shooting of the man in a haverford township apartment complex. twenty-nine year-old john lee was gunned down saturday night in what appears to be a random shooting. police are still searching for a suspect who was caught on a security cameras fleeing the scene in a red hoodie, new picture released shows a better look at suspect's haircut and facial hair. friend of the victim are stun, he is gone. >> most gentle, nice people i have ever known and it is a tragedy we who a great man here. >> philadelphia police say that the suspect is also
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linked to another seemingly random attack in the overbrook park section of philadelphia, and it happened 45 minutes before the haverford homicide, and there the red hooded man ace accused of shooting at two people, missing them but hitting the car, they were in before fleeing in a gray volvo after just 10 days on the job anthony scaramucci is out as white house communications director. cbs-3 reporter david spunt is live in our sat center tonight monitoring developments in this latest white house shake up. david. >> reporter: we are told scaramucci was escorted from white house property, white house release add statement wishing him well. according to the statement scaramucci wanted to give john kelly a quote clean slate, scaramucci was only on the job 10 days. >> this is the white house, united states of america, we're serving the president. >> reporter: ten days after announcing he was taking over white house communications team anthony scaramucci is gone, his departure comes just hours after president trump
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welcomed former secretary of home land security general john kelly as his chief of staff. >> i want to congratulate you on having done a fantastic job , and we will look forward to fit is possible an even better job. >> reporter: general kelly replaces reince priebus who left on friday after he was target of a vulgar tirade by anthony scaramucci. >> the president certainly felt that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position and he didn't want to burden general kelly. >> reporter: scaramucci came to washington with the mission , get rid of so-called white house leaks. scaramucci boosted that he would report directly to president trump a man he calls a close personal friend. >> i love the president. i'm very loyal to the president. >> reporter: this morning president trump took to twit ter to deny any white house turmoil, he tweeted highest stock market ever. best economic numbers in years no white house chaos. now the white house has a new
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boss, beside the president, general john kelly, and those who know him says he doesn't fool around. >> i predict that general kelly will go down in terms of the position of chief of staff , one of the great ever. >> president trump is still focusing on health care a measure that failed in the united states senate, president trump tweeted unless republicans are quote quitters repeal and replace is not dead reporting live tonight david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thanks for that report. officialness conrail and city of philadelphia are announcing a comprehensive clean up plan on the train track from his kens to go ton fair hill an area men as hang out for heroin addicts. this project was announce today and includes new fencing and an additional police officers to supplement conrail 's own security force. city will also set up a temporary social services hub at nearby trailers to provide food, health cleanings and information for those struggling with addiction.
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>> in cleaning and security this property which has posed a challenge to the surrounding neighborhood for decade, we will work with residents of kensington and fair hill to take back their neighborhood and bring back a positive change to this community. >> city officials described it as a long journey and say clean up and increased police presence will eliminate drug trade that has long hit the neighborhood. three people, including two police officers are recovering from this head on crash in west philadelphia it happen, just before 1:00 this afternoon at 59th and market streets. police say officers were responding to a call when they collided with the driver, of this blue car here. we are told both officers and other driver went to penn presbyterian in stable consideration all of them are expect to be treated and released. bod of the 24 year-old woman who went missing in ocean off point pleasant has been recovered, the body was found on the beach in toms river just before midnight. she went swimming with a male
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companion in point pleasant around 2:00 a.m. sunday. in foul play is suspect. new jersey lawmakers are responding to the recent governmental shut down with a series of measures to day state assembly approved two bills one would force governor 's beach house to close during a shut down, and you'll remember this photo of governor christie on the beach during the shut down, backlash another measure would keep state parks opened, in the event of a budget impact. both still need to be debated in the senate. legislature also approved a measure to pay state work hours were furloughed during budget battle, that now to christie's desk for approval. you expect to sea water when you go to the beach but in margate atlantic county there is water where it is not supposed to be here. as our anita oh shows us some residents are blaming it on sand dune construction that sit official does not want. >> reporter: these are waves margate residents know and
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love. but some say is there new meaning to the living by the waterfront. after pools of standing water from recent rain are gathering at the base of their homes. >> right now that is a health has air. >> reporter: many including life long resident party, believes a controversial beach replenishment project toys blame. they are built to protect beach communities during devastating storms such as sandy but those living hearsay they block storm what ther from draining properly. >> i expect we will find something. >> reporter: margate mayor michael becker says water samples are tested for bacteria and results are expect tuesday. becker add though courts ruled against them in the pacitti officials are considering taking further legal steps to end the project in margate. >> it is ugly. it is in efficient. it has got to stop. >> reporter: army core of engineers which is partly heading the 76 million-dollar project is continuing its work , figure in these base wins sand and suring up temporary walkways a spokesmen told "eyewitness news" in part we're coordinating with the state and plan on putting in
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pumps in the basins and pump water over dunes but some neighbors worry the health risk the dune project will change the beach landscape, disrupt vice-president sea life and cause tax hikes to maintain it. >> there isn't one good thing bit. >> ventnor and longport are next on the scheduled for beach program. longport mayor nick loose owe tells us despite inconvenience he has full faith in the engineers and believe any inn convene why will be out weighed by benefits of the project. reporting from down the shore i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come, a new jersey teenager fighting cancer in more ways then one. >> it failed for me. radiation, chemo, transplant, all of these other with that, you know, just didn't work. >> treatment he believes could be the key to saving him and inspirational way he is working to ensure it's a veil able for everyone. quite a catch but you might not believe where it was ruled in, local fishing spot that produced this big fish
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and why the man who caught it, says he is not surprised, lauren? sunny, quiet end to the move on july but storm chances increase, i'll let you know which day will feature best chance of the storm in your full forecast coming up. phillies trying to do something begins the braves they have not done since the true man administration, they were looking for a four game sweep at home, but could they do it? we will have highlights in day baseball in sports.
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story of giving back a new jersey teen in the fight of his life, battling cancer, is also trying to raise money for research to help others. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with this inspiring story, stephanie. >> it is, guys. this is a mission to raise money specifically for immuno therapy research, it is being
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called a game changer, next frontier, in treating and even curing cancer. new jersey teen and his family are hoping that a new immuno therapy works for him and they have come up with a unique way to get some much needed extra funding for research. seventeen year-old earl mcdowell is an accomplished new situation. seventy music. >> rock music from like, yeah late 60's, to early 80's. >> reporter: while enjoying old music, it is a brand new treatment that is saving the princeton teenager's life. earl has been battling, a rare brain cancer, since he was 12. >> hardest part was just missing so much school. >> reporter: he has had surgery, chemo, radiation, bone marrow transplant but cancer keeps coming back. >> first couple years was more scary. now it is not, it is just like a pain that i have to deal with report report now he is
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dog with a new immuno therapy, experimental treatment that uses bodies own immune system to help fight cancer. >> new era in cancer treatment that could cure cancer once and for all, immuno therapy is the answer. >> reporter: earl's daddies convinced scientists on the right path in a desperate search to save his son he learned immuno therapy was their last hepp and research needed much better funding, something that earl was worried about during one of his treatments, sick in a hospital bed. >> neurologist said i don't want any other kid to go through this. what if we got a dollar from every american, wouldn't that help. >> donate one dollar and cure cancer through immuno therapy. >> reporter: earl and haze parents created cancer a go go , to raise money 100 percent going to immuno therapy research. >> not everybody has a thousand bucks or a million-dollar obviously but people have a dollar. it is the power of, you know, the american spirit. >> reporter: they are aiming to raise machine toy fund 27 cutting edge cancer treatments
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and hoping earl's new therapy will keep him and his two young brothers together, for a very long time. now mcdowell family has set up cancer a go go so that donations go directly to doctors, researchers and labs. they are going to be covering the overhead costs and if every american donated one dollar they are looking at more than 320 million-dollar. >> that is a lot. >> we have more information including a list that will take you directly to cans's go go at cbs >> even a small portion of the people out there can make a giant difference. >> so far earl's doing okay. >> thanks, stephanie. well, germantown fisherman known as the carp catcher has snagged a big one, right out of the schuylkill. >> this is troy rhymes with the 30 pounder he caught yesterday afternoon. rhymes says he likes to fish at locust point along schuylkill and often catches
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carp that large apparently this is normal. he had a 28 pounder last week. he doesn't eat them, these are strictly catch and release, so back in the river it goes. >> the whole fish. >> big old fish. >> for the schuylkill river. >> river levels, streak levels , lake levels are all high across the area because have the rain we have been dealing with and down the shore last couple of days. we have had that deluge but this morning check this out, a little bit of the chilly start need that sweat jacket this morning in ac we are down at 54 degrees, tying a record low temperature, setback in 2001, but things did turn around, those temperatures warping up warm up, as we had a beautiful beach day. check throughout scene at a live look at rehoboth beach. people outside on the board, beach, gorgeous conditions, all of that sunshine. temperatures that aren't too toasty certainly by last day of july standard we are at 88 degrees in philadelphia 87
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in allentown. seventy-six in mount pocono. rain cooled air there. little sea breezing on a wrong the coast 79 degrees in ocean city. eighty-two stone harbor. 81 degrees in rehoboth beach. getting a live look at center city philadelphia looking very nice at this time, cumulus cloud, otherwise sunny skies, blue skies, 88 degrees with the north wind at 9 miles an hour and it feels cooler then our air temperatures would reflect because we had that breeze and low humidity values for late summer. comfort index right now has us in the not bad category with dew points, in the 50's and 60 's in the delaware valley. storm scan three showing us quiet conditions, a lot of sunshine to be had. a little thunderstorm split in the couple showers in carbon own are and monroe counties and couple drops in the poconos. head up for. that otherwise quiet conditions, mostly clear, pleasant falling back down to 07 degrees. might be able to leave these
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windows opened overnight tonight as we head into our tuesday and day one of august mostly sunny. 90 degrees. not too humid. chance of the isolated thunder shower in the afternoon and evening hours. future weather showing us it is a quiet start, tuesday morning commute in problems weather-wise as we head into your lunch hour. nice to get out for that stroll in the afternoon hours though we will see those isolated cells flaring up, again just a shower or isolated thunder shower but if you run into one on your commute it could slow things down, as we head in the five and 6:00 still a chance of the storm but as we go past sunset we will lose heating of the day and fuel for those daytime thunderstorms so that chance will diminish after sunset tomorrow but down the shore, sunny skies, chance of the very stray isolated storm in the afternoon otherwise on the sand, upper 70's to low to mid 80's, south wind will pick um in the afternoon, water temperature up to 75, do put on that sun screen, high uv index and maryland rate rip current risk so be advice of.
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that wednesday and thursday better storm chances but typical summer like days, sunshine in the morning, scattered storms in the afternoon and evening with a high of 90 degrees. ninety-one into thursday. more humidity by friday, steamy day with a high of 89. best rain chance look to be at this point on saturday and looks like sunday is shaping up to be a real beauty. >> all right, lauren casey thanks very much. >> leslie van arsdal joins us next in sports. >> phillies are, hanging in there and winning. they made a trade today we will have details and sixers first round pick markelle fultz throwing out first pitch before the game we will hear what he is now promising the fans, coming up next.
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♪ strummed guitar co you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ strummed guitar travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. last week you were in south philadelphia covering events. >> yes, and yesterday, huge
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turnout. >> if 23rd thousand fans came out to lincoln financial field to see eagles, first week of training camp is over. eagles finally get a day off. they will be right back at it tomorrow morning. we are 10 days away from their first preseason game. fill business a little day baseball today trying for their first full game at home since 1949. third inning herrera with the big home run here, three run shot and four to nothing phillies. great effort from nick paveta who continues to impress, went six innings, gave up three hits and one run striking out five. the braves will make it interesting here in the seventh inning, suzuki with the home run that will cut the phillies lead down to three. but michael franco crush these to left. phillies will win it seven-six , that makes it five in a row, for phillies. >> our players have shown progress. they have made mistakes, they
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have schenn that they are making fewer mistakes and they are playing better baseball now that the hitting has come around and obviously the pitching has been really good and it is nice to see. >> well, today was major league baseball trade deadline as for the game philadelphia is announced they have traded joaquin benoit and cash to the pirates for relief prospect seth maguire. he had a 4.07 era for phillies in his 42 innings of work. before the game, sixers first round pick markelle fultz throwing out that first pitch, and his first pressure situation, since he arrived in philadelphia he is passing with flying colors. fultz has said that they are a playoff team, and today he still stood by his statement. >> confidence is high. it is me just having confidence. i believe in the team. i believe in what i can do and coaching staff can do i think everybody in the team believes we can make the playoffs. everybody believes we can make it. check this out, in the
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12th inning a huge sea gull flies between the hitter and pitcher. watch again, this is so close, how this sea gull gets the avoid getting hit. you have to give credit to the chris davis for making contact and not getting distracted by, hi, hello there, sea gull. >> wow. >> i mean that is concentration. >> it is. >> wow. >> bye-bye birdie yikes. >> how about that. >> when we come back world series ring presented, nine months after the cubs big win. >> unlikely ring recipient and reason team decided to hand it out up
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chicago cubs fan received a 2016 world series championship ring in hopes of putting an even to the public burden he carried for more than a decade >> receive bartman is known for tipping a foul ball that the cubs left fielder tried to catch during game six of the 2003 world series. yeah, the team went on to lose that game and series. bartman was seen of the start of the team's down side with the ring, team wanted to extend an olive branch. he is deeply moved and grateful. >> classy move. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on our sister station and here at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", from new york here's anthony mason, see you later.
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>> mason: killing the messenger. anthony scaramucci is removed as white house communications director as general john kelly takes over as chief of staff. but the president says no chaos here. >> general kelly i think will bring new structure to the white house and discipline and strength. >> mason: also tonight, the president slaps sanctions on venezuela after an election the u.s. calls a power grab by a dictator. >> they're still in the streets. they're still screaming for what they want, and that's freedom and liberty. >> mason: the medal of honor for a hero who repeatedly risked his life to save a comrade. >> did somebody tell you to go get him? >> no, sir. i saw him go down, and i


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