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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 1, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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man in a dark hood pulled her aside, sexually assaulted her at gunpoint. she called 911 moments later, authorities have been swarming this area for last several hours trying to find as much evidence as possible, the norristown state hospital was closed for a brief time, on lock down, that is no longer the case, authorities are still, looking for a suspect as this woman recovers. ukee and jessica we spoke to people in the area who normally frequent this park, they say they are trouble, shocked, to hear about what happened this morning. >> it is not something i would expect there. like i said i'm here all the time. it is just, you know, it is a nice neighborhood. >> i'm nervous because i will share with my office co-workers and let them know and hopefully, we will buddy up and not walk alone. >> reporter: authorities don't have a very good description of the suspect. he is a black man in his black hooded sweat shirt with a black mask and armed with a handgun at the same time. source at montgomery county
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district attorney's office told me they want this case to be out there, they want to catch this person after all, incredibly scary situation for a 19 year-old who is recovering right now. she was jogging and sexually assaulted at this park behind me. we will be back at 6:00 in an hour, with more updates. reporting live at norristown farm park, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> see you then. hunt intensifies for suspect police believe is responsible for shooting death of a man in haverford. >> police identified that man just hours ago, when they warn , he is armed and very dangerous. henry rossoff is live at southwest detectives, with the very latest developments, henry. >> reporter: ukee and jessica even though we have been showing you those a nationally clear surveillance images for last few days police say it was actually a speeding getaway car that made all of the difference in this case and really good eyewitness. now is there a local, and nationwide search, for derek ross. after days of trying to find man in the red hood linked to
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the homicide in haverford and shoot nearing overbrook park police confirmed his. >> derek rollins a 24 year-old male. >> reporter: break came after detective got a call about the gray volvo they say rollins used as a getaway car. neighbor saw it speeding saturday evening, just after the overbrook park shooting but before the killing of john lee, near his friend's apartment in haverford but that person didn't know the information, was important until turning on the news last night. >> they recorded first three numbers of the tag and explain at last four digits, may have had two or three, eight's and i'm not sure of that sequence. this is where our pennsylvania state unit comes in, intelligence unit they are table do a search of cars in the vicinity, which led us to the car that we recovered this morning. >> reporter: police found tonight front of the home near 51st and locust rollins wasn't there but his girl friend was and she's cooperating. another home was also searched but tonight gunman suspected in two random shootings remains at large, and although
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police believe he is in philadelphia, they know he has ties out of state. >> he is a national crime computer at this point. he is wanted, armed and dangerous and yes we have talk to law enforcement partners including our federal partners who are assisting apprehension of this individual, u is. marshals are engaged with us along with the fbi. >> reporter: immediately after learning rollins name we pulled his rap sheet. he has a 2014 guilty plea to possession win tenth to distribute and he still has a pending gun charge, that is making its way through criminal justice system. police remind you this guy is armed and dangerous so do not approach him. live at southwest detectives, henry rossoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". former reading mayor ross spencer is freon $50,000 bail after pleading not guilty to federal corruption charges. expense's period at an afternoon hearing in philadelphia federal court. last week spencer was indicted along with allentown married he had pawlowski and three alleged coconspirators on bribery and fraud charges. they are accused of running a
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pay to play scheme, pawlowski pleaded not guilty last week. self described irving explorer who climbed to the top of the philadelphia city hall seemingly undetect, now has, captured the attention of police. video of the stunt was posted sunday on the you tube page exploring with carson, none must climber said he did to it document history and takes care not to damage anything. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 our joe holden looks for answers about how this security breach, could have happened. mother nature is turning up the heat but along with the higher temperatures comes the chance for a stray thunderstorm. meteorologist lauren casey joinses on the sky deck with when we could see a storm, and when the temperatures might come down a bit, lauren. >> thanks, ukee. heat's on for this first day of august, current temperature in philadelphia we are at 91 degrees but we don't have a heat index feeling like 91 because that dew point at 62 telling us humidity levels are
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on the tolerable side. we have southeasterly wind kicking at the shore. we are down to 87 degrees. poconos got rain cooled air down to 72. storm scan three showing us, storms, far to the lehigh valley and poconos over last couple of hours and that is most of where our storm activity is concentrated right now. kind of bombing up, flaring up and dissipating rather quickly but keep an eye to the sky for that thunderstorm activity especially north and west of the city, but we could see storms closer to the shore as sea breeze acts as a cold front. flood advisory in effect for monroe county and parts of the northampton county as we head into 6:15 because of the thunderstorm activity moving over the same areas again and again, and we have that chance of an isolated thunderstorm across much of the delaware valley but again only isolated in nature. temperature at 83 degrees as we head in the evening hours, but we are going to increase the storm chances as we head into tomorrow and thursday, and can we decrease them in time for weekend, we will have
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the answer in your full forecast, coming up. >> lauren, see you then. washington, it is first full day on the job for president trump's new white house chief of staff. john kelly is shaking up west winning after a rocky week. he has made several changes. president trump met with small business owners at the white house tuesday afternoon as part of his american dream people. >> the jobs are coming, pouring back, factories are coming pouring back into our country. >> reporter: but it is business behind the scenes that is getting more attention this is white house chief of staff john kelly's first full day on the job after he was sworn in on monday, his initial order of business was getting rid of the newly appointed white house communications director anthony scaramucci. >> and the pecking order in the west wing has change all staffers, including the president's daughter ivanka and son in law jared kushner will report directly to kelly instead of the president. there is one change that the president does not plan to make, his use of social media
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he said his tweets are only way for him to communicate the truth to the american people. the president could soon have a new fbi director after firing james comey in may. >> this center will proceed consideration of the following nomination. >> reporter: senate is holding hours of the debate on the nomination of christopher wray , widely expected to be confirmed, and attorney general jeff sessions also named a new federal prisons director. this friday the embattled sessions will hold a news conference with the department of justice investigation into ongoing intelligence leaks. the department does not typically make announcements about its investigations. the president is considering several people for the open communications director position, they include special assistant to the president hope hicks and david le pen, communications specialist who worked with kelly at home land security. new developments in the russia investigation, white house is defending the president's involvement in crafting donald trump junior's initial statement about that meeting with the russian lawyer.
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that statement, says the meeting was about the adoption of russian children, trump junior later released e-mails showing he had been told russian lawyer had dirt on hillary clinton and kremlin was behind it. >> the statement that don, junior issued is true, there is no inaccuracy in the statement, the president weighed in as any father would , based on the limited information that he had. >> and attorney for the president has dismissed the washington post story as quote misinformed, not accurate and not pertinent. in the wake of the north korea missle test u.s. air force is planning to test unarmed intercontinental ballistics missle. the minuteman three will launch from air force base in california, sometime after midnight. it will travel 4,000 miles across the pacific ocean to a target area in the marshall islands. officials say goal of the air force is to test the effective ness, readiness and accuracy of the weapon system. well, tonight is national night out, communities across
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our region and around the country is taking part in the annual event which brings police together with the community that they served. lets show you live picture from bensalem bucks county where festivities will be underway, national night out, events, vary from town to town but they often take on a block party atmosphere in the key component is anti crime message. the national night out program , began in 1984. north philadelphia church is helping ex-offender get a second chance through a partnership with the local grocery store chain. >> as cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio tells us those who graduate get a guarantied foot in the door. >> hi, how are you doing today >> find everything all right. >> reporter: sherry prestay wakes up every morning at 6:00 e to this makeshift grocery store, at enan tabernacle church with a smile. >> so amaze to go come here. i learned so much. >> reporter: single mother of two is one of the more than 40
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enrolled in the uplift, work solutions program. a partnership with brown shop rite to open doors for ex- offenders. >> it is just so hard for me, just to find work to take care of me and my family. >> reporter: uplift provides four weeks have life skills and two weeks of cashier training, attendees get a weekly transpass and a $125 stipend as well as free lunch and the best part. >> guarantied a job at the end , guarantied a job. >> reporter: monique robinson says all graduates get a cashier job at one of the more than half dozen brown shop rite or fresh grocer stores in philadelphia, a game changing opportunity. >> i see a transform right in front of my eyes and it is so wonderful. >> i decided to put their cashier skills to the test. >> you will ring me up. >> i will. >> reporter: once a retile manager victor delgado spent past five years behind bars. for him a cashier's job is a
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rare chance to show. >> you can better yourself, you know, prison doesn't make you any less man. >> reporter: i will be paying in five's. hopefully paying off. >> hopefully make this a career. here's your receipt. thanks for shopping at brown. >> reporter: in north philadelphia, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> paying it forward. coming up on "eyewitness news" they are called, seedy and humiliating, princess diana talking about her sex life to her marriage, are in a new documentary and those close to her are outraged, story at 5:30. plus horrifying reason is there a renewed call for technology to remind parents that kid are in the back seats of cars, especially on dangerously hot days. you might get a little more than you bargained for when you take that slice of birthday cake. why doctors are making all of
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the pause a little bit today after this new report, stay with us family, we will be right
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we hear hot cars can be deadly for children this july 11
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children died after being left in hot vehicles making it the war july for hot car deaths in nearly a decade. tonight three on your side's jim donovan has information on new legislation, that aims to keep children safe. >> i have not forgiven myself. >> reporter: miles and carroll harrison always want aid child , overjoyed when they adopted chase but on a bus day in july of 2008, miles forgot to drop chase off at day care. leaving him in the back seat of his car, while he went to work. >> it is heart breaking because i did it. i killed my son. >> nobody thinks it will happen to them until it happened. >> reporter: chase's death was one of more than 700 heat stroke fatalities of children left in cars, since 1998. an average of 37 per year. the first seven months of this year have been the war in terms of heat related child car deaths, since 2010. >> all car out to include sensors that can very simply
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save lives. >> reporter: to prevent these tragedies richard blumenthal introduced legislation that would require car make tours install, sensor technology, alerting drivers to a baby left in the car seat. >> consumers should want this product just as they do seat belts and air bags. >> reporter: general motors began offering a similar sensor for some models this year but the alliance of automobile manufacturers, say that the proposed mandate would hurt car buyers who need it most because so few parents of young children buy new cars senator blumenthal believes the cost of adding sensors would be minimal, he expects this measure will have strong bipartisan support, and hopes to see the safety features on new cars as soon as 2019. in the meantime if you travel with your young children in your car, look before you lock reporting for three on your side, i'm, jim donovan. lawsuit pend ago begins north carolina construction company blamed for a massive
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power outage in the outer banks. >> they claim p.c. l construction was negligent when it accidentally cut a cable, while building a bridge even the governor says company should pay for the financial losses, last thursday's outage caused. 50,000 tourist were forced to leave, the hat rust island and repairs are continuing. tropical depression emily is moving out into the atlantic today, day after slamming the florida peninsula with drenching rain and power outages. scenes like this one at a mobile home park in lakeland were not uncommon, forecasters predict the storm will move northe off the south east coast of the u.s. lauren joins us now with our forecast now and storm chances increasing now. >> increasing tomorrow and thursday but we have got storms isolated in nature but firing up in that prime heating of the day, destabilizing the atmosphere a little bit.the day, check out this cool image in bethlehem that storm just moving in, you can still see some sunshine in this scene but that storm is encroaching from the south, and some rain
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coming down like we are hearing rumbles of thunder. these storms are quick developing and that will be the trend over next couple of hours, but again, they will be fairly isolated in nature but still need to keep an eye to the sky. temperatures, they are hot, right now we are at 91 in philadelphia. eighty-seven in allentown. eighty-seven in millville. eighty-seven in atlantic city. that sea breeze kicked in ocean city. 81 degrees. we have cooled off 2 degrees with that sea breeze from 90 down to 88 over the last hour. storm scan three showing us the most activity concentrated toward northampton county, lehigh county, carbon, mow row , scattered in nature. elsewhere very stray in nature across the delaware valley but we do see storms firing up, one around jim thorpe to the north side, also on the west side northern berks county starting to see storm activity and this cell flaring up to thee of allentown right now, this cell is the cell that flared up to the south side of bethlehem that we looked at in our live neighborhood camera and we see cells pouring down
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heavy rains overseed ars villain that will continue time pack the area as we head in the next 15 minutes. this area, isolated cell near burlington county, ocean counties right now, down important moving through approaching warren grove area, that is feeding off a sea breeze, from the sea breeze that has develop. just north ande of center city we have this cell that just developed within the last 30 minutes putting down some heavy rain in and around palmyra area. they are moving slow, in their forward progression and we have this cell that just popped up in the last 10 minutes over portions of eastern chester county over willis town and white horse seeing some rain coming down. that cell could strength men to the next 10 to 20 minutes. what to expect as we head into tomorrow and thursday? we will increase storm chances , pretty typical summer with morning sunshine and storms firing off after lunchtime, they will be more scattered in coverage so we will see more coverage of what we are seeing right now and then as we lose heating of the day they will diminish in the late evening hours but with
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the storm activity in the forecast in the next couple of days, good to check on those lightening facts. lightening is 50,000 degrees, it is five times hotter then is your fast of the sun. guys, head up, 80 percent of strike fatalities are men, so keep that in mind when thunder roars go indoors. we will have scattered storms as we head into tomorrow afternoon as we lose heating of the day authentic, the storm activity we are seeing isolated in nature right now will diminish and then as we head into tomorrow afternoon we will see more storms, more coverage across the delaware valley, in and around center city fail for our potential commute and second half of the evening those storms come to an even. overnight tonight partly cloud which a stray storm 73 degrees , sunshine, scattered storms tomorrow afternoon a high of 90. down the shore looking good, we could see evening storm especially as we head into thursday but good looking beach days, mostly sun any to thursday and then better chance of spotty storms, as we head into friday, and looks like as we head into the upcoming weekend a shower
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possible, saturday morning, and otherwise, really nice conditions, gradual clearing saturday, and sunday looks awesome, i'm going down the shore, bye. >> i might come with you. >> okay. take a ride. >> yes. still ahead on "eyewitness news", the saga continues. >> back and forth over confrontation between new jersey governor chris christie and a baseball fan is escalating. fan is challenging the governor to do now. intensity went up a notch, eagles go full force in training camp why doug pederson says days like these are necessary for success, sports coming
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don's back and so are eagles. >> bird are back. >> buckle up chin straps and let's get it on. >> that is what it was all about. >> yeah, yeah. >> we can't not show what you we can't shoot. eagles continuing training camp with live tackling and blocking but however the team does not allow news cameras to
5:25 pm
record that. so instead, we showed you what the media ace loud to capture, guys running into pad, and tackling other pad and hitting the sled. when cameras were off team practiced for two and a half hours, probably most grueling session they have had so far because of the heat and intensity of work. doug pederson thinks it is a great building block for the season. >> it is early part of the season, september and sometimes, october, and in the heat of the days, and we are playing those 1:00 o'clock games, week two, noon, kansas city, it will be 90 plus. these are great days to condition the guys, and, to see the mind set of the football team. >> meanwhile carson wentz, continues to be the apple of every fan's eye, during sunday 's open practice at the link he was center of attention. he doesn't appear to seek it out but he is definitely comfortable with fans in the stand and it was good to see them all again. >> it is cool, i was blown away, number 23,000 is what i
5:26 pm
tweeted out, which is cool, seeing a sunday morning in philadelphia, couple weeks out from even preseason. you can tell the atmosphere here, passion here and just how excited everyone is for eagles football this year. it is cool to be there and see fans for first time in a while >> passion is next level. >> can't wait for that first game, all right, buddy, thanks very much. coming up next half an hour of "eyewitness news" immigration battle right here in our backyard, pregnant mom of twins fights to keep her family together. the problem is her husband is an undocumented immigrant who is in the process of being deported, her story and what immigration officials say about the law up next. and also ahead they are described as seedy and humiliated and now tapes of the princess diana are out and causing a royal uproar.
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here's is what happening, search is on for a suspect who sexually assaulted a 19 year-old woman who was out for a run, it happened at norristown farm park in montgomery county. police identified derek rollins as suspect they believe is responsible for a recent random shooting in the city, and, in half for. rollins is still on the loose tonight and police consider him armed and dangerous. twenty-four year-old is accused of killing and shooting 29 year-old john lee saturday near haverford road. it is first full day on the job for white house chief of staff john kelly and he is already making changes. all staffers, including president's daughter ivanka and jared kushner will now report directly to kelly
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instead of the president. also tonight, one local family shares their immigration struggle, good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. family says they took steps toward receiving legal status but their loved one is in the process of being deported. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is in the sat center with the family story and what immigration officials are saying tonight, alycia. >> reporter: family you are referring to is from quakertown, they shared this story not to benefit in anyway but at this point is what done is done but they wanted to illuminate how widespread deportation is potentially, here and american families are apart this bucks county couple , were married in 2013. >> they have two typically impatient but also adorable, twin toddler boys, max and javier, and a little girl is on the way. up until four months ago their life, seemed perfect.
5:32 pm
>> i feel happy. >> reporter: like thousands of undocumented immigrants in this country, her husband was pick up by immigration and cuss tome enforcement officers in april just a few months earlier he had filed his paper work for u.s. citizenship, paperwork that flagged him, but paperwork that also showed that he has never committed a crime in this country and has paid taxes. >> we were excited. we thought we would get a good answer soon and then it just went totally opposite way. >> reporter: rug pulled out. >> everything is shattered. >> reporter: we reached out to immigration and custom officials no one would go on camera but u.s. citizens ship and immigration services said ice prioritizees arrest and removal of national security and public safety threats, however, no class or category of alien in the u.s. is exempt from arrest or removal. a follow-up statement added that there are pathways to u.s. citizenship without deportation. it is complicated though and done on a case by case basis. franco's husband tried to be
5:33 pm
one of those exceptions, since he fled guatemala out of fear he would be killed after witnessing a friend murdered by a cop and testifying against him. his appeal was denied last wednesday and deportation is already underway. >> i just want to get aware ness out. my family is an american family. my boys are american citizens. they don't have their dad now. what are they go to go think, this is our country and they are in the willing to help keep us together. >> reporter: franco's husband was in this country for about a decade. she didn't file for citizenship because lawyer 10 years ago told him since he was already here technically unlawfully he was berth off staying for a period of 10 years and showing he had proven record of being law abide nawing would work favorable for him when he applied for citizenship. under current enforcement, it turned out that worked against him. reporting live from the sat center, i'm alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new jersey governor chris christie was caught on video confronting a chicago cubs fan
5:34 pm
who heckled him at a baseball game in milwaukee over the weekend and that other man is challenging the governor to the fight. on facebook brad joseph posted a promoter has agreed to sanction the combat style fight, so far in, word from the governor's office if he will take him up on that offer governor christie did reveal why he got in that man's face. >> i don't think it is right to swear at you and curse you out. i have gone through this before on the boardwalk and other places. i have had same response i will ignore it when it first happens but when you persist you will get a reaction. >> governor went on to say public officials are not meant to be public punching bags. christopher wray, attorney who represented governor christie during bridge gate scandal has just been confirmed, as the new fbi director by the senate, that vote was 92-five. wray replaces james comey who was fired by president trump. a british television channel is defending its decision to play intimate
5:35 pm
tapes, princess diana recorded in a new documentary. it air this is weekend head of the 20th anniversary of her death. tapes were made during private session was diana's speech coach, they have never been shown in britain, in the tapes diana speaks about her life and troubled marriage, to prince charles. the documentary is called diana, in her own word. >> we love you. >> whether she ever wanted to share those word to a wider audience is another matter. >> like people looking for a pile up to see if there are any dead bodies. it is just, it is just horrible. >> reporter: royal biographer penny juneer said diana never would have revealed intimate facts about her personal life, married life and sex life knowing her sons might one day hear it. >> they are deeply personal. they are extremely, they will be extremely humiliating to the prince of wales, damaging to the royal family, hurtful
5:36 pm
to william and harry and diana 's sister and brother. >> reporter: they were filmed by diana's speech coach in 92/ 93 right around the time she separated from prince charles. even diane's former butler paul burrell who has been criticized for spilling diana 's secrets called airing the conversations, seedy. >> it is almost like reading her diary, and that is wrong. that shouldn't be. >> reporter: british broadcaster channel four says tapes and therefore, the program are historically significant. >> they are able to find, three and a half or four hours of conversations where she's talking about herself and quote telling her own version of the story is a story we will document. it will allow to us create a new portrait of diana one that is illuminating. >> diana's speech coach is defending his decision to release the tapes. the pal city wide baseball league had its championship game this afternoon.
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>> "eyewitness news" in the juniata section of the city, police athletic league, light house and pilgrim's house made finals but in the end everyone got a trophy. throughout the summer boys and girls from across the city learn the game and stayed active under the mentorship of the philadelphia police department. pal does a great job year after year. scientists say they are on the verge of a new treatment for lyme disease, health reporter stephanie stahl has details in 10 minutes. who doesn't love birthday cake but you might want to think twice burr answer and comparing what scientists say about when you might want to avoid it? it is not because of the calories. police officer on a call stopped to make a purchase, but it is not what you might think, good intentions, next, lauren. one day closer to that upcoming weekend. it looks like we have a nice one in store not as hot, comfortable humidity, high temperatures in the low to mid 80's.
5:38 pm
we have a rain chance on saturday but it looks like it is confined to the morning hours and gradual clearing becoming less humid as we head into late day saturday and beautiful on sunday, sunshine low humidity and that high in the lower 80's, we will b
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well, moms may need the hardest working people in town , new study suggested between jobs outside of the home and parenting, working mothers of children between age of five and 12, log about 98 hours of work per week and that add up to more than two, full-time jobs. well star bucks is releas ing a new drink for adventurer, it is called pepper nitro with a twist, drink chooses nitro cold blue with fennell black pepper syrup, and it is topical jerky for now it is only available at the coffee chain's seattle roastry. woman caught shoplift
5:42 pm
nothing maryland got items that she was trying to steel as a gift. >> this picture shows rookie officer buying diapers for a mother who could not afford them. police department said she attempted to shoplift them after she spent her money on groceries. she was so still cited but she got type their she needed. and how about, this, show of hospitality this two year-old guy who stole the show, on the kansas city walking down the aisle offering unlimited fist bumps thaw can imagine. it had his fist bringing smiles to the faces of the most weary travelers. >> that is nice, put him in first chase. >> takes the blank wet him. >> yes. >> that is great. >> give it up. >> yes. >> still to come, why you might want to pass on a birthday cake. >> not just because of the calories or sugar, we will explain, up
5:43 pm
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researchers are working on a treatment to prevent disease caused by deer tic by the. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has details in the einstein health care science certainty report. >> philadelphia region is hot spot for lyme disease, tics
5:46 pm
are plentiful in wooded areas. doctors say diagnosing and treating lyme can be tricky and that is why finding a way to prevent it is so important. scientists have identified an antibody that would defend your bod a begins lyme disease , that has researchers on the brink of a treatment that could prevent it. >> we would intend to give this at early part of the season, lyme disease season, the trick to be able to make the antibody last long enough after a single injection that will cover the entire risk period of six or seven months. >> reporter: it is lyme prep that can show immediate protection, human trials could start as early as next spring. >> it would be wonderful for people to be able able to be protected from lyme. >> reporter: it took eight years of being run down with flu-like symptoms before jennifer crystal was finally diagnosed with lyme disease.
5:47 pm
>> hard to get up a flight of stairs, i could not empty the dishwasher, i mean basic tasks >> reporter: she now takes medication daily i and has her life back. doctors still don't know why some people have serious bought of lyme but they agree better treatments are sorely needed if this could be prevent that had would be a miracle. >> reporter: she and many others are hoping a miracle of modern science comes quickly. now until that treatment becomes available doctors say the best prevention is avoiding tic by the. while a bull's eye is most common indication doctors say many people don't even realize that they have had a tic bite. cdc estimates 300,000 people every year in the u.s. gets lyme disease. it is serious. >> very serious. >> very chronic. >> yes. >> thanks, stephanie. you might want to think twice about accepting a slice of birthday cake. i mean, blah, blah, right. recent study confirms blowing out birthday candles spread germs and a lot of them, to test this researchers put icing on two fake birthday
5:48 pm
cake, and had people blow out candles on one of them and they found blowing on the candles increased amount of bacteria on that cake by 1400 per sent. >> come on now. >> birthday cake, my entire life and i feel fine. >> sorry, grand mommy can't eat your cake because of the germs. >> but, they have to do the study. >> all right. >> lauren, steady in the forecast, we have storms cooking up. >> we have most storm activity across the lehigh valley and poconos. we could see a stray thunder shower but better storm chance s as we head in the day tomorrow. but right new we will look live at ocean city, no storms, no storm cloud, no nothing but sunshine going on as we look live at sky scan three, people out on the beach, enjoying their day, because hey, it is a tuesday, and they are down the shore, and not at work, beautiful conditions along the coast, we will see the least chance of the storm over next
5:49 pm
several hours down the shore but we are seeing storms, flaring up especially north and west of the city but our cbs-3 eyewitness weather watchers are reporting with their current conditions and talking about the shore. we will check out what is going on there 87 at james house. bright sunny skies in ocean city as we have just confirmed on that live view, and, you lucky people who took this week to vacation at the shore this one certainly a winner weather-wise down the shore but we have stormy conditions. we will head north bound checking in at 89 with our weather watcher william based in levittown, pennsylvania. he says just went through a heavy developing shower on i-95 between bridge and cottman avenue. we are seeing cells flaring up , one particular cell that is continuing to spread itself out closer to the city. we will check in with one more current conditions 90 degrees at bill's house. like the profile pick, on the sky deck there it looks like ed cardington in pennsylvania and he says welcome to august
5:50 pm
summer is flying by. it is indeed. hard to believe today is august 1st but we are seeing a typical summer-like day with this sunshine, and we have scattered storms that have developed during the prime heating of the day, we have the most unstable atmosphere right now far north and west of the city where we are seeing most of the storm activity, scattered in nature with these cells that are slow moving, so we are seeing issues with localized flooding , in these area up toward lehigh county, northampton, carbon county seeing quite a bit of storm activity overtaking western half of the carbon county right now, heavier rain coming down, also frequent lightening as we head southe. we have a cell in bethlehem and now we are seeing sunshine again that has returned to bethlehem but that cell is to the south but we will spread itself out into allentown so your skies are graying over. head up near cell. also this little shower that has become a thunderstorm in the palmyra area across the river stretching up in tacony, frankford and cheltenham. watch out for that cell as it
5:51 pm
does have lightening within it we have a shower just popped up on the south side of wilmington that is not strengthening, but difficulties a pating. that is not becoming a, thunderstorm. in the next self hours we have a chance of isolated storms, partly cloudy, 73 overnight tonight. for our day tomorrow mostly sun which more storms as we head during afternoon and evening hours as far as coverage is concerned. high temperature at 90 degrees for our wednesday. future weather will show us as we lose heating of the day after sunset after 9:00 o'clock this storm threat will deminute ash cross the area. quiet overnight tonight, quiet start to our wednesday, and then as we head into lunchtime we will start to see things destabilizing, little bit earlier in the day tomorrow. we will see more in the way of coverage of storm activity all all a cross the area, lowest chance will be along the coast for some of this storm activity as we head into tomorrow afternoon and early evening and then after sunset those storms will trend and diminish. we will check in on emily still a tropical depression, wind at 35 miles an hour
5:52 pm
motion off to the northe at 15 s crossed flat peninsula and will continue to move its way off shore, keep on trucking, emily, it is not a threat to the u.s. coastline but will produce dangerous rip currents along the coast, for us as we head in the next couple of days but activity, we have been through these things, arlene, brett, cindy, don, emily, next up would be franklin and we are starting to be on the press puts of more activity, here, on the scale of hurricane activity as we go through the season. you can see august 1st we're right about here. we will start to see tropical activity increase here as we head toward the peak of the season which is around september 10th. it takes more energy to warm up water then it does air so we will see lag in the sea surface temperatures and they will start to heat up as we head in the next month. so we will keep a closer eye on the tropics, but keeping an eye on a pretty good looking weekend forecast as we fast forward into saturday, chance
5:53 pm
of the morning shower and gradual clearing, breezy conditions becoming less humid , guys, sunday still on tap to be a beautiful one, sunshine, low humidity and high of 81. >> lauren, thanks. making waves in mexico, 24 of the world's best surfers competed in the first events of the world surf league big wave tour there was in shortage of excitement in the hour long final yesterday as a man clinch his first victory from hawaii. the drama lasted until the final minutes. >> that amazing my can't imagine what that is like. >> some students spent the day exploring what it might be like living under the sea. >> cheltenham school district hosted 2017 voyage enrichment program to day "eyewitness news" at wyncote elementary school where students worked in pairs. they are used their skills, in math, science, art to create mechanical device that is work under water. >> we built a robot that can go under water, explore
5:54 pm
different terrains of the deep sea and also make little children happy. >> we are trying to tie in what they have learned in their curriculum to the hand on experience that we offer in this program. the students have been working on their projects for four weeks. >> fantastic. >> well done. >> indeed. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight mariah car's's twins steel the show. >> james corden ups his game in the car pool karaoke series but wait until you hear some of the people getting in the car together for lively sing alongs, those stories and much more in the hot minute with be x when we come right back. press
5:55 pm
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from the time i was pregnant with him, had so much life and energy in him. he wanted out, and he wanted to conquer the world. right now, quinton's goal is to be a doctor. it's not easy being a single parent with three kids and having to provide for them. but my son will be an amazing doctor, and he'll help people that are less fortunate. no matter where you are in your college journey, sallie mae can help you find the money you need.
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celebrities are lining up for a special car pool karaoke, comedy legend carroll burnett will be making us laugh again.
5:58 pm
>> maria car's's twins are showing off their own talent. bex from our sister station 96.5 has her hot minute. >> thanks ukee and jessica. celebrities are piling in for i car pool karaoke session and it is the most star studded one we have seen yet. new season for upcoming series with james corden made popular on the late, late show right here on cbs has been released with celebrity parings like ariana grande and seth mcfarland, alycia keys and john legend, miley cyrus and her family, game of thrones action with macy williams and, sophie turner and of course james cord's long side lebron james. premiere is available exclusively via apple music on august 8th. carroll burnette is making her way back to tv, they will star in the unscripted comedy called little help which features a panel of children giving carroll advice on real world issues, but first carroll had to be in a preview
5:59 pm
release by netflix. >> i'm carroll. >> reporter: show will be filmed in front of the studio audience and set to premiere in 2018. move over mariah car's, rock and roll are taking over. while performing in l.a. grammy winning song stress shared the stage with her six year-old twins for a sing along. she and her two gets, belted out her 1996 hit, always be my baby, kind of, monroe say more rack owen joyed the spotlight. mariah has been on tour with lionel richie and their making their way to the wells fargo center august 16th. that is your hot minute i'm be x from today's 96.5. >> great show, indeed. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a terrifying attack. woman running in the montgomery county park sexual ly assaulted in broad daylight and tonight police are trying to figure out hoist behind that frightening
6:00 pm
incident. >> it is a day by day process. >> a show of support for a friend taken too soon, three years after a deadly crash claimed the life of the south jersey teenager, loved won turnout as man accused in her death head to court, plus this >> reporter: man bypasses security, gets to sit hall roof and the tower, i'm joe holden, why his high wire stunt all caught on camera is now subject of the police investigation. and sunny start to august, in center city but storms are flaring up across the area i'm meteorologist lauren casey with the late lease at storm scan three and preview of your weekend forecast, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. little nervous to go back out there i will share with my office co-workers and let them know and hopefully we will buddy up and not walk alo


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