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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 2, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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at l & j, it's a job at 11:00 a job out of this war, nasa looking for someone to protect the earth from the unknown and comes with a generous salary >> thieves steal thousands of dollars worth of tools from a local habitat for humanity >> a philadelphia daycare worker is behind bars after police say he sexual assaulted two children and tonight we're digging deeper into the daycare center's past. good evening, i'm jessica dean >> i'm ukee washington. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is in the bell vista neighborhood with the latest on this investigation. david? >> reporter: duncan round is behind bars facing serious allegations. i checked with state officials, they say daycares in pennsylvania are inspected at least every 12 months. of this day care was in good standing but i checked state records, there were several problems that started in 2013. according philadelphia police, two 5-year-olds, a boy and a
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girl, were sexually abused behind the walls of the day care at the 600 block of south 9th in philadelphia >> we went out to the location of the daycare, executed a search warrant, processed the scene and you recovered philadelphia evidence >> department of human services began an investigation on july 25th after the two children began to basically differently. owner duncan round is facing seven felonies relating to the accusations. documents obtained by "eyewitness news" tell a story of violations. his daycare is registered with the state. the violations began in 2013. on may 17th, 2013, someone observed an infant and toddler napping and not visible by staff. the correct on report states children will be supervised at all times. staff will be trained in supervision of children. also on that date, staff number one employed over 30 days did
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not have in their file child abuse clearance. the correction, staff member will be removed from the facility until clearance is obtained. on november 4th, 2014, sproudwas under scrutiny because staff number one reveals information prohibit, the staff member from working at the facility with children, the correction, staff number 1 will be removed from the facility. moments after the arrest, people expressed outraged >> he should be can i say at any rated and spend the rest of his life in jail if not worse >> he's a great guy, loves kids and this is great place. feels like family here it's a shame. >> reporter: philadelphia police officials say this is an active investigation, they're still taking reports of any parents are concerned or have information give police a call. reporting live tonight in south philadelphia, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. breaking right now, a motorcyclist has died in a crash
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on kelly drive tonight's chopper 3 over the scene. the roadway is closed both directions, the victim's motorcycle collided with car around 9:00. the crash remains under investigation. fast moving storms packed a punch as they rolled through the region today and we saw it all. heavy downpour, gusty winds, even hail. this is video from king of prussia tonight. you can see the hail mixing with the rain. meteorologist lauren casey has more on what we can expect throughout the night. lauren? >> thanks so much, much quieter conditions is what we can expect. it was a busy afternoon, those storms starting to fire as early as lunch time and persisted all throughout the day. and they brought hazards on multiple levels, one of those being lightening. check out the structure fires as a result of lightening strikes. white marsh, montgomery county, marlton and mt. laurel and burlington counties a house and structure fire wires down in vineland. we saw a lot of images of
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flooding on i95 north and southbound in philadelphia, and on the schuylkill mainly over cumberland and cape may counties in new jersey. late to moderate rainfalls, watching this line of storms, you can see over last hour, these cells are weakening as they continue to move their way eastbound, but still think one of those could sneak their way nnot going to rule out a lingering thunderstorm, otherwise mostly cloudy with areas of fog, low temperature falling back to 70. will we have quieter conditions in store for thursday and more importantly the upcoming weekend, i'll have the answer in your eyewitness forecast coming up in a few. >> habitat for humanity becomes a victim of a theft in salem county, tools used by the group to build homes for those in need were stolen. from a construction site in
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pitts grove township. >> tears of joy and a whole lot of sweat equity have gone into building these adjoining habitat for humanity homes >> we're hoping they will be in the house in time to start the school year in sent. >> all but two families will soon gain, the organization has been dealt a major loss >> it wasn't an easy thing to break into. i'm thankful they didn't break into the house? when volunteers showed up in pitts grove monday, they found a lock had been broken to the construction trailer and every single tool they had inside was gone. then some. >> even our first aid kit, t-shirts, they took everything. >> normally, it's unthinkable especially nearby the church >> unbelievable, it's really sad. because we know what the habitat is about. >> reporter: the project will likely have to slow down until habitat for humanity in salem cut can find the means to find
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more even at a discounted rate, the tools cost over $4,000. >> this person could realize they did bad thing and maybe step and just turn themselves in. of that would be the best thing. maybe make a difference in their life >> if you want to bring them back the same way you took them and bring them back and lee them then call somebody and say the tools are returned. that would be so much appreciated. we hope you can find it in your hearts to do the right thing. >> the organization had purchased these tools earlier this summer. now, through this hardship has come someone who heard the news dropped off a in tool safe so that this can't happen again. anyone with information should contact state police. reporting in salem county, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." a haverford woman safe after police say she was abducted and robbed by a man she believed to be a driver for lyft. britney law was celebrating with her sister in center city early this morning, when they jumped into a vehicle they thought was the lyft ride they ordered at
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12th and st. james. during the ride home, police say the driver stopped at a west chester gas station and asked britney's sister to buy him water. police say he then took off with an intoxicated britney. >> he then grabbed her phone and grabbed her credit card, debit card. he then threw her out of the car. >> police say the driver dumped britney in northwest philadelphia. lyft tells "eyewitness news" it has no record of pick ups in the area. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest in the sexual assault of a runner in montgomery county it happened yesterday at norristown farm park, 19-year-old woman was running when attacked in broad daylight. those who frequent the park are on edge. a spokes woman for the district attorney's office say detectives are tracking do you want several leads. the reward in a weekend murder in havertown township is up to $7500, in the shooting
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death of 29-year-old john lee shot to death saturday at an apartment complex on havertown road. the accused killer, derrick rollins remains on the loose. police have released surveillance photos of several witnesses they want to talk to to get more information. phillies announced pete rose will not participate next week and the baseball legend will not be honored on the wall. fame as previously planned's rose backed out of the events after an alleged relationship with a 14 or 15-year-old girl came to light. the alleged incident happened in 1973 and rose claims he thought the girl was 16. the age of consent's at the time in ohio. in statement released rose said while i'm truly honored that the phillies fans voted for me to be this year's wall of fame induck tea, i'm concerned other matter will overshadow the good will associated with alumni weekend and i agree with the decision
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not to participate. in washington, president trump signs a new sanctions bill against russia, new york and iran, the president called the new sangs quote seriously flawed. he said they hurt his ability to use his executive powers to negotiate. but the president signed it for the sake of national unit. the bill had bipartisan support in congress following the revelations of russia's meddling in the u.s. election. meanwhile the president unveiled a plan to overhaul the nation's immigration law called the ray's act. the bill introduce as merit based system for green card applications moving away from the concept of uniting families through immigration. it would also cut the numbers of refugees admitted each year from 110,000 to 50,000. it was an historic day at the dow jones closed above the 22,000 mark for the first time ever, it was up more than 3600 points since election day.
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here's a look at the closing numbers, dow up 52 points, nasdaq lost a for a second and the s & p gained a point. >> nasa is looking for someone to save the planet. >> the job title planet protection officer. what does that mean and wait until you find out how much the job pays. a class ring with a long history, the unusual place it was recently discovered and how a local high school is looking to find the owner. >> the must see new exhibit at the philadelphia zoo what sets this area apart beyond the majestic bird >> after a wild weather day, much calmer night. meteorologist lauren casey is tracking changes as we get closer to the weekend. join me on late show tonight, joined by the lovely and talented dave sha pell, 30 years in comedy, >> we're going to talk about some of the jokes his mother told him he should cut when he was 14.
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coming your way at
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halt the project. basins between the bulkhead and new duns meant to collect and drain storm water did not work as planned. it made a multi-block pool, they call it lake christie after the governor. pumps drained almost all the water and the basins full with a foot of sand nasa has a job opening >> the space agency needs a planetary protection officer >> the job sounds pretty fun. at least >> sounds serious >> interesting. >> nasa is looking for a new hire who will staff their one person planetary protection office. starts well into the six figures and he will literally become a
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guardian of our galaxy >> protecting earth from alien, a newly posted position at nasa could pay you to keep our planet safe. >> call it a planetary protection officer >> what do you think that's about? >> i guess protecting the planet as an officer? i don't know. >> like you got space guns and stuff >> the job's goals are two-fold protecting earth links for the are you familiar vigiling of alien life forms, fortunately we're talking more about galactic mike crobes, not exactly the green guys end man kind and the flip side is true too, making sure our missions to planets like mars don't introduce elements only you found on earth into those foreign environment >> pretty fascinating. >>reporter: is for qualifications >> bilingual you can talk to
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alien >> not exactly english is fine fine, anyone can apply as long as you have answer advanced degree in science engineering or math and overseen elements space programs of national significance. maybe not the best position for this guy but he'll probably get over it when he hears about the pay. >> what do you believe, it pays >> $165? >> reporter: close. $187,000 a year. >> wow. >> reporter: a lot more. >> you should think about it >> sign me up >> you guys recruit me >> applications are die august 14th. if hired you'll be able to call yourself an earth's planetary protection officer possibly five years, initial contract is for three, which could be extended an additional two years if you're pretty good. >> that is pretty fascinating, if that exists. >> it's the only job, one person. one person only >> one job.
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>> thank you. a local woman trying to return a lost class ring to a woman who graduated 68 years ago. here's the rink from st. hubert's in northeast philly and has the year 1949, the woman found it said it was buried in hard packed dirt with a tree root growing through it at a quarry rein hope well mercer county. she reached out to the school and ever since they've been working to track down the owner >> the expression here is once a bam bee always a bam bee, this is just one of the facts we have 30,000 alums, they have been searching all over facebook for people who know information >> right now, she said she knows the maiden name of the owner but the search continues. as we look to the weekend, we invite you to join us friday as cbs3 summerfest heads to avalon and stone harbor, we'll celebrate the best of both shore towns from beautiful beaches to the sweet shops, don't miss our tale of two towns this try beginning on "eyewitness news" at 5:00. driving around this time,
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this afternoon, lightening bolts. >> yes. off in a distance. >> lots and lots of lightening bolts today we saw the towering cumulus developing before lunch time, you know you see that, summer day get ready for storms and that's what we had throughout the day. a stormy afternoon dumping heavy rain fall and a the cells were slow moving in nature. we really accumulated a tally of rainfall, spring city chester county close to two and a half inches of rainfall this afternoon, cherry hill one of the highest totaled well over two inches of rainfall. pottstown close to two inches, same case in wilmington, medford picking up over an inch and a half of rainfall today. we have the heavy rain, the lightening, the gusty winds and then we had numerous reports of hail across the area as well. chester brook chester county, quarter size hail, pretty big, king of prussia, nickel size hail, pea size in voorhees and many more, stormscan 3 showing
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us the thunderstorm activity has dissipated. dealing with the area of light to moderate rainfall lingering across portions of new jersey. seeing a couple of showers working through some shore points, sea aisle citying a little bit. keeping an eye on this line of thunderstorm looking much more potent two hours ago. this trend for weakening is occurring but you're likely seeing lightening bolts if you look off in the western sky from berks county. i think one of those storms again could seek in during the overnight period, future weather showing had us that line will continue to break down and weaken as it pushes towards i95. maybe you could see a cell moving in towards center city philadelphia and surround suburbs especially western as we head into the early morning hours maybe a shower at the early in the morning, otherwise no problems weather-wise for thursday commute. looking good tomorrow at your lunch hour, no the dodging storms but we will see hit or a miss storms develop into the second half and into the evening
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hours, but you can see the coverage far less than the activity we saw earlier today. as we head into the evening hours, we'll start to see that storm threat diminish. for tomorrow, mix of sun and clouds with a chance of late-day thunderstorm, a high temperature at 89. and that's exactly what we hit today. two degrees above our average high temperature, we started off at 70, did have a bit of a steam factor, temperatures reflection right now of that rain cooled air, 67 in allentown, 60s in trenton, 70 in philly. and 70 right now in wildwood. due points they tell us about that sticky factor when you step outside, they're generally in the middle 60's to upper 60's right now. they're not contending with oppressive humidity but it doesn't feel super comfortable. quite steamy and that will be the trend again tomorrow into friday but frontal boundary drops in saturday, will generate scattered showers in the morning, then gradual clearing with decreasing humidity and cooler temperatures by saturday afternoon a high of 84 and an absolutely beautiful sunday in
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store, sunshine, low humidity and on a high temperature at 82. our storm chance as we head to friday will be concentrated mainly west of i95 so things are looking good for summerfest in avalon and in stone harbor as we head into the weekend as i mentioned sunday, gorgeous day for your outdoor plans, watch out for another system moving in monday, monday night. could bring us another round of heavy rain and storms. >> ok, lauren, thank you. don up next with sports. eagles, first round pick how one philadelphia eagles is trying to overcome confidence issues. sports coming up next.
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which comes first? confidence or success? either way, first round pick nelson agholor hasn't been able to find either one, entering third season his eagles team mates believe he's on his way. >> last season was difficult for eagles wide-out nelson agholor, drops penalties and missed assignments led to a week 12 benching, less than a week in training camp team mates noticed a different. >> changed the number, he's like a whole new guy, confident using strength, being extremely coachable. and i think he's got a lot of good things coming >> the guys he competes against in practice have also noticed a change. >> his game from last year now with me covering it's a lot different of it's changed. a lot faster. nothing is always been hard working but i believe his attention to detail and his, just the way he gets in and out of breaks and run his route he looks a lot crisper than he did
11:26 pm
last career. >> having veteran receivers like tore re-smith and alshon jeffrey given agholor a chance to relax and learn >> i see talking to alshon and tori and they tell him different stands to do and they're learning from the older veteran guy >> he's making plays and i don't think it's ever been a talent thing for him. probably mentally been able to talk and his confidence, important for him to continue to bill on that and never doubt it >> sticking with the alshon jeffrey missed his second straight practice with a shoulder injury. bleeding green nation is reporting they will be cautious in their approach with him. jeffrey will not play according to them in their first preseason game at green because august 10th. baseball tonight phillies and angels, phils down 1-0 in the third, mike trout jersey
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native, makes it 3-0, and jake thompson second start. gave up three home runs, in the third inning, down to fourth. and the phillies are down 7-0. only one way to go. >> got them where he wants
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♪ ♪ . a unique new exhibit at the philadelphia zoo showcase birds of prey >> rafter bridge and features two american bald eagles. glory and ritz. they came up with the concept for rafter ridge, helped with the. there's a 40 foot long visitors the opportunity to soar like the birds. lauren? . it's wednesday, we're halfway towards upcoming weekend as its shaping up to be nice, we will see a formal passage drop in that will give us scattered showers but gradual clearing, decreasing humidity, high temperatures in the middle 80's and on sunday a beautiful day in store, highs in the low 80's,
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♪ coming up next is the late show with steven colbert and dave sha p e l. i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean, remember we're always on as
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> the president said that white house is a real dump. >> okay, let's find a new place to live, something with some real class. let's see, the palace of verseille, nah, not enough of enough gld leaf. >> taj ma gentleman, no, curry makes me cass gassy, the pyramids right on the golf course, i don't want to be buried with my help. >> motto, lava, keep out the mexicans, excellent security system, a beautiful view of mount doom, we could have our press conferences there, let me tag that one. the death star, ooo, daddy like. >> it's the late show wit


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