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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 6, 2017 5:05am-6:01am EDT

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their mother in the way they want their muther to be remembered. >> documentary also explored affair with camilla parker bowls. >> i remember being quite horrified at what she was telling me and at the same time i know she was shocked. i know she didn't ask whether -- >> he replied quote i refuse to be the only prince of wales. -- the documentary -- >> move on. angelina jolie. she was very upset and fighting back this week after she got backlash over her vanity fair tell all. >> she opened up about brad, the kids and one revelation has her steaming mad. did she mistreat impoverished children on the set of her new
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movie? she's been in a high profile fight with vanity fair. the war of words happened after the magazine reported on the upcoming netflix film about cambodia. the article described it like this. quote the casting director set up game, rather disturbing in its realism. they asked the child to think of something she wanted it for and to snatch it away. online critics attacked her, calling her cruel and monstrous, said it sounded like an orphan hunger games, calling it false and upsetting and said they misinterpreted a pretend exercise as if it was a real scenario. she reportedly got her attorney involved. she asked the magazine to remove it and publish a recorrection.
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they released a transcript of the interview. it seems it supports the magazine's claim that she suggested they weren't full y aware they were playing the game. joely's film "first they killed my father" was onset in cambodia which is where her son was born. >> it's not just because he's my son but because it's through the eyes of a child. >> this weekend is also all about halle berry and her new film is 95 minutes of nonstop scream after scream action as she lives through every parents worse nightmare. does she merely have her own
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real-life bear? >> have you ever had that moment? >> i looked around and she was not there and you have that moment where i was like shut the door. shut the door. i went right into nobody's leaveling. luckily she was a foot away from me under the turn style and she was gone. >> that real life scare was taken on the extreme and kidnapped. 9-year-old stage karea. did you two get to hangout? >> yes. i had a small trailer and i go over there to see her and her trailer's big. there's a bedroom. >> you telling all my business? >> hally's other costar helps her chase down the son's
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abducter. >> that's the best car. >> a vacuum cleaner. >> how great are mini vans? >> it's the perfect family car. >> her motherly instincts are perhaps why they gave her a special award. >> hollywood's best mother. this is everything right now. this is everything right now. move over oscar, here comes my real award. put this up tonight right next to the big guy. >> her recent interview looked like she'd been training for a prize fight. there's no special formula to getting her amazing. >> there's nothing special. red wine every day. what i do. >> ready to party like a rock star on his first ever red carpet. >> i can do the waves, you know. it's hard because i'm in a suit. i'm all about the waves, you know and the pop locking. >> come on now, very adorable.
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>> i think somebody else would like some halle berry. >> calling me out. >> let's check out these costars. "will & grace" back. so excited. we were there on the very first day back onset. >> at our age i'm not even sure we're going to be alive. >> with the news will and grace will return for a season two, the pressure was off. >> all i can say is my first line is "i have the craziest dream." >> it's been over a decade since you have been filming regularly together. who's most likely to laugh during the middle of a take? who's most likely to steal something from ward robe? i think it might be me.
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>> it's lovely. >> and megan and deborah. >> a useful episode. >> i think we should. >> this is us. and we have news about their newest costar for season two. >> sylvester still own is coming in to be your costar/father in the movie. >> perhaps you've heard of the man. isn't that amazing? they're pulling out lothe stops for season two. >> guest starring on "this is us." >> when the producer said we envision a guy like fly, i went that's amazing. and they looked at me and i went oh, you want me to call him. yeah, i'll call fly and i phoned him and he was on board. >> how exactly did milo get the fly hook up? remember back in 2006 he played rocky's son in the film rocky
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balboa. >> if anybody can inspire you, fly's the one. he's still killing the game. he's ridiculous. >> 71. >> sorry, 71. got corrected. i knew he wasn't 97 though. real talk. >> up next more "this is us season two scoop from justin hartley's daughter. >> she came to a ward robe fitting that gave away tons of story lines. >> it was mind blowing in some ways. it's true. >> and jimmy kimmel gives us a health update on his son. the hilarious and emotional interview. bburning of diabetic nerve pain
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that's her buddy justin baitman. they brought along an adorable side kick. >> one item here live and it is this 4-year-old girl. >> i found her in the parking lot. if anyone knows who this child is, please call the authorities. what's her name? she says her name is jane. >> um -- >> she's more of a tyrannical leader. right? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> jane crashed our interview where her daddy gave us a health update on the new born who underwent surgery for a heart condition. >> we're very grateful for everyone's kindness and he's doing really great and we're all very happy about that. >> "this is us" star brought daughter isabella to the event
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that benefits various children's causes. and she has a few secrets from dad's show. >> she came to a ward robe fitting that i had had that gave away tons of future story lines. >> what do you know, isabella? >> i can't say. i'm sorry. >> trained her well. >> i've trained her well. >> i think we now know twhoo go after. >> i'm going to find out. >> a spin off, a prequel. >> you know he's actually executive producing this and i talked to him. kim parsons -- these guys are so fun together. it was jim that came up with the idea for the "big bang" spin off and found the perfect actor to play his character's younger self. it feels like ian could by young jim. >> he taped himself -- his
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mother taped him and oh, my god, you're on so many tapes. ian was mind blowing in some ways. it's true. there was a naturalness with it and a spirit with it and an understanding of what you were saying that -- no. i believed. i'm a nice person but i'm not kind when it comes to those things. >> you have a bit of a mustache. >> ian just turned nine. he became famous for posting viral reviews on youtube and his dad recently won the role of king george in "hamilton." >> my dad can sing and act. >> what do you love about it? >> what i love about the theater? >> just like ian, jim is a theater buff too and they bonded
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over broadway. >> vow so many more people recognize you in the theater than me. they love you there. it's true and it's not just because you wear tap shoes and they hear you coming. he did. >> he is so cute. if you're wondering where have i seen that face? ian played woodly's son biggie. so, by the way, everybody there. >> straight ahead. an exclusive. >> sounds great. >> plus. how playing a bad guy got matthew mcconaughey points with the kids. >> and channing tatum a bed livery
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. there is no dad bod for ryan reynolds who is all kinds of sexy. they have made the 40-year-old a family guy. but wife, blake lively may not be too pleased when she hears she's not the person ryan picked to take with him if he was stuck on a desert island. >> stanley tuchy and he can cook. >> the deadpool star is known for his sense of humor inhcludig "i'm hanging on the fridge but honestly better than the garbage." no surprise we can get a few laughs out of the q and a. what's the weirdest request you got from a fan? >> will you officiate our wedding. i need to get ordained online. >> what's the strangest rumor you heard? >> i adopted a child from guiana
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once. which sounds great. >> and as for his advice for new dads. >> sleep when you can. this to shall pass quickly. >> i'll just have to agree. now, have you seen ryan's tweets about his kids? pure comedy. >> dear instagram and twitter, it's the funniest thing ever. you just go for it, you just threat let it be free? >> no. some of the ones about my daughter or parenting ones. >> dad's most recent dad tweets "my daughter likes to be buried in neck and sand at the beach. her little face lights up when i pick her up the next day." >> i'm so in love with him when
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he writes that stuff. i mean i'm in love with him most of the time but especially when he writes that. these two are so relationship goals. >> why would i need help my wife with training or fighting? my wife can train and kick as rr all on her own. she doesn't need me for anything. >> ryan's kicking but of his own. >> one -- your bad. >> ryan's supposed to be the body guard. >> anytime i felt unsafe, human shield right here. really? >> who do you think would be the best person to be a body guard for? >> dwayne the rock johnson because you're not really going to have to do a lot.
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bite your tongue. >> you are hilarious. and so are these new costars. they talked to him about that and the side hustle with hard liquor that's really going viral. hi. how much fun was that? >> it was actually kind of crazy. >> every woman was fantasy. open your front door and the delivery boy is channing tatum. in this case with the bougttle his brand of vodka. >> i never was a delivery boy. >> you never were a delivery boy? >> my parents even had a pizza place at one point but i never delivered pizza. they're ordering food at 3:00 in the afternoon, either they're about to get wild or they've
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been getting wild. >> he played the role in the satyrical new amazon series "comrade detective." >> want something to drink? i'm not drinking and he goes vodka then? yes, yes. >> it's a fictional '80s roam roamiaen detective show. they step over the line in english. >> one of the best keens in this whole thing is your guy's super drunk drinking an entire bottle of vodka, not your vodka though. >> and a new movie with jason alba. ain't bad either. and that just got the award of the rear of the year. >> that morning when i got -- the announcement came out, i
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took a good look in the mirror and i was like okay. fair enough. >> international. >> not international. it's england. i think you got a shot. >> he play as gun slinger and matthew is a sourceer. >> physical training. >> the kind of training he had to do, i can just say. >> the relationship between these actors started at the 2014 golden globes. >> fast forward to monday
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night's premier where they face off. >> who takes longer to get ready? >> i'm looking at him. it took me about three 1/2 minutes. i bet it took him at least five. >> it's matthew and his suit versus the black laserer with gold trim and a crest on the pocket. >> hooks like he could be playing polo later on tonight. >> matthew said three minutes. >> eight minutes. oh, really? can't tell. >> they got along fine shooting "the dark tower." not such bad guys, especially for levi who just turned nine. are you a cool dad? >> yeah. i'm a cool dad. it doesn't mean me and my son always agree. thank you for correcting me here and there. >> go inside a look at celebrity
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5:32 am
cancellation. he writes "me taking this time right now is me saying i want to be sustainable so i can be the man i want to be, the husband i eventually want to be, and the father i want to be." justin's ex-selena gomez is number three and she's opening up about suffering from depression and anxiety. telling instyle quote last year i canceled my tour and went away for 90 days. it was the best thing i have done. it was hard. angelina jolie attacked online. the oscar winner called cruel and monstrous for a -- a new vanity fair thds casting director set up a game. they put money on the table and asked the child to think of what they need money froand snatched
5:33 am
it away. angelina jolie said it was false and upsetting anyone misinterpreted. vanity fair stands by its story. and number one, a hollywood date night for ben and his new girlfriend. >> are you and lindsey officially a couple now? >> ben and snl producer caught the improv show. she was there to scout talent and was the show case's guest of honor. then it was off to pizza and a smoke break for ben. >> enjoy. >> and wheres was his ex-jen during the day? just having a picture perfect stroll with ben's mom, chris. >> just getting posted all over the internet that claims you, a, are leaving the view, to pursue your passion for this bs skin
5:34 am
care product. >> she's actually one of the several stars like oprah, even pally perez that have been caught up in the scam. it's ripping off stars and fans to sell their bogus face cream. >> it's not great to have fake news that i'm leaving the show but there it was. it's like oh really? i'm backing a skin cream? where's the check? >> promising skin care products. it's so bold they even use photos of her to sell the products. >> so far what we found there are eight websites at least to use her name to promote multiple skin care products. >> what's your initial reaction?
5:35 am
>> just complete anger. i notice they have put oprah's picture in this story. eva longoria. i would never ask oprah to indoors a product of mine. and that's what it looks like in the story. >> it was annoying to me that someone would spend money on something i was not behind and had nothing to do with. >> others include joana gains, property brothers. they have sent out 23 letters to what they discovered are bogus company addresses, making it almost impossible to stop the fake ads. >> it's like sending a note to santa clause on the north pole. you're not sure if he's going to get it. >> my face is not actually associated with all those false ads. >> she says she didn't know she was a victim until she checked
5:36 am
her twitter feed. >> you're leaving ncis. >> which is so extensive. and i have a skin care line with dr. oz and cbs, my network and ncis, my shows are all mad at e me. it's crazy. i've never met dr. oz. >> she says the true victims are her fans. these products aren't regulated so there's no way in knowing what's in them. what would you say to the scam artists out there who are putting a picture out there, another celebrity picture on it? >> how dare you. you're criminals and you deserve to be in jail and we're coming for you.
5:37 am
>> there is reason to doubt the authenticity. >> this woman made career -- we're talking about supermodel claudia shifer. she holds the guiness world record for most magazine covers. and we found her in a castle fit for a royal. >> play games and the dogs. >> what a heavenly spread to do it on with 530 acre oofz half mile long driveway about twor hours north of london. claudia and her husband, director matthew von purchased the estate on a whim. ask architectural digest, more than a full time residence for the couple. "i wanted it to be rustic and
5:38 am
kids with jam on their hands." >> my favorite room in the house is the kids room. >> it's also where the couple takes creative meetings. she executive produces matthew's film which includes "the golden circle." english history comes alive in the shape of an "h." to honor henry the roam -- you're welcome. now get this, they called claudia's place. i'll tell you what when queen elizabeth first stayed there, she was served cold ham. >> that's hilarious. who likes cold ham? i'll eat grilled ham all day.
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with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. >> vava voom. >> amen to that. sophia vergara's signature
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curves helped her become the highest paid tv actress in the world. so it made sense when she was asked to do a naked cover shoot. >> being naked i think is powerful. sen senseual and it can be fun. we're going through the history. no matter how much you take care of yourself, we all age and you have to embrace it. >> embracing every inch of her enviable curves covered by very strategic hair placement. diet wise she keeps it clean until she starts cheating on thursdays. and she exericizes three or four day as week with a trainer. but struggles to get it done.
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i'm in a bad mood before and while i'm doing it and in the end because i have to schedule the next class. husband of nearly two years helps her stay accountable. he build them oo home gym. >> i'm a morning person so if i don't do it in the morning, i find any excuse not to do it. still ahead mariah carey concert exclusive. back stage pda with her twins. and our exclusive with victoria beckham 's oldest son. >> why not music or sports and soccer? >> and. ♪ after 20 years of music, 98 degrees opens up about their biggest regret. >> but first this weekend the entertainment tonight birthdays. who auditioned for the role of
5:44 am
crissy snow? maury lieu henner or lonny anderson? we think 14-year-old is an artist you should know. >> lot more music coming out. >> the antibullying anthem boom rang has over 200 million views on youtube. now she's been named nick canon's side kick on lip sink battle shorties. she's getting her own nickelodeon special, my world. and she sets her sights high. i want to do the why are you deleting these photos? because my teeth are yellow. why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse...
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5:48 am
>> cheers. you're sexy. it was incredible watching you do these quick changes. >> there's a whole group of people going -- >> queen deviva had three costu changes. what do you love the most about touring with? >> magical. doing it together. >> what's your name? >> the twins join maria on stage and for the first time rose sang. >> maybe she will have a career. and rocky. what's up, people? i'm that boy. >> well, he takes after his own
5:49 am
son. >> they went and ran because they wanted to sit on the -- i don't know. >> maria and lionel richie's all the hits tour ends september fifth. of course lionel's rumored to be a new judge. that's something mimi knows all about. >> i would say don't do it. no. only kidding. if he wants to do it i think he'd be great. they were trying to foil me. that's why. >> well, maria also thinks katy is going to crush it. >> of course she will. stick with music here in the show. remember these guys? ♪ it's all it's all because of you ♪ >> 98 degrees -- >> absolutely. one of my favorites. last saturday marked the 20th
5:50 am
anniversary of their first album. they're all in their 40s. ♪ >> so what do you remember most about that sniem album release week 20 years ago? >> i think we were driving ourselves around in a winnebago and all the sudden we're going into stores ourselves and buying records. all that fun stuff back in the day. ♪ >> invisible man was their breakout first single that rose to number 12 on the charts. >> call the radio station and request our own song. >> okay, guys. we got it. >> how you doing, my name's jeff. >> i'm drew. >> i'm nick. >> and i'm justin. >> we first met the fresh face boys describing their music.
5:51 am
>> pop r&b and soulful feeling and a twist of funk. ♪ was it something that i didn't say ♪ >> looking back nick says he has one regret from the early years. >> i would have told myself 20 years ago change your hair style. i don't -- don't go with the butt cut. >> the butt cut? >> that's right. clothing is used. >> fire all these stylists. >> maybe smaller pants. >> of course those guys do still work together. last summer they completed a tour are o town, dream. >> remember how david and victoria beckham's son became star at age 11? their oldest boy, brooklyn is a
5:52 am
photographer and a very good one i might say. i got a look at the 18-year-old's portfolio laid out in a new book. how proud are your mom and dad when they see this final product? >> my mom cried. >> photography is clearly brooklyn's passion. but he got candid about not following in soccer star dad's foot steps. >> why not music or soccer? >> football. i did football since i was like two but i've had a lot of pressure on me as well because you know. and every time i made a mistake everyone was looking at me like oh, he made a mistake. i kind of wanted to go my own direction. >> how old were you when you got your first camera? >> my dad bought me my first camera at 15. >> is this just a hobby while you're exploring other
5:53 am
professions? >> thats are what i really want to do and i've been interning. >> brooklyn plans to study photography in new york soon. and he showed off his tattoos and a look inside his world that includes his famous family. >> it was taken in napa valley. >> and i said dad and he looks and i said that movement i just got this perfect moment. >> were your mom and dad in photography? do they like taking pictures? whenever she sees me taking pictures like -- mom. >> that's exactly how ours wr and thirdly my wife as well. >> it's what we do. just saying. >> do all this work. he's only 18 years old and
5:54 am
already had some professional
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travel considerations provided by.
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solay moon fry is 41, baseball pop star, turning 44. brady bunch star, 41. now here we go. which '70s star auditioned for the role of christy snow on three's company? lonnie anderson. happy birthday to everyone. >> all week on et we're with hollywood's biggest stars plus our channing tatum exclusive. only on et. >> we're almost on time this weekend but just go to our website, et >> check out the new video from florida georgia line. >> dig your roots album. it was actually codirected. >> i love that. in canada. ♪
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♪ ain't nobody smooth ♪ ♪ you so smooth smooth
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breaking news this morning , a deadly hit/run in center city philadelphia. this happened just a short time ago, we're live with the very latest on the search for the driver. and, following a developing story a very active investigation outside a sports complex in new jersey, where four people were shot overnight, the latest from police straight ahead. and if you have outdoor plans today you're in luck we're in store for a spectacular end to the weekend today is sunday august 6th , good morning, i'm jan carabao lets get over to meteorologist matt peterson with the eyewitness weather forecast good sunday morning, matt, i thought yesterday was perfect, could today be better >> i think today might be pick of the weekend. >> it was a nation yesterday. >> wonderful outside yesterday ,


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