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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 11, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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playhouse playing tonight and tomorrow and then it closes but i just love new hope. it is so beautiful here. >> such a place for inspiration, magic and just feels good. it is very hard to describe new hope, in three words. that is your challenge, ready, go. >> a beautiful summer destine nation. >> are you on the business association. >> i'm in the marketing team. >> i can tell, there was something about you. >> no really we have had so much fun in new hope. we have met incredible people and great thing about summer fest is we're able to go to these towns, share the love but expos the love. you know what i'm saying nicole, expose that love and really share it, we're sharing >> i love the sharing that happens here in new hope. there is so much more to come, at cbs-3 summer fest. we have historic bucks county playhouse right behind us, we will take you inside there and about shows we will talk about , we will also have big bird news, that is coming up,
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so "eyewitness news" starts right now. we are here in new hope, bucks county, enjoying cbs-3 ... >> no audio. there is plenty to see, in new hope from that beautiful view of the water there, to the busy, main street, we are exploring all of the charm that this bucks county town
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has to offer. good evening, i'm in a cash brown, thanks so much for joining us. ukee and guess car off tonight hi, nicole. >> hi, natasha i'm nicole brewer out here live in new hope. it really is a warm night but really a nice night, lots of cloud cover. we are having a good time. it is friday night. cbs-3 summer fest and it is a lot of fun. if you see the building behind me pretty famous land mark in this town the bucks county playhouse and some pretty famous faces have grazed this stage here, "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff ushers us into the historic bucks county playhouse. >> reporter: each new hope morning is like the rising of a cure tane. this is a town that was born out of and thrives in tandem with its own historic playhouse. >> we're attract theater people was easy.
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>> reporter: once a sleepy community of poets and painters 1939 marked a year that hollywood and broadway came together here, the bucks county playhouse opened to much fanfare, inside of a former mill that earned new hope its name. >> suddenly they built a theater were 400 seats and they sold out from the very beginning. there were four pound people coming seven days a week and where do we eat lets go shopping. >> reporter: new hope met that demand and with the theater, grew. alexandria frazier, tony award winning producer and producing director at bucks county playhouse. >> i guess our biggest star was grace kelly. >> reporter: dozens of household names once graced this stage but it was grace, herself who got her start here as an 18 year-old apprentice bucks county native was cast in her first play which was written by her uncle. >> they cast young grace in the show because they knew she had a big family to sell tickets. >> reporter: star was born and reputation of talent, energiz ing production choices was set in stone for the
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playhouse. thinks called a turntable, and what it does, it allows bucks county playhouse to put on these large scale productions. it is one of the oldest, largest in the country and provides means to pivot between multiple steps a requirement for many major plays including the current feature guys and dolls. >> ♪ >> reporter: theater has survived lulls but always seems to prove in this town, performance prevails, and this season the 78 year-old theater is breaking ticket sale record once again. >> we have sold 6500 new people that had never been to the playhouse before, that have come so far this year, for it is a lot. >> ♪
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>> and the theater now operate s 12 months a year, hosting 50,000 audience members. that is a lot of people. it is also under construction, right now they are working to put in an eatery inside the playhouse. something to look for in the upcoming months. already some new shows, on the schedule, and i'm told that grace kelly's great niece is going to be perform. >> stop it. >> come november. >> ohy think that is fantastic >> super fantastic. >> something to look out for sure. we know new hope is a great destination for food. >> yes. >> you know something about that. >> yes, totally. >> and b and b, bed and breakfast. >> bed and breakfast scene in new hope is ridiculous. no, seriously in a great way, nicole. i have to tell you and you will see coming up soon new hope isn't just a place to visit for one day. you can stay here multiple nights, bed, breakfasts and inns are the place to go. i went to one place that was, like stepping into an english
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garden, and then being served, the best english breakfast. lets take a look. enter through these gates and the getaway awaits. the bowman hill is pristine perfectly pruned on 5 acres display of english wonder where gets are greeted in person. >> hi, welcome. >> welcome. >> reporter: the show is one of the eight rooms before a breakfast, that is spot on. it is a rare inn that is rated triple a, four diamond and owner michael amry says this inn came out of an unfortunate event. >> i purchased the house and three months afterward it didn't look after this. about three months after i had one of those events known as a financial event in my life. >> oh, boy. >> so i decided why not turn tonight to a inn. >> reporter: his home turned hospitality draws many from out of town. mike dubbed this room the
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regal tower sweet after hosting one noble visitor from over the pond. >> i got a call saying, you know, they would like to stay here. i said, yeah. >> exactly. it took me a while to believe it was serious but then we had , four black suv's with smoked windows driving in and i knew they were serious. >> reporter: speaking of different one room has its own night sky. >> every five minutes a shooting star goes off and there are real constellations up here. >> reporter: but this years sweet dreams good bye says rooster it is time for a traditional eveningish breakfast, included, thinking that b and b stand for. >> bounty and beauty. >> as well. >> wow. >> write that down, would you.
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>> nicole, turf tell i when i was little and you can ask me parents eye todd talk in the eveningish accent. >> i think you heard you talk in the english accent. >> yes. >> well, being, at the inn of bowman's hill was a trip to england without the flight. it was just exceptional and i would highly recommend it as a getaway to celebrate, just life. >> yes, yes. it is a great day to celebrate life any good day to do that you are right. >> thank you near. >> absolutely beautiful. >> speaking of breakfast we know this already. it is a great theme here in this town of new hope bucks county and to the many visitors just a wonderful place to go but there is a special shot just for the local crowd, and cbs-3 stopped by fred's breakfast this morning. i'm told it is a members own club and those hoff secret key is there a secret key we're told can enter the lock door, fill up their own cup of coffee, sit down for grub alms with a view of the river. sounds fantastic. we caught up with the owner
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about the benefits of this members only crowd. >> it is everybody that i know , it is guy that fixes my car, guy that sells me my lettuce all these guys that come infer day. >> comradery between customers and staff, the food is great. >> thousands of members but only 31 seats, so if you want to be a member you have to get on the waiting list, whether it is sponsored by a member or just walking in. that is very important. wait time vice from four weeks to four months so you might want to make that call. of course, we have been mentioning the weather out here, pretty good, a little warm but not bad, and we understand there is a half and half weekend situation, lauren >> absolutely a half and half weekend head of us you today 100 percent pretty nice, this evening, yeah, perfect conditions for some outside dining here in new hope. we have the cloud cover so
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keeping us a little bit cooler , humidity has return but temperatures are tolerable especially by august standard, we know it could be much, much worse but conditions have been dry throughout the day here in new hope and conditions right now in philadelphia at 80 degrees as your current temperature. seventy-eight down short but rain cooled air in the poconos at 65 where we have had some rain coming down and even a few rumbles of thunder and early evening hours and rain impacting the lehigh valley, allentown rain drops coming down a wednesday end to the work week for you. as we head overnight tonight we will see showers and thunderstorms, becoming more numerous and crossing over the i-95 corridor as we head in the second half of the night tonight. muggy conditions with an overnight low of 07 degrees, in the city but it is, going to be a stormy start to the weekend we will talk more about the timing of the storms and when sunshine will return for making that half and half weekend, nicole, coming up in your full forecast in just a few. >> all right, sounds good,
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thank you very much. still to come on "eyewitness news" we have more cbs-3 summer fest fun we are celebrating along with you on this friday night. as we know new hope has plenty of activities for kid, not just the adults but also the kid and our pat gallen is taking you inside the bucks county children's museum, we have got plenty more coming your way from summer if he right here on cbs-3 and we are also tracking a big day in sports, leslie? >> that is right, nicole a move that surprised a lot of people eagles trade way jordan matthews. we will details on what they got in return and we will hear from the players a little bit later in
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welcome back to new hope bucks county as part of the cbs-3 summer fest we are celebrating thon friday night and, you know, there is a lot to do as an adult but there is a lot to do if you are a kid.
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that is where bucks county children's museum comes into play a place where kid can explore, learn, and in our own pat gallen a bit of the child himself, he got to sink his teeth into it and get a little bit of that childhood magic, lets take a look. >> reporter: in new hope kid are exploring. playing. and learning. >> yeah. >> even the big kid. bucks county children's museum is not just a huge playhouse but resource for thousands of children in the area to expand their imagination. >> we are 10,000 square footed foot interactive facility for children between one to seven. we have been opened since 2011 with my background in special education and loving the opportunity to make learning hands on fun, this was a great project. >> reporter: the seed were planted roughly 18 years ago
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but with the help of the community, the museum became a reality. >> if we had to count every dollar, penny, blood, sweat, tears it would have been a million-dollar project but thanks to the community who came out in force with donations of labor, product, time, we were able to open up for much less then that. >> reporter: kid and parents alike are happy that they did. >> i love it. our three-year old feels like he owns the place, it is fun, nice friendly museum. >> our six year-old hoist currently at school right now who was in the wheelchair and one of the great things about this museum it is all accessible, a lot of stuff to do even for kid with different skill levels and abilities. >> reporter: people of the bucks county and beyond have taken notice. >> we thought we were going to have maybe 10,000 visitors a year and maybe hundred families would join the museum members. we ended up with 45,000 visitors a year and we have over a thousand families that are members of the museum. >> reporter: easy to see why
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kid can do a variety of activities. >> i think claire is into cars , likes little race track. >> our three-year old graham is in the water portion. >> reporter: they can run an ice cream shop. strawberry, thank you or play doctor. oh, my god i feel better. >> yeah. >> or learn about the weather, katie fey link wore appreciate this. is there so much to do and see at bucks county children's museum. path fat gallon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there you have it, bring the whole family here to new hope, bucks county. it is a great night to do it. we have brought the whole crew from cbs-3 that includes lauren casey, she's there along the delaware river. we're talking about the weekend forecast. what can we expect. >> we can expect one stormy day and one nice day so not all together too bad for a weekend but conditions, pretty nice, we have the cloud in place more of the sticky
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factor with temperatures, pretty tolerable by august standard, right by delaware river just adorable little park near new hope and, of course, i brought weather watcher with me as my ride, drove tonight from the city, up into new hope just a beautiful country road enjoy the sites and weather watcher is over here, holding it down for me helping me out giving me the forecast power. as we go in the overnight it will storm and we will have storms moving in across the area overnight tonight. temperatures right now are mild, by august standard, 80 degrees in philadelphia rain cooled air in allentown at 71. sixty-five in the poconos. notice a difference in the dew point over last 24 hours we will keep that steam factor through the day tomorrow and lose it as we head into sunday with the dry air building in more comfortable foreign of the weekend. storm scan three showing us showers and thunderstorms in central pennsylvania that has been moving in northeast
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pennsylvania but as we head in the second half and overnight tonight those showers and storms impacting much of the delaware valley crossing over i-95 corridor. we could see strong cells before we quiet things down as we head in the early portion of the saturday, still potty showers and then getting activity once again as coal front makes an approach in the afternoon evening hours. few of them could be on the strong side so keep yourself aware of the changing situation through afternoon, evening hours tomorrow but otherwise as we get into sunday we are on the back side with dryer air moving in bringing us sunshine and more comfortable humidity values. that is what we have sunshine in rehoboth beach, finishing out on a right note. on the board, beach, few cloud but nice conditions and then wednesday also down the shore will be tomorrow with a mixture of sun and cloud as we head into sunday but overnight tonight watching out for showers and storms after the 10:00 o'clock hour and watching out for storms as we head in the second half of
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saturday. we will quiet down as we head into next week chance of showers returns as we head into tuesday but bring back full sunshine by wednesday. we will have more of cbs-3 summer fest live from new hope coming up just after this.
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but first here's some trivia for you did you know that new hope was home to an art colony founded by edward redfield and william l laththr op it was important for regional work. very interesting. other interesting news now coming out of the eagles, okay , big trade news. >> definitely an interesting move. you know every nfl quarterback has their go too guy, security blanket and for that carson wentz that was jordan matthews now carson has to find a new
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one because jordan was trade todd buffalo. bird sent jordan and third round pick for ronald darby, whose way second round pick, and to years with the bills he has 133 tackles and two interceptions. he ran a 4-pint 38, 40-yard dash at combine. he does fit a need for the bird. >> as we are's rebuilding this there air lot of priorities that go into elding about a team that competes for championships and having a defensive back, corner position that was young and could grow together, this fits with that description. ronald still has two years left on his contract, he has played in the national football league for to years we have tape watching him play against guys we go against. >> after the trade carson wentz tweeted this response to matthews, crazy part of this business, you'll always be my boy, both on and off the field , could not ask for a better teammate and friend. well, last night in his final game with the eagles matthews had two catches, carson wentz and first team offend and defense looked good
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but doug peeledder son will have a few things to talk about when they return to practice. bird just could not seem to hold on to the football, two footballs, fumbles and interceptions. special teams gave up a 68- yard touchdown in the 24- nine loss to green bay but carson wentz and doug pederson were happy to see some of the rook is in their first game. >> it was good to get young guys some opportunities, guys like max, stepping up there right away that first drive and he had a big game as well. it was good to get out there. >> great to get these young guys as many reps as we cannot preseason and get a good evaluation of them. >> nfl suspended ezekiel elliott six games for violating the league's personal conduct policy. elliott was accused of domestic violence by his ex- girlfriend last year but columbus ohio city attorneys office did not charge him. league can suspend a player without legal charges. elliott has three days to appeal the ruling so big trouble in big d. >> thanks very much, leslie,
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appreciate it. >> that will do it for us in the studio. we are heading back out to bucks county for more summer fest fun in new hope, stay with us.
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we are not done here in new hope but we want to let you know we have mountains of fun planned for your next friday, when summer fest takes us up to the poconos where is there plenty to peak your interests in more than just a mountain. ukee washington will be broadcasting live next friday right here on cbs-3. hi. >> hi tori. you have your hands full. >> do i you brought a little snack. >> yes, hand crafted popcorn. >> why don't we eat this and send it on over, to wrap up the show. >> yeah. >> i have oreo, cinnamon toast and then peanut butter lovers and then i don't know what this one is. >> i'll be sure to sample that in just a second right now thanks so much for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. "eyewitness news" returns at 10 on the cw philly and wpsg we will than back on cbs-3 at 11:00. right now "cbs evening news" from new york here's anthony mason.
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>> this man will not get away with what he's doing, believe me. >> mason: the president's new warning to kim jong-un about launching an attack. >> he will truly regret it, and he will regret it fast. >> mason: also tonight-- >> take your hands out of your pocket! ( gunfire ). >> mason: a police officer's camera glasses capture the moment a robbery suspect tried to kill him. preparing for the eclipse. >> reporter: you can't see anything through these, either. >> mason: and a warning about fakes. >> i mean, all our glasses have to be certified and tested. >> mason: and the secret to a long marriage. forget the mockingbird. steve hartman says listen to a clicken beer. >> when i said "i do" to me


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