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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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to... yeah, no, fine, let's do it. oh, my god. okay, i'm the girl, you're the guy. put your hands like this. what, put 'em on your hips? mm-hmm. just put 'em on there? mm-hmm. all right. okay. yeah. move your hips with my hips. okay. go right, go left. yup. go right, yup. go left. this is ridiculous. no, loosen up. move with me. i'm... i'm trying. that's it, you got it. do i have it? go right, go left. this feels... go right, go left. ...awkwardly intimate. go ri... (door opens) (clears throat) beautiful flowers for a beautiful girl. oh, wow. thank you. mm. the dress is lovely. yeah. i, um, thought that this one would be the best, for sure. mm-hmm, yeah. it's perfect on the shoulders, i love the open back. mm. mm? the straps are a little uneven, though. yeah.
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(clears throat) left foot, together. yeah. back, right foot back, together. yup. left foot forward, together. oh, there it is. yup. right foot back, together, forward... ti-tight. loosen the grip. just... i'm trying. how are you feeling? i mean, i'm feeling a bit like david hasselhoff on dancing with the stars. no, you're killing it. am i? next, you're gonna spin me. i'm gonna spin you. under the arm... under the arm and then... ...and back to you. oh! mm. there are some new high kicks, but nothing the dress can't handle. good. okay. (nervous chuckle) i think i need to get ready. you know, when we dance... mm-hmm. ...i feel chemistry. oh, we're definitely in sync. if we lock the door... oh, well, i think that'd be a terrible idea. i just did my hair and my makeup, and i want everything to be perfect, you know. yeah. i'll be right here after the performance. hasta luego, mi corazon.
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(female voice over receiver counting in spanish) maple btw seven, eight. maple street, between seventh and eighth. there is an alley. that's the flower district. it's pretty deserted at night. good place to pass off intel. or cuban cigars. kensi and deeks meeting us down there? uh, no. hetty wants eyes on perez at the club. (computer beeps) oh... got new security video. she passes through security every day. they check her baggage for storage devices. what about that digital camera we saw her with? no, she leaves it in her car. she'd never be allowed in with it. but her sketches just waltz through. fast forward it to the next day.
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and the day after. freeze that. callen: it's a different bird drawing every day. can you zoom in on that woodpecker? mm-hmm. i believe that's a sapsucker. can you remove the colors? piece of cake. take out the red. mm-hmm. take out the green... the blue. callen: connect the dots. hidden in the wings of a bird. she works till midnight. let's go. she said she had a fever. and what time did she leave? an hour ago, maybe two.
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right here. what was on the wall? her bird drawings. sam: thanks for your help. thank you. every one of those drawings had a different schematic. she could have transferred her plans for the nuclear submarine. within an hour, they could be in enemy hands. moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis was intense. for my mom's pain fromine. i wondered if she could do the stuff she does for us which is kinda, a lot. and if that pain could mean something worse. joint pain could mean joint damage. enbrel helps relieve joint pain, and helps stop further damage enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common.
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anteater? tapir? (chuckles) it's actually something a little more rare with a long nose. mr. snuffleupagus? it's a cuban solenodon. no such thing. from 1890 to 1970, they hadn't seen any-- they were declared extinct. then, about four years later, they found three in the wild. it's an amazing story. are you familiar with the expression "get a life"?
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i watch nature shows with kamran, all right? that's one of the benefits of having kids. (vehicle approaching) two asian males. sam: probably the buyers. but who's selling? we're tracking alonzo's car. nell: he's about a block away. callen: so the good doctor is moonlighting. that whole engagement ring thing was a big show. let's not jump to conclusions. maybe they are really in love. gonna run off, live happily ever after. yeah, okay. we're good. go.
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all clear. he's got one guy for protection. with some serious firepower. it looks like rebecca's portfolio. they say art's a good investment. (latin dance music playing) ♪ hey. zanya told me she saw you in the storeroom. announcer (over p.a.): damas y caballeros, les presentamos la seducción en baile al estilo de perez y catalina! (cheers and applause) ♪ (cheers and applause) (male vocalist singing in spanish) (shouting): federal agents!
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sam: come out, alonzo! put your hands over your head. ♪ (crowd cheering) (speaking spanish) what a waste. we got to flank him. not enough cover. (gunfire continues) look up. it's worth a try.
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ah! there's got to be $4 million here. there's got to be hundreds of these bird drawings. (loud thuds) cover me. guess she wasn't the one. ♪ (cheering) kensi: deeks, he's got a knife. on my way. i know exactly who you are. no shot. no problem. (crying out) (music ends, crowd exclaiming) (whistles)
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nice work, partner. i guess i should, uh, just get back to my tip jar. and just for me, you should probably hang out in that red dress. it's just a flesh wound, perez. deeks: painful. hmm, looks like we missed a big show. well, it was epic. now available streaming on your local security hard drive. maybe we could pop some popcorn, make it a movie night. or we can stop talking about it. what i want to know is how alonzo got to rebecca. well, it turns out he went to medical school in moscow. and probably received some additional training from a certain three-letter agency. so he's a doctor and a spy. that's a good cover. yeah, after 2001, he became a free agent. used his skills for personal gain. and she took the bait. wow. he played her like a cheap fiddle. you mean like a fiddle. what? you play someone like a fiddle, you're all over someone like a cheap suit. no, you're all over somebody like white on rice, like mud on a pig... right. mustard on a hot dog. exactly. yeah, what happened to the, uh...
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that word count thing you were doing, huh? yeah, the game's over when the case is closed. (shouts) 14,960. what? ha! that is more than double the average male, thank you very much. and my number is... yeah, what do you got? wait... something wrong?, it's not a number. it's, um, seven two-digit numbers. maybe you got hacked by the russians. (chuckles) i don't know, this is crazy. maybe you should try that one-time pad thing. no, no, no, sam was a mathlete, he can do it in his head. all right, go ahead. math-a-lete. math-a-lete. let's see what you got. w-i-l-l... kensi: mm-hmm. y-o-u. "will you." sam: will you. will you... will you what? will you dance with me? oh, honey, no. i've had enough for today, but thank you. all right, come on, baby, seriously. no, i don't want to dance with you. i really don't feel like... (latin music starts) that's our cue to leave. yeah, i think so. good night, folks. see you, guys. last time, you broke my metatarsal.
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come on, baby, dance with me. (laughs) don't laugh at me, 'cause i need to concentrate. it's very hard not to laugh at you. i need to concentrate. five, six, seven... huh? oh, he's got rhythm. by the way, the word challenge thing, you definitely won that. not surprising. want to go best of three? if you want to keep losing. what happened to my app? a little help from the meerkats in ops. oh, yeah, see, they were supposed to remain neutral. you kidding me? a couple of gift cards from dave & busters, they snap like peanut brittle. what do you-- oh! spin. ♪ where did you learn that? oh, you know, i took a couple of lessons from our boy victor. from victor? yeah, i know, it sounds awkward, but it's totally worth it for the big finish. okay, but... ooh! (deeks cries out) ugh, charley horse. charley horse! (thud) kensi: deeks! captioning sponsored by cbs and volkswagen
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test. live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. the foundation of injustin levied upon our brothers and sister in dark skin: tonight on
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"eyewitness news," standing in solidarity, people from coast to coast. out in force tonight and in center city philadelphia, the sentiment to the world is that hate has no place here. and in charlottesville as people mourn and honor the life of a woman killed when a car plowed into counter protesters, police are working on answers trying to figure out why the driver committed such a heinous act. good evening i'm natasha brown, thank you for joining us. while the charlottesville virginia community works to try to heal the wounds, white supremists rally there was a different tone today. this was the scene as pedestrians at the charlottesville downtown mall applauded officers as they walked down the street. cbs3 news correspond brookville va blanca has more
11:21 pm
>> songs of peace and words of solidarity filled the site where 32-year-old heather heyer was killed when a car sped into a crowd of counter protesters in charlottesville saturday. >> i doubt she ever thought she was going to come out yesterday and die. that's the least we can do is show that we respect her actions. >> reporter: police say 20-year-old james alex fields junior of ohio was behind the wheel, his mother learned about the incident from a reporter >> running his car into a crowd of people? did it hurt anybody? >> reporter: fields was photographed wearing the unofficial uniform of a white supremists group shortly before the attack. >> i look up and see people getting thrown in the air. only thing i could do is push my fiance out of the way. >> this memorial has been growing all day sunday, there were also solidarity rallies held across the country. >> we will not let a small group of individuals with their
11:22 pm
regional, their bigot tree in into our state. >> reporter: the governor led a vigil in richmond. >>reporter: cbs3 "eyewitness news." the unrest in charlottesville has other cities considering exactly what to do with their own confederate monument, in louisville kentucky. a monument was vandalized overnight. john b castle man monument bone doused in orange paint. the 15 foot tall statue was erected in 1913. philadelphia meantime was one of the countiless cities today holding vigils for the victims in charlottesville. as "eyewitness news" reporter henry tells us, a massive crowd descended on center city to stand up against hate. >> reporter: a few hundred people stayed late into the evening but this entire plaza was packed with people when all
11:23 pm
of this began. all standing in solidarity with the counter protesters down in virginia. >> it stops now. and i'm unafraid, tell me you're unafraid >> i'm unafraid. >> are you unafraid >> i'm unafraid. >> reporter: about 2000 people gather in the birth place of freedom to stand up to what they believe is an oppressive force rising within our country >> now is the time for courageous self reflection and rad call love >> candles stand in stark contrast to the torches wielded by white supremists this weekend >> philadelphia and pennsylvania and the united states does not accept kkk does not accept bigots or nazis, >> they say they're standing in solidarity with the counter protesters who clashed with white supremists for day, various hate groups converged on town after leaders voted to take down a statue of confederate
11:24 pm
general robert e lee. heather heyer part of the counter protests was killed when police say 20-year-old james fields rams his car into group of protesters >> we need to stand together and unite >> separately. two virginia state troopers monitoring events from a helicopter above were killed when their chopper crashed >> we need to come back stronger. >> back in philly, the vigil and rally included mark tingleman who just returned from charlottesville. he went down there with a group called refuse fascism specifically to counter the hate >> after the attack, as i said, we got together with the people that were close to us. we said we're not going to intimidated. we didn't know someone had died. nonetheless, we were not going to be intimidated. >> reporter: there was a good police presence but nothing got out of hand, nothing like last night when a smaller group when
11:25 pm
a smaller group like this marched on to the highway. while center city philadelphia saw some of the largest crowds tonight, peace rallies and vigils were held around the area. in ardmore, crowds there prayed togethe together. >> justice one day replace you, may love one day replace you. >> gathered at linwood park, neighbors joined together to remind each other that white or black, whatever your repairs bigot tree and lay tread are not welcome. >> i purposely brought my children to see so they know it's not just people of color fighting the fight. we have people supporting us of different colors that are not happy with the way things are going. >> poem was read to the crowds gathered at the park, those attendance united states needs an administration that is willing to fully denounce hateful messages.
11:26 pm
>> in media, stand against hate rally to support charlottesville attracted dozens eager to spread the word of love and trust, the demonstrators stood against the violence in virginia, instead choosing to support each other >> we got to come together and hate in any form is wrong. you know, in any rank, it's just wrong and we need to learn to overcome it. >> those who attended the delaware county event say it's important for all communities to come together to denounce violence and hate from coast to coast. the philadelphia branch of the naacp is speaking out against the actions of the group there in charlottesville virginia, the white supremist group that started the violence, here's what the chapter president had to say this morning. >> charlottesville is just a specimen of the united states of america right now. and charlottesville shows us, it shows me, shows our organization, that we have a lot of work in front of us and so
11:27 pm
you can expect the naacp to take a position all over this country. >> the naacp chapter took the opportunity to denounce president trump's proposal for education cuts. the cuts would ultimately impact disadvantaged students to the 10 of $578 million and catch special education funding more than $110 million. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are calling out president trump for what he did not say in the immediate after math of saturday's violence in charlottesville. earl barnett has that part of the story. >> reporter: president trump is being criticized by fellow republicans for being too vague in his initial response to the violence in charlottesville virginia on saturday. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred bigot tree and violence on many sides on many
11:28 pm
sides. >> reporter: he also refused an opportunity to call out white nationalists >> do you want the is support of these white nationals to say they support, mr. president >> i think the president can be clear when he wants to be. needs to be clear here. >> reporter: south carolina senator lindsey graham called neo nazis domestic terrorist >> i would urge the president to dissuade them of the fact that he's sympathetic to their cause, because their cause is hate, it is unamerican. >> reporter: responding to pressure this morning, a white house spokesman offered a more specific re-buick, saying the president's condemnation of course includes white supremist, kkk, neo nazi and all extremist groups. but it is clear leaders of right wing i did deiology support the president former grand charlottesville yesterday >> that's what was we vote ford
11:29 pm
donald trump >> the president denies he has anything to do with the rise in confidence of white nationalists or racial division. cbs news bridgewater, new jersey we will of course, continue to follow the latest developments in charlottesville on air and on line now, remember, also, when we're not on the air, you can get the latest on our website, officers are on the scene of a stabbing in camden county that happened earlier this morning. police cordoned off a sidewalk near 45th street and jackson avenue in pennsauken. they say multiple people were stabbed here around 9:00 this morning. two people were taken to the hospital in unknown condition, no word on arrests or what caused this violence. an officers have cleared the scene of what they say was a large fight today in upper darby, delaware county. police say a man was stabbed in the ear during this altercation. he was taken to the hospital in unknown condition. no word yet on what caused the violence to break out in that community. a 58-year-old man said he
11:30 pm
fell into a sink hole in strawberry mansion neighborhood. rescue crews confirm that the man was rescued by philadelphia fire crews just after midnight while the hole isn't causing any further problems at this point on the street, this man says that he had reported the sink hole several times >> rallying in margate. >> basically the government has come in and tried to fix a problem that didn't exist and caused the problem. >> residents of this new jersey town say they're fed up with the dune project along the coast, why they want the federal government to halt the project. you may not have mega million won but have you considered power ball, an enormous jackpot is up for a grabs, how much you can win. chelsea? >> a quiet start to the work week, natasha but i am tracking more showers and storms i'll let you know when in your full
11:31 pm
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police made this discovery after someone called from mexico concerned their relative was getting too hot in the truck. the immigrants were all found alive and official did detain too cue ban immigrants. u.s. customs and border protection is investigating. people in margate new jersey rallied together working to try to save their beach. they're now protesting against
11:34 pm
the federal decision to continue with a 127 mile dune project. as "eyewitness news" reporter alicia nievez. the project is calling serious issues. >> reporter: beach in margate, this call to save the shore, over 100 margate residents united at this sunday afternoon rally first singing. then chanting. the rally comes after a federal judge decided to once again allow the u.s. army corp of engineers to continue with a 127 mile long dune project on beaches across the state's coast line. the project was proposed by chris christie after a super storm sandy as an effort to better protect the shore. but residents feel >> basically the government come in and tried to fix a problem that doesn't exist and caused a problem >> in recent weeks the dunes
11:35 pm
have caused issues in the coastal city after storms large pools of water that used to drain into the ocean collected and settled now between the dune area and the bulk heads. this potentially creating a public health hazard. >> if we did it as private citizens, what the army corp did, we'd be in jail >> the judge's ruling is firm and likely final. >> what we want to accomplish is anyone who backed this project know that we are not happy with them come november in election time, we're going to make sure that they get voter out of office. >> reporter: the u.s. army corp of engineers sent us a statement saying short term solution is to have contractors started aing sand to the area between the bulk heads and the dunes to elevate it. a long-term solution may only be figured out after this project is complete. engineers saying that to leave this area like this midpoint would only make the beaches more vulnerable if a hurricane


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