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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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legally there is a big difference. >> no, no, no. >> reporter: distraught father finding out war, not long after, david dj creato junior would be in jail. three-year old brandon creato was found dead in shallow water october 13th 2015 at a park half mile from his dad's home. his feet were clean, prosecutors always argued that someone placed him there. after sitting in jail for a year and a half, last person to see little brand anis talking. >> he absolutely accepts responsibility for being so wreck less that it caused his son's death. >> reporter: richard is dj creato's defense attorney and went through an entire trial last spring hoping to clear his client's name. the circumstantial case ended in a mistrial. toxicology reports came back inconclusive. he says that his client did the right thing, by pleading guilty early this morning. >> if he had not admitted to anything he could not get
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benefit of this deal. it would have been irresponsible and foolish frankly for him not to take this deal. >> reporter: if convicted in another trial, creato could have been behind bars for life , the camden county prosecutor's office declined an on camera interview, we went by creato's parents home in haddon township his mother came outside and said family would not be granting any interviews. last fall brand an's mother sat down for an exclusive interview with "eyewitness news" to day she preferred to release this statement quote i want to thank everyone who was part of the investigation who for the for brandon. i want to thank everyone including friends, family forethoughts and prayers. i will be making a full statement following sentencing , please respect my wishes for privacy, as a difficult time. such a difficult and tragic case for so many people, over the pennsylvania few years, people still want to know exactly what happened to little brendan. tonight at 6:00 we have a little bit more of that answer , according to an affidavit, just discussed this
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morning in, court. dj creato will appear, before a judge for sentencing on september 29th, it is expect to be 10 years but considering time served after all is said and done he could face jail time for a little under seven years. reporting live, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new oversight measures are now in effect for greek life organizations at penn state university. they were implemented in response to the death of timothy piazza earlier this year. prosecutors alleged a sophomore was hazed in to drinking excessive amounts of alcohol at a party, piazza's parents burned penn state to make these changes. they gave their reaction in an interview on cbs this morning. >> it can't happen to anybody else. it is just too awful. >> we have a big stake in this this is part of the tim's legacy. we have to make a difference. >> reporter: eighteen members of the now closed beta theta p i fraternity house are facing charges in connection with piazza's death, their lawyers argued that the brothers did
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not force him to drink and cannot be held responsible for his death. we now know cause of the death for new jersey state senator jim whelan to day whelan's office confirmed he died after suffering a heart attack at his atlantic city home yesterday. whelan represented atlantic county asiana semmably man in 2006 and then as a senator two years later. before that the democrat was a three term mayor of atlantic city. city schoolteacher and life guard. jim whelan was 68 years old. we will have much more on his life and career coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 o'clock. attorneys tom kline and robert mongeluzzi filed a joint lawsuit on behalf of the passenger injured in yesterday 's septa train crash at 69th street station. in that complaint darryl rob son suffered a head injury when train on norristown high speed line crashed in the park train. robson says train was moving at high rate of speed when entering train station in upper darby. >> he hit his head, he was
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knocked unconscious and he recalls losing consciousness, and he recalls regaining consciousness, some moments after the collision. >> the ntsb is investigating what caused the crash, federal officials say 33 people were injured drug the train's operator. last night's thunderstorms knocked down trees and knock out power as they roared through the region. fire officials believe lightening sparked this house fire in sellersville bucks county. fire erupted at the height of the storm just after 12:30 this morning at 600 block ofe temple road. the flames were contained to upper floors and there are no reports of any injuries. those storms though blew through leaving cooler weather in their wake, meteorologist kate bilo is on our sky deck with details of the cool down and kate, we are so, so, so happy you are back everyone wants to know how you and baby are doing. >> thanks very much, good to be back and i brought great weather with me, baby's fantastic. if you stick around in 10
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minutes we will have a new picture of her to show you and we will chat about that a bit. lets talk about this weather. i'm outside on the sky deck it is blue skies and cloud and humidity dropping, you can feel change in the wake of last night's storm. you can see looking out to sea that front clearing coast. humidity still lingering a bit , down shore and through delaware beaches but behind that clear skies have arrived, drop in the humidity and we will continue to feel that over next few days. you can see light breeze out of the north and west right now, temperatures slightly below seasonal average 85 normal high. we are at 82 in philadelphia. eighty in allentown. reading and lancaster. eighty-one in dover. you can see the difference dry air denoted by brown shading looking at water vapor that is dry air sweeping in. notice how it is steamy with the blue color down the shore but that is changing. dew points dropping, dew point here in philadelphia is 53 degrees. that puts us in the comfortable range and it will
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be feeling like that through tonight and into tomorrow, of course, question is does this last in the weekend if you have plans to head down the shore or get outside, in the city we will have your full forecast coming up and straight up pictures when i join you back inside. >> looking forward to that kate, thank you. are you feeling luck i we are hours away from tonight's 700 million-dollar power ball drawing a lot of people dreaming big and why not. >> that includes "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joining us live in center city where giant jackpot is on everybody's mine, greg. >> reporter: that is exactly right, guys dreaming biggies exactly it. folks all afternoon coming here to this wawa, folks trying to buy those ticket or buying those tickets with the 700 million-dollar jackpot everyone is trying to get in on this action. it is how many lanes are there to choose these five numbers. >> whose answer. >> is it hard to solve. >> there is a lot of
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possibility for those five combinations. >> reporter: if you are the one represented here, well, you will be a multi millionaire. >> there is not much shot of it that you can do so go with the gut if it makes you happy play, if it doesn't, don't. >> reporter: peoples guts telling them to play the power ball. >> office pool. >> reporter: angela jenkins assigned to buy ticket for herself and all of her co-workers. >> if you win all 43 of you, what happens at the office tomorrow. >> they will have a help wanted sign up. >> reporter: across town at this was washings these two friends already have plans for what they will do with the cash. >> i would save it. >> reporter: save i had. >> yes as much as i could. >> reporter: you have to splurge a little bit. >> maybe a nice car. >> reporter: is what key to winning. >> key to winning is say your prayer, respect your family and others and go like this. hey, let the machine pick it for me. >> reporter: but is there a way to actually increase odd. >> there is nothing you can do to increase your probability of winning.
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>> reporter: that is hard known from lauren a professor at temple but she says you could increase your pay out if you had are that extremely lucky winner by picking numbers less likely to be played like those above 31,. >> it is not increasing your probability of winning but it can increase your chances of hitting alone without anybody else. >> reporter: back here live, more folks purchasing those tickets for that he is 700 million-dollar jackpot. as i crunched numbers you are 578 more times more likely to be a movie star, or, 25,000 more times, likely to bowl a perfect 300. so, odd are in your favor but a lot of fun to play. purchase tickets until 10:00 o'clock tonight. live from center city, greg argos for cbs-3 eye bitterness news. >> we can all dream. >> i bought in, for sure. >> thanks, we asked viewers on facebook would you take jackpot wings in cash or the annuity? people got a lot of fun,
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responses, mary says one lump sum or government would pump me off, so they don't pay me for 30 years. take my money and run. >> hello. >> george richard williams said he would take lump sum pay out. he said after going nuts for a month, hire a financial advisor and auditor to make sure goals for long term are set. >> very thoughtful. be able to feel the love in philadelphia come november. >> the city's parks, recreation department says renovations at love park are on track and it is set to open up in november. crews uncovered a ventilation system and piping digging in may and that discovery set the project back by at least six months. today was a very special first day back to school for hundreds of camden students. >> they began the new school year at a brand new charter school. "eyewitness news" at mastery crammer hillel meantry school, a look inside some of the classrooms shows students, showing learning. students we talked to say they are looking forward having to a productive year in their
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school. it was move in day for temple university's class of 2021. "eyewitness news" at busy main campus on north broad this morning. students and their families helped move in the things they will need to begin their new journal a way from home, temple says students are from 45 states, and 60 countries. classes begin monday. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" last night a fiery, and some might say divisive speech, today president took a more unifying tone what he said to bring the country together and the move he took to help american veterans 59:30. samsung has a new phone app, the note eight after major problems with the note seven including battery blowing up and catching fire, the company wants to reassure customers these phones are safe, how they will do that next. strike it up, our leslie van arsdal tries a work out continue on corporate high energy exercise and self-defense moves, see more
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well, samsung has finally revealed the latest version of their smart phone, the galaxy note eight which offers several new features. >> three on your side jim donovan explains item getting most attention is the battery. >> galaxy note eight. >> samsung unveiled its latest smart phone galaxy note eight at an event in new york. it has several new features including largest screen ever on a note device. but company isn't just selling updated technology, it is also trying to reassure customers that it is safe. in 2016, some buyers of the galaxy note seven saw their phones start smoking because of defective batteries. >> look over and my phonies on fire. >> entire line was taken off the market and samsung lost billions. >> it was a huge black eye for samsung.
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>> reporter: c-net dan ackerman says samsung has developed a new battery that has been tested extensively. >> they have spent this pennsylvania year hitting reset and making sure consumers will trust the brand again. >> reporter: galaxy note eight comes with curved edges and s pen, phone also has two, 12 mega pixel cameras, one wide ankle, other tell i photo. when you take a picture the even if stores both releasing note eight now gives samsung a jump on the competition, apple is expect to unveil the new i phone eight next month. >> thinks the real flagship so they want to make a good impression with this. >> reporter: key time for sales because samsung believes millions of americans have older smart phones, and they are ready to up great. in the u.s. preorders for galaxy note eight start tomorrow, the phone will be in stores starting september 15th reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. all right. well, meteorologist kate bilo is back from maternity leave. >> yeah. >> welcome back. >> and as promised she has got a new picture of solynn.
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>> that is right, there she is her little dress and her little bow, so much fun dressing a girl this time around. she's 12 weeks old today, just the best baby, absolutely wonderful. shout out to her two older brothers who are big brothers as well and keeping an eye on her for me at all times. is there baby solenne. >> yes. >> for good reason. >> she's already friend was grace, they are bff already. >> yes, that is right. >> exactly. >> so yes, good to be back and good to have some great weather to kill one back to ease this to things. we have a great stretch starting really right now and it will continue right through the weekend. that is good news. is there any bad news. lets take a look. we will off outside where we are down the shore. doesn't look like the best beach day. there were a lot more umbrellas on the beach there in ocean city. skies darkened a little bit and people started to move off the beach. that is because the front that
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came through last night is still just lurking off the coast taking its time, clearing for the shore points. get much better weather down the shore starting tomorrow and through weekend but right now you can see that front is still just kind of hanging around. storm scan three showing clear skies moving through much of the pennsylvania, much of the state of new jersey but notice the cloud just still hanging around, a shore spoiler for delaware beaches as well as well as jersey cher we are seeing a few sprinkles trying to pop up from atlantic city, ocean city right down through the wildwood the and cape may just a stray shower here or there and you can see checking in at beach patrol in margate usually looks hopping this time of the day has cleared out with the cloud, couple of showers here and there. temperature wise feeling good, normal highs in the mid 80's. we are close to that. we are at 82 in the city. eighty in allentown. cool and comfortable in mount pocono. 69 degrees. that will feel nice. eighty-two the atlantic city airport. see this bubble moving in from
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the great lakes, we're sitting at 78 in chicago. seventy-three in cleveland. look at buffalo taste of autumn in the air there at 67 degrees, and that is the weather that is heading our way, big dome of high pressure will be in control at lee through sunday or monday. high pressure, preside through weekend bringing us sunshine, low humidity, morning lows in the 60's in the city, could even start in the 50's in many parts of the suburbs as we head through the weekend and start of the next week. wake up saturday morning great morning to get out go for a walk or run and enjoy a little bit of taste of autumn in the air. lets talk about the comfort index that dew point dropping, pleasant range today, tomorrow , awesome and stays there right through, saturday. so pleasant again tomorrow and friday, saturday that is when dew points drop in the 40's and 50's in many of the area that will feel fantastic. this evening mainly clear, comfortable at 79 for the evening temperature. down the shore tomorrow looking good, sunny, beautiful , 76 to 81 degrees.
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uv index very high, full day of sunshine for your thursday from the city to the shore and up in the poconos as well. 83 degrees will be your thursday high, friday looks good at 81 and again keeping in mind normal highs 85 degrees. as we head in the weekend we have temperatures american 5 degrees below average. saturday is gorgeous. sunday looks great as well, even in the middle of next week not a whole lot to talk about, they are keeping an eye on the tropical depression down in the gulf of mexico could impact us next week we will talk about that next half an hour. >> so good to have you back. >> thank you this friday kate will be here for summer fest. >> we will be in haddonfield where we will explore unique boutiques historic homes and neighborhood charm. me, kate, whole crew will be live this friday as the summer fun rolls rolls on right here on "eyewitness news". taylor swift has been teasing fans all week with hints about her next move and now we know when you'll hear her new music. >> this really is a sport we
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will take you to the world championship of wrestling, don what is that, really. >> from toes to fists, a work out that will make you strike a pose, that is next in sports
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harvesting for your health a philadelphia community using their green thumb for more than just a hobby, coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 our stephanie stahl explains how getting in some gardening is keeping people healthy. >> yeah. >> all right, all right. don joins with us sports and, you know, don you like to keep your finger of the pulse. >> yes. >> he has latest. >> you need to know. >> yes. >> get it right, summer's still here. got to do what is important. >> yes. >> normally three strikes means you are out. in this case, it is just a warm up. leslie van arsdal has more. >> ready, go.
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strike work out at lifetime fitness is intense and so is instructor. in this class it is about, bringing out the powerful in you. it is to motivate you. to prove to yourself that you are fierce and most of all especially for woman thaw are strong because strong is sexy and i'm all about sexy. >> reporter: mixed martial arts inspired work out that is not only high cardio but teaches self-defense moves with weighted gloves and fighting drills using a weight ed bar. >> it is a class but at least i would know what to do if the need ever arose, right. it is useful, as a life skill. >> to give you self-defense moves and just in general the class knowing you can get through a class like that. it is empowering that you can finish one hour. >> reporter: let me tell you that hour is tough. trust me this class is in laughing matter and if you are up to the challenge and ready to kick your fitness routine
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up a notch, this is for you, leslie van arsdal, "eyewitness sports". >> there you have it, that is serious. >> strike it up. >> yes. >> good, don, thank you. coming up in the next half an hour, hillary clinton opens up, we are getting excerpt from his her new book in which she talks about the campaign and how she felt during those intense presidential debates. plus this... >> those people instead of opening, of her dying. >> prince harry opens up about the death of his mother princess diana and how he feels about the paparazzi 20 years later.
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there is no enemy too
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strong for us to overcome. >> president trump calling for unity in a speech at the american legion's national convention, good evening, i'm jessica dean. aim nicole brewer. ukee's off tonight. that speech comes as americans weigh in on whether the president is a unite error divider. 62 percent say president trump is doing more to divide country according to a new quinnipiac university poll while 41 percent say he is doing more to unite it. natasha brownies live with more on the message the president delivered today, natasha. >> reporter: president trump certainly struck a much more subdued scripted tone speaking to veterans in reno, nevada. he called for unity on the heels of the raucous rally in phoenix 24 hours ago. >> this is the big one. >> reporter: president trump signed a bill wednesday making it easier for veterans to appeal decisions on their disability claim. signing ceremony came after a speech to veterans at american legion convention. >> in longer will veterans be kept waiting for years to get
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an answer, to their appeals. >> reporter: president stuck to the script wednesday asking all americans to unite. >> it is time to heel the wound that is divide us, and to seek a new unity based on the common values that unite us. >> reporter: call for calm was contrast to his campaign rally speech in phoenix tuesday night, president slammed the press claiming they misrepresented his response to the violent protest that is broke out in charlottesville, virginia more than a week ago. >> i hit them with everything. i got the white supremacist, neo nazi, i got them all in there, let's see, kkk, we have kkk. >> reporter: president also issued a warning to congress about funding his proposed wall along southern u.s. border. >> believe me we have to close down our government we're building that wall. >> reporter: house minority leader nancy pelosi slammed president for making threat saying make no mistake the president said he will purposely hurt american communities to force american taxpayers to fund an immoral
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ineffective and expensive border wall. house speaker paul ryan is also weighing in on the possibility of the governmental shut down saying wednesday afternoon he believes, it is unnecessary. that is very latest for now live from the sat center, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the apparent risk between president trump and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell appears to be widening. new york times report says that the two are not speaking to each other following an heated august 9th phone call, according to the times president was unset over senate's failure to repeal the affordable care act. senator mcconnell told kentucky group that the president wants to do too much , too fast. >> i have been in this line of work before. i think the president had excessive expectation about how quickly things happen. >> mcconnell released a statement saying we have a rot of work ahead of us and we are committed to advancing our shared agenda together, and
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anyone who suggests otherwise is clearly in the part of the conversation. navy announced the u.s.s. john mccain will be sent to mississippi for repairs in the meantime vice admiral joseph o coin head of the navy's seventh fleet has been relieved of command. ten sailors were missing after u.s.s. john mccain collided with the commercial vessel in the waters off singapore, seven sailors were killed in the similar incident in june when the u.s.s. fitzgerald collided with the container ship. first lady trump is thanking chelsea clinton for defending her 11 year-old son barron. she slammed a daily caller article for criticizing baron for dress to go casually. first laided tweeted writing quote, at chelsea clinton. so important to support all of our children at being themselves. #stop childhood bullying. chelsea clinton has been president trump in the pennsylvania but she also defended his son baron. he was literally breathing down my neck, that is how
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hillary clinton described then republican presidential nominee donald trump in an excerpt from her upcoming memoirs. clinton recounted moment from a presidential debate how less than a month before the 2016 election the former democratic nominee said mr. trump made her so uncomfortable as he payed near her on the stage that my skin crawled. clinton's new book what happened is set for release next movement. britain's prince william and prince harry are opening up about the late princess diana ahead of the 20th anniversary of her death. the brothers sat down for an interview in the new bbc documentary about the deadly crash in paris. prince william called diana's death when he was just 15 traumatic and the hardest moment of his life. prince harry directed his anchor toward photographers who chased their mother on the night she was kill. >> i think one of the hardest things to come to terms with is the fact that the people that chased her, into the tunnel were same people taking photographs of her, while she
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was still dying in the back seat of the car. >> both princes say they intentionally waited 20 years to speak so candidly about their mother's death. prince william said they won't be doing it again. if you shop at wal-mart it business to get easier to get what you need, partnership that will make shopping a breeze. also ahead. >> ♪ >> the power of music how a nationwide program is helping some patients cope with illness and many cases giving them a new lease on life. some might describe this as gross or weird, i would be one of them but for competitors like nancy nash it is like super bowl we will take you to the world toe wrestling championships, coming up next, kate. keeping a close eye on the weekend as always and i think you'll love this forecast, a little hint of autumn in the air with highs, only in the 70 's both saturday and sunday, low humidity, cool nights as
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well, nice cool mornings if you want to get outside, great weekend to be outdoors and it looks like that stretch of nice weather will take news to next
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wal-mart making plunge in voice activated shopping and unline like amazon it it is not doing ate loan. world's largest retailer says it will be working with google , two giants that offer hundreds of thousands office items for voice shopping through google assistant. capability will be available in late september. forget, candy flavored cough drops now there is a cough drop flavored candy. yeah. that is right. kit cast released a cough drop flavored candy bar, and white chocolate that is infused with throat lozenge powder. limited addition kitkat was
5:39 pm
release monday ahead of the world cup qualifying matches and reportedly related for soccer fans, to suit their throats made raw from cheering at the top of their lungs. >> okay. >> yeah. >> i don't know about that one >> me either. if you think that is weird, jessica, wait until you get a load of this. up next, this is a thing we're told we will take you to the toe wrestling championship. >> yep. >> that is right, stay with us
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new way to help patient was dementia cope with their illness through music. melt reporter stephanie stahl shows us how it is changing lives in tonight's health care science center report.
5:43 pm
>> reporter: the science of music, imaging has shown that music stimulates part of the brain linked to memory and happiness. eighty year-old irwin rosen stein has battled parkinson and dementia for more than a decade even as illness began to steel his mind his wife says his love for music endured. >> he was sitting, playing piano in our home, like a dried flower getting a drink of water. >> reporter: that gave carroll an idea to start a band for him and others like him she created a program called music mends minds. bring together former musicians who suffer from neurological disorder like dementia. >> most of these people could not tell you their name or their address and you put them together in a musical environment, and they come alive. >> reporter: doctor jeff brown
5:44 pm
stein says music helped revive old memories. >> there is a real link between pleasure centers and music, memory, so i think this is really tapping into a lot of things that they have learned earlier in their life. >> ♪ >> reporter: parkinson patient diana davido sings with the original group and says it has given her an outlet to be with others to understand her struggles. >> so nice to be with people who don't have to be a certain way but just be your self and we encourage each other so wonderfully. >> ♪ >> reporter: bringing people together, one song at a time. music mends minds is expanding and it is now helping form bandness cities around the country and the world. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and and, university, and, for some of the students. freshman helped them get settled in their new surroundings, and college is welcoming freshman from 72
5:45 pm
nations all 50 states as well as puerto rico. you where to see couples who take ballroom dancing to the next level. >> this is the 2017 tango world cup taking place in argentina highlight of the annual festival that celebrate s traditional song and dance of the south american nation. 500 couples, entered the competition, winner received $60,000 and a trip to paris. that story didn't get your toes tapping, um-hmm, maybe this one will. >> i don't know. >> this is british world toe wrestling champion ships, toe wrestling is a bit like armrest link but with your feet. each contest is best of three, first wrestler use their right and then left and then right again this years winner in the male category alan nasty nash, he out toed, his owe pope don't claim his 14th title.
5:46 pm
>> this is my life. when i die i want the head stone in the shape of the foot >> wait, what? >> no. >> i just can't even do it. >> competition began in 1976 when a group of walkers decided to invent a new game. >> how does that even happen. how does a group of walkers invent a new game toe, wrestling. >> please lets change the subject. >> we will welcome kate back. >> and kate, fans on social media super exited to see you. they love seeing the pictures of the baby. they are writing so many warm messages we wanted to share a few. troy wrote in on facebook congratulations on your precious and beautiful new addition tour family and welcome back, we missed you. >> thanks, troy. >> cheryl writes in so happy to see you are healthy, ready to return to work you have been missed. your baby ace adorable.
5:47 pm
>> thanks, cheryl. >> harris writing into say welcome back so happy to see you back, best of luck in your return. >> thanks, difficult not read those beforehand. lovely surprise. >> people are so nice. >> people are happy to have you back and so are we. >> i had pulmonary embolism situation, i'm doing great, healthy, clean bill of health for now. that is great news. happy to be back in the swing of things. some great weather to come along with. that we have got sunshine right now, humidity levels are dropping, you will really like this stretch of weather in the seven day forecast. looking at it right now far cry from yesterday. yesterday was so hot, so humid and we had heavy rain, tornado warnings with the front that moved through last night but in the wake of the front that we will get good stuff. humidity dropping. the sun's shining. nice breeze is picking up. shore not yet seeing the good stuff. cloud and showers hanging around down there but it will improve for you as well. lets check with my friends eyewitness weather watchers. i have not seen them in a
5:48 pm
while but they are as always send nothing their reports and their temperatures, 82 in levittown as we check with our friend william. he is looking at blue skies, and cloud, a beautiful afternoon there in levittown. thanks, william. nice to see you again. 83 degrees heading down into new jersey and we will check with our friend david dutch in clementon 81 and he has lots of sunshine outside. lets head into delaware at 82 with greg mccoy in marshall ton and he said humid mornings for overnight rains, delightful afternoon, maryland rate temperatures and dew points in the 60's and farther north we will go, more comfortable it is, 79 degrees northwest as we check with eileen murray at 79, low humidity, and full sunshine out there in gilbertsville. so storm scan three showing that front is clearing, the coast and it will continue to do so as we go through tonight and into tomorrow. taking a peak at that we have got changes on the way as that front moves through we have got, some clearer skies, high pressure and low humidity as we head through next couple of
5:49 pm
days. front has been slow to clear the shore. if you are down the shore not the best beach day we have ever had, little clearer earlier but cloud have moved back in and still a few spring also licensing that stalled frontal boundary through the shore and delaware beaches. that all clears tomorrow and entire region can expect a beautiful day. right new lots of sun in philadelphia 82. look at that dew point big reduction, dew points were in the 70's in some pots. we have dew points in the 50's making it feel slightly cooler then thermometer indicates and wind are pumping out of the northwest at 13. down the shore more cloud, dew .60. not quite seeing that reduction in humidity just yet and poconos, almost feeling like autumn 69 degrees right now and tomorrow, we are checking boxes practically perfect day, sunny skies, warm temperatures, low humidity, light winds, tomorrow is a day to get outside if ever there was one but if you can't you have a few more coming up in the seven day forecast. as far as overnight hours are concerned mainly clear,
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comfortable, 66 will be your low and for tomorrow, sunshine , low humidity, 83 degrees the day time highs, that is pretty close to average. eighty-five is our normal. we are very close but it does get cooler from there as we take a peak at the seven day forecast. for your friday 81, sunshine low humidity. look at our morning lows saturday, and sunday in the lower 60's in the city. many suburbs in the 50's. next week looks guy but cloud start to roll role in tuesday and wednesday and we will keep an eye on the system tropical depression harvey very slow moving flood threat will re intensify and stall over south texas, on monday it is still over south texas and we're talk ago about a lot have rain upward of a foot of rain with this system. houston could see 15 inches of rain. what we have to watch is as we head into late next week, week toned see if harvey makes its way up toward eastern seaboard bringing chance for some wet weather. we will keep you posted.
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for now, back over to you. kate, thank you. there we go, rare white koala bear is on display at a zoo in ought strahl why 3407 old, is thought to be inherited from her mother who has had other cubs in the past but now, a contest is underway for a name and suggestions have included snowflake, pearl , and diamond. still ahead a model marine , which super model got put through her paces by platoon of marines. taylor swift has been leading us all week, and finally answers when we will get to hear that new music from t swift coming up in the hot minute with bex. next.
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kate upton is breaking a sweat with the u.s. marines. >> super model worked out with the troops in detroit for both upcoming marine week celebration, she was able to complete training routine and her fiance tigers pitcher justin verlander watched from a far. work out was tough and she appreciates what they get through to protect our country >> here is a switch and cheering first started laughing and then come on, kate, you can do it. no, i mean it is fun to come out here, it is fun to have sarah and all of the marines to take maine through that work out and show how strong they are. >> 700 marines are expected to visit detroit to participate in the activities. hollywood power couple takes a stand against hate with the generous donation. >> berks county's own take already swift reveals her next move, bex from our sister station 96.5 has those stories and more not to day's hot
5:57 pm
minute. >> reporter: thanks jessica and nicole. george clooney and am are joining the fight begins hate groups in the united states. they donated one million-dollar to the southern poverty law sent their will fund initiative to combat hate groups n i joint statement pair said what is happening in our communities across the country, demand collective engagement to stand up to hate jerry seinfeld is giving us inside look at how it all began for him returning to the comedy club, to help launched his career for a hour long special titled jerry, before seinfeld. netflix released tease was legal pad containing every joke he has ever written since 1975 including wrist very first judge about the negative references of the word, left. >> left feet, left-handed compliments, what are we having for dinner, left overs. you go to a party is there nobody there. where did they go they left. >> it day buys on netflix
5:58 pm
december 19th. finally is it a dragon, sit a, crock, it is a snake. anticipation for what taylor swift continues to build as we get some answer. they are confirming that her new album is out in november, and in a single will be out just in time for mtv award. hosted by her alleged rival, katie perry. many speculating that the two might bury hatchet and hit the stage together. so many questions. that is your hot minute i'm be x from today's 96.5. >> thanks, bex. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a father's admission david creato junior plead guilty in the death of his young son. tonight after nearly two years new details about what happened to three-year old brand an creato. fourteen months after a berwyn woman is killed in her own home a push for information, i'm joe holden, new reward that family hopes will crack the case. plus a come back for philadelphia parking app, news
5:59 pm
many mobile users have been waiting for, when they can once again use these smart fence to secure, a parking spot, katie? in the wake of last night 's storms it is feeling much more comfortable out there so how long does this stretch have low humidity stick around? i'll let you know fit last in the weekend "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. he has some responsibility for being so reckless it caused his untimely death. >> now at 6:00 he once called his child his best friend but now david creato, junior is admitting his role, in the death of his three-year old son. we first told but this admission as the news broke at noon time and now tonight a clearer picture in the merging about a exactly what happened, to young brandon creato. good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm nicole brewer in for ukee washington. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live where he
6:00 pm
is speaking exclusively with dj creato's attorney, david. >> reporter: it is a sad, bizarre, it is a mysterious story, mysterious because authorities don't know exactly how brandon creato died. no information on physical evidence or toxicology reports but tonight we are getting a better idea through dj creato 's attorney. according to his mother brandon creato was a loving child, energetic, someone who loved to laugh. it all ended on october 13th, 2015. his body found in shallow water down the street from his dad's home. dj creato always said he was innocent, in fact, he went through a trial, and it ended in a mistrial because in one knew what happened, until right now. >> it is a very watered down version of facts but yes, he absolutely accepts responsibility for being so reckless that it caused his son's death. >> reporter: richard spent last 22 months fighting for


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