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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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. player as crossing their physical therapyings in hopes of winning $700 million. a teenager girl is syracusely injured after being struck by a car, she was face timing with a friend when hit. the driver of that car stopped to help the 14-year-old, good evening i'm jessica dean. >> i'm nicole brewer. ukee has the night off. accident happened happened this afternoon in high land avenue near abington high school. alexandria hoff is live with more on that story. alex? >> reporter: according to witnesses, and police this young victim was face timing when she was hit. meaning she was talking to a friend using the front if anything camera on her phone. now, right now, we're told that she remains in very serious condition. according to friends, their
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14-year-old team mate was on her way to cheerleadering practice. . she's always hyping everybody up. we always have a great time. >> as the team mate crossed the intersection of towards abington high school, police say she was struck by a vehicle. >> officers arrived and found the female unconscious in the street. >> reporter: investigators spoke to several witnesses, they also got information from another source. the person who the victim had been face timing with >> we were able to determine that the young lady was distracted on face time on her cell phone, which was obviously contributing factor in the accident. >> reporter: on the other end of the face time conversation, she heard the crash happen. the 14 was taken to abington hospital and transferred to
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children's hospital. >> she was face timing whoever and the fact that that could happen to you in ten seconds is secretary >> police add that the driver stopped to render care and has been questioned and released. there is a stolen crosswalk that was right near where this crash occurred. the lieutenant told me tonight that it is unclear if the young young victim was utilize the when hit. thank you. new tonight be police are investigating racist graffiti that wilmington. in the 600 block of bader avenue this morning, police found a car covered in a swats and several racial epithets. the incident is being vrted as a hate crime. police in chester county made an arrest over racist and
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ant anti-sunsetic graffiti. he's behind bar tonight at the chester county prison police say he passed associations were i white supremacy groups a camden county father about to endure another trial pleads guilty to manslaughter in death of his three-year-old son. david creato junior is facing the prospect of up to ten years in prison. david spunt is live in camden with more on what creato's lawyer is saying. david? >> reporter: authorities here at the camden county prosecutor's office declined to do an on camera interview but you can bet they're relieved this case has been going on almost two years and broken a lot of hearts here in south jersey. october 13th, 2015, three-year-old brandon creato was found dead in shallow water in the morning, half a mile from his dad's home, david creato who goes by dj had his son over to spend the night. hours later, dj met with police. >> i'm sorry, sir.
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since he was charged and put in jail in january 2016, dj creato maintained his innocence. that was until he cut a plea deal early wednesday. >> if he had not admitted to anything, he could not get the benefit of his deal. it would have been irresponsible and foolish frankly for him not to take this deal. >> richard represented creato during his trial. authorities and toxicologists couldn't pinpoint brandon's exact cause of death. case was circumstantial and the judge declared mistrial. creato was due in court for another trial but that won't happen. creato pleated guilty to aggravated manslaughter not murder. dj creato admitted to recklessly causing death under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to human life. his actions led to brandon's brain being deprived of oxygen.
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>> did dj creato kill brandon? >> it's a question far, far beyond what i'm able to answer >> brandon's mother sat down for an exclusive interview with "eyewitness news" last fall, she was too upset today, but said i want to thank everyone. i also want to thank for the thoughts and prayers i will be making a full statement following sentencingly please respect my wishes for privacy did this difficult time. >> i reached out to several jurors from the original trial last spring, they did not want to give an official comment on the record. sentencing is scheduled for september 29th here in camden. reporting live, david spunt be cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you a $35,000 reward is being offered to held solve a cold case on the mainline. 62-year-old was found dead inside her home in tredyffrin township in june of last year,
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the cause of death blunt force trauma. crime commission announced the reward for anyone with information that lead to an arrest and conviction. her family wants justice. >> probably my best friend there's not many siblings that can say that, we lost a tremendously good person, it's just not right >> anyone who may have information on her death is asked contact citizens crime commission president trump spent date in reno talking to a crowd of veteran. he said their examples of the national unity he's trying to create. the president signed a bill making it easier for veterans to appeal decisions on their disability claims. signing ceremony came after a speech to veterans at the american legion convention. president trump asked all american s to come together >> it is time to heal the wounds and seek a new unit based on the common values that unite us. >> the president's call for calm
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was a stark contrast to his campaign rally speech in phoenix. he accused the press of misrepresenting his response to the deadly charlottesville protest. >> he was literally breathing down my neck. that's how hillary clinton described donald trump in an excerpt from her upcoming book what happened >> clinton recounted the moment from the second presidential debate and a portion of the audio version, said mr. trump made her uncomfortable and paced near her on stage. >> my skin crawled. it was one of those moments where you wish you could hit pause and ask everyone watching, well, what would you do? you stay calm. keep smiling and carry on as if he weren't repeatedly invading your space or do you turn, look him in the eye and say, loudly and clearly, back up, you creep. get away from me. >> clinton's book is being
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published by simon and shoesster a division of cbs3. we now now the cause of death for jim whelan he died after suffering a heart attack in his atlantic city home. he represented atlantic county in 2006 then a state senator two years later. before that, the democrat was a three-term mayor of atlantic city a city school teacher an lifeguard, he was 68 years old. the philadelphia parking authority parking ap will be back in operation. the meter up ap allows people to pay with a smart phone, it went dark about four months ago after the could we behind the ap. a new vendor is in place and customers will have to fork over a 40 cent user fee >> atlanta georgia, they have
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seven years experience in the u.s., their main business is the phone parking application. >> if you want to use meter ap, you'll have to download the new ap once it goes live. a huge jackpot one in nearly 300 million. >> but even with the odds many still feel they have a chance. >> when it comes to playing powerball, we know the odds aren't great. >> slam, real slam. >> 10 million to one. >> describe it to my parent as getting struck by lightening and then standing up and getting hit by a car >> for tonight be $700 million jackpot, your chance as winning, 1 in 292 million >> insert sarcasm here, why do so many of us stand in line when we're pretty much it won't be us >> got to have a chance. >> you can't win if you don't
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play. >> there's also fear of missing out, am i right >> my coworkers suggested the game i'm in >> i don't want to be the only one left >> small price for peace of mind. experts say you can't up your odds but can increase your payouts by picking numbers less likely to be played like 31 and up. you're more likely to win it on your own. >> did you try that >> ever little bit helps. >> and the jackpot jumped to $758 million just before the numbers were drawn minutes ago. and here they are. 6, 7, 16, 23, 26, and the powerball is 4. you can see the numbers get at good luck. somebody's life could have just changed, or more than one person. >> that's right. . a new jersey family is happy to have their dog back. animal was allegedly stolen after a tender date. >> how police say a dog sitter was tricked by the dating ap and
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how they were able to reunite the pup with the arrival owner >> why health experts say getting hands in the dirt can be what the doctor ordered. kate the humidity started to drop. temperatures on their way down. i'll tell when you we may feel a taste of fall in the air as where he head toward the westbound and how long sunshine will stick around. . swifties are celebrating the big news unveiled by berk county's own taylor swift when "eyewitness news" continues.
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. a turned meeting turns into a nightmare for a new jersey woman when a date steals her dog >> the 18-year-old invite add man she met on the dating ap and he came over with a friend be watching a 2-year-old for homeowner and when the men left, the dog and other valuable were missing. they've still searching for men. samsung revealed the latest
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version of their smart phone galaxy note eight. it includes largest screen ever. samsung is trying to assure customers phone won't catch fire like the galaxy note 7 did because of defective batteries. it comes with curved edges and 212 mega camera >> taylor swift took to instagram to announce reputation will be out november 10th. she says the first single will drop tomorrow night. last week, swift wiped her social media feeds clean and on monday replaced them with the first of three videos featuring snack. the teasers put fans on high letter. . hundreds of thousands packed the beach and boardwalk for the 15th annual atlantic city air show.
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the show is named thunder over the boardwalk. clouds got in the way of the action but it didn't put a damper on the spirits of those who came for a glimpse of the action. of there was lots to see >> 400,000 people mid week in the region, not just atlantic city it's enormous. a huge deal for the city and region. helps the casinos, restaurants, bar, everybody benefits. it's a big deal. >> last year's air show produced $30 million and economic benefits for he hotel, casinos and boardwalks businesses. having a green thumb could be good for well-being, you don't have to be in good shape to enjoy the benefits, the program at cathedral retirement community is designed to keep residents moving both outside and in the greenhouse, growing and ranging flowers helps people with coordination and memory, studies shown gardening can help
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reduce depression >> summerfest will take us to haddonfield where we will explore the boutique, i'll be there broadcasting live with kate bilo and vittoria woodill on "eyewitness news" >> you mentioned kate bilo, sitting right here. >> great to have you back >> great to be back and beautiful weather. we've had really nice days here this week and it's been great to be home. >> beautiful baby, he's 12 weeks old, this is her two-month old picture. >> check it out >> she has been wonderful to spend the summer with. but it's good to be back into the swing of things. >> glad to have you. let's take a look at your forecast, can't believe it's almost labor day, this weekend the weekend before labor day weekend looks absolutely fantastic to be outside down the
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shore, in the city or in the poconos. let's take a peak what's going on. stormscan 3 shows just a remnants of that front that came through yesterday evening. this time last nights a lot more activity there on stormscan 3. the front was a little slow to clear the coast and still -- you can see couple of sprinkles over southern delaware. for the most part. the front moving out and we're seeing everything improving over the next few days as humidity drops and dry winds from the north and west start to sweep in. a straight sprinkle off the coast of delaware, otherwise quiet outside tonight. live neighborhood network, we're taking a time laps from the boardwalk plaza in rehoboth beach. it's 74, you can see midday about 3:00. the beach was packed then the clouds started to come in. notice the crowds begin to thin as those overcast skies take over this evening we saw showers move through the area, last frame around 9:00 the boards
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glistening. we're starting to see that clear out. seeing northwest winds pick up. very light, comfortable outside. 73 degrees in philadelphia but notice we've got dropping temperatures in our surrounding suburbs, 63 in reading. 64 in allentown. got a par of 6s in millville and 53, cool up in mount pocono. recapping the past 30 days, wet stretch, dover delaware picked up over a foot of rain in the past 30 days, 14.57 inch, atlantic city shy of ten inches and here in philadelphiaing over five inches of rain in the last 30 days, averages have to come from somewhere and wear entering into a pretty significant dry stretch through the westbound and into next week, get ready to water those plants, we got dry air moving in's notice the brown shading as the dry air sweeps in. there's the frontal boundary denoted by the blue starting to move further off the coast.
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with dry air in place and high pressure in control. tomorrow practically perfectly sunny sky, warm temperatures, low humidity, light winds about everything and the humidity gets lower through the ends of the week and into the start of your weekend. mainly clear, com fee, tomorrow looks great, normal highs about 85, we'll get to 83. your eyewitness weather seven-day forecast, great weather for the three-day, look at saturday. almost a little hint of autumn in the air, temperatures in the 50's top out in the 70's. lots of sunshine, sunday looks great. monday and tuesday, maybe a couple clouds still comfortable in the upper 70's. of next shot to get more cloud cover will not be until next wednesday, may turn a little breezy down the shore, mid week as the system works off the coast otherwise this is pretty
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fantastic seven-day stretch. >> you came prepared. >> don is up next with sports >> another chance for the offensive line to play the role of bullies, plus a guarantees and message for the
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the preseason is long and at times totally boring. on a day like this, it's fun to flash forward and think about regular season opener for eagles that's september 10th at washington's we found out just hostage right tackle lane johnson is looking forward to that game, he wrote a piece for players tribune. let me tell you what's going to happen in a couple of week, this team will go into dc against the redskins, we'll surprise people. had a message for the fan, come out to the games drink beers and
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raise hell. make this a place where team loves to play everybody else hates everybody cowboy fans. they have to wrap you want the preseason tomorrow night they host the in time dolphins an opportunity for offensive line to gel. here's brandon brooks, they saying about the game >> why you never where you want to be. i can tell you we're going in the right direction. we have opportunities to be out here and work or you our chemistry. get out there, live game situation. and get shots in and go from there >> on a baseball the phillies needed amnesia. they got beat down by the marlins twice in one day, they were out scored by seven runs during the double heard. they look for a little bounce back in south philly. legend continues to grow, this one crushed three-run shot to
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left. hose kins seventh of the season, jorge continues to bring a hot bat. down the line it goes, here comes franco and that makes it six nothing. but the story was mark slider junior. he started the game with five no hit innings. went seven allowing one hit, struck out five. phillies win eight nothing is your final score. union visiting tornado. sebastian. that's nice, beauty 1 nothing toronto. of check out the header by nicholas hasler. he would tack on another goal and the union fall three love, it's been a rough season. >> tough go of it. >> don, thank you, >> the three-year-old is sworn in as an honorary police
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a. hint of autumn.
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s. next it's the late show with steven colbert followed by late late show with james cordon. for kate don and everyone i'm jessica dean, i'm nicole brewer, we're always on at have great night and we'll see you tomorrow.
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>> reporter: james corden as hand! >> ow! >> reporter: and donald trump as russian flag. >> wouldn't it nice if we actually got along with russia? wouldn't that be good? i mean, is that a bad thing? russia, russia, russia? russia, russia, russia? are you from russia? ♪ ♪ >> i'll never eat another oreo again, ever, ever! >> announcer: it's the "late show" with stephen colbert. tonight, stephen welcomes: samantha bee. gillian jacobs. and musical guest, spoon.


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