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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 25, 2017 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ good morning. it is friday, august 25, 2017. welcome to cbs "this morning." hurricane harvey intensifying threatening to devastate the texas coast. winds over 100 miles per hour and massive flooding will hit millions of people. our correspondents are along the coast tracking the strongest storm to hit the u.s. in nearly 12 years. the divide between president trump and republican leaders in congress grows ahead of a looming debt ceiling deadline that could shut down the government. also, new york's governor inner takes us to the top of a new bridge. oh an what's working."
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and completing a takeover chain. new details how the internet giant plans to revolutionize the entire grocery business. we begin with a look at "today the eye-opener," your world in 90 seconds. rainfall predictions are as have to n astronomical. >> engulfed the eaentire coastl >> roaring towards the coast. >> powerful winds expected to bring widespread flooding. >> officials warning folks this morning that time is running out to get out. >> he's dead serious about building a wall. >> and if congress will not pay for the border wall. >> over and over again, mexico's going to pay for the wall. >> once again the president is committed to making sure this happens and we're going to push forward. >> the weapon used in cuba now believed to attack more men diplomats.
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>> at least 16 employees experienced some kind of symptom. >> wait a minute. here we go. >> here we go at home! >> fight night at detroit. tempers flared between the yankees and tigers. >> when it was all said and done, eight ejections. >> they're swinging! >> yes, they were. a gunman in critical condition after a deadly shooting and hostage situation in charleston, south carolina. the wait is over. taylor swift's new single is out. >> i'm sorry, the old taylor can't come to the phone right now. why? oh. because she's dead. >> and comedian kevin hart showed up at practice. let him tell you about his own skills. and all that matters. >> one football fan's final request. giving his friends a rieseecere riesen to smile. >> eight of his buddies did the honors. >> on cbs "this morning."
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>> mavis wanczyk. >> the lottery winner that stole my jackpot. >> a massachusetts woman claims the powerball jackpot. >> the first thing she did, quit her job. >> called and told them i will not be coming back. [ laughter ] this morning's "eye-opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to cbs "this morning." charlie rose is off, so bill weir is with us. >> happy friday good to do have you here. lots going on with hurricane harvey closing in on the gulf coast and could hammer the area for days. the dangerous storm due to make landfall in less than 24 hours between corpus christi and houston and not likely to move far until tuesday dropping huge amounts of rain. the national weather service says harvey is life threatening and pose as grave risk. >> harvey is already packing
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winds of more than 100 miles an hour and is expected to get stronger today. forecasters prohibit up to three feet of rain in some areas after harvey stalls out. the storm surge overnight could be up to 15 feet along the coast. millions of soles in harvey's path including a team of correspondents ready with the newest information on harvey. david begno begins coverage from corpus christi. >> reporter: the winds are beginning to move onshore. nobody is on the road in corpus christi. people decided to board up homes hunker down and stay, others have left. looking to get supplies? today, it may be too late. >> hotel manager. >> reporter: the hotel manager is making people get out. >> hopefully not that bad, but it looks like it's -- look like
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it's going to be fun. >> reporter: across southern texas, grocery store shelves are bare. people are rushing to stock up on last-minute supplies v. yo. >> have your spam, cans of tuna. >> reporter: and businesses already boarded up. hospitals worried about power outages have begun transporting critically ill babies, moving them inland. many are getting out taking up the offer of the city to leave town for free. hundreds boarded school buses headed for an evacuation center in san antonio. >> bye-bye. >> reporter: along the coast, thousands of people under mandatory evacuations but not here in corpus christi. >> i think people are smart enough to make their decisions, and they don't need the government telling them what to do. >> reporter: the mayor has decided not to order people out. >> why not put a mandatory evacuation for the low-lying areas. >> no enforcement authority, and
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we just felt like a lot of people would rather stay here in their homes. >> reporter: the mayor knows the risks of severe weather. two years ago his daughter-in-law and two grandchildren died in a flash flood in wimberley, texas. he says it's up to the people here to make their own decision. are you staying or are you leaving? >> my family, there were no warnings on the flash flood. i don't want that experience to happen to anybody else. >> reporter: the mayor made a point telling us, look, i could change my mind and we could make it a mandatory evacuation later today. if you're still looking to get out of corpus christi until 12:00 noon the city offers free bus rides. get on any city bus around town. go to the receiving center, put you on a school bus and take you to san antonio but only until 12:00 noon today. after that everything shuts down. >> wow. thank you so much. and from the international space station, showing how big harvey is. forecasters say houston, america's fourth largest city, could get at least 20 inches of
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rain. it is the home of a multibillion dollar oil and gas industry. in port la varka, texas. >> reporter: good morning. as we start to feel the first effects of hurricane har vishgs t harvey, the rain, wind and rising tide, comparison to 2008's ike has already begun. if harvey remains on its current path, it could be far more br t destructive. people are moving inland away from the low-lying coastal areas nearly oh blisserated by hurricane ike in 2008. >> walls blown out. boats turned upside down. >> reporter: hur cake ike holds the distinction between the costliest in texas history. 103 people killed in the u.s. while about $30 billion was spent to repair the damage. the galveston sea fall is 17 feet high. a storm surge over that could
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travel into the gulf of mexico, into galvaton bay tripling one of the busiest ports and home to a major refinery. >> hopefully a wake-up call. >> reporter: jim blackburn is an environmental engineer at rice university saying the current infrastructure won't hold up if the city take as hit. >> if we reach those levels we could see the worst environmental disaster in united states history and probably shut down and cause a major gap in gasoline and jet fuel and other types of critical products availability. >> reporter: for some texans that's reason enough to leave town. >> we don't know what's going to happen. if we're come back to home, what damage we're coming home to. it's sad. it's scary. >> reporter: and with hurricane harvey on course to hit the region's cluster of oil refineries which output more than 5 million barrels of oil per day, nationwide, the after
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price of gas has already surged to level the not seen since april. >> and with the effects of the storm down there, move 120 miles up the coast where demarco morgan is in galveston, one of the many areas under a storm surge warning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. already starting to feel harvey's outerbands now as we speak. the wind picked up. the only thing keeping the gulf of mexico out of the city of galveston, this 17 foot high sea wall built about 100 years ago and has only been topped by hurricane ike which happened back in 2008. a lot of people keeping their eyes on this sea wall hoping for the best. when it comes to the west end of galveston you need to know they are not protected by a sea wall and under a voluntary evacuation and local officials are bracing for a potential six to nine foot storm surge. galveston's city manager is concerned about low lying areas like the city's downtown which could see severe street flooding because of a gravity-fed drainage system there operated
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and, of course, that means that the water from torrential rains and storm surge cannot drain out efficiently. so the city's office of emergency management is basically asking everyone to prepare to survive for three to five days on food, water supplies, whatever you can get your hands on, but take precautionary measures right now. gayle? >> all right. demarco, good advice. meteorologist megan glaro of our chicago station, wbbm here with the forecast for harvey as it approaches landfall. got to be significant if you are here in person. >> right. gayle, with harvey we are looking at a major storm system, but the problem with this is, it's sitting over what we almost call premium fuel. sea surface temperatures are very high with this. while it's already a category 2, bordering on a category 3. expected to continue intensification and the then the issue will be, one it makes landfall, it's just going to sit and meander over the texas coastline here, and look at the
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intensity continuing to be fed by gulf moisture and heat and then it just sits. so in addition to the storm surge, in addition to the issue with intense hurricane force winds, we now add to this days upon days of rain. so we're looking at rainfall totals which could be in excess of three feet in areas. including anywhere from corpus christi past houston, near the louisiana border, isolated totals could top 36 inches. >> thank you, megan. stay with cbs news for continuing coverage as hurricane harvey makes landfall. our streaming network, cbsn has updates 24 hours a day, available on the app and at cbs ne and president trump is continuing a feud with leaders of its own party. key legislative deadlines in september a prolonged standoff could trigary government shut down. we have the political discord at
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the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. just 12 working days in september to raise the debt ceiling and avoid the kind of costly default that could trigary financial tricrisis. this morning on twitter the president called on congress to change the voting rules to sideline democrats. >> i think the relationships are fine. >> reporter: white house spokeswoman sarah huckabee sanders down it played escalating tensions between president trump and his republican lawmakers. >> there are going to be policy differences but a lot of shared goals. >> reporter: on twitter, the president laid bare his problem with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell writing, "after hearing repeal and replace for seven years he failed to fix obamacare." mcconnell speaking in kentucky did not address the president's criticisms but said he can't guarantee outcomes, then indicated mr. trump's anti-free trade position is misguided. >> the assumption that every free trade agreement is a loser
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for america is largely untrue. >> reporter: mcconnell is the latest senate republican finding himself at odds with president trump, who will need the support of nearly every available republican if he wants to advance his legislative agenda. but patience from mr. trump's message may be wearing thin. tennessee senator bob corker recently said mr. trump hasn't demonstrated the stability nor competence to be successful adding, he doesn't think the president "understands the character of this nation." sanders blasted the senator for his comments. >> i think that's a ridiculous and outrageous claim and doesn't dignify a response from this podium. >> reporter: senator lindsey graham believes the president's attacks are deliberate. >> the congress is very unpopular particularly with the republican base. there's nothing unhinged about it. it's a political strategy i'm not sure is smart but it's a very thought-out strategy. >> reporter: in an interview with the financial times the president's only economic
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adviser gary cohn said he personally felt a lot of pressure to quit working for president trump after hills delayed condemnation of hate groups in charlottesville. gayle, he said the administration must do better. >> all right. interesting comments from gary cohn. thank you very much, margaret. denver police are investigating a series of disturbing videos and disturbing is the word. videos involving high school cheerleaders showing the student screaming in pain as they are forced into splits. the video was recordrd earlier in the summer but just surfaced this week. five denver school officials have been placed on leave. dana jane cobson is with us. >> good morning, gayle. kristen wakefield is the mother of one of the girls in the video. her daughter quit the team because she was afraid to be in the same room as her coach. that coach dismissed from a similar position at another colorado high school for doing the same thing.
7:15 am
cell phone video shows 13-year-old ally wakefield pleading, please stop, nine times, as she's forced into splits by her khmer leading coffee. >> i was thinking it was normal. i didn't think much of it. >> reporter: but the high school freshman suffered from torn muscle tissue and a pulled hamstring and receiving physical therapy. >> the doctor said 100% the injury sustained was directly caused by the knee of her coach on the back of her thigh forcing it to the store. it could affect reproductive organs as well. >> reporter: showing ally's teammates yelling in agony during similar stretches. the coach is ozell. in an interview williams said the videos are taken out of context. "i would love to tell my story
7:16 am
but i can't say anything else at this time." [ screaming ] williams is one of five denver public school officials placed on leave. the superintendent said in a statement, he took action as soon as he heard. "as the father of two high school-aged daughters, the images and accesses depicted of extremely distressing and absolutely contrary to our core values." as for ally, she's still trying to heal. >> the world is a scary place, and people you think you can trust, you can't always. you just have to trust your gut feeling. >> reporter: we could not reach coach williams for comment. the american association of cheerleading coaches and administrators says it viewed the videos and does not condone the coach's actions and rejects them to the fullest extent. >> so tough to watch. >> disturbing. i love how the -- not love, the fact the coach says the video's taken out of context. i can't imagine any con thatextt
7:17 am
would make that okay. >> some more lechpleasant to wa the winner of the largest jackpot ever won with the single ticket in history. mavis wanczyk claimed the prize yesterday and at the store in chicopee where wanczyk made the purchase that changed her life. good morning. >> reporter: yes, good morning. we're hearing that police have been keeping a watchful eye over wanczyk's home not far from here but it all started here at this convenience store where wanczyk purchased three tickets. two quick picks and one, the winning ticket, was a combination of birthdays and one very lucky number. >> i need some rest. i'm overwhelmed. >> reporter: after ay whenwind day, mavis wanczyk returned home $758.7 million richer. >> this isn't true. this can't be, and then now it's like -- ah -- i -- i am a winner. >> reporter: it was a friend who
7:18 am
told her she had the winning powerball ticket. >> i go, hey, i have -- i have that -- i have that. he goes, let me see that ticket. he goes, you just won. >> first number up is 7. >> reporter: the mother of two said she picked random birthdays. the powerball 4 is the number her family typically plays on friday night keno games. >> and my dream came true. >> reporter: lottery officials wrongly said the winning ticket was sold on watertown, the other side of the state. >> this was a result of a human error. >> reporter: after clearing things up they introduced wanczyk to a roomful of reporters. [ applause ] rather than receive her winnings in 30 annual payments, the 53-year-old has chosen a single lump sum of $480 million after taxes she's taking home $336 million. >> a lot of people will be coming at her in order to try to recommend all sorts of different
7:19 am
things that she can do with her money. >> reporter: wanczyk has already quit her hospital job after 32 years and pay off a car bought last year. plans beyond that are unclear. >> i'm going to go hide in my bed. [ laughter ] >> reporter: even with $336 million, get this. it is not enough to put wanczyk on forbes top richest americans and not enough to put her in the top 50 wealthiest people in massachusetts. gayle? >> we all love us some mavis in the studio. hoop happy, the lottery official. by her side the whole time. a great story. >> love it. >> love her. and taylor swift hoping her new song "look what you made me do," singing it all day, ryding to the top of the charts ahead. how the pop star uses social media to excite fans and
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this national weather report, sponsored by -- toyota. let's go places.
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one of the largest construction projects in the city opens tonight. >> and going to the top with the current governor. what it took to complete the project on time and on budget. >> you're watching cbs "this morning." ithat's why i use excedrin. hold because of a headache. it has two pain fighters plus an amplifier and for some, headache relief starts in just 15 minutes. now moments lost to headaches are moments gained with excedrin.
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>> good morning, i'm rahel solomon, police are investigating home invasion in north philadelphia, that ended in gunfire, police say two armed men broke no home overnight on the three this blocker of north 23rd street. woman inside was shot, while trying to escape, now in critical condition. police are questioning two men >> we send it over to matt peterson with a check on today's forecast, matt, looks like beautiful day. >> you're right, it will be fantastic friday for us across the entire area. we had some shower activity before sunrise, that was moving through the delaware valley hospital that's all fizzled out, really somehow should not cause a problem for anybody on the roads, not going to be issue later this afternoon. you can see on the neighborhood network, nice clear start to the day. temperatures in the 60s, some
7:27 am
50's, though, through the lehigh valley, so cool start to the day north of the city. feeling pretty good here in philly itself. we top things out later this afternoon, meisha, right around 80 degrees, and that low humidity, feeling fantastic. >> picture perfect, that's what it is, all right, matt, thank you so muchment looking pretty good outside, too, so we did have that overturned vehicle, 59 south, before the blue route, that has since been cleared. you can see, still little slow moving around that area. i would still give yourself extra time, some bridge inspections, 59 northbound between enterprize and broad street between nine a.m. and 3:00 p.m. rahel, over to you. >> meisha, thank youment next update 7:55, up next on cbs this morning, what it took to pull off one of the country's biggest infrastructure projects, i'm rahel solomon. make it a good morning.
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wait a minute. here we go. oh, here we go. and getting into it. punches thrown. getting into the gut of cabrera and now both benches are cleared. cabrera at the bottom of the pile. >> wow! when is the last time you saw that? two guys toe to toe at home plate. they're still there. oh, my goodness. >> a little preview of mcgregor/mayweather. yankees catcher, austin romine went after it after a wild pitch. the dugouts cleared and players on both teams joined the melee. first of three bench-clearing
7:31 am
incidents throughout the game led to eight ejections between both teams and, oh, by the way, tigers won the game. >> who's responsible noor? >> the umpire. should have taken control. >> or could it be grown men have to take responsibility for their actions? >> thatlet's not get too crazy. >> responsibility of grown men! >> let's not try to rewrite history now. >> if derek jeter was there, that wouldn't have happened. class act. welcome back to cbs "this morning." charlie rose is off. so bill weir is here. your name hasn't changed. >> hard to say bill weir is here. >> i've been working on it. bill weir is here. texas is in the eye of a storm, hurricane harvey expected to make landfall along the gulf coast. >> and heavy rains expected to slam louisiana and the new orleans advocate says some pumping stations are actually off-line. the pumps were overwhelmed recently when a string of severe
7:32 am
storms flooded parts of the city. city leaders are planning for a possible evacuation if the drainage system doesn't keep up. a look at other morning headlines this friday. the "washington post" reports the u.s. navy overnight has identified a second american sailor killed in that collision between the "uss john s. mccain" jm. divers recovered dustin doyen of connecticut. the body of a 22-year-old kenneth smith of new jersey also recovered. eight other sailors are missing and presumed dead. we spoke this morning with the chief of naval operations admiral john richardson about roberts a cyber attack may have caused the collision. >> we have no evidence right now in our investigation that there was any cyber hacking, cyber effect, cyber attack in this investigation. in this incident. >> the navy brought in more divers overnight to search for the missing sailors inside those flooded compartments. and interior secretary zinke
7:33 am
is recommending the president shrink the boundaries of national monuments opening them up to new oil gas mining and drilling. earlier ordered a sweeping of 27 monuments, millions of acres were part of a massive federal land grab. and remembering the life of actor jay thomas. he died yesterday after a battle with cancer best known for recurring role on "cheers" and won two emmys playing a tabloid talk show home on "murphy brown." he hosted his own show on sirius xm. he was 69. and launching a series called "what's working?" areas from education to infrastructure and much more. we'll start this morning with a new state-of-the-art bridge in new york built on time and on budget. it's part of the governor mario m. cuomo bridge that opens
7:34 am
tonight replacing the aging tappan zee bridge over the hudson river. introduction took four years and cost nearly $4 billion. we climbed to the top of the new bridge with current new york governor andrew cuomo to find out what it took to get construction underway. it's one of the largest construction projects in the country. >> i think we're crossing here. >> reporter: and a rare success story in the saga of american infrastructure. >> what's it like seeing it this up close? >> almost unbelievable. planning it, talking about it, but to now actually see the reality of it and to see it in comparison to the old bridge is really striking. >> reporter: a 3.1 mile cable bridge named the governor mario f. m cuomo by his son. >> reporter: this was decades in the making.
7:35 am
hundreds of meetings. fights about it. not an easy process? >> no. they talked about changing the bridge for literally 20 years. everybody says the bridge is dangerous. everybody says it has to be replaced, but nothing happens. >> reporter: you think there's political risk in actually building this bridge? >> sure there is. sure there it. it's one of the reasons the politicians stay away from it. we have a lot of big infrastructure projects we've tried in the past that haven't worked out and can be a career ender. so -- >> reporter: did that go through your mind? >> oh, only about seven times a week. >> the most spectacular project of the throughway is the three-mile bridge. >> reporter: the existing bridge, the tappan zee long ago deemed functionally obsolete. the cuomo bridge is a result of a public/private partnership designed and built by a private company and overseen by project director jamie barbous.
7:36 am
>> reporter: how long can a bridge like this last? >> the requirement 100 years of service life. construction should last 100 years. >> reporter: it's built to last? >> yes it is. longer than us, i think. >> reporter: building it has taken 7,000 workers more than 9 million hours, 220 million pounds of american steel and enough concrete to stretch from here to key west. much of it was made on land, floated down the hudson river and maneuvered into place by a supercrane dubbed eye lift new york. could you have built this bridge without the crane? >> no. if you look behind me the beams are put together, put on a barge and lifted in place to span from pier to pier. >> reporter: it was shipped from california and paid a $70,000 toll to pass through the panama canal. >> wow! pretty spectacular. >> reporter: but worth it. >> about perspective.
7:37 am
this gives you perspective. >> reporter: i'm taking in an incredible view to be up here without losing my lunch. if i look down one more time -- >> oh, come on. > reporter: there aren't walls on the side. just pieces of rope. >> reporter: the first span of the bridge is opening on time and on budget. once complete, the bridge is expected to carry more than 140,000 vehicles every day. >> the toll on this bridge, only like $5. can you promise the people of new york you won't raise toll prices? >> we've promised that the tolls won't be raised through 2020, and then we're going to have to see the finances for the state what they are in 2020. >> reporter: you're not worried when people are cursing traffic on this bridge, like, it's the cuomo bridge! >> ah, i don't think they'll curse the traffic on this bridge. the traffic will be less on this bridge than the old bridge. >> reporter: it will take another year to dismantle the old bridge and complete the cuomo, but the governor hopes will serve as a symbol for new
7:38 am
york ambition, and a model for big building in america. >> reporter: if the tappan zee bridge was the poster child for crumbling infrastructure in america, the cuomo bridge will be the poster child for what? >> for the optimism and the capacity and the competence that you doubt. what made america is what we built. the railroads, the tunnels, the bridges, the skyscrapers. we can't lose that. if we lose that, we lose who we are. that super crane we showed you, that helped build the new bridge is also going to take down the old bridge, because they have to take it down piece by piece for environmental concerns and recycle them, and that super crane can lift 12 stch chew statues of liberty at once. >> beautiful piece, norah. beautiful shot. >> really was. >> i can't imagine what it must
7:39 am
be like for the governor to have the bridge named after his dad. >> as we talk about infrastructure. one of the few bipartisan things that president trump could potentially do, let's rebuild america. that thought people could, could you do it? this is an example of this public/private partnership and it works. it's a success story. did it if four years. >> proof it's doable. >> highlight good stories as well here. >> i like that, "what's working?" after much anticipation, taylor swift, have you heard, released her new single overnight. ahead, a look how the pop sensation uses social media to build her brand and, oh, yes, sell her music, too. it's selling big time. you're watching cbs "this morning." thank you for that. we'll be right back. ♪ what you made me do, what you need to look ♪
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♪ yours is in red underlined i check it once ♪ taylor swift's just released single. "look what you made me do." all right. rockin' to the left. this is a pop superstar's first new song in three years and
7:44 am
already has more than 4 million viewers online and they just released it at 11:33 p.m. eastern time. wow. the 27-year-old sing hear been fueling with anticipation all week long. here to show us how swift markets her music and as well as how she makes it. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the first single from her new al "reputation" comes out in november. swift herself has a reputation as a supremely successful artist and someone who knows how to promote her work on social media. that was never more clear than this week. ♪ look what you made me do >> reporter: imagery makes a big part in taylor swift's lyric video of her new song "look what you made me do." ♪ look what you just made me do ♪ >> reporter: swift teased the release taking dramatic steps on social media accounts earlier in the week and also with snake imagery. after scrubbing her accounts completely cleaned posted eerie images of a snake's tail monday.
7:45 am
body tuesday and finally its snarling head with fangs beared on wednesday. it's mystery helped fuel fan anticipation for the final big reveal of her new single. ♪ >> she take as very personal approach to it and i have been told that she's got the keys. she's the only one who uses her twitter, her instagram. >> reporter: those keys unlock a huge treasure-trove of loyal taylor swift fans. more than 70 million followers on facebook. 85 million-plus on twitter and on instagram, swift has 102 million global followers. 21-year-old zana is a mega fan hand picked by the star the team to oversee a swift-related twitter account. three years ago swift mined her social media account to find superfans to join her at secret listing parties for her previous album, "1989" which amir attended. >> created a friendship.
7:46 am
most celebrities say hi and bye quick and forget to have that genuine moment with a fan. >> reporter: swift spoke with gayle king in 2014. >> i love to do little things that allow them to know that i'm always, i always have my finger on the pulse of what they want. >> reporter: and manages social media accounts says swift's personal connection has been key in her marketing success. >> when taylor engages with her udience it's, i genuinely care about you. >> reporter: is that good business or sincere interest, or both? >> a mix of both. it definitely helps her brand. i think we're getting the real side of her. >> reporter: now, all right. we know taylor swift is a huge star. her new single would have generated a huge number of views and downloads no whatter what she did on social media, but we had multiple reports of itunes crashing when the song came out and perhaps that's caused by
7:47 am
more than just an artist's reputation. >> nicely done. >> see what i did there? >> i got it. the way she engages with fans is really important to her. she does so many things people never hear about she doesn't have to do. >> the true. she broke a lot of ground with that, for an artist. >> the swifties are happy this morning. >> yes. >> fake tweeting all over the place. >> we are. and cutting prices at whole foods days before it closes to take over a grocery chain. ahead, how it could affect our grocers, plus how a wind gust led to this strange scene of boats speeding around in c
7:48 am
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7:52 am
rescue crews found him in the water about two miles away. tony white says his hat flew off when he took his hand off the wheel to grab it the boat spun and knocked him overboard. >> what he did, used flip-flops to keep him afloat. the presence of mind to do that. really 1345smart. and a closer look at isis. the special envoy for the president is here and the fight of studio 57 with the latest. we'll be back. yeah that's the one and fresh brewed lipton iced tea ah that can wait oh but not you buddy. bring everyone together with the refreshing taste of lipton iced tea. when it's time to toddlers see things a bit differently thanks to pampers easy ups while they see their first underwear you see an easy way to potty train pampers easy ups our first and only training underwear with an all around stretchy waistband and pampers superior protection
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan, the susan g. komen three day is underway, hundreds of women and men are walking 06 miles this weekend, to fight breast cancer, this morning, willow grove, make some stops, landmark areas, area landmarks, including the philadelphia zoo, the art museum and independence mall, three day ends sunday afternoon at the philadelphia navy yard. we send it right over to matt peterson for a check of the wetter. >> wonderful conditions across the delaware valley, it will be sunny, it will be very comfort affordable, low humidity, temperatures willing feeling great. storm scan3, couple light showers out there, have fizzled out. that means, it is going to be smooth sailing, the rest of
7:57 am
the morning, and into the afternoon, temperatures right now in the 60s for the most part across most of the area, as you head further north from philly down into the 50's, and as we get look at what we will be looking at dew point wise down to the 50's, looking comfortable there, then of course our hour by hour forecast shows we get to 8 degrees later this afternoon , meisha, little on the cool side. >> matt you're just bringing all of the good news, rub it, in then you come to me, look what i have to talk b thank you, looking outside right now , we have some delays still out there, 59, betsy ross bridge, moving in the southbound direction, plus couple every accidents out there, one turnpike westbound past willow grove, jim? >> thank you shall meisha. next update 8:25, coming up what shoppers can expect when amazon completes its take-over of whole foods,
7:58 am
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it is friday. aren't you flglad about that? august 25, 2017. good, too. welcome back to cbs "this morning." ahead, new information on hur k hurricane harvey. and taking over whole foods. explaining amazon's price-cutting strategy. first, here's today's "eye-opener." >> rain bands are starting. >> a lot of people are hunkering down. others have left. >> scientists say harvey could be far more destructive than ike. >> the only thing keeping the gulf of mexico out of the city of galveston is this 17 foot
8:01 am
high sea wall. >> the issue will be, was once it makes landfall, it's just going to sit and meander. >> president trump's attack on top republicans are creating a rift ahead of key legislative deadlines in september. >> congress will have just 12 working days to raise the debt ceiling. >> it started here at this convenience store where wanczyk purchases three tickets. the winning ticket a combination of birthdays and one very lucky number. >> tempers hot in detroit after this all-out brawl. the first of three bench-clearing fights. >> who's responsible for that. >> the umpire. the umpire should have taken control. >> or could it be grown men have to take responsibility for their actions? >> let's not get too crazy. [ laughter ] >> let's not try to rewrite history now. good morning to you. i'm gayle king.
8:02 am
with norah o'donnell and bill weir. charlie rose is off today. and satellite images from space show a storm and how big it really is. covering much of the gulf coast. >> harvey strengthened to a category 2 storm overnight. set to make landfall late tonight or early saturday. calling it a life-threatening storm that could break out -- bring, rather, up to three foot of rain. more than 100 mile-an-hour winds and 15-foot storm surges. winds stretch along the texas coast. our reporter is in corpus christi in the danger zone. good morning. >> reporter: feeling tropical storm winds here in corpus christi. it will be the first major hurricane to hit the u.s. since 2005. along the texas coast evacuation orders in effect already. however, here in corpus christi, a majority of the area is not under a mandatory evacuation.
8:03 am
we talked to the mayor why he's decided not to issue a mandatory evacuation. he doesn't think they're at that point yet and wants to leave it up to the local people. if you think it's right for you, do it. i can tell you from what we've seen, a lot of people are deciding to stay. a pediatric hospital not far from here, airlifting babies out. the reason, those babies are in intensive care and the concern, power out at the hospital, they will not be able to operate ventilators for the babies. about the water system here. they've had water contamination issues here. the mayor told us if the water treatment plant goes down for whatever reason, they have got three days of good water before they're in trouble. here's the bottom line. one estimate says the rainfall from this hour contaurricane coe biggest threat. texas could see 11 trillion gallons of water in the next three days. >> i can't even wrap my head around that big of a number. david, thank you.
8:04 am
stay safe. meteorologist megan glaros of our chicago station wbbm is here with the latest forecast. good morning. >> bill, the latest on hurricane harvey. came in moments ago. up to 110 mile-per-hour winds, one mile per hour shy of category 3 or major hurricane status. split be hairs at this point. it's a strengthening storm making landfall within the next 24 hours and will sit and emander over texas essentially not moving for days. what it will do, feed that moisture in from the gulf of mexico. looking at intense rainfall on top of the hurricane force winds and storm surge a factor as well. in terms of the rains we could see. talking 20-plus inches in the white swath here and could see some totals upwards of three feet. bill? >> megan, thank. cbs news will follow hurricane harvey as it comes ay shore. our streaming network cbsn, updates 24 hours a day and watch on the cbs news app or
8:05 am the united nations is calling for a humanitarian pause to the fights with isis in raqqah, syria so civilians can evacuate. they began an offensive against the self-declared capital in june. the u.s. estimates 20,000 people are trapped and at risk. isis released a disturbing video showing a 10-year-old american boy it claims. he is reportedly the son of an isis fighter living in rae ingi. if true, the first time an american child has been used in isis propaganda. the boy makes threats against the u.s. that appear to be scripted. our ongoing series called "issues that matter" exploring challenges our country faces.% today, a closer look at the nation's fight against isis. the state department says isis lost about 78% of its territory in iraq and 50% in syria since its peak in 2013.
8:06 am
nearly one-third of the losses happened in the past six months. the special president's envoy for the global coalition to counter isis, served under three administrations and just returned from a 12-day trip to the middle east. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> you were just in iraq. what have you learned? >> in iraq and syria. had the honor traveling with secretary mattis into jordan and iraq. about a week ago north of raqqah where we heard about this report. look, i think we have to keep things in perspective. serven months ago isis sitting n a infrastructure of a city happening only six or seven months ago. right now fighting for their life block-by-block. 60% of the city cleared. extreme extremely, extremely difficult and mindful of the report about potential humanitarian casualties. saying two things. we talked to a number of idps that came out of raqqah.
8:07 am
>> what are they? >> displaced people. people who fled the fighting. all of these fleeing isis are fleeing into the lines of the force we're working with and we are working with the united nations to try to take care of them. about 20,000 people remain left in raqqah. they tell us the number one thing we have to do to help these people, defight isis. they're using civilians as human shields, a hospital in raqqah as primary base of operations. the number one thing we have to do, defeat them and as soon as we can. it's going well. >> given the gains over the last six months while president trump has been in office, how has the strategy changed since president obama? >> well, a couple of -- when president trump came in, he said, look, charged the entire national security team to focus on a laser destroying isis. look what's working, reinforce those efforts and things that haven't and try to improve them. one thing he did early on was delegate authorities down to the lowest level in the field. that means in practice that as our military experts see an
8:08 am
opportunity, they can seize it. the reason we're 60% through raqqah now is because we saw an opportunity about four, five months ago in a town called topka, just there. over a body of water, off an audacious military maneuver to do it. saw an opportunity, delegated authorities to the field helped us take advantage of that. an operation launched in a week and we caught isis by surprise helping to set conditions for getting into raqqah. delegate down authorities, shorten the cycle, it make as difference in the field and making sure our coalition it participating in the effort. i saw with my own eyes north of mosul. important for viewers to understand what these brave americans are doing in the field. in a town called tellskuf, a navy s.e.a.l. gave his life a year ago helping peshmerga. about 80% of the population returned. restoring their community. we are helping with the
8:09 am
coalition to make sure that land mines are cleared, water can get back and running, electricity back and i saw with my own eyes as these families come back only six or seven months ago were controlled by isis. >> what you're saying, sounds encouraging. then we see that video, claiming there's an american little boy and describing him as an isis cub. a cute name for an ugly philosophy. when you see something like that, do you believe it? what do you make of it? >> let me say -- the leader of isis is a guy named baghdadi, claims to be the caliphate. losing all his territory. haven't heard from him since december and instead are putting out videos of children. i can't confirm this video or who this child is. they use children as human shields. try to recruit them at suicide bombers. used children inside iraq to blow up children's soccer games, attack ice cream parlors of
8:10 am
family going to celebrate the ede. we are moving as fast as we possibly can't mindful of how difficult this is. >> the global game of whack a mole with these guys, how has that affected efforts on the battlefield? >> a great question. self-proclaimed caliphate, used to sit and plan the attacks. planned brussels, paris, planning against us. we have to shrink their territory. at the same time through a global coalition, built a globe coalition, 69 countries, and working to share information as we collect out off the battlefield who these people are, putting them into a global data base. >> information that you can figure out where the cells are? >> the key to stopping the attacks is information sharing. the overall effort will shift from the military phase in iraq and syria to law enforcement,
8:11 am
intelligence and sharing information. one of the newest members, i me interpol. known terrorists joined isis trying to move into iraq and syria and we want every law enforcement agency, border patrol officer can check a database and stop these people, routine stops trying to cross borders. it's a long-term effort, a long-term fight and information sharing, trying to close a net globally making sure they can't travel. just as focused on that as the military side. >> long term, everybody wants to know how long is long? norah said just back from iraq. literally just back. you just got back last night, just got back. >> i did. got back last night. interesting, even iraq, i was in saudi arabia before going to iraq. interesting things are going on in that part of the world. iraq and saudi arabia have not are any diplomatic relations since 1990. i visited the iraq/saudi border crossing just opened in 27
8:12 am
years. very helpful in terms of the post-isis phase making sure they can never come back and we'll have stability there. >> i'm thinking you need to come back to the table. >> so much to talk about. >> very interesting. thank you. >> thanks to you. >> thank you. coming up, one of the last great salmon runs on the planet threatened by what's under the alaska wilderness. ahead, how a push to mine a huge trove of gold and copper could affect the entirmt in alaska, affect the wildlife and our
8:13 am
amazon deal to buy whole foods, the deal could shake up the entire grocery industry. ahead, mellody hobson explains amazon's plan for sweeping price cuts at whole foods. a lot ahead. you're watching cbs "this morning." ♪ it's not about the money, money, money ♪
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us being young professionals, we're so busy... there's no way we could've designed it ourselves. no. we love it! , amazon announced its first order of business as it prepares
8:18 am
to take over whole foods. the online giant closes its $13.7 billion deal to acquire whole foods monday and then will immediately cut prices on store selection of staples, whole trade bananas and organic eggs. kroger, costco and walmart plunged after this announcement. might be worried. in chicago, melody, great to see you. >> reporter: good morning. >> those who remember whole foods as a hippie co-op in austin, texas, must marvel at the size of this deal. then, of course it became the paycheck. what is the strategy? >> reporter: the strategy is very smart. they realized they have a perception problem and want this brand more accessible to more people. whole paycheck. amazon knows pricing has been high. as much as 15% higher than competition and want to deal with this problem head-on. very smart move.
8:19 am
classic amazon, because they've auv be often been willing to lose short term to win long term. less profitable in the short term. to the extetent they expand the scale more profit. >> whole foods doesn't have the scale those other grocery stores have. that's worth noting. right. >> reporter: not at all. really small in grocery. whole foods has about 2% market share. amazon, 1%. meanwhile, walmart is about 20%. so the gloves are off. they recognize they want to go at it hard. done it before. i wouldn't count them out but scared in the middle. not walmart or amazon. biggest brick and mortar retailer, online retailer, in the middle, kroger, a mom and pop grocery stores of which there are thousands, it's going to get really tough. >> melody, back to bill's point a second ago.
8:20 am
known at whole paycheck, a chichi store. what does amazon want? what's the new brand they want for whole foods now? >> reporter: what they want is obviously to extend the brand. to more customers. no question about it. they want to take advantage of whole foods private label business. the 365 brand that has over 3,000 products they can sell immediately online. they want to take advantage of distribution. 460 stores in some of the wealthiest zip codes in america. that has long-term implications for them. well beyond grocery. there are a lot of synergies here. an incredibly smart buy. >> and it's going to be an incredible difference to all parts of jeff basil's plan. taking over the world. thank you, melody. good to see you. amy suchumer is caught in a controversy over equal pay. what she says she should have been paid the same as chris rock and dave chappelle for a comedy
8:21 am
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8:24 am
ahead, how the brain may be contributing to addiction. the science behind why drugs and alcohol are often too difficult to quit. and some of the new messages to help end the psyching of
8:25 am
addiction. your local news is next. >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". >> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. the nfl draft was an economic boost for philadelphia. new report commissioned by the philadelphia convention and visitors bureau finds that the draft had an economic impact of nearly $95 million. the record breaking 250,000 people attended the draft on the ben franklin parkway, and we're still waiting to hear if philadelphia will host the draft again next year. >> good time. here's hoping. we send it over to matt peterson with a look at the forecast, matt, looks like we're in for beautiful forecast. >> absolutely, rahel. looks like wonderful friday, great weekends is in store, as women, waking up, temperatures across the delaware valley morning, sit being in the low to mid 60s range for many of us, now, millville, coming in at 69. so little warmer there. but 66 in philly.
8:26 am
then as you head up into the lehigh valley, reading and allentown, 62 and 63, our future weather shows we don't have much in the forecast for today, just some sunshine, that continues all the way through our sunday. here is that seven day forecast, komen race for the cure friday, saturday, sunday, sitting high 70s to around 80. and it looks like meisha our next chance for some showers doesn't come until next tuesday. >> good, so full weekend, beautiful weather, thanks, matt. looking outside, good morning, everybody, 295 southbound, before center square road. the right lane block, because we do have accident, take a look at this, bumper to bumper , barely moving there. westbound, another accident here, that's just cleared, past willow grove. still going to be slow moving around the area, so if i were you give yourself extra time. then just quick peak at the vine, westbound, eastbound, looking, i would say, actually okay. it will be schuylkill and 95 south, i would say around cottman, give yourself extra time, rahel, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. next update 8:55, ahead on cbs
8:27 am
this morning, the signs of addiction. i'm rahel solomon. good morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
8:30 am
welcome back to cbs "this morning." charlie is off. so bill weir, still with us at the table. >> thanks for having me back a. good week? good for us. has it been good for you? >> like going to morning fantasy fan pro shop. sit in my hero's cheer aair and know i can sleep in next week. >> glad you're here, bill. take a look in the green room. fran smith is here talking about avikz. saying this, your brain plays more of a role than you think. hello, fran smith. joining u.s. at the tab ining u and even with affirmative
8:31 am
actions, "new york times" said blacks and hispanics more underrepresented at colleges than 30 years ago. black students, just 6% of freshman at elite colleges. hispanic students, 13% of freshman and elite schools. "usa today" patty jenkins director of "wonderwoman" striking back. you may have heard, hit movie of the summer, been praised for its feminist message. the "titanic" director says objectified icon and hollywood. to me, a step backwards. oh, no, he didn't. "wonderwoman" patty jenkins responded tweeting, though he's a great filmmaker, he is not a woman. strong women are great. there is no right and wrong kind of powerful woman. >> wow. >> i have to say, thank you,
8:32 am
patty jenkins. >> gets it back on twitter this morning. >> yes. >> where do you stand on this? >> i am with you. >> gayle and i know where we stand! >> i know he's ridiculous and "avatar" was overrated. >> we like that. >> whatever you say. the philadelphia inquirer has an amazing story of a loyal eagles fans who almost got his dying wish. he died of cancer last week. a season ticket holder more than 30 years was frustrated the eagles never won a super bowl. last wish, eight philadelphia eagles serve as pal bayers to "let me down one last time." yesterday eight of his friends carried his coffin dressed in eagles jerseys. >> clearly a sense of humor. so do his friends. rest in peace. 21 million americans addicted to drugs or alcohol. president trump this month called the opioid epidemic a national emergency. the cover story of september's
8:33 am
"national geographic" looks into the science of addiction and its impact on the brain's pathways. author fran smith writes, addiction remolds neural circuits to a supreme value to cocaine, heroin at the expense of other interests such as health, work, family or life itself. fran smith joins us at the table to discuss. hello. good to see you. i think when most think of addicts they don't think they got brain issues. >> the brain play as huge role. addiction causes hundreds of changes in the structure of the brain, and the chemistry of the brain and the pathways that send nerve signals so that cells communicate with each other. and the -- it's very complicated but the basic essence of it is that it remaps the brain and causes the brain to focus on this one thing. one thing only. that object of desire, and blot out other things of interest. so i think of it kind of like a zoom lens on a camera.
8:34 am
you're focusing on this one thing and everything else is out of view. at the same time, the brain changes your ability to put the lid on desire. >> this kind of thinking, when did it start? back when addiction was affecting the black community and inner city, just cast aside as junkies, addicts, seen as a moral failing. now it's become more pronounced in other communities, now we hear it's a disease. when did that change and how did that change? >> well, the community recognized that it's a disease for a long time, the medical community. law enforcement is coming around. i was in huntington, west virginia, hit hard and talked with the former police chief saying we aren't going to arrest our way out of this problem. what changed it, not only as the opioid epidemic, that's opened up people's eyes to the problem, but the -- the technology. back in the '70s when heroin was a real problem in the inner
8:35 am
cities we didn't have brain scanners. nobody knew what was going on inside it's brain. >> given that, will we see an addiction vaccine in our lifetime? >> there is work on addiction vaccine. a number of studies. there have been promising results, but nothing immediately on the horizon. >> some of the things that have been helpful include cognitive therapy. right? how can we retrain the brain after being addicted to drugs or alcohol? >> right. cognitive therapy has shown really great effects for lots of people, and it really trains people how to think it differently about -- about drugs and alcohol, and you can see in brain scanning studies that it really does begin to change how those circuits are operating. rewiring the brain. >> are some more prone to addiction than others? >> there are genetic sfeectsasp. know identified a gene or addictive person at. one thing we know is that kids,
8:36 am
adolescents, are really vulnerable and that so many people who have addiction later in life really begin misusing drugs or alcohol as teens or young adults. >> adolescent brain is still very, very vulnerable, not fully formed. >> exactly. >> your article is very, very good. very well done. a lot of good information there. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> fran smith. that article i talked about is in the september issue of "national geographic" out tuesday. comedienne amy schumer caught up in a new debate over equal pay. variety magazine flatly asked netflix for more money for her comedy special. the request came after chris rock and dave chappelle made headlines commanding $20 million for a network special. first received $11 million for the special and later received significantly more. some people on social media began to criticize schumer saying, she doesn't deserve the same pay as two comedy icons. >> god forbid she would ask for more money. schumer posted on instagram to
8:37 am
clarify, women deserve equal pay, but not to chris and dave. they are legends and two of the greatest comics of all-time. i didn't ask for the same as my friends. i did ask for more than the initial offer. i think that's an important clarification. >> she's classy, and funny. we love her. >> i don't know about classy. >> i don't even think amy schumer would call her classy. coming up, the peaceful alaskan landscape. i love the jokes. spoiled by the construction of a golden copper mine ahead. what i learned in alaska about the possible impact on the food chain, including those furry locals. first, a check of your local weather.
8:38 am
8:39 am
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8:41 am
a hot debate is brewing in alaska these days over what is worth more. gold in the ground or gold in the water? a reported 60 million salmon surged through the state's bristol bay last month. some 30 million caught and will feed half of the world's demand. near the headwaters of bristol bay, a canadian mining company northern dynasty found what they think could be the biggest gold and copper mine in the world, and if they dig it, the side effects could be toxic. that mine's development stalled under president obama, but president trump's administration has given the controversial
8:42 am
project new life and as part of my serious "the wonder list" i learn how this might be affected including the big furry residents of cat mine national park. ♪ >> reporter: this is not supposed to happen. we are supposed to hunker down and admire distant grizzlies through long lenses. these two didn't get that memo. holy [ bleep ]. that's unbelievable! we in the middle of a bear parade. >> well, we stood our ground. we -- we made our focus in one spot and they came to us. >> reporter: yeah. >> you guys okay? having fun? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: brad believes this is safe in part because this is one of the rare spots in alaska where humans carry cameras
8:43 am
instead of guns. >> here's that one place where bears respect people, because the people respect bears. >> reporter: there was a time when the state of alaska naught they killed the bears there would be more fish for the people, but brad tells me the salmon runs weren't nearly as healthy. when this guy poops in the woods as bears do, he's spreading marine nutrients in the values, stewards where everything is connected by salmon. >> scared every year. will they come back? every year they show up like miracles i say, oh, thank you. everybody's happy. the bears, gulls, eagles, foxes, wolves, all cash in. >> reporter: at the top of that food chain are all the people that cash in on the salmon, and what really worries them these days is what lies benieath the ground above bristol bay. >> it's this spot right here.
8:44 am
>> reporter: turns out that red spot mark as monster fortune. northern dynasty believes there are 100 million ounces of gold in them there hills, amen shill0 billion pounds of copper. this little chunk of real estate, this chunk, could be worth half a trillion dollars over the next century or so. but in addition to gold and copper, this ground also holds millions of tons of sulphur. mixed with air and water, sulphur turns to acid. critics of the pebble mine worry that acid could get into the watershed, destroying one of the last great salmon runs left on the planet. >> the developers of pebble mine insist shes can pull that gold and copper out safely. the idea the mine will destroy the fishery is incorrect, they insist, but fishermen and kovationists and native tribes disagree and fought the project more than a decade. then president trump won and one
8:45 am
of his epa administrators, first act, opening the door, settles lawsuits and allowing the development of the mine to move forward. so the fishing folk, interesting. you have fishing republicans versus mining republicans fighting over what do we want to risk? you know, salmon used to run all up and down the east coast. we dammed so many rivers, the last great spot, where they just keep coming back in droves, is so well managed, it's there, and a lot of people say that's not worth gambling. >> wow. >> really is one of the most beautiful places in the world. alaska is. >> yeah. >> really is. >> thinking that, too. >> the bears. never thought i'd get that close. >> i saw the guide shooing away the bears. where were you? >> right behind him. >> oh, okay. >> and we have guns on them. okay? >> no. a flare. one spot where there are no hunting. they've opened up hunting for predators elsewhere in alaska but this one spot, they get to co-exist.
8:46 am
>> when i was in alaska, they had a gun for just in case. >> yeah. >> really interesting. >> thank you. >> and i think i'd want a gun, rather than a flare. >> a little plug, "wonder list" season three, back on next month. and hear more on our podcast on itunes and apple pod cast. today business news analyst claiming the potential effect of a government shutdown on the financial markets. coming up next, the week that matters coming up. you're watching cbs "this morning." be right back. coney island has been around for a long, long time. reminds me of how geico hasbeeny for over 75 years. hey, big guy! come on in! let me guess your weight! win a prize! sure, why not. 12 ounces! sorry, mate. four ounces. i've been taking the stairs lately. you win, big guy. sorry, 'scuse me! oh, he looks so much more real on tv. yeah... over 75 years of savings and service.
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well, it has been a great week. thank you, bill, a delight. thank you for having me. >> as we leave you, a look back at all that matters this week. have a great weekend. >> i will not say when we are going to attack, but attack we will. >> the president use add primetime speech in front of u.s. troops to suggest more americans will be sent to the war zone.
8:50 am
discussions with the pentagon and cia and trump will not only stay in afghanistan but increase u.s. troop presence. they immediate a lot more u.s. forces. they need them in a hurry and as close to the front line as possible. i can feel it burning my eyes. you can see police here in riot gear, setting off flash hand grenades. a fiery siege brought angry responses from demonstrators. >> pointed directly at the media, called us bad and sick people. the collision, a second involving a u.s. warship this summer. >> divers continue searching for missing sailors. the rescue mission a now over. >> new measures now in effect for greek life in penn state glufrt response to the death of timothy piazza. >> what's the message about safety? >> go in with your eyes open. talk to your kids. this could happen to anybody. rain bands are already starting. a lot of people decided to board up homes, hunker down and stay. others have left.
8:51 am
the issue will be, once it makes landfall, it's just going to sit and meander over the texas coastline. a single lottery ticket won a giant $758 million 700,000 prize. >> full disclosure. i purchased a ticket and obviously did not win. >> charlie rose is off today. word is he did not win the powerball ticket. bill weir? still here. >> had i won, i still would have come in. >> it came early, retirement. >> whoa. nice. >> that works. >> are you available this weekend? >> were you nervous getting in front -- >> was i nervous? >> whew! >> aiming for cbs "this morning." right? ♪ money, money, money money ♪ right at the front of my desk, the delicious iris. >> the delicious iris indeed. certainly stole the show.
8:52 am
>> when i entered the set that way this morning, thought it was creepy. she does it, it's cute. ta-da! >> gayle and i could do a podcast of everything that happens off the air that's really funny. >> need a hokey-pokey, turn yourself around! ♪ the moon will completely cover the sun here. longer than nearly anywhere else in the country, it's going to be a great show. >> have you heard? there's an eclipse today. >> anytime i have the opportunity to stand in the shadow of the moon i am happy. >> if you want to make a big one, put a pin hole in a box. put your head in it and you're fine. [ laughter ] >> it's dark out. take off your glasses. oh, my goodness! >> at least you got a glass eye. >> or, you're right. there you go. yes, you're right. >> bonus points. >> you do. that was good, bill weir. >> good. >> first day -- sucking up. right? >> it's working. [ laughter ]
8:53 am
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>> good morning, i'm jim donovan, the city of philadelphia want your input of the frank rise owe statue, the statue in front of the municipal services building, someone had torn down siting rizzo's record on race relations, other want to stay. you can learn how to smith your ideas on our website now, let's take look at the weather, here's meteorologist, matt peterson. >> thanks, it will be great friday for us, we are looking for clear skies, low humidity, storm scan3 showing you nice clear picture right now, had few light scattered showers early in the day, those have since fizzled out leaving us just some comfortable temperatures here this morning in the 60s for the most part, do see 57 up there, mount
8:56 am
pocono, and waking up down the shore, 66 wildwood, and that's our temperature here in philly get a look what we can expect later this afternoon, 08 degrees for high temperature, mostly sunny skies, staying comfortable, here is the seven day, looking for really good conditions, all the way through our komen three day walk, today,, tomorrow, sunday, high 70s, low 80s, sunshine lingering into next week, next charges for shower, meisha, doesn't come until next tuesday. let's talk about wonderful week. >> yes, forecast just gorgeous , all right, matt, thank you so much. very good morning to all of you, happy friday. still looking at 95 north, girard point bridge, looking good there, now, right around that area, where we are talking about bridge inspections, as well, 59 northbound between enterprize and broad street. starts the next few minute 9:00 a.m. carries you through 3:00 p.m. and just reminder airport lines, you're back to normal. so the track work completed little earlier, so we're back to regular service this weekend. it was not going to be the case, overall your commute, looking pretty good, still little back up at girard and
8:57 am
on the schuylkill, jim, back to you. >> thank you, meisha. that's "eyewitness news" for now, join us for "eyewitness news" at noon, make it a great day.
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