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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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first down. >> dan: that's impossible. spiller is number 26. there are two number 26 -- remember, this is the preseason. give jacoby glenn the penalty. icke, vernon hanks, the fun bunch, t.o. and, of course, king of swagger, travis kelce. >> spero: this is the loosened restrictions. you can use the football as a prop. you can celebrate on the ground. group celebrations are all good. this will be a fun element to the nfl. a lot of fans were happy to see this come back and dan, i know you are pleased with the snow angels. you can do that again. >> dan: really? >> spero: the snow angels are back, baby -- kansas city makes another quarterback change. tyler bray, third signal caller for andy reid tonight.
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>> dan: that's mike davis. a little out-and-up move that time. by demarcus robinson. >> referee: prior to the pass, holding. defense. number 39. five-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> dan: double number. demetrius mc-- demetrius mccray with the move. prevented a touchdown, perhaps, with that penalty. >> spero: we've had over 100 yards in penalties tolbert it only happened twice all of last season in the entire nfl. first and 10. bray's pass over the middle is caught. gehrig dieter, the undrafted rookie. patrick mahomes' night is over. the 10th overall pick. nice throws. missed another few. dan, what did you see from
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mahomes? >> dan: i saw a lot because he made that great throw on third and 19. his first pass was a thing of beauty. throwing over the middle as he's running left. obviously there is a lot to work on but i think he should be pleased especially engineering that long drive. >> spero: mahomes now watching bray. able to get it off just in the nick of time. this is dieter inside seattle territory. forced out of bounds. it will be a first down on the catch-and-run am a pickup of 22. we go downstairs. jay feely with richard sherman. >> jay: such a talented defense. without earl thomas back there a different defense. what does it mean to have him behind you? >> best free safety in the game, to have him out here is unbelievable. it's tough -- obviously, bobby wagner means nothing to our defense. he's just immature. >> jay: spend a little bit of
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time. you know how competitive they are juxtaposed by the family atmosphere. people don't understand what it's like to be part of this team. >> it's good time, guys that love football, love competing, love to play on the field with one another. it's a good time, man. we love just the competitive environment. we don't care if it's preseason, postseason, regular season, we're out here trying to play as hard as we can. >> jay: good luck this year. >> thank you. >> spero: another penalty as craig wrolstad and his crew crew continue on what has been a busy night. isaiah battle the man penalized. richard sherman at the highest level of the sport. so good as a four-time pro bowler, three time first team all pro, last year without a doubt was a struggle for him, we talked about the runins on the sideline a couple of times, the trade rumors during the off-season, seattle twice publicly saying that sherman was
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available. he says he's put it all behind him. he's healthy again. he's raring to go for the regular season. that is dieter again. they need sherman to play at a high level this season. >> dan: seahawks fans are happy that the trade never happened and i believe he is as well because the legion of boom is a tremendous nickname but they've earned it with their play. as physical and dominating a secondary as there is in the nfl. we were fortunate enough tonight to see the chiefs secondary without eric berry but still, they can give the seahawks a run for their money. >> spero: defense that has allowed the fewest points ask yards in the nfl over the last three years. bray's pass will fall incomplete. intended for demarcus robinson.
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the preseason continues. one game left. usually you go from 90 players to 75 and then down to the final 53. they've eliminated that middle cut, dan, so teams go from 90 to 53 on september 2nd. it is going to be i wild few days. >> dan: no question. the great thing about that is it gives some of these marginal players one more opportunity to make an impression. either to the present team you're on or to another team because everything will be examined closely. tyler bray is hanging in there and doing a pretty good job as he hits escobar that time for the first down. >> spero: gavin escobar, fifth-year man out of san diego state signing a free agent contract in the off-season and a dart that time by bray. a pickup of 12. that will get the chiefs a fresh set of downs. a good looking drive here as we
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play with under four minutes left here in seattle. >> spero: bray steps up in the pocket and that pass is incomplete. once again looking in the direction of escobar. >> spero: the chiefs will have a very tough open to their schedule as opening day is just around the corner. >> dan: they get the patriots on thursday night to open the season. but alex smith says that's a great time to play the world champions. even if you don't have everything all together and losing julian edelman tonight to a knee injury can't help. >> spero: that pass deflected high in the air. live football, say the officials. who's got it? right around the 46.
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seattle coming with the pressure. fumble football. >> dan: he got drilled in the back as he was letting that go. bottom of the pile. jeremy liggins. his hand was coming forward and the ball not in it. >> spero: liggins, a former offensive lineman and tight end at ole miss. >> dan: tramaine credit for the sack and the forced fumble. >> spero: austin davis back under center. run play to mckissic.
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he continues what's been an impressive fourth quarter for him. how about the san diego schedule. they'll try to repeat as division champs in the afc west. dan mentioned the opener thursday night, a week from thursday in foxborough. >> dan: spero, this is the second toughest schedule in the nfl. the first six, no picnic there. >> spero: they will have their work cut out for them early. they'll have that week-three game against the chargers right here on cbs. mckissic. finds a gaping hole as he runs toward that seattle side. eric murray finally on the tackle but not before he picks up 15 and a first down. >> dan: looks at the end of this run that he was trying to cut back to the inside. lost his footing. a different way to end the run as he did earlier in the game when he had that great
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>> spero: final two minutes. centurylink field. downtown seattle, washington. this great american city in the pacific northwest. first and 10 for pete carroll's bunch. his third-string quarterback. austin davis will work under center.
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i formation set. mckissic stumbling forward. marker thrown from the near side of the field. this one appears to be a hold. >> referee: holding. offense. number 87. 10-yard penalty. replay first down. >> spero: tomorrow night it's an l.a. party. the chargers and rams tough it out for bragging rights in southern california. right here on cbs sports. our man dan fouts pulling double duty. it will be the bird and the beard tomorrow night we'll be watching. >> dan: the fight for l.a. i got a kick out of what raider owner mark davis said when he channelled his father al davis, fight for l.a.? the raiders have already won that. >> spero: hard to argue with him so far as the chargers try to ready themselves after a couple of disappointing preseason performances.
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slth will play here against green bay opening day, september 10 then the early bye which a lot of teams don't like to have so early in the season. >> dan: you want it when you need it. and you can never know when you need it. you will hear complaints about teams having a bye late in the season. >> spero: hope that russell wilson can stay healthy, dealt with an assortment of injuries last year, all smiles as wilson looked impressive tonight. threw for 200 yards and a touchdown. that seattle defense after a slestart looking like the dominant bunch we've grown accustomed to seeing. >> dan: the key for seattle is protecting russell wilson. revamped offensive line.
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reece odiambo starting at left tackle. this evening a good night for wilson and good night for that offensive line. >> spero: five straight trips to the postseason for pete carroll and seattle. looking to take that next step as they try to climb the nfl mountain here in 2017. final seconds will come off the clock as andy reid and the chiefs falling to seattle here at centurylink, 2016-13 your final. chiefs unable to get into the end zone offensively. they did have the long kick return by de'anthony thomas but that was just about it. your final score once again, seattle 26. kansas city 13. coming up next for most of you, your late local news. now for dan fouts, jay feely, tracy wolfson, our producer
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jimric off, our director mike arnold, our entire cbs crew, spero dedes saying goodnight from seattle. you have been watching the nfl on cbs. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> cbs sports thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network.
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. right now on eyewitness, fierce winds and to your rain pound the texas gulf coast. hurricane harvey are expected to hear the impact. the remaining days summer, i'm jessica dean, coming to you live from haddonfield new jersey. the latest stop for cbs3 summerfest, so much to see and do, it's about ten miles from philadelphia, a short drive away, but so much to look forward to and to enjoy, we'll get to all of that. before we do, we first want to update you on hurricane harvey. that is battering texas right now. it has been recently made landfall on the gulf coast right about 11:00, our time tonight
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and we've been closely monitoring it throughout the evening, that hurricane strengthed to a category 4 with sustained wind speeds of 130 miles per hour. forecasts are calling this a life-threatening storm, authorities predict it could potentially cause flooding in communities 100 miles inland. also late tonight, we know president trump announce on twitter he signed a disaster declaration for texas. meteorologist kate bilo is here with us in haddonfield. let's go to her her, kate, what can you tell us about the latest on harvey? >> harvey just a catastrophic storm. the wrath is just beginning. once we get past the major hurricane impacts. we'll also be dealing with days upon days of catastrophic rainfall and threat for devastating flooding across much of south texas and into louisiana. here's it latest.
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as we said, it made landfall around 11:00 our time, 10:00 central time, you can see the eye has come on shore and watch the spin around that eye maintains its strength and a very strong dangerous storm still over portions of south texas, there have been reports of people trapped inside a building. building collapsed in rock port texas with people inside as the eye moves on. you can see it right there, the landfall is between these. the northern end about four miles east of rock port texas and you can see that's where the eye is. notice the barrier islands bearing the brunt of a storm surge flooding. the most dangerous impact of a land failing hurricane. we can see tornado from a landfalling hurricane. still a category 4 storm, it will weaken as it starts to move over land, right now, the sustained wind to 130 miles an hour. and watch how it just spins, if it moves back over the warm
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coastal waters, it possibly could even restrengthen and head back to the houston area as a tropical storm hanging around through at least next wednesday and take a week at these rainfall amounts. as of annual rainfall in corpus christi is about 31 inches rain. there's chance that we can see that just from this storm. latest rainfall amounts for houston expecting to expecting over 20 inch, national hurricane center talking about rainfall amounts up to 40 inch, catastrophic flooding expected with harvey just made landfall along the coast of texas as a major category 4 hurricane and the mac will continue through night with those 130 miles an hour. more on harvey and a close:00 on our forecast much better in the philadelphia area for weekend. that's coming up in a just a few
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minutes. send it back to you >> just devastating statistics there. our hearts go out to the people in texas. sounds like they're in for it. we want to go to alexandria hoff who's live in center city, joining us with more on the efforts the local efforts to help those involved in hurricane harvey. >> reporter: jessica, two philadelphia area volunteers are already on the ground in texas and the red cross plans to send more out tomorrow. help is already on its way for more than 1300 miles away. the red cross is southeastern pennsylvania ready to assist with what will be a massive endeavor, offering aid amidst a storm with millions in its path. >> it will impact or community in the sense of the resources that we need to marshall, to support those affected >> hurricane harvey is expected to make landfall are flooding and high winds have already made
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an mac. the storm is expected to officer over houston, what could be up to three feet of devastating rainfall alongside tornado strength winds, but busses continue to shuttle hundreds out of corpus christi. coastal hotels in the panel have been cleared, babies flown north is to safety and those boarding north before fleeing fear what they will return home to >> if we're going to come back to home or what damage. >> at philadelphia international airport, moving in on to gas >> u penn student and houston resident jeffrey lee took off from home just in time. but thoughts will remain with her family riding out the storm in texas. >> definitely concerned. yeah. everyone concerned about what's going to happen during the storm. flooding and what's going to happen afterwards. >> reporter: now, in new jersey,
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ten red cross volunteers are now in texas, and they, too, plan to send more people and more supplies. reporting live in center city, alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thanks so much, our coverage of hurricane harvey continues later in the show. the storm is brink back memories for people along the new jersey coast. five years after super storm sandy we'll talk about how things changed for them. kate will have an update on harvey's track coming up in a bit. it's friday night and we're here in haddonfield for cbs3 summerfest and to kind of get that started, we want to take you back in time. the camden and atlantic railroad has been a hub of activity. the revolutionary war came right through the center of town, the quakers protested the war but it is a celebrated part of
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haddonfield's past and certainly if you walk u
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statue reminder of the once towering dinosaur that roamed the area. back in 1858 dr. joseph discovered enough dinosaur bones here in haddonfield to have them mounted haddy wows crowds at academy natural sciences. >> represented 25-foot long seven to 8-ton six to 10-foot at the hips. odd looking prehistoric creature. >> when they went to haddonfield you'd imagine joseph lighting getting out carriage walking into mud pitt big mud pitt and bones like you'd never seen before. the breeze family cares for the site where haddy was discovered in haddonfield and care for the sculpture along kinks highway. the real skeleton is locked up inside the academy natural
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sciences. >> kate is here. she's got look at your weekend forecast. thank you jess casm hadi just behind the camera right now looking over kings highway beautiful statue and just a coincidence that it's hat row sawyer russ in haddonfield. love that. get into our weekend forecast. i want to take you back to hurricane harvey this is the situation happening right now it is potentially cot strong situation we saw that live feed of it i want to show you this image which is pretty mazing shot of 3d enhanced satellite image of harvey as the hi moves on shore over the texas barrier islands. you can see how the clouds have built up now you can see how the eye is starting to contract little bit at least the convection around the eye, still strengthening very very strong storm. but it is starting to contract just a bit an indication that again a lot of convection happening around that eye wall very strong winds thunderstorms possibly even tornadoes


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