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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  September 13, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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you'busted tail.rd. and impressed the boss. maybe, it's time to be your own. transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america. >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". right now at noon, tragedy strikes in the aftermath of hurricane irma. six nursing home residents have died days after the facility lost power. and now criminal investigation is underway. good afternoon everyone i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo. rahel solomon is off today. millions of people all across the south are still without electricity and could be for weeks. correspondent mole la landy explains how florida's oppressive heat is making
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conditions more dangerous. >> elderly residents were evacuated this morning from a hollywood nursing home that lost power during hurricane irma. police say three patients guided the facility and two at a hospital. >> we believe at this time they may be related to the loss of power and the storm. >> reporter: police have started to criminal investigation into the deaths. they did not say whether the facility had air conditioning when paramedics were called early this morning. >> as we arrived on the scene with our fire rescue crews, we saw that there were a number of people in respiratory distress. >> reporter: across florida 4.4 million homes and businesses still have no power. florida's biggest utility lined up prepare trucks this morning in the miami area. but officials say could it be more than a week before electricity is back for everyo everyone. >> power outages also remain an issue here in jacksonville. more than 800 utility workers are trying to restore electricity to the more than 100,000 customers who woke up today with no lights and no air-conditioning.
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hurricane irma first made landfall sunday in the florida keys when residents of the lower keys finally allowed to return they will find almost total devastation. >> search teams came through here broke the doors. >> reporter: this family is working hard to get their family bar and restaurant open again. >> we want somewhere for people to go during this her time. to just little stress free environment. >> reporter: most homes in the keys have no power and there's packly nacelle cell phone service or internet. >> cbs3 white news. now as the cleanup continues, chainsaw wielding nun pitches in to help the cleanup efforts following hurricane irma in florida. miami dade police captured this video of sister margaret ann at work and poste posted it so socl medial the nun was cutting trees to clear the roadways around bishop carol coleman high school where these the principle. >> it's been one week since
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hurricane irma hit the caribbe caribbean. 37 people were killed there. saint john one of the united states virgin islands may represent irmass worst impact. the massive storm hit the virgin islands as a category five hurricane with 150-mile an hour winds. the storm changed the 20 square mile landscape of saint john stripping the leaves off of trees and making the hillside look charred. nearly every building on that island is damaged or destroyed. >> we need to let everybody know how bad it is here. there are people like myself who have lost everything. clothes on my back are from others. >> the navy and fema are now on the ground in saint john but officials say it will take years for that island to recover. and you saw it last night right here on cbs3. hand in hand hurricane relief telethon for victims harvey and irma. celebrities came together for the big event and you answered their call. organizers say the benefit
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raised more than $44 million and donations are still being accepted. for link on how you can help out, just go to our website if you're heading out the door today, better grab the umbrella. meteorologist katie fehlinger is tracking showers in the cbs3 weather center this noon. how much rain can we expect? >> we're talking about scattered showers here, jan. not going to amount to lot but it is potentially going to slow you down. we're finding in in spots where it's actually coming down relatively steadily those showers so depending where you are you may have absolutely nothing but crossover head or getting drenched and storm scan shows that very well. of course, that's where we'll head first we at the moment have pretty steady rain currentl cury falling across parts of berks and bucks counties or montgomery county forgive me that is the headed toward bucks county here win, say, the next half hour already trying to cross over that border. but all lifting through. so these showers likely continue into the early afternoon. but once we hit nightfall we
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should catch break between rounds of showers. there's more on the way. stay tuned for more on that. in the meantime you're in the mid and upper 60s anywhere up and down 95 from philly down to wilmington. rain cooled air, though, in those places where only warmed up into the 60s at this point. we were even in the 70s the last few hours but with the rain coming in, that's helped the temperature to drop off. still quite mild depending on your locate. mid 70s i do expect officially we'll hit about 79 degrees for daytime high but again with the showers out there it's going cool conditions down and any given neighborhood as they roll through. in the meantime again i mentioned more showers on the way. i'll let you know when you'll need the umbrella again a little later on. jim? >> thank you katie. in other news this noon the search is on for a shooting suspect into prompt add standoff with police in north philadelphia. police say around eight confidential 30 this morning the suspect shot a man in the leg on 15th and cambridge streets and then ran into a house on poplar street which is about block aw away. an eyewitness said he didn't see where the shooter went, but he
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did try to help the victim. >> obviously in pain and screa screaming and tried to calm him down. and before you know police were there. they responded quickly. >> the victim was taken to a local hospital in stable condition. police searched the home where the suspect was believed to have run into but it was empty. authorities say they did recover a gun. family and friends are saying their goodbyes to a father who was gunned down outside of his home in the city's spring garden section. "eyewitness news" at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul forger regard grad sol's funeral. 38-year-old grandzol had just park his suv at 15th and melon streets last thursday when he was confronted by two suspects. police say the suspects a pair of brothers took his wallet and demanded his car keys. grandzol's little girl was in the back seat of that vehicle at the time. police say 16-year-old marvin roberts shot grandzol in the head when he refused to hand over those keys.
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president trump is pushing congress hard to get his tax reform agenda passed. later this afternoon the president will meet with a bipartisan group of house lawmakers. three senate democrats join the president for dinner last night at the white house to discuss the tax plan. senator joe mansion of west virginia was among them. >> the president was add today man this is not a tax cut for the rich and that's exactly what people will portray but he said it's not going to ham. i can assure you it will be mostly for middle class, the working people. we're going to be competitive globally competitive so i'm anxious to see the results. >> now the white house says president trump will spend one day every week on the road this fall trying to build up momentum for tax reform. well philadelphia police are gearing up for the 63rd annual hero thrill show this weekend. you're taking live look this noon as folks are about get preview of saturday's show. patrol officers are going to practice their tricks and stunts in center city in just few minutes.
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the hero thrill show is this saturday from noon until 4:00 p.m. outside the wells fargo center at broad street and patison avenue in south philadelphia. the show raises money for the families of fallen heroes. always a good event. remembering a pioneer in the gay rights movement. philadelphia native edith windsor has died and coming up on cbs3 "eyewitness news" house her actions paved the way for legalization of sex marriage. >> some of princess dianas' prized possessions are being sold to the highest bidder. we'll show you the most spectacular item and the most surprising one as well. that's when "eyewitness news" at noon continues.
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welcome back. it's been 20 years since the death of princess diana and interest in geraldo rivera remains high. online auction is underway now of some of diana's most treasured items. they range from clothing and jewelry to signed papers and photographs and the surprising item a piece of her wedding ca cake. satin jeweled evening bag is one of the spectacular item it could fetch more than $15,000. the items include belongings diana donated to charity months before her death in 1997 online bidding for the items ends tod today. gay rights pioneer edith windsor being remembered for helping pave the way for legalizing same sex marriage. >> windsor grew up here in
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philadelphia and graduated from temple university. she died yesterday in new york city at the age of 88. cbs news correspondent jan crawford has her story. it was great love affair. that's all i know to say about it. it was everything. >> reporter: edy windsor met the aspiring in manhattan in the 1960s. they spent 40 years together waiting for the right to marry. >> we didn't have the magic of the word. of the marriage. >> you had the happily ever after but you hadn't had the marriage? >> yes. >> reporter: spyer was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. in 2007 with her health rapidly deteriorating, the couple decided to marry legally in canada. two years later she died leaving her estate to windsor. but the federal government said windsor owed more than $360,000 in inheritance taxes because under federal law she was not considered married. >> if her name had been theo,
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okay, i would have paid no tax. >> reporter: windsor took it up with the courts. in june of 2013, she wouldn't. the supreme court struck down the core of defensive of marriage act giving same sex couples the same federal benef benefits as straight couples. >> children born today had grow up in world without ddo man those same children who happen to be gay will be free to love and get married. this was their 40th anniversary. 2013 windsor told me she had a good life. >> i now tell all young people who, you know, don't postpone joy. bad things happen you deal with them when they happen. >> reporter: two years after her victory the supreme court made same sex marriage legal across america. windsor's story shows how one person can change history for all. jan crawford, cbs news, the supreme court. certainly remarkable woman there. well still ahead on "eyewitness
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news" persistence pays off. >> history is made. meisha? >> yup it takes lot of courage to go after job that seems unattainable at first but we keep pushing sometimes that heavy door will open dan's love it we're meeting a real life super hero. real tough girl who never expe expected one door in the air force to open. that story is coming up katie. >> meishas we get for the weekend a few daysing it looks as though we'll be on the warm side into the mid 80 force daytime highs. i think rule see some sun starting to brighten up over the span of the next couple of days. we are at that point watching what's up with hurricane jose, and whether it will come at all close to the eastern so board. i'll give you the very latest on that official national hurricane center track when we come back.
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welcome back.
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>> well, i brought the umbrella in. >> yeah. >> smart for doing so. >> i think that was weiss. you know, even though the showers are so scattered, you never want to take a chance with your beautiful hairdo. >> thank you very much, kate. >> you don't want to mess that up. >> would water mess it up. >> it won. it would roll right off it's like protective coating. >> like teflon. >> it really is. i'm telling you. there are showers around where they're coming down some spots getting hit hard here. take tour of our live neighborhood network. we started off with a lot of sunshine but that got skewed by the cloud deck as it rolled in here and now you're really just seeing some gray skies across the region as a whole. even before we went to break, there was some pretty pouring rain coming down outside whitfield elementary school if you look closely you can still see raindrops falling that. you do have to look closely look at the top of the pavilion you can probably see the speckles coming through there. that's one spot where there's certainly rain coming down somewhat instead stedly. boy comparison that sun trying to break that was that's reflect from the sunlight, guys, off the open ocean waters.
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it just depends where you are. very quite beach right now beach patrol headquarters in margate but nonetheless it's quiet there when it comes to the weather for now. you may end up with shower. in fact we've seen through a few rolling through cape may county and places like margate this really is scattered in nature. it's demarcated line along the way here. so expect to see maybe some damp roads on your travels here but the whole day is not a wash out that's at least good news. i think we'll crap up this wet weather late on tonight. in the men time, leftover remnant moisture from irma you can call this an organized system at this point just drifting east and we are going to see more showers because of that before the week is all said and done so it's a showery long lived pattern no date is a wash out as i mentioned right through the rest of the week. what looks like cotton ball in the open waters of the land that's the satellite picture category one hurricane jose. let's talk about that storm system giving a sense of the computer modeling what's interesting oil step out of the way you can see. you'll notice that this is the spaghetti plot of the models and
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one kind of goes rogue goes off to the southeast. the rest of them have lot more consistency. for the most part eventually bringing that storm on northward track and that's why i want to keep an eye on this. i'm sure do you, too. so the official cone from the national hurricane center is as it currently stands still keeping it on this little loop it will make and then going up off to the north. generally speaking, the expectation is it's going to stay out to sea. but if this gets somewhat close to the shore line we can have the up direct impacts of rough surf surf rip currents. we'll keep an eye on this into early next week. this is downgrade to do tropical storm. nonetheless with any kind of tropical system you could have indirect impacts. so again we will keep our eye on it we will let you know if there's anything you do need to pro pair for especially if you live down near the shore points. let's talk future weather for the rest of today. again, scattered is the key term here. but anyone is fair game. to see shower for the rest of the day. even toward later tonight. eight, 9:00 p.m. there may be a
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little hint of moisture on the radar. then we'll catch a break into the early morning hours of tomorrow. meisha good news looks like the morning drive will be okay. then we'll start to see some showers build back in. through the second half of our thursday. this may be a little bit more filled in than what future weather is currently showing that's a heads up for you. take the umbrella tomorrow too. today's high upper 70s but we have seen with those showers rolling that was so far some rain cooled air to go along with this. the general overhaul theme temperature wise is above average. 79 is very much on point with where we shall be. we're smidge above that for the majority of the forecast and even though we start to brighten up with every passing day into the up coming weekend we run the chance avenue stray shower as late as saturday. but every passing day gets a little bit quieter and a little bit brighter. >> light at the end of the tunnel. >> exactly. >> all i care about is the weekend. >> i know. >> we're trapped in here during the week whom cares? it could be blizzard out there. thank you katie. >> as long as the week send sunny woman makes history in the air force. >> meisha is here with today's love it.
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>> well, sergeant courtney from california is what they call her. she joined the air force in 2005 and now she's the air force's first female enlisted pilot in history. what an extraordinary feat and she is about to take on new mission. take look. >> throughout her career courtney work number of rolls in the intelligence, surveillance and will he son any answer is field and now she'll be flying this massive aircraft. the rq4 global hawk without ever having stepped foot inside. >> i'm in full control of the aircraft and couldn't stanley know exactly what the aircraft is doing and where it's heading. >> reporter: with just the click of a mouse and the keyboard here at bl biehl air force base she'll not only be flying the aircraft but commanding intelligence gathering missions around the world. >> she must know every rule and regulation not just in the united states but around the world because she can be flying an operation in the us1 day and the next day fly in south america.
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>> reporter: for decades the air force has relied on officers to pilot aircraft. but due to pilot shortage, this unique program was launched. >> just don't have enough pilots to do all the missions. so we are reaching out to the enlisted court. it seems to be working out just perfectly for some. >> i'd say so. being the air force's first female enlisted pilot in history is something sergeant courtney takes pride in saying that it feels like equal playing field not just about gender but all qualifications and to her and for the air force that's an exciting trend to be on the front end of the curve with no doubt about it. >> good for her. >> very cool. >> we can think of all the men and women all day long it's cool to is he a woman go that's what i want to do and the doors open. >> you make it happen. >> you mack it happen. another real life super hero she is it takes lot of courage you guys to go after a position like that. congratulations and of course wishing you nothing but the best sergeant.
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coming up later today on i i'm wuss into the five fighting diabetes with a weight loss device. the new approach that helps patients lose weight and control diabetes. health reporter stephanie stahl
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has the details at 5:00. >> at 6:00 let there be light the me from a delaware county you'll football team. the reason the coach says his kids are using headlights and cell phones to light their fields so they can practice. be sure to tune in tonight at 6:00. >> interesting. >> talk about a self if he game out of this world. >> yesterday these astronauts had little down time waiting for new crew members to board the international space station so they snapped some picks they took advantage of the lack of gravity and the camera's self timer. >> meisha now you got to up yourself fees. >> i see my can he thirty six. >> i got to try to get something going. >> she's getting to be hanging from the rafters in here. [ laughter ] >> that's "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo. for meisha, katie and all of us thanks for watching. >> you have the best mental image. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. >> and of course we're always online at >> the young and the restless is next. have great day, everyone. ♪ grit.
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