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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  September 14, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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getwith lunch duosow, starting at $6.99en choose your favorite pasta, piadina or sandwich and pair it with all the soup or salad and breadsticks you want get never-ending value for lunch at olive garden washington. now at 11:00 left in the dark, a local football team forced to practice without lights until "eyewitness news" stepped in hurdles they still face. even after the lights turned on. what's happened here is inexcusable. a tragedy in the aftermath of hurricane irma after eight elderly people die in a sweltering nursing home.
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why their deaths are being treated is a criminal investigation. robbed and shot. the search is now on for two people wanted for a brazen crime. what the victim did just before he was shot. we're now getting a new look at the suspect police ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> police just release released the new surveillance video of the suspect >> the shooting happened earlier this month on the 1200 block of north 53rd street in west philadelphia. natasha brown is live at southwest detectives with a look at this new video, natasha? >> well, good evening to you both, police have released video of this robbery and shooting of a 60-year-old man, just a couple of weeks ago and tonight be they're giving us a clearer image of the female shooter who may be as young as 16 years old. >> police say two suspects waited patiently for a 60-year-old man inside this convenience store before robbing and shooting him moments later. investigators just released this
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video from inside the store in the 1200 bill clinton of north 53rd street. it was 1. of 40 a.m. september 1st when the man withdrew money from the atm then tried to make his way back home. that's when police say the male and female suspects followed him down the block. never had a chance to comply with the robber's demands >> walked in front of him and as they pass him turned back toward him as he's walking up the street. the female goes up to him and got a gun in her right hand puts it to her stomach announced robbery and shoots him one time in the stomach. >> he remains in the hospital fighting for his life >> perfect video of these two individuals, both and for them to act this way, especially a young lady who just clearly takes a shot first rather than trying to commit a robbery. it's just horrifying to watch this. the 60-year-old victim does remain in critical condition at presbyterian hospital tonight.
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meantime the suspects again thought to be between the ages of 16 and 20 have still not been caught. if you have any information about this case, especially tonight after seeing the videos of these two people, please contact police right away. we're live in southwest philadelphia at southwest detectives. natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> thank you. new tonight act fund-raiser for the flap of gerard grandzol, who was gunned down in spring garden last week. "eyewitness news" was at the event in center city, hosted by the chamber of commerce. that the cathedral basilica of st.'s peter and paul. the 38-year-old was fatally shot in front of his home last week. police say two brothers tried to car jack grandzol while his 2-year-old daughter was strapped in the back seat. the pair is facing murder charges. a criminal investigation is underway tonight into a tragedy at a southeast nursing home in the aftermath of hurricane irma. eight patients died after storm knocked out power. at least three were found dead
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when authorities arrived this morning at the home in hollywood hills. the victims ranged in age from 71 to 59. of police investigating the matter say portable air conditioning units were not enough to combat the sheltering heat. lawmakers expressed outrage and concern >> we have so many nursing homes that do not have power and this tragedy to be repeated. >> crews continue to work around the clock to bring homes and businesses back on line across florida. president trump will visit the naples area tomorrow for a firsthand look at the damage. . we got a small taste of irma's rain today, kate bilo sheer to time out tomorrow showers. kate >> inquiry still seeing the circulation around what was once major hurricane irma, now it's mostly a shower and thunderstorm producer over portions of the midwest you can see showers extending from cleveland all the way down into portions of tennessee and into north carolina. and is this all headed our way.
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now, we have the first round of it today. few of those were once the outer bands of irma came through with steady showers, we're now in a little bit a break, not a whole lot going on, there's more happening than wait looks like on stormscan 3, very, very humid outside. the due points very close to the temperature. you get that mist and drizzle and fog is beginning to form across the area already. let's take a look as visibilities right now. still not bad in philadelphia. still reporting ten miles visibility at the airport. head back to reading and lancaster visibilities down to a half mile. only about a mile and a third in millville, visibilities are dropping and will continue to drop through the overnight hours and into early morning, please be safe. future weather shows again a little bit of break overnight. possibly a few breaks of blue sky tomorrow morning and another round of locally heavy showers and storms, not everywhere, they're pop-up showers and storms, but they will be with us again tomorrow as we finally try to get irma circulation off the
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eastern see bard, i'll tell you how long this lasts and the latest on jose, for now, ukee, back over to you. a gunman accused of killing a classmate and wounding three others at a high school in washington state was reportedly obsessed with school shootings. investigators say the student showed you to free man high school in rockford armed with two weapons this morning. one jammed when he tried to fire. a staff member stopped the shooter and he was arrested. police me maryland say they have arrested the boyfriend of a missing pregnant teacher after her body was found in a shallow grave this afternoon. lauren wallen was reported missing last week after she failed to show up for the first day of classes. police say the suspect tyler tessier was the last person seen with wallen before she died authorities say blunt force tr the head killed a lafayette college freshman. found unconscious outside a dorm sunday, the freshman la cross
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player later died at lehigh valley hospital. coroner is waiting on toxicology tests to found how theth out he died. according to the ntsb preliminary report, the pilot noticed the mechanical problem shortly after taking off from the flying w airport last friday. when he tried to land, the helicopter crashed in a wooded area near the airport killing gentry and the pilot. he was half of the country music duo montgomery gentry. a youth football team is finally seeing the light >> they've been practicing in the dark because the bureau wouldn't turn the lights on, >> as alexandria hoff explains the team still face as few obstacles. >> reporter: wednesday night life. this looks luke a typical youth football practice, and for most teams, it would be, but not for the colwyn commits, it's a far
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cry from what they're used to. to these small players practicing under the big lights is a thrill like few others could know. >> good job, good job. >> reporter: according to terrell read, headcoach for the knots, youth football team has been forced to practice in the dark months, after the bureau of colwyn changed the locks on a field house preventing access to the switch, something coach read said is a breach of the lease. eyewitness captured the creativity that parents have been using to keep the field illuminated >> 20, 30 cars lined up providing the light for the kids last half hour 40 minutes of practice. >> reporter: on this evening batteries spared and lights shown turned on less than an hour after our camera went for answers from the bureau. >> you're invited to the public meeting and we'll give public statements. >> reporter: they have a safe place to practice. >> kids don't -- it doesn't bother them h they just want to play football's for parents, it
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makes us upset. >> reporter: parents are not confident that this visibility will last >> trust the lights will stay on? >> no. >> reporter: the next issue without access to the field house, the team has no means to store equipment or raise money through concession >> we're all coming out of our pockets personally, particularly from our families and supporting our homes to provide for these kids down here's. >> reporter: the bureau said they will address the issue in the thursday evening meeting. that is open to the public. the comets practice tuesday through friday. delaware county, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." well continue follow. stagehand at philadelphia's walnut street theater are on strike. >> stage hands union local 8 walked off the job at 5:00 and headed out information leaflets. they claim management fired two members over labor day weekend for discriminatory reason, no comment from the theater. . help wanted the local retailer that has hundreds of jobs to fill and what you need
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to know to get hired. sniffing out crime, the specific items this dog is train to track down that no other dog in pennsylvania can find. >> also, a surprising downside to popularity, the impact friendships in school can have on your for years to come. >> a flooding fix, the steps being taken to prevent a
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skwlshgsz jshgsz aed ed the army corporate agreed to install a drainage pipe under the new sand dune, this will drain storm water into the ocean, in turn, margate will withdrawal its lawsuit against the state and federal governments philadelphia mayor jim kenney tapped into his creative
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side for work, he did an arts and crafts project with children and beautiful beginnings in northeast philadelphia. it was their first day of pre k from enrolled. the city opens that expand the number of seats after a lawsuit challenging is heard. are you one of the cool kids in school? there could be a downside to being popular. >> nicole brewer is here to explain how popularity could take a toll on your later had life >> that's what they say, being in the in crowd is beneficial in some ways but new research suggests there are also draw back >> in every high school there's a who's who >> i think i was the cool smart kid >> i was voted most likely to succeed >> call it a running list of social acceptance, for some it's the hallmark of their high
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school experience >> i can't help it that i'm popular >> like the movie mean girls, one study found being the big man or woman on campus could mean bigger problems down road. of >> a ten be year study by the university of virginia found that teenagers who valued broad social acceptance over a few close friendships more likely to experience social anxiety ten years later? when you get your self esteem early from other people >> styles you peak in high school, and sometimes it's best time you ever had >> after as you sit here todaying a group of adolescents from 15 to 25, researchers found those with high quality friendship had higher levels of self worth and fewer signs of depression and anxiety >> that one person that really cares about you that keeps you going, keeps you happy. >> is it enough to change social habits in high school >> when you're 15 be 16, so stubborn
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>> in no way, shape or form would it have changed. i had great time in high school >> the study has limitation including the small sample size, the social landscape changed quite a bit especially with the rise of social networking. the cool kids. not always what it's cracked up to be >> no, you were the coolest >> laid back. >> nicole thank so much >> if you're looking for work, target is putting out the help wanted sign, the company said it will hire about 100,000 workers across the country for the holidays and that includes hundreds of openings in our area. if you're interested target will hold interviews at every one of its stores from october 13th to the 15th. and you could be hired right on the spot. forecast we got a steamy system hanging around >> it's remnants of what was ones irma and can't get rid of irma and irma weakened no longer
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a tropical system but the air is originated in at the tropics, it's feeling sticky, damp humidity is high and it will at any is that way through the remainder of the week but then we clear out and got good stuff to look forward to. let's take a peak, we'll start you off in bethlehem. where you can see a little bit of fog, low clouds, roads look damn it's not actively raining but it's been wet around the edges all day long. kind of day when feel like if you sit out with a newspaper it curl up around the edge, very damp. here's a time laps video from rehoboth beach, you can see this morning started out nice with a little bit of sunshine, then they had their showers in the morning, that first band that goes through you can see the boardwalk wet. the beach is wet in the afternoon it clears up briefly enough that people actually put umbrellas on beach and enjoyed a decent afternoon, kind of an on and off today. stormscan 3 shows we're in that little bit of a lull. we had the first ban of shower comes through around midday
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around the city. right around the noon hour. those then shifted off to the north and east. but now, we have to watch the circulation from what was irma just sitting right about here, you can see that swirl cloud cover over portions of ohio, western pennsylvania kentucky be r and west virginia headed our way, in the meantime, it's steamy, 68 degrees, current temperature is 72, very close, we're almost at 100% saturation-right up around the oppressive mark. it is damp. and it's going to stay damp tomorrow as the left over moisture from tropical system irma starts to make its way through, tomorrow could be a lot like this morning, we may see few breaks of sunshine early here or there. then we start to see the showers and storms pop up in the afternoon. much like today, they're hit or miss. not everyone is go to get rained on. friday, here's good news, looks
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better. there might be a stray shower especially in the afternoon, most of these shifting up towards new england, i think we see a little bit more sunshine on friday. better chance to make it through the day without getting wet. saturday morning, fog then the sun comes out saturday looks like a pretty nice day, but speaking of fog, it's forming right now and visibility as i showed you are down below a half mile some spots, by 4:00 a.m. we expect low visibility around the city and suburb, that could impact the first part post commute before finally starting to mix out by 8:00 or 9:00. if you're heading out early around 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, watch out for patches of low visibility and we clear it out tomorrow during the day. jose to keep an eye on, here's the latest loop. it will be lurking off the coast line into the start of the next week, that will churn up large swells at the coast and also bring the threat for rip currents to the shore points be overnight. 69 degrees with developing fog,
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tomorrow warm, humid, showers and thunderstorms around 82 will be the high. of let's talk about college football action in philadelphia. this is on friday evening, temple taking on umass at the linc. i believe the game will be dry and i think the weekend will be dry, fog in the morning, somewhere in 80's with sunshine. one last summer weekend. and the weather is fitting for summertime. >> it is. no doubt. >> don is up next with sports. baseball talk, the legend of reese hoskins gross, see what the rookie did against the marlins in south philadelphia. miss america
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. don bell joining us and the eagles look ahead to the next game. this has a special little twist. like a drama. of >> exactly. you can't quite hug it out. not yet. when zero is on the clock >> i always wished them best except for when we played them. that's what andy reid said about the chief's match up against the phillies, big red is thriving that kansas city. chief can expects big thing after winning 12 games last season, rookie kareem hunt has 246 scrimmage yards against new england in the opener and nfl for lack of a better word player making his debut. jordan hicks thinks he caught the patriots by surprise. >> i don't know if they really were trying to -- i believe that's one of the things that happened, trying to contain cannot kelce, obviously, hunt
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proven him to be a threat. . got a watch fort him. over the weekend, cara mund miss north dakota was named miss america and in her acceptance speech she said if carson wentz can do it she can do it. they went to the same high school and today, carson was asked about it >> i knew her a little bit in high school. really cool for her, i don't really follow miss america too much but obviously now, i've heard about it. that's pretty cool for bis mark and the high school my buddy was calling and said you're old news now in bis mark, that's pretty cool. >> good stuff. you're old news. keep living, that phrase is written in the twitter profile of reese hoskins. the phillies outfielder is living large, the fastest rookie 16 homers in baseball history. tonight, reese looking for more in south philly >> we picket up in the fifth
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inning, reese get up and get gone. a two-run shot. his 17th of the season. you can play a little bit. odubel herrara, look where the ball goes. you don't see that too often up the tank seven to one phils. aaron nola balling, 11 ks, gets his 11th win the phils win eight to one tonight. we now know our game of the week for the friday football frenzy. biggest game of the week is archbishop wood facing off against st. joe's prep. we will see you on friday, and we be live. >> you be live >> do the reply. >> thanks, don. a local couple takes a new twist on an old wedding tradition. the unique way they celebrated tying the knot. the unique way they celebrated tying the knot. (male #1) it's a little something i've done every night since i was a kid,
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. two local musicians say i do but instead of a first dance they had a first jam. ♪ . ♪ . this is bow and mrs. rendition of red house performed on the wedding day. >> journey hendricks, go ahead girl, couple said it was the first song they ever played together, mitch was the substitute base player for a fund rarities she was organizing. fast forward five years and they're still jamming together and this time as a married couple. kate? the weekend is ever closer and it looks like it will be very warm final weekend of summer. highs will be in the mid 80's. we'll see sunshine both days we may start especially saturday
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with morning fog, kind of joseph jose path. it can pick up rip currents down the shore if you're headed down
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