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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  September 14, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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endorsed by aarp. and provided by unitedhealthcare insurance company, which has over 30 years of experience behind it. apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan any time you want. so don't wait. call unitedhealthcare now to request your free decision guide. >> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> right now at noon the president and first lady are in florida getting a firsthand look at the devastation historic hurricane irma left behind. good afternoon everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> and i'm jan carabeo. rahel solomon is off this noon. the president and first lady arrived in florida just a short time ago. >> millions of customers remain without power and a criminal investigation continues after eight residents of a florida nursing home died yesterday. correspondent mola lenghi is
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in fort myers with more. >> reporter: president trump and the first lady arrived in fort myers to view irma's aftermath. >> we've seen the devastation. we're going to see some more of it now unfortunately. >> reporter: the president will also tour the damage in naples near where irma came ashore for the second time on sunday. millions of people remain without power across the state. >> they're way ahead of schedule. there are more electrical people in this state ithan ever accumulated anywhere in the world is what i read before. >> reporter: utility officials say it could be another week before power is completely restored to this part of the state because of the significant damage. in broward county, florida, another nursing home was evacuated thursday morning. it comes one day after eight patients died at a nearby facility that lost air conditioning following irma. a criminal investigation is under way. >> preliminary results show that they did have electricity at the place but the air conditioning was not working. they had brought in portable
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units but they were insufficient for the excessive heat that was there. >> reporter: in the hard hit florida keys where irma first made landfall people who didn't evacuate lined up in key west as national guard members distributed aid. >> we've got plenty of food on its way, plenty of water on its way. >> reporter: for many, it's the first help they've received in days. mola lenghi for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> we're feeling some of the effects of irma and that means you may want to keep your umbrella handy. meteorologist kate fehlinger is tracking irma's remnants this noon from the cbs3 weather center so katie, how long will this wet weather stick around. >> it looks as though we're going to have to dodge a couple showers even right through tomorrow but the showers are very, very scattered. where you do find them you could end up with a locally drenching downpour. i would say that the umbrella is a smart accessory to just have on hand 'cause you don't want to be caught empty handed should one of these showers fire up over you. take a look at the radar. locally there's really not much to track. we've had some rounds of
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showers rolling through in the last few hours and there will be more yet to come but they are very scattered in nature. when you look at this wider zoom of this remnant moisture from irma it's very much not only haphazard very scattered in nature it's frankly not that impressive. it has sizzled so much that this point. there will be a few more showers but it's most glancing of what's left of this storm compared to what folks have had to deal with with that storm roaring through florida and the other caribbean islands. the temperatures are certainly warm. we're already in the low 80's from a.c. back to millville. mid, upper 70's up and down i-95. so, yes, the sunshine is out there there but it is still limited. you'll see more clouds than anything as the day progresses and warmth to go with it. it feels more like summertime but scattered showers continue to work through. later in the show we are actually going to keep the summer-like feel to the forecast right into the upcoming weekend. i'll let you know which day ends up being the warmest. that's a little later on. jim. >> thank you katie.
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the southbound lanes of i-95 south are reopened after a deadly accident in wilmington snarled traffic for hours. police say the accident occurred around 5:30 this morning near frawley stadium. two vehicles were involved. one person was pronounced dead at the scene. another was transported to christiana hospital. that person's condition is unknown at this time. >> the statue of former philadelphia mayor frank rizzo was the site of another protest calling for its removal. a group called the black is back coalition held a rally near the statue this morning in center city. afterwards, the group marched to city hall where city council is back in session. now organizers say they want council to pass a bill that allows the black community to control policing in their neighborhood. >> the philadelphia chapter of the ncaa p held a news conference this morning though express outrage over a judge's recent decision to dismiss all criminal charges against brandon bostian. bostian was at the controls
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when amtrak 188 derailed on a frankford curve. a philadelphia judge on tuesday rolled that state prosecutors did not present enough evidence to sustain criminal negligence charges and the case was dropped. the naacp leaders say the justice system unfairly allowed the white engineer to go free for an accident while a black contract was found criminally liable and convicted for another accident, the deadly salvation army collapse in 2013. >> griffin campbell could have died in that wall collapse but yet he was found with criminal charges against him, he was convicted and put in jail. this is a great injustice. it's justice working two different ways in one city calling it one justice system. >> griffin campbell is serving a 15 to 30 year sentence. the n a. acp, naacp is working to get
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him a new trial. toxicology reports showed benschop had painkillers and marijuana in his system at the time. benschop was sentenced to seven and a half to 15 years behind bars. >> flags in new jersey flying at half-staff today in honor of the late state senator jim whelan. the former atlantic city mayor and state senator died last month of a heart attack at the age of 68. some lawmakers say whelan was atlantic city's biggest champion and are planning to introduce a bill to remain boardwalk hall in his honor. >> earlier this morning president trump announced he is working on a plan to protect daca and enhance border security measures. the president had dinner with democratic congressional leaders last night about maintaining protections for undocumented immigrants brought to america as children. top democrats say an agreement was reached without funding for a border wall but the president says the deal isn't done yet and any plan congress
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approves must include border security. >> we're talking about taking care of people, people that were brought here, people that have done a good job and were not brought here of their own volition but very importantly what we want, we have to have a wall. >> the president says any funding for a border wall with mexico can come at a later date. >> well, federal investigators are looking into what caused last week's equifax breach that allowed hackers to steal the personal data of 143 million americans. this as states are considering filing lawsuits against the company. correspondent anna warner has the details. >> reporter: this is the most egregious data breach we have ever seen. it is as bad as it gets. >> reporter: massachusetts attorney general maura healey says she will sue equifax for violating state consumer protection laws. >> if your 82 you're a company like equifax and you're
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scooping up a whole bunch of data and information on people we have laws on our books that say you have to protect that information. >> reporter: eric snyder man new york's attorney general may file a lawsuit as well. he says credit reporting agencies don't face the same scrutiny as banks hospitals and others that handle confidential consumer data. >> i think you're going to see changes to the industry as well as investigations into whether the company and any individuals engaged in illegal activity. >> reporter: equifax discovered it was hacked in july but only went public last week. sensitive data like birth dates, social security and driver's license numbers were compromised. >> this is really an attack on our whole economic system. >> reporter: on wednesday mark warner vice chairman of the senate intelligence commit urged the senate to investigate. >> we have 49 different laws. we need a single law. >> reporter: warner asked the sec, justice department and securities and exchange
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commission to look into possible insider trading. three equifax executives sold nearly $2 million of company stock days after the data breach was discovered. equifax says those officials were not a fair of the hack. equifax says it is intensely investigating this intrusion and working with law enforcement as part of that investigation. anna warner, cbs news, new york. >> a pop star reveals she's had a kidney transplant. >> that's come coming up at noon. plus a mayor on a mower. the mayor on a small town leads police on a low speed chase. >> okay. and after two decades in space an historic mission is coming to an end. the cassini probe is down to its final hours. coming up cassini's fiery end and the images it sent back to earth. we'll be right back.
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>> back now on "eyewitness news" with a bizarre traffic stop in south carolina. after a short low speed chase, dashcam video shows officers pulling over a man driving a lawnmower. thursday out -- turns out the driver was the mayor of the town carrying a can of beer. the mayor can be heard apologizing to officers for the situation. the mayor was not arrested or chargeed. all right then. nasa's 20 year mission to saturn will soon do you mean a
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fiery end. >> the cassini spacecraft will make a dive into the atmosphere. chris martinez has more on what scientists call a groundbreaking mission. >> reporter: after more than a decade studying saturn rosalie lopez has come to think as the cassini spacecraft as a member of the team. this is about half the size. >> yes, it's half the size. >> reporter: it's why saying goodbye is so bittersweet. >> it's sad. on the other hand you're pleased that the job was done and it was well done. >> and liftoff of the cassini spacecraft on a billion mile trek to saturn. >> reporter: 20 years after cassini left earth, its mission is ending. since arriving at saturn in 2004 the probe has beamed back more than 300,000 images of the ringed giant and its dozens of moons much this one called inselidus getting attention after cassini
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revealed a global ocean beneath its frozen surface. >> these ocean worlds these moons orbiting these giant places are places where there could be current life living. >> reporter: eric stern was just a senior in college. he's now plotting its final hours. the spacecraft is nearly out of gas and will use what's left to plunge itself into saturn's atmosphere sending back data as it burns up. >> we're collecting science all the way up until the last minute. >> reporter: it's a fiery send to a voyage that will fuel research for missions to come new missions to saturn perhaps are already in the works. chris martinez for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, in entertainment news selena gomez revealed they had a kidney transplant due to lupus. she was diagnosed in 2015. the donated kidney came tra francia raisa. gomez shared a picture of the
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two. along with the picture she wrote the transplant what i needed to do for my overall health. medical reporter stephanie stahl will take a closer look at the disease and the procedure later today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> also making the social media rounds he's been relatively quiet recently but that all changed yesterday when joel embiid went to social media to remind everyone he's still here. embiid took to instagram to drop this quote. almost that time of year. can't wait to shut these bums up and the process never ends. just trust it. #the process. embiid has not been cleared for five on five basketball with training camp. >> shrinking airline seats. why some safety advocates say the smaller seats aren't safe. katie. >> jetting -- getting closer
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to the weekend. it looks like it will be a summer-like weekend. spotty showers saturday and sunday. it appears we'll see more sunshine and hit the mid 80's for daytime highs. not bad if you're craving that
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>> back on "eyewitness news" there's growing concern over the shrinking sizes of airline seats. safety advocates say it could put passengers at risk in the event of an emergency. space between rows dwindled to as low as 28-inches. this summer an appeals court sided with flyers rights and advocacy groups that sued to force the faa to regulate seat
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size and update safety standards. the court found a plausible life and death safety concern and ordered the faa to look at the issue. we'll keep you posted. >> i always claustrophobic. >> they always try to cram you in. >> i'm all for having lots of options to fly but that's not a lot of room to get through even for tiny jan, not a chance. [laughter] >> like you were saying earlier jim when it's time for people getting off the train. >> and you have to evacuate in 90 seconds a full plane. >> you need a little extra leg room. >> if you got a question about that stuff. >> look for the back of my head, i'll be out the door. see you outside. >> all right, so we do have a little bit of wet weather to track out there. it's for the most part in the north and western suburbs and anyone is really fair game for it. i would say the umbrella is really not the worst idea to have packed with you and ready to go just in case but we for
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the most part are going to see this become a nuisance more than anything. we'll show you what's happening first with temperatures. that's where we'll start and turn our focus. here's what's average. based on today, based on the autumnal equinox that's september 22nd. we aren't going to be average. for today and the bulk of the forecast are two, maybe three, maybe, five, 6 degrees above average. which we'll see in the seven day. appearing though sunday may be the warmest day of the pack. storm scan3 a little on the active side. you have showers that are currently working their way through especially central and north central pennsylvania but you see how this is lifting in. we'll still see some activity on the radar. it's just not going to be all that pronounced very scattered in nature but you could get drenched briefly. the tropics are still active. we now have a downgraded josé,
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it is now a tropical storm as of the last update from the national hurricane center but two additional areas of showers and thunderstorms that need to be monitored. they are many miles away just off the coast of africa but regardless those could be the next things that we need to keep an eye on potentially for a named storm. next a name on the list wobbly. josé is still churning despite losing some its steam. it was a weak cat one. max sustained winds at 70 miles per hour but it will likely regain strength. look at this wide zoom. this is what starts to get me a little nervous. there is no guarantee here but if this cone of uncertainty nudges further to the west we could end and with direct or indirect impacts at least on our area shore lines. we'll need to keep an eye on this. notice the time line. this would be in next midweek. no guarantee. i want to you have this in the back of your head and check back with us as it pertains to josé. now, moving forward again the
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showers are going to be scattered. not everyone gets hit but you could get drenched. if you see those bright shades of red and yellow on the radar, you may have heavy downpours even if it's a small localized area. we had showers through berks county but i also saw the kids out for recess a couple minutes ago but they're getting the chance to get exercise out in the sunshine and we'll end up with sun it looks like over the next couple days but notice it's also very warm, low to mid 80's right through the next seven days. it does appear as though i can guarantee you a dry day on monday but it's a little on the unsettled size otherwise look looking forward. >> above average temperatures i'll take it. >> you can't have the emmy awards without the statues and they've now arrived in hollywood. the famous statues were boxed and loaded on to a plane in chicago yesterday. they are hand crafted in the windy city and for the last 17 years united airlines has
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flown the cherished cargo l.a. >> you can watch the awards this sunday night at 8 o'clock right here on cbs3. we'll be right back. when you switch to progressive.
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>> welcome back. a litter of eight piglets is getting special care from an unlikely mother figure. >> meet treasure a dog in australia who adopted the piglets as her only she even feeds them with her milk. the animals live on a family
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farm it's a plant nursery but home to a menagerie of pets. the family says treasure the dog mothers all of them. >> so cute. now to a ride one mountain biker never expected. james chavez was cruising through a park in anchorage alaska when he caught this surprise on his helmet cam. that's a black bear and even though james crashed into the under brush to avoid it the bear just sat there watching. james said he turned around and took off in the other direction. i would say a very smart move. >> the bear is probably like stupid human. >> you say bang the trash can lid. you don't carry them when you're biking, though. >> exactly. >> he was hungry waiting for food to come by. that's "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm jim donovan. >> and i'm jan carabeo. >> "the young and the restless" is next. have a great day, everyone. >> ♪
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>> nikki: oh! >> faith: checkmate. >> nikki: [ laughing ] oh! >> nick: yep. you got me. >> faith: i'm not gonna get better if you let me win, dad. >> nick: faith, you beat me. now, i could tell you that i let you win -- >> faith: no! you admitted it. almost the only person who beats me anymore is grandpa, and that makes sense because he taught me everything i know. >> nick: all right, chess master. why don't you go get your stuff? i'm gonna sit here and lick my wounds. >> faith: okay. >> nikki: all right. the coast is clear. you can't lie to your mother. you really didn't let her win? >> nick: no, she beat me. the kid's got moves. she sees everything several moves ahead. all skill, she's learned at my nther's knee.


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