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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  September 18, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> right now at noon, tracking jose, the storm is headed north in atlantic will impact the shore by this time tomorrow. jose could making the ocean a dangerous place to be, with powerful rip current, large swells. good afternoon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo, rahel sole plan is off this noon. matt peterson tracking jose from the weather center so matt what can we expect? >> jan, keeping an eye on jose , right now, it is just about 200 miles or so off the
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coast of the outer banks of north caroline line a, slowly tracking northwards at this point, and it is going to start to affect probably the jersey shore points as early as this evening. with some of those affecting last lasting through the nighttime hours picking up as we move into tuesday. and it is not the only system that's out there right now. we do have three areas of property call moisture we are watching of course jose is the one that's closest to us, the one that's going to give us here problems immediately, and probably the next 24, 36 hours , but we also are still keeping an eye on hurricane maria, now a major hurricane in the atlantic facing category three, moving toward the lesser antilles, could affect the us virgin islands, areas like saint martin, puerto rico, all places still barely getting their feet off the grounds and trying to get things fixed from what irma rolls through. we will talk about maria little bit more, as we get into our main weather segment. here's our computer outlet look where we think jose will go, keeps us offer the coast,
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good news, but kind of keeps spiraling out there just little south of new england, so we have to keep an eye on for even maybe the second half of the week, overall, storm scan3, dry right now, but cloud cover is slowly working it way in, at northeast wind taking over because of jose, sitting in the 70s currently, and we go up later this afternoon, jim, jan, to high of 80 degrees. >> all right, matt, thank you very much. the rebuilding process is starting for many people in the florida keys today, finally allowed to go home for the first time since hurricane irma ravaged their communities more than half a million people are still without power in florida, more than a week after the storm, recovery centers are now being set up in the keys to help homeowners still out fema with paperwork and overnight curfew being enforced on the roads and in neighborhoods to help keep communities safe. meanwhile parts of the caribbean are bracing for yet another major storm. hurricane maria has now strengthened to category three , and is expected to grow
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significantly stronger. puerto rico lost power to 70% of the islands, but escaped direct hit from irma, now the islands is in direct path of maria, and many other islands in maria's path have already been reduced to rubble. >> well, there are no classes today for thousands of student in the methacton school district, because their teachers are on strike. the teachers union and the school board failed to reach an agreement after bargaining all sunday afternoon. >> the teach remembers dissatisfied with their healthcare premiums and salary increases. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden live in eagleville, montgomery county this noon where the strike began, at 7:30 this morning. joe? >> jan, jim, i count about five dozen teachers right now, walking the picket line outside methacton high school. let's get this right. this is -- what this is all about right now, it is about what is between salary increases, when matched with out-of-pocket healthcare contributions. now, increases in the end, would leave teachers with no
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bottom line increase at all, according to the education association. >> "eyewitness news" out here, earlier this morning, as we took video of the teachers here, now the methacton school district says races range around the 17% mark and even greater for veteran teachers with advanced degrees. methacton teachers far below the county average in salary that's one of the few points not in dispute here. the district says all fell apart because the association rejected proposed hikes in medical contributions, from 13 to 17% over the lent of the proposal. now the district called the move of walking away from the bargaining table a mistake and went little further. first hear from the metal ac continue school president, follows up with response on the education association. >> there are now placing our children in the community in the middle by going on strike to avoid the independent review. this is not the kind of
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example the teachers of the district should use in front of our students, seek to go resolve differences. >> to say that we're not setting an example for students, this is a right that teachers have, and certainly, it is not the first choice that we would make. >> and looking back live here outside methacton high school, teach he is say the district's offering is out of wack. they tell me, premium shares and salary increases have to come closer. state appointed meteor on the ground, it will be to up that person to move both sides along to an agreement. now the education association tells me that they want to get back to the bargaining table, though, no firm time line is set on when that might happen. and we will be continuing to ask the district if they are in the same boat, about want to go get back to the table. reporting live in eagleville, joe holden, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> joe, keep us to up date,
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thank you very much. a cabrini university student says a racial slur was written on a resident hall door over the weekends, and now radnor police are investigating. the university has released a statement saying cabrini does not tolerate any form of hate speech or racist language, and our priority remains to ensure our students feel safe and supported. >> president trump makes his united nations debut today. north korea nuclear program is major focus for the president and his administration. but today he took aim at the un itself, calling for reform. meg oliver has the latest from new york city. >> president trump told world leaders at the united nations monday morning that he want the un to cut spending and make other changes. >> if we work together, and champion truely bold reforms, the united nations will emerge as a stronger, more effective, more just and greater force for peace and harmony in the world. >> this is the first time
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president trump has addressed the united nations. an organization he has sharply criticized in the past. >> the united nations is not a friend of democracy. >> but this morning the president praised the secretary general's efforts to curb the un's growing bureaucracy. >> the staff has more than doubled since 2,000. we are not seeing the results in line with this. >> president trump will address the entire general assembly tomorrow. where he will likely focus a large part of his speech on north korea. >> video released overnight shows united state and south korea war planes dropping live bombs during drills over the korean peninsula. this latest show of force follows friday's missile test by north korea. >> to be clear, we seek a peaceful solution to this. >> president trump also holds separate meetings with israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, and french president emanuel monday to discuss the iran's nuclear
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deal. meg oliver, cbs-3, "eyewitness news" you in other news this noon, two buses collide in the new york city intersection leaving three people dead. police say the crash happened around 6:15 this morning in flushing queens. they say a city bus wake nagging right-hand turn. a pedestrian, the charter bus driver, and passenger on the city bus were killed. police say 16 other people were hurt. and the bus hit a building. the mayor says it is unclear now who was at fault. well, there are a lot of disappointed birds fans today, that's coming up on cbs-3 " eyewitness news" at noon. >> call it an occupational hazards, a chief cheerleader is run over by a photographer. what happened after this camera collision. that's whether "eyewitness news" continues.
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for 72 months on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> welcome back everyone, eagles head coach doug pederson is talking about the team's week two lost to kansas city chiefs. >> taking a look back at yesterday, and the third quarter, the birds trailed six to three, carson wentz through to alshon jeffrey for touchdown. the birds led ten to six after field goal. fast forwards tort fourth, game was tide when kansas city took the lead, with five seconds left, in the game, here we go, the eagles had a final chance to tie it. hail mary, though, failed, right out of the ends zone there. the chiefs win 27-20.
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>> my aggressiveness play calling was down the field. and to attack down the field. and, again, by no means was it a game plan designed specifically for darren, or everybody had a role in this game. we just didn't get to that role at that particular time of the game. >> now, next week's game is going to be a big one, it is the home opener against the giants. well, a collision at the eagles game yesterday, but not between the players. the it seem during the game a cameraman was seen running into a kansas city chiefs cheerleader while headed across the field, the user on twitter caught the moment on her phone, no words if the cheerleader was injured, but did get up and finish the routine. the show must go on. >> persevere earns,. >> well, television's biggest night, and it did not disappoint. >> that's right. sean spicer, folks, made appearance. yes, he did. look at all, still ahead on " eyewitness news," the most memorable moments from last night's emmy awards. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back, probably a slow start to the morning in hollywood today, after last night's prime time emmy awards >> youy? well, i'm sure many celebrities partied the night away after the big wins, and kevin frazer from entertainment tonight. good afternoon, kevin, what a night it was. >> it is afternoon there, still morning here. still pulling our worlds together, you know, it takes a second after a big, big night in hollywood. but i will tell you this, i will tell you this, it was an epic emmy show, and the cool thing about the emmy's last night is that the carpet was amazing, but diversity won,
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and it also had a little bit after political over tone, and the big surprise of the night, kick off the show, when sean spicer of all people showed up now, no one knew it was really sean spicer for a second there it took everyone in the microsoft these area second to cool in, once they did, they were blown away, then, after the show, as sean walk to the governor's ball, everyone was stopping him, to take a picture, just to say hello, maybe they were amused, but in case you missed the moment, here it is again. >> we have no way of knowing how big our audience is. i mean is there anyone who could say how big the audience is? sean, do you know? (cheers and applause). >> oh, that was good. another, can i tell you, another great moment? another great moment, which had political overtones, was
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when kate won, her emmy, and of course, she did such a great job on s&l, throughout the year, doing many skits, but most importantly, portraying hillary clinton. and after she won her emmy, kate came back stage and she was a little overwelmed by the moment. check this out. >> saturday night live! >> you're digesting all of this now, aren't you? >> that's the feeling i'm having. >> is that the feeling? >> you don't know that feeling , guys? >> lot of laughs last night for sure. >> good stuff. thank you very much, kevin, appreciate it. >> so many great laughs. all right, thanks, guys. get some sleep. >> oh, i know. >> poor guy been up all night. >> and good morning here. >> oh, hasn't been to bed yet. >> i know. >> rain, i keep looking behind you, i see clouds.
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>> all kind of colors, we have rain tracking tropical moisture, few systems keeping our eye on, so action pack weather forecast that we will get to right now. tracking jose, of course, right off the top. that's the one thing that we're most concerned with. because it is closer to us right now, it will have immediate effect, as we go through, maybe, as early as tonight, and into definitely tuesday lasting maybe in to wednesday, as well. so this will be around for couple every days, jose. here it is, spirals just about 200 miles the center is from the outer banks of north carolina, still in the northerly track, and it hasn't really shifted all that much. it is still looking like straight north, then eventually, start to turn back out into the open ocean with the possibility that it kind of spirals off the new england coastline. here are the stats on it, category one storm, still, barely, though, coming in at 75-mile per hour sustained winds, teetering on the edge of cat one storm, and tropical system, at this point.
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tropical hurricane, that is. again, tracking north at this point, it will spiral out to sea just little bit, then you can see the cone here, as i get out of the way. just really big circle. so we will watch as this goes out to sea little bit. then it starts to circle back around just off the coast of new england, and that will mean that some effect specially in the way of high surf, and also the transport strong rip currents, will be along the jersey shore, and maybe down into delaware, even after this system really starts to weaken, and fade apart. now, here is what's going on in the tropical watch and warning wise. we have tropical storm watch. all the way from long long island through new york, back down across new jersey coastline, and down into the delaware bay. again, this is our tropical storm watch. there is a tropical storm warning, through new england, cape cod, see, martha's vinyards included in the tropical storm warning. this goes into effect at 2:00 tonight. so that would be 2:00 in the morning, on tuesday morning, lasting, technically, until it needs to be canceled. most likely, that will be some
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time on wednesday morning, in that two, 3:00 in the morning time frame. but once we actually know whether it will be canceled, of course, we'll tell you, again, goes into effect 2:00 a.m. tuesday morning. this is our coastal flood advisory, because everywhere from atlantic ocean county back down into cape may county , as well, there is the chance for some coastal flooding t looks like at this point, it will be minor coast a.m. flooding at best, it won't be really widespread issues with that coastal flooding, but again there is a chance for it, so starting tonight at this evening, coastal flood advisory goes in effect for the jersey shore and it does include back down into delaware, as well. so, if you are living along the coastline, do take the necessary precautions if you do technically live or usually live in and an area where you're prone to flooding. coastal threats for us starting tonight lasting until wednesday morning. rain, it looks like it will be in that one to two-inch range. not going to be heavy downpours, locally we could get maybe slightly more than 2 e
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to 2 inches of rain is what we are looking for this down near the shore points, high winds are possibility, with gusts maybe as high as 50 or so miles an hour, that's why we have the tropical storm watch in effect, it is for high winds. now, flooding, we do have the coastal flood advisory going into effect at 6:00 tonight. it is a moderate risk for those areas that typically flood, that's where you really need to pay attention, beach errosion, power outages, not too much that we really need to worry about. beach errosion, there is moderate chance for that, call it localized beach errosion, some areas, anywhere pretty much from lbi all the way down to cape may, could you get some of that beach errosion, power outage, isolated at best maybe we get some high winds. they knock down some trees, could knock out power if it does hit power pole, power lines, that's whether we will get those power outages. we would also want to just talk quickly about maria. this is now just off the coast of the lesser antilles islands , our fourth major hurricane of the season. now, a category three storm. could potentially become category four as it passes, the lesser antilles it, will
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hit right toward puerto rico, unfortunately, so lots of folks in puerto rico, don't even have power back yet, from irma, the same goes for areas like saint martin, the us virgin islands, looks like it will be tracking right over top of those same areas again through the day tomorrow, looks like it will be affecting puerto rico as early as 8:00 in the morning on wednesday, as a very strong category four storm. then it will slowly make its way up the toward the continental us: keeping our eye on marie at next couple every days as well as jose. now closer to home today, 8 degrees high temperature, warm, humid, not very fall like, mostly cloudy skies, showers and breezy weather for us on tuesday. high of 77 degrees. those rain showers are associated with jose, spirals off the jersey coastline. wednesday, 84, and then as we get into the ends of our week here, we start fall officially friday, go with high temperature every 80 degrees. "eyewitness news" will return right after this.
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>> candidates for new jersey governor will face-off next month, our jessica dean will take part here on cbs-3, first he she wants to hear from you. >> what issues matter most to you, and what questions do you want those candidates to answer? the be a part of the conversation, join jessica tomorrow night for virtual town hall. just head to our cbs philly facebook page for a facebook live it all start 7:00 p.m. >> well, how about this one, australian firefighters make incredible rescue after a
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driver finds a cue old a tucked in the wheel of her car >> take a look at the video, driver said she her cries coming from her car's wheel, then she saw the koala staring back at her, rescuers jumped into action quickly removing the wheels to get the frighten animals. they monitors the koala back for a week before releasing back into the wilds. rescuers say it is not unusual for koala's to seek shelter in strange places. >> if you found a cat in your well wheel once? >> did i. >> group of yogis are starting the week off on good note. had a nice stretch yesterday morning. with a bunch of puppies. this happened in fiddler square along the schuylkill banks, the puppy yoga session also a chance for those puppies to be possible owners, all adoptable through morris animal rescue. >> i'm jim jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo. >> eyewitness continues at owls always on line at have a great day everyone. the young and the restless is coming up next.
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>> graham: what are you doing in my room? >> ashley: you scared me. >> graham: shouldn't that be my reaction after stumbling upon an intruder in my private suite? >> ashley: i didn't intrude. >> graham: break in? did you break in? huh? you standing here is the very definition of being caught red-handed. >> ashley: honestly, i can completely explain this. >> graham: i'm waiting. >> ashley: well, you startled me. just give me a second to catch my breath. >> graham: you have 10 seconds to start talking. then i'm calling the police. >> phyllis: my hearing must be off, because you wouldn't possibly say that. >> dina: that you would betray this fine young man? like you did betray his brother? so, as far as your hearing goes, it's perfect. >> phyllis: what is the word for "betrayal" in french? you know, one that includes abandoning your husband and three children? because in english, that's ugly. and heartless. >> billy: okay.


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