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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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latest on hurricane maria coming up. devastation, in mexico, country still reeling, from the massive quake that killed more than 200 people, we are hearing from people there, when the quake struck. potentially dangerous discovery while police found to force area residents to evacuate. before we didn't have cliffs, these aren't high cliffs but it is just a sharp drop off. >> beaches, batter, parts of the south jersey shoreline, washed away, erosion, creating cliff is a long the coastline, tonight we're surveying damage down the shore, good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in north wildwood where is there plenty of cleaning up to do in jose's wake, cleve. jessica the erosion here in north wildwood is mow zest veer erosion we have seen in the southern parts of the new jersey along the shore.
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it is still several hours from high tide and water is lapping against the mounding of sand that bulldozers pushed up here to reenforce what is left of the dunes behind me where you see those big cliffs, jose's gone but the storm left lots to clean up. nature made a withdraw in a north wildwood man was working to redeposit sand that erode add way while remnants of jose passed off shore this week. >> is what left of the beach is same but probably dropped down. sand is hard now. >> reporter: at tenth street in avalon it created mounds and gully close to the slow water lied. storm surge pushed it back a football field beyond where the soft sand begins. >> we have a stroller here and we could barely get the stroller on the beach. it was smooth sailing today because of the impact on the sand. >> reporter: in ventnor the new beaches who some but not significant amount of sand near fishing pier. and in margate pumps just about had the flooded basins between dune and bulkhead dried out n ocean city there won't be an easy fix to the
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erosion at fifth street. constant wave action exposed rocks buried under several feet of sand and produced head high cliffs and little bit of dunes that are left. >> before we didn't have cliffs, these aren't high cliffs, but it is just such a sharp drop off and before it was gradual sloping down toward the ocean. >> reporter: a beach replenishment is scheduled for this fall. on the bright side surfers were having one of their best days of the year as wave energy from jose remained but the shape of the waves are much better for doing tricks. >> basically, winds, swell direction, you know, but wind is pretty good, swells here. so, i will just keep coming. >> reporter: and that is the storm keep coming they are referring to other storms off shore, down in the tropics, they are expected to still have impact at the shore in the coming weeks, and right here in north wildwood that is why they are pushing more sand up here. they won't have a beach replenishment project until next spring but they have to do what they can to make sure that the beach is safe here. live, cleve bryan, cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". puerto rico takes a direct hit from hurricane marie, strongest storm to hit u.s. territory in 90 years. hurricane roared a shore, as the category four destroying hundreds of home, torrential rain flooded streets, power is out on the entire island, and more than 7,000 people, went to shelf tours ride out the storms, so far, no deaths have been reported in puerto rico but storm has left at least nine people dead across the caribbean. maria's collision course in the caribbean continues tonight, lets check with meteorologist lauren casey tracking the storm's path, lauren. >> thanks very much, maria making land fall this morning on the eastern edge of the puerto rico southeastern edge, it is second strongest hurricane to make land fall in puerto rico, ever. second only to a storm back in 1928. you can see that large, well defined, eye as it made its way on shore, early this morning, continuing to move off to the north and west, now impacting eastern portion of the dominican republic, right
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now, partially the strongest portion of the storm impacting far earn edge of that island. right now maria is still a powerful hurricane. we have seen some weakening traversing mountainous areas of puerto rico a category two hurricane, wind at 110 miles an hour, motion off to the northwest at 12 miles an hour. it will pennsylvania to the east of the bohamas again as a major hurricane and then move its way northbound off shore of the east coast of the you had as we head into early next week. it is something we will to have keep an eye on heading in the long range but early portion and mid portion of the next week but model indications so far, are indicating that maria will stay off shore but we could see those indirect impact that is we have been contending with over last several days from jose. we dealt with them with irma. we will keep an eye on maria's track as we head into next week but more focusing on our upcoming weekend forecast and we will have details on that coming up in a couple minutes, jessica. >> thank you, lauren.
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race against clock for first responders in mexico after a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake left buildings, homes, and schools in ruins. at lee 223 people are dead, and others remain trapped and missing, more than 24 hours after the earthquake struck. right now frantic search for survivors is underway at a collapsed elementary school. leo cabrera is in mexico city. he owns a rehoboth beach restaurant and was on the subway when the ground started to shake. >> people are leaving because they are scared, of after shock. they are gathering all of the their belongings, anything they can put under structures. >> country is observing three days of mourning for the victims. be sure to stay tune for the "cbs evening news" for continuing coverage of the deadly earthquake in mexico and also, hurricane maria, it is all at 6:30 right here after we sign off on "eyewitness news".
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discovery of two apparent pipe bombs lead to the evacuation of the residential block in philadelphia's east oak lane neighborhood. authorities say that officials at sheriff's department found two pipes with black pounder in them conducting an eviction this morning. they were found in the basement of the home on the 6100 block of north fair hill street. police evacuated the area while bomb squad removed the items. no one was hurt. it is unclear if charges will be filed. hearing today, jessica was planned for suspect accused of punching a disable man in the confrontation nation was caught on surveillance video. barry baker is heading to trial. he was set to plead guilty for charges for the may incident but later changed his mind in court, twice. prosecutors say that baker and the man he is accused of assaulting never met before, baker dispute that is claimant he told the court he and the alleged victim had word earl their evening in the west chester area bar. >> it is important for him, for people to know that he is not a bully, it is important for him to know he does not go
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around picking on handicapped and that there was some relationship earlier. >> the judge ordered baker's attorney to find tapes of the alleged bar confrontation but footage no longer exists. baker's trial begins on monday also in court today bucks county man convicted of sexual ly assaulting six girls from the same family. fifty-two year-old lee kaplan was sentenced to between 30 and 87 years in prison. police say he had 11 amish girl living in his bucks county home and fathered two children with one of them. at today's sentencing a judge called cap lynn, corrupt, perverted and atrocious. police are investigate an incident at downingtown west high school. the school district says incident involved students and improper use of school technology. exactly what happened remains unclear but disciplinary actions are underway by the district. police in florence township burlington county are looking for this truck they say wrecked public property. police say that the vehicle caused damage to the field hockey fields, all summer
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street, and then nearly hit someone who called to report that incident. truck is described as a possible dodge 2500 dual wheeled pick up with a red front and white rear. if you recognize the vehicle call florence township police. pennsylvania's credit rating is taking another hit because of its nearly three month budget stalemate. today standard and pores lowered rating on the pennsylvania's debt. that is second down grade in three years. governor tom wolf says legislature are divided over to raise taxes to help close a projected $2.2 billion budget deficit. methacton schoolteachers strike continues in montgomery county, district officials cancelled classes today and they will be cancelled again tomorrow for rosh hashanah holiday n word classes will be in session on friday. we are told salaries and medical premiums are sticking points. by state law teachers can strike until october 12th. well, it is not something you see every day, still to come on "eyewitness news".
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>> take a lot a tractor trailer on the south jersey boardwalk. where it was and how it got there vittoria? got make up and i got the costume but do i have the scare? coming up, it is scare school at eastern state penitentiary terror behind the wall, it looks like he did not do very well. how do i follow. that. >> starter gets the hook find out which lineman is now sitting on the bench, plus, after day of practice, hear what lagarrette blount is saying about the bird beleaguered rushing attack later in sports.
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charges. nearly 300 independent blue cross associates where community rock stars today. >> that is name of the campaign, caring initiative. today they spent sometime assembling fire safety bags and disaster preparedness kited at the american red cross. this is one of the nine community service projects, that the independent associates will participate in throughout the region. chants of peace is worth it, could be heard outside school district of philadelphia building to day. the parkway northwest high school community, led a city wide peace rally, in honor of the international, day of peace. the students, matching t-shirts said i rally for, with a blank space, to fill in causes that matter to them. the rally incorporated songs and speeches about the destructive nature of violence well, popular haunt add tracks right here in philadelphia is kicking off its spooky new season this friday. >> our vittoria woodill is doing time at eastern state
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penitentiary where she learned what it takes to deliver real terror behind the walls, tori. >> that is good. >> speaking of doing time, you guys, whistle, get back to work and get in your cell. it is warden woodill has to do everything around here. anyway, i got a big scare lesson today on one of the most spooky floors of the eastern state penitentiary. guess what, to do what these guys do, it ain't easy. are we breaking an entering. >> you are the boss now so we can go anywhere. >> that is right, i'm the boss but we have to learn how to be the boss, or the terror guard, so, time for scare school, on the third floor. >> so this is where, zombie guard are trying to maintain, control but the inmates are rioting. >> pretty impressive. >> once in a while people report, that they feel something tapping on their shoulder up here. this is the most notorious really haunted area of the
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prison. >> amy's going to show me the pound, hit without hitting. >> lets talk about how you will use that prop. so you got a baton. you don't want to hit someone with it. >> we don't. >> no, we will not hit someone but we want to think they will get hit. come with your arm quick but you are not going to put this here. that could hit someone. so you are working, tap it in your left hand and put it together. tapping baton, pounds and baton. >> and how to intimidate. >> lets get that face, that is good, yeah. and intense highs, intense highs, yeah, now you got it. >> learning a lot around here at eastern state penitentiary and don't miss out on the fun you guys, friday night, it is when it all happens eastern state penitentiary terror behind the walls opens up, i have a tip, if you don't want
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these tools, all over me say monster be good and they step away but you guys, kind of like it. monster be bad. y don't know, tori may be there. >> yes, she is doing really well. >> warden woodill, she has it going on. >> monsters, chill, monsters chill. >> they are ready to go. >> they are. >> ready for the forecast. we're ready, let's go. >> friday is first day of fall >> here it is. >> it doesn't feel fall like at all, it feels like summer right now with sunny skies, temperatures rebounded after yesterday, we had cloud around , some showers, and rough conditions, down the shore all thanks to jose but conditions have improved dramatically and we are seeing sunny skies looking live at center city philadelphia, 85 degrees, well above average our average high temperature would have us in the upper 70 's. still a breeze, northerly wind
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at 10 miles an hour. temperatures warm all across the delaware valley. we are at 81 in atlantic city. eighty-two in trenton. eighty-five in wilmington. temperature range ever last 24 hours dramatic in the positive up about two, nine, 12, 15 degrees and we will have a warm evening, ahead of us, average high temperatures for today as i mentioned 77 degrees is our average in philadelphia but we are heading in to fall and temperatures, our averages will be tumbling. by october 1st our average high down to 72 degrees. by october 20th down to 65 degrees. by november 20th we are down to 54 degrees but before this upcoming weekend and first one of fall, it will be feeling steamy, 87 degrees for your eagles forecast taking on the giants, sunday kick off at 1:00, sunshine, you will need those eagles t, green t's and tank tops 87 degrees with that temperature on sunday. storm scan three showing us mainly quiet conditions, a few
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high level cloudy of the city due to jose, keeps hanging out off shore right now but we have seen our most direct impact that is came yesterday and that would be it for us, conditions as i mentioned have improved, check this out get ting a live look at row re beach but surf still looking pretty rough for people back out on the sand, sunshine has returned to the coast but we still do have this coastal flood advisory in effect as we head through portion of the overnight per. we could, see that minor tidal flooding, and it will expire as we head into 1:00 a.m. overnight tonight. down the shore tomorrow looking nice, mostly sunny high temperatures in the upper 70's, bit of the nice breeze. uv index is high but still watch out for that hidden threat, for a high risk of rip currents with jose, sitting off shore but overnight tonight, nice and quiet. partly cloudy, mild, 70 degrees, those with the ac mighting running well night. through the day tomorrow, mostly, sunny and very warm a high topping at 10 degrees
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above our average at 87. we will take a step back as we head into friday and first day of fall. open up those windows, we will have comfortable humidity values to start off that season and then upcoming weekend temperatures, warming up again saturday, sunshine 85 r sunday forecast and not a rain drop in sight as we head into the next several days and then focus and keep a eye on maria heading in the weekend. >> thanks, lauren. >> don's up next with sports. >> it has been a rough seas on but lagarrette blount still has a sense of humor. we're talking eagles. plus news that will make any sixers fan just a bit nervous, maybe a lot nervous, update on joel embiid, in
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don's here now, there has been a lot of discussion. >> all the time. >> word. >> yes, yes.
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>> about the running game. >> there you go. >> with the eagles. >> i cannot get her to stop talking about the running game >> it is all i talk about all the time, but i will let you talk bit now but later i'm talking bit again. >> i know. >> well, that didn't take long on monday doug pederson gave second year guard isaac say mal you a vote of confidence today was been inched favor of chance warmack. he was charged with at least three sacks in the loss to kansas sit. war mack and rest of the offensive line will have a handful with a strong giants pass rush. in addition they would like to start running the ball with more effectiveness. maybe that means more carry for lagarrette blount. he was asked if they are working on the ground game at practice. >> no, we pass the ball every down this practice. we didn't run it one time. scrambling, nothing. we just, threw it every time. no, obviously we worked on it. it is something that, you know , we put a point of emphasis on. we have to get it going.
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i'm sure doug has told the guys that. we have to figure out is what going on there. >> #sarcasm. yesterday we told but charitable work of the eagles defensive end chris long. he is funding two, seven year scholarships to a middle school in his hometown of charlottesville, virginia long is donating six pay checks totaling $360,000, this is his response to violence stemming from a white supremacist rally last month. today, he talked about it. >> best way i can give back to show my love is to take it out of my game check. what i love doggies playing football. i can take that out another way but just taking it out of my game check makes it reallies i for me why i'm coming to work every day, you know, and just been a blessing >> well done. switching gears now back in march joel embiid had surgery to repair a minor mens cuss tear. sixers called it a minor procedure. but, now it will be a major concern for fans. today, we found out that embiid had not been cleared
6:25 pm
for five on five drills just yet, training camp starts next week and the team is taking a hyper conservative approach. baseball now phillies and dodgers play again in about 40 minutes that means, more time to shine for rhys hoskins. phillies rookie drove in four runs last night including a bases clearing double, dodgers magic number clinch n nl west is two, jake thompson is pitching for the phillies. gordon got the night off for the marlins. they is. just chilling in the middle of the game, eating ice cream. >> yeah, that is what i'm talk about. >> like a big kid. >> ice cream, you scream. >> we all scream. >> i would eat ice cream too, why not. >> just chillin. >> it is a kid game. >> there you go hees enjoying joying. >> man. well, "cbs evening news" gist ace few mains way. >> anthony mason joins with us a look ahead, anthony. >> hi ukee and guess contact
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tonight on the "cbs evening news", maria slams puerto rico , flooding, down trees, and destroyed homes, blankets the island that is now completely, without power. in mexico, rescuers, frantic ally work to save people, trapped in earthquakes , debris. we will look at is what being done to combat a h epa out break on the west coast. the dangers of the tackle football for kid, just ahead on the "cbs evening
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three users anniversary of dilworth park. eyewitness nice near city hall , where there was live music, fountains and dance performances on the lawn and right now, a special happy hour is underway. the center city district maintains dilworth park. if you have ever wondered how we choose stories that we cover on our broadcast, this event was for you to day newman university center for leader ship in aston hosted a panel called meet the news directors and learn how to tell your story. cbs-3 managing editor steve mckenzie was one of the presenters, hi, steve, kyw news radio director of news and programming, steve butler was also there. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on our sister station cw philly and we are back here at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", here's anthony mason. we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: the destructive power of nature. hurricane maria mows down hundreds of homes in puerto rico. and in mexico, rescuers pulled survivors from the rubble of the earthquake. also tonight, the president under investigation. the spoul turns up the heat. a child hit by a foul ball brings players to tears. a bundle of trouble. an investigation finds amazon'ss "frequently bought together" feature could help someone acquire ingredients for a bomb ♪ ♪ and mumford and sons singing to help the children of wa


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