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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 21, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> right now at 11. two unfied disaster and one response how come together to help victim of caribbean and mexico. >> war of words intensifies. what north korea leader is saying and warning kim jong-un issued tonight. >> a local volunteer firefighters behind bars. the allegations disturbing. what they say he did to a young teenager. the young firefighter was friends with the victim's parents. >> imjessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. >> hof hof is outside the fire department tonight with more on the investigation into this crime, alex. >> ukee, jessica, as of this evening the fire department will he be site listed anthony tinny under active members and had him listed under 2016 board of directors. >> the 1-year-old alleged victim considered 30-year-old anthony tinny to be like a brother according to statement
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she made to police. authorities say that relationship was riddled with unlawful k tinny a member of the ridley part fire department is charged with 120 counts of crimes including indecent assault and corruption of a minor. according to documents tinny a friends of the victim's father used games as a way to assault the vick step and adds "he took her to his apartment in eddiestone where she showed her videos and the victim disclosed tinny bought her a tight green dress and asked her to send him pictures via text. she advised she never sent any nude pictures to him. he was once a member of eddiestone fire department as well and their president offered eyewitness news this statement reading in park mr. mr. tinny has not been affiliated with the fire company in almost a dedicate. we have no professional contact with him since we severed ties with him. the ties were severed over
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unrelated violation. >> police said tinny toll the victim he was interested in dating her once she turned 18. >> alex, thank you. >> camden country police detective facing charges for sexually assaulting a juvenil juvenile. authorities say a 15-year-old gave birth to his child. this is the suspect camden county metro police detective rafael martinez jr.. martinez impression napt the teenager. authorities say he admitted to fathering the child and signed birth certificate. martinez allegedly had sex with the girl at his house in gloucester township offer a period of about a year. and he has been suspended without pay. >> and tonight, hurricane maria is drenching dominican republic with heavy rain and high winds. take a look at punt acan a. there's been damage and some parts of that nation experienced flooding. maria was carrying us is
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125eu7bd winds of 120 as it moved by the country. officials say it will take sometime to restore power. much of puerto rico is a staingter in maria's wake. they fanned out across the territory to save lives. somewhere trapped by the storm surge. flooding is widespread. electricity non existent and 155 mile an hour winds destroyed power grid and it could be months before the power is back on. president trump approved a federal staingter for puerto rico. here in philly a group has come together to support puerto rico in maria's aftermath. >> the city is committed to working with united for puerto rico to gather contributions for recovery ert. this includes coordinating support for the business community and anyone in our region with interest in helping bell of puerto rico. >> maria made communication with family and friends in
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puerto rico impossible for many and entire communities are cut off and full except of the damage remains unclear. >> meteorologist kate bilo is tracking where the storm is now and where it's headd thanks jessica. we got the latest update on maria still a category 3 major hurricane as the eye starts to bear down on turks and caicos islands and southern bahamas. it will make a term likely not making land fall. you can see it's moving west right now. could clip islands with the strong winds around the eye wall before the night it through. here's the latest track. category three storm. current winds 125 miles an hour moving norm and west at 8 miles an hour right now. central pressure is 955 milibars. so again grazing by the turks and caicos in southern bahamas and under a tropical storm watch. it will miss this area and floor aday. that's good news as the state recovers from irma damage.
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this is going to weekend as it moves north and official track takes it to category one we tuesday evening:00 and basically parallel to the coast of north carolina out in the open atlantic. you can see it's starting to make that turn. it's not a lock just yet. there's a chance it could go further west. as of right now it looks like it will turn and here what the models are showing take it not north and sharp turn as it encounters frontal boundary pushing through end of next weekment part of the reason maria will weaken as it moves north is thanks to jose. as of 11:00 up dit jose is officially dead a remnant low and no longer aa tropical system. but it left cool water in the wake and that will haep weaken maria. i'll talk about the hot forecast for the weekend of fall. ukee, back to you. >> tonight many people in the region are praying for the people of puerto rico as well as those in mexico attempting to he cover from the deadly earthquake.
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st. patrick parish in norristown, montgomery county, hosted a special mass. marish is home to hundreds of mexican immigrants. many from cuevla epicenter of wednesday's earthquake. 27 3 are feared dead fol the quake. rescuers in bucket brigades cleared mountains of debris for a third day in an effort to reach people buried alive in mexico city. there's no missing children at a collapsed elementary school. international students at the university of pennsylvania have setsp a go fund me page to raise money for relever efforts. they have far exceeded their goal of $10,000. >> there were some people donated thousands of of dollars to the cause and it was craze question to see and heart-warming to see how much people care. and how much people want to make a difference even if they're not there. >> the students say all of the money raised will go to the mexican red cross. >> breaking news to tell you about now. philadelphia police respond to
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hit-and-run tonight this over at broad and fairmont. a map was struck by a red nissan ult ma with virginia plate. the victim was taken to the hospital and police are searching right now for the driver. tonight, north korea leader is angry little respon responding to president trump tough talk and enforce m of economic savrptionz on his country. kim young un called the president mentally deranged and he'll pay clearly for his speech. on tuesday he said they whoa destroy north korea. he said he must dismantle nuclear weapons. >> nuclear weapons and missile development is a grave threat to peace and security in our world. and it is unacceptable that others financially support this criminal rogue rej sgleem last week un security counsel
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ail proved sanctions is against north korea aimed to cut oil imports. >> new development in russia and election medaling facebook is working with investigators. ceo mark zuckerberg aanswer noed company will turnover to congress 3,000 election ads posted on facebook and later linked to russia. zuckerberg also promised to make political ads on facebook more transparent. the social media network was criticizeded in recent weeks over advertising policy. >> police are search for two suspects of stealing information using skimmers. this is one suspect. he installed it on exterior atm at this unives bank in fox chase and another discovered bank morehead in willow grove. policeness abington are looking for this man that targeted citizen bank there. >> well today we learned aaron hernandez suffered if a severe case of degenerative
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brain disease cte according to attorney. he committed suicide in prison in april. he was serving a life sentence for murder. cte is found in people after repeated head trauma. the attorney former than dez is suing patriots and national football league. he claims they are liable for his late client's diagnosis of cte. one south jersey restaurant owner has been on an incredible journey and with that has a story to tell. >> straight ahead she made cherry hill her home and location for successful business. vittoria woodill takes us to the popular spot certaining up culture and cuisine. >> good-bye summer. hello fall. seasons change tomorrow. are you ready? if not, our nicole brewer has expert advice on how to best transition to autumn. >> meteorologist kate bilo has anything but soft forecast coming up. how warm it will gets and how long it sticks around.
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how warm it will gets and how long it sticks around. .
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another summer in the bookdz and tomorrow is the first day of fall delight of fall and. >> the change of season brings a mixed reaction to people. nicole brewer found that out firsthand. >> there's people that dislike pumpkin spice. this was news to me. yes, they're there. same folks holding on to this summer weather while they are lasts. >> it's the last day of summer. but hardly feeling like fall. >> this is beautiful. >> my dog swimming today and you was like oh, well it's almost 90. >> it's a good last harrah. one week is left aunt sun is up. >> feeling confused. sun is going down earlier and earlier and it's still so hot. >> temperatures mid to upper 80s the next knew days and some are safering last stretch
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of summer. >> as much as i can. >> i love it. >> while others want to fast forward to fall. >> towards end of september. >> from football sundays. >> yes absolutely. >> to pumpkin spice latte. >> no. >> no. >> no good. >> give it a rest. >> cozy sweaters. >> and snuggles that feel better are you? snuggle any time. >> everybody can think of something they love for the upcoming season. >> it's beautiful. >> fact it doesn't look like this yet is just one more reason. >> never ready for snow, ever. >> now if you are someone who has trouble transitioning from summer to nal and yes eventually winter experts say try to get as much sunlight as possible. take your vitamin d they encourage to you keep up on self care, exercise, eating right and getting enough sleep and finally i like this one create a cozy room in your house with warmly painted walls and heat source, lamps and mrntty of comfy pillows
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and blankets. >> that's good advice. >> the problem with fall is what comes after it. >> and i'm so anxious about that. >> i love the change of seaso season. >> and i love fall but i know what comes next. >> i love fall and fall i rise. >> like app eagle. >> i stole that from the eagle billboard. >> very good. >> i thought i saw that on a billboard somewhere. >> nicely done. >> all right. just for talking about fall, you know what that means. holidays are are around the corner and many national companies are look dog beef up staffing. fexd expects to add more than 50,000 seasonal jobs and ups wants to hire 95,000 workers and target plans to add 10 100,000 jobs. seasonal jobs typically run november through january and however some we're told could become permanent positions. >> and in tonight's taste with tori we're taking you to family owned restaurant that is symbol of american dream. >> how norma's in cherry hill
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brings culture and cuisine together in one place. >> reporter: where you can find complete oasis for indulging in middle eastern culture and authentic cuisine a place you can take a piece home. you told me. it's called norma's♪ >> everyone, everyone is family here. >> reporter: family owned restaurant in cherry hill started by this woman 25 years ago. >> it's like a dream. >> norma bitar is from will he be no she left her country for love at the time of war. >> when you left lebanon what was it like before you left? >> north, south, beirut all over was like a war you know. >> for the past 25 years she's raised three children while working at one and only
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cook in the beginning. >> she had no employees. it was just my mom. >> till this day she works with husband and kids by her side as grand kids wait until they're old enough to help. >> grandmom in lebanese you know say i can help you, can i cook. >> well i'm good to get to work on hum us and flafel, fava beeps and chick pees with pink pickled turn ipz. >> i don't know why my hands are doing this. >> vegan mustaca laird like sheppard pie with carrots and almond dashanel. >> you you had me atal mobtd dashanel. >> silky like you're squin squinting your eyes when you take a bite. >> their lemon chicken. >> i didn't even have to chew
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it. chick when hint of lemon in the most gorgeous drippings you had in your life. this is norma giving you a hug. >> finally sweet rose water drenched back la have a. >> my advice. >> when you come get the baclava and don't share. >> don't share. >> see she has good tips you. >> no, i it's good when torrey starts working it. >> i don't know why i'm doing sglat i love it. >> express yourself. >> delicious. >> kate has a forecast. >> it will get hot. >> real hot. >> hot today. upper 0s today and few more days like that on the docket for the weekend. so, if you're looking for that fall weather nicole was talking about the sweaters and boot and pumpkin lattes and all that put that on hold for at least the first few days of fall it won't feel anything like that. you will sweat if you wear your cable knit sweater drinking latte. >> all lit up.
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bright liktd on the river nature park where it's 73 degrees and now we no longer have jose. i'm kind of sad. we've been talking about jose as tropical storm or hurricane for weeks and weeks now. jose has finally perished as of 11:00 update. still hanging around and looks about the same it's considered remnant low. you can see it was spinning clouds to reeming job earlier today and still sitting and spiping out over the open water here bringing showers to portions of northern new england and could bring clouds maybe shower at shore points. otherwise not doing much. if it helps divert maria away it's done its duty around here. future weather shows system can't call it jose. remnants of jose sitting and spinning and you can see bringing showers to boston and keeping it much cooler up that way. we could see a few more clouds at the shore tomorrow than we will inland and further inland tomorrow is mostly sunny and beautiful day of fall and not all that humid either. clouds hanging out along the
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coast tomorrow night and that system weakens and we have beautiful, sunny saturday on the way as well. temperatures on their way back up. it's a pretty nasty heat wave over the midwest and big ridge of high pressure centers i itself over us over the next several days. temps now not feeling chrisness in the air. 7 wilmington and dover is and 71 in millville and it's going to got a little steamy around here. still pleasant. dew points 50s to not bad and saturday still not bad. then humidity spikes. 60s sunday and monday and that makes you sfwaet you're outside it will get steamy around here. overnight dropping down toper 60s. pleasant, mild, mainly clear. for tomorrow, warm, sunny, fall begins with high of 83. we should be in mid 70s or well above average and fall begins 4:02 tomorrow afternoon the time of autumnal equinox and we kick the new season
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into gear. certainly no fall warm in the forecast or football weather. look at kickoff forecast sunday 88 degrees eagles home opener taking on giants. light wind from north it will feel like 90s out there and eyewitness weather 7 day forecast you can see the next five days. lots of sun and lots of 80s. hottest day being monday. monday near record and record is 92. we'll get to 89. it looks as though a front starts to move through middle part of next week that should help move maria out to sea and brings us showers and by next weekend looks like we may start to feel fall in the air. 88 for tailgating sunday. drink water. >> water. >> water. >> water. >> that's not the beverage of choice drink it anyway. >> water. >> lesley is up with sports. >> we had a busy day. phillies day ball game and templeton road and nroyrz plague in boston and yes the eagles continue to get ready for giants and focus on game
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plan for eli mapping and we'll for giants and focus on game plan for eli mapping and we'll hear from the players.
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>> eagles continue preparing for home opener on sunday. against the gibts. they're hoping to attack the giant's offensive line. eagles defensive line is one of the biggest strength and giant's o line struggles. as a result eli manning has not played too well. >> usually the season goes after being hit by one and it's one of those things any quarterback changes once he's been hit and people have been able to get pressure on him a little bit. but when he has a clean pocket he is a smart quarterback at the line of scrimmage and knows how to run advantageous
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box counts and changes play and gets into pass and delivering ball on time. but we definitely got to get pressure on them it's shown to affect him. >> phillys with a day game this afternoon going for sweep against best team if baseball the dodgers and to the game. the phillies down 2-0 third nick williams with the homer to left and phillies will tie it up at two and then in the fifth reece hopkins at the plate. continuing to hit defendant sent erin two runners come to score and with that phillies take 4-2 lead but as i mentioned dodgers one of the best teams in baseball. andre here with the solo shot to left. that ties it for the dodgers will go on to win this one 5- 5-4. >> temple owls on the road facing south florida. temple won the last two coming into the game and that was villanova and umass and now florida ranged 22 in the country and lon 47 yard
11:27 pm
touchdown run. 10-0 south florida and still in the 2nd quarter, quarter back quintin flowers nice one tch touchdown run here temple losses 43-7 the final. >> preseason hockey flyers visiting bruins. third period. travis ani'm putting buck in back of net. one nothing players. game heads to over time and in ot brew wins kenney augustine owe break away game winner. flyers lose on the road in boston. >> good practice run. >> thanks, lesley. >> next brick by brick the tough competition that played out today in ♪ hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you.
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>> app unusual competition took place in delaware county today. >> it was a race against time keeping 7 in mind. bricklayerers went head to head. they have to build a wall like on a job site and after laying nearly 500 bricks joe masters won the competition $1,000 and heads to las vegas for national competition. kate. >> reporter: first weekend of fall is just around the corner but there's no fall in the
11:31 pm
forecast. it feels like summer this weekend. plenty of sunshine and both saturday and sunday and highs in mid to upper 80s. sunday looks hotter of two days and humidity rammingps up as well. definitely not a weekend for fall activities but great weekend to find the open pool in your neighborhood and
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colbert is next. >> have a good night family, >> just a few days ago health and human services secretary tom price was in new hampshire talking healthcare. tonight he's under fire for how he got there. price reportedly flu to portsmouth on a private jet. >> that trip was one of five, count them five, charter flights price took just last week. >> tom price, this is your captain speaking. sit back and relax and we'll be in new hampshire shortly. enjoy the flight. tom price, this is the captain, we'll be landing in arlington in just a few minutes for your nephew's soccer practice. tom price, we'll be arriving at your local costco in 15 minutes. probably would have been quicker al


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