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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 23, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> all their heartache, and they did everything could help us. >> travelers escaping the destruction in for the reijo, arrive here in philadelphia, on the first flight here from the hurricane battered islands , hear about their experiences surviving hurricane maria. >> armed, dangerous, search on for this man who police say she shot a woman as she answered her door at her montgomery county home. >> and we're starting the first full day of fall, but sure won't feel like t we could even hit 09 degrees this weekend. >> today is saturday, september 23, good morning, i'm jan carabeo. summer sure is hanging in there this weekend yet again. here's meteorologist, matt peterson with eyewitness weather. good saturday morning, matt. i was telling you last hour, that did i this social media pole on twitter. >> yes. >> more than 06% of people are looking forwards to fall. they say they're done with summer. i can't blower t i'm holding on. >> you didn't know that i just made whole bunch of fake twitter accounts and voted all
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at once? all me, all me throughout. >> now makes sense. >> you know i am a fan of the fall. but, we are definitely clinging to summertime this to start out the fall season, for sure. yesterday highs low 80s, not fall like at all for the first day of the season, and today, not going to be any better. we could actually see some 90s , and near record high temperatures, as we get into early next week. so, don't put away the shorts, t-shirts, just yet. we also don't want to forget about what's going on in the tropics. it is still the peak of atlantic hurricane season getting into the fall. all of the water is still warm all summer long, southerly flow, warm willing the water not just by us but through the entire caribbean, then the sun beating down warming it all up still in the peak of the atlanta basin hurricane season , and hurricaine maria still churning out, there just now east of the bahamas,
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little north of the turks and caikos, as women. good news, for all of the folks that are down in the bahamas, and the turks and caikos, no direct landfall going to be seen with maria there is will continue to track off to the north. now, could affect us here in the mid-atlantic, talk about that in a little bit. out outside, quiet morning for us, temperatures here in the city sitting at 68 degrees, feels-like temperature also 69 , 68, could get higher than, that slight chance for some hued i at this today. rest of the region, 50's, 60s, mild morning for us we get to 86 degrees with sunshine, talking about the record highs and another check of the drop glick sounds good, matt, we'll get back to you. 6:03, time to check the roads, let's go over to amanda mueller in the cbs-3 traffic center. hi, amanda. >> jan, lot and lot of construction, road work in the city and throughout your majors starting with north 15th street between spring garden strewn and callowhill. fifteenth will be closed in that area, until about 8:00
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this morning. >> and next, 76 eastbound, left lane closed between gulph mills and conshohocken, this work not just affecting the eastbound side of course the westbound side also has lane closure, the right lane closed between the blue route and the pennsylvania turnpike, so build some extra time into your commute to get around that. >> turning now to 95, and pennsylvania, this is the big one, we've got work in several places, starting with bucks county 95 in both directions route one is affected the left lanes blocked there, already causing some delays, told we've also got road work on the northbound side of 95 at route 413, also road work 95 southbound between route 332 and newtown with the right lane block there >> passenger touchdown on the first flight from puerto rico since hurricaine maria hit the island wednesday. "eyewitness news" reporter anita o live in the cbs news
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center this morning with the emotional stories with people who made it back there safely. anita? >> good morning, jan, very emotional morning indeed, as many people traveled from puerto rico here on one of the first flights, and as you can imagine, they are heart broken for their home territory. >> it felt like we would die. >> emotional angela riviera spoke to "eyewitness news" after touching down at the philadelphia philadelphia airport, late friday night, after hurricane maria devastated the island. >> evacuated us into a ballroom. the walls are shaking. the chandelier was shaking. floor was shaking. they then they moved the stairwell, where for eight hours we were 20 people in a room the size of a bathroom. the winds just sounded like a freight train. >> rivera who lives in man chester new jersey flew to puerto rico and spent three days in peace before the storm >> we were told according to the noaa there were no storms
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down in the caribbean, that's how fast it developed from tropical storm to hurricane and -- >> but she praises the people of puerto rico who helped her and so many others to safety in a time of complete chaos. >> everything is down. there is no power. no water. no nothing. nothing. and whatever they had, they were willing to share. with each and everyone of us. they're wonderful people. >> myra soto and her children also landed in philadelphia from the same flight, after waiting for hours, at the airport. she says had to resort to old-fashioned security and check in methods, verifying each person and bag by hands due to lack of power. >> there is no light. there is no food. there is no electricity, there is no gas. so everybody is like it is like cows over there. we survived something that we never imagined. >> so just so much devestation over there. now, there were three flights
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that were scheduled in and out of puerto rico here to our area this morning but those have been cancelled at this hour. >> anita, thank you. hurricane maria has reportedly taken at least 13 lives in puerto rico, now, officials are rushing to evacuate about 70,000 people who live downstream from a family damn there. water started gushing through a crack in that damn, after more than dozen inches of rain fell there. meantime, the storm is knocked down eight a% of the island's 1600 cell phone towers. a government spokesperson says officials have been unable to reach more than half of the island's municipalities, all power is still out and almost all water systems are down. more than 15,000 people are currently in shelters. >> back here at home, new this morning, police are looking for the driver who left a man in critical condition in the glenwood section of north philadelphia. police say the hit-and-run accident happened right around
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1:00 this morning at broad street and glenwood avenue. so far, investigators don't have description of the car responsible, and no word yet on what caused the hit-and-run >> another overnight hit-and-run. this one in kensington. police say just before 1:00 this morning, a person was struck at h and tioga street, the victim of this hit-and-run is in critical condition. officers are still looking for the driver and a description of the striking vehicle. >> a man is expected to be okay today, after he shot in the leg overnight in north philadelphia. police say this shooting happened at north 27th and west sergeant street, right around 1:30 a.m. so far no arrests or motive for the gunfire. and police are investigating another shooting in north philadelphia. that left a man in critical condition. they say he was shot several times on the 3,000 block of eighth street. this happened around 11:00 p.m. last night. officers still looking for that shooter. >> well the search is on this morning for a man who police say shot a woman as she answered the door at her
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montgomery county home. authority do believe the victim knows her attacker, the shooting happened on long meadow road in limerick. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff spoke with a neighbor who came face-to-face with the suspect. >> walk in the yards to address him, never looked at me, calmly got in his car and road along. >> mary johnson lives in limerick township, brought her front lawn after hearing gunshots. >> i is heard some shots and screaming. >> the commotion was coming from a home across the street. >> i thought it was just some kids playing around. and i realized that it sounded more serious. >> when she came outside she found herself face-to-face with a man that she now believes shot her neighbor. >> so i went down the yards to investigate, and saw the suspect leaving the house. >> greg feldman of harleysville approached that home and knock shooting 48 year old woman twice in her
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chest when she opened the door from the home the suspect fled >> we believe mr. feldman to be armed at this point. >> kevin steeled feldman was known to the woman and her family. >> but we know that there was a relationship, familiar relationship in the past. and we need to find him as soon as we can. >> since learning more about what happened, johnson now reflect on the man that she saw walking away from the scene. >> just calm, determined, it look like he was caring something, or had his arm bent , something bulky under his sweat jacket. he didn't seem to be in any rush or anything, that would have been a red flag for me. >> according to authority, the suspect last seen driving a 2016 black mazda sedan, with pennsylvania tag: kfc-4605.
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he's considered armed, very dangerous, if you see him do not approach. do call 911. reporting in montgomery county , alexandria hoff, cbs-3 , "eyewitness news." >> philadelphia police are investigating how a toddler got ahold after handgun and shot his very own uncle. chopper three over 16th and arch street in center city philadelphia yesterday. police say the three year old accidentally fired another family's gun from the back seat of the suv. the bullet struck the child's 24 year old uncle in his shoulder, he's now in stable condition. police say the gun privately owned by the child's other uncle, a philadelphia housing authority officer. there is still so much more ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning. local boy isn't letting his rare condition keep him from achieving his dreams. how he hopes his upcoming ride on the rocky steps bridges awareness about his rare medical condition. >> and friend or not to friends. should you connect with friends on social media.
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why you might want to hit the except button. we'll explain when we come ba
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>> this little one is about to embark on a special trip with his dad. his fighting spirit and can-do attitude will inspire you. >> got it? >> yep. >> the kind of challenges
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nathaniel pushes past while on a bike, much like those he fares dollars while off of one >> so nathaniel has rare disease. >> it means the 11 year old diagnosed even before birth has not always had an easy ride. >> that has been a number of effect in his body, from how he builds muscle, to his ability to control hunger, to retinal degeneration. he has lost most of his vision >> nevertheless, nathaniel hazmat heard brail. >> ready? >> and the art of the tandem bike inspiring many along the way. >> you can still achieve your goals. you should not give up, give up your hopes and dreams. >> and that's the message he hopes to show the words on saturday. >> to raise awareness and money for research the father- son duo plans to ride their bike 30 miles from their home near malvern to the rocky steps here in philadelphia. >> so part of the reason we chose rocky as the inspiration is that the end of rocky he doesn't win.
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he actually loses that fight, but what was important to him was not giving up. >> he trained very hard to do it, and at the ends he kept on fighting, no matter what. and that is a very good influence on me. >> it is proof that sometimes life can be a rocky ride. but sometimes those are the moments from which you draw your power. >> i need -- >> power. >> in west chester, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> good for nathaniel, and, matt, they have quite the ride today. at least warm temperatures for it. >> they have to stay hydrated today. it will be warm. so as you're out there exercising, today, make sure that you're thinking in the back of your minds that it is going to be little more summer like than fall like. i know sometimes in the fall it, gets cooler. you don't think well i don't need to drink as much water or , you know, i can take it a little bit harder and i'll be okay. but today with the warm
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temperatures out there, make sure if you're outside enjoying the nice weather, you're taking some necessary precautions, just to kind of keep yourself little safer. even though it won't be overly kinds of dangerously hot, just again, keep your eyes, keep your eyes peeled for anything going on. outside, take a look waist going on with the eyewitness weather watchers. not too many, i think they're sleeping in this morning, that's all right, i don't blame them. good morning for that. 67 degrees, though, this morning, charles is up early. he has clear skies in bath pennsylvania to start out the day. we head back down toward the delaware area. delores, also clear skies in newark, 58 degrees for her in her backyard, she said she had to grab the light comforter this morning. so little cool for her in the newark delaware area. let's head out one more, folks here, one more folks here, it is phil's house in philadelphia, he has the clear skies, 60 degrees, and he is saying it is a very summer- like first weekends of fall. so i could not agree with you more. it is going to be very, very warm out there. outside right now, this is our
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neighborhood network camera down in the rehoboth beach area. it is looking good this morning, it will be a fantastic sunrise. the sun officially comes up at 6:50. in just over half hour, we will officially have sunrise out over the water. so again, it will be great day. if you are down the shore, there is still the chance for some strong rip countries, also, some rough seas, because even though jose is no longer any kind of quote unquote tropical system, it is still churning up the ocean, still churning up the sea, so again, if you are out there, be careful, and also, still watching as maria slowly works its way up the coast. that could affect what we're seeing with our rip countries being and high seas into next week. now, talking about these warm temperatures, talking about just how hot it is going to be , specially for the beginning of fall. well, today we get to 86 degrees. our record high for today, 97. so not really, not really all that close to the record highs today. that was set in 1895. but check out sunday, monday,
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here comes the near record high temperatures. tomorrow, we get up to 90 degrees, our record high sunday, 95. set in 1970. so we're closing in, and by monday there is will be the closest that we get to record high temperature. that's monday we get up to 91. our record for monday is 92. also, set, in that warm ends every september in 1970. so overall, again, today is hot. tomorrow, and monday, even warmer for us, and be prepared for this higher heat. definitely not used to it in the end of september. now, the reason it is so hot, we have this huge ridge, this big area of high pressure, that is just sitting over top of the eastern us, so you can even see, not even any cloud cover from iowa, missouri, back through the ohio river valley toward the east coast, again, this big ridge is just pumping in from the south the warmer air, now on the back side of it, head back toward the rocky mountains, see some showers, some thunderstorms developing through nebraska, back into south dakota, the front will eventually push to
6:20 am
the east, breakdown this ridge , give us the chance for some cooler temperatures, as we get into the ends of next week. now, future weather for us, not much going on today. we have clear skies, temperatures back up into the mid 80s or so. now on sunday, few more clouds out there. but it is mostly sunny. you can kind of ignore the little areas evergreen, it looks like future weather overdoing the shower chances for tomorrow. and the same goes for monday. it is going to be a mostly sunny day on monday, again, very warm temperatures, and no precipitation. if you are headed down to the birds game tomorrow, 90 degrees right around kick off time. eagles shorts and t-shirts and tank tops what you will need. eyewitness weather, 86 today. ninety tomorrow. ninety-one on monday. and then, we go back to those 80s, tuesday, wednesday, jan, best chance for more average temperatures does not come until next friday. >> okay, matt, thank you. >> well, you spends a lot of time with your co-workers, each and every day, right? but is it okay to friends your colleagues on social media? nicole brewer tells us about a new survey of employees with
6:21 am
some interesting results. >> if you're godfather fan, you know? >> strictly business. >> but with social media the line between our personal and professional lives continues to blur. >> i, for one, try and keep them separate. >> i don't go to work to make friends. i go to work to get the job done. >> not everyone agrees, new research reveals 71% think it is appropriate to friends co-workers on facebook. >> that's a lot. that's surprise to go me. >> the same survey which polled 1300 american workers, showed people were less likely to except professional followers on twitter, only six out of ten said it was appropriate. on instagram, less, half felt comfortable. >> probably getting insight you didn't necessarily want or need to see. >> snap chat was the lease workplace friendly with just 44% saying it was appropriate. >> definitely. >> while males and younger employees were more likely to approve requests? >> probably just in the thinking. >> how do you decide?
6:22 am
>> guess someone i talk to frequently. >> from previous company, and you got to stay in touch with them, or just do what my husband does, just leaves it in the balance for ever and ever. >> i think it is okay to connect with colleagues. >> social media expert, andy, says social networking can strengthen workplace fun, but think before you except. >> i would consider if i was comfortable, connecting with that person, if it was appropriate. and i would consider the content. >> she warns against being overly provocative, expressing polarizing opinions, and using offensive language. >> great way to put yourself out there in a positive light. >> just have to draw that line , and not except their request. >> now we should mention the staffing agency that conducted the pole only looked at workplaces with more than 20 employees, which means, we could see different results for smaller work environment. nicole brewer, cbs-3, " eyewitness news". you got to be careful on that social media, i tell you. still ahead, they called it
6:23 am
the battle of the sections, and now, a new movie about the legendary kenneth, is in theatres this weekend. and coming up next, emma stone talks about what it was like in the role of billie jean king. we are back in a moment.
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>> battle in fights for women 's rights including a tennis court back in 1973. new movie recreates the historic match between bobby rigs, and billie jean king. david daniels take a look at the battle of the sections. >> billie jean king, already champion of women's rights is now the most successful player of all time. >> emma stone is billie jean king, and steve correll is bobby rigs, in battle of the
6:26 am
sections. correll says rigs, former wimbledon champ, was more concerned with spectacle than social change. >> ladies and gentlemen, put the show back in chovanist. >> she new that he was -- he was a huckster, a self promoter, and he was in it purely for the fun, for, you know, the circus of it all. >> stone says it is a first time she is focused on the physicality of a role. >> the way she was able to make a change in the worlds, being an incredible tennis plower. that was her avenue to this voice that she had. so that made physicality incredibly important. >> she is so much like me in this. i mean, she get my voice, my tempo, she get my mannerisms. it was a very galvanizing thing to get to play her and to realize that we -- that every single voice, one person can make such a huge difference, the battle of the sections was a battle of
6:27 am
social change. it was about so much more than tennis. you know, sad it is still relevant. you want people nostalgically reflect back my gosh back in the 70s can you believe that there was any sort of attitude like this? you know, good thing that that doesn't exist today. but it does. >> we want a little bit whatever you've got. >> in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >> and still ahead in our next half hour, right here on cbs-3 , "eyewitness news" this saturday morning, living through hurricane maria. >> it felt like we are going to die. >> passengers arrive here in philadelphia, on one of the first flights out of puerto rico. and they're sharing with us, their traumatic experiences. next. we will also have this. >> just when you thought summer was over, things are lining up for a beautiful weekends at the shore. i'm cleve bryan, coming up: how some towns are trying to make sure they have protected beaches, even though most of the lifeguards have gone home for the year.
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>> good morning, i'm jan carabeo. if you're a fan of summer, soak in the heat this weekend it, could be the last hot stretch of the entire year. meteorologist, matt peterson out there on the skydeck with eyewitness wet they are morning, and warm morning, too , matt, right? >> definitely a mild start to our saturday. temperatures here in the city,
6:31 am
are in the 60s, now, it gets little bit cooler, as you head north of the city up toward the pocono, but overall across the entire viewing area looking at above average temperatures here early on this morning, and it will remain that way as we go throughout the afternoon. now, taking a look at the expectations, for today, it is another warm afternoon, as i said, temperatures up above average. probably, into the mid 80s for many of us. with plenty of sunshine, now, yesterday, the humidity was on the lower side of things. and it looks to stay that way for our saturday. after the middle of the week, at times, felt a little sticky there will be a light breeze from time to time. but overall, that breeze is not going to be cooling us down, any, so just be prepared to wear short, t-shirts, throughout the daytime hours today. here's storm scan3, it is a quiet and clear start to the morning. sun officially rises, at 6:50. so in just about another 20 minute or so, with only few high clouds out there, should make for wonderful sunrise on this saturday morning. now, here are the temperatures
6:32 am
, as i say, get little cooler as you head north, reading at 59, mount pocono at 53, but 68 here in phillyment and even 69 still this morning, down in atlantic city on the board walk, 67 also in trenton, to start out the morning, too. so as we go into the next hour by hour, fewer hours, the next couple every minutes before the sun comes up, stay in the 60s range. get up to the 70s, low 80s by about lunchtime, then top it off, 86, talking about some 90s for tomorrow, near record heat to start out the work week, break it all down whether i come back inside. >> incredible, thank you, matt time 6:32, time to check the roads, let's go over to amanda mueller in the cbs-3 traffic center. >> hi, jan, road work everywhere this morning, both in and out of the city on majors and secondaries, it will be hard to avoid starting with north 15th street streak spring garden street and callowhill. fifteenth will be closed in the area until about 8:00 today. and next, 76 eastbound, the left lane closed between gulph mills and conshohocken, this
6:33 am
work not just affecting the eastbound side of course, the westbound side, also, has a lane closure, the right lane closed between the blue route and the pennsylvania turnpike, so build some extra time into your commute to get around that this morning. in turning to 95, pennsylvania , we've got work in several places, starting with bucks county, 95 in both directions of route one affected, the left lanes blocked there, it is already causing some delays this morning. we are told we also got road work on northbound side of 95 at route 413, that's one lane block there, due to construction, also, road work on 95 southbound, between route 332 and newtown, right lane blocked there. and taking a live look, at the ben franklin bridge, construction on majors, all bridges clear, in and out of the city. in the cbs-3 traffic center. amanda mueller, dan dan, back to you. >> the sun is coming up, thank you so much, amanda. flight has arrived from puerto rico to philadelphia, the first one since hurricane maria struck the island on wednesday. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live this morning, in the cbs-3 news center with the stories of devestation, in
6:34 am
the u.s. territory. anita? >> jan, no power, no water, no gas. that's what the people of puerto rico are dealing with after hurricane maria. so you can just imagine the emotion of those landing safely into philadelphia late last night. that flight had been delayed for hours at the puerto rico airport, which had to check each person ticket and bag by hand unable to use any computer system because of the lack of power. those we spoke to describe seeing downed power lines, flooding, and complete destruction. one woman says her trip to the airport there typically takes only about 20 minutes, but yesterday it, took more than two hours, trying to get around the devestation. and while some flood from the chaos, their thoughts remain with puerto rico. >> evacuated us into a ballroom. the walls are shake. the chandelier was shaking. the floor was shaking. then they moved us to a stairwell where for l hours we were, 20 people in a room the size after bathroom.
6:35 am
and the wind sounds like a freight train. the island, it is devastating what hurricane maria has done. 100% of the island is without power. almost no water. we need your help. we need everybody's help in rebuilding the island. >> now the philadelphia airport had three flights scheduled in to and out of philadelphia today. i just check, and all have been canceled. live in the news center this morning, anita o cbs-3 " eyewitness news." >> anita, thank you very much. staying in puerto rico, now at least 13 people have reportedly died in puerto rico , due to hurricane maria. now officials are evacuating about 70,000 people who live downstream from a failing damn there. water started gushing through a crack in the damn after 15 inches every rain, meantime , the storm has knocked down 85% of the island 's 1600 cell phone towers. government spokesperson says officials have been unable to
6:36 am
reach more than half of the island's municipalities, all power again is out, and almost all of the watt their is gone. more than 15,000 people are currently in shelters. >> and take a look at this dramatic video from san juan, shows a woman trapped on the second floor balcony of a house, water had risen all around her. the woman was heard in the background there speaking in spanish saying a prayer. no word at the moment on whether she was rescued. >> well, a local representative with ties to puerto rico is working to get people here at home involved in the island's recovery. state reps, angel cruz, represent part of philadelphia , including juniata, and harrow gate. he is a native of puerto rico. not only is he working with mayor kenney to take in puerto ricans seeking refuge, cruz is also spreading the words about philadelphia's puerto rican day parade, this weekend. >> not celebrating anything. a lot of people are sad because of the hurricane situation. but we're going to unite and
6:37 am
use it as a way that we can raise funds, so when we have communication, and they call us and say this is what we need, we're ready, able and capable. >> now a lot of people too long help. the 53rd annual puerto rican day parade is actually tomorrow on the ben franklin parkway. it starts at 10:00 in the morning, and ends right around 12:30 in the afternoon. >> meantime, mexico city's devastating earthquake has killed at least 295 people. but one-story is instilling fate, that survivors are hanging in there. cbs news core upon dent manuel has the story after woman trapped under tons of debris for days. >> this was the moment rescuers first made contact with a woman named paulinea. her foot barely visible. move your hands, the rescuer says. can you hear me? there you are. the woman, a human resources worker, was at her offers when the earthquake struck tuesday. we will get to you, he says.
6:38 am
hole on. one of the thousands of amateur search and rescue workers who have trained for this type of disaster. >> what did you hear down there? >> i'm here. just i'm here. >> twice they had to leave paulinea for their own safety, a the rubble became unsteady. making the space even tighter. >> so about a foot? >> yes, yes, something like, yes. >> they had to borough down two stories, and then use cables to attempt to pull her to safety. now wearing a hard hat, and six hours after they first found her, paulinea was rescued. >> what does it represent for this country? >> hope. >> hope? bit of good news. >> surprisingly, paulinea was not seriously injured, she is one of about 60 people now here in mexico city who haves been pulled from the rubble alive and hopes diminish, crews say they're in the ready to just give up yet. manuel, cbs news, mexico city.
6:39 am
still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news": summer holding on tight even though fall is officially here matt peterson is back after the break, to show us just how hot it will get here over the next few days. we will also have this. >> you see them banishing in front of you. so very challenging emotionally. >> a local doctor's work extending outside of the offers. the very personal reason he's now stepping to up fight a devastating disease. >> also ahead: pat gallen, introduces us to the coffee in quaker sit, now on mission to create carreers for part of the city they feel is being left behind. plus the shore is expected to be very busy this weekend. but a warning for folks headed down the shore. that's coming up next. why extra crews will be patrolling the beaches. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back, 53rd annual hero thrill show today. last week patrol officers with the philadelphia police department gathered in center city philadelphia, to give folks a preview of today's show, even a young officer in training showcased this person's skills. commissioner richard ross pokes a lot of people can help celebrate our men and women in public safety, and their families. >> thank you, they live on, we need to remember them, which
6:43 am
is most important. >> the hero thrill show raises money for the families of fallen heroes. the show starts right around noon, and goes until 4:00 outside the wells fargo center at broad street and paterson avenue in south philadelphia. >> in other news today, it is a weekend warning. we're keeping one eye on the surf, and the other on the fun down the shore. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan, takes us down to north wildwood, where a very big festival there is bringing a lot of people to town. >> with the thunder every crash with each wave, the storm shows how dangerous swimming conditions at the jersey shore. >> it is very, very rough. >> tracey ellison said she once got caught in rip current like the shore is experiencing right now, and now she knows her hint. >> i went to up my thighs, and it was pulling, really hard, yes. >> while dozen of families enjoyed the beach friday afternoon in north wildwood, it is about to get much more
6:44 am
crowded. >> reverie underway at the festival in north wildwood. >> ♪ >> the four day event put on by ancient order of hibernians , one of the largest irish festivals. >> the weekend, maybe 150, 75,000 people, amazing. >> warm weather expected over the weekend, town officials anticipate many of those in the sea of green will then turn to the sea of rip current so the beach patrol polled some of the lifeguards stands down out of winter storm and, started calling in every guard they could finds. >> we talked with the mayor and council, and we decided to put lifeguards on the beach this weekend. we weren't supposed to be but the irish weekend and it will be very crowded. >> between seventh and 27th street will be guarded and strongly recommend swimming only in protected beaches, and if you are partake g in the drinking do, it with friend on dry land.
6:45 am
>> if you're planning to come to the shore this weekends, we have list of protected beaches , you can find that on our website north wildwood, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." meantime, there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturday. anthony mason and dana jacobs joins you live from new york with a preview, good morning. >> sure is, jan, good morning, latest headlines, plus called internet influence ers. people paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, for posting photos or videos of big brand names. but, we will go inside the phenomenon, tell you why the government has some serious concerns about it. >> plus we will take to you south africa, for the opening of this art museum bringing pride and controversy to capetown. we'll tell you why. >> one of the best lives lands in the band, for nearly 30 years, the mavericks have been defined by being un defined. talk to them about their genre bending music, and they'll perform in our saturday session. >> all of that, plus your eye
6:46 am
opener and the dish, just ahead on cbs this morning saturday. >> looks good. see you guys in 14 minutes. thank you. >> well, probably waking up to put a pot of coffee on. recent years, philadelphia's coffee scene has exploded with each neighborhood offering variety of different shops. in the washington square area, one company is making a tasty cup. and it is also changing lives. pat gallen went to check it out. >> quaker city coffee more than your average coffee shop. seeing it as a stepping zone. >> we started in 2015 with simple goal of creating carreers for philadelphians who have a tremendous amount of talent, but maybe up until this point it was misplaced. >> maybe dollars dollars up in jail. >> the two met, hit it off immediately. >> i've started a community after being in and out of jail for a few years, and i went into this program called the reach program, for
6:47 am
ex-offenders. and i finish my first semester , you know, everyone loved me, and they asked me to speak. and i met bob, at the end. is her moan. >> i the two joined forces two years ago, and quaker city was officially born this past january. and den cyst thrilled for the opportunity to be a true businessman. >> just coming from that culture, i was tired, you know what i mean, so when i went back to the community, i went back with the mindset of wanting just the change, break the cycle, for me, for my family. >> they want this to be more than just a paycheck for the recently incarcerated. see it as a way to affect an entire community. >> really important, the jobs we create are more than just a job. >> we want to attract team member here who recognize that we do have an opportunity. >> it is a career change that's afforded him real source every income and his first apartment. >> the road was bumpy. couple of weeks ago i was
6:48 am
slowed down, little depressed, things wasn't going to plan. >> took me by the hands, said i got you. >> business is stud. so is the unlikely partnership between the two frankford natives, which dennis calls a walking experiment. >> that's the crazy part. like, you know, you got 50 something year old white guy, 50 something year old black guy in the streets. so that, we want to break that like. we should be able to walk down the street and not judge each other, just by looking. >> pat gallen, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." so matt grab cup of coffee , enjoy the sunrise, my zero nice out there this morning. >> yes, wonderful morning, i would suggest maybe getting outside, and if you do have a patio, if you have balcony, drink your coffee outside. again, it is a fantastic start to our saturday morning. now, some areas, maybe north of the city it, could feel a little bit on the cooler side. but in general, mild start to the day. and our eyewitness weather watchers, they're talking about it, this morning, but i want to show you couple of
6:49 am
pictures first, phil sent this one in from yesterday. this is sunset from yesterday. the first one of the fall season, a wonderful sunset. that orange, the blue, just mixing together here, another really good one here, also, from the miles park area. so again, it was great fall day. it was a little bit warm. if you ask me, still pretty good fall day. and again, 50's, 60s out there , but we have to head down to the creek, jamie, 66 degrees, couple of clouds out there. but she says happy birthday to me. it is a steamy fall day. happy birthday, jamie, hopefully you enjoy what is like you said a steamy little bit warm fall day. outside on the neighborhood network, right now, down in margate, it is a great start down at the beach. if you are able to enjoy the weekends down the beach, late season beach goer, go out, maybe talk a walk this morning , right along the sands , and it will feel a little cooler. sunrise is at 6:50. it is 6:49 right now.
6:50 am
so officially, going to be coming up right in in the middle of big weather hit. surround every doesn't look too bad. it will be little bit on the bumpy side going through the daytime hours. today the rip countries, are still there. because jose is still churning just off the coast of new england, churning up our surf then also still watching hurricane maria, still a major category three storm. now, winds are down to 120 miles an hour, that's some good news, central pressure is actually on the way up. when that central pressures gets little higher, sign of weakening, still extremely powerful storm, but again starting to weaken just little bit. as we sit, our forecast track here, tomorrow morning, back up to 125-mile per hour winds, still in the category three range, even into early next week, as this is off the coast of the carolinas, 150-mile per hour winds, and monday morning , still in the category three range. so even as it approaches the eastern seaboard, still relatively strong, but then rapidly decreases in strength. as it get into some cooler water, and then also the upper
6:51 am
levels as you get more into the mid latitude here, starts to kind of pull apart that storm from the top down. so we get down to category one by wednesday morning, but still very strong winds at 80 miles an hour, and it will be churning up the surf, here in jersey, and also back down into southern delaware, as we get into the middle every next week. so, if you, again, are one of the late seasoned shore goers, be prepared for just the rough surround every here this weekend. renmant every jose, can't even call it tropical designation, low pressure off the coast of cape cod. still again like i said churning up the waves and the surf. so this is what we're looking at, tropical impact wise today , next week, maria working her way up the coast winds could be high as ten to 20 miles per hour over the water, seas will ride to the eight to 12-foot range as we get into sunday, monday, tuesday and possibly even wednesday. dangerous rip current of course the problem i've already been an issue here at
6:52 am
times through the summer and will continue to be as we move through the rest of our hurricane season. minor coastal flooding, the biggest chance for that maybe high tied this morning, after that coastal flooding chances really go downhill which is good news for us, not too much happening on the future weather here. sunshine for us today. mostly sunny tomorrow. we will see future weather monday tries to paint in shower. not really anything we need to worry about. it will remain on the dry side of things. eighty-six today. not so much near the record for saturday. but sunday, monday, 90's tomorrow record high, sunday, 95. monday, 90. our record high 92. closing in for the start of the work week. eight's for tuesday, wednesday , thursday, jan, then back down into the 70s, much more comfortable by the ends every next week. >> look at all of that sun, matt. i love it. thank you so much, i appreciate you. >> time now, 6:52. the memory mile walk and 5k is taking place tomorrow in university city. the raises money for pen's institute on aging. health reporter stephanie
6:53 am
stahl introduces us to the doctor behind the event, and a very personal cause. >> great guy. very kinds, very fair, always therefore all of us. >> memories of a beloved father, whose minds was stolen by altzheimer's disease. >> it is very difficult. i mean, the grief starts before the person passes. because they're slowly slipping away in front of you. >> for doctor who is supposed to be able to make people better it was specially hard for pj brennan, the chief of medicine at penn pen nothing is that stops the disease or cures the disease. >> instead of feeling helpless after his dad died, he started a 5k walk and memory walk to raise money for pen's institute on aging. >> thought it would be a fun way to get the community together here and bring some attention to the work to the institute on aging does and raise the money for this novel research. >> institute considered world leader, in research on neuro degenerative diseases, money from the run-walk sport grant.
6:54 am
>> great research going on here, and i wanted to help foster. >> not just the organizer, doctor brennan is also a devoted runner. >> i placed last year, in my age group. >> he says it is about staying healthy and having fun while raising money that hopefully some day will help finds a cure for alzheimer's. and all in honor of his dad, joseph brennan. >> think about him a lot in the run up to the race, and all of the preparation, he's always on my mind. >> stephanie stahl, cbs-3, " eyewitness
6:55 am
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>> fright fest continues, new set, called blood yard, just one every three attractions included with admission, it runs through november 11. and really, just great weekends for any outdoor activities. >> definitely. >> all right, that's it for " eyewitness news," right now, we may be signing off on tv but we're always on line at cbs this morning saturday is next. have a great weekend. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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