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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 24, 2017 5:05am-6:01am EDT

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have a kid and walk in my shoes for a second. then talk to me. ♪ >> is there any part of you that is like, we had this i'm my fierce i've ever been. >> we've seen each other ups and downs, all of it. it doesn't matter. ♪ . >> a lot of these songs are from several relationships in my life. not always romantic by the way. >> were you inspired by beyonce? i know you love her. she released a visual album, but this is different. >> it's completely different than beyonce's, but absolutely she's an inspiration to me in all areas. >> little axl makes a special cameo in her video for enchante, singing the opening lyrics. ♪ >> fergie and josh are making co-parenting their priority, but what's next? >> could there be new love?
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>> i open to anything. i'm tag i'll take it. i'm open. love, love, love, love, love. ♪ >> fergie and josh, man. that's a sad one. >> breaks my heart a little bit. >> i know. fergly actually seems to be pouring her heart out on double dutchess with tracks like love is blind, love is pain, and life goes on. yeah, i'd say she's telling us a thing or two about what's going on. >> you know what they say, you write what you know. so there you have it. let's move on to these two lovebirds. i'm talking about j.lo and a-rod, i was with her as she reunited with her crew from nbc's world of dance. there seems to be a lot of dancing in j.lo's personal life these days thanks to her man, a-rod. >> every opportunity we can to celebrate life. after my show in vegas, we do what we call -- well, now we call it the locker room because of alex. everything is a baseball term. it's a dressing room. we sing, and we dance, and everybody just kind of lets
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loose for a couple hours. >> with schedules like theirs, j.lo and a-rod have to seize any chance they can to have quality couple time, and tuesday night was no different. >> right here, please. >> kind of has a nice ring to it. the couple transformed her world of dance party into the ultimate hollywood date night. j.lo worked it in just the right shade of blue as a-rod patiently stood by watching her do her thing. they may be spending even more time together. jennifer told me they're planning on taking their partnership into the boardroom. >> would you ever go into business with him? >> absolutely. we're already thinking about all the things we can do together for sure. >> we got some things we're working on that we're not ready to announce yet, but i think her fans and my fans are going to be very excited to get involved. >> on wednesday, it was jennifer's turn to support her man, joining a-rod to promote his upcoming stint on season 9 of shark tank. he told lauren what would ma
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make -- >> she's smart in so many ways and she has the ability in wiz to peer around corners and see what's next. no one connects better with her fans than jennifer. >> i love the effort that they make to support each other like that. that is how you make a relationship work, especially in hollywood. now to a-rod's fellow shark, barbara corcoran. she made her debut on "dancing with the stars." the premiere was absolutely on fire, and from what i saw behind the scenes, love is most definitely in the air. ♪ >> amazing. ♪ >> she killed it out there, and i know how hard she's worked at it. >> week one, and these two are already giving us some serious couple goals. three more points that nick and peta's but vanessa was quick to encourage her man.
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how comfortable are you wearing all this stuff? >> i'm doing dancing with starts. i'm all in. i'm not going to go halfway. i'll be in a rhinestone onesie. >> how much fun are you having out here? >> this is me time. i mean look at this. i get to cha cha in this fun number with this guy. i'm literally living a guilty pleasure. >> after the show, the parents of three celebrated with a glass of wine while maks' brother val grabbed dinner with his girlfriend, jenna johnson. continuing the love theme, nikki bella, drew scott, and sasha are engaged and getting in shape for their nuptials. >> and frankie muniz hinted the show is helping take his relationship in a new direction. >> i've never danced in front of anyone, not even like my girlfriend has seen me dance. >> but as for single lady barbara corcoran, well, the shark tank star seems perfectly happy playing the role of resident cougar.
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>> it feels really good. >> tom cruise after his injury. then jennifer hudson's plan to win the voice. >> and why channing tatum is tried of halle berry. >> that was not bad enough. >> getting back to this magic mike roots, we're inside the auditions for channing's live show. >> there's some people who are like, this is bad. >> also emma stone, how she packed on 15 pounds of muscle for her new role. today's critical, but i really need a sick day... dads don't take sick days... dads take dayquil severe. stock up on dayquil, so you don't lose a moment to... ...sick days. it all started when sophia found the perfect little mug at marshalls. then piece by piece, surprise by surprise, she built the greatest guest bathroom ever. did she expect to get so much bang for so few bucks? no. but great things happen when you choose surprise.
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which can be life threatening. it may cause shaking, sweating, fast heartbeat, and blurred vision. check your blood sugar levels daily. injection site reactions may occur. don't change your dose of insulin without talking to your doctor. tell your doctor about all your medicines and medical conditions. check insulin label each time you inject. taking tzds with insulins, like toujeo®, may cause heart failure that can lead to death. find your rhythm and keep on grooving. ♪ let's groove tonight. ask your doctor about toujeo®. ♪ share the spice of life. well, that is magic mike himself, channing tatutatum, at opening. live male review in vegas. this week he held open auditions you'll see in just a second. first, channing starring in a new movie out this weekend with halle berry called kingsman, the golden circle.
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carly steel talked to both of them in london about their ongoing little war. ♪ >> she said she's going to come back at you with something really hard. are you afraid? >> of course i'm afraid. anytime halle berry gets you in her crosshairs, that's definitely not fun. >> this channing versus hallie dare-off gets better and better. >> he got you bombed in front of thousands of people, not cool. >> hallie chilled that one, chugging a hefty half pint of whiskey at com i con. >> i never thought she was going to drink it, and she drank it all. it literally wasn't my intention to do that to her, and i have to say that publicly. >> but then halle got him back, challenging him to perform "let it go" on ellen. ♪ let it go, let it go >> what was your reaction what you saw him dressed up as elsa singing? >> i got to do better.
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that was not bad enough. >> i don't know if that was elsa. >> 4-year-old eberly tatum was certainly entertained by dad's performance. >> our child thinks this is normal that her father dresses up like elsa and sings "let it go." it was quite funny. >> channing had another project in london, auditioning male dancers for 13 spots in his magic mike live show at the hard rock hotel in vegas. requirements, high stamina, must strip down to briefs, and be willing to interact respectfully with women in the audience. >> giving a lap dance is very intimate. to enter somebody's face, sit on top of them or do whatever, you kind of need to have this special thing. some people were just like, oh, this is bad. some people were way too aggressive with it. they'll be like, you want this. girls are just like, oh, god, oh god. >> what are you looking for in terms of the energy, the bod, the hair? what's the ideal? >> not that hair.
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it's kind of like a whole package. first off you need to be just a good person. you need to give off good energy. ♪ second is you got to be able to throw down. most of them play an truinstrum. y >> thanks for coming. >> they're my assassins. i ask them to kill for me every week, and they do. you can put them anywhere anytime and they will slay. >> to find out if one of these boys make the cut, you'll have to hit up the hard rock hoe toel and casino in vegas. from getting sexy on stage to the battle of the sexes, that's the title of the movie out this weekend depiblthing the famous tennis match between the one and only billie jean king and bobby rigs. i talked to the film's stars about transforming to take on their real-life roles. >> billie jean king!
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>> how did you do it? >> a lot of weightlifting. after three weeks when you were like, i can lift this, it just is addictive. >> emma packed on 15 pounds of muscle for the role and won the admiration of six-time wimbledon singles champ, billie jean. >> what it was it like the first time you saw emma as yourself? >> it was amazing how she captured my voice. i was like how can anyone do that? >> the film is about the epic 1973 match between king and then 55-year-old bobby riggs, himself a wimbledon champ at 21. >> i'm going to put the show back in show niz many. >> steve carell plays riggs who died in 1995. steve went through quite a transformation of his own. >> read a review who talked about how bad my wig was. it wasn't a wig. my kids didn't want anything to do with me. i can't win with the hair. >> the last time steve worked with emma, he played her dad in 2011's crazy stoop loupid love.
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>> she's so much more fun to be around than i am. >> you would be the first to admit that. >> you know i can only get away with saying something like that because steve knows i love him. >> do you? >> i love the guy. he's the best. >> he's a good guy. so is emma. >> am i getting defensive? >> a little bit. straight ahead, will and grace. >> are they going to let us do that? >> our sneak peek at next week's big premiere. >> everywhere i went, people were like, she says yes, right? >> i feel like she'll say yes too, but that may not be what they have in mind. >> then our emmy rewind with big little lies' big, big night. plus snl's comedy sweep and the
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wha welcome back, everyone. last sunday's emmys was historic. no question about that.
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fans of big little lies. they're still in awe at the cast's big win. >> we think they deserve a big encore. >> it looks good in your arms. >> thanks. >> oscar winners turned emmy dominators reese and nicole both took home statuettes as producers of gbig little lies. laura dern, supporting actress. >> you got to have season two. collectively as a group, can the answer be yes? >> we want to keep playing them. >> alexander skarsgard planted a huge kiss on his tv wife right in front of keith and told some viewers can't separate him from his abusive character. >> i'll probably never find a girlfriend, but it was a great job. it was a great experience. it was almost worth it. >> now to "saturday night live," which won nine emmys, most of any show, leaving outstanding supporting actress kate mckinnon
5:21 am
overwhelmed. >> you're digesting all this right now, aren't you? >> that's the feeling i'm having. >> is that that feeling? >> ben affleck was there supporting snl, more specifically girlfriend lindsey shook us a producer on the show. he was backstage and at hbo's after-party where the couple sat next to seinfeld creator larry david. julia louis-dreyfus made history for her sixth win playing in veep. that tops don knots. julia is tied with cloris leachman. >> sterling k. brown became the first african-american in 19 years to win best actor in a drama, but the band played him off. >> writers, you are our life's blood. you can play. you can play. ♪ >> what did you want to say in.
5:22 am
>> my wife, you are unsong in everything you do in our family. you gave me two of most beautiful beings to grace this planet. your daddy loves you. >> donald glover became the first african-american to ever win best director for a comedy and the first to win best actor in a comedy in more than 30 years. >> i want to thank my unborn son. >> how long till this child arrives. >> probably by the end of the year sometime, i think. >> the first streaming series to win best drama, so we gave emmy a little hand made. >> aww. >> you didn't get any sleep last night. >> all in for elizabeth to win. >> oh, my god. every time you say it, it makes me more nervous. stop it. >> front-runner. sorry. >> elisabeth moss. >> and after a kiss from mom, she was first to be censored. >> you've taught me that you can
5:23 am
be kind [ bleep ]. >> you guys got off easy honestly. >> oh, really? >> that was nothing. that was a classy version. >> really? >> what a good night. don't you worry, we are getting into all of the fashion straight ahead. but we also talked to debra messing at the emmys, and she gave up a tiny bit of scoop on will and grace 2.0. deborah says in the first episode they go somewhere important in this country, and, no, it's not the white house. but i got more from the gang before they go back on air more than ten years later. >> brad and angelina announce their divorce the same week my relationship ends? selfish. >> we thought that will be the decoy. the censors will cut that, but they won't notice this over here. and this has a queen beats a straight every time. >> good night. good night. >> we would look at each other, are they going to let united states do that? >> kiss it, kiss it, spank it. >> back in '98, eric at first turned down the role of will.
5:24 am
sean threw the pilot script away. but debra's big laugh ultimately won her the role. >> we should just be what we've always been. >> a sad middle aged lady. and grace. >> this fall we'll see harry connick jr., bon by can voluntarily, and minnie driver return as guest stars. >> there isn't much better television than when jack met cher. >> i do a better cher than you. >> you think so? >> actually -- >> it was wild. i almost didn't really feel like i was there, you know what i mean? it was like, oh, my gosh, cher is here. she was so cool and so game for anything. >> what was that like filming with madonna? >> she was really nice, and she didn't have an entourage. i wish i had some crazy story about, you know, some --
5:25 am
>> like she came in in a thong and -- >> she was fully dressed and ready to work. >> what about when matt damon pretended to be gay? >> my hand seems to be traveling up your thigh toward your rockin' ass. but who cares, right? because i'm gay. >> i loved you in that episode so much. he was so game. >> yeah. >> if i had to pick one guest star who only did one episode, he was my favorite. >> thank you for the t. and a. >> will and grace was definitely a hit. from 2 dwrou 1 to 2005, it was the highest rated sitcom among adults. >> now to another sitcom, the big bang theory. we had your first look at the new season which starts monday.
5:26 am
>> we literally pick up in matching outfits, hair do, hair clips. we are right there. he's on one knee. [ phone ringing ] >> one moment, please. >> you're going to answer that right now? >> it's leonard. i don't want to be rude. >> will amy actually say yes to sheldon? >> every in the supermarket has an opinion about it. that was my experience all summer. everywhere i went, they were like, she says, yes, right? i don't know. >> fans aren't the only one dying to know if amy accepts. the writers like to keep the cast in the dark too. >> they're constantly doing things that you never saw coming. i feel like she'll say yes too, but that may not be what they have in mind. >> i was having lunch with dr. that wit ski and she kissed me. >> i'm sorry? >> it's a fun episode and we watch everyone's drama unfold while doing yoga and drinking wine. >> after 231 episodes, kaley has
5:27 am
earned it. >> if you could give some advice to younger kaley 11 years ago, what would you say to her? >> get used to those stairs in the apartment set because they're going to get a lot harder to climb by season 8, 9, 10, 11. and also like my eyes are getting worse. so i'm like reading script and now i'm like bringing it up. i can't see anything. >> on the way, tom cruise. >> what he's only telling us after his on set accident and surgery. >> how are you doing? >> then our emmy rewind with the ladies hitting the carpets without their main man. plus see where the cameras caught chris pratt while anna faris made her first red carpet appearance since their split. >> closed captioning provided by --
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with blake. it's for her new christmas album and she dropped a teaser on instagram tuesday morning. ♪ >> gwen's new holiday album is out october 6th. next, number 4, lady gaga's health struggles. >> i'm going to take a rest. >> how long? >> i don't know how long. it's okay. >> we now know gaga's chronic pain due to fibromyalgia was so debilitating, it required hospitalization four days after the toronto film festival. she is now unable to perform. in a statement to "e.t." promoter live nation says she will take seven weeks off to, quote, heal from this and past traumas that still affect her daily life. number three, jessica simpson's date night. jessica and hubby eric johnson left craig's restaurant after a six-hour long dinner with her publicist to celebrate eric
5:32 am
turning 38. but as the birthday boy guided simpson to the back seat of their car, this happened. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> to another singer now at number two, it's fergie's new "e.t." interview one week after announcing her separation from josh duhamel. >> you decided to go public now but it's been since february maybe. >> yeah. >> why the wait? >> you know, you don't owe it to everybody to just announce something the second you decide it. it's a process. really, i don't even know if we would have announced it if it wasn't for all the press we're doing. >> because i would have been like, how's josh? >> questionnaire. first kiss. it just became time. we're ready to have a big release. >> and number one, kevin hart's cheating scandal. at a press conference, montia sabbag said she had a brief intimate relationship with kevin hart but had no idea cameras were rolling while they were together. >> i was involved with kevin hart a month ago.
5:33 am
lies were written about me. i'm not an extortionist. i'm not a stripper. i'm a recording artist and actress, and i've not break broken any laws. >> what does kevin hart have to say about all this? well, a source close to the actor comedian tells "e.t." that he's just riding out the storm right now. go to for the latest. also in the news, tom cruise still healing from that injury last month. remember that? >> it's hard to watch. >> this was on the set of the sixth mission impossible movie. >> he gave carly steel an update after that stunt gone wrong. >> how are you doing? >> doing great. doing great. >> tom was upbeat and super charming despite the fact that he recently underwent surgery for a broken ankle. here's how it happened. cruise was on location jumping between buildings last month in london, filming the sixth mission impossible movie. the actor's injury is healing. >> when we do mission, i'm going to tell you all about it.
5:34 am
i really appreciate the warmth that i received and the well wishes, and i'm doing, you know, really well. we're going to be, you know, shooting the next you know few weeks and rolling. >> at the moment, tom is focused on american made. the film is based on a true story. in it, tom pays pilot barry seal whose character teams up with the cia for an undercover job in south america. >> oh, this is legal? >> if you're doing it for the good guy. >> you're cheeky in this film. >> i'm cheeky period. >> there's a lot of fool moons going on. >> that's what that character did. he would always flash his wife. >> tom gets in character, everybody. >> well, tom's ex, nicole kidman was also making news this week after she won for big little lies at the emmys last sunday. she also killed it on the red carpet, and we have all the stars breaking down their fierce emmy fashion.
5:35 am
♪ >> this look makes me feel fantastic actually, especially -- >> oh! >> i watch what gwen stefani does on the red carpet and try to copy her. that's the truth. >> jane is 79 and smokin', wearing more than 200 carats of bling. that part's real, but that long ponytail, not so much. >> i used to have hair this long, but not anymore. i like it a lot. thanks. ♪ >> we all bow down to jane, even our best dressed of the night, jessica beal in a silver and champagne pink ralph and russo gown, 1.2 million micro swarovski crystals went into the chain mail part of the dress. >> i'm in like a terrible sweat pant and a terrible t-shirt. with snot and eye bugers.
5:36 am
it's not a good look. >> is justin going do be here too? >> he's in brazil. >> other ladies were also missing their men. newlywed jewel yawn huff was solo. sofia vergara brought her son as her date. >> he has to try not to step on my dress the whole night. >> i've already failed three times. >> mandy moore's best accessory? her brand-new engagement ring. >> have you already started the wedding planning? >> i'm not even thinking about that. >> one dress at a time. >> one dress at a time. >> take this and turn it white. >> just take the bottom and the top layer off and change it out to white. there we go. >> everybody on your show seems to be getting engaged right now. anybody else getting engaged anytime soon? >> we're not in any rush to do anything. >> this dress makes you feel like? >> a million bucks. >> this dress makes me feel so
5:37 am
sexy. >> what does this dress make you feel like? >> a princess. >> this dress makes you feel what? >> natural, which is something that as a 5'3" person i don't often feel, but here i am. >> this is handmade, sewn by hours and hours of crystals and feathers. >> tonight i'm just like -- >> the ladies were looking red hot but our favorite lady in red is nicole kidman. calvin klein gave us this exclusive behind the scenes of the making of her dress. and her mismatched shoes were on purpose. one had diamonds on the front, the other on the ankle strap. and while nicole with keith wins best dressed couple, it is anna faris who is the picture of a strong woman moving on. where was chris pratt? he was out solo, having dinner in hollywood. >> oh, gosh, i guess i wasn't invited. >> i know she did great.
5:38 am
>> quick, that fashion. >> come on, man. >> who did you like? >> look at me. >> coming up, before jennifer hudson hits the voice on monday, how she's taking down the other coaches. >> because they do this every season. >> i got three and their names are oscar, grammy and dream girls, okay? >> plus ten years after anna nicole's death,
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
♪ lots of people very excited for the voice premiere on monday on nbc. this lady right here, jennifer hudson. >> got ready because j-hud, that's what she calls herself, she is ready for battle and has a plan to win. >> going to be ready to battle. >> last season, a female won, and i want to do that again this season. >> to do that, j-hud says she'll go with her gut. >> i know when i see talent. i feel it. >> and if she has to, she'll put up a fight. >> you know what you want, girl. >> i do know. i pick jennifer.
5:42 am
>> hold on, i got three dolls and their name is oscar, grammy and dream girls. >> she's also not afraid to sing her own praises or call out her fellow coaches. >> because they do this every season. if you ain't noticed, he's going to point at himself like this. >> and the idol alum isn't above reminding contestants she's been in their shoes. >> it's one thing to be on the coach's side of the fence, because j-hud has had that experience, i can relate that much more to the contestant. >> but there's another idol alum making some noise right now. kelly clarkson's new music video is stunning and she gave us a sneak peek inside the making of love so soft. >> love so soft. ♪ >> 3-year-old river rose and 1-year-old remy were on set while their mom shot the
5:43 am
elaborate video. >> what did they think? >> she just thought it was fun and she loves hair and makeup. i don't know who she is. >> at nearly three minutes, the video features seven different stage setups, multiple costume changes and 92 special effects like turning this green meadow into a winter wonderland. ♪ >> i had no idea that they were changing it. so when i got the video back, i was like, whoo! that creepy head thing which is my favorite with me and my background thingersingers, i lo. i thought it was so cool. >> this is the first single off kel kelly's new album, meaning of life, it took two 18-hour shoot days and a crew of 150 people to bring the music to life. >> we're in a hot air balloon. we're all dancing inside of it and singing it. >> i got to keep that. ♪ >> i totally planning like a
5:44 am
pre-tour party already with it blown up. i think that's the coolest party. >> monday on "e.t." kelly clarkson gets real with us. >> we can't be all things to all people. i'm tired of walking on eggshells. i'm tired of being nice. >> talking music, marriage, and motherhood. >> they're all going to be in therapy for something. >> monday on "e.t." >> still to come, our exclusive with anna nicole's daughter dannielynn. which pop star does she want to set her single dad up with? >> who would make a perfect date fort your dad? >> plus we're down under with dancing champ bindi irwin. >> you posted a certain picture. the ring was on an interesting finger. >> but first this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which artist had the first commercial cd ever manufactured in the united states? is it bruce springsteen? madonna? or eric clapton? your answer is next in the "e.t. weekend" birthdays.
5:45 am
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live, learn and get luvs it has been ten years since anna nicole smith's death. her daughter, dannielynn is being raised by anna nicole's ex larry birkhead. >> what do you say to your child when you're in the grocery store and her picture is on the magazine rack? >> we're not buying that or the candy. >> anna nicole's daughter may have grown up as a tabloid target, but these days dannielynn is pretty much a normal 11-year-old. she loves roller coasters, the violin, and making slime from scratch. but there's one thing extraordinary about dannielynn. it's how she uses faith to help her cope with her mother's
5:49 am
death. >> my mommy's love. >> clearly she knows her mom is looking down on her. >> does she ever say anything about that? >> the other day she had a friend whose fish died, and she said, um, she said, don't worry about your fish. it's up there with my mom. and, um, she said, my mom's taking care of your fish, and everything's going to be okay. and so, you know, it wasn't scripted. it wasn't something i said to her. it was something that she came up with. that's how she deals with. i'm proud that she is who she is. ♪ happy birthday to you >> we've celebrated a lot of milestones with dannielynn over the years. this was her third birthday. her first was with barney. >> hi, everybody. >> nearly ten years later, during my visit to their 10,000 square foot home in kentucky,
5:50 am
dannielynn was quiet and low-key. >> i was good at social studies. what are you good at? she was the most animated when we talked about getting her single dad to date. >> you want him to go out with people, huh? you're like, go out. >> i'll have to force you. >> who would make a perfect date for your dad? >> ariana grande. >> larry also revealed a secret from his paternity battle. right there you can see birkhead hold a piece of paper with his dna results but he never actually showed it to reporters. today he keeps it in his closet. >> there are a few treasures in here. one of the things that nobody has ever seen before is my actual -- the dna test that i got when i was holding up when i came out of the courtroom. the judge told me i couldn't show it to anybody at the time. i remember that moment well. so i had it rolled up.
5:51 am
>> anna nicole also kept secrets in her journal. >> so this is anna's diary and her planner she was keeping. this is really right when she got started with all her movies and she was doing the naked gun. she was doing guess, playboy. what's so funny is in november of 1993, she's excited about her career and where it's going. and she talks about she's filming "entertainment tonight," and then she's going to -- it's going to air november '93. >> god loves me. >> this is the interview anna wrote about 25 years ago. >> i had a lot of people who didn't think i was going to be anything growing up, and they always -- i had a lot of people pick on me and stuff. >> such a blur all the stuff, and i just think about it and think, did all that happen to me? i would probably think i was dreaming the whole thing if it wasn't for dannielynn. >> you know, dannielynn and her dad make it a point to visit the kentucky derby every year. that's where anna nicole and
5:52 am
larry first met back in 2003. larry says they actually do it because they're trying to give the paparazzi one nice shot of dannielynn in hopes that they leave them alone for the rest of the year. >> this young lady right here, bindi irwin, lost her famous dad, the crocodile hunter, steve irwin 11 years ago this month, but she's flush in life and in hollywood. i checked in with the "dancing with the stars" champ in her home of australia. she's 19 now, but is bindi already about to tie the knot? you posted a certain picture with ring. i know it was international diamond day. you didn't have diamonds, but the ring was definitely on a very interesting finger. >> diamonds were a little bit out of our budget. >> yeah, a little bit out of budget. >> so we decided to invest. i think if you can eat your ring, it's not really a real engagement ring. a lot of people are asking. >> they've been together for over two years, traveled the
5:53 am
world, and bindi calls chandler, my love. today, tomorrow, always. but will the 20-year-old wake boarder make it official and pop the question to bindi, who is just 19? >> no, not yet. not yet. i'm the luckiest guy in the world, and one day i would be really blessed to be able to. but just ring pops, and we're just enjoying life right now. >> i'm sure they'll call you first. >> we will. >> listen, you said t. i'm going to hold you to that. >> actually, we'll give you a call and it can be your exciting exclusive. >> "e.t." rocks! >> bindi's parents, terry and the late steve irwin, were married for 14 years. terry has remained single since his death contrary to some reports. >> one of the main things that i think you have to deflect as far as rumors go about relationships and rumors of russell crowe. >> the men in my life are good friends and i'm very blessed. for me, i felt like i got my happily ever after, i had some very torrid affairs that were
5:54 am
only in magazines. >> she says she's definitely not dating anyone. for now she's focusing on her conservation. >> she has raised some pretty great kids. we'll be right back.
5:55 am
new jersey born and raised.i.
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like his father before him, he served our country with honor in the navy. came home and worked his way up from floor technician to supervisor at the salem power plant. as a husband and father, grenier knows how families struggle to make ends meet. that's why he'll fight to cut our taxes, and stand up to career politicians like steve sweeney. if we want to change trenton, there's only one way. fran grenier. travel considerations provided by --
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we've got a few stars with birthdays this weekend. anthony mackie is 39. jason alexander is 58. julio iglesias turned 74. take a final look at your choices. which artist had the first commercial cd ever manufactured in the united states? that is bruce springsteen, who is 68 this weekend. we are almost out of time this weekend but for all the late breaking hollywood news just go to our website, >> before we head out, check out the new video from sam smith. >> the piano balanlad is his fit new track in two years. sam gets very personal in this new single. it's off his album due out at
5:58 am
christmas. >> we missed you, sam. glad your back. enjoy it and the rest of you're weekend, everybody. bye-bye. ♪ ♪
5:59 am
6:00 am
live from the broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news " this morning. shots fired at police and an investigation now underway after bullets fly on a north philadelphia street. >> the day philadelphia football fans have been waiting for, the eagles home opener at the linc, but it does come with some controversy after comment made by president lead to uproar with the nfl and some of the nation's top athletes. >> and it is a hot first few days of fall, climbing into record territory whitt temperature could hit 09 degrees. today is sunday, september , i'm jan carabeo. let's start with that forecast here's meteorologist, chelsey ingram, with eyewitness weather. good sunday morning, chelsey, down right hot yesterday.


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